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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#3248 5 years ago

I have no idea what is going on. But I think games could be rolled out quickly if they are finished design wise. It is a very slow learning curve even on my part. But once you get things sourced out for production things can move quickly. I have had no dealings on this project, but I have been doing private projects.

Going on close to 2 years for new playfields for me with Star Gazer playfields. They are just about on the finish track this winter, & the next ones Seawitch will be much quicker. Glass & plastics are easy to produce. Cabinets, & playfields are pretty quick. Design has always been a slow process for most games along with finished software.

2 months later
#5130 4 years ago

The best thing John could do this week is pay his his contractors & vendors what is owed. Or make a agreeable settlement quickly about services. Return their goods & parts. Then move forward with damage control. He will most likely be asked to pay in advance, or on release of parts or product in the future. Doing nothing after this is like committing suicide.

#5566 4 years ago

I will say it again, you must pay your contractors, & parts suppliers. Has this happened, not from what we hear here or elsewhere. You start burning all your life lines up, & likely no one will have anything to do with you. So you are left alone dreaming endlessly, & producing nothing but vapour ware.

Had he paid people properly he probably would be close to the finish line or complete. Even in his space if he had a lead hand, & a few assemblers (16 Magic Girls). Possibly assigned a office manager to organise everything, & make sure people & bills were paid on time.

I'm sure if he moves forward, contractors will be asking to be paid in advance. Set up change work orders if he changes stuff. I know he won't be on my list to do anything with.

1 week later
#5983 4 years ago

I would get playfields done asap to restore faith on the 2 pins. I don't have the big bucks & even I can get very nice playfields produced. The only difference is my contractors expect to be paid for their work, & they get paid! Here is pictures of the Star Gazer playfields done on a flatbed OCE uv inkjet printer, which is likely available everywhere around the world.

Like I continue to say pay your staff & contractors what is owed. Restore some faith in yourself with others watching your stuff.


006.JPG 010.JPG 001.JPG 003.JPG 008.JPG
1 month later
#9142 4 years ago

It is still possible you might think that a investor(s) comes in, & takes full control. Starts the refund process to those who want out. Pays all the contractors owed money. Then moves forward with production, of those still in for pinball machines. You get the process moving forward, & can learn from what has been done for small production. Once you get those games out, you can start selling more of the models.

#9228 4 years ago

I don't like the way this is unfolding with out giving back refunds to those that want out. Not paying contractors. All the other crap explained in the letter. So I'm out as a source or contractor, to who ever is thinking of doing these games.

John Greatwich
Great Pinball Limited

#9324 4 years ago
Quoted from shakethatmachine:

Well, that didn't happen.

Yes it didn't pan out fairly in my opinion. That is why i'm out. Said in the past numerous times contractors need to be paid, & people should be able to get a refund. I don't know who is the investor unless they come out since a few were in the running possibly or were trying to get this saved. I was never in the loop, & have had no personal dealing with John!

#9703 4 years ago

Maybe there was more than 2 investors or groups interested in saving the day. Might be the way things are playing out. I'm glad to be out of this the way it's going down today.

#9734 4 years ago

There might be a few people. But i'm not in the inner circle of who is who. So i'm saying no names from me. They come out on their own & announce it.

#9755 4 years ago

We had a social last weekend here in Halifax. CPR boys never said anything about this & neither did I. I put out a last ditch lifeline if I could help out some time ago, & it was towards the guys in on this. Not JPOP, I still have nothing to do with him personally.

#9759 4 years ago

Well it's not JPOP. I don't know why he would do a statement, & not the investor. See what plays out over the weekend.

#9797 4 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

Do you know who it is?

I may or may not know. I'm sure there has been a few people trying to help out. Who knows what is going on at this point.

#9916 4 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

So Ice, why won't you out the anonymous licensee?

Maybe the same reason I'm not. People tell you things, & you keep it to yourself. I don't know all the players or details on who was trying to save these pinball machines. More stuff keeps coming out, so I guess you have to wait & see.

#10256 4 years ago
Quoted from Strohz:

According to his Linked in page, Bill Brandes lists himself as President of Pintasia Designs Inc for over two months (since April 2015). I think he's had a lot more than 2 days to get his plan together. So far, I'm not impressed.

