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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#8447 4 years ago

Has John ever posted to this post? A year old and seems like no real updates. ??
Or is this the skitb revisited. Sure seems like the same thing

#8451 4 years ago

Thanks chessiv I had been trying to start at the beginning and just did not see anything that seemed official from him. I was looking at the high score initials and such. Nothing seemed to make sense.
So a huge post always on fire! Just more curious lately I guess.
I will stay back on the sidelines now. I was never in the game to begin with.
Oh and is this the same guy that was promoting Alice in Wonderland??
Whatever happened to that story.?

1 week later
#10842 4 years ago

So really that game is going to be allowed at a show??

This is so TOXIC I would not allow it there but good luck with that. Hire some extra security.

I can easily imagine some stray steel balls being tossed at that game.

#10933 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Don't forget to bring the rug.

why were the levelers on lease?

#11150 4 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Seems like the right way to do this is for someone to:

yeah that would seem to be the correct, logical and legal way.
But there is no drama in that.

I have a feeling John is setting this Bill guy up for a nice ride. Theft of machine perhaps?

Makes zero sense someone else is going to be trying to display and represent the machine. It is not Bill's, is it? What company name is it going to be shown as???
To me it seems like he is rallying to end up with an even more rare 1 of 1 machine that will be worth some crazy amount to some crazy collector. Sorry all you RAZA guys.

So this machine will be taken to a show for what reason?? To get more orders??? I see Zero chance of that unless that person is a total fool and one hell of a rich gambler.

Having JPOP's name banished from all pinball history (i had already thought of that months ago). But looks like some of John's fans don't like that idea. I think this whole thing lowers the value of all titles he was involved with, knowing how much money he robbed. I know i have no love for those titles anymore. And i did like a couple. Those machines can now rot.

In the end... who would really enjoy playing this MG??? really, you would have to be... (fill in the blank).

Funny about rearranging chairs on the Titanic. I had almost started a new post yesterday of:
Stern's next release in honor of our hero. "Titanic"

This whole thing is like watching a daredevil skydiver that is chute-less trying to grab onto one of two parachutes. One filled with a pound of bricks and the other with a pound of feathers. Maybe if he glues the feathers on and flaps real hard he can survive.

The whole thing STINKS if you ask me..

I feel real bad if you took a gamble and really could not afford to but were somehow scammed into it.

Butt this whole Boutique pinball seems like a total craps game for the guy not afraid to loose large amounts of cash at the drop of a hat. you know the whale. the guy that throws down 10K rolls the dice walks away from the table, gets a drink and does it again.

Stern's next title release is really Moby Dick ?

#11233 4 years ago

So with a couple million dollars (questionably) gone.

Has anyone started any legal action?

I remember reading attorney general being notified and I am sure the IRS has been as well.

I am surprised. Nope never mind the site is down.

#11236 4 years ago

That is kind of funny. Coin taker comes up as selling RAZA like it is in the box ready to ship.
10500 just one click and add to basket. What a deal. You may need to modify your site.

#11322 4 years ago

Yeah yeah that's the ticket!

#11326 4 years ago

No it was obviously not being around the real talent

#11336 4 years ago

Dang you guys keep asking the questions that are not supposed to be asked. Sshhhhh....

I still think if taken to show there should be a cage around that game Like the Blues Brothers playing as the good ol boys!

#11373 4 years ago

I think I see deep root on the carpet! Nice choice.

#11518 4 years ago

THAT is the SPIRIT!! Nothing is over!! Lending a hand is pretty Fing cool in my book.

This short clip sums it up i think. GO GET IT DONE!!!

#11547 4 years ago
Quoted from YKpinballer:

Nobody claimed John has no money left. Zidware has no money left. John probably has lots.

Yes i can foresee Tax audit coming soon. Isn't that the way the system usually whacks the crook?

#11657 4 years ago

2:30-2:45 my favorite part. a little levity for you all.

#11677 4 years ago

Oh that kiss machine right. So how does one get funding for that?
Personal salary funds? Or was it was something to keep the company going? More business? So corporate funds?
No license so that is that just to show off his talents? Or made as a fan favorite?
That likely took some time effort and funds.
But that would not be considered mismanagement of funds??

#11842 4 years ago

Pintasia code name"Lucy"

#12251 4 years ago
Quoted from guyincognito:

Weird. I was about to post the exact same thing.

AND your tank is filled with what?? thumbtacs ??

I think a pay per view court trial would raise some money for sure.

Money raised to refund the scammed buyers, to build a pin not so much..

