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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#51 5 years ago

Jpop gave the backbox art away to a volunteer who helped him set up the KISS pinball machine at MGC and he posted them too. Jpop has posted lots of art from MG and RAZA on the zidware facebook page. I think the NDA was primarily to protect revelation of hardware specifics before the patents were complete, but it covers everything about the project.

1 month later
#189 5 years ago

Does anyone know what he is going to do for support once the machines are delivered? The lack of communication leads to concerns about support in the future.

2 months later
#285 5 years ago

Is there a livestream for any of the lectures?

#291 5 years ago

We need a liveblog of the speech like they do during the Apple releases.

#297 5 years ago

Why even bring the empty cabinets?

#336 5 years ago

Pinball news has a photo of the backglass.

#337 5 years ago

Interesting plastic circle bolted on the side of the cabinet.

#343 5 years ago

Were there two different sets of art on the cabs?

#402 5 years ago

Ice - are you saying mg is done?

#517 5 years ago

I was watching the live stream and for some reason it wasn't on during JPOPs presentation. Pinball news will have the audio in a few days.

#550 5 years ago

Was there a time when he was trying to build with b/w style parts? I thought his intention from the beginning was to design all new parts.

#599 5 years ago

PDx - looking forward to your post. I have not been able to visit and want to know how things are going.

#600 5 years ago

Ice - you seem to have john's ear. Can you convince him to give us a state of the zidware union on the blogs? I think it would help him keep customers in the short run and help him with future customers by easing some of the current doubts that are floating around.

#719 5 years ago
Quoted from Shrub_Light:

What others on here aren't realizing is RAZA was never a dedicated zombie pin. From day one, it was a nod towards 50's sci-fi "B" movies. It always was going to have aliens, zombies and hot chicks in the game.

This video from the Cointaker youtube page, which has an upload date of 2/19/12, show that it was to be B-movie based and not a gory zombie pin. It also briefly shows the art style at the end.

#775 5 years ago

Magic girl looks great!

#810 5 years ago

I think you have to give credit to John for the letter that was posted on the private blogs that he asked to have posted here. He acknowledged, as he has before on the private blogs, that there was much more to do than he realized and that it has taken much longer than he realized. He also acknowledged that he has made mistakes and that The Big Lebowski looked great.

At the time I sent him my initial two payments, I got in to RAZA a few months in, I had access to the RAZA blog and could e-mail John. Everyone realized that giving money to a brand new company for a pinball machine that existed only in very cool drawings took a significant amount of faith. We weighed the risk of failure vs. the upside of having a limited machine that is likely to be one of the best ever and chose to send the money.

Things are where they are at this point. John has admitted that he underestimated the task and I'm sure he did not contemplate that suppliers would not come through for a variety of reasons. John obviously does not have a huge staff or a PR department. I am sure that he was so involved with the cabinet build and proud of its quality that he had no idea he would be disappointing owners by not showing more. Now, he does know that. He also knows that he needs to respond with some sort of timetable beyond the estimates of people who have toured his facility.

When this all came to a head, he responded with an honest, public message explaining how things got to this point.

Lets all take a deep breath, give John a second to take in all that has happened and move forward with more communication on both sides.

I'm sure that John wants good relations with his buyers so that he will have more buyers in the future.
If some people are unwilling to accept the explanation for the delays, then I'm sure he will find some way to satisfy them.

#812 5 years ago

Tiger - wasn't meant to respond to you at all. Just to respond generally to some of the speculation going on and insistence on immediate answers and offer one owner's perspective.

I think litigation in this case would be a waste of everyone's time. I know it is not a case that I would take on a contingency. Your explanation of the LLC and John's salary issue is right on.

#841 5 years ago

John posted this on facebook today:

a new term I learned.....""The Lebowski Effect" - the outcome of showing a new game concept, exactly and early on it's it's entirety to the masses to create surprise, comradery and extreme happiness"

I think he gets it.

#846 5 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

So he's basically saying he hiding it from u longer and waiting till its done to show u... Am I wrong or is that the interpretation? How is that good for u guys

I took it to mean that he saw how well the Lebowski reveal, with bare bones code, was received and realizes that he should show more sooner. I guess we will see.

3 weeks later
#1139 5 years ago

There is a thread that Nemo has shipped or has a shipping date within a month.

#1151 5 years ago


Jpop posted this link on facebook. An interview in three questions with jpop. In one of the questions, the interviewer says you have magic girl to be released in 2015 and retro zombie to be released in 2016.

#1158 5 years ago

It is frustrating to see these release dates given to an interviewer and the casual mention of an additional project without any of this info going to owners.

#1192 5 years ago

The saddest thing about all this, is I'm so over it. There is no fun left. The arrival of my game will be "it's about goddam time".

This how I feel now too. When I got in, I thought that I was taking a risk so that a machine that would not otherwise exist would end up existing. Hopefully that machine would be followed by many more from the company I helped get off of the ground. Now I am in and don't have the option of getting out.

Given the lack of communication, I have no confidence that there will be good support for a machine for which I can not buy off the shelf parts.

The reveal of a flipping whitewood prototype of the machine that has to be made before the one I am waiting for is unlikely to re-kindle my excitement in this project.

#1243 5 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Here's an email I sent on October 21 and I did not get a reply
I applaud your efforts and love your games. I have $ 6500.00 invested in RAZA and would like to request a refund. I signed a contract, but I signed a contract with the intent to purchase based on scheduled production dates. The lack of progress and the waiting on RAZA, I believe is a breach of contract on your end. Therefore, I would like to go about this in a civil manner and request a full refund and to absolve this contract.
I will also go on and say that I think you are an amazing designer and this really saddens me to cancel after about two years of waiting. I do not see any end date in sight and I cannot continue to wait on good faith. My alternative would be to get a group of owners together and file a formal suit. I in no way want to take this action and am hoping this can be handled between the three parties currently involved. I also assume you do not want that headache as I wish to avoid any and all attorney's, when possible.
Let's call all of this what it really is. There is an apparent lack of focus in getting any of these games complete and ready for final production. I was holding out, hoping a full working version of Magic Girl would be finished for Expo. I also know that in two years time you have collected $ 812,500.00 from the RAZA group and know you have expenses, which may involve rent and purchasing equipment to build the games. My fear is that half or more of this money may be gone and that you may never produce these games. I fear that the lack of progress is going to stop any new capital coming in and that it may be only a matter of time before your current capital is gone. I'm very worried you are on the edge of bankruptcy and would suggest you take action and restore people's faith in your company.
I would suggest posting pictures to the public and putting out a realistic completion dates.
Please let me know how we can proceed.

So what is your next move?

#1246 5 years ago

The continued failure to respond concerns me. How is he going to handle a situation like JJPs board failure issue which lead to them sending out re-designed boards at their cost?

