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JJP: When the Reveal? Game 3...

By Pinball-Pat

3 years ago

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    #184 3 years ago

    Last I heard they were pusing for Chicago Expo and to have playing games on hand. Totally excited to see what it is.

    I feel like a kid staring at a giant Christmas present... Do not open until...?

    At least I have WOZ to console me.

    On WOZ availability, I believe you can still order from JJP, when I was ordering mine the plan was to build some RR's after Hobbit while ramping up the new game. A couple months ago when I got mine there were even a couple ECLE's still in the box I'm thinking from folks who opted to the RR. Those are probably all gone by now though.

    #187 3 years ago
    Quoted from pinballer0415:

    I think with how fast they are producing Hobbits so far, that sometime in Spring/Summer of 2017 is very doable.

    Yeah, i think that is reasonable. Since they are waiting for the game to be complete and built (I assume finalized prototypes) before announcing it should just be a matter of ironing out final kinks which at that point should be minor and switching over the production line. They of course have Hobbits to finish and then build a (I assume final) run of WOZ.

    I'm not counting on Christmas but my birthday is early spring

    1 week later
    #207 3 years ago
    Quoted from KingBW:

    Are they starting up a new second "full" production line someplace? I hope so!

    The last Pinball Magazine newsletter stated that JJP was getting a second line up, but it sounded to me like at the same facility. I don't know the space available there but i'm guessing its a partial line so they can transition smoothly between runs of different games. I.E. They could setup the second line for the new game and work out and kinks in the line while finishing up hobbits, then put the new game on the main line and finish out any remaining hobbits on the secondary line.

    #208 3 years ago
    Quoted from Sticky:

    This is so stupid. Why the hell can't we talk about it?

    Agreed... If its what I found on another site, it sounds more like a supporting tech thing and not related to a specific game, so why not, it would be interesting to speculate... Kind of like how people on other sites speculate on what new features the (name your gadget) my get next year based on some obscure patent app someone dug up.

    Oh well, It could be that they don't yet have all intellectual properties that go into it fully protected yet and want to keep their edge which is understandable. I will speculate to myself then...

    #214 3 years ago
    Quoted from CrazyLevi:

    No way they announce it this year. They have too many Hobbits to sell.
    People always pick these dates out of thin air. "Expo makes sense!!!"

    Maybe not, but I don't think selling Hobbits would be the deciding factor. My guess would be that by this point everyone who wants one already has one or has their order in. Any stragglers can be done on the small line.

    I'm hoping for Expo as a possibility not out of thin air but because JJP has announced that they are pushing for that... Granted there is no commitment behind that so yeah its still essentially out of thin air and could just as easily be next expo, but I would think they must feel they are getting close if folks there feel it might be a possibility... At least they would have a better sense than myself or any other average joe.

    #218 3 years ago

    Perhaps Killer App would be an app that one would download to your phone and communicate with Dialed In via bluetooth or something like that?

    For a route operator a possible cool feature would be if the machine had GPS coordinates that it would broadcast out (disabled for home of course) and players could then use the app to find games.

    #219 3 years ago
    Quoted from LTG:

    Go ahead and talk about it here. No one is stopping you.

    Promise not to laugh at our crazy ideas when they are waaay off base?

    #220 3 years ago
    Quoted from merccat:

    For a route operator a possible cool feature would be if the machine had GPS coordinates that it would broadcast out (disabled for home of course) and players could then use the app to find games.

    The game could automatically post itself as a Pokemon stop ha! Lol

    #226 3 years ago
    Quoted from vireland:

    Nope. Killer App is specifically listed in the trademark app as "pinball machines" not computer software. I think it's the machine and Dialed In (listed as computer software in its trademark app) is the app it works with (that may be repurposed to work with other machines in the future, I would think).

    That would certainly be a theme in line with current pop culture. I'm kind of at a loss as to how you would represent that cleanly and concisely in a Pin while being fun. I'm sure it can be done just wouldn't know where to even start with that. I guess thats why he's the master.