#12291 4 years ago
Quoted from Revo76:

This speaks for itself, lol

yea this thread went Plaid a long time ago! Give me some paw!!

#12924 4 years ago

I really have a hard time grasping the idea that anyone is really excited or cares about seeing this one prototype machine.
I guess it is part of the pinhead desease, see it drool, want it pay money.
So who is going to pay in more money? New orders that is funny.
Who is really going to want this title with the toxic aura around it.
Even if the game is descent.
If not made by Stern or JJP then how could such a small run ever work out?
This title really worth saving?? I don't get it.
I agree burn that pile. And work on getting your funds back.
I could see if the circumstances were different. If John came out clean showed his faults begged for more money to get the job done. But this new shady back door deal and you guy are going to invest more into it? Once again what are you doing??
Facebook scrubbed, zidware site scrubbed.
Remember the letter(s).
I can see wanting to see the dead body but to think it will be brought back from the dead is beyond me.
So every ball served you can remember oh holy John.
WTH?? I just don't get it.

#13913 4 years ago

So what is the verdict?

Moving forward ?
Or give it the burial by fire?

the guys at TNT know what to do with it. Roof toss!

#14903 4 years ago

So legal action is really the only avenue left.
How many "owners" are attempting to pursue this course of action. Would be nice to get a number of folks really involved.

Please upvote if you are and downvote if you are not.

BUT if you have no scratch in this please do not vote.
Just "owners"please.
Wow that term really bugs me. Owner.

#14939 4 years ago

If it were me. with the large amounts involved i think i would want to make absolutely sure that John has NOTHING. the million number kept being used. in reality it could easily be more like 3 million, and with not much to show for it. i guess i would really want legal folks to see the books and make sure it wasn't all arts and crafts time while most of the funds going into his 401K.

#14959 4 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Who knows for sure, but the fact that Skit-B avoided criminal charges with even stronger evidence of lying doesn't bode well for the chances of JPop facing jail time.

Yes that seemed pretty clear cut and dry. But who knows the law is funny that way.
It may be the way he advertized or sold or who knows. Tax fraud? He best have his books in order.

1 month later
#17117 4 years ago

Well I came back to this topic as the girls of Pinball was locked up. Now it looks like this one will be soon too. Sad.

I remember a TV qoute. Someone does you wrong don't put matters into your own hands, take em to court.

Was that judge wapner? Peoples court??

#17135 4 years ago

His site was down for a bit now seems to up again. No mention of costs or price. Kind of a useless site if ya ask me.
John's finger paint shoppe. Oh a foamy stuff.

wide format printers hold none
My brother just told me that as well I was kind of surprised.

#17136 4 years ago

Oops double post.

Well thanks jonnyo for the tune. Yes really good.

#17138 4 years ago

My feelings exactly. I was shocked that statement was made.

Maybe a party at the Nugent ranch and uncle Ted could blow that POS sky high.

I could maybe see it worth some big money to a company that would make it into an emulation app. And sell to several million people for a couple bucks. But the game rules and features are still unfinished, unclear and it really should just be buried.

2 weeks later
#17194 4 years ago

Sad story. I wish all that purchased this imaginary product the best in getting their hard earned cash back.

Remember Rambo's speech! Nothing is over you just don't turn it off!!

Sad to see updates on John's part. That means he is likely getting new (victims) to support his arts and crafts time.

One would think pushing the first game to the end would come first. Not updates to the third title.

#17197 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I'm sure there are still past pre order buyers of AIW still sending in payments to this guy, oblivious to what has happened!

Oh right yeah that makes perfect sense.

I think that is more evidence of scammer. Good job! Keep those updates coming.

#17210 4 years ago

PVA eats popadiuks for breakfast!! RIP

#17223 4 years ago

That is the spirit mr68! Moving on but also not letting him off the hook. Give this man a cigar.

1 week later
#17481 4 years ago
Quoted from BrianZ:

. But I think those that invested wanted to be part of something, especially with JP

God I wish people would stop using this word. They purchased not invested. They got scammed and are getting f'd.

Owners. Another joke word. But perfect word that makes others hearing into thinking you own something.

If I purchased, ordered a custom car and was told sorry can't give you your order. I would be getting my money back with interest or someone would be going to jail.

2 weeks later
#17583 4 years ago

Wow really wonder what kind of idiocy will spew forth. This should be great! Not sure if it is smart for Nate to even give this guy the time of day.

Just when the posts were dying down.
I foresee FIRE!!!!

