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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

6 years ago

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#323 6 years ago

I'm selling my RAZA spot if anyone wants it?

Tired of the wait and want a TBL badly.

1 week later
#963 6 years ago

I'm still selling my pre order RAZA spot for $6300.00 and I'm $ 6500.00 into it.

I do have new information about plans for a group to potentially help JPOP out of this mess. We will see what happens and I hope they are successful.

#1025 6 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

Why'd he waste time on Kiss game if he's working on and selling pre-orders on 3 others?

Exactly, This was the first sign of something way amiss

#1061 6 years ago

Id love to see a fully playable magic girl.

3 weeks later
#1166 6 years ago
Quoted from Redeyes:

what a complete nightmare...

Yep. Nothing like thinking you just sent someone $6500 with only a slim chance of not losing your money

#1242 6 years ago
Quoted from QuickSilverShelby:

I know you're all frustrated and I hope things still all work out but I think it might be about time that you demand you money back. If you don't get it immediately it may be time to star liberally using the term "lawyer up".

Here's an email I sent on October 21 and I did not get a reply


I applaud your efforts and love your games. I have $ 6500.00 invested in RAZA and would like to request a refund. I signed a contract, but I signed a contract with the intent to purchase based on scheduled production dates. The lack of progress and the waiting on RAZA, I believe is a breach of contract on your end. Therefore, I would like to go about this in a civil manner and request a full refund and to absolve this contract.

I will also go on and say that I think you are an amazing designer and this really saddens me to cancel after about two years of waiting. I do not see any end date in sight and I cannot continue to wait on good faith. My alternative would be to get a group of owners together and file a formal suit. I in no way want to take this action and am hoping this can be handled between the three parties currently involved. I also assume you do not want that headache as I wish to avoid any and all attorney's, when possible.

Let's call all of this what it really is. There is an apparent lack of focus in getting any of these games complete and ready for final production. I was holding out, hoping a full working version of Magic Girl would be finished for Expo. I also know that in two years time you have collected $ 812,500.00 from the RAZA group and know you have expenses, which may involve rent and purchasing equipment to build the games. My fear is that half or more of this money may be gone and that you may never produce these games. I fear that the lack of progress is going to stop any new capital coming in and that it may be only a matter of time before your current capital is gone. I'm very worried you are on the edge of bankruptcy and would suggest you take action and restore people's faith in your company.

I would suggest posting pictures to the public and putting out a realistic completion dates.

Please let me know how we can proceed.

#1273 6 years ago
Quoted from S37VEN:

I would have not included this paragraph. Creating a negative mood will only lessen your chances of reaching an agreement. The idea of the letter is to show the other person you are serious and give them the chance to consider their legal choices. It is not an opportunity to insult them or create an adversarial relationship. If the dispute ends up in court, remember that the same judge who will hear your case will read your demand letter. This is another reason to keep it objective and professional. The last thing you would want is for the judge to perceive you as being antagonistic.
If you are serious and prepared to follow through and sue JPOP's LLC and all the things that come with taking that course of action, I would begin the process by having an attorney send JPOP a formal demand letter for a refund via certified mail. You probably can only sue JPOP in IL small claims court unless, generally speaking, you can serve him, a rep or his business in your state (if other than IL). Unfortunately, in our society, it can sometimes cost you money (and sometimes lots of it) and time to get your money back.
Good luck to you and everyone else trying to get a refund.

Oh I agree with a lot of comments. I sent that out of anger as I know he bought equipment to build the games and I know he has bills, which include rent. I really wanted him to think about what he is doing. I do not want to get a lawyer involved, but I think many of us are so frustrated that it may become a reality and then John is really going to have a headache.

I want John to post the damn pictures to the public and build excitement. I also expect him to respond to emails and calls as we have every right to know what the hell is going on?

#1280 6 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

As a lawyer, "getting a lawyer" is a bad idea, you may win the battle but you will lose the war and throw good money after bad. The legal retainer alone will be prohibitive for the $6500 in damages you would be looking to recover, plus a low interest rate.
I think your best bet is to hang in there until MG is revealed and then get somebody to pick up your RAZA spot.
In some respects, I feel like the patents John is getting will be worthless as well from a practical standpoint other than used as a deterrent. If you have to enforce a patent as a small business owner you lose, especially when you would have a hard time quantifying the damages over the use of a particular part or design. Cease and desist, sure, but so what.

So how do we convey to Jpop that we are not happy and expect our questions to be answered including the major one of who is going to produce the game and whom is going to do the coding? To my knowledge John is not a coder

#1282 6 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Just my thinking here but......
I know John is working on getting a partner to help with the production, big question
We will get to see a MG release in a few weeks, should be a huge boost
Plus, John said we will get a big RAZA reveal the first two week in January
The coding is being done by some "new talent", that issue has never changed
At this point, it makes sense to wait until "RAZA reveal", I'm sure you will be able to get out then if you still want to.
We have waited this long, another month and 1/2 and we will know a timeline and direction.


I definitely want my RAZA, but I also want to be confident its going to get made and we are not going to be out $$$. The wait is also killing me. Is anyone fine giving someone $6500 and waiting 4 or more years?

That's where I may bail. I want to know all of the information and make an informed decision on whether to keep our sell. Currently, none of us can find a buyer and if we want to get out and John is not responding to buy back request.

#1297 6 years ago

I'm not paying a dime until game is in production

1 week later
#1420 5 years ago

I'll sell my RAZA spot.

I'm $6500 in and will sell for $ 6300.00

Any Takers?

2 weeks later
#2450 5 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

I see assembled games... but I have no fantasy that an assembled game is one that is anywhere near complete. Obviously from his studio he loves to work on the art and visuals... but for nearly 70 years pinballs have been designed.. and then art laid over them. jpop seems to be going in the reverse direction. Focusing more on the visuals than the gameplay... which makes me wonder if the core of the game is getting the necessary attention.

JPop is all over the place and needs focus and needs it soon.

Post edited by hank527

1 month later
#3836 5 years ago

So how do those of us that gave him money, get it back?

I feel we are all going to be out our deposit.

If there are any kool aid drinkers left, I'll sell my $6500.00 spot for $5250.00 cash right now. Or I'll trade it for a game around the $5000-$5500 price range. That's almost a 20% discount for one lucky potential buyer.

Any takers ?

#3840 5 years ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

Emotionally this is tempting. I think most everyone here wants it to happen. It sucks that right now it just doesn't look good.

$5200.00 Cash and its yours

#3934 5 years ago

I talked to John for a long time this week. I'm starting to feel that MG will get made and RAZA may follow 3-4 months behind. I think they can crank out 20 plus games per month. So it may actually be possible that RAZA would start shipping this year.

I'm debating on buying a MG or switching my RAZA to a MG if possible, but RAZA has 4 independent ramps and MG just 1.

2 months later
#7869 5 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Yeah, but you're a reasonable, logical person.
Popaduik isn't. That's what is so frustrating.

That's an understatement. I'm hoping an investor steps in, but who in there right mind would buy this?

2 weeks later
#8902 5 years ago

I'm pretty confident that this game never gets made

#8963 5 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

This is a gorgeous game. Very reminiscent of CV, TOTAN, and TOM. I would love to buy one if Stern or some other pinball manufacturer takes over the project and brings it to fruition.

Apparently this is the goal. But it's not going to happen as this is a toxic investment

#8965 5 years ago
Quoted from pinballkim:

Use a deep well socket?

Sales 101 Establish a need. Reality= Nobody needs those bolts and this is just silly 4 years later.

I want my game, but there is almost equal opportunity that Obama runs for a third term. It's just sad at this point.

#9052 5 years ago

Ill sell my RAZA spot for $5500.00 I'm in at $1000 more than that

#9054 5 years ago

I'll trade my $6500 RAZA spot for a nice pin worth around $5k

#9068 5 years ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

I'll venture a guess that he's got enough cash to keep up these shenanigans for years, yet far short of what would be needed to actually deliver. That is until the jpop'd start calling in the law to settle things.

The issue is he may be forced to file bankruptcy. I'm betting this will be his excuse to abandon ship. I think this whole thing is a lesson on how not to run a business. Just plain silly stupid at this point. I just do not see how any of us will get games.

#9180 5 years ago
Quoted from Robo1:

Just got the email from John, Someone is taking over the licence to continue to make the Magic Girl game, and possibly the RAZA and AIW in the future with no guarantee. The magic girl will be produced as a special LE version for collectors but will cost 16,000. So if you paid 4000 up front for RAZA you now need to pay an additional 11,0000 to receive a game. If you decide to take the standard non limited addition than you will lose half of your money and need to make up the additional to buy the game between 10,000 and 12,000 dollars which is not yet determined. Which costs you an additional 8,000 to 10,000 dollars.
oh, yeah.... if you decide that you want the game that you ordered in the first place like RAZA in my situation. The Price isnt yet established for the completion of the game OR how much of my 6,500 dollars will be credited to the purchase. AND, it wont be produced for 5 years, if at all.
I wont be investing any more money in anything this jerk has to do with.

If I paid the extra $1500.00 are Ben and John still coming to my house under this new deal?

Is this still fully customizable?

Do a get a glue gun?

The important questions are not being answered.

#9184 5 years ago


Zidware, Inc. (“Zidware” or the “Company”) is a designer and manufacturer of pinball machines.

The Company has been in business since 2009 and it has been predominately working on 3

games, namely: Magic GirlTM (“MG”), Retro Atomic Zombie AdventurelandTM (“RAZA”) and Alice

in Wonderland The PinballTM (“AIW”). The Company is headquartered in a leased facility in

Streamwood, Illinois and has historically operated at a deficit and relied on deposits from

purchasers of machines and shareholder loans to fund its operations. After 4 years, the

Company still has not been able to produce one machine to deliver to its customers so the

Company is unable to secure any additional operating cash.

As a result of the foregoing, Zidware is facing difficulty in generating sufficient cash flow to meet

its obligations as they become due. Zidware concluded that it had to have help to take the

designs that had been created and get them into production or the Company would be forced to

pursue a Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation.


