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7 months ago

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#135 7 months ago

Ok so I worked at addressing my inconsistent ball plunge issues, Dauntless all of a sudden getting stuck and ball getting stuck on devils triangle rollover. Rollover was bent down a bit so ball could not catch easy fix. Dauntless I found it was catching on the top deck. Removed deck added 4 #6 nylon washers between bracket and decking to raise it ~1mm problem solved. Ball plunge issue I found a different fix that didnt require me to raise playfield. So when I was looking at the whole mech I noticed quite a bit of play in the auto plunge left and right. Maybe 4-5 times out of 10 my plunge would be off. I saw that when the auto plunge was in the rightmost position it would hit somewhere. If I moved it to the left it did not hit plunger. Also the ball sat 2-3mm farther back in shooter lane with it to the left. So to fix I put 2 1/4" nylon washers on the pin on the right hand side to get rid of the play in the auto plunge. Have plunged maybe 50 balls since and had 1 bad plunge. will get a pic or 2 up shortly

#157 7 months ago

So I started having some issues with the black pearl today. Speed ramps up very fast and only lists left and level doesnt seem like it hits right. During ship test full motion is there but the opto switches are not triggering properly I think. when ship right, right opto is triggered. when test left both optos are triggered. I think I'm getting a false opto trigger before it gets to center and throws it back left. Guess its time to remove her. Has anyone had a issue similar?

#160 7 months ago

No in service position both Optos inner and outer are being triggered in the left position. I do not remember it being like this when I went through initial testing. After I do a calibration it will change too so pulled a couple thing and reassembled. Did a calibration and had same results. Did a second calibration and now nothing triggers on left. Outer triggers on home and nothing on right but if I bump it a hair it will trigger

#161 7 months ago

Ya I dont know what I did but it is working properly again. Switches are still weird from what I remember, but it is working properly. Maybe the loom was catching it somehow.

#246 7 months ago

Ya I just took a piece of door insulating foam and cut a small piece to cover the screw. And I agree the pearl ramp is a horrible design. Just waiting for the day the bottom 2 screws strip out.

#250 7 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Probably okay in a pinch, but not a good long-term solution. I'm going to make a support in that fastens to the top screw and supports the width of the ramp bottom instead of concentrating all the force into one small contact point.

Ya I was thinking the same. Prolly only take 10 min to design and print one

#261 7 months ago

Ok just ran in to a doosey. Mid game I seemed to be getting gold out of nowhere. Everytime I hit a flipper button gold would spawn. Drained ball started a new ball and problem was not there but noticed the spinning pop bumpers were spinning like crazy and not stopping. Only thing that was changed was I tried to install 5 ball for mom and sister to help them get higher scores. Going to go digging for a broken shorted wire. Nothing looked off when I went into switch tests.

#299 7 months ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

Any recommendations on which dremel to buy?

the one linked above is good....Depends really on how much you plan to use it. If you plan on using it a good bit one linked is good. If your only planning to use it very little the next step down would be fine amazon.com link » I have even had some wireless ones over the years that were pretty decent.

#353 7 months ago

Speaking of color changes. After 1000 plays my flipper rubbers were toast. Did yellows on main flippers (always yelling at me about gold) and did blue for the inner loop flipper. Looks pretty good imo

#354 7 months ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

I went ahead and did green and I think blue would look sweet.
Sighs. I think I forgot the rubber rings or whatever that go around them? Do I need those?

yes it is a good idea to get backup rubbers for high use areas. So slingshots and places where ball bounces a lot. Would be nothing worse than to pop a slingshot rubber and not have a backup ready. I did a full set of silicone rubber from pinballlife and it was only $20. Have not installed any rings yet (only 1 or 2 are showing wear atm) but the silicone flipper rubbers from them feel good to me. Still going to order a set of titan flipper rubbers in the near future to compare.

