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9 months ago

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Post #306 Tip on removing the black pearl Posted by rs812 (9 months ago)

Post #501 More tips on removing black pearl mini playfield Posted by LTG (8 months ago)

Post #1776 Broken trunk mount bracket picture Posted by Soulrider911 (6 months ago)

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#1275 7 months ago

Finally stopped playing the thing long enough to do some work on it. A bunch of switches hadn't been hit in a while because my cannon wouldn't load anymore. The spring that connects to the gate mechanism for loading the cannon came loose and I had to reattach it; they sure don't make that easy.

Now all that's left is to install the subway post and to gap the stuck slingshot switch on the left side of the chapter select. I'm hoping I don't need to remove it, and it's easier than I'm expecting because it's lower on the playfield (when flipped upside down.)

#1360 7 months ago
Quoted from jarozi:

Thanks! I kept upping it a point at a time until it landed consistently. At around 18 on my machine the ball would generally fire up far enough to clear the one-way gate, then land back on the main playfield. Are there any other known issues with this assembly? I looked at it under the playfield and everything seemed tightened securely in place, the coil and bracket weren't loose.

Mine came 18 from the factory (late December 2018 build), and I had the same problem with it failing to launch onto the ship sometimes and instead draining out into the playfield. I didn't know about the opto damage, so I had reset my to factory default, which is quite high if I recall correctly, so I'm going to be playing with 20-22 and seeing how well that performs this week with the glass off.

1 month later
#1820 6 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

I just removed mine for first time today. Removing was fun. Getting back on was funner. I liked the buffalo video where his tip for getting it off was to “jiggle a bit”, followed by his tip to get back on was “I don’t have any tips to get it back on”.
Good luck!

I also watched that video, after having gone through the manual and being disappointed this isn't covered. My Indiana Jones' manual has a page on taking off and putting on the upper playfield, I don't see why Pirates doesn't..

2 weeks later
#1880 5 months ago

I finally took my BP off the game to try to fix some of the issues I've been having with one of the Bonus X stand-ups. I thought it was just gaped too far, but upon closer inspection it's just mounted on the mini playfield too close to the rubber, so it will only activate with strong pressure.

bp_standup (resized).png

I tried loosening and pushing it further to the right, but as soon as I get tighten the screw at all it goes right back; the bracket doesn't really allow for any horizontal adjustment. Not sure what can be done but filling the old screw holes and mounting it again?

I also wanted to ask if both BP flippers were supposed to have the same amount of movement, or if my left flipper's movement is intentionally shorter? bp_flipper (resized).png

The right flipper has a ton more movement in my game, and I can't remember if the left flipper was always this way, or something that has gotten worse over time..

#1883 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

On the upper skull switch your best option would be to simply set the contact gap closer so the target throw to activate would be greatly reduced vs trying to move the switch. Good Luck.

I'm afraid that I'd have to make it so sensitive that non-hits would trigger it; as it is, you have to press down the right-side hard to make it trigger. Dang. I'll try contacting JJP and see if they have any ideas.

Quoted from Yelobird:

Left and right flipper are the same on the BP. I suspect your Left flipper is at the end of travel (the flipper itself) against the rubber on the playfield which is not letting the plunger fully release. Adjust the flipper topside with the pawl nut below and I am betting you will be good.

Thanks, I'll make them the same, just need to figure out how much of a flip that is haha. For the rest of your comment, do you mean the left in my picture (which is the right flipper when not upside-down), or the right in my picture (normally left)? The left in my picture is the flipper that has much greater amount of movement, but maybe it flips too far? The right (in-picture) is the one that flips less.

#1886 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

I was referring left or right that the flipper bat throw from the Top needed to be adjusted so they don't bottom out before the plunger can fully extend. In your picture (bottom side) the coil plunger is not fully extended meaning that (right or left) flipper is hitting full travel to soon. Hope that makes sense.

Ah ok, that's what I thought originally, which is why I posted here to confirm. I wanted to make sure there wasn't a game-design reason they had a shorter range of movement on the left flipper so you couldn't cradle or something like that. It sounds like this is not the case, and I should fix it to fully extend.

#1914 5 months ago

Is it possible to adjust the stroke length of a slingshot? I noticed today my playfield's left-slingshot's bracket moves too far forward when activating and makes contact with the table, gouging it My right slingshot works great and doesn't contact the table.

left_slingshot_activated (resized).pngright_slingshot (resized).png
#1927 5 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

You can toss a nut down the coil sleeve. That would limit the plunger travel. Works great on coils that are straight up or down when the game is being played. And if you ever work on it, you might remember why it's in there. If you stick a longer plunger in there and some day replace the plunger, you'll likely forget a longer one is in there and put the original one back in and have the problem again.
LTG : )[quoted image][quoted image]

I threw in a 6-32 nylon lock nut, and it's the perfect size. Thanks for the tip!

1 week later
#1945 5 months ago

I'm having an issue with my Load Cannon door not opening. If I manually push on the metal flap the coil connects to, it moves fine and will work for a bit, but then it'll get stuck again at some point. I've also had the spring that attaches to the gate come off twice now, which might be related?

I've tried manually triggering the Cannon Door coil in the tests and it does not open until I push it myself, and then it works fine for a while. Stealing the image from another post in here, the red square is the part that I can push on to make it work for a while, and the blue square is the where the spring is falling off (from the top).

All the parts here seem to move freely when I touch them, and since it works fine after I touch it, it's been really hard to debug. Has anyone had a similar problem or have any insights into what could be going wrong? This has been happening on/off since I got the game. I originally thought it was the metal gate getting caught on the left plastics, and that was a problem until I put a washer in, from the tip in post #1531, but now it's definitely not hitting that.
pasted_image (resized).png

#1960 5 months ago

Just wanted to say thank you to all the folks who chimed in! Somehow I missed that this coil was a magnet entirely. I've got a good idea of what needs done now, thanks!

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