Zidware has signed an exclusive license agreement with a third-party pinball design company

(“Licensee”) who has the business expertise to bring these games to production. The Licensee

is open to fulfilling orders from Zidware customers (including providing credits for deposits made

to Zidware) provided that each customer reaffirm his or her interest in obtaining the ordered

products or converting to other products and providing any outstanding payment upon

finalization of pricing, together with his or her commitment to standstill from bringing any action

related to outstanding orders. The Licensee will be hiring Zidware’s founder as a consultant (in

such capacity, “Consultant”) to assist Licensee in the completion of the design of the games,

and a standstill agreement is important to ensure that Consultant is not needlessly distracted by

demands or litigation during this critical time.

#9708 5 years ago

With John involved in any way there is zero hope.

New investor has to manage John. Why would anyone want this torture?

Is this guy into punishment?

#9715 5 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

No way in hell it's Terry.
If DP can't move 300 TBL at 8k (a real game people have flipped and loved) there's no chance you're going to sell 200 original theme 16k vaporware games with a toxic reputation.
Guessing the scam idea is all current JPOP owners (nearly 200 hm...) will pony up to secure a LE Magic Girl. You can tell this from the Classic scam framework.
RAZA victims either pay in $9500 more to get a MG LE, or lose $3250 and have to pay in $8750 to get a $12,000 Classic.
You save $750. Zidware saves 4k.
They're quoting prices without a BOM? Even if this goes ahead, it's doomed to fail because JOHN STILL WORKS THERE.
And god, what's going to happen to Cointaker in all of this?

I'm hearing John is putting a giant dildo on the prototype LE that is tied into the shaker motor and has its own coil that fires during non existent gameplay. Users can customize the size and shape. Cointaker has already ordered the extra large. I'm debating if I want the Lexington Steele or John Holmes model for myself.

Pictures of LE to follow

#9791 5 years ago

Do people realize this new deal is basically making the machines for existing owners at cost on those taking the half loss deal or small profit. New company will only loose money on games that were fully paid as Jpoop squandered this money away.

Raza owners roughly 125 @ 6500

Make 199 magic girls for $15,995.00

Increase the build which lowers the bom costs. There's no way on 199 magic girls cost $9500.00 each.

The half credit crap on a classic probably decreases the new owners profit margin.

I'd imagine Magic Girl's quality will be cut and the actual cost would in the $6k range.

If this new investor is buying John out, he is stupid

Any deal should be structured so John receives $0.00 up front and gets a percentage of the actual sales, once the games are delivered

I say f this deal and f Jpoop. We as a pinball community need to respond to John as a group and let him know we want a better deal. We should all ban together and send him a petition saying we want a reasonable deal for us or we bankrupt him.

He should give his assets to an investor with a perpetuity agreement for x $ on future games sold.

John and Zidware does not have any current value. John is toxic, and any investor has all of the leverage as the alternative is John in jail.

Tax evasion as there is no way he has his books in order and should be audited. You want to put a hurt on John? We do not need an attorney, we need to contact local government and the irs as I'd imagine he could face tax evasion charges.

#9845 5 years ago

I just sent John this email. I have thought things through and we have only 2 options.

Option 1. Pursue legal and criminal charges against Jpoop

Option 2. Maybe convince Jpoop to give his company away with the new owner assuming all liabilities. This way John gets $0 for his company, but the new owner gets zidware for the whatever the cost of John's current liabilities are. John may avoid the countless lawsuits and jail under option 2.

Email I sent John after talking with some people who are heavily invested in these Games.

Magic Girl

10:49 AM (5 minutes ago)

to John, John,


I'm hearing some sort of letter was sent out regarding the current status of your company.

1. I want to advise you that Zidware may not not have any value. A proper business validation would have your liabilities much greater than any potential assets. The only value would be if you could convince a group of people that future sales are worth more than what your liabilities are. After talking with some other customer's and vendors of yours I am convinced that this is probably not the case.

2. With this in mind please find someone who is willing to absorb your current liability and make us owners whole. If you think you can get out of this mess without finding a buyer who will make us whole, you are sadly mistaken. If you have to give your company away, I would advise you to take that deal.

3. We are forming an owners group with the intentions to demonstrate a ponzi scheme was orchestrated by Zidware. We believe have enough evidence to build this case against you. The evidence includes an email that was sent two weeks ago indicating Alice in Wonderland was almost sold out and that the potential buyer should send money.

4. As a collective group, we will be pursuing all and any legal options to recover lost funds. We want to be made whole.

We have spoken in the past and I wanted to share this with you so that you can seek the appropriate legal council and make any future decisions regarding Zidware with sound legal advice from an expert.

Sent from myMail app for Android

John A. Popadiuk, Jr., John Popadiuk


#9879 5 years ago
Quoted from boo32:

It has probably already been said, but the litigation will stop when john files bankruptcy and we will all become creditors. He isn't going to let anyone get a judgment without filing bankruptcy first so it feels like the litigation expenses are throwing good money after bad. The only thing it will do is force the bankruptcy, but without a judgment you won't have any priority over every other buyer.

But John has zero records to even let anyone know who gets what.

John has done whatever is coming to himself and I do not have one ounce of sympathy for him or his family. I hope he ends up on the street corner peddling for handouts.

#9883 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

How do you know? Do you think he will sit back and take default judgments? I don't think so.
Doesn't cost much to file general denials and guess what, it will probably come from whatever is left of our money. How do you like that one?

I like it a lot if we can get his house and other assets. John is toxic and I hope he loses everything and never comes near pinball again. It's to a point that Wal Mart greeter is above what he is capable of doing.

I will be filling a fraud complaint with the FBI. I'm determined to make John's life hell with any legal action I can take. As a group we can make him miserable and he may possibly regret his actions. I think John has no remorse judging by that email two weeks ago

#9931 5 years ago
Quoted from zombieyeti:

I know I should stay off of here but I want to say that this is well reasoned and I completely agree!
I can offer one consolation and perhaps clarification (keep in mind I'm technically not affiliated with the new folks - but talked with them)...
1) John will get ZERO money for this moving forward UNLESS he consults in some fashion which is his desire. Any money moving forward is with the new entity that would be able to hire AND FIRE John
2) The opening to that letter was the definition of distasteful and wrongheaded. Just delusional in fact.
3) It's my understanding that in return for the signing of that contract (that will hopefully be revised) the new people HONOR your payments to John without assuming the prepaid Zidware debt. I assume no one would enter into a business that's over 1 mil in the hole - and they also wouldn't NEED to honor the Zidware stuff if they were evil business men. They would wait for the fire sale and buy for pennys on the dollar.
4) This perspective is important, because what i heard talking with them is integrity - the thing John's actions lacked.
5) They are NOT thrilled with John and this situation (I was witness to the contentious interactions - many of you would have enjoyed it I'm positive) - but they are ecstatic with the work and want to see it completed.
Lastly - again, I'm biased - I want to see my work completed on these machines because I put up with a LOT to get my end done. In essence years of investment that was not financially smart - but the passion was there.
Again - I'm not trying to stir the pot here - just add clarity that is lacking and will hopefully come to light. This is NOT a Zidware/JPOP bailout...
I DO have integrity & I don't want to piss that away by sticking up for this or being perceived as an apologist - I'm just adding in what little perspective and insight I have while disclosing my bias

Why in the world would they want to deal with John at all. The guy is toxic and this new group it's doomed with any involvement from John. Have someone else finish the thing. Dennis Nordman or some other great designer that is not John would be a better bet.

People hate John and want nothing to do with him. I'm not on board if John is involved or collecting a paycheck. John deserves nothing. This new group should take his designs, hire a respected designer and finish this project. I sure as hell am not signing anything that limits my ability to go after John.

John ruined any possibility of a resolution with his stupid antics. Now, he needs to face the firing squad that is coming.

#9989 5 years ago

Word is new investor is calling people.

There are rumblings about no money up front will be required. We shall see an email is coming and John is a douche.

#9994 5 years ago

16 posts to 10,000 eh.

Would be nice if the new owner did a reveal at 10k.

P.S. John is a Hoser

#9995 5 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

12 posts to 10,000 eh.
Would be nice if the new owner did a reveal at 10k.
P.S. John is a Hoser

#10001 5 years ago

Only a few more left, eh.

#10010 5 years ago

10,004 Jpop is out the door.

#10181 5 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

Jpop does not need contractual protection to eliminate his legal obligations, risks & responsibilities with all paying customers... so that a new business entity & team may proceed.
Those are 2 completely separate relationships and obligations.
Insist that the arrangement between Jpop and a new business entity/team be completely independent from ANYTHING related to CUSTOMERS.
Then a 3rd contractual & financial arrangement needs to be made between Jpop, the new business entity/team & VENDORS.
Jpop (in the past, currently, and going forward) is to maintain ALL LEGAL & FINANCIAL risk/burden for the success or failure of each of these products even if a new business entity/team is added into the mix to assist in his business. The new business entity/team can choose to accept contractual/legal & financial risk by working with Jpop, or not.
NO NEW CONTRACTS should be required for CUSTOMERS. NONE !

New contact should be just what you want to do with your credit and a request to not bringing any lawsuits against John for the next 120 days. Why not make John truly work his 7 x 14 to finish this or face the firing squad. John should be consulting for free in a specified time frame in hopes of avoiding a lawsuit.

#10183 5 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Here's another idea:
My contract with Zidware states if a new buyer for my spot cannot be found I'll be paid 75 cents on the dollar.
This clause should be used to handle refunds, because it is fair, and is what I agreed with (and I assume everyone did), and Zidware is not replacing owners so it is legit.
So people interested in continuing with Pintasia can get 100% credit for staying in, and those that must get off the ride can get 75% back from Zid.
That is a fair motivation for people to stay in and avoid the lawsuits.

I love this idea. It is a fantastic option as no one is going to sue John over 25%

#10187 5 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I'm still waiting for my Full Throttle, and generally Heighway is considered a "pinside darling", just like Spooky. Not slagging, just stating the reality here.
It's foolish to look at all these companies, the difficulties they have getting machines out, and think "THIS TIME it will be different" with this whole new company and a project that has been in development hell up to this point.
I think really in this case "money talks". So Bill, be prepared to cut some big checks, and not ask for a dime more till machines are shipping. If that can't be accomplished, then you are asking too much of the community.

