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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#5860 5 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I look at Heighway, how they build a game first virtually, and develop the software and rules early on, and then let it mature over the build process.
Look at the art updates Heighway went through... AT THE END, and this was all while they made changes to their game for reliability (turbo charger toy was 86'd, pop-up bumpers replaced by spinning discs). Stuff that only came about from ... you know... PLAYING THE GAME.

I was also pleased to see that Heighway's chief software guy won the IFPA state championships for Florida - a real pinball player. THAT is the experience we need for programmers, look at the value that Lyman and Keefer bring because they are top rated players and know what works and what doesn't.
Having just written the above, I don't see how this can possibly end well for us.

The difference between Heighway and JPop is experience.
H didn't have experience designing playfields (afaik) so had to learn from scratch what works and doesn't. Then you need a whitewood much more and will spend a lot of time in this phase.

I think John has enough experience to already have a good idea what works and what he wants on a playfield. And yes you still need to flip a whitewood and see if it actually flows like you thought, but it'll probably need smaller, easier to make modifications to fine-tune, and not drastic changes like leaving out complete toys or changing the whole layout.

And about software - I guess it depends on the liberty the developer would get ?
I have no idea how it works ie at Stern or how it was at WMS, how the creative process goes - maybe someone who knows can give me details as I'm interested to know ?

I guess the designer sits together a lot with the developer and they both come up with modes (and even names for modes ?) but once the whitewood is ready, the software developer has a lot of creativity himself and continues on the 'guidelines' the designer made.

You don't really need this - I get the impression JPop designs everything, the whole rulesheet is already in his head and he only wants to decide on it. He just needs someone who will implement what he wants. Then you don't need a developer who's also a good player.

Not that it's the best way to go - you probably get more creative designs when you combine the ideas from a large team, now you'll 'only' get what John will come up with. But that's what people signed up for, a custom game totally designed from scratch to finish by John.

2 weeks later
#6653 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

If John is to make/build/deliverer games he needs to scrap his 'Space Shuttle' idea of building pins. What I mean is he is re-engineering everything from the floor up. Doesn't look like he has a standard pinball part in the whole game. He needs to 'Stern-ify' these games so that as many common parts or off the shelf parts as possible. Then he can stick his art on the sides and his ramps on the PF and whatever specific toys. Maybe he needs to ax the LCD screen as well. he needs an off the shelf controller such as P-roc. The games won't look like alien artifacts, they will look like Predator or AMH but at least they will be playable.
I bet, if he put his mind to it, with a parts book and a few months work (it's been 5 months since Expo) he could have a flipping game.

I tought I read here somewhere (about 30 pages back) that this was his original plan but then discovered that other manufacturers didn't want to cooperate with him ?
So he couldn't just go to Stern or their supplier and ask for cabinets or brackets or other parts, so he had no option but make his own (which delayed everything)..

Something I do wonder - is the sudden change of some people here over the last days really because there is good news to expect, or because in the super secret nda there's maybe somewhere a clause that buyers may not post anything negative online or get sued for full damages or never get a refund or game or whatever ?
I really hope it's the first but was just thinking about all possibilities..

4 weeks later
#8329 4 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

vacuum forming is SO cheap, especially low quantity as he's doing. If you have a 3d model you can print a positive, send it to any of the local chicagoland vacuum forming vendors, and get ramps for just a few bucks a piece.

Really ? Have you done this ?

Maybe everything changed with 3D printing but as pinball ramps were traditionally expensive (and years ago couldn't be made again until the original tooling became available) I'm still under the impression that vacuum forming ramps are expensive.
If you can get them for 'a few bucks a piece' then why are ramps for other games always $100 and more ??

2 weeks later
#11019 4 years ago


Quoted from shakethatmachine:A couple shiny ramps get shown and suddenly everyone forgets about this?

I also get the feeling this is just the same as JPop has been doing the past years.
Show some nice things and everyone thinks the game is finished and almost produced.

