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JJP POTC Replacement Apron Art - Shipping Now!

By harryhoudini

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

Now-Available (resized).png


Now available in both Decal and Magnet!

Installation Instructions

pasted_image (resized).png

Ocean Blue
Ocean-Preview (resized).jpg

Skeleton Pirate
Blue-Preview (resized).jpg

Davy Jones
Green-Preview (resized).jpg

Did you miss the artwork and color scheme of the prototype JJP Pirates of the Caribbean? Or just sick of the red/yellow? Personalize your game, and in my opinion, dress it up a bit! Three options available!

The green version was designed to compliment the CE version of the game with Davy Jones prominently featured. The other two version work well in either edition of the game and no serial number requirements here! Order whichever you like.

All designs and both adhesion options are printed on a heavy duty decal material with UV resistant inks and a UV resistant matte coating. They are very durable and very similar to the original decals.

Choose the optional magnet version which will provide the same two decals on a thin magnet backing. Easily remove and swap art as you like!

---------------------------- ///////////////////////////////////////////// ----------------------------

I really can't stand the yellow/red apron art. The prototype art looked much better. I am planning on making 2-3 versions depending on interest. Attached is the proto apron art. I don't know what it has to do with the movies (I'm not well versed enough) but I am not going to remake it. I am going to make a blue theme (for SE/LE) and a green theme (for CE). You can order whatever you want. They will be UV protected matte stickers to match the original. No logos or artwork numbers will show, full graphics. They will fit exactly over the original. I can probably make them removable so you can go back to the original at any time.

The blue theme will likely be some ocean, ships, maybe a few "ghostly" faces from the movie, etc. Mostly movie art or close to it, depending on what I can get my hands on. Trying to match up with the cabinet color theme/art and lower playfield. I'm working on a concept now. The green theme will more prominently feature Davy Jones to match the cabinet and playfield.

The problem is, they aren't cheap. For a set it will likely run around $30-40. I needed to know if anyone else is interested so I can get more detailed pricing.

Proto Art (resized).jpg

#2 1 year ago

Here's a really quick render of a right side CE concept

Right-Sample-CE (resized).jpg
#3 1 year ago

Sample Blue

Right-Sample-SELE (resized).jpg
#6 1 year ago

I would even take the art that is there now, in blue. I was going to just recolor it, but I figure JJP wouldn't like that a lot (probably some licensing issues I can only imagine). But for my own use, I might just do it. (Quick, dirty, sloppy job for an idea of what it would look like).
Right-Sample-Personal (resized).jpg

#7 1 year ago
Quoted from DerGoetz:

Would be in on a CE Edition, PM me should you start taking orders
Great work, much welcomed

Does the CE have the same apron artwork? I assume so since the decal set I got had no other options. Most of the high quality images I see online are the proto games so I wasn't 100% or didn't recall from others posting.

#10 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I’m interested, you thinking magnetic?

It's a thought. It might be too expensive compared to a removable decal, but maybe an upgrade?

#15 1 year ago

Is that Poseidon dude part of the movie? I can't find that artwork anywhere.

Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

There is a very thin printable magnetic product that isn't terribly expensive (moreso than vinyl obviously) and would stick just fine, if you decide to go that route.

Do you have a source for printing? The company I have been using specializes in decals. I am going to ask if they have magnetic stock but even worst case, you can just buy a sheet of magnet and apply it.

#21 1 year ago

Ok, here's what I got so far. Finished artwork would be higher quality.. don't worry about the alignment of the center sections, this was a quick mask and doesn't accurately reflect the exact cutting outline of the decals/magnets.

If you want the CE version I'll need a signed letter from JJP that says you own that game.

Open to any changes. I've said it before, I don't know the movies well so if I am blundering any combination of art or concepts let me know. I was just going for the visual without repeating too many existing images like the skull and crossbones.

CE-Mock (resized).jpgSELE-Mock (resized).jpg

#24 1 year ago

So... the decal company has a sister company that does the magnets Waiting on a quote.

The decals only need to be ordered like 3 at a time for this size, so I think it will be easy enough to order whatever everyone wants (decal or magnet).