Did you talk to Heighway? End of June. They had some quality issues with Vendors and are now making the rails in house. I'm curious if Andrew is a SPC type of guy looking to establish a quality product. I got an email from Andrew and believe I'll have my game by end of June or July at the latest

#10249 5 years ago

Here's the email I just sent


I applaud your efforts in this mess. My stance, it's this

I would pay you my balance for a Magic Girl pinball when it is ready to ship.

I will not sign the letter, as John does not get to escape on this one. The way John has handled himself makes this deal toxic. My advice is to buy Zidwares assets when bankruptcy is declared and then make yourself a hero by offering any Zidware customers a Magic Girl at a substantial discount or at cost. You may get a commitment from existing Zidware customers if John is removed entirely from this project. Hire a new designer like Dennis Nordman to finish the project.

My advice is to buy Zidwares assets once bankruptcy is declared as there are too many of us that are not going to let John get away with this. John has assets as it has been pointed out that only $30,000.00 of his house may be protected. John's recent actions prove fraud charges are most likely coming. We also know that John was offered a job at Stern for below $60k a year, so if he has collected more than that from Zidware, there may additional charges, we as owners, can pursue.

Bottom line is a better solution needs to be developed.

#10280 5 years ago
Quoted from rommy:

Bill called me and said I killed the whole project. I only mentioned to him that in a bankruptcy or even pursuing assets for recovery that any revenue streams would be explored and that if he was MG licensee to not take it personally if my or the bankruptcy lawyers added him to any recovery attempt. He went ballistic. Jeckyl and Hyde. He said the project was over and that I single handedly killed it.
His words.
I told him repeatedly thank you for what you are doing and best of luck. But he left me the impression that one second he was committed, then he faced someone not on same page and he folded. That does not sound like someone who in the face of adversity has to do something hard gets it done, like build a pinball machine. It sounds like someone who when faced with negative...quits.
Then this morning he changed his tune and now it's back to ME - according to him I am the ONLY person who wants a refund instead of the new deal. Am I in the Twilight Zone?
Can I really be the only single entity who won't go along?!?!
I just want out of this crap. Now after waiting all this time I have some nobody accuse me of being the thing that killed MG? Shit I did not even BUY MG. what is going on?!?

I said I'm not signing unless Jpop is eliminated from any of this. I would also take 75 cents on the dollar and I'd be happy to go away.

So if Bill or John wants to pay me 75 % of what I have invested, I will happily go away, otherwise I'm content to go after John, his wife, his house and anything else I can to make the rest of his pathetic life an absolute living hell.

#10318 5 years ago

As I said before, I'll take 75 cents on the dollar that was in the original contract. Are other owners willing to do the same?

I'll drop any legal action I am going to pursue and I'll be a customer on this game, if it gets made.

#10324 5 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

To be fair, wcbrandes has something SkitB didn't have. Really deep pockets.
If he threw 5 million at MG, I have no doubt he would end up with a finished machine, but that's an awful lot to pay for a custom machine designed by a piece of shit.

Wolfmarsh, calling John a POS is unwarranted. I think all of us have more respect for a POS then we do John. Putting John in the same category as a POS is insulting to the POS.

#10343 5 years ago
Quoted from PINTASIA:

We totally understand that it is of utmost importance to confirm the manufacturer. If you have read our correspondence, you will see that we are making this a priority. Nobody needs to make ANY decisions until we firm that up. We are not asking anybody for money prior to this being done. I hope that this message is loud and clear. This is a process, it's not overnight. We are working as fast as we can to get all the various components in place. In the meantime, our focus is on all activities that move it forward to getting a machine in customer's hands.
Zidware's accounting is not our problem. That is something that John Popadiuk will have to produce and he is the only one who can do that. However, if you read our post from last night, Post#10133 you will understand why we decided to move forward in this manner. Everyone can spend all the time, money and effort with attorneys to try to get money from Zidware...customers will be lucky to get pennies on the dollar at the end of the day. There is nothing there to pursue, like squeezing blood out of a stone. We realize this so we are trying to do something positive to try and make the money in order to make customers whole. This is the only way. We will work hard to get machines produced and provide 1 credits for the money given to Zidware. We do not need to provide credits, we WANT to provide credits, this is the reason we are doing it.
If we went the bankruptcy route, we would have no obligations to provide anything to Zidware customers. John Popadiuk would have his debts wiped out. By placing him into involuntary bankruptcy you would actually be helping him out and paying for the trustee costs.
In reading posts I believe that there is still a lot of misunderstanding about what we, Pintasia is doing. This is the bottom line. We are getting the prototypes completed to hand over to a capable manufacturer to get produced (as soon as this contract is finalized, it will be announced). We will make sales for machines to new customers. Profits made from this endeavor are going back to all of the Zidware customers to help make everyone whole before we make any money. That is how we can provide 1 credit, think about it...we still have to pay the BOM to get the games made! We did not receive any money from Zidware. The monies given to Zidware as deposits is gone. We are creating profits not to line our pockets, we are creating profits in order to provided 1 credits to customers.
We read the post about all the Zidware customers banning together to take the IP and get games produced. That IS what we are already doing on everyone's behalf by licensing the IP. This is business, you must have money and experience. We are utilizing our business expertise and our money and time to take this on to help everyone with the support of many to make this happen.

I understand most of this, I cannot understand why JPoop is involved in n any way going forward. Kick him out. It's that easy. No one wants to be associated with him. If you are giving him any money then that it's money those of us who do not sign can go after him for.

The only way this works is to remove John entirely from this project, work a deal out with Vendors to get some money to them. Even if it is a percentage of what is owed with a balance upon completion. At least it is something.

I started before, I'm willing to be bought out at 75 % of what I'm invested. There may be more of us, included vendors, that would take that deal and try and help you succeed.

I'm also a customer, after the buyout, if you can make a great game, but not if John is involved.

#10434 5 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

Some don't care about getting pennies, they would rather see the projects die and not allow John the satisfaction of ever adding any of these titles to his resume. That is the reality.

That's my reality. If Bill restructures the letter to wipe John out and asks us to give him 90 -120 days until we pursue legal action against John, well then I'll sign that agreement. But I'm not signing that current letter and planning to force John into bankruptcy as of now. I will back off if John is kicked out of this project. His name should be removed from all of it. He gets zero credit and then I think things.

#10537 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinballs:

That Zane D Smith attorney seems to be the closest, that I've seen anyway. He's the attorney I'll be using to sue Jpop.

Can you repost his info as I'm planning on joining this group.

Like I said, if John is involved moving forward then I'm not signing. John lost all his rights with the way he has handled things. He is toxic and continuing with him involved will only lead to regret.

Bill, do you really think you can work with John? I cannot imagine anyone can work with him. Cut him out and distance this new company away from anything John related.

I'm with Frolic on this one. No way I sign with John involved.

#10562 5 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Especially since what you see in two weeks is without software. You know, a minimal ... even premature programming. There will be no meaningful way to judge whether the game will be a pig in the poke.

It's a one ramp game! It is lacking targets and probably needs completely retooled to shoot great.

Pintasia should hire Dennis Nordman or Joe Balcer , Zombie Yeti and apple. This team could make a phenomenal game and make it for less than Magic Girl with its non standard glass and other parts.

You do not need John.

#10610 5 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Earlier in this thread someone had an email from John asking for paypal payments just weeks ago. Rotordave's posts I believe.
So he did take paypal from some people. Makes sense that there is no rhyme or reason to anything John did.

John has no moral compass so I expect to see him running for an upcoming political office when he's kicked off off his own game.

Btw I'm filling a complaint today on.

#10614 5 years ago

You know whats really interesting about John. About 3 months ago I had talked with John for about two hours in which he was very quick to throw Dennis Nordman under the bus. He was quick to point out that Dennis is not up to date on current software and the newer CAD systems.

It's another example of John self validating himself. At this time I was asking him for a refund and had threatened a group lawsuit. He convinced me he had manufacturing lined up at Chicago Coin and that he had been working 7 x 14 to get the games done. I asked about financials and he assured me he had the money to get these manufactured and that my questions about him expanding his facility and told me I was high in thinking his rent was about $ 3,000.00 a month.

In any case, I wanted to bring this to light as I'm sure John is going to be quick to point all of his problems at Pintasia, once a deal is in place.

#10616 5 years ago

I advise everyone to log a formal complaint so this gets investigated

- I did

I'm posting JPOPS info you will need

Thank you for submitting your complaint. This is your online reference number. Please keep it for when you upload or mail supporting documents. We strongly encourage you to send supporting documents, such as contracts, billing statements, and advertisements, to assist us with addressing your complaint. If you are not able to scan and upload them, please send them to us by U.S. mail and include your online reference number.

Illinois Attorney General
Consumer Fraud Bureau
500 South Second Street
Springfield, IL 62706
1-800-243-0618 (Toll free in IL)
TTY: 1-877-844-5461

address of Zidware

John Popadiuk

Zidware Pinball USA

39 Sangra Court, Streamwood IL 60107 USA

#10621 5 years ago

Now is the time to get together as a group and share some of our documents etc.., This will ultimately make it much easier for everyone involved to file a complaint.

This is the first of several steps to make John get his crap in order. The more people that file, the better the chances of John being investigated. Investigation is going to involve sorting through his records.

#10624 5 years ago

Now is the time to get together as a group and share some of our documents etc.., This will ultimately make it much easier for everyone involved to file a complaint.

This is the first of several steps to make John get his crap in order. The more people that file, the better the chances of John being investigated. Investigation is going to involve sorting through his records.

I advise everyone to log a formal complaint so this gets investigated

- I did

I'm posting JPOPS info you will need

Thank you for submitting your complaint. This is your online reference number. Please keep it for when you upload or mail supporting documents. We strongly encourage you to send supporting documents, such as contracts, billing statements, and advertisements, to assist us with addressing your complaint. If you are not able to scan and upload them, please send them to us by U.S. mail and include your online reference number.

Illinois Attorney General
Consumer Fraud Bureau
500 South Second Street
Springfield, IL 62706
1-800-243-0618 (Toll free in IL)
TTY: 1-877-844-5461

address of Zidware

John Popadiuk

Zidware Pinball USA

39 Sangra Court, Streamwood IL 60107 USA

I'm also attaching some RAZA pics that show Zombie Yeti deserves a job somewhere. JJP, Stern or Spooky anyone call this guy and give him a job.

raza.jpg razacab.jpg jpopinfo.jpg
#10626 5 years ago

Dear Consumer,
I got the email response.

