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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

7 years ago

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Post #20532 Summary of complaints & responses in legal documents Posted by DennisK (4 years ago)

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Post #20631 Scott Goldberg mail on MG completion Posted by TecumsehPlissken (4 years ago)

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#1091 6 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

Reading that article.. about him being the "steve jobs" of pinball. um ok, whatever.. but let's continue the analogy... where is his Steve Wozniak.. i.e., the engineer half of what he started. It could of been Ben Heck, but it didn't work out for whatever reason. Without that counter balance.. well, we see what happens.

Interesting analogy

1 month later
#2220 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

And it's not like TOTAN and TOM are known for being having incredible rules. Both fun, but flawed.

Totally agree. Wcs, Tom, Totan, cv, swep1 - how many auto launchers on those games?. I believe it's cv only. Best rule set in that list?

To me an autolauncher is essential for a modern game as it opens up all sorts of code / rule possibilities. Take it away and you limit yourself unnecessarily. I know this is why a lot of proc people are retrofitting manual shooter compatible autolauncher mechs to their rewrites/customisations

2 months later
#5186 6 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I'll say it again, he has provide a clear "FINANCIAL PICTURE", of where things stand, who needs to get paid, who owes what, etc...PERIOD. I've offered up all kinds of help to him, we shall see. What's done is done, need to figure out a way forward if there is one, and we can't do that if we don't know the financial situation. He also needs to GIVE UP control of the accounting/financials to someone else, in a more fiduciary and transparent role.

Quoted from iceman44:

Just talked to John for 2 hours, very productive talk, I'll update after I have a few more conversations.

Any news on whether contractors and vendors owed money will be paid up?

#5230 6 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I think there are some legitimate issues to be sorted out on what is actually owed for services performed. There is always two sides to the story.
I'd like to help him manage his cash flow and resolve some of the issues with vendors so he can concentrate on making a pinball machine.

You could possibly understand a 'two sides' discussion if it were just a single contractor or vendor, but as mentioned here there are multiple contractors and vendors with unpaid invoices going back a long time. The common link is pretty obvious. Without a resolution to all this, i don't see why any future contractors, programmers, vendors would get involved

#5423 6 years ago
Quoted from GLModular:

It's about all he can do while he's waiting for the magic hardware and software fairies to come finish MG.

software and hardware fairies who work for free are hard to find, especially if they thought they were getting paid

#5783 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

You know, that would make sense really (it's what he knows) if that was true. But he's really only paying lip service to it. The days of Williams/Bally? They made whitewoods! They tested them. They had full time programmers. They had project managers. It wasn't one dude doing everything. You'd be in much better shape if it really was the case that he was following the old school playbooks.

And they payed people for the work they did

#5813 6 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

It's a small community - he's burned through just about everyone.
With no final boardset and no code this game is DOA.
FAST Pinball was going to help but John wouldn't even send them a MG PF.
Maybe because it wasn't done? If the PF can't be shot it can't be programmed.
Nobody wants to see John end up like Skit-B. But unless he's ready for change - or the project is taken over - he will.

The important point is, and as has been mentioned by others, there was a decent working board set and a fair amount of game code, graphics, os, service menus etc etc done, but when contractors aren't paid for their work, after awhile they tend to move on to other things. If you then cannot find other people willing to agree to your terms and work on the stuff, nothing happens.....

2 weeks later
#6791 6 years ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

There's a good topcast interview with Cameron. Very cool story how get got started at Williams. From what I understand cv code (original & home ROM) is all him.

The CV update to v2.0 rates as one of the greatest things done in my view along with lymans own time updates to Stern Spiderman. These updates were all created purely by the programmer.

It's also worth watching the tilt video to see what happens when a project is run in secret without being able to share ideas, test concepts with colleagues (swep1) and how Cameron felt about it

1 week later
#7607 6 years ago

A little addition to my Whirlwind rewrite. This is for everyone who knows me :

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 10.10.24.png

3 weeks later
#9325 6 years ago
Quoted from GLModular:

Hmm. I never got a letter.
Did any other vendors/suppliers get a letter?
Aren't we going to be given the same opportunity to convert Zidware debt over?

Me neither. Please update your list of contractors and vendors owed to list my official business name.
Orange Cloud Software Ltd. instead of 'original programmer' and thank you for keeping a list updated of all vendors/contractors owed.

Some history:

My company was a contractor for Zidware from June 2012 to May 2014. We worked on many things including: hardware design, os software, game software, graphics, effects, rules as mentioned by others in this thread. We were forced to stop working with them due to unpaid invoices going back 3+ months at the time, now over a year ago. We were working on things full time until then.

I am still chasing the outstanding amounts, or any communication on this matter and am still bemused as to why much of the work i created has never been publicly shown. I have until today tried to keep an open mind (despite being owed a large sum of money) that the projects may be finished and delivered for people. It was extremely difficult for me personally being a very small business to soak up 3 months of non-payment, but i still feel worse for every customer who put their faith in Zidware/John and have been repaid like this..

#9336 6 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

Finally we get to know u... Welcome to the SUCK

I hope all my other projects on pinside go someway to explain that i am a decent person and tried my best to help these projects succeed. Indeed, the journey almost brought me to my knees, as i relied on being payed in a timely manner, but wanted to keep the projects moving forward. I had to sell around 7 pinball games from my personal collection that i built up over 25 years to keep myself afloat. I was lucky i had them.

John actually sent me an email once telling me to stop sending invoice reminders as it was "annoying him" ...

#10156 6 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Guys I'm not gonna cry if the support is not there and hey all you can do is try. I am spending the time and effort to see if I can get this thing across the finish line that's it. All Pintasia profit from machines will go to the customers until everyone is fully made whole. I will update when more information becomes available and as soon as a JV can be reached, (if it can) with a proven manufacturer. No we are not asking for money up front from existing customers, and thanks to all that has helped us get to this point. We hope that we can help end this pre order model for good, it is one area we focusing on which is sucking the life out of this industry. If we have missed anyone on the email list that's involved please don't hesitate to pm me.

What about all the vendors and contractors that are owed large sums of money from working with zidware????? We part funded the projects on our knowledge and dime to

#10304 6 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Programming is 80% of the work in creating a pinball machine. If they're starting over from zero and hiring "a programmer" it'll be at least a year before there's a finished game.

There is code for the current setup, and you can actually sort of play a game on it. But unless they're going to shovel large amounts of money at Jim, I doubt he'd want to be involved -- so someone is going to have to start over.

For the current setup on mg (when i exited the project) there was plenty of code written, for things like:

• base game play
• ball save
• bonus
• skillshot
• jets
• upper lanes
• up post
• magic letters
• lion saw
• newton ball
• owl target
• potion letters
• magic shop/scoop
• loops
• center spinner
• center lock
• centre targets
• spiral ramp
• wand ramps
• lock
• multiball
• jackpots
• quick multiball
• telsa subway
• mini magnet playfield
• jinx motor
• attract
• service mode with tests, audits, settings, coin door open

All the above had sounds, animation, graphics and rules

I have plenty of videos of things as they stood when i exited these projects. I would like to know how vendors and contractors will be reimbursed for their losses and why i have been repeatedly ignored for over a year. I say again that to soak up over 3 months of non payment for a small company like myself almost finished me. I have remained professional throughout this and not listed the sum involved and given Zidware plenty of chance to sort out their mess.

I can't believe that refunds are not being offered to customers who want out. Disgraceful.

#10333 6 years ago
Quoted from boo32:

The idea that this man's unpaid work will be displayed in the form of a prototype is reason enough not to sign the agreement. I am very happy to see Cointaker and Zombie feeling much better about things. Now I need to hear from GLM and the programmer.

No letter, email, or correspondence so far received here. I do want these projects to succeed, hence myself continuing to develop the systems for as long as I could and selling my own games to keep myself going, before having to say enough is enough.

All I am looking for is for my contract agreements and unpaid invoices to be settled in full. If this can happen I am more than happy to provide any handover assistance I can in terms of what code is written, what isn't, the hardware, the os, the graphics engine etc etc so any new team can get going asap.

#10364 6 years ago
Quoted from PINTASIA:

Please scroll up to Post #10343. Applejuice has disabled his PM...we tried reaching out to him. We have now posted in the above post asking him to send us a PM with contact info.

I haven't disabled my private messaging, as i get emails everyday off people. I will contact you now, though John has all my details aswell

#10604 6 years ago
Quoted from Perspex:

Checked out the previously linked FB page and found this...MG?

downunder.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

Yes, this is the playfield that i used whilst developing the MG game. I had it in my office here in the UK, before shipping it back to Zidware after the contract was done. You can tell, because i fitted stern metal glides to the end (top left of pic) as i had it in an old stern cab here, not a new zidware cab. Also there is a glm produced board in purple top right shown.

Doesn't look like it was ever installed again as i removed the subway and scoop mech before transport, so was not damaged in the shipping box, and is clearly still not re-assembled.

#10607 6 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

Does Zidware own the copyrights to the art and programming if they haven't been paid for?

There were 7 code updates by my company on the mg code base up to mid May 2014 which were not paid for. This includes these:

mg commits.png

Any demo game running in the future at any shows is most likely using this code. If you see it running please ask to be shown the software version and board set it is running from.

We can talk about RAZA code next.

#11009 6 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Bill your #1 goal for NW show should be to get the game shooting as smoothly as possible.
Don't worry about graphics, sounds, etc - as long as the code can cycle balls that's enough. Art is one aspect but in the end pinball is a mechanical game - it has to feel good.
Keep tweaking right up until you have to start driving, and then give yourself a good half-day to fix whatever shakes loose after the drive.

If they are using what was already in place code wise a year ago, then you should be able to do a lot more than just cycle the ball around.

#11018 6 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

Has anyone even talked to u yet from the new regime?

I got in touch with pintasia over the weekend through pinside pm and they asked me to send over confirmation of the unpaid invoices and what i worked on, as they were unaware of the problem. I gave them a quick update summary of what i worked on during my time there and have sent all the detailed info over this morning. I also sent a pm to wcbrandes pinside account. I'm waiting now for a reply.