#1315 5 years ago

Multi - did you talk with John at all about the frustrations we have as owners, the timetable or the maker to pinball he discussed in the NYC interview. Interested to see how he feels in response to the owner pressure and mounting frustration. Thanks for your post. The fact that there is a flippable machine makes me feel much better about staying in on RAZA.

1 week later
#1483 5 years ago

Thanks for the heads up concrete. I had stopped checking because I thought it was going to be dark until the reveal.

#1565 5 years ago

I'm with frolic. I keep hearing about the promised reveal, but raza people haven't been told a date. I hope it will be shared with us too.

#1598 5 years ago

Has anyone talked to john recently? I called once and he promptly returned my call. I haven't called back because I don't think our conversation would be positive at this point.

#1609 5 years ago

Sounds like the letter explains to you how jammed up you are. Has anyone else received one of these letters?

#1612 5 years ago

I had heard of people sending in money for AIW, but I didn't realize that it was far enough along to have a development blog. I asked John three times to send me the AIW package so I could review it, but I never received it.

#1622 5 years ago

Kiss pinball, Raza, AIW, MG, Makerbot - are there any other Zidware titles in progress with reveal dates over the next couple of months that I haven't included?

#1638 5 years ago

I don't think he changed the theme on us. He made it clear it was a camp 50-60s type zombie theme and this video mentions aliens and ray guns.

#1758 5 years ago

Where is the reveal date coming from and when is it?

#1759 5 years ago

Looking around John's many websites and came across another project taking time away from projects for which he has been paid. This has been shown to owners of RAZA, but I did not realize that it was going to be a separate product/project.


Maybe this is what he meant when he referred to the Makerbot pinball in the NYU interview.

#1788 5 years ago


I don't think this photo has been shared but it is on the mailchimp sign up page on the pinball inventor web page.

Trying to navigate the many dead ends and dead links and unfinished pages of the website seems indicative of johns scattershot, poorly organized approach to making things.

#1798 5 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Question for you guys with a horse in the race. If a full game isn't revealed what's your next move? I'm sure John knows the pressure, but would you back out at this point? Hold on?

This will be the interesting point in the future. Right now, john has half of the money for the Raza machines. Given the delays and cost increases that have resulted from the delays, at some point he will either need to pre-sell a fourth or fifth machine or he will need the other $500,000 from the Raza buyers. I can't imagine that many raza buyers are willing to sink in the other $5,000 at this point. Based on posts from two of his vendors, he currently can not pay his bills so I doubt he can afford to pay the bom to produce each machine. Even if he got outside funding, he would have to clear up his debts to and relationships with his vendors.

I already consider my first $5,000 basically lost and I am not going to give him any more. He will either just not produce my machine or he will need to find another buyer. His silence in the face of the questions being posed has eroded my confidence and the confidence of other potential buyers. His bad business practices have cost him many of the 130 loyal raza customers and have likely scared off many others who were considering getting in on a machine in the future.

Will he eventually be stuck with a RAZA that only sells 25 units because no one will send him the rest of the money? He would serve himself well to go above and beyond to provide service to the people who put him into business in the first place. Instead, he has created a loss of confidence that becomes like a bank run. No one is going to deposit more money with him and he will eventually be stuck without some outside financing.

The people I feel bad for are the guys making wooly. They have acted responsibly by setting the price high enough that they can afford to make the machine. They have partnered with spooky which actually produces working machines. They also said they will not produce unless the market will support them selling 100 machines. Unfortunately, their responsible approach has likely stalled given the recent problems with the other boutique pinball companies.

#1853 5 years ago

Anything on the mg blog guys?

#1866 5 years ago
Quoted from GLModular:

I have not been there in over a year.
If there were truly a manager in place, I would have expected that they would have contacted me by now to do a "knowledge transfer" on the various parts and assemblies they have in their possession. To date there has not been a "knowledge transfer".
Might want to stop and consider what that means, even if the games do get built and shipped...

Gl - are you saying they will not be able to provide support or replacements for the parts involved in the knowledge transfer? Or is this a reference to a licensing issue?

Any word from the mg blog?

#1877 5 years ago

I never got one of those. I sent four emails about it and called a few times and was told it was in the mail. Now, I am happy I didn't get it.

#2010 5 years ago

How did Cointaker ask people to meet the payment timeline when the production timeline was out the window?

#2033 5 years ago

From the sneak peak page on zidware.com - some of these were posted on the raza blog and I thought they were confidential.


#2034 5 years ago

John just posted a photo on facebook of a person working in his shop with this statement - assembling from an assembly drawing...imagine that... (I had my cup on)...thanks JG

Is this supposed to be a response to concerns that nothing is actually being built?


#2038 5 years ago

The reveal is here - if you enlarge this image enough you can see the reflection of the MG playfield in the ball


#2143 5 years ago

He isn't going to enforce the NDA. John has said he is keeping things close to the vest based on his claim that people who have access to the blog are leaking the information to his competition.

He didn't enforce it against them and I don't think he will against anyone else either.

#2279 5 years ago

The contract prevents him for delivering a zizzle. The contract describes the type of machine being sold as a full size pinball.

#2334 5 years ago

I wonder how much John paid that guy to design the KISS machine.

#2338 5 years ago
Quoted from GLModular:

Okay, time to "reveal" some more concerns that you should raise. Particularly those buyers who are NOT in the US....
Four little letters...

Is he using materials that aren't RoHS compliant?

#2344 5 years ago

I don't think a flipper flips or a ball is seen rolling on any of the games in the video. John's fear of being copied must have disappeared once Adobe said they wanted to make a slick video in his shop.
Why wouldn't he announce this on the private blog? How can John claim the ability to enforce an NDA when he violates it when it suits him?

1 week later
#2846 5 years ago

To avoid lying to us, he just doesn't talk to us.

1 week later
#3030 5 years ago

The NDA precludes me from describing said canine or even confirming the existence of a photograph of a dog in a car on a website that does not exist.

#3265 5 years ago
Quoted from StevenP:

This thread is pretty brutal. All I can say (after skimming some posts, NOT reading thru everything!) is to hold onto your hats for a very short while. Yes, John and his colleagues have been doing a LOT behind the scenes. Yes, he does spend most of his waking hours laboring at this pinball stuff, and progressing on everything from parts designs and orders to artwork to designing cool layouts and toys, to, well, making great pinball.
And, I have it on good word that a lot of this will be made public soon, and it will be awesome. JPOP is realizing there's no strong reason to keep things under tight wraps at this stage, and the negativity here is discouraging. So, hold onto your hats a bit longer--you may be happy you did. Games are closer to being done than many folks think. And, they'll be done right. (OK, there's always a possibility that software updates may carry on for a bit, but... )

I keep thinking that this is right and I hope it will be. The problem for me is that this sticking the head in the sand reaction when there is trouble gives me no confidence in JPOP supporting the machines in the future.