#402 7 months ago

When you guys have a chance can you look when you get into multiball if your tortuga tom and spinning barrell spin constantly. Only played a couple games today ( 2.7 mil new high score) but noticed on both games. The logical side of my brain tells me it is not supposed to be like that but not sure

Edit: Not sure why I didnt think of this hours ago. Watched a jjp pinball stream and they do spin constantly during multiball

#428 6 months ago

Instead of replacing the gold button just put a couple drops of this in there. it is a lubricant but dries to a wax. 2 drops 3 weeks ago and my button has not stuck since.


1 bottle has lasted me 5 plus years and I use it to fix anything that squeaks around the house.

1 week later
#813 6 months ago

Sigh so I log on one last time before bed and see 21 new posts. Something must be bumping right. Nope 14 Joseph posts and a couple replys.

Ok so lets think about this logically before posting 5 times on one thing (also you can edit your posts as you figure things out). So you spinner isnt spinning properly. You have finally figured out that the spinner is hitting the BP decking. What can be done to raise this part up a tad so it does not hit spinner?

1. You can bend the metal bracket up
2. The better option put a washer on the posts before putting deck back on. If 1 does not work put a second.

I feel like a lot of these issues you have can be fixed if you sit back look at the problem for more than 2 seconds. This is a very simple problem with a very simple solution. I had all the problems and then some for a good week and a half I was the guy posting about EVERYTHING I found wrong. I quickly learned most of the issues were A. previously covered and B. minor issues that may have seemed bad but were really just adjustments that most pins would need regardless.

That is all have a goood night. Get some washers fix your dam spinner and play your machine.

Edit* See how that works

#835 6 months ago

if were being honest on the chapter select issue. I just put my plumb bob all the way down so I still tilt but it takes a good whack. The SDTM ones I can now save without tilting about half of the time. It feels a little unfair now escaping the locker cause i can do small nudges like crazy with little risk of using a tilt. 50% chance to tilt saving chapter select SDTM is acceptable to me.

#869 6 months ago

I think noone here has any issues with Joesph and he is more than welcome to ask questions. The problem is the amount of posts I think. If I had to take a guess hes prolly in the 4-500 range by now. I enjoy keeping up with this forum but it frustrating when I see ive missed 70 posts and find out 30 of them are him. It is why I suggested he use the edit feature. Also there have been several times where a solution was posted for him and he went and did something completely different and came back to let us know it didnt work and he still hasnt tried what was suggested. I'd bet 5 bucks if the amount of posts went down and he tried our suggestions first the subject would have been dead weeks ago.

#982 6 months ago
Quoted from Asael:

The LED on the big LED Board under the playfield is red, so this is ok? If so, should I check the cables to the board, cause the inserts don`t light up anymore?
[quoted image]

Red light means something wrong. Either no power or bad fuse (should be marked on board what led means). I also had some board issues with my game nib. Contact jjp to have them send you a replacement. That is the p9 board pictured.

#1012 6 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I would love for someone from JJP to tell me how to read that f'ing starmap.

When it clicks it clicks. I spent a month trying to figure the dam thing out then one night I looked at it and said that looks like a ship and hit the ship shot and got credit. Try watching someone else play and stand back far form the map and look at it as a whole picture not as stars. The pop up that shows you you hit the shot also shows the pattern displayed. So if you can watch a few games and when you see the pop up pay attn to how the stars look. The part that I didnt understand for the longest time was all of the stars are a part of the picture. I was trying to distinguish fast blinkers from slow blinkers and find a picture from it and thats not how it works. Also try looking at the map from farther away thats how I started to figure out the patterns.

#1014 6 months ago
Quoted from DrDQ:

This screw look familiar at all? It looks like it is brass or brass colored.
This rolled down to the right flipper last night with a ball. I think it came from around the ship or FOY area but not sure. I don’t see any similar screws. Not sure if it is from under the ship or the chest.
[quoted image]

That might be the adjuster screw for one of the pop up diverter posts. if its a really tiny screw it might be one of the screws mounting the pcb boards. Hope this helps.