I'd just like to re-iterate my earlier comments that i'm not looking to cause trouble and tried to support the original projects for as long as i could, anyway i could, i just want to paid up for what i did and for what my company worked on to be acknowledged. Almost going bankrupt in the process along with other things was not easy to get over

John Popaduik caused me and my family 'great harm' and still refuses to apologise

#11105 6 years ago

This is how the prototype looked in my office before stopping work:


Notice i was using an old stern cab to house it. Think this was taken when i was testing switches after installing the hand made ramps i got on my 4th usa trip in march 2014

#11147 6 years ago

Underside playfield pics:


Again of the prototype i had. A lot of the assembly on it i did myself from the parts that were sent. I had to buy a lot of the connectors, and wire so i could make professional plugs/harnesses. I also ended up using my own trough opto board pair, as the ones i was given did not work!

#11163 6 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

Above and beyond someone auditing his books for money, part of the demand should be a for a timeline of where he spent his working time. Seems like he had so many volunteers and unpaid vendors/workers that other than being a "director" or "designer" john didn't do much of anything other than sketch some artwork, design some mechs, and build a one-off playfield in 4 years.

I'm very glad that github keeps logs of all updates and that i also listed every single changed section in a summary for each update, as well as the actual code changes of course.

I'm also glad that i kept backups of shared dropbox areas between my company and Zidware

#11178 6 years ago
Quoted from boo32:

I can't image how patient you must been to have worked with John on creating all of this.

V E R Y ....

#11257 6 years ago
Quoted from zombieyeti:

I'd love to share some inside info on this project. The short of it - I can say It started well. Once Ben left (which I was never told about) I started getting strange requests to draw things that were copyrighted.

That is funny. I wasn't told that either until my tasks got updated and the game name changed so I was like. 'Hang on, the names changed? What the...?' John then told me Ben was no longer involved as he wanted to do a different zombie game. ( I think, was awhile ago now)

Still don't understand why we all never got introduced. I know I've mentioned this to other people involved who say the same thing. Tony at Glm also mentioned the fractured, silo way of working. I for one hated not being able to share ideas, tech stuff in a larger group. It was very isolating. For example I never got to chat to the guy creating the screen graphics or animations so we could share integration ideas

Everything went through john

#11392 6 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Well I emailed John and got this response. It made me laugh and then I realized he probably didn't read the whole thing. He obviously does not have any remorse. The only way he will have any remorse is if he loses everything. Even then I'm not sure he would have any remorse as he is the victim.
Thanks Henry for the info. Folks that want to visit usually let me know,
as each day is different as I may be at vendors, visiting a contractor
or in the back working with machines going.
On 5/25/15 2:28 PM, Henry wrote:
> John,
> I thought you would like to know some people are at your shop and
> posted pictures. Not sure is they are going to do something or not
> as you have angered several people.
> I'm guessing you working 14 hour days 7 days a week is simply not true.

This is what 'really boils my frog' (phrase borrowed from Ben Heck). He still responds to certain people, but vendors or customers with serious questions he ignores. Unbelieveable

John, Where is my money????

#11393 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Magic Girl has what? Some wiggly ramps, Jeremy's art, and what else? Is anyone actually thinking about the game part?

I guess you missed this post of mine??? Seeing the game in playable demo will be excellent if the new team can pull it off. I hope they succeed and I get credit (and settled up ) for what i put into these projects.

Quoted from applejuice:

For the current setup on mg (when i exited the project) there was plenty of code written, for things like:
• base game play
• ball save
• bonus
• skillshot
• jets
• upper lanes
• up post
• magic letters
• lion saw
• newton ball
• owl target
• potion letters
• magic shop/scoop
• loops
• center spinner
• center lock
• centre targets
• spiral ramp
• wand ramps
• lock
• multiball
• jackpots
• quick multiball
• telsa subway
• mini magnet playfield
• jinx motor
• attract
• service mode with tests, audits, settings, coin door open
All the above had sounds, animation, graphics and rules
I have plenty of videos of things as they stood when i exited these projects. I would like to know how vendors and contractors will be reimbursed for their losses and why i have been repeatedly ignored for over a year. I say again that to soak up over 3 months of non payment for a small company like myself almost finished me. I have remained professional throughout this and not listed the sum involved and given Zidware plenty of chance to sort out their mess.
I can't believe that refunds are not being offered to customers who want out. Disgraceful.

#11408 6 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

I JUST don't get it. That looks about as complete of a playfield as you can have, all that was missing really is software (which MG appears to have if John continued to use your code and boards). It seems so ridiculous that John felt the need to work on side projects when there could have been a very flippable game to show off to the public a year ago.

I have asked myself the same questions many times. I wasn't just working on MG either, i worked on multiple projects inc. RAZA and others at the same time. The ramps were late to the party, as I did not get the hand made ones until march 2014, but i had the prototype which was flipping from about may 2013. See below of when i first got it and was installing to my stern cab!


I often had to write code based on 'best guess' for mechs, then wait for the real parts to be created and then amend as necessary. Not the best way to go about things...

#11411 6 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

The sad thing (from an endless list of sad things) is on January 10, 2015 John wrote this:

When in reality he HAD a software guy, who did a lot of work, and John just stopped paying. Then he figures he'd just hire someone else (a year later).

Quoted from roc-noc:

Applejuice, I feel your pain. It sounds like you poured your heart and soul into this project based on JPop's false promises. I hope there is some recovery in your future.

Thank you for posting this. I hope the secrecy vail is finally being lifted and we can all talk openly finally. There were many dark days over the course of these projects, feels like i need therapy!!

#11418 6 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

The 'EM' project wasn't so much an EM, just a really simple, low BOM game with a throwback style playfield layout that he wanted to sell cheap. They've been in the lobby of his office space for a long time. Anybody that has been there would have seen them. He called it 'Space Mission X'. Jim did the base framework code for that, and I tweaked around on it a little to add some audio, rules and testing functions. But it was never a front burner project, it didn't get a lot of attention.

I did the base framework for it, the os and i created the hardware interface to drive the segment displays that it used.

Quoted from epthegeek:

The Kiss foamcore mockup thing Jim didn't have a hand in. He didn't even know it existed until it was mostly together. I built a shell in a hurry in pyprocgame so it would do something with graphics on the screen for an early meeting. It didn't really do much.

And there's another perfect example of the silo structure. Myself and Eric were talking and working together on some projects, but then another one springs up and John doesn't even mention it to me, so Eric ends up creating a load of stuff which we probably already had in other project areas!! Of course it was only a mockup demo type thing, but still

#11437 6 years ago
Quoted from roc-noc:

Applejuice, I feel your pain. It sounds like you poured your heart and soul into this project based on JPop's false promises. I hope there is some recovery in your future.
What board set was this code developed on? Was this done on something common like the P-ROC board set? Or was this custom hardware that John paid or conned someone else to develop for him?
I am hoping it is P-ROC so it is easily reproduced. Because I don't see a custom board set in the future for these machines.

Quoted from epthegeek:

I posted this at some earlier point in the thread:

Original code was built on PROCs. New board has libraries that make it able to run the same code.

As Eric said previously, Antonio created a new control board to replace the p-roc board at John's request. At the time, I expressed my concern that we shouldn't spend time on this re-engineering project and use the p-roc as is for now, as it was proven technology. However my views were ignored, so we set about making this new hardware board.

I helped create 'a bridge' library that could be included into the existing framework and make sure that the game code base (which is built in top of an altered version of the freely available pyprocgame) would run without any changes needed. This was my number 1 stipulation for continuing down this path. I also worked out what connectors we needed to hook up to the driver board, switches etc

All game code projects were written in python following the pyprocgame framework layout, as all my game code projects have been. I actually applied to work with Zidware through adverts he posted in thepinballcontrollers.com forum, showing my indy jones rewrite project that i was working on.

#11505 6 years ago
Quoted from fastpinball:

Zidware was looking for a "hardware/software solution" and talking to us about one since this time last year because P-ROC was "too expensive" and "people kept abandoning him."
FAST Pinball

Well at least you know now that "people kept abandoning him" translates to -> I worked on all the projects for about 2 years, had a signed contract, put 100% in, continued for an additional 3 months with no pay, sold my own pinball games to keep myself going, nearly went bankrupt and a breakdown in the process.

Thanks John. I'm going for a beer and to watch some TV...........

#11567 6 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

What is that current state? The faster we know it the better. Because if we wait for the show, and there's a lot of "all this for THAT?", there is probably no recovery from that.
Expectations have been repeatedly set HIGH because we've been told time and time again from people "inside" that the game is "near complete", yada yada.. So if it's anything less than that, that better be disclosed quick as a way of getting ahead of another shit storm.

If they are using the code that I wrote and was in place when I exited the project in May 2014 (v0.7.10) then there should be the following in place.

• base game play
• ball save
• bonus
• skillshot
• jets
• upper lanes
• up post
• magic letters
• lion saw
• newton ball
• owl target
• potion letters
• magic shop/scoop
• loops
• center spinner
• center lock
• centre targets
• spiral ramp
• wand ramps
• lock
• multiball
• jackpots
• quick multiball
• telsa subway
• mini magnet playfield
• jinx motor
• attract
• service mode with tests, audits, settings, coin door open

I'm not saying any of these items are finished , just that they should have rules, score, graphics, text, sounds. The ramps and main multiball lock situation is alittle unknown as I was still working on this stuff before I stopped and didn't have all the divertor mechs in place ( on my prototype ) to be able to move the ball to the rhs ramp exit and the magnet locks were still being tweaked.

#11575 6 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I'm not a business major, just common sense to me.
I suppose, the big red flag was when John was going to build 13 pins at a cost of $16K ($208K that's all the money he has to develop, code and build these 13 pins) so right from the go, the numbers didn't really make any sense.

Well, if john had been upfront with me about what he needed to get the first game done and only worked on that 1 game solidly, I would have done everything I could to make it work, even maybe sold more of my own games to assist. That's how much I wanted this to work. I would have repayed trust and integrity.