Now I'm asking for help with gathering the appropriate documentation.

Does anyone have .pdf copies or anything I can submit to the Attorney General.

Please send me any documents to

Thank you for contacting the Office of the Attorney General online regarding your consumer complaint. We have received your online complaint (and, if applicable, attachments of supporting documents) and will be reviewing it over the next few weeks to determine what assistance we may provide. Once we have reviewed the complaint and made a determination, we will send you written notification of our decision. If your complaint is retained by this office, a staff person may forward your complaint and supporting documents to the business involved requesting a response. Please know that your concerns are important to us. We thank you in advance for your patience.

Very truly yours,

Lisa Madigan
Illinois Attorney General

#10653 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinballs:

Good for you! I bet it feels good to have made that complaint, and taken some control back in this situation
What is the upper limit for a small claim of this kind? I think it might be USD$10,000.00? Rather than the big expense of lawyers for a contract complaint filing for $20,245.00 purchases (plus damages and interest and legal fees?), I'm wondering if I should just split my two orders with Jpop for MG and RAZA (they were separate, and have 2 separate, signed purchase agreements with Zidware). This breaks down to:
MG $15,995.00
RAZA $4,250.00
Although I'd lose $5,995.00 on MG potentially (if there's a $10k claim limit), the process would be easier, faster and cheaper, and presumably could get the money out of Jpop before he gets tied down in some big class action/bankruptcy-type situation, where unsecured creditors (us) will end up with pennies on the pound (sorry, dollar!)? Strategically, I'm wondering if pre-orderers should go down this route rather than protracted, expensive litigation with someone like Zane D. Smith?

Just file the complaint. The more that file, the better the chances of forcing John to get his books in order. This needs to be step #1 in trying to get this mess sorted out

#10662 5 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I think a lot of things are up in the air, and still are.
I do think the new deal announcement was mishandled, the new agreement is BS, and after talking to Bill was actually unnecessary. This whole deal will live or die in the next 2 weeks.

At the very least, file a complaint as it may give Bill more leverage to work out a better deal with John. I'm sure the conditions John demanded are in that letter. If this hammer falls, Bill may be able to propose a new deal. John may need Bill and a bailout to avoid jail.

I think we would all like to see this move forward without John involved. The only way to do that, is to file the complaint and give Bill leverage to restructure a better deal, in hopes the prosecution is lenient on John. Not having Bill to bail John out with a solution may put John in jail.

So I'm asking everyone to file the complaint

#10666 5 years ago
Quoted from 2RustyBalls:

People don't sign the letter in the email! Don't sign ANYTHING! John's knows the clock is running out on any claim. Fraud is another matter completely. At best John is a SUPER FLAKE at worst a plain thief!

Instead, submit this claim.

#10736 5 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

If RAZA was nearly complete (as MG appears to be) then we would have seen it by now.
Good chance RAZA / AIW BOM's would be nearly as high as MG since many things wouldn't change (cabinet, LCD system, custom mechs) and thus there'd be no margin at 10k price point.
So one would ask "then why not ask a little more to build RAZA instead?" and the answer is probably because it's even further behind than MG.

The only smart thing I heard from John was that building RAZA with MG saved on the BOM as he started he was using the same targets, pops and other things in both games to save on a qty discount order and cut his bom. Everything else I've heard him say was beyond comprehension, but I was dumb and stayed invested.

#10749 5 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

The only smart thing I heard from John was that building RAZA with MG saved on the BOM as he stated he was using the same targets, pops and other things in both games to save on a qty discount order and cut his bom. Everything else I've heard him say was beyond comprehension, but I was dumb and stayed invested.

#10779 5 years ago

I know where $200k went. When he moved out of his garage (dumb) to this shop. $5 k a month for 40 months is $200k.

Nice pics that show another lie as he is not art work pricing his 7 x 14 work week is more BS

#10792 5 years ago

Just sent John an email about this - Damn I can be an ass


I thought you would like to know some people are at your shop and posted pictures. Not sure is they are going to do something or not as you have angered several people.

I'm guessing you working 14 hour days 7 days a week is simply not true.

#10811 5 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

At the very least, file a complaint as it may give Bill more leverage to work out a better deal with John. I'm sure the conditions John demanded are in that letter. If this hammer falls, Bill may be able to propose a new deal. John may need Bill and a bailout to avoid jail.
I think we would all like to see this move forward without John involved. The only way to do that, is to file the complaint and give Bill leverage to restructure a better deal, in hopes the prosecution is lenient on John. Not having Bill to bail John out with a solution may put John in jail.
So I'm asking everyone to file the complaint

Again. Everyone needs to file a complaint.

#10829 5 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

The announcement of the deal was botched, John shouldn't have written it or proposed it, including the legal document was a mistake, it was premature to include information and pricing for any games or pricing of switching, etc.
It is more clear today what is happening... Bill is a legit 3rd party, and there is a hustle going on that we've never seen to get these games showable in under 2 weeks.
I'm glad this show is on the calendar, a forced deadline.
All we can do is watch what happens now.

But yet John is not at work. He has a two week deadline and he is not working. This is his only hope to restore any ounce of respect. The show is the last glimmer of any hope and he is not working. I can't stress enough how toxic John is to this project moving forward

John not working today shows how very little he cares. I do not care if it's a holiday or if his cat died, he needs to be working to get this ready for the show. Unfortunately, it's probably going to be another missed deadline.

#10833 5 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Can't disagree.
Hopefully StevenP is right and the game is as close to done as we've been told, and the key was getting these ramps fabricated and put in.
Can't imagine they'd schedule the show if they didn't think they could do it, John working 24x7 or not.

John probably guaranteed them it would be ready and that he would work 24/7 to get it done. It's what he does.

John not working today shows how very little he cares. I do not care if it's a holiday or if his cat died, he needs to be working to get this ready for the show. Unfortunately, it's probably going to be another missed deadline.

#10865 5 years ago
Quoted from pinball_customs:

They'd find something else Ben.. there's no pleasing this angry mob anymore. Even the positive is soured once it hits the pan.
Also perhaps John isn't there because he's in Vancouver talking to Bill? Canada doesn't have today off.
All I'm saying is.. if you're speculating try and consider both versions of that "half glass", people.

I don't think that John is in Vancouver. Bill mentioned sending people next week to get the game and drive it up. With this tight time frame and a day or two drive, John should be working today.

John gets zero credit from now on. Those are the new rules.

#10915 5 years ago

Where it's the Strategic Business Plan?

Part of this would involve Market Research.

Market Research would allow one to know what price point is needed to guarantee sales.

Some of this has been set by Dutch Pinball and Spooky as they are boutique pinball manufacturers.

What will the market bear on a high end pinball machine? My guess is 10k is the ceiling. I cannot see anyone paying $16k, but I haven't done any market research either. So I do not know if this price point is feasible.

Next the question becomes what can we make it for?

Then what do I need to sell it for to cover all costs?

And what build quantity do I need to make at x costs to break even? Assuming we get to this point, we have covered cost and the next unit sold will put us in the black.

The question for many of us is will we pay $9500.00 for a Magic Girl? - assumes $6500.00 paid in.

Going forward it is almost better to count your deposits (money you have to John) as a sunk cost.

I've spent too much time on this thread and I am going to try to take a break. I filled a complaint and will be calling an attorney tomorrow. John does not get away with this crap and what he has done.

I'm just not sure anyone is looking at any of this with any realistic business sense. We are all to angry and afraid of losing our money to step back and analyze this situation.

#11312 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Well that's my experience with him. You know he was "just trying to make great pinball and better it for all of us"
I applaud Bill's efforts and what he's trying to do.
It doesn't change the fact that I want some honesty and transparency from John himself.
Where is that? He doesn't get to just roll on and make money as a consultant without some detailed explanations and show of remorse for all the lies and deceit

Well I emailed John and got this response. It made me laugh and then I realized he probably didn't read the whole thing. He obviously does not have any remorse. The only way he will have any remorse is if he loses everything. Even then I'm not sure he would have any remorse as he is the victim.


Thanks Henry for the info. Folks that want to visit usually let me know,
as each day is different as I may be at vendors, visiting a contractor
or in the back working with machines going.


On 5/25/15 2:28 PM, Henry wrote:
> John,
> I thought you would like to know some people are at your shop and
> posted pictures. Not sure is they are going to do something or not
> as you have angered several people.
> I'm guessing you working 14 hour days 7 days a week is simply not true.


#11319 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

What vendors or contractors? They are all gone!
The man is something else isn't he.

I'm curious if he even read my last sentence. The guy did run a sign business, so I'm very skeptical that he is not just a compulsive liar. Kinda reminds me of John Lovitz on SNL. I do believe John knows what he is doing. I think he would take a deposit tomorrow if someone offered him one.

Plus I've heard stories about how the money we gave him, was his money and he could spend it on whatever he wanted. I'm hoping people filled claims and he gets investigated.

#11394 5 years ago
Quoted from Zaxxis:

Not sure if it's been mentioned in the flurry of posts, but all traces of MG, RAZA and AIW were scrubbed from
The landing page was changed to have a "reloading" graphic.

Stuck on reloading, which suits John. Maybe in another 4 years, it will do something.

This was smart of John as it makes it harder for an investigation. Again, John is not stupid, just very stubborn.

#11395 5 years ago
Quoted from applejuice:

I guess you missed this post of mine??? Seeing the game in playable demo will be excellent if the new team can pull it off. I hope they succeed and I get credit (and settled up ) for what i put into these projects.

Well, I've thought about this one. I admit my ignorance, but John has the prototype MG's. What if they were auctioned off to pay vendors? I don't think lawsuits could do anything about this and John could account for where some money went. Bill could still use the one he has to form the manufacturing plan.

#11396 5 years ago
Quoted from notaflyingtoy:

The problem with waiting to take some kind of civil action is that the law has limits as to how long one has to file. DO NOT WAIT TO TAKE ACTION.