#25 1 year ago

I guess probably only for operators but magnetic "cards (game rules / pricing)? I didn't see any in the POTC manual but my printed WOZ brick of a manual has a whole slew of them already designed. Maybe there are some on the JJP site. I'm not sure how pissy anyone would be if I bulk printed and sold those magnetic (or even sticker).

I only thought about this because the artwork seems a bit bare without words or anything (I think that is also what was a bit odd with the POTC apron to me), even compared to the WOZ RR which also sort of gets me. Compared to the ELCE and YBR apron it's sad. But I don't want to add stuff to the art that doesn't keep it looking "stock", personally, so maybe some addon magnets would work to let it get mixed up a bit and changed around. The only time I saw any magnet options was with one of the side blade art sellers who has TOM apron magnets, smart idea. Not sure the apron really needs the POTC logo/font.

One thing I didn't do yet was an option for apron art that uses all of the movies' art in more of a color option. Sort of like WOZ, actually. Maybe all of the logos (probably would look weird, especially the odd number) or all of the characters I can get ahold of, etc. I think that would look cool for a less than stock option. I really hope the magnets are cheap, I want both now.

Anyhow, now I'm going to design some art for my WOZ RR apron. They print on mirror decals and holographic decals too, so I could see some cool effects with that for RR.

#26 1 year ago

Who's going to turn their game in to the naughty pirate?

Funny (resized).jpg
#27 1 year ago

Not full of color, but I sort of dig this vibe.
Option (resized).jpg

#29 1 year ago

Not sure if this is feasible but maybe someone wants their game number. This is pretty close to the finished right side of the green "CE" art and cutlines.

pasted_image (resized).png
#30 1 year ago

Maybe someone wants the JJP logo (not sure how they'd feel about this)

pasted_image (resized).png
#31 1 year ago

So, I think these are the final designs. Looking for any input before I put them up for purchase. I don't know if there is enough interest to order all 3, I guess we'll see who orders what. Shipping should be pretty cheap, they fit in a large envelope. Still waiting on magnet pricing. If you have a special request for art or text on them let me know and we'll see what can be worked out.

I'm jealous of the CE art.

Blue-Preview (resized).jpgGreen-Preview (resized).jpgOcean-Preview (resized).jpg

#35 1 year ago
Quoted from wesman:

I like the top one. Nice, moody, spooky. How much do you think magnetic ones might cost?

I think the TOM one I saw sells for like $40. So with the lower run that we have I would expect that it might be around the same.

I'm going to post all 3 for sale on my site and then we'll see what kind of orders we get for the blue version. If I get enough of each version, I'll get both, if not I can just send everyone the same blue if they are ok with that, or cancel orders.

#36 1 year ago
Quoted from Kerry_Richard:

I like all 3... maybe kinda cool to have all 3 and swap them every 3-4 months

Sorta my plan as well

#38 1 year ago

Thanks! Window filler mod isn't on your list

Chest open close won't be expensive.

#39 1 year ago

Just a little mockup since I'm bored.

Apron-Mock (resized).jpg
#40 1 year ago

Ok, got pricing on magnets, adds a few bucks to each one but I think it's worth it. Decals are ready for order. I am going to be placing an order in a few days to give everyone time to get in. Hopefully we have enough of each designed ordered that I can hit the minimums.


If you already placed an order for something flat (galaxy plastic or just the other decals I'm selling) then PM me and I'll send you a coupon for free shipping.

Added 178 days ago:

Ok, got pricing on magnets, adds a few bucks to each one but I think it's worth it. Decals are ready for order. I am going to be placing an order in a few days to give everyone time to get in. Hopefully we have enough of each designed ordered that I can hit the minimums.


If you already placed an order for something flat (galaxy plastic or just the other decals I'm selling) then PM me and I'll send you a coupon for free shipping.

#44 1 year ago

LOL! Well, we need to do something about that then

Btw... for the rest of you, printer has the artwork. I finished up double checking it all today, exacting measurements. I oversized these just a hair so there is no bleed through of the original decals. The magnet backing is super thin as well so it should look great.

