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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#5794 4 years ago

Communication is king in business.

1 week later
#6288 4 years ago

Exactly - lack of communication is the death sentence to any business.

4 weeks later
#8250 4 years ago

What ever the facts are ... Lack of communication kills a business.

#8654 4 years ago

All facts aside, if you are not going to communicate with your customers, you can expect 173 page threads with like this.

2 weeks later
#12142 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinballs:

Jpop's retreat from the Internet does reinforce an 'End is Nigh' feeling, doesn't it?

scrapped his website also

#12839 4 years ago

Being an employee of a company and designing stuff is a lot more difficult than running the entire show, guess John figured that out.

#12856 4 years ago
Quoted from Crazybanana:

» YouTube video
It always sounded like BS

Watching this video explains everything

"I am a perfectionist and perfectionists are procrastinators"
says it multiple times in the video

"So as a pinball designer, we never built games before"

#12919 4 years ago
Quoted from flashinstinct:

If all this Pintasia sees the light of day and games get produced. There should be an agreement that Pintasia would be obligated to create games for the original backers at no cost. Morally, Pintasia should also reimburse the additional money to the initial backers paid above the cost of producing the game (ie: if they sell the game for $7K, then they should give the extra balance that people paid back). It would hit their bottom line but I think the image of their brand would be much stronger. I feel bad for all you guys.

yeah, that will happen

#13277 4 years ago

sad situation, because the game looks beautiful

#14457 4 years ago

This really sucks for those involved. I almost made the jump on predator and wished MG was not so expensive, in the end - my cheapness saved me. Hope this resolves well for those involved.

#14668 4 years ago
Quoted from rommy:

Some had $30k + in on this. Bought MG , and RAZA - paid in full those. Then made a deposit on AIW.

Holy fook

#14935 4 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

I'm only in $6500 .....

Only? Seems like a lot of cash to me...

#14956 4 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Im not interested in a lawsuit as I feel all the money is gone, but there are rumblings of criminal charges brewing.

Never happen

#14957 4 years ago

sorry, double post

Using mobile versions is a little wonky
Still trying to figure it out

1 week later
#15857 4 years ago

sad how this thread has degraded into arguing with each other

3 weeks later
#16622 4 years ago

He is still answering emails from "prospective" buyers

#16627 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

This is the email given on the site:
Any civilians want to email and let us know what gets said?

Already did .....

#16638 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Wow ...fraud fraud FRAUD! Get this vomit's vomit into prison already!!!! How many more are gonna get ripped off!??!

Email I received:
Thanks for the email. We started as a custom shop (low runs) and taking from my original works from the 90s and moving forward with new ideas, custom features and great hand drawn artwork. So the base price is about 9.5k and up and we setup a pre-order basis. It all takes a lot of time.

John Popadiuk

#16650 4 years ago
Quoted from NJGecko:

What was the email you sent? It's important to present both sides of the conversation.

How much are the pins and how do I buy one?

#16655 4 years ago

This is posted as a courtesy to another pinsider


So I created a fake email and I got a slightly different response. I'd
post it, but I think he knows my pinside ID. Can you repost it for me?

My email: "I like the photos I'm seeing of this project. When is the
release date expected, and how do I go about ordering?"

His response: "Yes we are past the concept stage at this point, so we now
move to continuing building on the real playfield and game and progress
with programming, animations and software. But estimate at least 6 months
until we get to the next milestone. it's all detailed and takes a lot
longer, like a custom chopper"

1 week later
#17005 4 years ago

Whoever runs that site, be very careful you are only posting facts. Beware of libel

1 month later
#17247 4 years ago

Wait... Is he saying people want to be paid to work for him? What an outrage!

4 weeks later
#17708 4 years ago

Really a was not a great interview. John was allowed to just ramble on, any good interviewer would of had more control.

#17769 4 years ago

going back and reading the first few pages of this thread is interesting.