#17596 4 years ago

Is it just like the rest of the site. A bunch of false advertising?

#17675 4 years ago

Okay so I listen to it out of curiosity and if you are a fan of John or a customer that got screwed I suggest you don't bother. You will be sickend.

To sum it up he is still delusional and continues to slowly plod along trying to complete said machines even though he is out of money has no money coming in and being sued. He is not one to give up.

It almost seemed to me a very poor attempt at an alopolgy and a cry for help. Both very weak and or pathetic.

I am sure any lawyer would have advised against doing what he did, but as usual he does things his way so. Wow, it is extremely depressing.

I have to disagree with a couple things. I do not think the Pinball community is that small. I do not think Saturday is the correct day either. My whole family is Roman Catholic hardcore and that saturday statement I have never heard who knew?????

And once again all the Pinball community all forums and all Resource like Nate's Podcast should be giving themselves a pat on the back for spreading the word and stopping this kind of insanity. Obviously many people got hurt and it is a shame but many more could have falling prey and then fooled as well.

Honestly the first time I even noticed John or his supposed pins was at the point of Alice in Wonderland how it got that far is beyond me.

I guess I will just have to keep praying something good comes out of this.

#17777 4 years ago

Hate to stir the pot but really have a felling that doing this interview is justifying himself as it will be OK to be at EXPO.

What ya think??

#17800 4 years ago

How many titles have come out from Stern since this J plop adventure started? Just watched the GoT on twitch. Yeah jpoop was mentioned!! Nothing nice.

#17808 4 years ago

Holy cow 14 different titles from Stern alone now. Thanks zentron I would have never thought that many.

2 weeks later
#18125 4 years ago

Wow !! I would not posse with that POS. If that is this year's picture. Doesn't speak well for others in photo. sHAME!!

Photographer as well. Shame!!

3 weeks later
#18351 4 years ago

Oh man talk about Art flaws notice the prosecutor's finger pointing right hand. Oh my!

3 weeks later
#18383 4 years ago

For some reason I thought of john and what the folks would have got if any real machines shipped and no two being alike.

Hope to hear good news soon!

1 week later
#18396 4 years ago

Oh you lost a few loonie there eh??

I would have blown my toque!

Next time you guys want to throw them toonies around I think we need to sit down with a Two-Four and some poutine first. Agreed!

Good day EH! From the states!!

#18400 4 years ago

Oh I have been following along long enough to know that. Your a kind, kind (delusional) man. Just being funny! The kind part I meant from the heart!

Would anyone have climbed aboard if they knew WCS was 10 years in the making and so many others actually doing the pushing to get things finished and out the door.

His own interview was such a sad mindblow!

Seeing as the topic in a lul. Was there something crazy custom about the PF glass. Can you elaborate. I never seen any of the machine(s) in person.

#18404 4 years ago

Oh thanks I was picturing a curved/bowed glass, half silvered or something more severe.

Yeah a reinvent the wheel aspect of everything just showed his passion to deliver to each person only the very best that the voices in his head said he could if someone put their mind to it.

Well it made sense to me!

3 weeks later
#18451 4 years ago

If Kevin's case was not deemed criminal I think John's does not have to worry much. F'd up....but really the laws and lawyers protect the crooks.

Kevin having no rights then out right lying about it and still takimg money.
John with a damn pyramid type scam knowing full well not one person would ever get a product.

Need a new years Lynch mob to fix things right. Both of em!

The whole mob just needs to make a NDA. No discussing anymore!

Happy new year all!

#18453 4 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Just disable his Van

Don't get it but what did whoms van ever do to you?

1 week later
#18475 4 years ago
Quoted from Tigger64:

- He's a designer

That term is about as useful as "shopped". To vague.

And he did not program, he did not do the art.
He redesigned a cabinet and not well I hear.

He did manage to convince lots of folks to part with money. So his title may need changing. I'll let the title renaming of this turd begin.

5 months later
#18939 3 years ago

No there is a guy in the market for these tainted machines and he likely pumped money John's way as well.

#18943 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballrockstar:

Is that a confirmed rumour?

No not confirmed!

Or is it??? reading between the lines and trying to imagine wtf people are thinking is hard.

I guess semi confirmed.

1 month later
#19051 3 years ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

Just curious, what was the "Mad Hatter Edition"?

It was a whatever you could imagine to make you part with your money. Much better than the Cheshire cat edition.

Oh my! I didn't think he actually received funds for that machine too.

Still blows my mind that he is not in a cell. He had to have broken all kinds of laws. So sad to keep seeing wreckage.