File a claim now. It should not hurt Bill and his group. It should only force John to get his books in order for an audit. It may also put pressure on John to sign a lesser deal with a lot fewer demands for Bill. Having Bill's group may be John's way out of jail. No solution for victims versus a solution.

This is not skit-b. Supposedly, Kevin did not burn through all the money he took in. John may have paid himself a handsome Salary and used our funds to build a Kiss Prototype amongst other things, that were illegal.

#11597 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

What is the suggestion and I'll do it?

John Popadiuk (JPOOP) Zidware founder squanders over 1 million dollars of other peoples money

#11603 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

This is crazy town, nothing surprises me anymore.
if Bill drops this thing after the NW show remember we are right back to Johnny boy in charge of whatever is left.
I'm sure John is back at the shop now tweaking RAZA! Just trying to make great pinball

That's really all John does, he tweaks to make great pinball. We should give him a break, we are evil and he is a victim in all of this.

If we only expected nothing in return for our money, we would not be let down and angry.

#11712 5 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

It lines up with my assumption John has spent the last couple years trying to get bought out rather than build a f'ing pinball.

That's the most obvious explanation of all of this, otherwise he would have stayed in his garage and saved $200k in rent over the last four years.

He had a documented job offer from Stern at $50k plus and turned it down. There are people on here, and at Stern that can confirm this.

#12344 5 years ago

John should apologize

#12414 5 years ago
Quoted from ChrisVW:

Really? You haven't mentioned it before so that's news to me. That would mean lots of vendors (yeti, cointaker, glm, applejuice) and customers(YOU) get nothing or next to nothing. Well at least you aren't gloating about it.

There's 100 percent chance Zidware is going belly up. He pulled Facebook and his website. Lawsuits are filled. Do you think he will win the lawsuit?

#12425 5 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

I'm not convinced that Pop's original plan was to sell the company before building any machines.
My guess is that he simply did not have forethought to see how the money math was going to run.
If I'm building a game that I know by heart (lets say Space Shuttle or AFM), I can assemble it in a single day. So building 16 games, "piece of cake".
But, Pop did not figure on how much more everything costs in small quantities.
Playfields only cost $200 - in quantities of 1,000.
Painted, assembled cabs $400 - in quantities of 1,000
He suddenly realized that he was not getting Williams BOM prices, and would need to sell A LOT more games.
A game like KISS could have sold 5,000 units...........

And if he would have gotten Kiss he'd have 5000 more people wanting blood as I'm sure he would have squandered that money as well. More money = more problems. John is not responsible enough to handle that kind of scratch

#12449 5 years ago
Quoted from gambit3113:

Zane Smith probably needs to have a talk about staying off public forums in discussions regarding a party opponent. Aiming at your own feet here.

Let's try again

#12461 5 years ago
Quoted from CoinTaker:

Believe me, I have offered, please pay for or return them. I will have to pursue other options then just asking. I have given John many opertunites to work out something other then the path that is going to be taken this week.
Wish him all the best, but John seems to keep digging a bigger hole for himself and his family. What a shame.......

That's what he does.

We all know the consequences of our actions, but what happens when someone never learns to accept them?

Well, they never learn. They keep repeating the same mistakes over and over, without ever figuring out how to avoid negative consequences in the first place.

How does this happen? The most common explanation is that someone else is interfering.

It's a frequent occurrence that someone can interrupt the law of cause and effect on someone else's life. An example of this could be a mother constantly stepping in and saving their adult son or daughter from a difficult situation, such as continually paying off their bills.

The mother is shielding their adult child from the harsh reality of reckless actions. The adult child is being encouraged to not learn their lesson and is very likely to do it all over again. In fact, there is no reason not to.

They aren't reaping what they sow, and this situation can get too comfortable.

So many people get used to not dealing with life by putting negative consequences in someone else's hands. It's not fair to anyone involved.

We call someone who continually saves another person from their consequences, codependent. Most of the time codependent people don't know how to stop, or are afraid to confront the irresponsible person.

However, just confronting the person is not enough.

Merely confronting someone will just feel like an annoying nag and won't cause them to feel the real pain. Only consequences can do that.

Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townshend, in their book Boundaries, say that an effective way to deal with irresponsible people is to set boundaries for yourself.

Here are some questions to ask yourself that will encourage you to set mature boundaries so that others can accept the consequences of their own actions:

Ask yourself:

Whose responsibility is this, really?

Am I really serving this person by suffering the consequences of their actions for them?

What will happen of this pattern continues on forever?

How will this person benefit if I refuse to suffer the consequences for his actions?

How am I sabotaging myself and other concerned parties by taking too much responsibility?

Stop taking on unnecessary responsibility for other adults and require them to deal with their own actions. Only then can they learn from their mistakes, and be motivated to avoid making them again.

Let them reap what they sow.

By Jennifer Bundrant.

Learn more:

#12498 5 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

First, I had no intention of going there to do any research or investigation for pinside. I had some art John's was going to sign, and I needed it before father's day. Given what I saw in this thread, I hesitated to say I was even there, and I'll probably regret saying I was. I do think some elaborating may help you guys - but if it doesn't, ignore me.
My thoughts and observations....
1. The game isn't in the front office anymore, its with the Pintasia folks getting stuff done so it can be at NW show.
2. anything I would say about John's comments to me on the situation, would get flamed - I'll share my thoughts on a few conclusions of mine... John realizes his reputation is trashed (for life) & he isn't a business guy. I feel John genuinely hopes Bill's team does make the games. I fell John never planned for any of this messy end-game to happen, and I feel he isn't a crook trying to steal $. I don't think John admitted to himself, that it was over for Zidware doing this alone, until the last 2 weeks or so. I think Bill's conversations with him the past 30-60 days, and the threat/serving of lawsuits created an action point.
Here's what I was thinking as John pointed out stuff on the MG (the 2nd proto and 3rd proto were in cabinets).
3. The game is beautiful in person.
4. Almost every part is custom - the costs to design, draw, proto and make these parts with custom tooling would have easily blown all the deposit $. Its easy for me to see the 10k game being done w/many standard parts, and its also clear that the 13,29,25 whatever the # of LE/custom/original MG will have $6k more costs in it just for the fact all the parts are uniquely made and crafted. When you custom design everything, you have to custom design tools to make it all. Cabinets to backglass to bolts. I'm not even sure all the screws and bolts are #6 and #8 standard!
5 Cost v. value. It will cost more for the custom v. Pintasia standard. But is it worth $6k more?- I don't know - an apron is and apron, whether its standard metal Stern or odd-sized, custom cut stainless with a special finish. SPikey leg bolts v. 8 standard bolts - probably big cost difference to draw, tools and produce spikey v. standard - what do you think , $200 more for a set - but its $200 v. $20 buck a set - no function added, but theres another cost diff, but not a value diff.
Then again, some may value the $6k diff of worth in just the sordid tale of all the variety of custom parts attempted.
6. Jeremy's artwork is stunning in person. I saw RaZA and AIW (in black and white full foam core cabinet and BG).
7. I'm going to keep my opinion to myself as to what parts or other things in his shop are worth - I have no idea.
8. John is still working... on playfields, content, parts and design in the hopes Pintasia can make games. I was surprised to see him there, honestly.
9. I didn't / couldn't take any pics b/c none of the art, parts, designs, etc. belong to John/Zidware any more - all the IP is owned by Pintasia.
10. I do think Pintasia will be able to make the games - The next 30 days with the reveal and actions taken by the 100 or so buyers/pre-orders will tell. I say 100, b/c many bought multiple games or both titles.

This is insane that John would talk to you and will not answer any phone calls or texts from any others. This is another reason why John is in this situation.

Thanks for the info. I'm still planning on suing John. The way I see this is that John is working to try and avoid jail.

#12501 5 years ago
Quoted from rommy:

What does this mean? You mean everything in his studio does not belong to him anymore?
That's not cool at all.

That's good for us who go after John, if he got more money. He gave pintasia something that wasn't his. People on here bought the prototype games. They are no longer his to give - that's the beauty of having paid in full invoices with the words prototype on it. I'm not talking about production games, I'm talking about prototypes that John collected money for and sent out paid in full invoices for.

#12506 5 years ago

This should be an ego blow

John does not have CV,WCS or TOM on this list, which means I now own zero jpop games except RAZA

#12507 5 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I really hope John doesn't take a single dollar until all owners are made whole.

Hahaha. John has shown this will not be the case. He already negotiated a salary for himself.

#12817 5 years ago
Quoted from herbertbsharp:

If somebody ever threatens me in a PM, you can rest assured I will post it, take an ad out in the local paper and rent a billboard for it. If someone steps over the line their expectation of privacy is null and void.

I almost want to see my name on a billboard. Free advertising. I keed I keed

#13168 5 years ago

Post 13168

Here's John's cell phone number be sure and send him some text messages

***-***-**** (No personnel information for other people allowed, Edited by Moderator team)

Maybe he will respond. Though I doubt it.

#13170 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Does he even answer calls?

Nope, but I think he reads the texts. I'm done even trying with poop anymore. The guy is a waste and this planet is worse off with him on it.

#13196 5 years ago

Well I cannot wait to see the pictures.

On gameplay, congrats for getting it there. I want to know how bad the ramps block the monitor. It's also about 40 % off John's life work, in regards to pinball and only a prototype.

Good luck to Bill. I hope this game is either awesome or it is horrible. Okay is about the worst response going forward, as okay means a lot more risk if this moves forward.

Also, please do not return this game to John.

#13421 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Btw, all you guys that worked to make this happen, dgarret, Pdx and The rest of Bills crew, great job!
And let's not forget Cointaker, GLM and all the other vendors that put so much time and $$ into this. Especially sorry you guys got F ed
And Aaron, Yeti, secret manager guy, etc
All you guys are great

Let's not forget to thank John for spending over one million dollars to make this happen. Everyone is looking at the most expensive prototype pinball game ever made. Lets thank all of us who gave John the money to make this happen.

#13464 5 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Pinball Circus cost $1.5 Million to prototype in 1993 dollars - that would be $2.4 Million today.

Now it's a contest.

John took in roughly 1.2 million by all accounts.

Bill spent 100k to get this to the show and it's still early.