One of the parties I had knowledge of, & you would think he would get a first hand look at the situation at hand. Go to the circus, & see what is actually there for a show. You would think the first investor group did the same. I still have a hard time trying to figure out how either investor group can move forward to production. With all the legal problems, & other stuff with Jpop & his company.

#10575 4 years ago
Quoted from chessiv:

Anyone who preorders these pins in the future deserves zero sympathy if the project fails. Too many examples of them failing not to learn.

We can only hope that things turn out ok. There are still lots of people that would like to see people get games, & not be screwed over!

#10972 4 years ago

I was trying to help out for the original Magic Girl owners previously, which isn't common knowledge. I throw my full support towards Bill trying to get these pins done. Which I firmly believe can be done.

#11612 4 years ago
Quoted from PINTASIA:

Thank you for that...It is apparent to us that there are people on Pinside who do not want Pintasia to succeed. We understand, there are people in every crowd who find comfort in seeing people fail, as they can't be happy with the success of others due to their own situation. These people wish to see that purchasers of Zidware products lose all their money.
Pintasia is owned 100% by William Brandes, also known as Bill Brandes aka wcbrandes on Pinside. Bill is also a fellow Zidware product purchaser. He has done nothing but put out his own cash, time and effort to help all Zidware purchasers and has accomplished the following:
1) Magic Girl prototype - due to Bill's efforts (and the people he is working with), the Magic Girl prototype is being completed and it will be making its way to the Northwest Pinball and Arcade show. Bill flew out to Chicago at his own expense to see for himself the status of the prototype and to find out what was outstanding to get it completed. Unlike the speculation of the naysayers, he is getting this completed NOT to add to his personal collection, but to find out the reality of getting this machine into production so that Zidware customers can get a game in their hands (should they wish to get a MG).
2) Pintasia business plan - As represented, Bill did not pursue this venture due to profit motivation. Anyone who understands business and knows what it takes to get this off the ground will know that it will cost a lot of investment dollars before dollar one. Not only that, Bill has stated that he wants to take the profits of the games to help make Zidware product purchasers whole. This means not only people who bought MG, but RAZA and AIW as well. Since the games need to be made one at a time, he is offering different ways for RAZA and AIW customers to speed up the process that they can see results whether that be from 1) converting to a MG or 2) taking profits from MG sales and crediting that to RAZA and AIW customers.
3) Information and updates - Bill has spent countless hours on the phone, on Pinside, on Facebook, answering emails to bring information and updates to Zidware customers. This is the information that everyone has been asking for and wanting. No, he is not being paid to do this. He is spending time that he could be doing something else, helping people.
4) Manufacturing - As stated, Pintasia will not be manufacturing the games. Bill has been speaking with potential manufacturers to understand what the BOM will be, what remaining items are needed, timelines etc. to work out a contract that can get games into production, and into the hands of Zidware customers.
5) Vendors - Pintasia has been contacting and working with past vendors to understand what has been done and how parties can work on the project moving forward and get paid.
6) Attorneys - Hired attorneys to help look at the situation as to how to help Zidware customers without wasting further time and preserve the IP.
And the list goes on...
In such a short period of time, he has accomplished so much on behalf of Zidware product purchasers. Yes, there are the people who have stepped up to help and been supportive of the cause. However, there are a large number of people who spend all their time trying to criticize and find fault. Honestly I don't know how you can try to find fault with a person who has not asked for any money, has generously contributed their time, money, effort, personal contacts (asked for favors) in order to help the pinball community.
Bill asked Sabrina to assist him in various aspects of due diligence on Zidware and for operations of Pintasia. As part of that effort, she assisted in the incorporation of the company. That does not mean she owns the company. For those who do not understand who the owners of a corporation are and need a lesson in this...the owners are the shareholders. And Bill is 100% shareholder of Pintasia Design Inc.
The problem with google is that you will find a lot of information, some which is true and some which is false or simply has nothing to do with the topic at hand. How many people have the same name? Has someone really tried to understand who these people are behind Pintasia, or is everyone on a race to try to put up nasty posts and create drama. There are a number of people all with the name Sabrina Wei, and unfortunately some of those people have had a checkered past. You may want to blame Sabrina's parents for giving her the name, however, there are lots of other names that are significantly worse. So before throwing @*!@ against the wall and slinging mud, watch the real actions of the people you are doing that with. Sabrina has several professional designations, is well respected in the business community. She is a very hard working individual who has also contributed her own time and money to help Zidware customers. Anyone who has met her will tell you that she is a very kind hearted person who is genuine and wants to help others. She has taken on the mission to assist Bill and those who have been hurt in the Zidware situation. We invite those on Pinside who have actually met Sabrina in person to tell you what they think of her instead of reading stuff that has been conjured up to hurt Pinside and Bill's reputation.
So for those people who are the naysayers and can't stand the fact that someone has truly stepped up out of the goodness of their heart to help the pinball community and want to just try to dig up stuff to hurt Bill and Pintasia...stop, just stop. You don't realize how many people have called us as fellow pinheads to say, are you out of your mind to try to take on this project and these responsibilities?!?
Maybe, just maybe they are right. If the pinball community can't appreciate a good samaritan and would rather see Zidware crash and burn with all their customers receiving zero in bankruptcy, maybe that is what should happen, then everyone can look back and understand what Bill was actually trying to save them from.
Bottom line is this, the only reason Zidware customers are trying to sue or put Zidware in bankruptcy is because they think there is money to be had. Maybe sometimes people just need to find out the hard way...and no, this is not Bill writing this post. It is someone at Pintasia who has seen the hard work that Bill and Sabrina has put into this project and feels that they don't deserve this type of treatment by ignorant people posting on Pinside.

