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JJP WWCF-CE Collector's Edition

By RichieWrench

1 year ago

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#7 1 year ago

Im IN! Willy Wanker for the win lets see what JJP can do! If its Half as awesome as Pirates I will know my money is well spent. Need to start making those CE#12 badges now so Everyone has the same game. lol

#34 1 year ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

Anyone hear of any rumors out there on the CE Model?
20 hours to go.....

KingPinGames told me the Playfield is made of chocolate and the shooter knob is candy cane.

#65 1 year ago

What an amazing and fun game. Joe and the JJP team did a great job on the animations and art. After many plays we decided this was a great addition to our lineup unfortunately unlike POTC I in no way seen the 3K value for the CE. Yes I too cared that the CE allowance shot from 200 to 500 which is a buyers view. Plus I felt the art with all the characters on the LE back glass was actually nicer and the red just didn’t work for me. Why with a purple cabinet and candy theme did JJP not opt to go with Purple hardware over blue/red? DI was purple and that was a Blue CE? Down graded all 3 of our CE orders to LE and feel confident this game will be a well bought hit!

#67 1 year ago
Quoted from SheriffBarclay:

Interesting, I thought the CE mirrored backglass was great! Are you already designing mods for it? Can't wait to see what y'all come up with.

Yes the mirror looks nice but I felt the LE back glass with ALL the characters actually looked better personally. Was it 3K better, Absolutely not lol. Yes we are Really excited about this game and have Many unique ideas to unveil shortly.

2 weeks later
#78 1 year ago
Quoted from SheriffBarclay:

Same, but not a whiff of when we'll see CE artwork, still.

From what I was told and I believe understood the art is the same. The change is the yellow areas will get the WOZ YBR sparkle treatment but not much more then that. I don't think this is going to be a POTC custom art CE playfield. At least thats what I was told?

#80 1 year ago
Quoted from Mike_J:

Sounds like 3K well spent.

Not for me this time unfortunately. After playing the LE I was sold just couldn't see that 3k value added personally but I am sure they will all be nice.

1 month later
#91 1 year ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Is there a comparison chart somewhere (I can't find a similar one to POTC or WOZ now but I am sure I saw it). I am wondering if much of the playfield/toys/plastics will be different on the CE. I played Wonka Friday at NWPAS and was a bit underwhelmed by the build quality or more like the use of graphiced plastics in place of actual moulded pieces. There is a plastic "box" over the left side ramp near the lanes that I can't figure out what it is but it's a plastic nightmare. The gobstopper shot looks stupidly basic (a metal plate with a big blue rubber bumper on it?). I just feel like they sort of shit the bed when it comes to really getting the JJP moneys worth kind of value.
Also, is it just me or is the top right flipper hard as heck to see? My wife and I had to crane our necks each time the ball went up there to try and see the flipper hitting the ball.

Model comparison chart has been on JJP site since release. There is also a solution if you dislike the factory molded box diverter...... Selfless promotion lol.

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg
#97 1 year ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Of course I swear your mods sell me on a game more than the game itself sometimes.

We love you magic man! Plus to be honest ANYone that has access to the elusive magic club must be a cool ass guy. Sincerely. Thanks as always for the kind words my wife and I do appreciate it. Next time I am in Kent (my home office) I will be looking you up. We do our sales meeting and motorcycle trip around the Olympic peninsula and its incredible!!

#100 1 year ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

If the trend is like POTC then it should be substantially different. I don't think this is a YBR situation.

Thats sadly what JJP implied when asked what would be different. I'm sure it will look great just don't think it will be a completely different art package like POTC. All are great games but I had to slide back to the LE as I feel it was to hard to justify the CE on this one.

2 weeks later
#122 1 year ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

HEY I GOT MAFIA -- One of the only two in the USA and Joe has the other one .
SO -- I need to start up a Club for just Joe and I and those calls will have to be at 2 Am or 4 AM - Still not too sure on that decision
Great deal from a great guy and to be in the same club as Joe and us two with the other ones - Really cool. Game will be at my office and will be able to be play at the next Richie Wrench Pinball Expo this year- That is always the weekend before the Chicago Expo.
But I am hoping that the reason that we have not see the art package for WWCE is that maybe they are redoing it or are going to make it different and not just some sparkles on playfield.