#3267 5 years ago

So why aren't we, the owners, privy to this same information that you have StevenP? It seems like a reasonable request on our part.

#3305 5 years ago

I am surprised that people are assuming that John showing a prototype will lead to production timetables. He has not shown any willingness to call anything the final version which leads me to believe that whatever is revealed will be revised prior to the beginning of production.

#3317 5 years ago
Quoted from SilverUnicorn:

This is EXACTLY what I tried to convey to him the other day. Not sure if it worked though.

What does he say when you talk with him? Is it just the usual I work 24 hours per day? Does he comprehend at all that he has taken 120 of his most loyal supporters and made many of them feel like suckers? I assume that his hope is that the eventual fantastic reveal will make everything better.

#3325 5 years ago

Has anyone who has requested a refund had any communication with John beyond the letter he sends you to sign?

#3334 5 years ago

The odd thing to me is that he can't figure out how to communicate to us when we have a "secure" website that is protected by an NDA. Post to the website! Address the concerns of your customers.
The idea of an Adobe video makes me think he is so stuck on his grandiosity that he doesn't actually want to communicate with those who would stifle his creativity with silly things like deadlines and production schedules.

Three and four years ago, he had enough goodwill that a website and an idea were enough to convince pinheads to send him hundreds of thousands of dollars in a matter of days. The idea that he now doesn't know how to talk to us, or more likely doesn't want to communicate with us, shows how little he appreciates the opportunity that we gave him. John's lack of communication is likely ruining whatever goodwill is remaining.

Obviously, I am a big fan of his games and what was proposed for RAZA because I sent him thousands of dollars based on his word. Luckily, I knew the money was a gamble and I will be fine if it is lost. It sure doesn't feel good being out in the cold hearing things second hand from people who seem to be able to communicate with him at length. I don't post much here and I don't like to dwell on the negative and I know it is just pinball, but the way John is handling this is incredibly disappointing and aggravating.

#3457 5 years ago

The warranty is only for one year and voiding the warranty just means that you would have pay for replacement parts. He never said he was designing games to be used on route. I have a feeling that you would be able to get a waiver to take it to a show or two since it would be good advertising for him. If you don't care about the warranty or can wait a year, it doesn't have any impact.

#3468 5 years ago

Do the prototype games in the videos have cut outs for coin mechs?

Edit - they do

3 weeks later
#3962 4 years ago

With the cut out in the plastic, I wonder if there is a ball resting against the newton ball that goes up to hit a target under the plastic. I know people don't like all the purple, but I think the colors look great and the lit up plastics look great.

2 weeks later
#4146 4 years ago

Not a rug reveal but it is a partially populated RAZA playfield from the Facebook page.

#4247 4 years ago

I can't seem to find it now in this huge thread, but wasn't there a post from a person who had visited months ago who said he played a flipping playfield that interacted with the lcd screen?

#4333 4 years ago

Ice - what did he say about the reveals?

#4512 4 years ago

Since he does mostly IP work and not litigation, I don't think he is worried about being conflicted out of future litigation.

#4698 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

The question I would raise is if John hasn't decided on a board set yet, how much is that going to affect the schedule?
At the risk of scaring people, programming a game is even harder than building one (look at Stern)

The Fast guys are willing to help do the programming and they claim to be able to do so pretty quickly. I think you have hit on the worst news of all of this which is that the code must be pretty far behind. Based on the playfield shots he has released, there are lots of things to shoot for and do in the game and I think john probably has the rules pretty straight in his head. Making those rules work in a machine is probably going to take a long time.

The reason I am optimistic about the FAST involvement is that they appewr to be a pre-made hardware/software solution to support john and they can also do hardware support going forward which reduces John's workload and support load.

#4834 4 years ago

With the significant amount of money raised, I don't understand why people are being asked to work for free. Working for credit against an upcoming macbine makes sense as trade, but asking people to work for free for a for profit company doesn't make sense.

#4876 4 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Next time someone is at Popaduik's place, just get him to box up one of the three MG prototype playfields and send it out west. That's all he needs to do. Then the MPF/Fast guys can handle the rest.
Iceman, do you think you could get him agree to do that?

The FAST guys have requested that he do this and JPOP has refused. I think the best we can hope for is that John would travel to the FAST guys with the playfield and have them work on it while he is there.

1 week later
#5046 4 years ago

So here we are with no option but to wait. He has our money. A lawsuit will just take time and money and the judgment will not be worth anything because the money is gone or he will just be forced into bankruptcy which will take even longer.

I have priced flights and looked into filing and suing him myself, but I didn't want to start a run on the bank and I really would like to see these games exist one day. The devil on my shoulder says lets start the bank run force the bankruptcy, if needed, and prevent him from wasting any more money on prototypes and salaries and rent and return it to us even at $.30 on the dollar.

No wonder he doesn't answer the phone, he has no answers. I hope we are all wrong and he is playing the long game. I think he believes that the reveal of awesome machines will settle us all down and save his hide in terms of anyone ever paying him a dime or investing with him in the future, but it seems less and less likely.

To save you hitting the address, the RAZA reveal blog still says Ride Soon!

#5055 4 years ago
Quoted from ChadH:

Can we get an update on the status of FAST and their efforts with John?

I don't think the FAST thing is going to happen.

#5061 4 years ago
Quoted from GLModular:

At one point, Zidware was buying production quantity parts for both MG and RAZA. That's about the point in time where the trouble started.

How long ago was that?

#5088 4 years ago
Quoted from Shrub_Light:

Exactly! So with his experience he should, should mind you, know what he needed to get outsourced, hire people to do for him, etc.
Also according to what he has told us, he does have a manufacturing game plan. It's just nobody added in the nutball factor and the probable cash burn.

This is why I bet on Zidware. I didn't know about John's bad reputation, if it was bad back then, and I figured he would know better than most how much is involved in making a pinball machine.

#5475 4 years ago

He also mentioned a Makerbot pin in an interview.

#5493 4 years ago

The playfield still has Robbie the Robot and probably the Godzilla monster. The next target for anonymous? I think the discussion in this thread lead to the alien being changed to look less like the aliens in Attack From Mars, so I don't understand the continued inclusion of Robby The Robot.

#5514 4 years ago

John and Fast are not going to work together.

#5573 4 years ago

The reality is that the only way to "force" John to do anything is to take him to Court. The best case result of taking him to Court is that he runs through some money in attorney's fees and the owners who sue get a judgment against him.