#1016 6 months ago

So havnt played a ton of games on .99 but have noticed a weird issue starting multiballs. On occasion the game is kicking a ball out but not auto launching it. Literally watched it kick 3 balls out and the launcher not go off once. After 3 balls were there it started trying to get all the balls out. Have noticed during several games since update I have had multiple ball pushed/stuck in shooter lane. I still have not done any troubleshooting on it as I have order from jjp coming wednsday that is going to require me to remove BP. Going to all maintenance when that comes in including waxing and installing mylar at chapter select area.

#1018 6 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Check the shooter lane switch with a ball (not your finger). Put it in switch test mode, manually put a ball into the shooter lane and see if the shooter lane switch registers.roll it off the switch then let it roll back on and see if the switch activates freely. If it doesn't, just adjust the switch until it registers.

Ya I know. Noticed it last night but didnt think anything of it. Then this morning watched it put 3 balls into shooter lane and then auto launch. Today was fish tank maintenance day so no work on machine. Did a small test after I was done with fish tank and basically just launched a ball and then let the auto save do its thing. All 3 balls the auto launch took prolly 10 seconds after ball was in the lane. The third one it went into ball search mode so more than likely it is the shooter lane switch. Will pull the glass in the morning and test to find out what is going on. Thanks for the tip

#1039 6 months ago

when you didnt even realize you had a problem. My spotlights also flicker with the topper. Can be annoying at times but thought that was normal.

#1047 6 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Check the shooter lane switch with a ball (not your finger). Put it in switch test mode, manually put a ball into the shooter lane and see if the shooter lane switch registers.roll it off the switch then let it roll back on and see if the switch activates freely. If it doesn't, just adjust the switch until it registers.

Yep had a wire come loose off the shooter lane switch. 5 second solder job and all is good again. On a side note had to do a little cleaning because glass was off (going to do full maintenance tomorrow) and cleaned the in/out lanes and map spinner. Spinning Map had some rowdy ball dust on it, like literally changed colors in front of my eyes. So psa when you guys are doing your minor maintenances make sure to give you spinning map some love easy to forget about.

Edit* Also changed out the balls as a couple of mine looked fairly rough. One actually kinda looked like a gold ball with a shitton of little dimples in it. The standard marco pinballs are correct? Can order something different if thats not right but had a spare 5 pack in my repair box so swapped them in and retired the old balls.

#1049 6 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Map spinner? Depths spinner or BP spinners are all I know.
Did you see if you had the t-nut issue in the map hole? That could be causing your balls to get nicked up. As far as I know standard balls are ok, although I think there was some debate about magnetism and ball type.

the actual spinning map that makes your ball go all over the place....you know the omni directional spinning map
I did see the T-nut issue. Will prolly fix it one of these days but have to wait till I got a few hours with no one in the house.

#1104 6 months ago

I had that problem as well with ball getting stuck at man overboard. I added an extra clear bumper between the screw and the current bumper. Ball has not got stuck since. On a side note got my replacement wireform a in. The shooter lane wireform fixed the last of my inconsistent ball shooter. The ball travel up the lane is soo much smoother now and the ball exits like a rocket. The bp exit ramp is still not level with the outlane but it was close enough that I could bend it and make it right. Now if I could only get jjp to send me the correct part for this last led that doesn’t work.

#1162 6 months ago
Quoted from MarZ_78:

I have a reoccurring issue where the ball comes out of the depths doesn't travel smoothly down the "P" lane and ends up bouncing around the "I" lane and ball gate before draining. Happens about 5%/10% of times. Anyone else experiencing this issue or better yet know a fix?
My last ball in my Grand Champion game ended with this happening last night.

I briefly had a similar issue. Issue went away when I properly leveled machine.

#1211 6 months ago

I removed mylar on my old system 11. A little bit of freeze spay and it will lift right off. Then you clean then glue from playfield. Assuming its the same process for newer machines just gonna be alot easier to get the glue off.