Kevin seems to be slowly getting his upcomings. John being let off the hook?

#19101 3 years ago

Well the guy that snapped picture of Kevin and posted i am sure did its job. yes we are still watching, yes we never forget. That type of non confrontational does wonders too. And was a very civilised polite thing if he wasn't burn by the guy.
Of course I probably would have at least got his attention first for a frontal shot. And if actually burned....well we can not post such things as it would NOT be civil.

#19206 3 years ago

So are you saying that I have been duped into thinking I have been drinking a good Australian beer. I always enjoyed Fosters and always pictured myself coming out of the water with my fresh catch of (some yummy big great reef) fish on my spear and ripping my dive mask off and grabbing the huge can comfortably with my still gloved hands.

Oh the dream ruined!!

And JPOP hope the IRS crawls up your bung hole.

1 week later
#19267 3 years ago

What prison issued that shiney chain gang ball?

What a colorful (train wreck) dresser.

1 week later
#19460 3 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

Ita quite possible American pinball knew little to nothing about johns history. Mike pacek (a huge player in pinball seeing how he runs expo) knew nothing about a million dollars disappearing. He assumed it was just a failed project.

Yes a total mindblow, he must have been real busy the last three years or so to have missed this.

Page Mike and make sure he sees this topic and should be aware that extra security will be needed.

As for me, if you fly me out and give me a room I'll work for free. Handing out flyers that reference this thread and warn folks that may also not be in the loop that if any money exchanges hands that you have been warned!!

Ok lets see some warning flyers!

2 weeks later
#20049 3 years ago

The whole thing screams scam. Should have called themselves Nigerian Pinball.

But people never learn.

4 months later
#20744 3 years ago

I can almost bet there will be a mysterious warehouse fire before anyone gets one.

Something isn't right and getting twenty or so folks off the lawsuits will that really help?

still a crook in my book.

#20858 3 years ago

Hearing that guy owning one is like extra Hershey squirts on this poop pie.

Wonder if he opens it up and takes it out of the box?

#20930 3 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

It means a magnet will stick to the metal parts

It's a electron magnet that when activated moves rails and deflector ring in a linear fashion to deflect the games sphere at an incredible speed of course. My guess is marketing words nothing more.

#21228 3 years ago

I have been boycotting even playing a jpop associated pin since his true nature came to light. If you think he has major talent, is a good designer, is just a bad businessman there is something wrong with ya that I just can't help. His pyramid scheme is working out just as they most do with the first few getting the pay off.

To the K douche that won't seem to go away. The love of pinball for the love of collecting keep telling yourself whatever makes you sleep better at night. Your in it for a fast buck nothing mire. You contradict yourself all the time. And yeah a liar is a liar which you sir are. Go play over on RGP....oh wait isn't that when you got scared of the real unmodded world and got life threats. Remember the smart ones on a modded site would never tell you they are coming.

I listened to your show for mostly a laugh you think your smart?? And teaching people life lessons??? Give me break dude your a punk with a bit of a mental problem. Go get help and go away. Your banned for a reason. I am sure the dup account ruling was only a polite and solid way to tell you to F off and find some other hobby to troll with.

No....really your entitled to free speech so whatever, I listen to a ton of the pinball casts but it doesn't mean they are worth listening to. Yours I'd give a solid B. ..........S

But I just gotta know will K open the box and take the hit. Will he set it up and have a switch issue and not be able to easily ask for help. Oh and what if it's an actual real problem will he just sell it as broken or send it or the boards to the zidware warranty Dept for repair.

Good thing I am only in this hobby to have fun and to help others in need.

Oh and my boycott of all jpop games is still on. I kinda wish I was filthy rich. I would buy up all of the MG and just TNT them off a roof and be done with this.

Sorry for the long post.

#21323 3 years ago

Did someone say 45k ?? Holy hell dream much. People that are rich are usually that way for a very good reason they are smart. This grail ART hype is just that. hYpe nothing more. With a great story. Nope it's a sad sad story.

Now if it was a functional pinball game or a functional liqueur cabinet, then maybe you could get something.

But if it costs an extra 50k to get some decent code done and make it into a real pin then you'll be losing money.

I look at it as a big losers throphy something I really would be ashamed of. And to have to look at it everyday as a reminder of a scammer and lots of hopes for something cool shattered. Nope I don't see it.

I can almost bet if it's as bad as reported there will only be MG bonfire party's this summer and nothing more. God I hope I get invited that would be the best party in a long time.