If he has his corporation set up properly and he has used it properly (which could be a big if) and the corporate veil cannot be pierced, the assets of Zidware will be used to satisfy the judgment whether through bankruptcy or collection actions.

If Zidware doesn't have the money and the corporate veil can be pierced, then the owners can go after John's personal property to satisfy the judgment.

Given that this Zidware situation comes down to a lack of direction, a lack of business acumen and bad communication as opposed to fraud, I don't want to sue John and Zidware. I have contemplated it and I just don't want to deal with it. I knew it was a risky proposition to send him checks and I took the risk. I saw the serious warning signs and decided I would stay in anyway.

I think litigation would cause a run on the bank and extinguish the small hope that remains that we will someday see the pinball machines we want.

At this point nothing short of legal action will force John's hand and I don't see it in the cards so we have to wait and hope that John will realize what he needs to do to turn things around.

If there is a group of owners who want to band together and sue John, I am not aware of them. I also was unaware of the anonymous group and many, many other things in life so they could be out there somewhere organizing as we speak.

The owners will gain leverage when John gets to the point that he needs the remainder of the installments to produce the games, but that seems a long way away at this point.

#5689 4 years ago

Assuming we have production, will we end up with the first boutique giving us hardware while we are posting here twelve months from now asking when the software will be complete? At this point it would be a good problem to have because it would mean that there was at least production.

#5784 4 years ago

As much as he says he follows the bally/williams way, he isnt. He said in an interview that at bally/williams, they made whitewoods and the ones that flipped the best then were sent for a theme and art package.

#5895 4 years ago

RAZA blog now has a few short videos of LCD animations, some sound files and some more artwork.

#5902 4 years ago

The slower pace of posts and decreased vitriol appears to show we have reached the final stage of grief over the loss of our money and faith in Zidware - acceptance.

#5944 4 years ago

I'm pretty sure the day one thing is an April fools prank.

#5946 4 years ago

I did look at it. I listened to the announcement on spooky podcast. It sounded very tongue in cheek and like they had to stop and edit when Charlie started laughing too much but who knows?

#5949 4 years ago

I will add this to the long list of times I've been wrong.

#6025 4 years ago

Since John hasn't returned my last three emails over the past two weeks, can you give us some detail about the encouraging dialogue?

#6089 4 years ago

At this risk of seeming idealistic at the thought that mg might be played one day by pinball players, does anyone else not like the idea of the ball being covered by those rabbits in the inlane just before it gets to the flippers? Seems like an odd design choice.

#6252 4 years ago

I can't believe he also has been working on EM machines. All the art packages and no pinball. Geez. How can he spend the money meant to build the pre-oredered machines on all these vaporware projects?

1 week later
#7038 4 years ago

Lack of business acumen does not equal criminal intent. A call to the police about john would be answered - take it to civil court this is a contract dispute not a criminal case.

1 week later
#7686 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

You can't refund money that doesn't exist.
John's gambit was take pre-orders, make a bunch of pretty art and patents, and get bought out/hired before he actually had to produce anything.
Didn't work. And now any investor has to deal with 500-600k of unfunded liabilities (building games owed) on top of however much labor it would take to actually finish them.

I saw this and figured it was just one of us speculating without much basis. When I saw it was Ben, it was pretty disappointing to think that was johns actual plan.

#7918 4 years ago

I think there was a belief that Mustang would generate lots of sales to guys who didn't have a pinball machine, but would want to add a Mustang themed machine to their garage/shop. I am pretty sure Mustang was not a strong seller, but that could also have to do with the fact that pinheads didn't take to it very well.

#8193 4 years ago

You know a thread is hot when there are four new posts when you finish reading the last 25 posts.

#8610 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

To be fair, there were people who wanted a RAZA game without me in it, and I have no issue with that. It was always kind of weird to be honest.
Thing is, you don't use me for my likeness or name (there are much better looking people in the world) unless the game is actually about what I do, in which case that's a horrible theme (see also Experts of Dangerous)
You use me for my ability to prototype and get things done. That's the real loss for John. Maybe his plan was to get me to do that for free because he put me in a game? I don't know. I'm pretty selfish but my egotism doesn't work that way (John doesn't know me well enough to know that)
John said I had to choose between him and Chuck. Well Spooky gives me royalties off shipping games every month, while whoever buys out Zidware's assets might releast RAZA by 2020.
Think I made the right choice.

This is an interesting point. I bought into RAZA about six months in when a few spots came open. At the time, I had watched videos of John and Ben working in John's shop. I remember thinking at the time that Ben had made tons of cool stuff in the past and that he would be able to see this through. I should have realized that it would not get done without Ben, but it is easy to figure that now. Clearly, Ben made a great choice. I played AMH for the second time at Allentown and it is fast and fun.

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That letter sure is taking a long time to complete.

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New video on the pinball inventor facebook page showing that they have to have custom glass because the regular glass is about three inches too short for his new cabinets. At the end of the video, he says they will put the final playfield in the cabinet before going out west. Anyone know what that means? Anyone know why I have to try to solve riddles to know what the hell is going on with John and Zidware?

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From the MG blog

Last thing we are doing for the cabinet. Had to hold this important part to the last and i got lucky in many ways, we were not sure on the fit and new angle missing the ball shooter. Thank God it works.

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Does anyone else wonder if those speakers are going to make the back glass rattle?

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There was a question on facebook about who was doing the playfields which john turned into who is doing the cabinets.

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Has been interpreted to mean a show near Seattle in June.

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Seeing the rabbits continuing to block the view of the ball in the inlanes makes me wonder about whether john can play pinball or knows what pinballers want in a game. I remember back in the good old days when Ben and Charlie and Jpop all got along. There was a spooky podcast in which the three of them were playing Tom. One of the players was gorilla flipping like it was going out of style. I'm guessing it wasn't ben or Charlie. I know a great engineer can make a race car and not be able to race, but they rely on feedback from the racers and I'm not sure john has opened himself to any pinhead feedback. As soon as I saw these Ramps I thought, glad I'm in on RAZA because that looks slow.

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Quoted from iceman44:

There IS an investor. One we are very lucky to have.
I'll let him reveal himself. He's doing it for love of pinball. Who else is gonna jump into this shitstorm?
Option A. Don't agree to this. Sue John personally. Zidware is broke. Good luck with that
Option B. Agree to this and you get a pinball machine. Investor is risking over 1 million bucks
We all knew there would be more MGs to make the numbers work
You get John OUT of the $$$ part. What more do you want?

Ice - how is the investor risking over $1,000,000?