Pinball circus has 2 games and is more complete than this. If we use John's capability of getting this done index, then this is probably another 2 million away from being done. Just sayin yinz

#13465 5 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Pinball Circus cost $1.5 Million to prototype in 1993 dollars - that would be $2.4 Million today.

Now it's a contest.

John took in roughly 1.2 million by all accounts.

Bill spent 100k to get this to the show and it's still early.

Pinball circus has 2 games and is more complete than this. If we use John's capability of getting this done index, then this is probably another 2 million away from being done. Just sayin yinz

#13682 5 years ago

I think this is now dead. Kudos for everyone getting this together. I'd love to play it and would like to own it, but at less than 50% complete and a price over 10k this game is dead. Let's call it what it is. I hope it does not return to John and that someone can eventually finish this and put it somewhere for all to experience.

John is going bankrupt
Game is no where near finished
Production costs are unknown
Finding investors at $16k a game without manufacturing experience may not happen
John is so toxic that people don't want to own anything with his logo anywhere
John is impossible to work with to get this finished

#13849 5 years ago
Quoted from gambit3113:

Walking in with a receipt for a paid preorder from a failed business would not entitle you to ownership of the prototype. Stop with the bad advice and hyperbole.

What if the receipt clearly says prototype #4 or whatever number this is, with a fully paid note?

#13979 5 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

The tone I was getting from the posts was that most people think the game is extremely underwhelming in its current state, which given that it's even more alpha than anyone was letting on, makes sense.
Yet somehow because people aren't shooting rainbows up everyone's asses, you're going to take your ball and go home? I think if people are going to be in this game, they need to take criticism. Quite a bit of it very constructive, like maybe shoot a high quality video before the show opens, get out front on the narrative. Or change the lighting to be more flattering to the artwork. I don't see those comments as shitting on anyone.
I won't get into ZY's blowup. It sounds like he's going through a tough personal time so I wouldn't take anything he's saying as gospel.
I commend the guys who busted ass on the game to get it to even this state, they're definitely the true believers. But it's the true believers who had blinders on and got taken by Popaduik the slick snake oil salesman in the first place. The true believers are always the easiest marks. It's healthy to be skeptical.

Wow. This sums up the last 1000 posts well. If we all were more skeptical, John would have never gotten money and moved into his current office.

On the 100k Bill spent. I see this as Bill probably has his travel and time in this. All three wages and time of his team as well. I'm surprised the figure isn't a little higher

#14002 5 years ago

When pin heads turn on one another and stop basing John, then John wins.

Let's get back to what matters.

Who in their right mind puts a spinning toy that blocks the only ramp shot in the game?

I hope this leads to exploring bringing RAZA into production over MG. When you think about it, RAZA could possibly be saved and the mess called Magic Girl can die. Seems the game is a convoluted mess that may take more work to complete with all the magnets etc. It may be more feasible to focus on RAZA as it may be much more cost effective to produce.

#14004 5 years ago

Well whoever predicted 15k posts by the end of the weekend was about 1k off

#14140 5 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Maybe it should be? There are only 19 Magic Girl buyers... what if each kicked in for BOM, and prototypes were made comparable to what was shown at the show this weekend. Each gets a rare prototype, basically like having your own Wizard Blocks, and the book is closed on Magic Girl. It seems like the road to "finishing" the game fully is just too long and expensive.
Then focus on RAZA, where there are 124 owners and some money still available from unpaid deposits, and it addresses the issue of asking them to buy a game they didn't want if they don't want to wait 4 years.

Bingo. This is the only solution that makes sense, since there is about $400k left to collect. Plus I think the new team could push RAZA to $10,500.00 for a limited edition of 100 and possibly sell another 100 plus at the $8995.00 price point. Who knows as the cost to make Magic Girl seems high. Why not retool RAZA and give that a go first. Raza appears to be easier to produce.

For the first time use volunteer help to get these closer to production. There are people here that will help. My biased opinion is that MG is going to be the hardest to produce.

#14168 5 years ago


John is finished in this town.

#14245 5 years ago
Quoted from Cornelius:

Perhaps Magic Girl could get licensed to Pinball Arcade and that could somehow bring the costs down from their astronomical levels? Or get the damn machines to the people that already paid for them?

I would think this is possible and could be a special table for $5-$6. I would think they would have some metrics to predict sales of this. I would absolutely buy it. They may be able to set aside $1 of every sale for unpaid vendors.

#14367 5 years ago
Quoted from rai:

3-4 years ago, John sold a game called MG to be built sometime circa 2013. Said game was limited to 13 copies making it uber rare, later he upped the number to 26 copies. He charged $16k for this limited edition game.
A short time later he sold another games called BHZA in slightly higher numbers 99 later increased to 124, at a price of $10k. Later the theme and title of the game was changed to RAZA, this was also supposed to be completed around 2013.
Later John added another game AIW to be completed, accepted deposits and payments on that too.
All during this time, John kept everything as hidden as possible, said he was working super hard and the pins were going go be great.
Also during this time, John made a Kiss pin which he had no license for, did not collect any deposits for, so he used all the other money collected to fund this game.
John from time to time would show a few bits and pieces of the game, but never anything as finished as a white wood or even a basic alpha prototype.
Many customers began to get worried or frustrated when 2013 came and went and no games were delivered, ditto 2014. To dissuade people from seeking legal means of getting refunds from John for breach of contract, failure to deliver. John had people post that they'd been to his workshop and the games were comming along well and were worth waiting for.
When this began to wear thin, John promised that at the 2014 Expo in October he would do a big reveal. Then at that expo John brought two totally empty cabinets. People freaked out.
So John promised he'd have real prototype reveals in Dec 2014 and January 2015 for MG and RAZA respectively. Predictably John showed nothing whatsoever.
People like myself said John was bluffing and he had nothing to show, while people like PDXmonkey said there were 95% complete prototypes and he'd played them and all was well, just taking longer than expected.
More time goes by, presumably dozens of people demand refund and/or start legal proceedings against John, John says he's working 14 hrs a day 7 days a week and is tired or perplexed that he's also getting hundreds of emails or texts or phone calls a day regarding the lack of progress. But things are still good.
Then maybe 3-4 weeks ago, John posts a letter saying he's completely broke, no one will get a refund and he's allowing an outside entity (shell) assume production of MG and that they can only proceed if you all (owners) agree not to sue anyone and any owners of RAZA and AIW should forget that, but can now get a MG for $16k (less what you have paid towards RAZA or AIW or MG) and that MG will no longer be a super rare game of 26 units but perhapse 199 and then an unlimited number after that.
People rush out an unfinished alpha prototype of MG to the NW show that has most features disabled, that is broken down most of the time at the show, that no one is able to even make a ramp shot except with glass off by hand, that has a laminate playfield that is totally warped or not stuck down properly.
I think that's this whole thread in a nutshell. Insiders like PDXMONKEY please correct anything I missed or was untruthful about.


Anyone wanting a synopsis of 14000 posts should read this

#14389 5 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Thank you. About the only thing I learned was John Popadiuk is a liar face to face, one on one.

And yet people on here still defend him. It's unbelievable to me. John P is the worst thing that has happened to pinball in the last 20 years. Maybe ever. Though he did kill almost any new pinball startup that request money up front without a working prototype.

I cannot stand the man.

#14406 5 years ago

What are some other good Jpoopiedoopie names ?

#14407 5 years ago

Jpoop is childish. I prefer Jflop or Jstolemymoney etc..,

Whatever John is now called, he earned the names.

#14408 5 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

I don't want to hurt john physically, but I would like him to mortgage his house, liquidate his retirement and get a real job (or 2) and payback every dime he screwed people out of.

I'd like that as option #1

Option #2 well I cannot talk about that without being banned, but it involves several prison gangs.

#14444 5 years ago


Looking back on this it seems absurd to think John could make 20 of these for under $16k and make any money for himself. The question is how did the Captain Nemo gang pull that off and what was the final price?

I remember pulling for John saying if they could do it, John should be able to do it. The question is how did they do it?

#14785 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

If you guys at Pinballbulbs think somehow that you are going to concoct some plan to personally benefit or walk out the back door with the MG prototype because you guys suffered and had $$$ in this fiasco, you better think again! Welcome to the Jpop losers club.
The fact that you are trying to hide what you guys are doing is BS! You have aligned yourselves WITH John, gotten his permission, and because "he is ok with it", you are hiding it and making up all these excuses.
It's hard to imagine me even thinking this because you know how the pinball community will react, don't you.
Once again John, open you mouth and start explaining, you can't possibly do any more damage to your legal situation. It does seem though you have found a couple of more guys to continue the nonsense parade.
WTF.........its all that keeps coming to mind.

Well I can say, after all of this mess and now pinballbulbs acting so secretive I can decide never to buy from pinballbulbs again.

All of us can do a full boycott. I know I'm going to vote with my wallet and that I can buy my LEDs from Cointaker who has lost more than anyone else in this mess.

So pinballbulbs has effectively lost me as a customer. I no longer need to support any company that wants to act all secret. I do not have the patience for any more of this crap.

I will retract my position if it is proven that you do not have MG

#14899 5 years ago
Quoted from PinballBulbs:

I'm not sure how we got dragged into this I personally don't have the game or know who has it. My information about the virtual pinball is stuff I heard at the show, just like the videos I posted of gameplay, from the show. Sorry, literally just gave any information I had. Kinda sucks it instantly turned on me into somehow having the game.
In case people super care, I currently have a Medieval Madness and SlugFest. No magic girl.....

As I said, I apologize for getting sucked in as well. The secrets on Jpop and all this other nonsense should stop. Pinballbulbs pm'd me and I believe he does not have the game. It's all a bunch of crap that has to stop. People should start being honest at this point as those in the know are only potentially hurting the livelihood of others. I'm guilty as well, as I'm not going to support this secretive stuff any longer. You want to come on and post that you know something and will not share it. Well I'm going to ignore you and boycott your product.

#14906 5 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

Got bored of the TOTAN I guess?
But yeah - people are looking for somebody to blame now. People imagine the game being moved at night from one "safe house" to the next... nobody wants to see anybody actually profit from this mess and that's understandable.
Plus I think it was your partner's comments about knowing where the game was that set people on edge.
In any case... I need more bulbs so I'll be in touch

Yes those comments were just plain stupid

#14907 5 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

What a penis.
His head was so big, it is a wonder it could fit through a doorway.