#11706 6 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

Who works for three months and doesn't get paid.. c'mon, someone pinch me..

Everything i have said about my time at Zidware is the truth. If you want to ask me a direct question then please do so. I hold my business integrity highly. Please ask anyone who has worked with me, or any of the other vendors who worked with me and or Zidware.

To summarise i worked with Zidware on a signed contract between June 2012 and May 2014 and wasn't paid for the last 3 months of that contract.

#11710 6 years ago
Quoted from BobLangelius:

I've been there... Between the "oh promise me" and the "next week it will all be all right" it's enough to make you lose your faith in your fellow man.
That's when it's time to negotiate for the seat of acad, and the lathe and (3) table saws, and a pen plotter....
Yeah it was a long time ago, when pen plotters were useful....

The problem is how do you negotiate anything if they refuse to speak to you? ....

#11711 6 years ago

Ok, so i've been going through my archives looking through the videos, pics, docs that i have backed up. I feel that I should start sharing more of what I have now, seeing as i remained quiet for 3 years, 1 year after my contract ended in the hope that Zidware would resolve its problems, depts and be able to finish the games it started. I take my business integrity very seriously. Then, Zidware makes an announcement that they are selling the licence somewhere and John gets to have a new job free from the old company and liabilities and no-one even knows i did any work....

This is where i draw the line, god damn it ............

Also, to update on the Pintasia and Bill front. (I still want them to succeed) I haven't had any reply from my emails on Tuesday, or the Skype chat Bill said he would sort out with me. I appreciate they are busy, but i just want people to tell me the truth and give me honest answers to honest questions. I had enough BS with Zidware.

I have found an mg attract mode video from 16th December 2013 which is now available via this link:

Please note that any video i post is not meant to be a promotional video, they will all be development videos meant only as a reference for further development. Also, if anyone is unhappy with me doing this then please get in touch directly. I am not out to cause trouble, just lift the secrecy vail and help myself with some much needed therapy.


#11720 6 years ago

Here are a few more files i have found from the development archive.

First up is a dev video showing operation of the top rollover lanes. I took various videos to test out different features effects and sounds etc

Next is a video i took for showing the testing of some motors on the aux coil tests in the service mode.

Finally, some game play video that i shot some time before i got the ramps, install them and made updates for their inclusion. Its quite a short vid and i don't really shoot much, but please appreciate that this was just another dev video for testing out certain features.

I will continue to look for other vids and pics to post on things that were developed during my time there.

#11731 6 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Thanks Applejuice! There you go - the playable whitewood no one new existed because no one was "allowed to talk". Absolutely baffling why John didn't bring this to Expo '13 or '14.

Exactly my thoughts

#11733 6 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Wow this is really impressive work Jim! Thanks for sharing. The lighting is very nice and the screen complements the gameplay well. Its really the programming that makes the game come alive.
Did you work on the music and animations too?

Music was done by Rob as Eric mentioned. There were also a few animation guys who created flat screen graphics or full length animations that i put into the screen side. There was some 'coding' in the screen end as well as the game end. I always thought of it in similar terms as a pin2k team setup (in my head). As i mentioned before everything went through john and the dropbox shares, so i never really got to speak to anyone directly.

#11734 6 years ago
Quoted from Honch:

Troubleshooting would have been a breeze.

I spent along time on the service mode, because it was very useful to have all the tests written for building the prototypes. It was also a good thing to work on whilst waiting for more digital assets or mechanisms etc.

#12059 6 years ago

Morning Everyone! I thought i'd post a few vids from previous RAZA Development first today, as I worked on multiple projects. Of course MG was the furthest along, but the other games should not be forgotten, especially as more RAZA slots were originally sold i believe. I have a video here of me talking through the changes for the service mode framework to get it working on RAZA. i.e a port over MG->RAZA. I was wanting each game to maintain the same look and feel etc.

Next video is one of the RAZA attract mode. Running on my dev laptop

These videos are from Nov 2013

#12313 6 years ago
Quoted from zombieyeti:

Actually I think I was working with John first - but I'm basing that on the fact that his painting include details & character work I had done ... it was about 2 years in that the cab art started - unless john hid it from me on visits
The weird part is I do digital painting as well but john brought in someone else - I can only assume it was a monetary benefit to him

The way i saw it working during my time there was Matt was doing the graphic screens for the display and your good self was doing the playfield & cab art. I could never get an answer off John as to why he needed 2 different art guys, but i guessed it was because of your own preferred areas (obviously not the case now real info is out).

This is another prime example of what i've been talking about with the silo nature of being a contractor there. Non-one ever spoke to anyone else, or even really knew what anyone else was doing. Everything went through John via the Zidware dropbox shares. So sad....

#12314 6 years ago

Couple of new videos to show:

Firstly a video describing how the diagnostics built into the system was working. This was a development video that i would upload to the dropbox shares for John benefit and also (i assumed) would be shared to the owners blogs (which i did NOT have access to)

Next, a test video forhte jackpot lit lamp effect. Again this was shot for development reference purposes and to be shared on the owners blogs.

Again i am still working my way through all my archived files so there will be more to share. I am doing this as a means to help myself with some much needed therapy and give something positive for all the people involved, as well as show what i did. The upcoming demo of the game will certainly be interesting

#12573 6 years ago
Quoted from zombieyeti:

The whole situation is horrible and I get the hate - I fluctuate between hope and anger myself. But what Bill and Pintasia are trying to accomplish is noble and genuine.
If MG prototype isn't working in a week it won't matter but... While I can't speak with absolute knowledge I'm almost 100% positive there's no money for the license directly upfront - only the promise of being allowed to continue work for a modest salary in the short term. I was there the last day of the 'deal' discussion and it was very realistic from what I saw.
Again - this may be moot if John fails the Hail Mary by not getting a working prototype in time for the show. But at least it will once again fall on him - because what bill has pulled together in the past two weeks to get the prototype playable is nothing short of amazing.

Let's also not forget all the vendors who helped professionally and quietly all these years in the background making this game, giving their knowledge, time, skills and often not getting paid.

#13599 6 years ago

As a recap in case people didn't see my previous posts over the last few weeks. The code running on the Mg proto is code I wrote up til May 2014, at which point I was forced to stop due to non payment of invoices.

There are plenty of features and items written, as previously described inc ramps, locks ,multiball etc, but it is not complete. I'm sure you'll see more videos as the weekend progresses. I'd let people there feedback and see what the comments are.

For people there be sure to have a good look over everything code wise including all the system service mode stuff written to.

#13801 6 years ago

A Shot map (from left to right) from memory mostly based on the features and playflieds i worked on (as of may 2014)

• Lion saw
• Newton chamber (captive ball)
• Left Loop (Wizard Lane)
• Potion Spinner
• Left Ramp
• Owl Target (captive ball)
• Kings Chamber (Centre)
• Levitate Feature
• Magic Shoppe (Scoop)
• Hare/Million Target
• Right Loop
• Tesla Subway
• Mystery/Coin target
• Shooter Lane

• Kings/Queens Bonus X - Top lanes
• Jinx Wheel - Left Outlane
• Magna Save - Right Outlane

You should be able to see modes and features working for any of these modes if you select 'arcade' at game start, not 'novice play'. Also check the balls per game settings (service mode -> settings -> standard -> balls per game) are on 3 or 5 for a decent length game, not 1 as someone pointed out.

#13869 6 years ago
Quoted from Revo76:

There was a hole in the back under the mini playfield.
Now it is covered by a plug to prevent the ball falling in the cabinet.
You can see the purple plug in the picture from the under side.
But it was supposed to grab the ball with a magnet.
Then shoot it upwards to the mini playfield.
It is one of the mech's that is missing.

Good observation. This was one of the main features for the game and the Kings chamber (center area). It was where you locked the 3rd ball for Multiball start. (Ball 1 and 2 being on the ramp ends - all physical ball locks). I had coded this in a virtual fashion , as unfortunately john never produced the mech for me to fine tune the code. And I asked a lot of times for it !!!!!!!!

#13889 6 years ago
Quoted from ChrisVW:

Oh SWEET! That's me playing I didn't realize Martin was going to post that on the site. Thank you for sharing.
Yes, I suck at playing.

Think that's the best video so far, as shows the normal arcade game mode. I think you had a lock lit later on to.

#14242 6 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

Just got home from the show and have a few comments on the game.
The artwork is the best I've ever seen in pinball from the playfield to the cabinet. The lighting looked ok in person with the lights on and doesn't look so trashy as it looks in the photos.
As for the way the game plays. There were several issues some of which were somewhat small issues that had big negative results. Let's go through these one by one.
The first is that the right side subway. This piece requires the ball to travel backwards - from the front of the playfield to the back. Due to this, the gravity of the game worked against the subway. The subway itself needs to be reworked to be taller underneath in the back so it can have a steeper grade. In actual game design, this wouldn't be a huge issue. But we were working with what we had at the show. One of the only ways to work around this was to flatten the pitch of the game to help the ball roll back better. It was a necessary evil that resulted in the game looking like it was around a 5 degree pitch. Contrary to comments in this thread by people across the country, it wasn't because we were too stupid to twist the leg levelers.
Next issue, the software has not yet implemented a ball search. In normal development, this isn't a big deal. Adding a couple timers and having a switch resetting timer is a relatively simple task to complete and could be done in a few hours of work. But regardless, it wasn't done yet. The result of this was that every time the ball got stuck (and that was usually on the subway described above), the playfield had to be lifted. That required not putting the glass on and required having someone babysit the game for it to be played. Contrary to comments by people that weren't even present, this had nothing to do with Bills unwillingness to spend $300 on a sheet of invisiglass.
The next issue is that the game magnets were not yet added or implemented. Unlike the above two issues that were relatively simple to fix given more time, this is a big deal and requires some game physical modification as well as a ton of software work to properly pulse them. As a developer, I don't even believe some of the goals of some of the magnets are feasible (such as holding balls in lock for extended time periods without another mechanical mech to hold them). Unfortunately, the impact of this made the game look quite featureless. I know I explained to several folks at the show how many of the magnets will work describing the missing features.
Another issue was the playfield protector. The protector was fastened down in the front but in a way that caused a small air bubble near the flippers. Had the protector been simply free floating, it would have been ok. This is another very simple fix that was not something that could be done at the show. But this resulted in the ball losing its power at the flipper area. This made the flippers seem weak and it threw off the timing of the ramp shot. To those at the show paying attention, I would not expect this to be a long term concern and it should be obvious that it would be relatively easy to fix.
There were a lot of other software problems most of which would be relatively simple to sort out (coming from perspective of someone that understands the code). Unfortunately, there was no time with the machine to make changes prior to unveiling at the show.
That's my take on the current state of the MG prototype that was at show.