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Quoted from iceman44:

There IS an investor. One we are very lucky to have.
I'll let him reveal himself. He's doing it for love of pinball. Who else is gonna jump into this shitstorm?
Option A. Don't agree to this. Sue John personally. Zidware is broke. Good luck with that
Option B. Agree to this and you get a pinball machine. Investor is risking over 1 million bucks
We all knew there would be more MGs to make the numbers work
You get John OUT of the $$$ part. What more do you want?

Ice - you are a lawyer - would you ever advise a client to sign an agreement to purchase something from an unknown entity at an unknown price to be delivered at an unknown time that puts no duty on the unknown entity and absolves the responsible party from all liability?

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Quoted from iceman44:

You guys don't have the benefit of knowing who is behind it yet and the details which I hope he discloses
As a lawyer, I would tell my client NOT to pay me to sue a bankrupt company with the hope that John himself can be held personally liable AND that he isn't judgment proof
Whether you go forward or not, I would want more details

Ice - you ducked the question and said you hope more info comes out. You have to admit that, without your insider information, you could not advise a client to sign what has been presented.

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Quoted from ChrisVW:

I still don't see why walking away would be a better option than just checking the box that says you'll buy RAZA or AIW when it's ready at 1. You can always walk away later.

Walking away is the only option that makes this an actual negotiation. By saying no to a deal which has too short a deadline and is without any details, the buyers would be rejecting an offer while some continue to pursue litigation which keeps the pressure on those involved to make a second offer.

At that point, a second offer can be made with new terms such as: (1) the identity of the person making the offer; (2) the terms of the agreement between the licensee and the licensor; and (3) actual physical inspection and play testing of the prototype at a public pinball festival.

In my experience, almost all first offers are rejected. Deals still get made.

Come back to us with your signature on the e-mail, no contact from John and a bunch of videos and posts from the guys who were blown away by the prototype. I think the reaction to that offer will be much different.

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The problem with the failed launch is that the ghost has already lost credibility. To get an email from John at 1:30 A.M. in which he is seemingly excited to present me the opportunity to enter into an agreement with a phantom makes me wonder about the acumen of the phantom. Did anyone think we wanted to hear from John about a mystery savior?

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Todd Tuckey

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It has probably already been said, but the litigation will stop when john files bankruptcy and we will all become creditors. He isn't going to let anyone get a judgment without filing bankruptcy first so it feels like the litigation expenses are throwing good money after bad. The only thing it will do is force the bankruptcy, but without a judgment you won't have any priority over every other buyer.

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Quoted from iceman44:

You can't get his house, his Iras or any other protected asset.
I wish you well, I'm afraid it's just going to bring more misery for you and lost money, but I get wanting to rip him apart

Given that john didn't even keep a list of depositors and amounts of deposits, it is unlikely that he followed the remaining corporate formalities. This could make it possible to pierce the corporate veil and reach his assets.

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Did anyone else email the info email address?

I did and here is what I received.

Hi john we will get to the bottom of what is in and what isn't. You have to understand he is not a business man and the books are a mess. If you go to 16k MG limited like the others who have already paid that price you do get dollar for dollar. If you choose to wait for what you invested in you also get dollar for dollar. If those who are squeamish want out sooner than later then there is no way to offer dollar for dollar on the 10 to 12k Mg ‎. We are in the same boat as you and all we are trying to do is get machines in everyone who ordered ones hands and credit as much money towards them as humany possible with out putting in more 100ks of thousands of dollars. If sales go well and we open up MG claasic then perhaps we can lower that price to 10k instead of 12k and there by getting you closer to the dollar for dollar. I hope this helps. Don't hesitate to ask more questions. Cheers.

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Why don't know you how much I deposited on Raza?

Why should my desposit be reduced by 50%?

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On May 22, 2015, at 1:20 AM, Magic Girl Info <magicgirl.raza.aiw@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Chris,

I am excited to present to you the following attachments which will explain to you where we stand now and where we are going in the future.

I apologize for the late timing of these however once you read them you will understand why it was best to get everything finalized before they were presented to you. I appreciate everyone who believed in me and I hope together we can finally bring the magic to life.

Best Personal Regards,

John Popadiuk

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Can I settle for the KISS prototype?

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Quoted from applejuice:

For the current setup on mg (when i exited the project) there was plenty of code written, for things like:
• base game play
• ball save
• bonus
• skillshot
• jets
• upper lanes
• up post
• magic letters
• lion saw
• newton ball
• owl target
• potion letters
• magic shop/scoop
• loops
• center spinner
• center lock
• centre targets
• spiral ramp
• wand ramps
• lock
• multiball
• jackpots
• quick multiball
• telsa subway
• mini magnet playfield
• jinx motor
• attract
• service mode with tests, audits, settings, coin door open
All the above had sounds, animation, graphics and rules
I have plenty of videos of things as they stood when i exited these projects. I would like to know how vendors and contractors will be reimbursed for their losses and why i have been repeatedly ignored for over a year. I say again that to soak up over 3 months of non payment for a small company like myself almost finished me. I have remained professional throughout this and not listed the sum involved and given Zidware plenty of chance to sort out their mess.
I can't believe that refunds are not being offered to customers who want out. Disgraceful.

The idea that this man's unpaid work will be displayed in the form of a prototype is reason enough not to sign the agreement. I am very happy to see Cointaker and Zombie feeling much better about things. Now I need to hear from GLM and the programmer.

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Quoted from applejuice:

No letter, email, or correspondence so far received here. I do want these projects to succeed, hence myself continuing to develop the systems for as long as I could and selling my own games to keep myself going, before having to say enough is enough.
All I am looking for is for my contract agreements and unpaid invoices to be settled in full. If this can happen I am more than happy to provide any handover assistance I can in terms of what code is written, what isn't, the hardware, the os, the graphics engine etc etc so any new team can get going asap.

Pintasia - call applejuice and let us know he is is being paid.

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From pinstasia - We totally understand that it is of utmost importance to confirm the manufacturer. If you have read our correspondence, you will see that we are making this a priority. Nobody needs to make ANY decisions until we firm that up. We are not asking anybody for money prior to this being done.

Are you going to ask for money once the manufacturer has been announced? When are you going to ask for money from the RAZA owners who provided the money that kept the development of MG going?

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I would like to know the terms of the license agreement.

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Quoted from frolic:

Ok, I spoke with Bill. We had a good chat. I am not agreeing to anything, or signing anything. I will weigh all options. John still owes me my money or a machine and I will take whatever action I feel about it.
Having said that... I told him we NEED John publicly shamed. If he doesn't want us to sue to destroy him, out of pure spite, which is what I'm feeling, then this is what I want:
John should NOT be allowed to stand beside Magic Girl at this NW show. He should not be given an hour to talk about. He should be denied his "lebowski" moment.
I want my "pound of flesh" and I know this will hurt John in the best way possible. He gets zero time standing there hearing people oooh and awww over the game.
He has lost that privilege. He's freaking lucky he's being spared the shame of bankruptcy by Bill's deal (if it works out).
Bill seems to think he needs John to demo the game and talk about it. I think that can be done by many capable people. And if the game can't be demoed properly without an "expert" standing there, then the game is probably in big trouble anyways.
I feel very strongly that if I see John standing beside that machine will set me over the edge. There needs to be a bit of theater demonstrating in a very visible way that John has lost his baby and is paying penance for his years of lies and deceit.

