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By vireland

9 months ago

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Post #306 Tip on removing the black pearl Posted by rs812 (9 months ago)

Post #501 More tips on removing black pearl mini playfield Posted by LTG (8 months ago)

Post #1776 Broken trunk mount bracket picture Posted by Soulrider911 (6 months ago)

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#1366 7 months ago

Does anyone's spinning map disc seem to spin slightly off-tilt? I'm unable to get the disc 100% level b/c when I spin the disc, it'll be level at a certain rotation, and then when I rotate it another 180* or so it dips down slightly on that one side. Rotate again, it appears level... anyone else's like this?

Since the disc's pitch seems to change as I spin it, I don't think it's a leveling issues with the main mounting bracket - perhaps something with the plastic sleeve or elsewhere?

#1368 7 months ago

Thanks vireland - I can confirm that the high spot remains the same spot on the disc as I rotate it so I don't think it's a mounting issue to the playfield itself (otherwise it would remain consistent).

#1371 7 months ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:There is one screw under the disc decal right in the center that holds the disc to the shaft. If that is not quite tight down the disc could be wobbly just a little.
Quoted from vireland:

Could be that the disc isn't on the shaft straight.

Thanks guys - Yikes...I think you're probably right. Sounds like I'd have to destroy the map decal in the process to even check. Going to check in with my distributor and see what he thinks as well before I do anything.

#1433 7 months ago
Quoted from jarozi:

Thanks, getting there! No pounding necessary, you just remove the nut under the post. Then loosen but don’t completely remove the screw that attaches the other end. The screw is hard to get to so just loosen to make it easier to screw back in. You should be able to tilt the rail up enough at that point to put the washer on. I used an SAE #10 washer, which looks close to what was installed under other rails from factory. Hope that helps![quoted image]

Thanks for posting this! This is missing from my March build and sounds like it’s the case with more than handful of others. I remember someone posting interference with that washer in the shooter lane which makes me wonder if that’s why it was missing or simply just missed from a batch of machines.

#1447 7 months ago
Quoted from jarozi:

No problem. When you go to tighten that nut under the post, just push the washer away from the shooter lane to make 100% it clears.

Got this done tonight - though I ended up using a smaller #6 SAE washer instead as it fit tighter around the screw base while having less tendency to interfere with the shooter lane.

Unfortunately for me the rail was already embedded in the clear/art on the edge so it has a blemish from that but at least it won’t get worse with time.

I did have to loosen the shooter rail in order to get to the upper philips head, which was mildly annoying.

2 weeks later
#1614 6 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Other coils to adjust:
1) if your slings are causing air balls turn them down to minimum setting. Particularly if you are now using star posts around your slings.
2) if a kick out from the depths is getting caught on the “I” lane, turn it down 1 point. Just be careful that it still kicks out.
3) if your balls are launching out of the maelstrom you may want to turn down flipper strength by a point. Be careful as you still want to be able to backhand to the pearl.
I understand zaphX’s sentiment that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Changing these coils for no reason by large amounts will make the game play differently than it was intended. As mentioned though even JJP admit that the default setting for the BP VUK is too high in most instances and is causing upper playfield and component damage.

Interestingly enough, I've ended up lowering many of the coil settings due to airballs and also lowered ship vuk to ~21-22 or so w/out issue. Flippers lowered quite a bit to avoid balls jumping when hitting bonus x targets to left/right of ramps. I can still make both ramps with both flippers so I'm happy with the change. I did lower my pop bumpers as well but that's likely just a matter of taste - everything is pretty hectic IMO but each machine is different. And agreed, I lowered my slings to 16 and still think it's too high - ball has hit the glass a couple of times even on that setting when the slings start passing the ball to one another.

#1615 6 months ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Do you have to remove a lot of stuff and/or components just to get to the T-nut? Sorry my game is still in the box

There's a good write up in this thread that I used. If you ordered cliffy's, just do it then which is what I did. Not a whole lot to remove after the pearl is off; it's mainly just loosening the subway underneath to move it out of the way to get to the tnut in order to remove it; maybe 3-5minutes to get to it once the playfield is raised; not as bad as I was expecting.

#1668 6 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Thanks. I tried this before and it lifted the ball launch wireform. Now I have launch issues for the first time. Ball hardly makes it around orbit.

When I moved that light straight back, the ball would hit the top of the lamp under the wire form so I moved it back to stock position. interestingly enough, I haven’t had a ball get stuck there (yet)

#1713 6 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Since I adjusted my tortuga scoop, it seems to be going back to closer to between the flippers rather than middle of left flipper. I think the problem is you can’t get the deflector down tight enough. Took it off, and noticed rippling around the metal plate. Now a cliffy May resolve all this, but I hopefully solved the moving tortuga once and for all.
1. 2 neoprene washers to grip to the playfield and cover my ripples
2. 2 m6 star washers under the screws to stop them from loosening and the plate from moving
I do have a bit of the washers showing now, but if my tortuga kickouts don’t creep over time, I’m happy![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Great idea! I ended up using blue loctite on those screws but may try this if it loosens again.

4 weeks later
#1861 5 months ago

So I’m starting to experience intermittent stuck flipper on the right side of the BP.

Pressing the coil shaft all the way in with my finger causes some resistance and can stick if push in the full throw. Is lube a bad idea or what would be best route to address?

#1870 5 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Make sure all the hardware holding the flipper mechs in place are tight. I had an upper left sticking flipper, turned out the hex screw holding the coil stop plate in place was loose, causing the plunger to rub the coil sleeve on the return.

Quoted from zaphX:

I had this exact issue. Loosen the pawl nut on the flipper and correct the vertical position of the flipper such that the coil moves freely, then re tighten.

Quoted from Yelobird:

What everyone said and do Not use lube on flipper mechs!

Quoted from GnarLee:

Lube/Oil/Grease is never a proper solution to fix a pin. Just imagine all the coil dust we clean out of our machines, now add in a substance that attracts dust. Proly just needs an adjustment.

Quoted from LTG:

And for the love of anything holy. Never hose anything down in a pin with WD40.
LTG : )

Wow, thanks everyone - a wealth of great info! I’ll give these a shot when I remove the BP again.

1 month later
#2069 4 months ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

Also, The ball gets stuck here.   I have to lift BP, up then pull it forward.  This happens from time to time.   JJP sent me the brackets from underneath the BP, but haven't installed them yet.  What do you think it could be causing this problem?[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

To me this is more of a design issue with the pearl. The rear bracket can easily bend upwards which makes it easy for the pearl to me backwards, particularly when lifting the play field.

Harry Houdini has added some washers in front of the rear bracket bolt to keep it in the most forward position; i
May try this as well.

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