Oh, you do not know the half of it. I tried to give him advice in February without any luck. He talked about needing a mba etc.., I told John to be honest and stop the secret bs. I said why not expand your business model and sell artwork etc.., was talking allot of needing some sort of cash flow. Also told him to ask people for help. The guys head is so big that he refused the help of countless well off people to help save this thing.

#14916 5 years ago
Quoted from Tazdingo:

You are correct, it did not deserve a thumbs down, I removed it. I was reading too quickly and missed Keefer's reference to the display patent in your quote. I wrongly assumed you were insinuating StevenP was representing John in matters other than Patent filings. My bad, I apologize.


That is Badass to admit when you are wrong. I admit I jumped on pinballbulbs when I should not have.

John is so toxic, he brings us all down. Why can't we all be honest in what remains?

Close to 15k posts.

John may be able to generate some income by reading all of our commentary. If he does id like him to read this

I John Popidiuk do not deserve your respect and I am sorry for my arrogant behavior. John Borg is a great designer that did not rip off my Totan design. I realize that I am not the pinball god I think I am. I am sorry to all of those that I hurt and hope that everyone can except the fact that I made huge mistakes, which I will live with forever. Knowing I will never work in pinball again, deeply saddens me and I kindly ask your forgiveness"

#14994 5 years ago

John is still oblivious to all of this. Someone posted on the user group that John still thinks Zidware can be saved and that John said people buy 5 million dollar paintings and there are several millionaires who may be willing to give him funds. The guy is delusional with no remorse. It is time to take action and ruin him.

I hope the person that posted on the users group comes on here and posts his conversation with John. It is beyond comprehension.

#15008 5 years ago
Quoted from rommy:

From John Popadiuk -
Zidware marches on! Most people don't know what I know , and what I know is people buy million dollar paintings every day. And my deal costs way less! So why wouldn't a Millionaire angel investor just walk in and take over? It could happen today. Pintasia may not see the light , but there are smarter, better business men out there (please stop in for tea and pinball whispering anytime if interested). All we need is one of those Millionaire painting buyers to walk in and carry the ball. We are 95% done anyways. Lawsuit shmawsuit ... We will have another investo-sucka in here before you can say Zane Smith! - paraphrase from the mad hatter down the hole.
Sad...but that's where he is now .

Yep that's his attitude. It's insane

#15111 5 years ago
Quoted from homebrood:

I wonder how many people were in for all three games!? Oh boy that would hurt like a Mother!!!

I know someone that bought more than one of each game and they are in deeper than anyone else.

#15114 5 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Yeah, that's not someone who's just gonna walk away and move on.

Yeah they are not in on AIW but have multiple MG's plus a prototype and more than 1 of RAZA.

#15153 5 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

What's bizarre is John taught me "if it shoots good in foamcore, it'll shoot great in metal & plastic!" And we used that to build AMH - it was foamcore for the first 6 months as we worked out modes (see attached)
From what I saw, John never did this step. If you're going to bother building something full size, whack a ball around! Instead he makes a static foamcore mockup then jumps right to whitewood.


Looks like some things made it to AMH

#15170 5 years ago
Quoted from rommy:

There is a strong possibility for jail time. He had intent to make nothing from the beginning and when the facts come out we will all see that. He just wanted to sell the whole whole package to someone and have them build it. That's not what he told me to get my money. He said he would make them HIMSELF. He even offered to come to my house to complete the machine! Turns out - that was all a lie. See that? It's called intent. He never intended to build these himself and the truth will come out . Using a lie to coerce people out of their money is a crime here in the U.S. . If he is convicted of that he will be sentenced and do some jail time. IMHO , three months in jail would be a big deal to john Popadiuk . I relish that thought...
And let's not forget the beauty of Illinois bankruptcy law soooo much better for us and worse for him than say...Arkansas or California.
Please stop victim blaming. Please stop john Popadiuk mollycoddling. We get that some of you are, for some reason (maybe CYA?) , not interested in John Popadiuk being punished. Please respect the victims that want him to be punished severely for stealing from our families.
Let there be a clear message - if you take money for a pinball project and don't deliver We will try to put you in jail.

I wish we could put Jpop in jail, but I'm thinking this will be difficult. He bought more space like an idiot to assemble the games at the new facility. I think this is what keeps him out of jail. It also proves he is an absolute moron.

#15180 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

There's a reason there is a no politics rule here. Let's stick with being mad at John.

Or super pi$$ed at John.

Let's focus on all the dumb things John has done from the time his dad drank too much JD and you know what with his mom.

#15182 5 years ago
Quoted from boo32:

You don't need to request the refund. The contracts have dates of delivery for the machines which have long since passed. That is sufficient for a breach of contract action.

I still think you need to request a refund

#15199 5 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

I don't think that we can prove that he was "knowing full well he was never going to follow it". Proving intent is super hard. Unless he sits there in a deposition and outright says he knew he wouldn't deliver, he is probably good for the intent portion and keeping out of jail. I personally do not think there was any ill intent on his part even today. I've had some discussions with John recently and while he knows he is in trouble, he is still trying to move forward. I think as of today he still intends to release magic girl in some shape or form.

And what funds does he have available to get it made?

#15217 5 years ago
Quoted from rai:Deleted post

But John surely thought he was going too sell the company and his salary draw was warranted

#15273 5 years ago
Quoted from Ironhorse1:

What happened to RGP John?Screenshot_2015-06-14-15-14-39~2.jpg

Holy crap batman

#15335 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I just assumed he blew a chunk of the cash on machinery. But if that's not the case, and you don't have expensive gear to sell off, how the hell did he burn through it all? Obviously some of it was pure stupidity (buying $7,000 worth of LEDs when you don't even have a single game to show) and lots of it was wasted on custom fabrication, but damn, all of it?

Cointaker brought this up. John owes him $7k as John was too busy prior to expo to pay his LED bills.

#15348 5 years ago
Quoted from Tharizdun:

This is redundant. Maybe his salary was "The rest of the money" or he gave himself a "rest of the money" bonus.
Him saying anything like this is just a diversion. His business account and personal account essentially were the same thing.
It's self serving to appear broke.
Suing this guy is the only $$ well spent regards this mess.

It's been a bit. Can someone post Zane Smith Info Again?

#15523 5 years ago
Quoted from BackFlipper:

I hate to quote myself, but it was the best way to provide this update:
I am proud to say that 2 people have provided proof of their purchase from Zidware and I have decided to help both of them. I will not say who they are, what they wanted, how they wanted it or even if they participate on Pinside. If they ever want to share any of that information, that will be up to them.
$1000 is honestly a small price to pay for the great things that pinball has brought me. Heck, $1000 is only 1/3rd of the profit I made when I sold my TRON LE. I have lost $1000 in a day at a casino. It will not change the quality of my retirement. I am really happy to have been able give back.

I'm sending payment tomorrow. I'm thinking the group may be over 20 and that should carry some weight. Jpoop and his wife are toast.

#15711 5 years ago


John did not lie to you. You run a successful business and have to realize that 95% rule.

95% planning and 5 % implementation. John had just finished the planning phase.

I guess John just needs to find another investor to get this game a bit closer to being finished. If he finds 4-5 more investors, maybe the game gets finished. He may only need another $100k to get it done.

#15729 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Could everyone please post your net worth so I know if I'm allowed to mess with you?

I'm sure it's more than Jpops after this is all done.

#15925 5 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

Sooo...nobody knows where the prototype ended up? Back with JP?

I heard it will be back in Jpops possession on Monday.

#15933 5 years ago
Quoted from ledge:

where was this ? i must have missed the apology

It was in his half assed letter.

We will see if he ever comes clean

#15947 5 years ago
Quoted from Northernhuskie2:

It's not his house he rents it.

If that is true, then he may end up on the street and homeless.

#15963 5 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

Here's what I wrote on the owners group for JJP. A thanks to those who do make games, and my feelings on what a shame pinsiders need to throw threats and garbage at others when its supposed to be a community. Hopefully my last post in this depressing thread. (and yes I'm copying to pinside from the private owners group because... I wrote it in the first place)
Jack -
I have a little tidbit on my attempt to help. I went to John's the thursday before the NW show, to get a few posters signed that my family wanted to frame for fathers day gifts. I went to his shop and he was gracious with his time and showed me around, I'd never seen the shop or any of the games of MG or others. I had skipped the 10k posts on the pinside thread - what a waste of a lot of pinhead time - they could have been playing a game, using Novus or doing a shop of their favorite title....
Anyway, that weekend John emailed me asking for help - he explained the Bill factor, and needed to get the game in whatever finished state to ship to the show Wed. morning. I spent about 18 hours over the next 2 days, being an amatuer pinball assembly and on-the-fly designer. The game was about 50% done, with several mechs that weren't going to make it on the game - Bill's friend John and I helped Jpop to assemble a few mechs and attach some PF stuff, redo a bit of wiring, join the plastics ramps that had just came in on a rush shipment - it was a scramble, and literally making brackets and drilling plastics (the only ones), hoping to not make a mistake and solve some finish and fit problems along the way - the game got done at 230am Tue morning - and Bill's friend got in the rented van and trekked 30 hours to Seattle on 2 hours of sleep. A few of us really helped!!!
The game at the show was a lot of eye candy, but with the scoops, magnets and ramp returns not finished, the response was ??? this is it? Bill got back to the pinside thread with, "not going forward". The game was a gorgeous box of lights. Everything was custom, the monitor brackets had to be reversed at the last second to get the PF to fit. So while the code and color LCD and visuals were stunning - few could leap to the end conclusion that the game was near production ready.
Not least, the game cabinet and PF are not standard size. For JJp or Stern to sub-contract assembly, new sized manufacturing fixtures etc would need to be created - and for 19 ( or 30?) MG and maybe 200 games of MG or game #2, the fixed cost just for prep assembly would have added thousands more to the $1mil already spent pre-order money.
Pinside is a no-win place. I got attacked for not saying enough, for not taking pictures and sharing, for not taking inventory so they could have me testify in their lawsuits for liquidation, geez - it was aweful. AND I DIDN"T PREORDER W/JPOP. So I did all this to help a friend, had no $ at risk, but spent time and $ of my own to help pinheads, none of which I knew, just to see the final game at least have a last gasp at a rescue. It was kind of fun being a pinball guy, in Jpop's shop, trying to make a prototype - a good story and memory for my later pinball years.
I have talked with Jack, Charlie@Spooky, Heighway, Dennis and Greg on Whoa Nellie, many at Stern - I get to see and talk about how each is doing their own way to get games made and delivered (and I don't share between them, Roger Sharpe told me that he had makers confidence to not share, so he was respected for that and it was appreciated). WHat I have learned is that all have a passion, and only the savvy business guys, with passion and smart financial moves, will survive. John didn't realize how long a design prototype phase lasts - and he didn't plan for a 4 year investment capital cash flow plan - in fact, he didn't have a business plan much at all. No project manager to keep things pressed to deadlines, no budget, and no updates --- once you lose confidence amongst customers or prospects, its over. Expo reveals of empty cabinets and other mistakes, didn't help potential investors, vendors or pre-order folks keep any enthusiasm along the journey. in 2015, it all turned to talking about "ever?", is there money for refunds?, can vendors survive a write-off... add a Predator event, the blow up of a Dutch Pinball USA rep and delays on even the simpler BoP 2.0 kit ---- it all contributed to angst, then pinside anger, even threats and wishes of poverty and homeless John going to jail which his family watched, his wife was added to the blame game --- it was/is terrible to watch.
I'm grateful to Jack for keeping his passion. The factory, design and coding will happen eventually. Jack risked a lot of up front money on all the fixtures, space and 3 years float for salaries and $1mil in parts (I'm guessing --- actually, it had to be if you saw it personally), before the first game rolled off the line. Who knows if a$7 - $8 mil of a 1000 Woz was enough to even break even, JJP may not break even until the PLD game.
Bottom line - appreciate Jack and the others that are willing to risk the entire $ on a dream and 4+years of their life because of something they love to do.
Thanks Jack
Happy Fathers Day.