The idea that john will have an hour to take his victory lap and show off the machine that he made in this way is offensive. Aside from that, an hour at a pinball show would be much better spent with bill introducing his team and explaining to potential buyers how he is going to complete this project. An hour of john bragging about his inventiveness, genius and insistence on the highest quality is a waste of time. At most, john should be introduced as the design consultant member of the team.

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Quoted from sturner:

If part of the agreement states you can't sue John or Zidware, he is tying himself to him. You can't claim to be this wholly independent company when you put stuff like that in the agreement.

That's why we need to see the license agreement. Did John negotiate this protection as part of the sales the license? Is that why the other deal fell through? Where is John going to do his consulting? In his current shop? How much is john being paid to consult?

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No one, except people who have already sent money to JPOP, wants to buy a $16,000 machine. StevenP has mentioned a number of times that RAZA is pretty far along too. Although no one has any idea what it will take to actually make these machines, focusing on a $10,000 machine like RAZA first seems like a smarter move if you want want to sell machines to people who haven't already been suckered by JPOP. RAZA starts flying off of the shelves at $10,000 each, then you can test the market for a $16,000 machine.

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Quoted from hank527:

The only smart thing I heard from John was that building RAZA with MG saved on the BOM as he started he was using the same targets, pops and other things in both games to save on a qty discount order and cut his bom. Everything else I've heard him say was beyond comprehension, but I was dumb and stayed invested.

It also gave him a convenient explanation for developing MG with RAZA money.

#10771 4 years ago

Agree that the emotion and Monday morning quarterbacking isn't getting us anywhere, but the anger john has fueled must be considered. I seriously doubt I will buy an MG unless it is shipped to me COD. If John gets to speak for an hour and brag about his great innovative designs and his pride that the machine is coming out, I will not buy. I've watched john - he isn't the greatest presenter and really just relied on zombie yeti's art on slides. Put together a real presentation explaining the numbers and convincimg people this will work. This emotion needs to be considered.

#10777 4 years ago

There is $1,000 in framing of his own work.

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Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Ok, read way too many posts as it is but I am not understanding how Pintasia get the assets ( prototypes ) from JPOP? They belong to Zidware?
Is there a deal behind the one revealed with John and Pintasia? Has John gifted them to Pintasia?
Sorry, just not understanding!

The terms of the Zidware and pintasia deal have not been revealed.

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Quoted from Hitch9:

An expert would need to determine what the assets/ip were worth, but anyone buying it would probably stop there. A normal investor wouldn't reimburse vendors or refund customers. They would jump to - build it and sell it. A normal investor would leave JPOP to take care of the liabilities.
I guess the question I have is, (an unlikely to be answered), is what is the license fee JPOP is getting from the new producers, for each pin made.
If the new producers get enough traction (here is hoping) to make this, in bulk, at a decent price, will the license fees be enough to reimburse those that sue John, to get a decent return?
Time will tell. Good luck to those looking for restitution from John, and to Bill and his team.

These are some of the reasons that these types of things are usually handled in bankruptcy and why bankruptcy courts have claw back power to undo agreements that were not in the best interests of the creditors. As it stands now, Bill is not going to get the 100% agreement of the RAZA buyers (it sounds like he has 100% agreement of the MG buyers many of whom are also MG buyers). With Bill continuing on the project, it appears that he is no longer insisting on 100% percent participation in order for this to move forward.

John's decision to license the only valuable Zidware asset to Bill has given Pintasia a headstart on figuring out whether or not this is a viable project via a joint venture with a manufacturer. This gives Pintasia an advantage at any potential bankruptcy sale. At the time of a bankruptcy sale, Pintasia will have had control of the IP and prototypes and had inside knowledge of the actual state of the machines and how a proposed joint venture could work due to having had the Zidware info and having been able to negotiate a jv before the bankruptcy filing. This pre-bankruptcy access will allow Pintasia to set the market on a bankruptcy purchase because they have information that is not available to any other potential buyer. Pintasia can do all of this without any worry about Zidware's liabilities because they have only agreed to purchase the license.

Why does any of this matter? Because a bankruptcy trustee would review Pintasia's purchase of the IP of Zidware with an eye toward protecting the remaining creditors, of which Bill is one, but Pintasia is not. Given that the license of the IP is the only valuable asset of Zidware, the Trustee would set the terms of the license with an eye toward repaying all of the Zidware's creditors and not just getting machines made.

I applaud Bill for what he is doing. I blindly handed my money to John like an idiot because I thought RAZA looked cool (retro 60's Zombies) and because I thought Ben would actually get things done. As angry as I am at John and as much as I don't want to give him the opportunity to brag about his new machine, I still want new and exciting pinball machines to be made.

My big hang-up is that John sent me a letter saying he was excited about the new investor and I don't know the terms of the license between Zidware and Pintasia. Some would say, shut the hell up it is none of your business just be happy that something good is coming from this debacle. I see that side of it and I am really excited, even though it makes me feel like I have Stockholm syndrome, for the reveal of a flipping MG in public to be reviewed and scrutinized by pinheads at an upcoming show. I also think Zombieyeti is the coolest thing to happen to pinball art since Dirty Donny was given room to get crazy on Metallica.

All that being said, Pintasia should not be allowed to profit from John's deception and terrible business practices without taking responsibility for the negative impact of John's actions. Until we know the deal between Zidware and Pintasia, it will appear that John has raided the only valuable asset of Zidware and sold it under unknown terms that may allow him to profit in the future without facing any consequences other than protecting himself from litigation.

Clear up the mystery by releasing the terms of the licensing agreement and all this speculation will immediately be put to rest. Until that is done, I will be left to assume that something in the agreement would lead to a negative reaction which is why it remains confidential. I know not all business has to be done with 100% percent transparency, but when you are dealing with a pre-order situation with a pattern of deceit, transparency as to the licensing agreement is needed.

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Quoted from toyotaboy:

I JUST don't get it. That looks about as complete of a playfield as you can have, all that was missing really is software (which MG appears to have if John continued to use your code and boards). It seems so ridiculous that John felt the need to work on side projects when there could have been a very flippable game to show off to the public a year ago.
Above and beyond someone auditing his books for money, part of the demand should be a for a timeline of where he spent his working time. Seems like he had so many volunteers and unpaid vendors/workers that other than being a "director" or "designer" john didn't do much of anything other than sketch some artwork, design some mechs, and build a one-off playfield in 4 years.

