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Joe Balcer confirms Oktoberfest as American Pinball's next pin.

By PismoArcade

1 year ago

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Post #928 Oktoberfest initial release pics and rule card pic Posted by PinballSTAR (12 months ago)

Post #1686 Updated (final?) Oktoberfest cabinet art Posted by HOOKED (9 months ago)

Post #1954 Link to 3/1/19 streaming video Posted by chuckwurt (7 months ago)

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#957 12 months ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Metal music is a fail.
The game cries out for full out for better music.
Music that is played at Oktoberfest.
The best Oktoberfest songs of all time
Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit. A staple of German beer halls and Oktoberfest tents, this short ditty falls into a quick crescendo. ...
Fürstenfeld. ...
Sierra Madre. ...
Das Esellied (Iha Iha Iha oh) ...
Die Hände zum Himmel. ...
In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus. ...
Hey Baby! ...
99 Luftballons.

Don't forget the Chicken Dance song it needs that also. I would definitely want music like this in that pin, it would complete the package because it looks great and it would sound great with this style of music.

#1339 11 months ago

Lets stay focused people this is the Oktoberfest thread.

The art package and the layout are Done and look fine to me. only thing we really got any influence on now is the Call Outs and the Music if AP feels like listening to us, which i think they are doing.

So back to searching for some genuine music we could all live with and of course getting the Chicken Dance song into this thing

#1344 11 months ago
Quoted from rosh:

Not exactly what I said, I came around after I learned what Oktoberfest was really all about. But certainly I was not the only one, and while it is a reasonable argument to say that if folks don't get the theme, it is not a good theme, but at the same time I think we have seen how quickly you can change that perception. Might be it is better to have a theme folks are not initially excited about and then let the machine convince them otherwise, than to have a theme everyone is excited about, and then end up having it not living up to expectations. Of course worse case is a theme folks are not excited about and then prove them right. I have no doubt all of you can all put recent games into each of these buckets.
I read all of the comments and posts both positive and negative, as do others at American Pinball. Some I agree with some I don't. For example, I think those who have played the game have walked away with very different feel for the music, then those who have only seen it on the stream. Not saying everyone is going to love it, but clearly the steam did not do it justice, both in the variety of music and the actual compositions. As I've posted previously, I expect the mix to be 75/25, polka/oom-pa to rock, right now it is probably 40/60. What is most important is to have variety so none of it gets old. Music needs to not just fit the theme, but fit the mode or multiball to create the right atmosphere and energy.
Some of the animations I am happy with, some I am not, and some where clearly placeholders. Plenty of comments by critics in this thread on the animations and few who fully understand the dynamics around it. Things will change, but I have no doubt, they will never live up to some people's expectations.
Very strong and diverse opinions on the art package, no surprise there, in fact I put money on it. I have come to learn that art is probably thing thing folks get most worked up over, especially right after a reveal. Whether things change with it, time will tell. At the end of the day, I only know of 10 things carved in stone.
If there were questions or things posted that you would like a response to, post them again, I was keeping up with the thread over the course of the show, but don't recall if there was anything in particular that a response is needed for, sort of got lost int he AC/DC, Thunderbirds conversation.

I for one was also like WTF when i heard AP wanted to do Oktoberfest as their next pin. Then it was shown and "Boom"..... well thats pretty cool. Then since i only know the American Oktoberfest stuff like 2 for 1 at most bars on Oktoberfest beer i watched the video of Josh explaining it so everything on the Playfield makes sense. I sent the pics and videos to a friend of mine who just moved back to Germany a few months ago and he thought it was cool, he didn't dig into it and point out things that were wrong just thought it was cool.

I loaded up Oktoberfest music on my Pandora and have been enjoying it, i plan on jamming it this Saturday at our Halloween / open arcade party.

Can't wait to play it and see how it comes along with code and music/call outs.

