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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

6 years ago

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Post #7211 Zombie Yeti (Jeremy Packer), first post on the Magic Girl/JPop fiasco Posted by zombieyeti (5 years ago)

Post #20523 Link to legal documents with allegations & responses Posted by DennisK (3 years ago)

Post #20526 Third amended complain document Posted by c508 (3 years ago)

Post #20532 Summary of complaints & responses in legal documents Posted by DennisK (3 years ago)

Post #20626 MG is now ready! Posted by TecumsehPlissken (3 years ago)

Post #20631 Scott Goldberg mail on MG completion Posted by TecumsehPlissken (3 years ago)

Post #21819 Information on webpage dedicated to Magic Girl Code Features. Posted by applejuice (3 years ago)

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#6114 5 years ago

Link to hitler video plz. And I am a programmer in the community who would contribute maybe 5-10 hours per week if anyone wants to put jpop in touch with me. I know 20 languages and have sold two companies and just ipo'd a third a few weeks ago so my credentials should speak for themselves. The caveat being he would need to pitch his business to me and show me some numbers to get me on board and it sounds like jpop wouldn't be up for that... Link the video at least though plz

#6145 5 years ago

The link worked, that website just doesn't work on iPad.

Best line:

"It's OK they will just have to wait another 3 years"

Not sure if this is active, didn't work on y iPad
John_I said:
OK, yet another Hitler video:

#6378 5 years ago

I went ahead and emailed my resume, credentials, a nice one-page introduction and additional information to Jpop. I've heard what you all have to say, but I am the best programmer that I know. If Jpop decides to let me work with him on the project, I will drive this to completion I guarantee it. The unknowns that could cause this relationship to fail:
1) He requires a legal relationship. I have no interest in forming any documented relationship with him. I just IPO'd, my lawyers would shit on my face if I even thought about a formal relationship with him.
2) He doesn't decide to open up. I'm not asking for open source, I'm asking for him to provide me with what he has so I can build upon whatever he has...I don't care what but I need to actually get what he has to start. He might just keep the door closed, or he might try to trickle some stuff out to me to get a few piecemeal development features implemented. I run companies, I don't fuck around. If he fucks with me it's over.
3) He doesn't understand LOE estimates, timelines, project schedules, testing, development and productization, but wants to own those aspects of the development process. He should be owning features, IP, integration, and the theme. If he tries to own the entire process it will fail, because you can't wear that many hats unless you've done it a lot, and even then it sucks. If he doesn't realize that it sucks to be where he is he won't delegate anything and I'll have to leave the project.

I truly wish that the Jpop ship can be righted and sending my resume and introducing myself to him is the least I can do for you all and him. Customers who want a great product, and an "inventor" who has a vision are a recipe for success, and that's why people are vested in the project. Unfortunately, your vestment in the project doesn't allow you to force me into the door and let me help, but I'd encourage you all to push Jpop to let me help. Tossing him a lifeline and a badass programmer are things a struggling startup shouldn't scoff at, but who knows...maybe it's his first startup...

#6808 5 years ago

Okay, I tried, you guys are on your own.

1) John has already lied to me.

2) John does not know what an IPO means. I do not know how to bad this is...

3) John knows so little that he asked for an art sample from me. I offered to run product development for him without taking a salary or even asking for compensation. And he asked me for an art sample.

MIT, bunch of degrees, multiple startup successes, bunch of languages, currently employed with a badass employer, sick Python skills. But I am also a card player and can read people. The read is bad. The read is very bad. You guys all need to get what you can from him in terms of materials and partially finished game with or without software and finish it yourself. He has boards and translates or backglasses whatever he made you need to just take the raw materials and take over the project. Don't worry about his patents, they look like they're trash. If you aren't willing to take over the project yourselves you won't get anything.

1 week later
#7383 5 years ago
Quoted from StevenP:

the engineering has been done in parallel.

Engineering without product development and direction is called over-engineering. Did you know every engineer on the planet can make themselves a job 24/7/365 because everything needs to be engineered? Product development is not engineering, it's actually the process of productization of the work OF engineers. John has done nothing, and if you think he has done something then you've got little to no experience with software/hardware integrations and productization. I offered to do the entirety of what he can't do for him because he's drowned his company and only a freebie of epic awesomeness (what I offered) stands the chance in hell of lifting this ship back up. But guess what...John will never know what he'll never know...