I think John was playing wait and hope and distract myself with other projects because he knew some time ago that he did not have the money to make this machine. I think the info from applejuice supports what PDXmonkey and StevenP have been saying which is that there are two machines there that are much farther along than John was willing to admit. At some point, I think StevenP even said that MG is about as playable as a very early release Stern Pro. We will find out soon. The only reason for a machine that far along to not go farther is a lack of money to get it produced which lead to John misleading us all.

#11154 4 years ago

I hope that the NW Pinball show will allow the Pintasia presentation to be livestreamed or at least recorded. I have enjoyed watching livestreams from Expo and am very interested to see the presentation. Some livestreaming of gameplay would be cool too. How about taking the prototype to Jack Danger and Deadflip so they can stream a couple of hours of live gameplay for us?

#11155 4 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

I totally get it... John gets to the point where the fun and creative part of pinball design is over and the hard work begins and rather than putting in the hard work and effort to see it through he just starts the fun and creative part of designing a new machine. Do you really think John wants to spend months designing a wiring harness and ensuring that all 3K parts are in spec and ready to order and working on the business side of things? He just wants to play and have "arts and crafts time" which is exactly what he's been doing for the last 4 years. I think he has more in common with a young child then someone that has actually grown up and accomplished anything on his own. His past successes were all in an environment where someone else did all the heavy lifting for him.

You wont catch me doing this very often, but I have to give John a tiny bit of credit here. There were posts of wiring diagrams and wiring harness builds on the owners group webpage. I agree that John just wanted to do the fun stuff, but I think he distracted himself with a million other little projects because he knew he didnt have the money to produce the games and continued to hope that the situation would somehow work itself out.

#11158 4 years ago

Ben - you and Charlie played with John. Can he play pinball?

#11175 4 years ago

Guys - take it easy on PDX Monkey. He is not a John or Pintasia mouthpiece. John let certain people have his ear and PDX was one of them. I know some of you will say that is he because he was a yes man and those were the only people John would talk to. I think PDXMonkey is a straight-shooter who is heavily invested in this thing, really wants to see this game made and has spent his time and money to try to see that happen. That is why he paid for the ramps and keeps working to get these pinballs made even though the only thing he will get out of it are the pinballs he paid for in the first place.

#11177 4 years ago
Quoted from zombieyeti:

I'd love to share some inside info on this project. The short of it - I can say It started well. Once Ben left (which I was never told about) I started getting strange requests to draw things that were copyrighted. (Which I refused to do - and in fact, did not initially, but repeated 'tweaks' to get to the IP was constant until it was what he wanted) I eventually got so beaten down I threw up my arms.
I'm hoping with Pintasia I can take the reigns and redeem myself on what it should be...
Listen - I'm not trying to pile on John - without him I wouldn't have gotten in front of you guys here - so not all was bad.

I love the part of the Adobe video where John says something like there was too much linework and Zombieyeti says that he starts doing the revision once he stops crying. I can't image how patient you must been to have worked with John on creating all of this.

#11231 4 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

Stern hire Zombieyeti and puts him in charge of art for Game of Thones or SW or Jaws....
JJP hires him and they won't have the hot mess they had completely redoing TH artwork on their next title...
Becuase right it seems like folks are trying to build a pinball company around gorgeous artwork....
That's like picking out a wedding dress THEN going out to try to located a wife....

The trouble is that with licensed themes it will be tough to get them to agree to zombieyeti's work. Where would it fit in nicely? On the Lawlor original license with JJP which is rumored to be a snow-based return to his natural disaster themes. Jack, please call ZY and make this happen!

#11340 4 years ago

The first rule of Deeproot is don't talk about Deeproot.

#11407 4 years ago

I think the boardset is the one made by quetzal pinball for their small run pinball.

#11409 4 years ago

applejuice - what other projects did you work on? I know about kiss and we have heard that there was some sort of EM project there - anything else?

#11501 4 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

well pintasia has only said 'flippable' - and we've seen what code Jim has done previously. It shouldn't be that hard for level headed people to understand it's not going to be much more than a flippable whitewood with basic scoring... but instead this whitewood has art and inserts. Anything beyond that is a bonus.
We've all well established John has no credibility... so why would anyone work their expectations up over what he's said? Only the people that WANT to be riled up. Manage your own expectations... don't demand someone else do it for you.

You guys are forgetting that this is the first public reveal of that fantastic, first quality, revolutionary, worthy of its own reveal cabinet of his! I guess Bill is having to get some custom tempered glass to fit in it.

#11515 4 years ago

Bill posted that the machine has been borrowed and will be returned to Zidware. I was as skeptical as anyone else when I received an email from John in the middle of the night. The way I think it is going is this - John was sitting there not making any progress and hoping against hope that someone would bail him out. Bill, a Zidware customer, decided to come in and play the role of adult.

Bill is getting the machine finished as much as he can before the show. Bill is bringing MG in I ts current state for a public reveal to find out if it is any good and whether or not pinheads like it. I am surprised Bill is not getting more credit for this. What better reveal is there than bringing it to a show, play testing it and subjecting it to public criticism?

Bill is also trying to figure out how much the machine will cost to make and see if there is any way to make production of the machine work from a financial viewpoint.

I get the feeling Bill has been responding to problems as they arise because their timetable was advanced by pending lawsuits and the increasing anger surrounding the project.

Maybe it will work maybe it wont but it beats all the other alternatives at this point.

#11736 4 years ago

This video explains why StevenP and PDXmonkey have been telling us for a while that there was a playable game there. This is hard to understand.

Applejuice - do you know what else John had in mind for the rules? How much video animation is already done for the game?

#11881 4 years ago

Orange Cloud took over software from applesauce?

#12760 4 years ago

Since there is no new information - how about we take a break untill the reveal and cool off some.

#12901 4 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

I was one of the local collectors that helped. John was not watching, he was doing. I got home at 230 am last night/this morning, after taking vacation from my real job for M and Tu. I think Bill knew it was a stretch to get it to Tacoma by this weekend - he sent someone from his area, to help assemble and transport the came - he's not part of Pintasia. So yeah, a couple of us tried (and completed) the assembly. It was all there, but not all assembled, now it is. You all will see for yourself this weekend - I'm sure it will be the most quickly photographed, uploaded, posted game in 2015 - with reactions all over the place with opinions good and bad.

What are your thoughts on the game?

#12902 4 years ago

Double post

#13161 4 years ago

Unless the Chicago courts have strict pleading rules, Jpop can file a general denial and the matters will be set for a hearing which is likely to be months away.

