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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#14729 4 years ago

Shh Those were supposed to be kept secrets as they were the next prototype cabinets jpop created!

It's my understanding if a virtual table got made it would be part of visual pinball in general so everyone would have it free, like all of the other tables on there. Nothing specific to our mini virtual pins. They just run visual pinball (if installed) and no real way to have some sort of exclusive for magic girl. Plus drm sucks so if I were personally doing the virtual pin for magic girl it would be free. I have no skills in that so non issue anyways.

#14868 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

If you guys at Pinballbulbs think somehow that you are going to concoct some plan to personally benefit or walk out the back door with the MG prototype because you guys suffered and had $$$ in this fiasco, you better think again! Welcome to the Jpop losers club.
The fact that you are trying to hide what you guys are doing is BS! You have aligned yourselves WITH John, gotten his permission, and because "he is ok with it", you are hiding it and making up all these excuses.
It's hard to imagine me even thinking this because you know how the pinball community will react, don't you.
Once again John, open you mouth and start explaining, you can't possibly do any more damage to your legal situation. It does seem though you have found a couple of more guys to continue the nonsense parade.
WTF.........its all that keeps coming to mind.

I gotta respond to this one. We don't have the proto and I have no clue where it is. As I said it was my understanding they, meaning pintatsia and other folks, wanted a visual pinball. Hence why I said my understanding earlier. I have no skills in making visual pinball anything. Last I heard through the vine it's not even being made into virtual table anymore. I think it was going to take too long and it's shipped back or getting shipped back coming up. Not sure

People are jumping on everyone it seems.

More importantly, whoever makes the visual pinball table doesn't get any monetary benefit. I mean, it's all free stuff given out.

EDit: I took the youtube videos down. Got a PM from someone accusing me of having the game based on me uploading the videos from the show. Yikes. Honestly getting a little nervous since my address is given out frequently for bulb pick ups and wife/baby are home all day.

#14869 4 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Well I can say, after all of this mess and now pinballbulbs acting so secretive I can decide never to buy from pinballbulbs again.
All of us can do a full boycott. I know I'm going to vote with my wallet and that I can buy my LEDs from Cointaker who has lost more than anyone else in this mess.
So pinballbulbs has effectively lost me as a customer. I no longer need to support any company that wants to act all secret. I do not have the patience for any more of this crap.
I will retract my position if it is proven that you do not have MG

I'm not sure how we got dragged into this I personally don't have the game or know who has it. My information about the virtual pinball is stuff I heard at the show, just like the videos I posted of gameplay, from the show. Sorry, literally just gave any information I had. Kinda sucks it instantly turned on me into somehow having the game.

In case people super care, I currently have a medieval madness and slugfest. No magic girl.....

#14880 4 years ago

In the interest of transparency. Here's some info for everyone I got from being at the show, which I'm sure some is old:

Markmon does work with PinballBulbs. He is also a programmer. I do know Jpop asked him if he was willing to look at the code and perhaps overall state of the game and give his opinion on where he felt the game was at % wise and all of what needed to be done. He agreed, (this never happened fully though as there was obviously no time at the show). It was never markmon's plan to code this game. Mostly because we knew someone else had already been programming it and there was payment issues. Not interested in stepping on anyones toes. Not his place to step in and understood this. I think it was also more to help bill get an understand of how far along the game was.

There is a local guy in Portland/Tualatin(not sure who he is so couldn't tell you) who does virtual pinball tables. At the end of the show it was discussed that it would be cool if it managed to make it down this guy's way to get made into a virtual table so at least the owners could "play" the game at some point. I think this fizzled though as it didn't initially happen and it does need to go back or has already started to go back, not sure what state it is in since the show. I had 12 games of my own we brought to get loaded up. My opinion is this game is basically poison currently so not sure anyone wants to be part of it or have it in there posession....Surely no money can be made from this game unless it starts pooping money...

As far as I know now the game is in the state of getting back to Jpop and as Bill said, he isn't going through with the project.

The game was definitely visually appealing at the show, but in my personal opinion maybe 60%~ complete. Also with that said I always believe it is the last 10-15% that take the longest in any development project like this. So, it was probably still a long ways out. I do know JJP was met with and given the opportunity to help manufacture the pin. That obviously didn't work out, but I have no idea what the details were. Just that they met up and discussed it quite indepth at the show.

I did hear from some of the later on vendors Bill did pay all vendors needed to get any further work done that was needed to get it to the show. I am just the messenger here providing info that people need. This does not mean he paid all past vendors, I;m sure they will attest to that. It is my understanding the art got partially paid for, ramps and a few other items. There were still tons of folks volunteering for game fixes, corrections etc.