Screenshot_2018-10-22-15-53-39 (resized).png
1 week later
#1489 11 months ago
Quoted from benheck:

It would be really cool if small LCD's could be used in place of insert lights.
Could update the player not just what shot to hit (because it's flashing) but what it does.
Almost like an old EM with the scores printed right on the board

There's the benheck we like

Yes small lcd's in the playfield is the best place for them. I thought i saw a homebrew recently that placed 2 or 3 small lcds in the playfield. I recently acquired a Full Throttle and the LCD in the middle of the playfield is awesome i'm sure its the same in Aliens. Seems like the best place for a small lcd, easy on the eyes for quick updates.

4 weeks later
#1585 10 months ago

Is this the new backglass?

New Normal looking girl over the Monkey

2018-11-27_12.42.04 (resized).jpgScreenshot_2018-11-27-12-39-40 (resized).png
#1610 10 months ago

Just watched some of the stream and I still like what I see. Lots of differnt shots and modes.
The music and voices still need tweaking though. that heavy metal was getting old quick and just doesn't seem to fit the pin. I understand non stop polka could also be a problem but that real heavy metal is also a problem. The transitions seemed good though.
I'm definitely still in the OF camp I like what I'm seeing.

#1641 10 months ago
Quoted from benheck:

Here is how the game industry fans react to bad fonts in $60 products:
Ah the game industry... pinball companies wouldn't last 3 nanoseconds with those fans.

Yeah but they have development cost of usually over 50 million dollars for those top games and they sell over a million copies. Not really the same thing VS the small teams developing these pins.

#1643 10 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Harmonious design (including fonts) can be done for very little money. It's a matter of attention to detail.
And top games aren't 50 million anymore. They were already up to 5 million almost 30 years ago in 1990. The topmost blockbusters are in the hundreds of millions now.

According to Google Battlefield 4 cost 100 million and sold 1.6 million copies but who cares it doesn't have anything to do with Oktoberfest.

If those details can be done for very little money they can be done later.
AP needs to finish the Art package first so the game can get produced. Then they can iron out these other details.
I just watched almost the whole SDTM stream last night while I cooked and ate dinner and the music is still on the top of issues for me that hard rock just doesn't fit.
The art package needs be finished then the code and music then these LCD details.

Blackrose has one of the worst dmd packages but it's still one of my personal favorites. You don't play the on the LCD screen you play the pinball machine.

I hope AP can just ad the music selection at the start of the game Left Button "Rock Out" Right Button More Traditional to satisfy everyone.

I'm still in the camp of let's get the Chicken Dance song on that thing as more important than the Font used on some random screen flashed on the LCD

#1660 10 months ago
Quoted from Jamaster10:

Just some recap on my part of the show and customer response.
First off:
Barry is right long days. Fri 2-12 show hours, game was up and running from 8:30 am till 1:30 am when I shut it off. Sat 9am till 2 am, Sunday 9-3ish
That's long days on your feet with customers and maintaining a booth with show games.
Second: The complaint I heard the most was the music mix. (as I explained it was a basic expo code)
Third: When will it be available to buy? (I mentioned possibly some by the end of the year.)
Fourth: Will I be able to get the original back glass? (I don't know )
Fifth: Is this the final playfield layout? (from my understanding there will be some tweaks, but I will let AP mention those)
Last but not least Sixth: Where can I buy it? From me (Pincades) or from the distributor list on API website.
API Dist.
Jesse T[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Thanks for the pics and updates, I am slowing becoming an AP fan.

I would like to be able to read the whole word "Oktoberfest" on the side if that gets redone just makes more sense but if it's in a row of pins who cares right.

There really is a lot in this game, can't wait to play it.

Is there another game that has 2 physical multi-ball locks that hold more than 1 ball? This has the Rollercoaster lock and the Beer Barrel lock correct? If they both can lock balls how many balls do you load into this machine?

#1669 10 months ago
Quoted from wyopin:

I don’t know how difficult it is to get music rights from a polka band, but I’d love to hear Eddie Blazonczyk’s “Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin pie” (hilarious lyrics) in there somewhere or “I want to be polka hero” for some victory lap music...just your run of the mill tradition polka tunes

I would think it would be hard to get songs with lyrics in vs just polka music and better voices/call outs. They are trying for a rock and polka mix. If they start trying to use songs with lyrics you get to the weird Guridians of the Galaxy stuff, when you finally get a song going you drain and never get to actually hear much of the song.
I think the foundation is there with the rock and polka mix it just need more tweeking.