I'm happy the project is not dead yet and really wish there'll be a solution and the games will be produced, but part of me also thinks the project should just be cancelled as I don't think anyone will be happy and truely enjoy these games if they ever get produced. Just too many bad memories ?

And basically - how far further are we now that ramps are ready ? Ok there's maybe a playable prototype.
But still no-one to manufacture and to program rules. Same thinking as JPop 4 years ago - Once the game is designed I only need a programmer and someone to assemble it.
That's the hardest part.. Now there's a new company but no guarantees the game will be made in 2 or 4 years and if it'll run out of money it's just more money spent towards a dream that was not realistic from the beginning..

3 weeks later
#15972 4 years ago

I'm just wondering - did any of the unpaid suppliers do any legal action ?
Not sure about how it's legally in the usa, but can't they just go to court with their unpaid invoice (and certified letters following this up) and force Jpop into bankrupcy ?

It seems none of them does, why ? Does everyone just want to stay friends with eachother in the pinball business ? Didn't want to burn bridges ? Did they hope that Jpop would continue and they'd get more business from him later ?

1 week later
#16163 4 years ago
Quoted from LyonsRonnie1:

Ben somebody mentioned the idea that maybe he was patenting things personally, so that he could charge 'zidware' to use the patents in the game... as a harebrained scheme to get more money siphoned to him...
either way the whole thing was stupid. Like you said almost any patent can be worked around...

Not really stupid, patents are useful.
If he would've been bought out (which seemed to be his plan for a long time), having (useful) patents makes the company a lot more valuable. More than just having an idea / design for a toy.
I'm not sure if patents can be used to trade/negotiate with other companies. Say he wanted to use Sterns cabinet design, he could've negotiated that they could use one of his patented ideas on their games, instead of getting permission and paying royalties.

Although it was probably a dumb idea as you'd also need money to fight someone infringing on your patents..

He may just have patented everything because that was how things were done back at WMS, and that the only professional way in his mind.
Maybe someone who knows more about how things went at WMS can tell us more about designers and patents - did designers financially benefit from having patents in their name ?

1 week later
#16411 4 years ago


if selling non-existing cars is good enough to get on the fbi's most wanted list, can selling non-existing pinball machines also get you there ?

2 weeks later
#16996 4 years ago

People, pinside will automatically tag any links here on the forum as nofollow, which means it won't help searchengines to find them or make the link more important.
So no need to post the link here once or hundred or a thousand times, it won't matter.
If you have your own website / homepage or other blog where you can make links that are not nofollow, do it there, then it matters.

1 week later
#17037 4 years ago

Stop spamming links here please..

This forum automatically tags all links posted in messages with 'nofollow', so search engine crawlers will not follow them.

#17166 4 years ago

Success !
Well you already have a logo and tshirts, that's what John also had.. now you're a real pinball company !

2 months later
#18297 4 years ago
Quoted from emkay:

I always wondered how that hustle worked. I've read a lot about payola and organized crime's involvement in other aspects of coin-op (jukeboxes, MCA, etc) but never quite got how the routes worked. Clever...

Back when machines brought in a lot of money, as an operator you want to be sure your machines stay in a good location.
So this trick of lending money to a bar owner and paying it back with his profits, means for the length of that loan your machines will stay in that location and earn a lot of money.

After all when you don't have anything like that, any other operator can come in and tell the bar owner he'll give him a few percent more, and you're out of the location, losing the income..

Here in Belgium something similar still happens. Bingo machines are still legal here and big business. Still being made brand new and most of them earn a lot of money. The rules are very restricted (only a number of operator allowed, they need to put in a big deposit before they can start a business, ..) but it earns a lot of money (for some, maybe not for all).

More than one operator own properties where bars are in. Being the owner they're sure their bingo machines stay on that location and they can set how much percentage of the machine they'll earn. And sometimes the bingos bring in more money than the rent.

1 month later
#18416 4 years ago

Did http://www.zidware.com/ change again in layout ?

4 months later
#18805 3 years ago

John's ads for zidware are also still showing on vpforums.org but that's probably because they never removed them..
I don't think he'll keep paying for them ?

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