Quoted from zombieyeti:

It makes me smile to hear so many people appreciate the effort I've put into it.

Dude, I would buy a fucking game from you in 0.000000001 seconds. Please...god...stay in pinball but find another place...your art is ridonkulous. It got us hoodwinked out of a quarter mil. It's freaking amazing.

#7497 5 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

He's already got a playable MG if he would put it all together and show it to anyone. The original game ran

Hahahahaha, a pinsider who thinks MG is playable and that John can put it all together. Who said pinside doesn't have confidence in John? WHO?!?

#7623 5 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

I just got an email from JPOP it sounds like he has a couple pinsiders there and they are "playing MG"... He said they are shooting video, hopefully it gets posted to to the blogs & Facebook soon.

Congratulations, sign me up for one if it looks good. There is one thing that separates business people from the rest of the world. They re-evaluate a situation whenever necessary. Very excited for you all, and I wish you the best of luck. Even if it isn't a game changer, it is progress.

1 week later
#8342 5 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

JPop gives his design to Stern for free (ie no cash or residual commission)
2/ In return

1) just because john in this scenario doesn't actually ask for cash doesn't mitigate the risk. The project is resources and time which is the same as money from stern, with no palpable guarantees of anything. Why take the project with any existing guarantees? Wait until he fails and take it for free.
2) pro bono work doesn't get to make any conditional statements. He gives it for free or stern doesn't even look his way. And honestly, John should be the one bringing cash to the table. In all scenarios.

3 weeks later
#13948 5 years ago

I guess I was alone in wanting to see one new feature revealed in the game. One. Just one.

How is it possible John did nothing "inventive" this entire time? If the ball floated I'd be like 'freaking fannn tastic' cuz honestly, at least he did something mechanically. Price aside, I don't care what run of the mill code and ramps you put on the playfield, if you spent half a million dollars and didn't successfully prototype one piece of hardware then jail time. That is all.

#14034 5 years ago

So here's an example of the feature sets I might have expected Magic Girl to have:

1) Persistent characters! Load your character with a unique identifier to start the game with your customized character. Persisted information includes a custom character avatar, skills, level, quest progress, spell and mastery trees, sounds and music and more! Information pulled automatically through user login from the Jpop user server.

2) Interactive live multiplayer. Challenge your friends to a live multi-table magic girl duel Pokemon style! Cast spells, summon monsters, trigger playfield hazards and view your opponent's progress through interactive wifi and soon-to-be-coming internet-enabled matches.

3) Quest mode! Play with your friends in a special interactive quest mode where players play as a party and progess through dungeons, castles and quests together. Special challenges include double-skill shot (both players must make a skill shot with either the left or right flipper together) and great harm mode, where every shot immediately traps the ball with a magnet and the game prompts you to enter a special code to release it (codes are single use and deposit $ must be received before the code will be given out)

4) Magnet meaning mode! A mode where the magnets interact with the playfield in a meaningful way. Such as: redirecting the ball intelligently. Displaying ball redirect patterns and transparently enforcing the playfield modifications the magnetic forces implement consistently. Allow targets and shots to effect and visually update the magnetic playfield modifications and progress game modes.

5) Wild Magic Mode! A fast paced mode where the game rotates through extreme magic modes and multiball and timed modes rapidly. The accelerated pace and emphasis on shot selection and accuracy provides a unique and tournament-ready format for the pinball expert to hone their skills.

Here's a list of the feature set I saw Magic Girl have:

1) Hit the ramp mode! Try to hit a ramp, and if you do hit the weird one and your ball doesn't bounce out, pat yourself on the back about it.

#14134 5 years ago

Time to drain the thread, the game is worse than a playable whitewood with no innovation. Best of luck and I hope you all get some potion of your losses back. I would not accept that any ip or assets you could get that is not hard cash is worth any monetary value. Let it get auctioned and take your share if you have one. Bye guys, and good luck.

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