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By vireland

8 months ago

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Post #306 Tip on removing the black pearl Posted by rs812 (7 months ago)

Post #501 More tips on removing black pearl mini playfield Posted by LTG (7 months ago)

Post #1776 Broken trunk mount bracket picture Posted by Soulrider911 (5 months ago)

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#958 7 months ago

Upvote this post if your JJP POTC came with ZERO out of the box problems. Mine's coming in the the next week or two and just curious if there's a shot I can just plug n' play.

Not afraid of problems mind you, just would be dandy if I'm able to rock and roll from jump street, thanks friends.

Can't wait!

#963 7 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Just got mine yesterday, hasn’t needed a single adjustment, other than a tight lock bar. You’ll be fine.

Thanks Lermods! That's that all I needed to hear, I have hope now and that's all I was looking for.

2 weeks later
#1284 6 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Check the right spinner opto, 3 of us have had ours snapped in the middle. And yes, the powerful VUK broke it.[quoted image][quoted image]

Has anyone hacked something to protect this area or does just turning down the VUK pretty much get rid of this issue?

#1356 6 months ago

Before I get into the tech stuff just want to say I'm having a great time playing this one, loving all the variety of the modes and the interesting shots, well done to Keefer, Eric, David and team!

Got my LE (#1018 built 4/29) setup this weekend, definitely my most problematic NIB unboxing, I guess I've gotten lucky in the past. Thanks to everyone who posts the fixes! I was able to use several...

The stuff that had to be fixed/tweaked:
- Auto launch wasn't working consistently, about 80% of the time it failed to launch over the hump. FIX: Added the washers to remove launch bracket slop.
- Ball gets stuck on BP ramp. BP was a full half-inch below the ramp. FIX: Pulled BP forward a bit, which raised it, this helped some. Had to remove crush washer completely to get it where it now rarely get's stuck.
- No washer under the outlane/shooter lane metal rail. Rail dug into playfield and damaged the art underneath. FIX: Added a washer.
- Monitor sag/ damaged back glass, right side was hanging down about a half inch, could see lots of foam pads mounted on the monitor through the glass. Monitor scratched the back glass in shipping I assume? FIX: Reset mounting hardware. Still sags a bit but I'll live with it for now.
- Black Pearl VUK failing to put the ball on the ship about 80% of the time. FIX: Increased VUK power (to 24 from 14).
- Sling posts show severe bubbling, no supplementary washers installed from factory. FIX: None at this time, waiting on JJP fix.

The good news:
- Trunk works 100%, locks balls when it should, no bounce outs.
- Shots to Tortuga stick, and the kickout sends to the flipper
- Black Pearl rocking works fine, shots from the cannon are lined up properly w/ Dauntless
- Disk is noisy but no more so than the discs were on my X-Men, will live with this for now

#1358 6 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Careful with that VUK power. If it's too much, it will slam the ball into the opto that faces the place where the ball lands, eventually breaking the opto. Just do the minimum necessary to get the ball into the ship consistently. Most people settle around 18.

Thanks! I kept upping it a point at a time until it landed consistently. At around 18 on my machine the ball would generally fire up far enough to clear the one-way gate, then land back on the main playfield. Are there any other known issues with this assembly? I looked at it under the playfield and everything seemed tightened securely in place, the coil and bracket weren't loose.

#1362 6 months ago
Quoted from Maide:

Mine came 18 from the factory (late December 2018 build)

Mine could have been 18 as well from the factory, I bumped it one point at a time until at 24 it started boarding consistently. Be interested to see where yours lands as well.

#1364 6 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

It seems like it would be prudent for someone to come up with a protection for that opto.

I wonder if there's room for a post back there, similar to the post that blocks the ball on the AFM/r VUK.

InkedIMG_3682_LI (resized).jpg
#1393 6 months ago
Quoted from Maurice:

Quoting myself: has really nobody noticed this? No confirmation or whatsoever.
“Problem: inconsistent auto plunge shot which doesn’t make it to the left upper flipper.
I adjusted the coil strength from the shooter but that didn’t do the trick. I closely looked at the wireform and that has 3 horizontal metal “bars” at the underside (see pictures) which make the ball rattle.
Solution: use a dremel to grind some metal and let the ball pass without touching the metal bars. You need to remove the wireform to do this properly. The dremel I used had a curved shape, which I highly recommand.
Now every autoplunge makes it around to the upper left flipper. Coil strength at only 20”

After reading your post yesterday I went and tested mine by rolling a ball manually through there, it didn't hit any of those cross bars.

I did have to move the 'Escape the Locker' donut to the other post, which allowed for more consistent auto-plunges and easier escapes.

#1394 6 months ago

Edit: wrong thread.

#1427 6 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

Did you have to pound this post out for install? Do you remember what size washer you used?
Glad you're up and running!