Nice post. This explains a lot about your character and I'm sorry I miss judged you at one point. Happy Fathers Day

#16008 5 years ago

I'm in.

As for Gerry's comments. I'm not so sure Gerry would be able to put in the proper time to get everything just right and perfect. Have you seen this $1000k cabinets? The other companies cabinets are no where near as nice

#16036 5 years ago
Quoted from jarjarisgod:

You can send it to me. I'll build you just as many AIWs as John ever will.

Wow, this thread is finally losing steam.

#16068 5 years ago
Quoted from Razorbak86:

According to the updated court docket, the Popadiuks hired Venis & Copp LLP as legal counsel for all 3 defendants.
They filed an appearance and paid their court fees on June 24th.
Venis & Copp is a small, general practice law firm in Chicago with both litigation and bankruptcy experience.

Great, I'm sure bankruptcy Will follow. I'm curious as to whose money it is.

#16186 5 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

To think he has the audacity to infer that John Borg would steal his ideas is the most insane thing I've read this week.
Borg (heck even crooked lying Kevin Kulek) can design circles around JPop. JPop isn't fit to feed John Borg's cat.

Is it because of the oodles of time it would take to pick the right food?

#16187 5 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

To think he has the audacity to infer that John Borg would steal his ideas is the most insane thing I've read this week.
Borg (heck even crooked lying Kevin Kulek) can design circles around JPop. JPop isn't fit to feed John Borg's cat.

Is it because cat food doesn't come in neon colors?

#16200 5 years ago
Quoted from pinballrockstar:

So...if nobody gets a pinball machine, why do we ALLOW john to still be spending our money?
I mean , it's obvious the machines don't get build, if there is only $5 left, freeze it and give all the buyers a few cents back?
Maybe there is 100.000 left? Do we have proof?
Why do we allow john to still tinker on with our money??
He asks zombie yeti for more artwork? If that is true we should tie him to a pole and throw poop at him...

Maybe John should have a fund raiser with $100 per poop throw. I'd be in

#16204 5 years ago
Quoted from Fulltilt:

I'd rather spend $500 throwing poop at John that giving it to an attorney.... Just sayin'...

Well the attorney was my only legal option. First lawsuit I've ever been involved in.

#16209 5 years ago
Quoted from Fulltilt:

I totally understand, and I hope that the law suit rips a wide tear in Jpoop's tight paranoid sphincter.

He's probably using the last bit of money to fight the lawsuit.

#16256 5 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

His associate was likewise skewered in public by the angry mob and even the few hopeful, hapless know it all armchair experts that do nothing and have never done anything worthwhile.

That's a bit harsh. Those people who lost $1000s off dollars are some hard working down to earth people that produce something worthwhile to be able to afford a pinball. Bill had it hard and that was because John set him up to fail and misled him into throwing stupid money at John.

Jpoop gets zero sympathy from me. I will only think he has suffered enough when he is in a small apartment and working two jobs to pay his rent. I hope JJP gets better educated on all that has transpired and what John has really done.

#16272 5 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Holy crap, his whole post is so far off base it isn't even funny, but the above really takes the cake.
Honestly, if I had pre-order money in on a JJP game like TH, reading the above would scare the shit out of me, as it comes across as being far too accepting of the statistic that most startups fail in the first years. Then he goes on to say that owners should have rallied as a group to figure out what he has? WTF does that mean? Were owners supposed to pay *more* money to JPop? Help him physically build the pins?
And man, blaming the victims? Seriously, those who paid money to John "got what they paid for?!" Are you fucking kidding me?!!?

I think Jack's post was in poor taste. Jack runs a business and needs better PR than this. He's correct with his statement of how the negatives spread quickly. Jack may feel sympathy for John and that's fine. John has ruined himself and his reputation. Maybe Jack can buy John out and pay everyone back. This would allow people to forgive John and give Jack oodles of passes for years to come.

#16434 5 years ago

according to Jack we got to ride the roller coaster and that is enough

#16436 5 years ago

Word is he has a Friday meeting with another angel investor.

#16444 5 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Let's humor him for a second....lets say there IS an investor - then what happens ...will he use that money to REFUND everyone!??!!? lol

It's only 1,000,000 and people spend more than that on paintings

#16460 5 years ago
Quoted from rai:

If Jack starts asking for money for number 3 pin before TH are delivered, I'd assume he is not liquid enough to build The Hobbit.

I'm not paying more thank 1k up front on any game announced unless it's a person in my neighborhood building games

#16467 5 years ago

This thread is finally dying. It will have a revival when jpop files bankruptcy. I still not think it will get to 20k

#16700 5 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Pinball school is in session!


We need a best post ever award for this. I hope Ben can analyse the cabinet as well. This post was priceless

#16728 5 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

There's a board meeting coming up. Could someone make it a baseball bat meeting?

For what? The guy is already short too many brain cells. I wish this would end. I wish Jpop would just leave the country as these recent actions have me wishing the worst for John. I'm starting to how his wife leaves him and he ends up homeless.

#16889 5 years ago


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#17018 5 years ago
Quoted from MarcG:

Someone posted about Magic Girl on another forum I read (brickpicker). The post was all positive, just about how cool the game looked and that it was almost done. He had no idea about what a scam the whole thing had become. I posted what had really happened and added the link. Problem is most non pinsiders who find info on Zidware are only going to think what this guy thought.

It's unbelievable how JPoop continues on.

#17021 5 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Any news? Anyone talk to him? Is he still at his shop every day playing around with foam core?

Just waiting for the court date

#17033 5 years ago

So how does lining work?

#17076 5 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Pretty sad that it's gotten to the point where people are just accepting the losses and want closure, and John won't even give them that.

What? John is Working 14/7 to get things done

#17100 5 years ago
Quoted from CoinTaker:

I believe its 20 hours a day, if you watch this video. I know he is not spending his time answering my phone calls.
» YouTube video

You know, answering calls detracts from the creative

#17127 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinballs:

Yes, in addition to the civil case(s), various investigations are ongoing which may result in criminal cases. These things take time. But Mr Popadiuk, his wife and his companies will not get away with this. Actions have consequences, as he will learn.

Lets hope this is true.

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#17267 5 years ago

Apparently him and his wife are having issues. This is the reason for the van statement

#17436 5 years ago

I think he bought that with owners money

#17457 5 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

His announcement on RGP was July 23rd, 2011. If you don't count vault editons, or premium/LE (just new titles), they've made 13 titles in that time frame (soon to be 14 once GOT is shown):
Also since mid 2011, At least 5 other pinball companies have formed (4 of which have shipped games)
Spooky - built over half the first run
Heighway Pinball - Has starting shipping it's first title
Jersey Jack has shipped Woz, is trying to finish the Hobbit
Chicago Pinball has shipped "some" MMr's
Dutch pinball is getting their factory setup and will ship as soon as the code is finished

None of those games are perfect! Jpop is working on perfection.

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#17665 5 years ago

Here's my rundown

No set up for manufacturing

Vendor not helping slowed things down

Jersey Jack missed shipping dates and they had more resources

One year to make cabinet

Got a lot done with little money

McAfee virus guy messed up.

Needed to keep people busy, hence three games

Nda as that's how it used to be

He talks of working 10-12 hrs a day not 14

Needs 10-15 people to run a pinball company. Spooky who?

Says he does not not lie to people and tells truth

No one offered to help him

wCS took 10 years too get made

20 percent went to government. -etc?

Real close to getting magic girl made

Ponzi scheme confirmed

Ready to get mg cabinets

I do not applaud this crap. I think Nate did very okay. He needed to press John a little.

#17695 5 years ago
Quoted from rai:

How does 20% go to taxes?
Is he talking about personal income tax? Boo-hoo welcome to the real world.
Is he talking about paying taxes on money collected? how does that work? he hasn't sold anything so no profits to speak of. I'm confused.

I assume 20 % was his tax rate on the money he paid himself.

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#18324 5 years ago

I thought Jpop had new investors?

#18337 5 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

I believe he pretty much stated that he never intended to build the games, and to me that gives off a fraud vibe.
It does not matter that he appears to have intended to sell off the game designs so that some other entity would do the actual building of the games for the customers. If that was his end game then the customers had the right to know and should have been informed ahead of the ordering process so they would have a better understanding of their risk.

He did in fact state that. His plan was to design and sell

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