#1269 5 months ago
Quoted from cheshirefilms:

Ok so I've started to have irregular performance with the black pearl cannon gate. It seems as though the pictured spring attached to this hook thingy needs to be dead center. If the spring slides/pivots to the right during play the gate won't open all the way. Suggestions to stabilize this spring?
[quoted image]

I had this same problem new out of the box. In shipping it must have misaligned a tad. If I remember right It was a 2-3 screws to get the decking off. Then maybe 2 screws to loosen coil and pivot it back to center. Tighten screws back ( on mine I think I was able to just pivot it and not loosen the screws). manually move the gate up and down to make sure the bar that spring attaches to doesnt hit and you will be golden.

#1302 5 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

That's almost definitely what is happening. If you start right away (which we all do because it's such an addictive game) the balls stay put. If you give it a minute to get through game over, they will drop.
Sounds like normal operation to me.

I actually like this mechanic of the game. It is yet another option you have to change the gameplay slightly. By starting a game before they release your creating times where instead of having to launch a ball on lock it will just drop 1 for you. I like doing this when possible because it sets up a nice slow feed to hit a loop/map shot easy.

#1310 5 months ago

Spotlights are 12v bulbs not 6v

#1315 5 months ago

kinda like the blue and the green coin door lights. Whatever you end up with Im sure will look awesome

#1422 5 months ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

Update on the chest issue...
I think it’s an issue? Only locking balls maybe 25% of the time from what I feel are “valid” shots. A “perfect” shot does seem to lock the ball. I’m just not sure how precise the shot is supposed to be.
So my game was at 5.9 pitch and it is now at 6.5. I lowered the left flipper from 20 to 18 and the right flipper from 22 to 18. Was unable to lock one ball with these settings so changed both back to 20 and can sometimes lock with both flippers.
I’m curious what others have their flippers at if it’s not too much to ask and I’m even more curious if others have the right flipper stronger than the left or vice versa. Is offsetting the flipper power “fairly common/expected” depending on the game?
I really wish I could get this chest accepting balls at even a slight improvement. It’s just difficult to gage what adjustment needs to be made to the forks. I tried to manually lock balls with the forks raised but that proved to be pretty impossible.
Is the only real way to use slow-motion video to try and figure it out? I’m open to any suggestions that maybe others have had success with. Even knowing if I should bend to the left or right would be helpful, but difficult to say I’m sure as it can vary from machine. I have removed the assembly once already and the forks “seemed” tight based on the nuts anyways.
Appreciate the listen and help. Getting this chest right would damn near make my game 100% and completely dialed in.

Stock flipper power I believe its 22 left and 25 right. Works perfect for me

#1425 5 months ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

Damn! Do you know what your pitch is set at?


edit* anything above stock I had malestrom escapes. At 25 on the right (stock) It rarely happens like maybe 1 time in 100 games which im fine with. To be honest that 1% is way better than when you get 5 balls going and shit is bouncing all over the place. I did try lowering the right flipper power but you lose the ability to hit a backhand boarding shot if you lower it.

#1459 5 months ago

You can make that bracket look good easy (does noty look bad) mount one of the gold coins or get a small toy to put on it problem solved

*edit Be prepared to get a ball stuck in those spotlights one day. Happened to me other day and couldnt believe it.

#1493 5 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

I was trying to resolve my SDTM drains after star map chapter selected and the post drops. As others have noted it happens when the ball is stuck between the retractable post and the post to the left. My ball was wedged so close to the front it was almost escaping the star map. Other have stated this happens as the rubber wears. Mine is not that worn. Anyway did some investigating. The post to the left of the star map with the sling rubber was not tightened. At all. Moved the post over as much to the right as it would go and tightened up. Seems better now. Ball does not get wedged as much. Still a bit dangerous there. Maybe to resolve this in coding, rather than a ball save which seems contentious with other owners, the magnet could start kicking the ball around a bit sooner before the post drops. That means the ball is being affected by the magnet for a longer time before it is let go. Currently it’s just a small pulse which is not always sufficient to move the ball far enough. This small pulse just lifts the wedged ball slightly before it drains SDTM. This wedging of the ball between the posts will happen more as the sling rubber wears. I have requested JJP to add this extra magnet time. Not sure if it will be ignored.
If you’re finding the ball is getting wedged at the front left, check that the post is tightened down and not loose. Also double check levels. I found to get a straight level section, the word “CHEST” is the only reference point which is straight. Line you spirit level up with the top of these letters.