Good luck with Mafia. There is a reason only Joe owns one, they can't sell them! lol Sorry game Really did not impress me at any price especially the decal playfield umphh. Wonka is coming and I am certain many pictures will flood the airwaves soon. Really hoping to make it to your open house to see your amazing collection.

1 month later
#147 11 months ago
Quoted from KingBW:

I will start an unsubstantiated rumor. In the LE settings menu there are settings for Under cabinet LEDs. Since thats not on an SE or LE and is disabled, it looks like they are or were planning for these for an add on accessory or for the CE. Maybe not?

That would be interesting. I could see a candy rainbow of color under this cabinet being interesting. If anyone offers something like that I would be in.

1 week later
#152 11 months ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

So this is Tessa at about 10 Months[quoted image]

Beautiful dog. Awesome Viper! Love the orange color. And the dogs coloring also.... Wonder what color your CE will be??? Seems like you would have a picture of Tessa at "12" months.

#155 11 months ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

What CE?????
Wait -- I know, I hear LTG in my ear now -- Shhh Richard......Time is coming for all the details.
I just hope it is great and not just some sparkles or and an added toy or two.
I am not saying the SKY IS FALLING.....But I am starting to wonder if I should be carrying an umbrella with me till I see the details....
and with Tessa - Yeah - She is about 12 months now. We just found out she got hip displasia or something like that - So he is on medicine now in hopes to fight it early enough and help her along.[quoted image]

Wow tough break for Tessa truly. Sad when pets and their owners face challenges early on. As for CE, after logging Many games I personally feel ALL models are a home run! I wouldn't expect a ton more wow on the CE but from what I see you work you ass off every day so getting the nicest game you can have is a reward for lifes challenges. At least thats what I tell my wife every time another game rolls through the front door anyway..... Hoping to make it to your pre-expo open house this year and support your CE purchase by buying one of those autographed RW bobble heads. It will go in my display room next to my #LTG mug collection and misc the people I have met in pinball lineup.

3 weeks later
#200 10 months ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

Wow - Got to love this man....
Another break from my job
From what I have seen in the past 24 hours is a wave of people coming together and taking a stand. and lets get something straight here - I don't think anyone that has said that they were out on their CE games was completely out - Just that that they have withdrawn their orders till this is addressed and fixed by JJP. We all have a right to be concern, but not you Jeff - You have those blinders on and you are just waiting for that game to be revealed to hopefully show more than just glitter.
For me, I want the game to be great, I want the game to be over the top with features and something that make this CE model better than the last one. That is what I want from JJP, to be better on the next one. But to not take care of those that have been affected by chipping playfields or to come up with a half-ass solution to hopefully see that they will settle and go away.
I do agree with someone that posted on the other thread that I don't think that this is happening like wife spread - But it is happening and these games are just months old - They just need to take care of those customers. I wanted to make sure that I was correct and not just someone on somebody's else band wagon
But HEY, it should not matter to you because you games are perfect and you have no reason to believe that your CE will any issues. I acutually would agree with that on mine CE#12 - but to support someone that is not fully supporting others around us - Not my style.
But again, I do hope JJP makes it right. I have seen some posting where some have said that JJP is going to be making a statement. Lets hope they do - Because if they do not..... I am seeing a trend of customers going the other direction.
and by the way - Thanks again for the break away from my plumbing office duties.....Needed that break again. Now - I am going to go cook a pizza.

Sadly its actually a Great game but do agree with your position of concern. Does not appear they are looking to solve this problem let alone acknowledge it. Doesn't matter what model this should not be happening and they really should evaluate Mirco's process to find out whats wrong. With that said, as you pointed out Joe is a great guy And they are making CE's for years I wonder if you could (just in case) have him hold your number and simply say Don't confirm, build, or ship your order until you feel JJP has dealt with this properly? At least you would maintain your collection status should they solve this. Just a thought.