    #237 3 years ago


    How about your friends could build up cerain achievements that allow them to control aspects of your game... Ie temporary close a ramp or set weak flippers... Or only one flipper weak or other random stuff. For the operator they could buy additional power ups to cause other havoc. Actually sounds kind of fun and would keep all of the players fully participating even when its not their ball.

    Ooh.. You could even do something with teams... One group is trying to get you to drain while the other trying to protect the current player.

    #239 3 years ago
    Quoted from trunchbull:

    Flimsy prediction: it's about a literal killer app that's going to end the world (nuclear holocaust? "Cell"-esque brain virus?) and you're personally battling the program. The program taunts you through your cell phone, or maybe reveals exploitable weaknesses. I'd play it.

    Or you could really freak people out by setting it up to control common home automation controls... As the virus your battling starts spreading your lights start to flicker, the movie screen turns on and the shades open and close wildly. Lol...

    Ok... I can see now that I have stayed up too late,

    #244 3 years ago

    - Store replays on your phone.
    - Offer promotional pricing to past players
    - Pay for your game with Apple Pay

    #280 3 years ago

    Wrong coast for me... I would have to attend in spirit. Concurrent west coast party with live stream between?

    #282 3 years ago
    Quoted from Goronic:

    Apparently you can stream right from the pinball machine itself

    Head to head play... East vs West

    #292 3 years ago

    I've heard some say the third flipper (on main playfield) of WOZ is useless too but I use it all the time. Its of course the easiest shot for the witch but I also find i can typically get a good bouce off the witch and into the VUK for the castle with it. Otherwise I'm not too good at using it to get into the haunted forrest and I find it dangerous to use as a diverter (will go to TNPLH outlane). All in all a great part of the game.

    #296 3 years ago

    Does it count if the required need is software based? I believe you can only melt the witch using the 3rd flipper because of the required route.

    #309 3 years ago
    Quoted from Skyemont:

    Major playfield issues...

    It's unfortunate too since it's certainly a great looking game other than the hokey slimer pinata in my opinion. I was tempted until I played it and then saw what has been happening with the PF. I do really like spider man VE though, but I hear it has some of the same playfield issues.

    At this point I'm holding off on anything until JJP #3 comes out. My Mirco playfield in WOZ looks amazing and is holding up well. I have not heard any complaints about Hobbits playfield. I have 100% confidence that this next game will be at the same caliber of quality.

    Whether or not the theme will speak to me remains to be seen, but I have high hopes and cannot wait to play it. Then I will have to decide whether WOZ gets a JJP buddy.

    #321 3 years ago

    Take some time to understand the game and Hobbit is great... Still not for me but I would never call it a bad game or a snooze. Yeah first 5-10 plays I was like... Whatever... Then once I learned how to actually select and start the modes I had qualified for (yeah duh... i was an idiot, but it wasn't obious for me).. the game really came alive.

    #369 3 years ago
    Quoted from BillySastard:

    Soooo.... When is JJP going to reveal pin #3?

    Whaaaaaa.... Original thread topic?! Blasphemy I say!

    #387 3 years ago
    Quoted from Hazoff:

    I love JJP threads, the fanboys are good for some entertaining reading, by the way I find TH to be slow and floaty, go.

    If you mean the stern fanboys and JJP haters, then yeah, they do seem to

    I don't think anyone who here who has stated their like for JJP games has sounded like a fanboy to me.

    Myself for instance, my next new game while leaning towards JJP may very well be a Stern. If there weren't current playfield issues, might have already bought it.

    #396 3 years ago

    JJP has stated several times that there will be no pre-orders. Their goal seems to be to release the game when ready to ship.

    #399 3 years ago
    Quoted from dtowndobe:

    I wouldn't be surprised if JJP goes with a deposit method, something like $1000 or $1500. Of course, no up-front monies is the best for customers, but a *smallish* deposit seems to be a reasonable compromise.

    I could see a small deposit as I doubt they will have the assembly line ramped up when the game gets announced so back orders seem likely. But my guess would be that those deposits won't be taken until production starts.

    #418 3 years ago

    I hope there is a webcast or at least someone records it.

    3 weeks later
    #422 3 years ago

    JJP is hosting some sort of event this weekend (posted to their facebook and main site)... Perhaps a sneak peek might be included?

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