This thing that surprises me most is how much is still incomplete on the playfield, compared to what i had on my prototype over a year previously. Also some of the comments made about magnets not being coded are just plain wrong. You can see clearly that switches are missing from various places including the ramps, and also some of the actual magnets are not even installed. Also, the main arcade mode seem to be left set at 1 ball per game, even though this was easily adjustable and the Ball search feature is included in the framework, but not configured for development, as it confuses things when testing rules and proper mech operation.

Even though i am owed a 5 figure sum from popaduik i still offered to answer questions or give advice on technical items, service mode settings, code etc for the guys there during the weekend to help smooth out the demos as best i could. I did not get a single question....

Looking at one of the videos posted you can see that when the door opens the poor game is trying to tell you to check a bunch of switches including the ramp entry and exits. Someone even says 'i guess we have to just wait for these messages to go by'

Anyway, back to work for me, i've got a shed load of money to make up for....

#14876 6 years ago
Quoted from Sparky347:

Something like this?


The insert lamp system was created by me . There was a slave controller (arduino) which had its own os on (which i have the source for) and was sent communication from the master computer via serial. This connected to the serial chain of lamps which had WS2801 ics and 5050 RGB leds on them. The system ran at 12v.

I had it running early on during my involvement (August/September 2012 i think). I never had any issues with it and expanded the os over the course of my time there. All the colour data, lamp states, effects and lamp shows were handled on the lamp os system. The main program just sent update messages to it, or lamp show requests.

Other people in the p-roc community have also created similar systems (separately) and also had good success with the concepts.

One of the problems i had with john was getting all the led boards for my prototype. It took forever. Some were early GLM ones, some were cut up adafruit ones, some spark fun breakout boards, some later 'china' made ones. I spent an age wiring it all up so the code development could keep progressing.

#14940 6 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Space Mission X?
Do we have a full list of how many pins John was in the process of not finishing? I've heard up to 7.
Seems like John wanted to stay in the fun kiddie pool of the idea & brainstorming part of production - and not dip his toe into the bloodbath of the other 90%.

Quoted from epthegeek:

Space Mission X was the 'retro' budget game that he had in the lobby of his workshop. Plainly visible through the front windows to anybody that went by
Edit: SPX was the farthest along of the non-main games. Hell, it may have been the farthest along of all the projects. Real wood playfield, actual parts, software that you could play a game on. LOL.

The space mission framework was built by me and ran off a raspberry pi running arch. It also used custom gottlieb system 80 displays (the large blue ones) interfaced via a controller board I designed, a proc/mpux board and a 16 (wpc design) driver board. It also used the same lamp os controller as mg and raza. I built a functioning game base and Eric helped expand on that. I am still gutted ( along with all the other stuff that upsets me) that we never got to see the playfield art ,finished playfields, or the game completed. The cabinet art was seriously cool though

1 year later
#20651 4 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Until we hear otherwise,that's the current state of the software on MG.

Yes, check out my interview with thisflippinpodcast if you haven't heard it. That's my story on this. And yes i haven't touched the code since being left with $11K and a game owing. And no i haven't been contacted about getting a game or the cash owed, but i wish the buyers well and look forward to seeing what's inside them and what code it is on them.

Go get in a van and pick yours up and ask where mine is please.

#20721 4 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Glad all those involved get the machine.

Really? Where's mine then and where's my $11k?

#20836 4 years ago
Quoted from zombieyeti:

ok - I'll bite.
So I'm an optimist - i swear by it! And I've tried to hold this view throughout the past few years.... I've tried to be as measured & and as kind as possible about my experience with John... but if you follow me, you've seen & heard me slowly lose that measured response & as of today I've cracked. 'That Podcast Guy's most recent podcast pushed me over the edge, in fact.
Please read this: JOHN DID NOT MAKE ME AN ARTIST. JOHN DID NOT MAKE ME DO DETAILED PINBALL ARTWORK. I chose to put more time in on a proposed meager budget because I wanted to do something 'more than'. When I hear John get the credit for me I'm starting to feel marginalized....
While it's easy for me to say 'well I got to be involved with Ghostbusters as a result' I can't help but feel that that gives John credit for my work.
I swear I am a humble guy and this is completely selfish for me to think - but it burns me in hindsight.
As for the perspective I have on the machines going out - I'm glad for owners - really happy they'll get something FINALLY...
That said, I did all that detailed work (and much more than you see) for that game for little to no pay, tons of headaches, & no fanfare (since I was contractually hidden) for years. Why? Simple. I was promised a game from the beginning.
As of today I've heard NOTHING about John making good on that. I know at least 3 others in the same boat. I hate to break the bad news but with that in mind, I can assure you RAZA and AIW will NOT have my hand to finish the art as a result.
Not trying to rain on the celebration here - just venting because this damn wound isn't closing.
...hopefully this post gets the bad mojo out so I can be done with this issue... apologies for the negativity all!

Sucks doesn't it that us contractors were promised games as parts of the contractual extras, but we appear to be getting shafted again.

I had a playing prototype here in the office for a good year with plenty of code and features, sounds, graphics etc but the only thing anyone remembers is that awful nw show demo, where half the switches weren't even installed, or all the mechs designed to be there... Putting in extra effort, blood, sweat, tears on the promise of getting a game and reward later and remaining quiet and in the shadows is exactly how it went for me to.

If its any conciliation i feel the same about the open wound, and hearing your frustrations does comfort me to, as i feel the DAMN same. And when people say we'll just re-code it, i feel the rage again...

#20853 4 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Let's ask.....did any of you guys have a signed contract?

If this wasn't the case, i wouldn't even be mentioning not getting what was agreed and i certainly wouldn't have spent 2 years working with zidware without a contract in place. This wasn't a hobby for me.. It was a career choice. You should listen to my interview with thisflippinpodcast for more insight. $11k was missing from the invoices by the end of my time there along with NO GAME and was why i had to stop working for them.

so to clear up any confusion YES i did.

#20990 4 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

I've seen all of them lined up in a row, about half are already boxed up and ready to go.

So i guess you didn't see any with mine or zombieyeti name on then.... Talk about rubbing salt in the wound.. (jpop that is)

#20992 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Don't kid yourselves.
As long as this thing is playable, and has at least a basic rule set that uses all switches and features, it will be VERY valuable.
If the code is "open" somebody will finish it. Why wouldn't they? This is the same hobby where people manually colorize images frame-by-frame for little to no profit, and reverse engineer machine language on games like Data East Star Wars.
Long-term resale wise, 16k MG will blow away a 15k BB66LE.

You've got that the WRONG WAY ROUND. If the game has the switches and mechs installed that were coded then it'll play fine. Please remember i worked on this game for 2 years and built up a lot of code often before mechs/features were finalised because everything was so slow to materialise.....

The game is going to need some updates most likely, and that's something that could happen if i had a game, but i don't so...

Also, there's the small matter of being owed $11K still, nearly loosing everything in the process, selling half my pinball collection, and getting shafted by Jpop on a number of agreements........

Just seeing the attract mode screen in the picture with him standing next to it, is building my rage again...

#20993 4 years ago
Quoted from mbaumle:

Not sure what a magnetic jet bumper would entail, but it certainly sounds interesting.

The magnetic jet bumper is the one on the lower rhs near the skill shot, mystery target and right hand outlanes. The premise as coded by me was a jet bumper type operation using a magnet under the playfield that is activated by the 'hare' character in the game at certain points to disrupt and cause havoc. This was a concept jointly developed by myself and jPop.

I came up the idea of having a jet bumper cap floating above the area, so it gives the player a hint as to what the feature might be. You'll see a cap mounted on a plastic sticking out in the playfield there.

This is just 1 of the many concepts and features that were jointly developed during my 2 years there. There is much depth to the design, as we had many, many discussions and meetings to thrash out these ideas.

#21034 4 years ago

Because it is now pretty clear the game are shipping with my code (not all paid for), here is some info from posts i made a a few years back. This info is provided for owners and to answer the 'box of lights' question. If owners want to contact me directly, i *MAY* look to expand what each of these sections should do in a rules document for them.

For the code that i created for magic girl, there were the following features coded.

• base game play
• ball save
• bonus
• skillshot
• jets
• upper lanes
• up post
• magic letters
• lion saw
• newton ball
• owl target
• potion letters
• magic shop/scoop
• loops
• center spinner
• center lock
• centre targets
• spiral ramp
• wand ramps
• lock
• multiball
• jackpots
• quick multiball
• telsa subway
• mini magnet playfield
• jinx motor
• attract
• service mode with tests, audits, settings, coin door open

All the above had sounds, animation, graphics and rules

The following is a a Shot map (from left to right) from memory.

• Jinx Wheel - Left Outlane
• Lion saw
• Newton chamber (captive ball)
• Left Loop (Wizard Lane)
• Potion Spinner
• Left Ramp (Swirl Ramp)
• Owl Target (captive ball)
• Kings Chamber (Centre)
• Levitate Feature (Lightning Flashers)
• Magic Shoppe (Scoop)
• Hare/Million Target
• Kings/Queens Bonus X - Top lanes
• Right Loop
• Magnetic Jet Bumper (Hare)
• Tesla Subway
• Mystery/Coin target
• Shooter Lane
• Magna Save - Right Outlane

You *SHOULD* be able to see modes and features working for any of these modes if you select 'arcade' at game start, not 'novice play'. Novice play was something john wanted which was a more basic 'all targets the same' type game for kids etc.