Kicking the ball around sooner will not solve the issue. It will make it less likely to happen yes, but the whole game is based around doing chapters. You should NEVER be punished for a shot that is required for progression when you have to hit the shot 25 times in one game (to complete all chapters). It is not like it is a risk vs reward thing. The risk vs reward is the qualifying of chapter. Some that come to mind bricking malestrom shot or DT and hitting 4x and goining straight down I lane. Trying for left flipper chest shot hitting right lock stand up and sdtm. Tortuga can be risk reward as anything up in the pop can go bad quickly. Even if they decided they wanted to compensate by making the chapters harder by adding more characters to them there needs to be an optional ball save on starting chapters. Its not a tight shot but not sure i want to make it smaller either. Its such an easy fix

#1517 5 months ago

Nice work gumnut. I have noticed the same thing on inner loop shots. Good ones getting sucked to bp or coming out with no speed. I’ll bet I have the same issue.

#1536 5 months ago
Quoted from jarozi:

Problem: Load cannon door doesn't fully open or close. When closed, some shots still go into cannon while some shots are rejected when door is 'open'. The difference between open and closed was so subtle on mine that I didn't notice the door opens only when the ball is on the upper playfield and closes when it leaves.
Solution: Bend cannon door up-stop up to allow greater range of movement (see pic). You'll have to play with it a bit to find the right spot for an improved range of movement.
[quoted image]
Here are some pics after making this tweak...
[quoted image][quoted image]

You might wanna get that bar that raises the door centered. I had similar issue out of box and door wasn’t able to fully open because the bar with the return spring was hitting the side and binding. Whole piece for me just moved with a smidge Of pressure. Maybe I’ll pull my glass today for maintence and take a pic or 2

#1538 5 months ago
Quoted from jarozi:

I think I saw what you were talking about, the bar hits the cannon lane divider yeah? I'll take another look at that, thanks.

Yes exactly. Couldn’t think of what to call it but yess. Bar was hitting lane divider and binding. I had to move mine a grand total of 1-2 mm and issue was fixed

#1566 5 months ago

It may sound simple but make sure the contact inside the spotlight socket are not bent as well. I had spotlight issues and when I looked into the socket without bulb in one of the leads was bent in making the bulb hard to insert and have a bad connection. 5 seconds straightening the pin and socket has worked ever since

1 week later
#1693 4 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I spent a lot of time (months) troubleshooting ball launch and autoplunger issues and finally resolved them 100%.
Here's what I did (and all of these had an effect):
1. Check your shooter tip and replace it if torn or flattened due to use.
2. Make sure the plunger doesn't contact the autoplunger. If it does, adjust the shooter housing down. Still doing it? Put some kind of padding under the playfield hooks. I used dense weatherstripping foam.
3. Make sure the shooter lane is aimed into the orbit just right. If it's too far left or right, you'll get a ball rattle that robs power.
4. Finally, make sure the shooter lane wireforms are even with each other. In my case, a slight "bump in the road" on one side was causing autoplunge failures even though manual plunges were fine.
After doing all of this, my plunges are lightning fast and rocket around the orbit - I have to use a very light touch now for the skill shot In addition, autoplunges are now 100% reliable.

