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Joe Balcer confirms Oktoberfest as American Pinball's next pin.

By PismoArcade

1 year ago

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Post #928 Oktoberfest initial release pics and rule card pic Posted by PinballSTAR (1 year ago)

Post #1686 Updated (final?) Oktoberfest cabinet art Posted by HOOKED (9 months ago)

Post #1954 Link to 3/1/19 streaming video Posted by chuckwurt (7 months ago)

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#1567 11 months ago

Its springtime for Hitler in Germany.... it was totally wrong, but, yes, I had to laugh. You can’t help yourself. If you have ever seen one of those re-capped Hitler memes, you can not help but watch and laugh. And it hit a tone that I actually agree with... some sex is fine in Pinball, but this means you might start seeing the trouser trout make an appearance and I’m not sure how alpha males are going to react to that. Chippendales Pinball Adventure will surely be close behind... Are all you guys macho enough in your maleness to play that machine? What do women think of playing a Playboy Playmate draped machine? Just food for thought. The comment about the circus freak barmaid on the side art?? Yep, shot my beer all over the ipad...

#1570 11 months ago

Ok, I’ll just be straight with you guys... I was a sailor on a submarine. 140 guys, no women, 75 days under water on patrol. If you could not take a homosexual reference, like a guy pinching your ass, or a guy walking straight up to you while you are bent over checking some piece of equiptment and grinding up against you, you were in for a really long 75 days... and before you say the wrong thing, just listen. This was a pressure cooker social environment. Half the boat is married and pining for their women, the other half is doing a lot of the five knuckle shuffle, thinking about how long it will be before they hook up with a woman the moment they step one foot on dry land. If they could find even the slightest crack in the veneer of your sanity, they would pick at it like a scab until it was a festering mess. So the moral here is, when faced with a penis, grab hold and give it a tug. That is the only way to approach this. Because once they understand you too are an alpha male, secure in your manliness, they stopped pinching your ass and trying to make you crack, and while at sea for 75 days, that was half the battle.

#1572 11 months ago

quicksilvershelb, sick? yep... twisted? yep... but funny as hell dude. Yes, don’t show crack... unless you are ready to grab crotch... to prove you are an alpha male. Now thats Naval Inteligence for ya right there...

#1575 11 months ago

And now you can understand what a submarine patrol is really like... pretty much Funk and Wagnalls weird 24/7... You had 140 testosterone soaked 18 to 28 year old men thrown into a long black tube and held underwater for 75 days with limited access to the real world. And pinball? What the hell was that? Back then, on my last patrol circa 1986, I actually took an Apple IIc computer with me on that patrol. I could play the only pinball simulator game I had, Bill Budges’ Raster Blaster, a direct Fire Power rip off. And my hats off to all veterans and currently deployed troops who sacrifice the playing of the silver ball to help protect and keep my butt safe so I can play it. The next game I chalk up, I play for them.

1 week later
#1589 10 months ago

No, having the midwatch with a full bladder and no watch relief is hell... war just happens to be what we were trying to prevent at the time...

3 months later
#1865 7 months ago

I am looking forward to flipping the latest rendition of OKF and see what they have improved on since Expo. The initial release showed good potential, the build seemed good, and quality seemed as high or better than Houdini. Game flow and artwork tweeks were the only real issues that my friends and I agreed needed some work. Shots and mechs seemed to be layed out and well engineered compared to Houdini, but we only played about 10 games and didnt get a look under the hood. Our biggest complaint on flow was the long roller coaster wireform that takes forever for the ball to weedle down. Not like the ramps on a new Munsters at all. Hope they shortened it or made it roll a little faster.

#1900 7 months ago

Looks like our favorite Twisted Sister the barmaid still made it in on the right art blade.

#2068 7 months ago

I have done dot artwork... it is not easy, it is not quick, and it is not very forgiving. Using existing IP to generate it is only a starting point, each animation needs tweeked frame per frame, even when video is used as a source, you do half of the animation by hand due to all the ‘tweening and tweeking to get it recognizable in such low resolution. I respect dot artists.
I have done rendered UI animation as well, and I would not be the first GA to say API’s efforts have fallen short of the mark, especially comparing them to JJP, Stern, and even themselves to some degree, because even the semi-soft turd-like graphics of Houdini has more polish on it than Oktoberfest, so I am hoping they get the can and rag out and give it a few rub and tugs before they are finished.

#2253 7 months ago

The most interesting thing posted on here recently is the picture of the API letterhead with Mr Monkey and his missing gonads out front and, unfortunately, center. Ok, now I can see why API fought so hard to keep Mr. Gonadious Deliquus, Esquire on Oktoberfest. To me, it would seem kind of odd choosing an altered monkey as your company mascot, but I guess cows were already taken.