I have personally talked with Bill a few times. I truly believe the group is trying to salvage this wreck, & get things done if they can. Same as in the past I offered as a last resort to try & help out the Magic Girl buyers. Still offering to help out, but it looks like Bill has it under way. If I can provide any technical info or my thoughts I'm available.

As for Jpop, who knows if he has blown all money, or is stashing it. From what has happened over the years, there could be any possibility. People (buyers that have money in it) need to know what happened with the money, same with all the vendors owed money. What a disaster! I'm surprised all vendors haven't taken legal or collection action.

#11678 4 years ago

I would look into "believe", that's thrown out there endlessly. People need to see the accounting books to see what can be believed! Seems like a Fantasy World over the last 4+ years. Don't see space & salary = $1 million or more. But I have no money in on any of Jpop's games. Needs a forensic audit of the books or what has been suggested as expenditures. I'm still trying to figure out all the contractors owed money. I have had contractors totally screw up work for me, & I have still paid either some or all the amount billed.

#11901 4 years ago

Maybe the pin is going into hiding now, & won't make the show. Possibly a unpaid vendor could put a lien or repo order out & get it seized at the show. Got to pay your vendors!

#12581 4 years ago

Maybe there should be more video put up as the Magic Girl gets tested this week before the show. Only a small amount of people will get the chance to play it there.

#12842 4 years ago

Yes a big thanks to everyone who got it done. It will be nice to see a demo of what could be done.

#14016 4 years ago

I'm just drinking beer as usual. Seems like there is some good & bad things in Magic Girl sample. Too bad things had to be thrown together at the last minute. Only have one person to blame in all this million dollar fiasco.

#14784 4 years ago

He probably could sell it also before he goes to court. To pay some of his legal bills coming soon. Or it might return to his shop. Anything is possible at this time.

#15129 4 years ago

Wonder what Jpop is doing now. Waiting for all his trial dates. He probably still has a following of fans not in on his new pins. You would think he would sell what ever is left on Ebay for art, etc. Quickly to free up some more cash for his legal battles ahead, or to continue taking a salary.

1 year later
#20180 3 years ago

I'm glad I didn't get involved with the playfields. Don't know why you would seal them with a oil based product. Stay simple with production is my goal. Still using Varethane Waterbourne Gloss, uv inkjet, & finish with clear coats (auto) by a contractor.

4 months later
#21785 2 years ago
Quoted from metallik:

Sounds like Greatwich's Stargazer playfields... I wonder if the MG fields were made by him or by using the same process? I'm real happy with my SG playfield; for $500 it's extremely nice and I have no complaints at all. Using that process in a $10K game, however, would be bad news...

No I had nothing to do with MG playfields.

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