I am waiting to hear a bit more about their removable adhesive. If they can guarantee me that it will stay stuck until you want to remove it then I may opt for that option. If they come out crappy the printer will re-print them on a more permanent adhesive. Basically, if there is no downside to the removable then I'll probably opt for that. Not that the others can't be removed, just takes some heat like removing any decal versus being able to just peel them off. I am also asking if once they are removed if you can store them and re-apply them later.

#45 1 year ago

Who ordered the express print option?

0702191853 (resized).jpg
#47 1 year ago

Test fits are looking great, printer has proof approved. Their semi-permanent adhesive was not suggested from them, btw. Can't wait to see these.

1 week later
#48 12 months ago

The products arrived today! Good news is, they are fantastic! I'm stoked that they are spot on and big enough to cover the stock art. My measuring 30 times paid off, I guess. Bad news is, printer sent the wrong quantities of some. So, sadly that might mean a delay in shipping a few of your orders. I won't let this delay any of your other items, we'll ship separately if you ordered any of the ones that didn't get printed properly. I'm running around busy but I'll post which ones will be delayed here in a bit.

The only install note is you might need to use a hair dryer on the magnets to get them to sit flat. Some have a bit of a "wave" to them from shipping. They might be fine when they get to you, we're shipping completely flat on a stiff backer. But just in case. I hit it for like 20 seconds with some hair dryer heat and it laid right flat.

Magnets (shitty camera and glare)
pasted_image (resized).png

#50 12 months ago

Good news everyone! (if you get that reference you're awesome)

It looks like almost no one will be missing their order. Luckily the combination of decal/magnet orders that everyone placed between the 3 options coincide with what was sent. The printer is fixing this (they mostly missed sending the dark blue left magnet and decal) so hopefully even if you ordered one of the missing ones then they should ship out with your order (depending on order timing and what else you ordered).

1 week later
#51 11 months ago

I might as well try them out

Now, guys... install is REALLY tough here. You gotta take off the glass

If you'll notice the decals and magnets cover the little rubber bumpers. That means you have to remove them first. The install the magnet or decal and use a sharp knife to cut the hole out if you want to reinstall the bumpers. I recommend wetting them and sort of pushing and twisting them back into place. We didn't cut these out since the original decals on the aprons might not be perfectly aligned so you can adjust your decal to cover properly and then trim the hole.

The decal could be installed dry or wet, your preference. If you are pretty confident in your alignment skills just pull back some of the backing and then do the alignment with part of the decal before you pull the rest off. In my experience the crucial part is the top angle that borders the playfield and the screen side. The rest falls into place.

pasted_image (resized).png
#53 11 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

Are the bumpers adhesive based?
I wonder what the diameter is. I have a couple hole punches, but for paper.
Looks sharp so far!

No, little nubs like the other rubber bits (like the plastic protector behind the chest). They cover the holes so it is easy to just cut them out. They are about the size of a hole punch, a bit smaller. I just hacked it with a hobby knife and you can't tell. Oops, forgot to post this image.

pasted_image (resized).png
#54 11 months ago

Just in case you wanted to see them, installation instructions!


Added 178 days ago:

Just in case you wanted to see them, installation instructions!


#56 11 months ago

You know... I wondered the same thing and I kept meaning to look but I *think* they hit the backbox when you put the playfield up. WOZ sits on the state fair balloon. I'm hoping that is what these are for.

5 months later
#57 6 months ago

Now on our 2nd run of Davy magnets we have 1 left. Probably won't order more since the have a decent minimum quantity, so come and get it. Still have plenty of decals for Davy.

#59 6 months ago
Quoted from Thot:

How many with France shipping fees?

You can quote it on our website, https://pinballmods.co/pinball-decals/apron-art-upgraded-decal-set-jjp-potc. Shouldn't be too much but let me know if it is. Should be able to send it in a large envelope.

2 weeks later
#60 5 months ago

For those who just ordered the Davy magnets, we had a problem with the items in our warehouse so we are waiting for replacements from our vendor. They have already shipped to us so as soon we get them we'll send them out right away. For anyone who wants Davy magnets we now will have a few extra, they are listed on our site.

#63 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Anyone have the skeleton one that has a pic of it installed? Preferably magnetic.

Yes, as a matter of fact.

#65 5 months ago

You didn't hack it with a hobby knife while holding the camera with the other hand? That's the way I roll.

Looks awesome!

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