Finally, here is the playfield prototype that i had back in may 2014.

42b57610e1658e0fdfbd21b72ab6cc1f81e045d3 (resized).jpg

#21043 4 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

I don't know how much applejuice is owed but maybe the MG owners could send a little cash his way if they feel comfortable doing so after getting their game and play testing? I understand the games are paid in full and there is no obligation to pay any more for anything.

$11177 and 1 game

#21047 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

so basically 12k and 1 MG would catch you up to where you should be?
Seems like the 19 owners could demand game #20 gets built and sent to you. Would also play out in your best interests since then you would have a game and I am guessing you may even opt to finish out the code how you intended?

Yes, that would pretty much cover it.

If i had a game then there would certainly be options as to what could be done with code updates and bug fixes.

#21065 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

pretty sure the suggestion is $650 per person/game for a total of 12k.
Plus the owners woudl need to demand those that were also due a game gets one (i.e. Zombie and Apple)

Yes. That about covers it. The fact that both myself and zombieyeti have not been offered games is truly disgraceful

#21077 4 years ago
Quoted from ChrisVW:

Maybe there's a Patreon opportunity here? I would certainly be willing to contribute for regular updates and fixes.

IF i could get a game here, then i would certainly look into what i could do code wise for updates and fixes. As i posted above i have detailed the features that *SHOULD* be available currently during a regular game and where they relate on a shot layout. I could possibly expand on this in terms of a rule sheet document if owners want this later.

#21089 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Jim, is the code seen in the videos your work as you left it, or has anything changed?

The video looks like novice play footage as you can see the 'novice play champion' screen come up at the end. This is a cut down version of the arcade play.

And yes this is my code base as i left it in may 2014...

#21167 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinballs:

As for MG, I extend this offer to fellow Brit Applejuice- you visit my house to play MG as often and for as long as you like, and free drinks! You were treated (like ZY and others) most shabbily and shamefully by Jpop, and I hope he is shamed by this for the rest of his life.

Thank you for this. It is much appreciated and i would love to. There's much we could discuss to! At least there will be 1 complete MG game here in the UK. Have you made arrangements for the shipping? I still want to get one here myself to, as there is so much potential for sorting out and supporting owners this way.

I read that there are 19 owners with 21 games made, and 25 playfields. So this begs the question what is happening with the other 2-6 games? If there are 2 extra games then surely they should be assigned to myself and zombieyeti in an attempt to build bridges and make things right. I really hope jPop isn't thinking he can sell 6 additional games to the highest bidder....

I really feel the rage building as these games are/have shipped with my code on them which i still own the rights to due to non payment.

#21168 4 years ago

Something i just spotted in terms of difference on the videos and pictures on jpop sites, which will be interesting to ask the owners to confirm when they have their games. The Magic Shoppe Scoop Mystery award which was supposed to be 'Arthurs Magic Shoppe' (from Knights of the round table Arthur) is altered to a huge ? insert covering jeremy's art, but on the pictures its how i remember it. Does this mean there are 2 differing playfields being used or the images and videos are from different point in time?

#21169 4 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

I saw multiple machines leaving today in the hands of their owners. Not my place to say who it was, but I suspect it will be public soon enough.

I am happy for the owners and look forward to seeing more threads about them unboxing and getting to play it. I will continue to offer support and help where i can

#21184 4 years ago

Ok, so here is something that i as the programmer have created for the owners of magic girl and other interested people. I provide this info as a positive in a very difficult and distressing time for myself. (But i do like to look forward not backwards )


As i mentioned before i would create a slightly better place where the owners could get some information on what rules and features were created by myself whilst working there. I may expand on each feature to give more information.

Whilst building this today, i also came across some online score page code which i had been developing (in 2013) for submitting your scores to a master high score list automatically from your game. The test scores are also featured on here.

As i have been banging on about if i can get a game here then i will *LOOK* at options as to what can be done code wise. Until there is further progress on this matter, please enjoy this site. And if any owners want to reach out to me directly please do so.

#21198 4 years ago

Is anyone aware of what is happening with the 2 sample/prototype games made which were quoted as existing outside of the buyers 19? I'm sure i read somewhere these were scheduled to get sold?? which is just unbelievable if true.

Also why make 25 playfields and only 21 games?

#21217 4 years ago
Quoted from zombieyeti:

applejuice Rumor has it Bill/Pintasia was getting 2 machines as payment. That's where I'm guessing our machines went...

Thanks for letting me know on this, appreciated. Why anyone needs 2 games is beyond me...

#21218 4 years ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

I'd love to show this game off.
Obviously this is a sensitive title/subject, but I think getting this game-play out to the world would be great!
John is one of my favorite designers for sure as someone previously mentioned.
Let's see what we can do!

Maybe you could help myself and zombieyeti get our games that we were promised as part of our contracts and effort? Or at least help promote the issue that jpop stole, lied and cheated from us and others to get this game created. Lets be clear that the concept and rules are partially my design and zombieyeti to, so the design of the game is not just jpop....

#21247 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinballs:

Applejuice, this is an incredible thing to do, and I unequivocally will subscribe to this, including money.
Blimey, this is what the pinball community is all about <tears in eyes>

Thank you , i appreciate the support and comment. Sometimes i find that a random act of kindness is the best way to act when you've been shafted. It does actually make you feel a lot better. There was a news report about this just the other day.

#21287 4 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Who finished the code? Do we know if it is the same code or if it was tweaked.

'Finished the code' ??????

As far as i know, its my code that was 'downed tools' on in May 2014 due to being owed $11177 and no sensible response as to why or when it would be paid from jpop. Same code used at the NW demo without settling up with me...

As i've said before on this thread now a few times, if i can get a game here somehow, then i will look at what could be possible code update wise, but i make no guarantees and it wouldn't be free. I haven't seen the finished playfield design and where the remaining switches were put, or if all the mechs were completed to the specs i had during the development. It would be very useful for a buyer who has one to post some detailed pics of what the playfield is like.

If you want to know what code and features are included, what *SHOULD* be playable then you should check the site i created for buyers out here :


#21332 4 years ago

Well this is just all alittle bizarre for me now. However as the original programmer I offer the following as a few basic things you can do to check the operation of your game:

1) enter service mode and check operation of feature lamps, switches, coils
2) start an arcade game and light LOCK lamps, then lock a ball up the ramp
3) complete the potion lamps by hitting the potion spinner and targets
4) complete lion saw by hitting the lion saw targets. Lion saw spins
5) advance bonus x via the kings/queens lanes
6) enter tesla subway and hear him speak to you
7) activate hare magnet jet bumper from hare target
8) activate jinx wheel from central rollovers

This should NOT be a box of blinky lights as is repeatedly mentioned. Though maybe I'm just talking to myself....

I have no game and no way to check what was shipped currently. For owners I may try to expand the rule sheet with more info on magicgirlcode.org

#21339 4 years ago
Quoted from cliff_clavin:

Just an idea but why don't the magic girl recipients chip in $500 each and pay directly to the programmer. Hire the programmer to finish the code. Hell if the programmer is willing, this is a no brainer decision.

I need a game though and this is one of the main points. Jpop shafted me on receiving one aswell as the contract cash.

Summary is : someone send me a game and I'll happily check everything and discuss options for going forward from where I left the code

#21404 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinballs:

I'm surprised we haven't seen customers posting gameplay videos of their machines yet. It would be very useful to know if the thing works or not. In particular, does the geometry work? If so, updated code could fix it up a bit.
I think someone will have to lend a MG to Applejuice to allow him to work on the code, and I think that may be me, being the only UK customer I'd also pay towards the code update, as should other MG customers IMO. Imagine if we could get the MGs working, and in the process pay Applejuice what he is owed? Now that would be awesome.
But this does not detract from the fact that Applejuice and ZY should get their own MGs.
AP, if you're reading, can you make 2 more machines?? The positive PR you would gain from doing so would be amazing, and increased Houdini sales would easily pay for the additional work IMO. Despite all the issues about MG, it is already an incredible thing that AP has done, and they are to be applauded for it.

Thank you for your post. It is much appreciated. Seems strange doesn't it that i as the programmer isn't even able to get hold a game to check the functionality that was created....

I'm still waiting for someone to confirm the list of basic functionality i listed last night is available....

Checking that the lamps,switches,coils are working in the service menu should be step 1 as i said already....

#21408 4 years ago

So i continue to be confused by people taking about box of lights, nothing going on

So i had a few minutes this afternoon and i dusted off the code base and loaded up on my dev laptop which i normally use for developing my stern indy jones rewrite

Here are a few screen grabs of various 'simple' arcade game features. The graphics window should match your game screen

1) Ball start skillshot

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 17.14.46 (resized).png
Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 17.14.58 (resized).png

2) Bonus multiplier progress - kings and queen top lanes
Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 17.06.46 (resized).png

3) Potion power up ready - potion target
Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 17.06.17 (resized).png

4) Newton multiball ready - lhs captive ball
Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 17.04.13 (resized).png

5) Magnetic jet bumper ready - hare
Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 17.02.43 1 (resized).png

6) Jet bumper progress - jets
Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 17.02.24 (resized).png

If someone wants to determine if you have these features available or not. Maybe the code was cut down for release or something crazy, or stuck in novice play. Who knows.....

#21525 4 years ago
Quoted from GLModular:

Well the sooner that someone cracks one open and takes good detailed photos of every inch of the interior of the game, the sooner we'll know who that will be.

Well said GLM

#21530 4 years ago
Quoted from FalconPunch:

So why doesn't magic girl have new we code?
Is this Johns way of 'clearing his mind' over not paying applejuice?
Just don't use his latest code?

Certainly seems a little odd doesn't it. I've shown a few times now a couple of things that should be included at a basic level, which appear not to be available. This is just crazy because if the game is locked somehow into a basic flipping about 'novice' mode, i had more code than that completed by my first usa visit in august 2012....