#21521 3 years ago

So art wise it looks nice, good job zombieyeti!

Build quality pf questionable, non coded barely flipping, ran out of purple LEDs for topper, missing topper hardware, no shooter lane ball launch groove, many features not working and features that the ball can't even get to??

Yup box of lights!

And Mr K got rid of TOTAN for that??

Maybe nothing works cause you did not install the tilt mechanism. ?? Or the owl is the Key and turning it will allow a two player game.

Thanks for the review Chris at least you didn't sugar coat it.

10K by Christmas

I can't really stomach looking at that machine long it sucks all pinball joy from me.

John I will give you a solid F as a game designer, we now know that was just your lucky title and you can't do much yourself.

So sorry for all buyers you got scammed and JPOOPed on.

Now play peoples court theme song and take him to court.

#21524 3 years ago

I was never good in English no matter how hard I try sorry. Is it uncoded?

#21633 3 years ago
Quoted from valgalder:

Good point. Even though he contradicts himself every 5 minutes, it is nice to see he isn’t sugar coating the flaws. I still don’t see how anyone could possibly would be happy with a half ass machine for that much high coin; yet he still says he doesn’t regret it.

Ever talk to someone that went to l Las Vegas nobody ever seams to lose or admit it anyway.

Ramp makeable but a capture ball not?

#21659 3 years ago

Caption for picture above looking under hood.

If I hook up the tilt mechanism could it really unlock the code? Maybe I should try it? Or wait til John calls me back I did leave a message?

#21664 3 years ago

His lawyer is!

#21673 3 years ago

I see coin door with mechs but no coin box can't even use it as a proper piggy bank.

#21709 3 years ago

I had never seen a MG before but now with K's vids and then seeing a NW video is there a whole bunch of stuff missing and or changed? That CV type ball, the spring head on far right side etc..

Oh that owl, I was looking at the flat plastic.

#21715 3 years ago

The evening has ended and you are no further ahead than the last time.

Only thing John got right.

#21721 3 years ago

Any owners gonna stream it soon??

Let's have a party!

#21813 3 years ago

So where did TOTAN go?

And what's the very loud alarm type sound?

Hope you do some inside, under side, show us the boardset the audits, the diagnostics ECT.. and get John on the horn at same time so he can explain why he sent a game out in such a state. It makes no sense to me.

Topper looks kinda funny with the sides lit up and the face or whatever all dark maybe just the camera.

Still think you lost out. I know I wouldn't ever want it, but seems like as long as it's pretty and resembles a pin you still have a chance. Good luck to you.

Can someone refresh me on RAZA and AIW totals? I am thinking it's more like 2mil that got squandered.

#22099 3 years ago

I can't wait til someone posts the video mode, with the large LCD screen it should be stunning. Non functional and or pointless but stunning.

I am wondering if anyone wants to help me with a magic lamp mod. I would like to steal John's idea and get rich too.

IMG_20170223_111955669 (resized).jpg

#22132 3 years ago

Well thanks Chris

I saw at least one dangling emtpy connector.

Perfect title for you. You can spend the rest of your days throwing monies at it to program and mod it to be your heart's content.

Oh and your real girl seems very nice just don't lose her on the way.

I'd be hurling in the bathroom though wishing my TOTAN was still around.

Lots of good info though that I am sure will help others out with legal actions.

#22189 3 years ago

In one of the other threads there is talk of the thumbs system. Well Levi last statement is really what I use it for.

Funny still laughing (agree or not)
I visited and have read (stay cool daddy o)
I couldn't have said it better myself ( totally agree)

I figure mods and well everyone read this thread so just a place to post my way to give others food for thought.

#22256 3 years ago

He should sell those folks 1000$ NVram. So they can sleep at night not having to worry about battery acid ruining their POS throphy game.

Highly prized, rare collectible, I don't even consider it a true pin. It's a delusional illusion at best. A large dust collector.

Marketing hype.

#22331 3 years ago

Oh that's the starting price no bids yet

#22333 3 years ago

I found post while looking for a Bernie Madoff self portrait and some Enron wallpaper to decorate my room.

#22336 3 years ago

Only if seller was in China

#22678 3 years ago

Hey cereal man don't believe everything you hear. A one way gate with switch. Good talk with VDOJAQ maybe if you do enough talks you can cure yourself of that narcissistic disorder.