#13751 4 years ago

Well, at least the swirly ramp return doesn't take as long as I thought it would.

#13980 4 years ago

The people who keep saying what's the rush to bring it to the show are the same people who said there is no game, there is no code - there is nothing there. I think the game was brought to show people where things are now. People asked for the transparency that john didn't give and now we have it. Skilled people have seen it and worked on it and now can help figure out how to move forward. The reveal also has convinced a few people to hold off from suing which was one of the reasons it was rushed out.

I think what yeti is saying is what is with the anger and negativity towards people not named jpop? A few guys are trying to see if they can make this thing work out. They acknowledge that it isn't going to be easy to do, but at the very least, their efforts have shown us where things stand now. Things aren't good, but it is not the fault of the guys who are currently working with the hope of making a go of it.

#14015 4 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

When pin heads turn on one another and stop basing John, then John wins.
Let's get back to what matters.
Who in their right mind puts a spinning toy that blocks the only ramp shot in the game?
I hope this leads to exploring bringing RAZA into production over MG. When you think about it, RAZA could possibly be saved and the mess called Magic Girl can die. Seems the game is a convoluted mess that may take more work to complete with all the magnets etc. It may be more feasible to focus on RAZA as it may be much more cost effective to produce.

This may be the end result of all of this work. Although Raza is said to be farther behind, it seems like it is a more straightforward game and I think it looks like the more fun machine even though it is not as pretty as mg. getting the licensed characters out of the art and selling RAZAs seems like a more likely road to repaying the people who lost on mg. I think RAZA is more likely to sell 200 or 300 units because the price point should be better.

#14445 4 years ago

You can see photos of the nemo shop which is in his house. I doubt he has tons of expensive outside help and he probably kept his day job.

#14473 4 years ago

PDX, Kim and StevenP were lied to by John like everyone else. John hung themout to dry by never revealing what they had seen. This video is from applejuice and was taken in March, 2014. Without the art Mylar messing up the ball and with a pretty solid software set, this prototype is what PDX and StevenP were referring to when they said they had played a flipping machine that was pretty far along. For reasons that aren't clear to me, the game at the show didn't have this version of the code on it. I understand and share in your anger, but I don't think it is fair to say PDX was leading people on or to imply that he was some kind of co-conspirator with John.

#14673 4 years ago

John's defense will be to deny the suit allegations and then file bankruptcy if he does not file bankruptcy before the answer is due. Then, the cases will be stayed and it will be transferred to bankruptcy. It won't be very exciting.

#14769 4 years ago

Teekee thank you for helping me see the light of how stupid I was and still am. Before you posted, I didn't realize how much I was at fault for John's lack of ethics. It is all clear to me now.

#14772 4 years ago

Teekee - how did I mis-read the part about the person in the mirror being the most responsible for the position I am in?

#15014 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

You weren't paying for a product. You were investing in a startup, with the hope of receiving a product out of it. Startups fail all the time. People lose money. No one goes to jail.
Seriously, this notion that John is going to jail, or even will be convicted of any kind of fraud, is just not happening. The lawsuit may or may not recover any money, and it will most certainly cause bankruptcy, but that's going to be the extent of it in all likelihood.

John likely isn't going to jail because he did not have criminal intent when this thing started and it will be hard to prove when he knew it would fail and that his intent then became fraudulent. However, our contracts were for purchases of specific games, not investments in a start for what little difference that makes.

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You don't need to request the refund. The contracts have dates of delivery for the machines which have long since passed. That is sufficient for a breach of contract action.

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Who is paying the forensic accountant?

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I don't think Bill is trying to dissuade people from suing John, I think he is trying to explain how this will likely play out. Anyone who sues John for breach of contract can win the case because the breach is clear and John has no defense at all. The person suing then has a piece of paper at the courthouse saying Zidware owes him money. That person then can begin proceedings to collect on his judgment from Zidware assets and possibly John's personal assets.

At any time in the proceedings, John can file bankruptcy which will result in any legal action being put on hold. Zidware will file a list of creditors with the court and they will be given notice to make claims. Zidware will also file lists of assets and liabilities and the bankruptcy court will decide how to handle the assets to pay the liabilities.

Zane intends to go after John's personal assets, but that is not an easy thing to do. It typically involves significant amounts being paid to forensic accountants. Although Zane may pay these costs, they have to be re-paid from any recovery along with the costs of the bankruptcy. Zane will have to litigate in the bankruptcy court whether or not the Zidware bankruptcy prevents the litigants from proceeding against John personally.

I think that what Bill is saying is that you really only need enough suits for John to file bankruptcy. Then, everyone can file claims with the bankruptcy court. Given that the bankruptcy distribution will be pro rata and applejuice is owed five figures and Cointaker is owed six figures, there likely will not be much left to pay the people who sent Zidware money to buy games.

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Where is the news from court today?

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Looks like today's motion was withdrawn on the 12th.

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It has been mentioned that Zane was going to move to add more Plaintiffs. He may have delayed or withdrawn the pending motion to file a new motion with even more Plaintiffs. Doesn't mean the case has been withdrawn.


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I had forgotten about the eating crickets line in that response of his - genius! I remember seeing his post and thinking he had a lot of nerve to be angry with the people who had sent him a ton of money.

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The shop was all part of his massive ego. There was a blog post that a New York photographer had come and taken a series of photos of the shop.

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He only posted one photo but the idea was that this great photographer was documenting history in the making.

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Looks like John is still in the same workshop.

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Quoted from benheck:

John constantly talking about "how we did things at WMS" reminds me a guy in a dead-end job at his 20 year reunion bragging about how good he was on the highschool football team.


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The Smaug toy will be the most interactive toy ever in a pinball

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Maybe a Wikipedia page for John would come up higher in the search engine rankings. Would like to read Ben Heck's draft wiki entry.

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He just confirmed what Ben always said - that he never set up his company to build the games. Unreal.

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No one agreed to fund a start up. We agreed to purchase a product. He still doesn't understand that basic concept.

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Nate needs a follow up interview with bill and the guys who spent hours trying to make something out of magic girl.

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On the most recent podcast, Nate revealed that John e-mailed him and said he wanted to do the interview "before he falls on his sword" which I guess means bankruptcy?

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At least John's empty cab reveal had a backglass. No idea where that was taken, but it doesn't look like John's old shop. Now, I need to sell a pin to make room for my RAZA and to raise money for the second half of my payment.

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Whether or not he admits it, sitting up there will be miserable for him because he will have to sit in his shame. The thing I don’t like about it is that some people in attendance might not know what he has done which decreases the shame. Maybe a flyer listing all the things he did to be handed out to all attendees? Maybe wear a sandwhichboard that says I gave jpop $18,000 and he still sued me!