1 month later
#302 9 months ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

Do you know something?
Are you in direct contact with Jack?
Are they powder coating the door?
Are you holding out on us?
Have you seen a sneek Pic?
What do you know that we dont know?
Can you show us a pic?
okay, okay -- Just a little Wonka nerves coming to the surface -- Going to get some ice cream and watch the Porky's Movie and I will be okay.

Ok as it appears there is still Plenty of time to speculate on this model..... Curious (Richie) what your expectations are for this? IF its only red with some yellow playfield sparkles will you be content or are you expecting more? I'm sure it will be awesome no matter what and we are Loving our LE but I am curious compared to the POTC CE offering what you would consider as value added for this game and model? They raised the CE bar pretty high in my opinion on POTC so this should be interesting.

1 week later
#354 8 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Guess jjPotC is still the high-water mark for JJP toppers. Boring topper on this.
Fingers crossed that Eric is pushing for a really cool interactive topper for jjGnR and not another PETG or Lucite screen print with color changing LEDs.

Agreed. While I think the CE looks nice and buyers will have a wonderful game I am now solidly content I downgraded of sorts to the LE. I do agree I think Eric really spoiled us with the POTC CE offering and actual limited supply. Be hard to top that one in my opinion.

#363 8 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

So your argument is that JJP should have invented time travel?

Don't be Silly #zaphx! They need a fountain of youth duh! Time travel isn't real.

#391 8 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

I love the CE play field....

Do you love it 3000 times more....? Lol. It does look nice but that Really is a sizable price bump.

#393 8 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I’m still stinging from not getting POTC CE so I’m doing it regardless.
If a game is a long term keepr, and Wonka is, I want the best one.

And the way you and your wife enjoy them that upgrade is a no brainer seriously.

#396 8 months ago

Just got news from PinballStar Joe. Due to RichieRich’s previous insubordination and constant late banter unit #12 CE will be the #499th machine off the production line! I estimate he will get his game some time near Christmas 2032.

#415 8 months ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

When we were all young and looked at Playboy, Richie ooh'd and aah'd over this...
(I'm going to pay for this little ball busting episode with 5,000 text messages I'm sure)…[quoted image]

Just send him a powder coated toilet seat! Sadly I suspect he already has one....

#448 8 months ago
Quoted from seenev:

Hey I didn't know these came with steak dinners. I might have to reconsider...

He had to work on Joes plumbing to get the dinner. Kidding aside Joe is a stand up guy nice to see how he takes care of his client/friends even if they can be a pain in the toilet. Lol

#526 8 months ago
Quoted from benbethel:

I'm waiting and watching this.... I've got Hobbit Smaug Gold and WOZ 75th Anniversary... looking to buy Wonka CE and Pirates CE.... but I don't want to get burned with Wonka.... seems that there's another 'higher' version of Pirates coming out, just like WOZ got the Yellow Brick Road edition AFTER the 75th WOZ was out for a while, so I'd hate to pay a premium just to have another 'more' limited edition game come out. Seeing that there are 500 in the CE makes me think there will be something higher and even more limited than the CE version, thoughts? I get that they need to make money but I do feel like this should be more transparent. Also with this Wonka game I'm really hoping the graphics are updated... I don't like the overly simplified graphic backgrounds against the modern-day overlay graphics... seems like they pushed that out really quickly. Would rather full screen the movie clips and just put the modern overlay on top of that, but not have those 'meh' graphics in the background...

Sorry confused by many of your views? There are no more Pirates CE’s so I suspect you can cross that off your list and they have made it fairly clear there will not be anymore. Miracle maybe but my bet says sadly no. On the 500 CE Wonka, what that says unlike Pirates is that they will sell these for a long time unlike Pirates and again doubt they will make another “higher” version then the CE. Hasn’t happened to date on a CE model and suspect it won’t. Hobbit nor WOZ had a top end CE. As for art... that’s the finished art for certain and I would call a Year to release far from rushed but again just my opinion.