#17773 4 years ago

Just finished the entire podcast.
What I get is the John is 100% over is head with what he tried to do.
He just didn't have an ounce of a clue on what it takes to build a business.
He jumped in blindfolded and assumed he would be able to build machines and the business from scratch.

I don't understand how anybody at all gave this guy money. If you read the posts at the start of this thread, there was questions back then about programing, building etc.... If you just examined his limited run model, you could of easily figured out it would not work.

He also is all over the place when asked about the status of the machines. 80% done, no let's call is 75% done. Then he says we are almost there - why won't anybody help me??? No sure, but the last time I checked, everybody that works for me expects (and does) get paid. Who has the time to provide him the free labor he requires?

I will be totally amazed if these games ever see the light of day or anybody gets $1 back.

Really a sad situation, it seems he had/has the best intentions but he is really ignorant about basic business stuff. I don't think he gave the business basics any thought at all.

#17823 4 years ago

Looks like he changed his website - http://www.pinballinventor.org/
took down all links to anything

#17844 4 years ago

Post podcast interview is better than the interview!
Thanks for the clarification Nate

#17881 4 years ago
Quoted from Strange:

Magic Girl looks amazing to me. I routing for all of Zid's game to be finished, but MG especially. The sound and art are above and beyond and if it ended up playing as well as any of John's BW games with modern rules I wouldn't complain. John's games might not be the absolute most popular from the pinhead community but they are definitely some of my personal favorites. Heck, CV to me really is the greatest pinball ever. Very unique experience for a very unique game designer. I'm sure something will turn up to help these games come along eventually, and if they are some of the best pin games ever created and the financials get sorted and people get games, I'm sure the saltiness of the current situation will dissolve and eventually be forgotten, while the cool games will be remembered.

Dude is smoking the drapes...

1 week later
#18059 4 years ago

I delayed taking the "theft and casualty" loss with John until this year, didn't move the needle on a 350k total tax due bill

Color me impressed, you make a lot of money. Always wonder why some people that make a lot need to make it known to others, and some are happy keeping it private.

11 months later
#19541 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Posted as well.
You know, I could have a scintilla of compassion if the guy would have come out and apologized and explained things
But that's John, no remorse or shame and here he is again

Not defending jpop at all, but if he came on pinside and tried to apologize and explain things (if that's even possible)- his balls would of been cut off and roasted on an open flame.

1 month later
#20302 3 years ago

Was really hoping this was going to work out for everybody that had money into it.
oh well .... if it seems too good to be true ...

3 months later
#20676 2 years ago

When I see gameplay video from an owner in his home, I will be a believer

#20999 2 years ago

I really hope the game plays as good as it looks for those that have $$ invested.

Once design choice I don't understand is the LCD on the playfield.
Looks like some of it gets blocked, is there supposed to be some integration with gameplay, is that why it's there?

#21537 2 years ago

any gameplay videos yet from the "one whose name may not be spoken"

#21549 2 years ago

sure is purtty.... anyone who is in contact with "he who shall not be named", please post gameplay video when available.

#21562 2 years ago

Listened to the podcast - honestly it seems like a box of shit.
Pictures make it look real pretty but is sounds unplayable

#21570 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Even shit can be valuable.
I mean, if I had an actual piece of Elvis Presley's shit - authenticated - I bet it would be worth some cash.
So think of this game as Elvis' shit.

I guess so, but I'm not buying shit ...
Pinball's not an investment to me, it's a hobby.
I just want good fun playing machines .. I don't see how this machine is valuable to anyone...

I am happy owners at least have something ... hopefully somehow code will improve to make this playable
I still think it's beautiful to look at ... it's sad JPOP didn't have a good business partner from the start that could of kept him on track.

#22150 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Well you are both right.
Kaneda forgot to put it in "one way gate" test mode.

What amazed me about that video was that JPOP was able to put together a nicer service menu than Stern did on it's LCD

#22694 2 years ago

how that whole "be nice on pinside" thing working for everyone?

1 month later
#23264 2 years ago

LOL - under about - he is now a "development studio" not a manufacturer

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