The only way this get sorted is if i get sent a game....

#21558 4 years ago
Quoted from Compy:

He who shall not be named has confirmed that the ramp shot is able to be made. That was a huge surprise to me. I just hope that the flipper strength isn't amped up so much that it destroys all of the other thin plastics on the game.

The flipper strength isn't 'amped up' as far as i know. Its standard pulse time and hold, but of course most my code appears to be 'locked out' currently so who knows..... I remember shooting the ramp shot a load when it was been developed. I just never got a vac formed set for my own dev playfield, but i did get a set of 'hot glue prototypes' ...

#21681 4 years ago
Quoted from DutchTommy:

Just had some fresh news from the mg owner.. this below is what he wrote..
I'll get some gameplay video up later today. I did notice that you can select between Novice/Arcade/Wizard modes...I feel like I've only been playing "Novice"...going to select "Arcade" later today and see it that turns any more mechs on.
So it appears to be that the code isn't locked??

Are we really going to have to spell this out.. I assumed this had already been done and was stuck on novice only.

On the game selection screen the arrows next to the game type mean you can use the flipper buttons to select between Novice - Arcade - Wizard around and around. Press Start to confirm. Surely this should have been on the instruction card

Another helpful tip from me, your friendly neighbourhood coder....

TBH though i never wanted novice play or wizard play in there. I just wanted arcade and no selection screen, but johns way is johns way...

#21685 4 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

ok then this was all just misinformation? It's not a 1 player, 2 ball game unless you are playing Novice? I just find it hard to believe nobody else is offering information on the game except Kaneda. Oh well, I guess the don't want to.

Erm, well i think i've given quite a lot of help already to.

If you want me to go on about why novice play was written and why its 2 ball then i will, but the its best just to remove it altogether. If i do an update that will be the first thing done.

#21719 4 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Easier than that, just hit the service mode from the coin door and see the versions and options.
If you can get into service mode, you'd know right away.

You don't even need to do that, just open the coin door, the hv disabled message should come up and you'll get the software revision, and any game errors like stuck/broken switches etc scrolling along the bottom

As shown on the site i put up, the last revision software wise i worked on was :

Software Revision: VERSION 0.7.11
Build Date: 21/05/14

#21729 4 years ago
Quoted from RyThom:

What is beyond the spinner shot? How do you get the ball all the way into that upper-tier?

Ok, I don't mind explaining some things here, as I may expand the rules info on magicgirlcode.org anyway for buyers

The 'upper' playfield was one of my favourite parts to the game. Named the power playfield by me as reference and hat tipping to tz, it is a magna flip playfield that is qualified by successive right loop shots that light the word POWER. See the playfield image to upper rhs. Once qualified a left ramp should divert the ball to the upper playfield instead of up to the left or right exit ramps. Once on the playfield jackpots are scored and advanced by the rear targets

This was what is currently in place on my build. Will be interesting to hear what happens on the games shipped here

Hope this is useful

#21733 4 years ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

So who's having me over to stream this?!

You can come to mine to stream it anytime and I can go through all the rules, features, concepts with you.

2 minor stumbling blocks currently.... No game and you need a flight to the uk!!!

#21737 4 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Maybe new video later tonight….

Please ask whoever it is to make sure they are in fact playing an ARCADE selected game, using the flippers to change the game type on the selection screen and start to confirm. I don't want to hear another thing mentioned about that damn novice mode...

#21815 4 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

er….this one
» YouTube video

What's interesting is if he'd actually bothered to look at the site I put up to help owners alot of his questions as to what features are would be answered.

In the interests of helping buyers out (on my own time yet again) the following answers may be useful

The jinx wheel - feature 2 on my shot map is activated and disabled by the 2 central follower buttons just above the magic letters

The poof post - feature 10 on my shot map is activated by hits to the poof target which is to the lft of the magic shoppe scoop. There are only a certain number of poof post saves though available per ball, so use them wisely.

#21818 4 years ago
Quoted from pinballrockstar:

Man... look at how complex magic girl is on the inside..
How in the world can one have all these development costs,custom mechs and only build 19?
In retrospect we were stupid beyond belief.

Try being on the inside developing all this, then getting shafted on the bill and rewards.....

#21819 4 years ago

Another positive post from me for the buyers. I have started to expand the rules and features a little after going back through the code and rules documents i have in my archive. This page is based on what i created for the game.


It is also linked from the main page, after the shot info. This is a work in progress so please don't jump on me right now if its not all populated. I am working through a lot of files to refresh my memory and also i run a company which has orders, so i am doing this in between my normal day job.

Also, i REALLY hope this post doesn't get lost on here and we get more videos of 'no idea what this does... what's this for...' or i end up having to repeat myself over and over and over

Please also remember i am not a support help desk for all things wrong with zidware or john's construction. I have no link to AP or Zidware. I act on behalf of my own software and hardware company ONLY...

I hope the above is useful.

#21830 4 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

Given the amount of plastics all over the real game, having trouble following the shot map.
Can you confirm the biggest two 'doesnt works' / confusing things he pointed out:
- the central assembly at the top of the ramp. Lightning flippers on your map right(item 16)?.. is there a piece of hardware missing that you can tell?
- Jesus caveman thing. Looks like that might be the Levitate feature on your map but it's blank.

I did say above regarding this new information page. "This is a work in progress so please don't jump on me right now if its not all populated. I am working through a lot of files to refresh my memory and also i run a company which has orders, so i am doing this in between my normal day job."

However, let me clarify the 'central mechanism'. It is 2 mechanisms really. The upper playfield is the power playfield and is accessed as described:

16) Power Playfield (Magnetic Flippers)
Named the power playfield by me as reference and hat tipping to tz, it is a magna flip playfield that is qualified by successive right loop shots that light the word POWER. See the playfield image to upper rhs. Once qualified a left ramp shot should divert the ball to the upper playfield instead of up to the left or right exit ramps. Once on the playfield jackpots are scored and advanced by the rear targets

The top magnet is part of the kings chamber and this was one on the mechs i never saw completed. The idea was that the 3rd ball for multiball would be fired upwards from the lower popper and caught by this magnet at multiball start before being released along with the other 2 locked balls on the ramps. This is one of the features that i wanted to check details on as the code will most likely need work here, though there is code in place based on my best guesses. I didn't have the upper magnet part ever sent to me on my prototype.

The 'jesus caveman thing' as you put it is feature 12) Levitate Feature (Lightning Flashers) which is an open core magnet that sucks the ball up into it for a timed amount after a certain amount of shot to the target below. The ball should float at the top of the magnet. I haven't had time to add this to my site docs yet.

#21901 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

It would be cheaper (and faster) to ship a person from the UK than a pin to the UK.
What if a MG owner (near a major airport) hosted Apple for a week to work on the game, and all of the owners crowd-sourced payment and the plane ticket?

I want my own game, here in the UK. Simple.

#22037 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinballlew:

Applejuice has said that you have to power up the magnaflips by hitting the inside loop until all letters of the power inserts are lit. So I believe they are implemented.

Quoted from Pinballlew:

I am thinking that the code is how Applejuice left it...waiting for confirmation as well.

Quoted from InfiniteLives:

yeah I saw he said that, but who knows if its in this code build that jon sent out. hopefully we can get some confirmation from the Kman

Yes, I am interested to hear how this test goes. The shot should be the outer right loop, then the left ramp to start. Watch for the POWER lamps (upper rhs) being built up. What we need to know is if the diverter mech to move the ball from the left ramp to the power playfield is installed and connected. This was one of the things slow and late for john to sort out. I was eager to get hold of it (having previously tested the magna flip stuff separately and loved it) but he was un-focused and kept asking me to change things in the attract mode....

Also here is a picture of the early magna flip playfield I preferred this one, but john wanted it clear. I argued to keep it, but lost Maybe we could get these made as mods?

IMG_2917 (resized).jpg

#22080 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinballs:

What we need is a forensic, detailed review of MG by Martin for Pinball News. Martin was in my house today to review Captain Nemo. Ok we talked and played pinball too, but he was here for 5 hours. You just know how good that review will be
For MG he might need somewhat longer (!), but man it would be cool to see an expert's view on all the stuff we've been speculating or been poorly informed about! K bless him doesn't have the expertise we need in his reviews (in fairness, nor would I have). Basically, we need the A-Team on this IMO, as it's no easy problem.
My MG was picked up by the shipper from Jpop today, and will be air-freighted to London Heathrow Airport at the weekend, so I should have it in my house within a week from now. This is a lovely feeling given it was originally ordered Aug 2011
In addition to a Pinball News review (if Martin is agreeable, of course), I've also invited Applejuice to my house to give his professional views on MG and what can be done with the Code to update and 'fix' it e.g. to get the magna flippers working, as well as Everything Else. He can stay here if he wishes, and if necessary I'm happy to lend my MG to Jim for as long as it takes. There's no point pissing around- we need to fix this, and after 5.5 years waiting I'd like to do this ASAP

Pinballs Maybe we should try and combine a date when i can come to assess the game and meet up with Martin and Yourself, and possibly the twitch thing to? I am happy to explain features,concepts etc to all in lew of 'Jpop coming to your house and setting the thing up...'

#22082 4 years ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

Thanks for all the insight Applejuice, I'm sure *someone* will read this and test it out when they have a chance.

Do we know if any buyers have tried out the POWER letters spotting and power playfield/magnet flippers features? Still interested to know if its working ad what's going on with the left ramp to playfield diverter.

#22111 4 years ago

Are there any more game play tests to report from any buyers? I did list a series of things to test and also report the software version installed? Has anyone got the power playfield to run as yet as I described before?

#22148 4 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Magic Girl Magna Flipper Attempt Video #2
» YouTube video

Ok, lets not give up hope just yet. I have more ideas and things to try!