Agree 100%
This was pretty much my list as well. I did shim my auto launcher to remove the play left and right. First thing I noticed was depending which side the auto was on there was a 2-3 mm difference in where the ball sat. If it was to the left ball plunged fine if it was to the right no power. That got me to 90% good plunges. From there noticed I also had the plunger hitting the auto. 2 tiny pieces if door insulating foam under hangers fixed that up (raised playfield maybe 1mm). We were then at 95% good plunges. Last issue I had was ball hitting wireform at first brace. After 1000 games the ball was still hitting wireform so a smidge of dremel work to just lower and smooth it and now I also have lightning fast plunges. To put it in perspective pop bumper skill shot requires me to pull back maybe a 1/4 inch. Boarding BP is only a few mm past that (cant even see the tip in view window yet) and if you can see the tip of whooter in window it will go all the way around. So a 5% plunge gets me pops a 7% plunge gets me boarding and a 10% plunge will go all the way around. It actually makes the skill shots way harder.

#1714 4 months ago

YA Tortuga really needs loctite. This is the spot where I have significant chipping. In 1500 plays or so I have had to tighten tortuga scoop 3-4 times now. Every time it was tightened the gummy bear got worse. This last time a big chunk of it came off. Long story short im pretty sure every time i tightened the scoop it pushed more of the clearcoat out and less clearcoat under part means loose part.

1 week later
#1755 4 months ago

If you pull up your switch tests one of them will show you on the screen where the switch is. Turn around switch should be the one at the back of the devils triangle. Kinda hard to get to but there is enough room to get a long screwdriver in there to test it. Cant remember how accessible it is from the bottom of playfield.

1 week later
#1844 4 months ago

I had the issue when I first got game (escaping slingshot) and when I replaced the rubbers. For me anyways seems like it happened when the rubber was new but after it got a bit of play it stopped. Now with new rubbers it happened again. Yelo fix should work too

#1848 4 months ago

Speaking of ball getting stuck. Balls on my game have been getting stuck at the right outlane just before escape the locker. gets stuck between the right post rubber and the metal outlane piece. With that being said locker escapes have become fairly easy. New record 13 escapes. I honestly dont know why it started happening all of a sudden. Havnt really looked too deep into the issue either though

1 week later
#1865 3 months ago
Quoted from tgrinchy:

So I’m starting to experience intermittent stuck flipper on the right side of the BP.
Pressing the coil shaft all the way in with my finger causes some resistance and can stick if push in the full throw. Is lube a bad idea or what would be best route to address?

Lube/Oil/Grease is never a proper solution to fix a pin. Just imagine all the coil dust we clean out of our machines, now add in a substance that attracts dust. Proly just needs an adjustment.

#1884 3 months ago

On you skull switch have you tried loosening the screw and cheating it to the right? Assuming you have. Easiest thing imo would be to pull out the switch and bore out the hole on switch just a hair. This would give you a bit more adjustment.

2 weeks later
#1943 3 months ago

Depths is easy. Just clips on. Can be done from top. Unless you mean map hole of which I still need to do.

#1948 3 months ago

Wow I dont remember having to bend anything. whole arm swivels. Loosen adjust arm coming off red square to middle of the loop wall and cannon door wall. Tighten and done. I actually dont even remember having to loosen anything just swiveled it and done

#1962 3 months ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

Ditto what Harry said. It’s kind of a mix of getting everything lined up so it works. Not a super well designed mech. I think for me the main factor was getting the slight bend of the arm into a functional position. I found I was really able to get the arm to bend the way I needed it by putting needle nose pliers under it and gently pressing. Here are a couple pictures of my arm and what I mean by using the pliers.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

This. A pic is wortha thousand words. See how his arm is directly in between the 2 lanes. Swivel your arm so it looks like that and you cannon door should work properly. why he has the pliers in there like he is bending something idk. Move arm to middle first then if it still is sticking I guess try to bend.

Edit* His actually looks like it could swivel left a bit. Probly why he resorted to bending the arm

#1972 3 months ago

I assume when ball comes down the P lane its getting caught by the gate and draining in I lane? If this is what you meant mine does the same thing when machine is slightly off level. Its also not bulletproof I.E. every now and again it will just happen nothing can be done. But ya if its happening a lot look at your level left right. Could also help with the SDTM from chapter select. I did replace my rubbers in chapter select area with some perfectplay and sdtm has been happening alot less. I think the rubber is just a tad thicker or maybe my old rubber was starting to stretch but there was less SDTM affter replacing rubbers up there

#1985 3 months ago

Was getting random pieces of 8 without hitting the shot. Friendly reminder to every now and again clean your optos. Problem was dirty opto not giving a good signal little vibration and switch would go off. cleaned with q-tip and a little bit of alcohol.