IMG_20170301_032711827_HDR (resized).jpg

IMG_20170301_041848694 (resized).jpg

#22855 3 years ago

I will never understand the HYPE. Anyone that ownes one, no matter who, I look at as a loser. Its not a good story. It's just a toxic turd of a machine from a legend in his own mind that fucked up big time. Be proud to own, I don't think so. status symbol? NOT! Is it something to show off? Well I guess you could impress someone that doesn't know the story as you proudly say, look one of only blah blah in the world. And tell them other lies of the great jpop, but if you let them play it I bet they would say "I can see why this game is horrible". Proudly show off in your home? Really?? Its an illusion, a shell of a project at best. If you finish it really won't be jpops work it will be just everyone elses work.

Anyone on here knowing the story and yearning for one, I think is crazy. It's really NOT cool to own it, does nothing for me but make me ill.
To each his own I guess.
As a true pinball fan I will always be more impressed with a fully functional 100℅ working original machine and this is far from that. Magic Turd back yard burning party would be the only thing that would impress me.

If you own one, you are NOT a cool guy trust me.

1 week later
#23084 3 years ago

Lots of for sales from original buyers.

Lots of wanted ads too?

What gives??

Seller not willing to take a hit?
Buyers not falling for the HYPE that it's rare history and art piece so not willing to put out the big bucks?

IMO it's not a real pin and it will never have a good story, so what's the WANT all about?

I sure am curious on the thoughts of the folks putting up wanted ads.

#23138 3 years ago

Are you sure he has no RAZA or AIW ready to ship? OK boys search the place. Well?


I find it hard to believe people are not taking legal action for what they received. Or was there some papers to sign upon getting this abomination.

#23204 3 years ago

Well I don't think the guys have that large magnet above the whizzer. Lmfao

#23206 3 years ago

O-din. Now that's funny.

Where's the video that explains the impossible to hit target?

1 week later
#23240 3 years ago

Anyone got an extra ramp for our buddy? He seems to have played 700+ games and broke his ramp

I would assume that breakage that soon would be under warranty, but......t

1 week later
#23256 3 years ago

That game is crap and you can't fix stupid.

#23263 3 years ago

Oh the adjustment tweak section.
How priceless.

I didn't see the tweak for the levitation feature.

#23269 3 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

You can't make up shit this funny

He even names the gate. Good thing he isn't getting to technical keep it in layman's terms.


3 weeks later
#23422 2 years ago

Maybe Todd at TNT is purchasing for his next roof toss, and write it off marketing expense.

Other than that, folks bidding are just plain loco.

1 week later
#23452 2 years ago


What's new in the way of MG rules, support, tweaks. Lol etc.. His site under revamp again?

What a flake.

#23462 2 years ago

I don't see anything wrong with streaming this deposition! Put it under creative

#23467 2 years ago

Nice description!

#23495 2 years ago

John has one foot in the grave and one on a banana peel. He will do nothing to cause any waves with anyone.

Nobody is that stupid.

So how are depositions going?? Anything good to report??

1 month later
#23563 2 years ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

What would the flavor of a JPOP soda be?

dont know but i am sure it would be flat. grooveless even.

2 weeks later
#23636 2 years ago

VP dang that's impressive.

Wait husband and wife are both VP? OK now that makes sense she does the work he take the credit.

Ada boy johnny!!

2 months later
#23674 2 years ago

It's so weird that this morning I thought about the thread and wondered how far this topic slide away.... Well back on front page.

1 month later
#23715 2 years ago

Really? you like your broke ass POS. That's pretty funny!

Know a guy selling one if your interested.

#23751 2 years ago

It really is fitting that he owns one. no account and no groove!

Listening to his LE buyers/Stern dumb fuck podcast right now. Ada boy making more friends everyday.

3 weeks later
#23765 2 years ago

Wow what a load of crap. My favorite response. dr: The Plaintiffs chose to continue to pursue litigation rather than accept deeproot’s reasonable settlement terms.

Bury this clown already.

1 week later
#23786 2 years ago

Well our banned friend smartened up and got rid of his MG. I was shocked that he did admit to a loss. I was sure any sale of MG would be like most folks trips to Las Vegas are, you know everyone always wins.

I am guessing if he got anywhere near 10k he did OK.

I still wonder who would possibly want this title however.

Chime in buyer enquiring minds want to know.

4 months later
#24067 1 year ago
Quoted from unigroove:

is there a link to the official ruling of the court?

Better yet is there audio like the skit B guys where feeding us, I am hungry!!

Congrats on the judgment, now good luck with actually collecting it.

I hear that is a whole other hard nut to crack.

Although I learned how from a bunch of Italian guys, I hear they are the best at it.

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