Think about all the great DMD titles we loved, most had their own unique music and call outs nothing sampled till when the early 2000's but the great funs pins just had at times simple catchy tunes and call outs that where bearable for a long time.

3 weeks later
#1693 9 months ago
Quoted from DerGoetz:

Looks great indeed, next is play field and then they have a great looking pin.

I think the playfield is fine it the plastics that need to be redone to match the drawn art.

2 weeks later
#1727 8 months ago

Just in case anyone forgot i want this song in this pin

2 weeks later
#1733 8 months ago

Yeah a little disappointing.

Any idea if one is going to make to Little Shop of Games by March 8th for the Jacksonville Expo?

#1756 8 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Change gameplay too much. Especially after they get beat up. Love their updated lane guides for older games though. Those are magic.
I just Mylar up on scoops and that’s enough protection for me.

You would hate playing at my house then, I'm All about protection. PLAYFIELD protectors, cliffies, lexan washers everywhere, double metal washers on almost all plastics anything to save plastics and the playfields especially these newer titles. I didn't let one ball roll over my NIB Star Trek till I did everything above.

2 weeks later
#1864 7 months ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Are there New plastics to???

The plastics was the only thing I had an issue with, i thought the playfield was fine.

Can't wait to see it. If I wasn't moving this weekend I would have been at the show.

Will one make its way to the Jacksonville Expo the following weekend? I'll be there.

#1891 7 months ago
Quoted from rosh:

Things have changed on the plastics, really not sure how much, have not really compared. The Schnurrbart wettbewerb (mustache competition) plastic is still there, but the woman has been moved to the back part, so not nearly as visible. I tried to get her removed completely, I found it a touch disturbing, but the artist was not inclined to do so, but at least she got moved to be less prominent.
[quoted image]

Would there be an option to get this plastic or sticker in English? i think that would help to explain the girl with the mustache otherwise it's still a weird girl with a mustache since most people can't read that.

It's definitely still looks great love all the color. Can't wait to play one.

#1998 7 months ago

I'd would like to think i just helped AP make a sale for an Oktoberfest. A local Arcade bar owner reached out to me about finding something kind of beer related for a event and for his place and I directed him towards Oktoberfest. I know he reached out to our local distributor here in GA and also sent a message to AP because he would like to have it by April 24th for the event on the 26th. Will April 24th ish be a problem for delivery?

#2058 7 months ago
Quoted from branlon8:

It used to be we were focused on what was going on under the glass (playfield), but now we're focused on what's behind the glass (screen).
So if the images on the screen are great, are we willing to accept less on the playfield ?

I would say No. To me the New LCD animations are not in my top 5 things I want out of a pin. For me not in any order but playfield layout, theme, art, music, call outs, quality (sorry Spooky) then somewhere after all that is what's up on the LCD
Do you guys really care that much about whats on the LCD? Yes this isn't Great but to me the issues still are the music and call outs. The art seems to be done and I still hate the mustache girl and besides one mention a long time ago about women doing it at the festival I didn't see a mention that it was a competition and if that's the case it should say that in English sorry I don't read German but I can use my label maker and slap a sticker over that.
After watching parts of the steam several times now I'm still not to into the music, Rosh said he straight up vetoed the chicken dance song but that's a fun silly song that is one of the few things that would tie the American public into your Americanized Oktoberfest pin. Besides beer that comes out for Oktoberfest and some random beer specials at bars that's all I knew about the festival till Josh explained a lot of it in the STDM video early on. If you watch the steam there seems to be a good mix of people men and women playing it but you never really see people smiling or jamming out to the music everyone seems to just step up play and turn away the music is still off, it seems like there needs to be more silly call outs more often a little funny taunting from Otto a little "hey can you see str8, shoot the flashing lights" kind of stuff something to make me laugh.
With as much crying about the LCD animations that is happening its as if every pin without awesome animations sucks so Fun House is a bad game does Cirqus Voltaire suck? Both of those kind of similar fair type themes both with lots of funny call outs and both Great games.
I for one just want the Music and Call Outs to get finished first before all the animations get attention, yes they need attention but not over the music, you can process sound faster than you can process visual ques I want to focus on the playfield while I play and to be hit with some funny call outs and music while i play a theme like this. Not all pins should be funny but this theme should be.

