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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#358 5 years ago

Wow im pretty disappointed if this is all he brought to Expo, I went to his place last year and was on the fence about buying a Zombie Adventure land but money didnt work out for me. he had some great stuff at the studio and was pretty confident that a prototype Magic Girl was gonna be at the show this year. He had playfields, cabs etc and toys 12 months ago and he shows up to the show with 2 empty Zombie cabs and a Back glass and thats it? I think the guy is an amazing designer and own a couple of his games in my collection, ToM and CV but I fear that if 12 months has passed and this is all anyone is getting at Expo I would be a little concerned if I was a Buyer, just saying. No Magic Girl at the show is a real let down. I hope I am wrong and tonight or tomorrow and fully Shooting JPoP game shows up.


#671 5 years ago

Pdxmonkey you know I was gonna get in on the Jpop games, you are aware I took the tour last year as well, but as much as I want Jpop to succeed there has to be some concern. To base everything on the amount of work that cab took to design is 100% accurate, but that was the complete discussion last year...12 months ago! Jpop had a lot of cool stuff to show back then. He said he was gonna have a shooting whitewood at expo this, year did he not? So I think the question I ask you as a friend, knowing that you have a large vested interest in this project, are you really not concerned on what took place at Expo 2014? It seems like everyone drank the kool-aid, I myself was ready to buy in also, but now how can potential buyers not start to wakeup? Do I think Jpop has cool cabs sure, do I think he has a nice MG playfield, yep I agree as well, Do I think he can pull it all together, I really have my doubts. How can this Designer focus on the cabs so much and have them done in October 2013 which I myself saw and in October 2014 we are still talking about cabs and nothing else? Thats 12 months and the biggest show of the year just passed and the focus to the public and potential buyers is still cabs and a Translight that was shown for 5 seconds, until cameras came out and then put away. Isn't it kinda bad PR to not have anything shootable for the customers who are trying to sell their spots since he wont return any money if you want out, because he has met zero deadlines like mentioned from a buyer up above. The IP and the NDA's have gotten a little bit out of control, he is not building a Fusion Reactor that is gonna solve the planets energy problems lol. It is just pinball, and to me it is becoming OCD to the extreme, teetering on the verge of Paranoid delusion take that as may thats how I see it.

I really hope I am wrong, but I think everyone that is a buyer you really need to take a stand, unless you really dont care if the game ever comes out or it is another 5 years because thats where it looks like its heading. Promises are great but you have to deliver after a certain amount of time and 39 months is crazy when there is nothing been shown but a cab, unless you wanna fly to chicago.

I use the JJP and WoZ analogy, Jack built a factory and a New Platform and took forever to get it done and delivered, but there was always a box of lights, public communication, crappy proto games, so we all new it was at least moving forward, It did not work out as timely as we all wanted, but at 3 plus years games were shipping and we had seen Tons of shootable protos long before that.

I may get some thumbs down for this post, but everyone has to open there eyes. JPOP needs help to get these games done and out, he cant do this trying to be every aspect of his company. What if 90% off buyers backout and nobody else gets in, I guess that cant happen cuz there are no refunds just selling your spot, but the only thing to see is empty cabs and some secret controlled blog, that really makes a buyer wanna drop wads of hundred dollar bills lol. So I guess he can take as long as he wants? If Gary Stern or Jack died tomorrow, I bet someone else would step up in both there companies and take over, Who with Zidware would do that to protect buyers?

I just call it like I see it, I got a couple friends in on this and am scared for you guys, but if you'r not more power to you. Just my 2 Cents.


#869 5 years ago

Im glad you got a response from Jpop, i really hope the Game gets finished and delivered in a timely Fashion. Remember those that used JJP as dropping the ball on Timelines, which he did. I am pretty sure Jpop had Timelines as well that he missed, and there was also the silent treatment it sounded like from him to. At the end of the day nobody is perfect but you gotta talk to your customers, not flip out, not have them scared of you. It is a two way street both parties need each other and need to reflect that towards each other.

In regards to Frolic's comment above, I agree with you 100% about showing something cool off and then getting copied there is nothing wrong with that it happens all day long every day its good for companies it keeps them improving and moving forward. We have all heard the quote " copying someone is the sincerest form of flattery"

Once again best of luck to Jpop and all the Buyers If and When it comes out I am sure it will be a work of art.


7 months later
#13484 4 years ago

Ok well since I'm mentioned in this thread I guess I'll post some info that I know. First off I'm the guy that's on the left side of MG in the picture with PDXMonkey, I know a lot of you and am very good friends with guys like Pdx, Fattrain and Rarehero. I've been doing Coinop over 16 years and I work as a tech and operator. Just so I'm clear I have no vested interest in this project, not a dime invested. That being said a bunch of my friends do and some are payed in full on more then MG.

I don't want to make light of this situation it's bad, tons of people have been burned by Jpop and for that I'm sorry.

I myself have not picked sides nor do I want to, example pintasia or the owners who got burned, what I have done is chosen to put whatever I can with my talents to help the game where it currently stands to move forward.

Here is what I can say I'm not gonna dwell on what Jpop did that's not gonna help the current situation, I'm also not gonna comment on my posts in this thread from months back,what will that do to help the current situation? If owners who have been burned wish to dwell on it more power to you, I've got no problem with that and if you are not on board with the current people and what they are trying to do I also understand 100% where you are coming from, losing 100.00 is not fun, losing thousands of dollars is a very hard thing to go through no matter how it happens.

So let me move forward to where I'm at right now, I met Bill at Pin a Go Go and found out what his plan was for the current status of this project. It sounded good from what he explained and I commened him on trying to help.

Yesterday I was scheduled to fly up to Seattle from California on the 8am flight, got up at 5am found out my flight was canceled and didn't get into town till after 4pm. I was getting off the plane when my phone went off and it was PDXmonkey and I found out he was in route to Seattle, currently in Idaho on a 2 day drive from Chicago with MG in a van rented by Bill to get the game to the Seattle show in time for everyone to see it. PDXMonkey had slept a total of 2hrs and 45min in 2 days and said it didn't matter he needed to get the game there. He asked me if I'd be around to help him work on the game to get it ready for the show.

I'm not gonna go into every detail about what the game needed when it finally arrived at 10pm but me and Monkey and a few others worked on it till 5am as the sun started to rise!

The game at this point was shooting well and working, is it a shiny diamond ready to go into production no it's not, does it have tons of working magic tricks no it doesn't but that's not Bill's fault nor Monkeys or anybody else it's the fault of the guy who mislead everyone for many years.

I will tell you all this it flows well like a typical Jpop game it has many representations of all 4 of his previous titles and there is some code there that actually does stuff. Is it finished no it's not does it have a lot of potential in my opinion it does.

I agree that everyone was mislead and that sucks, I also think that going forward I'm on board to help the current team with my experience if they need me and I hope things take a turn for the positive after this weekend. If you see me at the show this weekend and have never met me feel free to come over and introduce yourself. I also have no problem sitting down in person with anybody and telling you what I helped on MG in the short time I worked on it to get it shooting for this weekends show.

I hope this at least answers a few questions on who I am and what I was involved with.


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