Thanks, getting there! No pounding necessary, you just remove the nut under the post. Then loosen but don’t completely remove the screw that attaches the other end. The screw is hard to get to so just loosen to make it easier to screw back in. You should be able to tilt the rail up enough at that point to put the washer on. I used an SAE #10 washer, which looks close to what was installed under other rails from factory. Hope that helps!

2CD604E6-D165-4C04-A129-5D94967FC3BF (resized).jpeg
#1434 6 months ago
Quoted from tgrinchy:

Thanks for posting this! This is missing from my March build and sounds like it’s the case with more than handful of others. I remember someone posting interference with that washer in the shooter lane which makes me wonder if that’s why it was missing or simply just missed from a batch of machines.

No problem. When you go to tighten that nut under the post, just push the washer away from the shooter lane to make 100% it clears.

#1436 6 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

Is the point of the washer to prevent the rail from grinding into the playfield over long term vibration from the ball being ejected up the rails?

That's right. In fact the playfield was already missing paint under the rail near the post and I had only played it a few times before adding the washer. Not a big deal, but didn't want it getting worse. What's interesting is they installed a same sized washer under the playfield, between the nut and the playfield. Wonder if during assembly they just put the washer on the wrong side of the PF?

#1451 6 months ago

Does anyone know how to remove the Black Pearl lamps? I have one that doesn't illuminate very well, I think it's not in contact with the LED below it very well. This is the lamp I'm talking about, not mine, from the internet...
map (resized).jpg

#1482 6 months ago

Does anyone have a 3d model (STL) file of a block to fix the monitor sag? Or the measurements for the proper height of a supporting block?

I contacted JJP support, they said I didn't have the defective mount, yet the top edge of my monitor shows through the backglass when seated fully on the mounting pins. That was after leaning it left on the mount to compensate for sagging to the right.

It looks like my monitor came loose during shipping, backglass is also scratched where the corner of the monitor scraped the art. Thanks!

#1502 6 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I know, this is a weird one. But you're saying the playfield lights come back on and the movie 1 multiball light flashes, which is what it would do after making a successful shot into the Dauntless when the cannon is qualified.

This happens on mine as well, and thought I just didn't understand the rules, and maybe I don't.

But same as above, spinners were spun, cannon open, then the load cannon light goes out and multiball is qualified without ever firing a shot. It doesn't do anything else that would make you think a shot was fired re: animations, sound, or lights. My Dauntless switches are working fine far as I can tell, they operate normally when it doesn't do this, when it lets me load and fire. Which I would say is most of the time, only some times does it jump straight to multiball.

#1506 6 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

AFAIK there are 3 ways to qualify BPMB:
1. Shoot the cannon and nail the Dauntless hole
2. Shoot the cannon and bang off the side of the Dauntless twice
3. Skill shot the Pearl with Load Cannon lit

Thanks for that, I'll watch the next few games and see. It could very well be #3 in my case.

#1531 5 months ago

Problem: Load cannon door partially blocks shots to the 'LOAD' stand up target making hard / impossible to register a hit to that stand up.

Solution: Add 3 SAE #10 washers to left side door mounting pin (see pic). This will align the door fully left, clearing the stand up, there's lot's of left/right play in this hinge from factory.

InkedIMG_2425_LI (resized).jpg
#1532 5 months ago

Problem: Load cannon door doesn't fully open or close. When closed, some shots still go into cannon while some shots are rejected when door is 'open'. The difference between open and closed was so subtle on mine that I didn't notice the door opens only when the ball is on the upper playfield and closes when it leaves.

Solution: Bend cannon door up-stop up to allow greater range of movement (see pic). You'll have to play with it a bit to find the right spot for an improved range of movement.

InkedIMG_2426_LI (resized).jpg

Here are some pics after making this tweak...
IMG_2427 (resized).jpegIMG_2428 (resized).jpeg

#1535 5 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

HA, I just posted this... your's is much more detailed, nice

Credit where credit is due, after reading your post I got curious if what you were talking about would fix my problem. When I saw that it did I wrote it up in a way my simple mind could fully comprehend.

#1537 5 months ago
Quoted from GnarLee:

You might wanna get that bar that raises the door centered. I had similar issue out of box and door wasn’t able to fully open because the bar with the return spring was hitting the side and binding. Whole piece for me just moved with a smidge Of pressure. Maybe I’ll pull my glass today for maintence and take a pic or 2

I think I saw what you were talking about, the bar hits the cannon lane divider yeah? I'll take another look at that, thanks.

3 weeks later
#1773 5 months ago
Quoted from Heater:

I'm bummed! I haven't had any with the patch or hat

Not sure if it correlates to score at all, but when I set the GC score at just over 2M points, I got the hat and patch on my pic. Just a coincidence I think as I haven’t seen anyone else mention that. Only time I’ve gotten both.

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