#2111 7 months ago

I'm in for 1 new pin this year, I have been following Oktoberfest since it was shown. if it turns into something I want at my house I'll buy one if not i'll play it on location.

#2112 7 months ago

I'm in for 1 new pin this year, I have been following Oktoberfest since it was shown. if it turns into something I want at my house I'll buy one if not i'll play it on location.

#2113 7 months ago

I'm in for 1 new pin this year, I have been following Oktoberfest since it was shown. if it turns into something I want at my house I'll buy one if not i'll play it on location.

#2115 7 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

So if it's something you want at your house, you'll buy three ?
It's great. Fun. I hope you decide to get one.
LTG : )

Well not sure how that happened. If I win the Lotto this weekend sure I'll buy 3

#2263 7 months ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

Upon closer inspection, he’s on there. Got to know where to look

Haha I see the little booger

#2289 7 months ago
Quoted from Platypus:

The insults do become irritating, especially when it wasn't your fault. I have been meaning to come up with a list of compliments that encourage players.
Like "concentrate and you will secede" or "We want you back on stage", "Learn to focus"

Man I think this is silly. I'm old school I guess, my football coach hit us with a car antenna and told us we sucked all the time and it was great and it made us Play Better. The taunting from Pinball machines is so low key how can you be offended by it?
What next you time the balls and give out millions of points the shorter your ball time just to be nice.
ESPN did this on Sports Science and there were better results from a meaner negative coach then from a nice positive coach.

Sorry but for me bring on the taunting.

#2292 7 months ago
Quoted from rosh:

You call that a post? I’ve seen better posts from a three year old. If I don’t see better posts next time you will be carrying a pinball machine up and down stadium stairs.

Yes Coach, Sorry Coach, I'll Play Better Coach

Waka Waka Waka

#2303 7 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

I say we get rid of scores all together!. Seriously when did the "men" in this country start becoming such wimps!

What did you say about my mama...... Coach, can I Hulk Smash him?

Just kidding

Wouldn't getting rid of the scores be the opposite of manly and be what's going on now a days with the "Everyone Wins" and "Participation trophies" for everyone mentality.

The biggest problem with no scores is how would someone win at Dollar Games?

#2305 7 months ago
Quoted from rosh:

The 14 tent modes are each very different a far as what shots are needed (mode shots have inserts lit as Blue). It was a goal to be sure we leveraged all the different parts of the playfield in the modes. There is quite a variety . . .
Ring Toss is about hitting the targets on the Oktober and fest target banks, alternating one side from the other
Stein Race, which is one handed play, starts with several shots lit, but if you shoot a shot already made (shows red), then you spill beer and the point value reduces.
Chugging -- a sequence of shots, first a two shots sequence to beat Inga, then a three shot sequence to beat Otto. And then a more difficult sequence in the re-match.
Looper, is about shooting the left ramp that feeds the coaster
Juggler is an add-a-ball, starts with two balls, then a sequence of shots to complete that adds another and then another series to add one more
Target Shooting is shooting a shifting set of lights on the PROST target bank in the middle of the playfield.
Duck Hunting hitting the four ducks targets around the playfield, can't hit the same one twice in a row
Rockin Express -- spinner scores, shoot lit orbit to increase value
Rotor -- shots lit one at time, moving left to right and then back again
Füd Frenzy -- should be self explanatory
Bumper Cars -- shoot pops and slings
Sky slide -- knock down drop target, shoot the vuk before it times out and target comes back up
Tap-it -- Video mode
All modes have a goal to meet to get the 'win' (tent on playfield will then show up as Green), if you don't win, you can play the mode again (shows as yellow) and it will resume where you left off. A 'beer colored' tent on the playfield means you have the stein that boosts it, but have not yet played it. The Tent you are currently in shows Blue. Play all 13 to get to the 14 tent, Flipper Meister (available soon)

They were a casualty of budget issues, but I believe they will be available for purchase.