I'll post more if I remember anything, but for now that's all I recall of the "inside" info I hear at the show from others or whoever.

#14882 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

You say you have no idea where MG is yet Markmon says he knows exactly where it is.
Makes no sense to me?

Markmon and I are 2 totally separate people.

1. I have absolutely 0 interest in knowing where this game is.

2. I can almost guarantee Markmon is trolling(have you not read half of his other bajillion posts). I sent him a text this morning to gocorrect whatever is needed

I'm sure the game will hopefully get back to Jpop and get auctioned, bankrupted or whatever is needed.

I just get upset and don't appreciate the company and myself being instantly accused of having this game. You are welcome to stop by anytime and check out all of my 2 pins Oh! I also have a skeelball and 2 racers, but unpin related.

No worries, when all the dust settles you will see we don't have it, don't have a virtual pin from it, or anything else.

#14915 4 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

Got bored of the TOTAN I guess?
But yeah - people are looking for somebody to blame now. People imagine the game being moved at night from one "safe house" to the next... nobody wants to see anybody actually profit from this mess and that's understandable.
Plus I think it was your partner's comments about knowing where the game was that set people on edge.
In any case... I need more bulbs so I'll be in touch

It's understandable in the end.

It was the secrecy that made this project fun and inviting from the start, but has ultimately killed it in the end for us customers and vendors alike.

I think the shittiest part in the end is all us customers may never see a dime at this point Obviously can't be sure, but I don't expect any money to ever come back. It's so depressing to think some guys are out north of 30k. Jeez if I was fully out that I may be financially wrecked. I suppose I wouldn't be buying in 30k then, but just the thought of it is highly upsetting that it's gone.

#14920 4 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

That is Badass to admit when you are wrong. I admit I jumped on pinballbulbs when I should not have.
John is so toxic, he brings us all down. Why can't we all be honest in what remains?
Close to 15k posts.
John may be able to generate some income by reading all of our commentary. If he does is like him to read this
I John Popidiuk do not deserve your respect and I am sorry for my arrogant behavior. John Borg is a great designer that did not rip off my Totan design. I realize that I am not the pinball god I think I am. I am sorry to all of those that I hurt and hope that everyone can except the fact that I made huge mistakes, which I will live with forever. Knowing I will never work in pinball again, deeply saddens me and I kindly ask your forgiveness"

It's like John's reach has poisoned us all. Like I mentioned above, we all lost money and that is a tough pill to swallow especially since it wasn't some few hundred bucks, right? Thousands!!>?#@!

All I think is how many pins I could've bought for that(or currently how many diapers lol)

It was definitely a let down seeing magic girl in public as I had thought it was way further along. It felt like it was a most basic mockup of a game you would take to someone like Stern or JJP and super hope they took it on for development, not production, but development as there looked to be a ton to do still. At that point I had a feeling RAZA and AIW were lost causes as I was in on one of those, not MG.

Sucks Jpop is so poisoned at this point because that AIW art yeti posted was just effin killer and is a mega shame it may never be in a finished game.

Looks like markmon confirmed he knows where it is. Again, I personally don't. We don't sit around discussing Magic Girl. We actually live an hour away from each other and I do not make it over to his place often. If I do it's for led kit work.

#14923 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

This is still the real story here. I've seen a handful of people shrug their shoulders and say "well, it's gone - let's move on" and a handful of people expressing interest in lawsuits.
Where are the rest of the almost 200 people who paid for these games? I can't imagine most of them just walking away....they will want their money back or revenge. Most people don't just "walk away" from $10k-20k. Those who want revenge clearly aren't going to post about it. This story is far from over....

I fully agree with you by the way. I imagine most folks going forward with lawsuits are not posting about it. I'm guessing they were advised not to. I'm no lawyer, but that seems to be something they always tell you.

I'm just coming from the standpoint of I guess what is there to be obtained that John has? Hopefully enough so people can at least be partially compensated in the end. I just don't know enough of what he has left that can be taken. Idk if wages are garnished later on, no clue how any of that works personally.

3 weeks later
#16288 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

What? Why would that be?
Makes zero sense to me. How would AIW make any more sense for JJP to get involved in than the others?
Jack posts some really stupid shit, but I don't think he is a really stupid businessman. Getting involved with JPop at this stage would be stupid shit....whether it was with MG, RAZA, or AIW...or anything else for that matter.

It's been said a few times in the rumor mill AIW is the best and most complete of the three games. I have 0 clue, but that was the buzz around the show about AIW being significantly better than Magic Girl. Maybe thats why, but at this point the only safe bet is to take the design for some nominal fee and make it all your own.

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