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#2994 8 months ago

I just wanted to say that Johnny Mnemonic is the best game there is… at least as an „allrounder“ that has a lot bang for it’s buck.

I’m in the (unfortunate?) position that I can only have one pinball machine in my home (well some more in the basement but that’s not the point) so naturally I switch from time to time and things one machine has, is missing by another and the other way around.

Usually, with good games, you can divide these by games that are really fun to shoot, have speed and good flow, to games that have more gimmicks/ toys/ magic in them that makes the ball do things that makes you astounded.

But for me, like a catapult in Houdini, that is great to watch but most toys don’t serve a gameplay sense and therefore get old someday.
JM is different. It’s a game that has lots of flow and speed (although I’d wish the ramps would be a little bit smoother), the hand is an absolutely astonishing toy to watch AND it serves actual gameplay meaning and strategy. (Bonuses in the Matrix, Jackpot positions and multiplier and Multiplayer blocking.)
It is not the best game of all time but it is the best “Jack of all trades” in my book.

And I love it for that, and it will never leave (again)!
(Happy to have him back.)

IMG_0042 (resized).JPG

#2996 8 months ago
Quoted from cmack750:

Hi everyone. Just picked up a JM over the weekend and have 2 broken plastics.... Right sling and the hooked one that runs up to the gloves eject hole. Pictures included.
Considering these are pretty much impossible to find, figured I'd reach out to the club. If anyone has spares of these, even if used or repro'ed (but not broken), or knows a source that isn't going to charge me 50 bucks per piece plus shipping from Timbuktu, PM me. Thanks!

That second plastic isn't broken, it's meant to be this way so it wouldn't break.

You can get that slingshot from pinball.center but I'm not sure if it's original/ official.
I'd Keep it that way and put a fluorescent protector plastic beneath.

That flasher is supposed to be red btw.

3 weeks later
#3040 7 months ago
Quoted from Flynnyfalcon:

Has anyone installed a WPC speaker panel in their JM? My original panel needs replacing and thought I’d replace it with a WPC chrome panel. This should be possible yeah?

I fon't know but I asked that myself from time to time (since I prefer the looks).

Plz tell & show if you try it out.

3 months later
#3105 3 months ago

I'd want a Color DMD but sadly (according to the Color DMD Website) it only works with the english settings.

That would be no Problem displaywise, but JM has AWESOME German (and French) Voiceover, wich won't work when the machine is set to english. -_-;

#3106 3 months ago

Waiting for an update that calls for "(I WANT) ROOM SERVICE!!!"!

Best line in the movie.

#3108 3 months ago
Quoted from supermoot:

waaait are you saying there are different sound roms or something? Or you mean using a pinsound or something similar?

None of the above. The Rom has English, French and German voices inside from the getgo wich can be switched via the sysem menu/ coindoor.

But if you switch to german or french color dmd won't work anymore.

#3110 3 months ago
Quoted from phillymadison:

This intrigued me. I colored WWFRR for ColorDMD so I have an idea of why it wouldn't work perfectly but it should still work mostly. I switched my Johnny with a colordmd over to German to see what happens.
First the speech didn't change at all the call outs were still in English. I'm not sure if there's a certain German Speech Rom or not. Or I needed to turn something else on.
Next though the menu text changed to German a lot of the game text was in English still. Not all though. Game over, free play were in German but the directions on how to use the glove when it has a ball was mostly English.
As for the ColorDMD like I thought it mostly works just like it was in English. The way color DMD works is it looks for certain patterns of dots to make the screen colored. So if there's no words on the screen, just animations or just English words it's gonna display the color just fine. This is 85% of what I saw.
There was a few times it had English and German text on the screen and it was hit or miss if the color was accurate. Some times it was perfect. Other times the first few and last few German letters were white instead of color cause the German text ended up being longer than the English text and they only colored the length of the English text. This would probably be the only thing you'll notice when it happens but it doesn't happen often.
Lastly when the screen just had German text and no English or animations e.i. "Game Over screen" it should have the text colored yellow and red but with color DMD if the person coloring it misses a panel or doesn't color a panel there's a default color the whole screen uses. Johnny's is a Blue to match the playfield (WWFRR is white) so instead of a Red and yellow Game Over in German you get a blue game over. Another example for English setting users is The Mortal Kombat 3 screen wasn't colored. Which is a shame cause it would look awesome with that red orange and yellow symbol.
Final thoughts. If you love your Johnny Mnemonic pin and it's a keeper bolted to the floor never leaving I would get the color DMD and play in German. You won't notice the differences as much as me cause you haven't been playing with it in English and if you do notice a mistake it's minimal. Most importantly your game will still work you won't have a dead DMD just a few off colors every now and then.

Thx, for the explanations.

As for german voices:
You have to switch the game to german, and then additionally enable german voices.
Page 1-27 in the (US) manual "Feature Adjustments" -> 10. "German Speech".
Usual Voices are still in english but the 'Narrator' Voice has additional dubbed data so everyone understands where to shoot.
So like: "Use the glove to put your balls in the cyber matrix.", "Shoot white Triangles.", "Shoot left Ramp", etc.
You can also listen to that if you download the original ROM Dump from Pinsound.

BUT that voices only work when the game is switched to german also, otherwise I would switch to german voces but keep english text (since it's full of spelling errors anyway).

1 month later
#3129 76 days ago
Quoted from ralphcousman:

Where are the NOS play fields for this game. I can’t find any. Is there a reproduction available ?

I don't think there is any need?

Most games didn't get play a lot in location it seems.
Every single JM I've seen until know still had a pretty playfield.

Ramps and the Hand are the main things that wear.
(Have to check the hand switch btw. After rebuilding the hand 1,5 years ago it now doesn't allways grab the ball.)

1 week later
#3145 67 days ago

Loving the game, still thinking the movie is a missed opportunity.

What did they do with the budget?

Looking for ideas to (tastefully) mod the game, wich is problematic beeing so less iconic things.

What thing that strikes me is that the whithe knuckles on the glove are "lit" white even blinking flesh color ("blurry pink") when data is transferred in real life scenes. So I'm working on getting that done... without cutting holes in the glove and putting a bulb in like another mod I found.

Looking forward to showing that soon but still collecting ideas what's to do next.

5-Johnny-Mnemonic-1995 (resized).jpg
#3149 66 days ago
Quoted from PinRob:

Interested, but would like to see a pic of them installed on the playfield for reference.

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