OK back to Oktoberfest the pin

The Arcade bar in Macon GA i helped in the direction of Oktoberfest has confirmed the purchase with the perfect inaugural event a weekend Beer Festival. I am going to help run the single pin tournament so looking for some ideas for fun ways to get passers by's to stop and play. They have partnered with the local breweries to get some great prizes for every hour give aways from 3-11pm April 26th.

We'll start with simple high score chase style of course.
Can the pin be set to the one handed play only at any time? Would love to do an hour or so of just that.
Possibly a Pin Golf type hour or so also with a few goals, not sure which objectives would be the best for that yet. Suggestions would be great.

Any other Ideas would be greatly appreciated also. This is the Perfect event for this pin a Beer Festival at a Arcade Bar shouldn't be hard to get people to play it.

1 week later
#2336 6 months ago
Quoted from rosh:

I want to thank all of you that came to our seminar and/or played Oktoberfest. Seven machines played non stop with lines from before the show opened until it closed all three days. Was great seeing so many smiling faces when folks played and watch them get right back in line.
Really enjoyed getting to talk to so many of you.
Getting ready to board our flight to head home and then I think I’ll sleep for a good 12 hours.

Any idea if the seminar was recorded and be put up at some point?

#2369 6 months ago

Got a nice gift from a friend that went to TPF

20190328_061533 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#2421 6 months ago

How's production coming along? Are we getting a unit to Georgia by April 25th for Beer festival in Macon???

#2473 6 months ago
Quoted from benheck:

5) TODD TUCKEY'S WRIST IS STILL BROKEN. Does anyone in the pinball art world know how arms work?[quoted image]

Have you ever held a Stein like this full of Beer? It looks right for what he is doing. If you need me to send you a Stein so you can fill it full of beer and take a selfie I can do that.

#2478 6 months ago

Seems fine to me. CHEERS

2019-04-05_21.04.03 (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#2751 5 months ago
Quoted from whitey:

Are these being shipped now ?

I know Reboot in Macon GA paid for one but couldn't get it in time for the beer festival this weekend that I was going to help run a tournament with. They actually just picked up a Deadpool Premium instead so unfortunately a lost sale. I was really excited to play it but doesn't look like it's going to happen for me for a little while now.

#2766 5 months ago
Quoted from zaki:

Wow.. this game is bad. Where do I start..the animation. Houdini was better

You should try one of Houdinis' tricks and...
Exit Stage Left

4 weeks later
#2959 4 months ago

Should be able to get some plays on the at the Pinball Palace in Brunswick GA this Saturday. They have about 100 pins abs this is all I want to play.

1 month later
#3194 3 months ago
Quoted from BarryJ:

Do not set your Oktoberfest up like this owner.
There is no way that you will make any shots consistently on Oktoberfest with the incline jacked up, there just isn't enough power in the flippers.
Please keep the leg levelers in the same position as you receive them (levelers all the way in). Otherwise your game will be one brick after another.
If you find a game on location and it isn't playing like it should, check the levelers on the legs, if they look like these, tell the location to screw in those levelers!!
Call me if you need more info, 224.422.3191[quoted image]

So your saying that all 4 leg levelers should be all the way in?

I finally played Oktoberfest a few weeks ago at the Pinball Palace in Brunswick, I probably played at least 10 games on it but couldn't get into it because I thought it was to floaty. The volume was also set almost all the way down so I couldn't hear it either. When I was playing I did look at the back legs and they were basically all the way in, so if that's the way the game is intended after that round of play it would not be something I would want to buy new at least. I've been in this thread since the pin was first shown and have always been interested in buying it but not after that round of play. I hope to play it again in a couple of weeks at the Atlanta SFGE show I hope Flip N Out Pinball brings one to the show. I will definitely give it another solid try, I thought that one I played was just set up wrong and I did not like how floaty it was. I understand wanting side to side action but that was one not balanced at least for my liking
The shots felt good though, machine felt solid. The only thing that seemed cheap was the caps on the pops, as they moved when hit the caps would flap around basically looked like they would break quickly that was the only thing that seemed off.

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