#22149 4 years ago

So, here are some screen grabs off my dev machine here on progress and starting the power playfield mode. (Taken this morning)

Power playfield progress which should light POWER letters at the same time. Note the message in the main score window. The right loop switch is not activating this, so i'll see if can check archive files here in case another switch might have been assigned. Please bear with me though as i haven't looked at any of this stuff for 2 and half years!
Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 08.24.59 (resized).png

Screen grab when you complete the POWER letters and the left ramp should be ready for a shot
Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 08.25.10 (resized).png

Screen grab of what the screen show once you are on the power playfield
Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 08.25.13 (resized).png

So the code should be in there, just not accessible right now.

Of course it is possible that things will just need tweaking code wise for this feature, seeing as there's been such a long time between code work and playfield completion. And this will be the case for other areas guaranteed.

#22151 4 years ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

What amazed me about that video was that JPOP was able to put together a nicer service menu than Stern did on it's LCD

Erm, I don't think jpop can take the credit for that one either. Yours truly created that and it took months and months

I was tasked with 'create a graphical service mode' as we (myself and john) both saw it as hugely useful for developing games going forward and of course testing features (switches, lamps, coils, displays, sound etc) on magic girl. I should also point out that prior to my arrival and starting work on projects, a basic service mode was already present, so mine was built on top of what was already in existence, like any normal development of product would be.

#22153 4 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

Anyone else see something wrong here?
Clear flipper button on left VS Red flipper button on right

Not really. there wasn't anything added for a 'special feature' on the left as far as i know. One the right though the upper flipper button is for magna save.

#22154 4 years ago

So, regarding the power playfield feature. I think we need to check the rear of the swirl ramp in greater detail. There should be a switch mounted on there somewhere and also a diverter of some kind to allow the ball to enter the upper playfield instead of continuing up the ramp.

This switch is the one we now need to check in arcade game play as to whether that progresses the POWER lamps. Please also pay attention to what the screen says after switch hits. If it shows the messages under the score i posted earlier then we are good. If not then its time to get the 'fix this' list out..

#22177 4 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

I admire his confidence, but I really don't think it's that simple.
I'm just a mechanical grunt - but even *I* know that when I do something as simple as a repair on a pinball mech, I have literally NO idea if the mech is going to work properly until I test it. Half the time, it doesn't, and I'll need to take it apart, adjust it, etc. Sometimes it takes many tries (just went through this with a THING hand).
My point?
there is no way in hell they can just throw some magic in the code and expect this Battle the Power ripoff to work in any manner as it was designed. It's never been tested. It's never been played.
By the grace of god, you may somehow get the ball to go up there. But from there? Yikes.
I am interested in whether or not there are actually magnets hooked up to that upper playfield.

I think this is why i said I NEED A GAME first..

#22178 4 years ago
Quoted from Nibbles:

Isn't this exactly like the service menu Pinball 2000 games had?


#22191 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinballs:

Sadly it will be a few days yet.
Although my MG was picked up on 22nd, Jpop neglected to supply the paperwork (invoice etc) needed by US and UK Customs to ship the machine to UK (despite us checking this 10 times with him beforehand). I have chased with numerous emails, but no reply from Jpop. Scott did reply and follow-up with Jpop- still no reply from Jpop.
So today (2 days later) I phoned AP and s/w Dhaval Vasani himself. He said John was out for lunch (it was lunchtime there) but he would remind him later today, also stating it was John's responsibility to handle Zidware paperwork etc, which of course it is. I had a polite chat with Dhaval for 10 minutes, reiterating my concern about getting MG, and also took the opportunity to thank him and AP for manufacturing MG.
My MG is therefore in limbo, unable to be exported to UK currently, and we had to cancel the weekend flight slot to UK
I really don't understand what Jpop is playing at, but I have his mobile/cell number now, and will ensure I regularly text, phone and email him and AP, and perhaps more too, later... It is wholly unacceptable, Jpop, to treat customers like this, and you really should (like an errant child) be ashamed of yourself. Jpop is also, of course, ensuring that he will never again be supported by competent people like AP, and hence is digging his own commercial grave (as if he hadn't already, of course!). But remember WITH CRYSTAL CLARITY, Jpop, things can always get worse... Like an involuntary bankruptcy filing run by Keith, for example.
So send me my paperwork please, old chap.

If you manage to get hold of Jpop then you are doing better than i have. Also remind him or scott there should be 2 not 1 games coming to the UK...

#22202 4 years ago

The latest updates on the rules doc is updated onto http://magicgirlcode.org/features.jsp

I've had enough for now of going through old files and documents, so this is pretty much complete as i left the code

Not much more i can provide now until i have a game in front of me to see what sort of job jpop did putting these things together.

Kind of pissed that he didn't put the hare magnet in (amongst other things...) That was one of my favourite features.. When i get a game myself that is job one, reinstall hare magnet.

#22203 4 years ago

Would also still like to know if the ramp locks for multiball are working. See rules

And the software revision number - displayed when you open the coin door or in the service menu (system menu i think)

#22324 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

The lower PF rotating was my idea. The flipper would stay put, and one of three "scenes" would rotate in. You'd have to clear them all to reach the reactor which you'd bash at. (Not sure if there would have been room to make it all fit)
There was also a window in the side of the cab that showed a glowing neon "reactor core" which was kind of a neat idea until you realize collectors pack these [pins] side-by-side like sardines. It served no purpose besides looking cool.
My pitch [that fit John's pre-existing ideas of a) Ben b) Zombies c) Theme park] was that you (the player) sneak into an abandoned theme park late one night to make out with your main squeeze. But then she's captured by "Evil Ben Heck" who has an army of zombies and he's going to transform her into their queen by midnight. You must battle [things] to get her back!
I don't think that plot was even considered. I mean just look how random the game became after I left.
John clearly just wanted to make an amusement park theme, but that's SO dated nowadays. I really pushed for "decrepit, decaying park" because I thought that would be much more visually interesting.

I still think your theme works and would be a cool game for what its worth. I love old decaying theme parks and the imagery. I have this picture as my dev machine background, which is an old japanese rollercoaster.

japanese rollercoaster (resized).jpg

As for the raza game, the screen graphics and art i saw whilst working on it code wise was cool in my opinion and was still a fit to what you mention above.

3pinuplounge_bg (resized).png4giftshop_bg (resized).png5midway_bg_masked (resized).png

(I hope these screen images are ok to be shared and the artist does not mind, if not i can remove them)

#22325 4 years ago
Quoted from Borygard:

If applejuice can make progress on the code, I'm grateful, and will contribute any way I can.

If i get my own game then we can see.

#22584 4 years ago

Information for buyers keeping their games...

The information description on the Lion Saw feature was updated on magicgirlcode.org

Please see below:

Lion Saw Feature

"Complete 3 bank certain number of times (setting adjustable - default of 5) to start saw and double scoring. Each set of 3 targets needs to be hit within a certain time to ‘lock-in’ the completion. When 1 target is hit the associated lamp is lit and the others in the bank start to flash for the given time. If the timer expires before all 3 targets are hit all 3 lamps go out and the player needs to start again. End of ball cancels any lamps currently lit. Completed banks are stored cross ball. Starting the saw loads a new background, music and a timer is displayed along with a double scoring message to aid player. Completing 3 bank awards you Copper from the Lion (he is keeping) - 3 pieces (setting adjustable). Collected copper is shown on the lower status panel. If target bank is only 2 targets, 3rd target will be virtually hit from additional hits once they themselves are lit."

There is another MOD option to reinstall the full 3 targets potentially with narrow ones instead of the 2 currently installed. See the rules above though as to how the 3rd target is virtually selected when missing. The lamps lit are the HEX lamps. The is also another MOD option to install the Lion Saw motor and have the blade spin, as per my prototype. More details on this if i get time and find the files.

#22738 4 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

I was curious about that myself... why the heck do you need an arduino if you have a full fledged PC running the game?
Also, I hope the arduino never dies unless you have the sketch that it's running to program to a new unit.

Quoted from luvthatapex2:

The arduino controls the RGB lamps.

Correct. I created this system and I wrote the control os. I have the original source all nice and safe here to...

Some tech info on it. It was created as a 'slave' device for the main computer to offload some of the repetitive tasks. It handles all the lamp control and lamp effects internally maintaining a register of what each lamp is doing, plus it holds another register and effect map of playfield lamps that can be called. It does not use lampshow integration like some other ideas for rgb lamp control created by other programmers

#22744 4 years ago
Quoted from ShinyNick:

Here is my first day testing report on my MG #006 that I picked up from John on Feb 28, 2017. Bear in mind that there are many issues here right out of the box. This machine is not playable yet due to ball hangup issues. I consider all 19+2 MG machines to be prototypes and from what I have seen here and from looking at other peoples’ pics and videos for their MGs I suspect that each machine is different in some ways. I hope this info will assist other owners and I’m very curious if they share these issues.
When I picked up from John I asked him the following:
Does Multiball work? “No”
Is it a code issue only? “Yes” (I don’t think this is true…)
Does the magnaflip playfield work? “Yes”
Does the magnetic “hare” bumper work or do we need to add a magnet under the playfield? “Yes you have to add the magnet and this an optional mod. The code is working for the magnet. I will send you the specs for the magnet. There are several optional mods that will be available and I will publish the info online.”
Setup and Issue Photos:
Playfield Issues and notes on my machine:
-Ball hangup issue on ramp beside diverter – ball hits closed diverter and gets stuck behind yellow post. I’m guessing there used to be a lock mech here. May have to install another post to alleviate this… note that ball hangs up here on every ramp shot!
-Ball cannot clear under ramp diverter – there is not enough room when diverter is opened. May have to install spacers to raise diverter mech slightly. This diverter fires in COIL TEST but I have not seen it fire in a game.
-Ball hangup on right ramp return to right inlane – ball does not fit through hole. Need to adjust ramp and metal piece
-Tesla skill shot – only one opto switch installed and this switch was installed with two sided tape so that the opto LEDs were sticking into the ball path where the ball smashes into them! Need to install spacers for the Opto PCB.
-Spinning disc and centre flipper up post are not flush with playfield and are on an angle – will adjust
-Main plunger shot not hitting hard enough due to plunger gauge metal keeping ball too far from plunger when at rest. My game included a second shooter gauge with graphics on it – I will install to see if problem alleviates. EDIT – installed new gauge, looks nicer but is exact same size. Need a longer shooter rod… will try shorter barrel spring on outside or other measures.
-Center Floating Spinner (jinx Spinner) works but spinner occasionally STRIKES opto LEDs! – must adjust opto PCB mounting so that there is more spinner clearance.
-There may be some switch matrix issues – ball trough opto column 7 switches all light up in switch test whenever column 6 switches are triggered (in switch test). EDIT this may be some weirdness with the Switch test itself – curious if other MG machines exhibit this behavior. Did not notice any trough switch errors while playing.
-Saucer kickout is too strong – ball smashes into Spinning lamp plastics directly above. Maybe missing a deflector?
-Spinning lamp assembly has already fallen apart from testing (and crazy saucer kickout)… will need to modify the 3D printed parts to make it spin smoother
-Ramp entry switch mount is only on one side and is not secure – need to figure out a way to secure from both sides of ramp.
One of the head hinge bolts is loose! – Tightened.
-LCD screen does not have any protective plastic over it and circular ramp is too close and actually touches screen – will to try to move it back… needs a plastic shield over the screen like CV has.
-While testing the machine seemed to CRASH and lock up on me once – cycled power and now machine booted but nothing on LCD… after a few more power cycles it started up ok. Will monitor this behaviour
Coil Issues/ Results from COIL TEST in TEST menu:
Right Magna Flip fires as Left Magna Flip
Left Magna Flip (14) fires as Right Magna Flip
Mystic Ring magnet (29) fires as Box Air Magnet (30) (Possibly re-tasked coil assignment)
Box Air magnet (30) doesn’t fire anything
Bagatelle Popper (31) fires saucer – NOTE this saucer kickout hole fires too hard and shoots ball straight up smashing into spinning genie lamp plastics
Diverter Up Post (11) fires Knocker in head – (Possibly re-tasked coil assignment)
Wand Grab left (12) does nothing
Wand Grab Right Fires Diverter on circular ramp
Left Magic Lock (16) doesn’t do anything
Right Magic Lock doesn’t do anything
(I’m Guessing the Magic Lock coils were the ramp locks for multiball in the protos)
Hare Jet (19) does nothing – needs magnet installed under playfield – connector is there labelled “Hare Jet” for future addition
Magic Mirror (23) does nothing?
Hare Spinning Disc (24 and 25) does nothing… is this a feature that was removed?
Jinx Wheel motor (26) works – mine turns clockwise
Lion Saw Motor (27) does nothing – needs motor/upgraded assembly…
Magna Hare (9) works – magna save above right inlane
Playfield Diverter (10) works – diverts between full left orbit shot or diverts to kings chamber from top
Switch Issues
Ramp Entry switch not working (FIXED - was disconnected under playfield)
Missing Saw 1 Switch - mod/upgrade needed
Tesla Skill 2 (63) One sided opto switch is working but no other Tesla opto switches are installed that I can see – there is a hole for one other opto pair…
“Lead Coin” standup target fires as “Jack Mystery” switch # 48
Playing Notes:
-This machine does not go into ball search so far (Like Kaneda’s does in his videos)– missing this feature?
-The spring under the Magnetic Bumper cap is an actuator for a switch which is working.
-Right orbit shots do not light POWER letters to enable magna flip mini playfield… I did notice that you can enable the magnaflip by centre shots (to be confirmed) … the saucer magnet DID grab the ball but the VUK would not shoot the ball up to the mini playfield to start the mode… NOTE: it looks like all hardware is there to enable magna flip mini playfield. There are no targets to shoot at (as described by Jim) but there is a rear exit shot that goes to another small metal ramp that feeds into a another mini playfield above the pop bumpers. Then it looks like the ball falls through a hole and into the pops area.
-The levitating ball feature works but I can’t get the ball to levitate “above” the magnet as described… it hovers inside the square magnet assembly thus far. Also note that the blue standup target that activates this feature is on a 45 degree angle does not actuate reliably – will need some adjustments.
Other issues and observations:
-Code version is 0.7.24 – this is different than what Jim reports on magicgirlcode.org which is 0.7.11
-My machine was missing the two head bolts but included a WPC style rear latch assembly – but I’m not sure how the latch can be used safely with this cabinet with a neck beneath the head – will find some suitable head bolts…
-Are there different playfield versions? My center drain post is labelled “The Magic Post” but I’ve seen others online labelled ”Theatre of Magic Post”…
The large “?” insert in front of the Scoop looks like it was cut out later as an afterthought. You can see a previous insert labelled “Arthur’s Magic” or something like that underneath.
-Can’t find free play setting… have to actuate coin switches to add credits.
-“Wizard” playing mode does not function
-My “evil winking genie” plastic at the top of the mini playfield stack is mounted with 2 screws and two small spacers. This differs from Kaneda’s video which shows this plastic mounted on two springs.
-The data ribbon cable coming out of the computer case in bottom of cabinet has no slot cut out so we have to be careful not to “shear off” ribbon cable if computer box is fully tightened! My box came with only 2 of 4 thumbscrews installed on the cover and they were very loose to accommodate ribbon cable.
-The original left and right ramp lock mechs will be needed to make the main multiball mode function. Can they be added?
-The “impossible” standup switch under the left ramp does indeed look impossible to hit! It lights the ball save for either outlane.
-The power switch is on the rear of the machine… use a power bar!
-My 3D owl was facing backwards like others. You can turn it to face forward easily

Excellent post and pics

I noticed something interesting on my favourite system screen that you took a pic of.

IMG_20170228_204009 (resized).jpg

This type of screen was a personal favourite of mine on systems design that i have seen throughout my life and so i wanted to put one in. Anyway, check the serial number on the screen. That's the prototype serial number i created for the game in johns workshop. They should have updated each build to match the serial number on the back of your cabinet... Guess no-one had the balls to ask me how to change it....

Also the Game Health should report OK. If you enter the diagnostics service mode you should get a list of what it thinks is wrong. Probably just non activated switches from switches that are missing.

And the link to report the LampOS version was never put in AFAIR

Thanks for snapping that though, it still makes me smile, even after all that has happened

#22842 4 years ago
Quoted from Borygard:

Some facts...
The light boards are indeed GLM design.
The driver board is from another long time board designer that is still due for work and product. This board has been re-labeled with the American Pinball name. Not sure exactly how they came to the conclusion it was their board to label.
Prototype games were limited to three. They were built long before the "production" games. They have different art work on the cabinet, interactive backglass, most of the assemblies that were removed from the "production" games, and most of the metal parts are the stainless steel that JPop was obsessed with.
Rob Anthony
Pinball Classics
Quality Board Work - In Home Service
borygard at gmail dot com

Good comments. I was wondering the same thing regarding the boards, knowing the full history of them rather well.

1 month later
#23402 4 years ago
Quoted from DaveKing:

You guys are great - this auction is already more fun than I'd ever have with the game. Truth be told I hope it ends up and in the hands of someone like Applejuice or a mechanical guru collector who might be able to sort out the game properly - not stay hidden in a box. Fetch just enough to settle up with a frustrated wife and get 25 of these things working as they should...sounds great to me.
But then again, to quote Neil Young, "I'm a dreaming man...."

I like the dream! If this game did end up with me, then there's plenty that could be sorted out and my recent updates could be tested properly, but i think i need a lottery win first!

To quote one of my favourite films

"I don't have the $42.50.."

I have a Bally Cosmos which i just got up and running which we could trade. This game is probably more fun to!

Bizzarly this is the game Bally produced directly before Op Pop Pop which is what jPop has in his house, or did whilst i was visiting and working on the zidware games. So there's a nice tenuous link to!!

Seriously though, i hope you get a good price and use it for some games you'll enjoy

#23433 4 years ago
Quoted from HighVoltage:

Where is Applejuice?

I'm here in sunny England running my embedded hardware and electronics business and getting on with my life. Right now today i'm testing out an update Scott wanted for the Segment display control code i wrote for use on his total annihilation project. After that i've got a load of new sounds boards to assemble for people.

Quoted from HighVoltage:

He said if he gets his machine, he finishes the code. Hhhm, buy the machine, give it to Applejuice in exchange for the rights to the completed code as you now paid for it, JPoop certainly didn't. Then get your investment back by selling to the owners.
If I were an owner, I'd coordinate something like this with the rest of the owners. Band together, buy the machine, give to Applejuice, bam, you get your game completed... Everyone chip in $1000-$1500 to complete your game? It would be worth it...

In terms of Magicgirl specifically and alongside running my business i've begun to create an update based on issues that have been identified and features that need tweaking. Of course i can't test this yet other than in simulation so its work in progress and if a physical game never makes it to me it will stay on a shelf, but i have seen what /or wasn't done after my departure and created improvements for various things.

Here's an example of an update to move some of the graphics windows higher up on the screen to make visibility better.
Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 19.52.46 (resized).png

The update notes so far are:

Magicgirl v0.8.0 Update Notes
- Added Free Play Option to Service Standard Settings
- Removed Novice Play
- Adjusted Coil Strength on Potion Kickout
- Adjusted Coil Strength on Magic Shop Kickout
- Fixed Potion Saucer mode issues with conflicts with old bagatelle mode
- Fixed Ball Search flipper hold coil disabling issue
- Updated POWER letter progress to use RHS loop as original designed.
- Updated MAGIC letter progress to be as original designed.
- Updated graphic window display for WIZARD letter completion
- Updated graphic window display for POTION letter completion
- Improved Ball Search
- Updated Attract mode score names
- Added attract mode sound screen
- Added attract mode myPinballs Electronics screen
- Added game audit reset option to Service Utilities/Audits menu
- Added game diagnostics reset option to Service Utilities menu
- Added broken switch reporting to Service switch test
- Added broken switch updating to Service switch test
- Fixed a bug with Service Switch NC grid colouring
- Added correct machine serial number designation in Service System menu

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