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JJP WWCF-CE Collector's Edition

By RichieWrench

1 year ago

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#397 8 months ago

I think everything looks great, not digging the signature plate is my only gripe. Can’t wait to get this.

1 week later
#527 8 months ago
Quoted from Greenandwhite:

It’s a beautiful game and fun to flip, but can we stop pretending they have a chance to sell 500 at $12,500. We all get excited but the fear of missing out is detrimental to hobbyists. The game will be available for a long time.

Sending my payment in full tomorrow so 499 more to go.

2 weeks later
#567 8 months ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

IS THAT #12????.

No it’s number 50, they are working there was backwards for some reason.

1 week later
#585 7 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

I'm sure your correct, but the deposit is supposed to guarantee the game not payment in full 30 days before shipment.

I wrote a check as I’m not wait a week plus for it to clear before it will ship.

#590 7 months ago
Quoted from jeffro01:

JJP had a Facebook update today that indicated the first of the Wonka CE's are to the boxing stage...

Wonder how many they are able to crank out at one time?

#604 7 months ago

Anyone have any reliable info on when these are shipping? Don’t want to start pestering Zack at flip n out just yet.

#628 7 months ago

Haha trolling on social media at its finest. Posted to Facebook.

101AD8A2-2410-4215-878E-52CAC05494B8 (resized).jpeg
#690 7 months ago

Sweet just got word mine went out today as well. Wonder how long it takes to get to the west coast.

#701 7 months ago

Sweet got my call today will be here next Wednesday can’t wait.

#704 7 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Same for me and gasoline!

I got a call from fed ex freight. They must be loading these things on planes cause with the weather a week delivery time is fast.

#725 7 months ago

Getting mine tomorrow, what is the best degrees to level it at? Deadpool I had before played very differently at different setups.

#747 7 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Cliffy universal slot protectors on the droplanes and P21S wax. That’s it.

This is the first time I have used these. I put it on with the U shape at the bottom. The left side the ball would get stuck. I pushed it in some more and now it sticks a little less. Any trick on installing these properly? I’m sure it’s not rocket science cause the right side is fine.

#748 7 months ago
Quoted from thanhdlam1985:

My WWCE will ship tomorrow from Automated Services via ABF Freight. How long does it usually take for them to ground ship from Milford, CT to San Francisco, CA? I'm so excited!!

They shipped mine from jjp via fedex to Vegas was about 9 days with some weather delays.

9AF34BD2-B6EF-448A-9674-EA8632F08058 (resized).jpeg
#750 7 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Yeah you want the U shape at the top (or put another way the open end at the bottom.)
Otherwise yes, you get stuck balls.
I made the same mistake on my SE. I was able to pull them up with dental floss and flip them around.

Ya I have them installed right but once every few games depending on how fast that ball is moving it will hang up. I’ll mess with it some more tomorrow. Thanks

#753 7 months ago
Quoted from fnosm:

I think we should Cliffy to weigh in on this. Here is a picture from his website showing the u at the bottom.
This is the way I have installed these on many machines. I was able to eliminate ball stoppage by feathering the top side of the leading edges with some sandpaper prior to installation.
[quoted image]

Ya the one I’m having issues with is the left side of the cliffy is not flush. The right side is, so the ball when moving slow is catching on it. I tried bending just that side down a bit. It helped a little bit but every so often it would catch.

#757 7 months ago

Let’s keep this simple..I’m a dummy. I fixed my issue. I would post what I did, but I’m to embarrassed to post the fix or rather a glaring mistake in an open forum hehe. Game is amazing so far.

#758 7 months ago

Wonka ce review on the first night we got it.

1 week later
#782 6 months ago

The pallet mine came on, was a small one but not that small. Mine luckily is working gameplay wise. Only issues I have is the headphone jack doesn’t work and a small cosmetic gripe. Have my distributor on it and hope to get it resolved soon.

1 week later
#814 6 months ago
Quoted from Northstar1976:

For me it happend when i lifted the game to get under it. The pictures I see the rupture is on the exact same place (to the right of Willy at the chochlate fall). Be careful if/when you lift the board.

I got a set of these from pinball life after it happened to me. These work great and no more worry. Here is a link to a site in Germany


#816 6 months ago
Quoted from jfesler:

That left edge is *horribly* tight against the cabinet art. We tried to see if there's any give to shift the ramps etc but no joy. Even inserting those protectors linked above is tough. I dread the day I forget to use them..

Yes it’s a tight fit but once in they didn’t move. Unlike the other side, which the back was getting caught on the back end of the playfield. Better than nothing as I tore up that left side only lifting up the playfield once. Owned it less than an hour.

3 weeks later
#844 5 months ago

Ya I have a dead headphone jack, my distributor has been trying reach out and have gotten nowhere. I’ll have to start calling now which sucks.

#846 5 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Check that the connector to it isn't reversed, or that way in the backbox.
LTG : )

It was working in only the right side. I checked the plug and That didn’t change anything. I then moved the wire where it connects to the board and it stopped working altogether. Sure it’s a cold solder joint. I don’t have any type of soldering skills and I don’t really want to attempt it on something I paid almost 13k for. Hoping for a replacement I can just drop in. Thanks for the suggestions tho I really appreciate it.

#852 5 months ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

If it's working only on the right side, then the cable is connected backwards on the unit at the front of the cabinet. I accidentally did this when installing mine.
Hopefully you didn't damage your motherboard by moving the cable to a different spot....

I didn’t move anything just reseated the connector and checked the pins on the molex. Where the wires are soldered to the board I touched those and now it doesn’t work at all. Makes me think bad solder joints.

#857 5 months ago

Fixed my headphone jack this evening. There was a plug that goes into the j101 board. It came loose and was hiding in the coin door corner. Had some Facebook help on the jjp page pointing out what I did wrong. Love hate relationship when something so simple as a plug I missed.

#865 5 months ago
Quoted from Captchaos:

How about the CE call outs? Are they annoying or do they fit?

They fit very well and sound great, I was pleasantly surprised and happy to have got the ce over a le.

1 month later
#896 4 months ago
Quoted from tem92:

Same issue again with the sound. It only worked for a short time. Any other ideas? Let me know. Thx.

Make sure it’s plugged in real good to this, I had the same issue it came loose.

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