#2280 7 months ago

Black Knight laughing at you? Whoo-ha-ha...

#2282 7 months ago

Thinking about this, didn’t Gorgar taunt you “Gorgar, me beat you”?

#2284 7 months ago

Yeah, from moment one of making a pinball machine speak, wouldn’t you know it that the first use is to trash talk the player. lol

Also, Black Knight says a disparaging remark at the end of a game besides just laughing at you when you magna save and drain...

#2297 7 months ago
Quoted from PinPatch:

Lowest score of the day should get the "participation trophy" as a sarcastic award.

Really, by that theory, you could just give it to every player at the end of every game unless they put their name up on a hi score table. Now don’t we all feel special?

#2304 7 months ago
Quoted from BertoDRINK1:

how would someone win at Dollar Games?

Play for knocks? If they havent removed them for cost savings... wait, nix that, they already have.

2 weeks later
#2394 6 months ago

Looks like a bad youtube home video that was converted from 8mm to VHS to streaming content, all very badly.

#2406 6 months ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

You may not like his style but it's hard to say that he doesn't have experience with art direction for games:

Yes, it is an interesting resume...

I guess one or two out of six or seven ain't a bad ratio... <ducks>

#2428 6 months ago

Sometimes progress is more important than substance. The artwork, imo, was the last thing they focused on prior to Expo. And from playing it there, to playing it at TPF, it was pretty obvious, the table was so close to being presentable, that they did present it at Expo, with Twisted Sister our favorite bar maid contortionist, along with Oafish Otto, who has a grin so large you can see his rear molars, not to mention Mr. P.C. Monkey the Magician and his disapearing hand. They needed to get it out to show they can compete, they can develope, that they are significant players in the arena. Did they stumble? most would say they didn’t leave the blocks clean, and have been limping ever since. I think they wanted to capitalize on JJPOTC’s mech misteps and get 2 alternate titles, and thus alternate buyer choices to the market to capitalize.

Then CGC got their MBrLE in line for Expo, JJP got Eric to stand and play games with us players and explain his POTC creation, and everyone went and bought a MBrLE, or a AFMr or a MMr, or a JJPOTC, or DP, or BM66Prm, or IMDN, or any number of other Stern titles to choose from, and Mr. Poor Castrated Monkey was left holding his own hand and crying while Pinside rips the Artwork, the LCD, and the animations, does a double take at JJP WOZYBR’s price, thinks about waiting for WW, TS, GNR, thinks hard about a Munsters Premium, and plops it’s money down on BKSoR LE and waits.

I think in any other timeframe than this one, Oktoberfest would have been a great machine, could have been (or could still be, with some changes) a big seller, and would have cemented AP as a player in the game. Right now, they have something, but people are confused as to what that “something” is. They are acting like Gottlieb if you ask me sincerely, kind of a runner up, or always the third wheel when talking the big three.

#2441 6 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I like it for many reasons and bought it. Hope to get it next week.
Love the layout and the fun factor.
I get the criticism of the perfectionists but that doesn't matter to me.

Ice, don’t worry, the graphics should be able to be improved with code updates, so you get to play it now, and hope for better graphics and animations later, and sell it if the code hasn't dropped in 27 months...

But seriously, if the theme speaks to people, graphics can be improved with updates, so why not go ahead and get it if it’s YOU. It shoots better than Houdini, I was having a fun ball and blowing it up some on the one at Zach’s Flip-n-Out booth at TPF Sunday, but had to dash before my game ended to catch my plane.

#2509 6 months ago

What you should do for your released pins is get the fans involved. We can be so criticall, but we can also be very creative. Dont just ask for opinion, ask for content... just as Ben offered a visual take on the “broken” wrist, fans could offer content for your machines, post release, that you could incorporate to improve the game. Hell, I would animate thirty screens for the chance to get 3 seconds on your LCD if you give me a credit on the credit page. Yes, I have been paid to do animations and coding for pinball... if anyone remembers Global VR and UltraPin. But you give me a style, a storyboard, and any required IP, such as Otto, or Twisted Sister, or Logos and Signage guidelines, I can cram your inbox with content.

Or offer this perk through a Patreon subcription, I pay a price, I get access to the design team to submit ideas, animations, call outs, rule changes. I could see tapping into the fans who would do this from a “cool” factor alone.

And best thing is, you could make your machines better without much cost, and actually the Patreon influx would help cover the administration costs to run the program.

Or run a contest to get a fan idea made into a mode. Or offer a flipper code to enter just for me that gives a personal shout out to me for being a Patreon Supporter. Complete with my own custom graphic avatar

These are great marketing ideas... have your guy call me and we can talk lol...

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