#535 8 months ago
Quoted from whitey:

Make that 488 to go , sent payment today

Wow you bought 11. You must Love Wonka!

#539 8 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I know of 3 going to Dallas!

What are you buying a his/hers/and spare now? Lol. Team Zaphx really loves their pinball. Great thing!

2 weeks later
#571 8 months ago
Quoted from captainBR:

How does anyone know how it will play if they aren’t even MADE yet?
Great American Pinball finally answered! Yay!

Odd, I like many others played the CE at Expo and it was great.

1 week later
#607 7 months ago
Quoted from Gumby510:

Anyone have any reliable info on when these are shipping? Don’t want to start pestering Zack at flip n out just yet.

Just text him after midnight he loves it! lol Truthfully he loves the client communication to make sure you're happy so I doubt he would feel pestered.

#623 7 months ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

Willy Wonka CE #12
The Pinside bidding starts at $ 1...
Who will be the lucky winner of the most talked about game ever... he’s in / he’s out / he bought $ 1,000 of mods, he’s back in... This game has had some serious emotional ups and downs - who’s gonna give this non-powdered coated coin door beauty the love it deserves ?[quoted image]

I’ll pass. That’s the one you said fell off over and they painted the Playfield with crayons as they were out of ink. The Crayon Edition.

#667 7 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

It is a testament to several things:
- How engaging the game is, keeping us coming back over and over
- How difficult the game is, with shorter ball times
- How badly we play
However I will say playing Wonka definitely made both of us better players at all pinball. We are eagerly awaiting our CE.
Seriously though the playfield looked great, see pics:

Archived after 18 days

Sold elsewhere

Machine - For Sale

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (Standard)


NOB - New out of box (first owner) “This game has been in my home gameroom since unboxing.
I am selling this machine to upgrade to the CE!

It has been cleaned and waxed regularly, balls changed frequently, and has b...”


Frisco, TX



You certainly get your money’s worth out of a game bravo to that. Curious not intended to bash a title but have you ever bought a title that you or your wife didn’t click with and flipped it fast or do you stay the coarse? I’ve had a few like Munsters and BKLE that I almost felt violated on the buying decision lol.

#670 7 months ago

Lol. Meaning I felt robbed making such a horrible buying decision. My fault assuming the game would be more fun after only trying it a few times expecting it will somehow get better.

#682 7 months ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

#12 will be here today between 10 and 1 PM
Well, i think it will be #12

There are 3 toilets backed up at the Steak and Shake in Bloomington Normal. Can you come over at 10 am to poke at the problem. Should be done by 4 pm. Thanks.

#695 7 months ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

ITS HERE......!!!!!
okay ready for next CE.
also got the MMr #1 in today as well.
Looking to sell my other MMr LE #12 if anyone might be interested.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Curious, in your persistent nightly calls to Joe do you think he ever questions the irony that You live in a place named Normal Illinois??? Lol. Congrats

#698 7 months ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

When he first told me his address when he bought his first game I was like ‘you need to move’

Yes, possibly Abe-normal is the next town over. Lol

1 week later
#764 7 months ago
Quoted from benbethel:

It is nerve wracking...I wired $29K to a dealer about a month ago for a POTC CE and Wonka CE and it makes me very nervous to wire so much money. Still waiting on both. All I can say is that they should get POTC to me soon and Wonka by around Christmas because all they need to do is Google me and see that I have some people who really look out for me and hate to see me be taken advantage of... But I think they're legit.

29K?? Just how much did they charge you for those games? Is this some kind of white glove pillow delivery or is there another game included in the deal.