#2019 84 days ago

On one of my spots the pins on the inside of connector were slightly bent causing the bulb to make contact but not sit properly. I took a flathead and adjusted the pins and no more problems

#2029 82 days ago
Quoted from Lancelin2k14:

Thankyou!. Also any idea where this bit is from?, found it just sitting in the orbit holding up the ball.
Been a really frustrating Experience so far, only managed to play 3 games and just one issue after the other.[quoted image]

Could be the one way to the chest

1 month later
#2165 51 days ago

I know you said you tried to adjust them but did you try to clean them with some alcohol and a q-tip. I had some issues with an opto and as soon as I cleaned it all the problems went away. Sounds like its getting a weak signal (dirty)

#2169 48 days ago
Quoted from heni1977:

I would get a hold of JJP. Sound's like a bad solder joint. It could possibly be a dirty opto but would not put too much stock in that. Since you pushed it into board and now it works, would suggest soldering issue.

20 years of computer repair, including board level repairs, tells me that bad solder joints very very rarely fix themselves by pushing on the board. Yes it is possible but lets say 1 out of 100 will that fix the issue and even then typically the "fix" will only last for a few days to a week. Now this is in a computer that is not dealing with constant vibration. Pushing on the board to "fix" it would last 1-2 games on a pinball machine. Long story short when your car dies you shouldn't automatically call the dealership and have them tow it. Maybe you should check if you have gas first.

#2177 45 days ago

You can’t forget in drain sometimes the machine has a “list” of things it needs to complete. Only example I can think of is when you drain during chapter. The game first needs to close out chapter before end of ball bonus. The time from your drain to when chapter points pop up is a couple seconds then a couple more to bonus points. I think it just seems long sometimes. Can test the switches to see how fast they register. Pull balls out and drop them in trough during switch test to see if there is any abnormal delay on the switch itself

#2178 45 days ago

100 plays the opto is probably not dirty. I had my first dirty opto prolly 1500 plays in. Only noticed it because I would get random ship boardings. Optos unlike physical switches (with very few exceptions) can have a half state. So on/off/dirty. Dirty optos will trigger themselves without any outside help. Machine on no movement opto keeps going on and off there is a good possibility that there is dust on the opto and it has a weak signal between the points. If you push on an opto and it triggers that could just mean you moved the opto enough that the invisible beam is no longer pointed where it needs to be. Physical switches will typically either be broke no signal or stuck closed. Very rarely could I see a physical switch getting stuck close enough where it would register with no outside help but is is possible.

#2212 42 days ago

Take a ball and run it down the wireform to see if it’s hitting anything. I had auto launch issues and did every fix but still had intermittent issues. Found out ball was hitting wireform causing all the problems

3 weeks later
#2249 16 days ago
Quoted from VALIS666:

Several times in this thread people asked if there was a fix for the ball getting stuck under the Dauntless when it falls out, but it has never been answered as far as I can tell. Not stuck in the subway, it's visible on the playfield when it's stuck. Using a photo from zaphx here for reference:
[quoted image]
Have you found a fix zaphx? Anyone? Thanks.

Your ball is getting hung up on the switch (looks like it anyway). You need to bend the wire so that it is flush with play field when fully depressed. If I remember right I was able to adjust by raising play field and sneaking my hand in from the side.

#2250 16 days ago

Talking of crazy shots. I managed to get the dauntless to shoot back at the black pearl (kinda). Got a multiball going. Ball coming in hot from inlane and loses no momentum on flip. Up maelstrom ramp hit diverter and had so much speed it went Over the top and hit bp

#2254 16 days ago

I thought the standoff were a lot shorter than that. Maybe one of the sliders for a pop up post or chest mech?

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