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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#79 5 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Who's programming?
That would be an update.

How about who is going to assemble all these fine pieces of $12K+ artwork? Not some ham-fisted, inexperienced volunteers I hope.

4 months later
#646 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Just saw your post, followed up with another one of mine on the blog!

Read yours and love it. Bravo.

#648 5 years ago
Quoted from ChrisVW:

Who is Jim? I have seen his posts on the blog many times and always love his bluntness.
Is that you gprotein?

No, I wish. But I'm just as disappointed as you all are. The white wood should have been shown at the expo at the very least.

1 month later
#1445 5 years ago

I too cancelled all my other preorders (except the ones that I'm stuck in), and refrain from preordering Alien which I'll definitely buy when it delivers. So sick of all these preorder bullshit, especially TBL is not limited anyway.

2 weeks later
#2208 5 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

I traded up Rare...

bd.jpg 26 KB

Just wait till she finds out how immature and annoying that you truely are.....

#2213 5 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

She's right next to me laughing at this. You guys really do take yourselves way too seriously.

Are you sure she is not laughing at you embarrassingly for picking a fight on a pinball forum... yet again.

3 weeks later
#2997 5 years ago
Quoted from retro_p:

Could someone summarize what exactly has transpired in the last few months, or years even? --It's a little tough to piece together from the thread, and I've been tossing around the idea of getting a RAZA spot for a while now.
What is the current official planned release date?

None, when it's done it's done according to Jpop.

Quoted from retro_p:

How many times has it been pushed back?

The game was due 4th quarter of 2013, but no mention of new release date since.

Quoted from retro_p:

Is the project in dire straits?

Yes, but it also depends on whom you ask.

Quoted from retro_p:

When/what was the last actual statement that anyone heard from Popadiuk himself?

12/30/2014. He has a dog named Pebbles which spends most days at his studio and sits under the games. But it gets him out for a walk or 2 though.

Quoted from retro_p:

Is there any indication that JPop has functional code on any of his prototypes?

MG, according to some who visited his studio, but it depends on what do you mean by "functional".

I answered all your questions to the best of my knowledge, and would you like to buy my spot?

#3176 5 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

He could have sold his other 3 games. Either way.... Hes not on trial, but you said it, he gambled and lost. Gamblers normally dont get much sympathy...

Don't judge, do you know him personally and his financial situation? The point is Jpop is in breach of the contract made 3-4 years ago and the guy wants his money back since there is no game. Do you care if he wants to burn the money once he get refunded.

2 months later
#5260 4 years ago
Quoted from jayhawkai:

If you'll recall, for an extra $1000 JPop or Ben Heck would deliver your unassembled game and help you assemble it.

Ben Heck? Hell Yeah!! JPop? No thanks.

#5451 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

F*ck Predator, don't care who makes it.
You guys can have it

How about Aliens vs Predator?

2 weeks later
#6458 4 years ago
Quoted from Join_The_Cirqus:

I hope everyone gets back their refunds.. uggg

The chances to get the game or refund are slim and none, respectively.

1 week later
#7063 4 years ago

Jpop just posted an email on RAZA blog:

I received an email from an owner this morning, “John call to action, a group (person) is gonna’ charge you with fraud and take you down”. He was nice enough to send along, told me to reply “fast”. In respect to the group, which I hold high, I thought I would repost to our blog only here as it is an honest reply at this time, and what appears on the outside is not always what is happening on the inside. Am working hard here everyday despite all the external pressure coming today and this is my best. Am surprised I have not dropped dead. I will keep doing new reports for game progress, new features, more pictures, flipping, etc. And keep on the website.

Again my apologies as I did not get into pinball now to make enemies by any stretch or become a felon, and am posting here so all can read my words sent just a bit ago. Was trying not to do the “mushy” posts anymore but just show real game progress. Jpop


Thanks for the email. As I mentioned before I have been battling the “pinside” group for months now (since the DP downfall began in public) and it has done the most damage to my work, apart from anything I have missed or do poorly as a business owner. In many cases people (many not owners) have severley damaged my business, reputation and exploding my customer base with their public statements, rants and “toxic” posts. Also been harrased by phone, computer, email, text or incited by posters online, which is a criminal offence today.

All of this sadly has taken away from pinball making time here, as there are only so many hours in the day ( I do still work 7 x14). i do post what I can to the blog and to people’s email. Still get 100+ per day. Obviously my door is always open, and I have refused only 1 person from a tour here ever.

We do have some “viable” negotiations still ongoing (all documented in emails and legally – not fluff) to partner and/or get more funding to keep the company strong and moving ahead. As the “pinside” wave has helped to cause many of my customers to stop support, except for a few and actually has halted some other investors or big orders coming in for new game sales for open games. I feel pinside and a lot of the posters (many in an NDA – many behind fake names) are all liable in some form. Obviously I cannot discuss openly any deals until it’s news, and choose not to bait people with false hopes. There are a few owners that know “all” and I trust them for feedback. Some I thought i could trust but was used. We recently had to “no-reply” to a awful pinball deal (in works for months and looked promissing) that came our way. My attorney and I were genuinely sad and dissapointed. Some of the discussions are now very amazing and all would benefit, but sadly nothing is fast or signed. Luckily since the beginning of the project we have a long trail of development to refer to as record, and the work is really far along and looks good. Been as open, honest, sincere as I can in this now “crowded” and “competitive” pinball world. But yes I am not done, and I “suck” at being on “internet time” for communication. Not new news, I have been told this and agree. My brain is just wired differently as an artist, and i am no social network maven.

Obviously there is nothing I can do to stop people from going after me legally or pressing charges at any time for anything in America, personally or in business. I have that same right to go after my critics or anyone. But certainly anything big would shutdown all work here immediately, as my time would be needed for legal items I am sure and to protect the work and pinball IP which is substantial. I probably could not afford either to hire lawyers needed. Never been sued or charged in the past “for anything”, lead a quiet (somewhat) peaceful career, so I have no experience at all, other than the attorneys make out fine financially and not all attorneys are to be “trusted” as I have learn firsthand.

Also was told, in person, a group of owners wants to force a close of my business, buy the assets at auction, and then resell or license to a larger group. My response was that if these “Wizards” have a positive deal ready, in writing, to now show the hand, tell the group (under NDA) and not wait. Could be a longterm “win-win”. My goal is to complete these pinball machines and of course listen to all ideas to move it along in a good fashion.

I have copied my advisor on this as well, as a “very good” friend and legal guru since day one. My goal was to make good pinball machines for people, the pinball community that have supported me with kudos and funds my whole career, but it has not been the journey as I thought. But ultimately I understand I am the guy at the top and accountable. I do not have all the “correct” answers today, I am very sorry but still 100% on it as I speak.

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