1 week later
#793 6 months ago
Quoted from Shane75:

How do all you CE owners feel about the new topper JJP released today for $300 dollars ?? I personally feel cheated ! I have a CE and this topper is way better!!! When the wonka CE was originally announced it said it was including an interactive wonkatania topper. Expo rolls around JJP reveals the CE and wonkatania topper has been dropped. Now today they release this for $300. I feel like they should give all the CE owners the option to trade in the current topper for this one. CE owners lets band together and email JJP if you feel the same way I do![quoted image]

Ok first off Thank You! Did not see that!! Ordered one myself. Do however agree with you that looks Way better then the CE regular topper by a mile. On the site the mini window links to a video showing the animated light waterfall effect which is rather impressive for the price. My bet is This is the topper they intended for this game but thats just my opinion. LE buyer here but I agree if I was a CE buyer I would be pushing for a swap no question for the price you paid. From the original comparison flyer you Might have a good argument.....

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 12.57.05 AM (resized).png
#794 6 months ago
Quoted from Shane75:

How do all you CE owners feel about the new topper JJP released today for $300 dollars ?? I personally feel cheated ! I have a CE and this topper is way better!!! When the wonka CE was originally announced it said it was including an interactive wonkatania topper. Expo rolls around JJP reveals the CE and wonkatania topper has been dropped. Now today they release this for $300. I feel like they should give all the CE owners the option to trade in the current topper for this one. CE owners lets band together and email JJP if you feel the same way I do![quoted image]

As a side note my guess is #RichieWrench would probably not go for this topper as he sees live chocolate water falls at work most every day... lol

3 weeks later
#850 5 months ago
Quoted from Vitty:

I know PinStadium lights are a polarizing subject around here for some reason but I love being able to see all facets of the playfield. Here are the Omega Factory Editions before and after.[quoted image][quoted image]

True you Can see the playfield but not so sure you can still see the lit inserts? Might want to dial that down a bit in my opinion.

1 month later
#880 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinfactory2000:

I read about your problems and I’m having some of the same on a brand new LE.
Sometimes the game can’t find the balls. I manually pop one up from the trough to plunger and plunge it. Then it seems fine.
Also balls are getting stuck once and a while in the back left somewhere. Can’t nudge loose. Have to launch another ball up there to free it.
Any ideas? Thanks

Just a guess but it sounds like your balls are magnetized.

#882 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinfactory2000:

Yikes. It happened on my second game out of the box. Aren’t the balls that come with it carbon?

Just the simplest thing to try before tearing it down or getting frustrated. Take balls out and see if a paper clip will lightly stick to any of them. There are Many magnets in this game so it’s very possible and a cheap fix. Good luck.

#885 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinfactory2000:

Checked the balls. Don’t seem magnetized. Hmmm

Ok next simple (free) test. What is your games pitch front to back and side to side and how did your set it? Could be your a bit flat and the balls are now rolling down the trough or getting stuck on mags. Mine was at 6.8 degrees.

#890 4 months ago
Quoted from tem92:

Anyone have any issues with the sound from the headphone jack. It seems to be fine when you start a game, however once you progress I only have the sound coming out of one side. Seems to then be intermittent through the rest of a game. I tried three different sets of headphones. Any thoughts?

Did you try reseating both ends of the plug? Sounds like one of the channels is dropping out normally from a loose plug.

#895 4 months ago
Quoted from tem92:

Same issue again with the sound. It only worked for a short time. Any other ideas? Let me know. Thx.

Well it would appear that what ever you did was close to the solution. Could be that the audio cable is routed a bit to close to something with high power and you moved it. Bad cable, or possibly the actual port you are plugging it into is the issue? My hope would be its just the audio jack plate on the coin door.

1 month later
#902 3 months ago
Quoted from tem92:

Anyone have a suggestion on fixing the roller switch. It keeps getting stuck on the metal flap of the most secret machine. (See Picture)[quoted image]

Had this happen to a friends Wonka. Simply remove the arm off the switch (clipped on by 2 small metal ears) and straighten the arm back out. Yours like theirs is bent back and no longer camming on the machine plate. Fairly simple to fix I believe all I had to remove for access was the plastic covering the machine. Good luck.

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