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JJP POTC-CE Collector's Edition

By RichieWrench

3 years ago

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#93 3 years ago

Sent my deposit to Joe for a CE and can't wait. My deal with him on the Houdini was smooth as silk.

#104 3 years ago

Bravo to Joe. Always raising the bar for Premium distributor support and customer satisfaction. Amazing. Thank you!

1 month later
#108 3 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Lots. Joe is keeping you in the dark. Time to start calling him, a lot.
LTG : )

I best get on that. He’s off on his daily updates. A few texts on New Year’s Eve should get him back on track!! Lol

2 months later
#121 3 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

Just Text JOE @ 2:00 to see when he will arrive at the TPF -- Wonder if he will see my 2:00 AM Text -
Does anyone know when they think the POTC CE Editions will be done this year? Just Curious

I don't know but if we Both text Joe on 15 minute intervals I will Bet he can find out! Just let him know #17 will be contacting him next. lol And Keep on him about that coin door!! I Know you can sway him with enough texts. He Loves it!

#124 3 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

I told him that you said Hi.....
Huh....NO REPLAY as of yet
I will try him again in a few minutes....
He is probably on the phone......

Yep I suspect he still has a clam phone so you just have to remain persistent! Talking to him today he actually mentioned you were being more quite than usual but asked that I not say your name 3 times or you would appear. Dam he knows you well. I think he needs to know you Better and consider than coin door upgrade option again! lol

#139 3 years ago

Richie, it's time for your 1am call to Joe. Paging Richie. Those coin doors aren't going to happen magically! That would be like a white Kohler toilet with a pink tank cover. Come on push Harder!!!

#144 3 years ago
Quoted from screaminr:

Would love to see a more involved video mode than dice, maybe looking out a cannon port hole shooting a ship or ships

Have they even Shown the dice video mode?

#146 3 years ago
Quoted from screaminr:

I haven't seen it, the Sdtm review mentioned it but how exciting can dice be?

I guess it can be judged when they actually show it. In JJP typical fashion I suspect it will be more than a dice cup like Stern. Guess we will see as well as whatever other magic Keith/Joe have up their sleeve.

#148 3 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Those look very nice. For the premium price on top of the LE price, $3500, a powder coated coin door, leg bolts, etc should be included.

Agreed! I wish #RichieWrench would Get On That and stop slacking! Even at $3500, test me with the factory upgrade cost you might be surprised how many opt for the correct package.

1 week later
#172 3 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Is that a Eugene Crabs crabby patty special on the left side? Lol
Joking aside, it would be nice if they offered the topper for LE owners as well, even if at a high price and a limited amount. My enough to cover 30% of LE buyers.
Just thinking out loud and I don’t think it would in anyway diminish the CE as it has some other unique features to it which set it apart.
Maybe it would make the LE feel a little more LE?

The topper Is available for LE buyers. It's 3k! #17 likes what Matt did on the accent barnacle personally. A nice touch and with the legs etc I think it will complete the look nicely.

#175 3 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Where did you see this about the topper?

Umph. I was joking that you Could pay an additional 3k for a CE and get a Free topper. lol

#196 3 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

Okay so back on topic -- Where were we -- Coin Door -- NOPE....Need a break away from that ....FOR NOW...
I have mix feeling on the barnacles -- I love MATT's Work -- but I am waiting to see the final product -- I know that this is not a finish deal
Let wait and see what they do and HOPEFULLY we will see it before it is packaged and shipped out.

Agreed. Maybe Matt can use the coin door as his canvas to practice on! Loving the Co imagery. I will look for it (and hope I don't need it) around town. Just ran through the old Bloomington area visiting a past friend from Stage 1 where Gene used to hang out. long ago... If my toilet overflows you'll be my Second call after Joe!

#209 3 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

Yes -- 23 1/2 Hour Service -- NOT 24 HOURS

Wow. That looks incredible. A wise business investment that will return on your investment. I like how you matched the entire truck for a finished look. Makes me think of a certain game with an unfinished coin door.......

3 weeks later
#224 3 years ago

Sad to say but unless Richie Rich has some Serious pull with Joe and JJP their recent announcement to Remove many of the key features of the game as sold has me looking to jump ship per say on this CE investment. Really, getting rid of the spinning map and replacing it with a pizza without lights? Please tell me this is a joke. I can accept the removal of the chest feature but with the spinning disks gone they Really should re-evaluate the pricing or fix Erics original plan which was Perfect!

#227 3 years ago
Quoted from Jokerman:

What announcement is that? Is there a link to it? I haven't seen anything and I'm in for CE ...for now...

You might want to check out the announcement before the ink drys on that check..... Hope CE deposits are redly refundable for me also.

#229 3 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

» YouTube video

Sorry Eric, Minor Tweaks is Not what I would define happened here. Removing some barnacle from the lock bar would be a minor Tweak!

#231 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

They were expensive mechs so seems likely the BOM had to be reduced.

Sorry, at 12.5k they could make this work! Other companies maybe not but this is just a fail.

#235 3 years ago

From collector edition to crap edition with a single decision.

#248 3 years ago

Deposit Canceled today sadly. If anyone is interested in CE #17 it is now available with a free Pizza Spatula! Sorry but this decision is Not what I would call a "few minor Tweaks". So really wanted this game and Sincerely feel bad for Eric. He rocketed toward pinball stardom only to have his visions and creation crushed by poor business decisions. I only hope he will not let this defeat sway his future vision and creativity. He is Very talented. For now CGC is up and no matter what the title I am In!

#250 3 years ago
Quoted from GAP:

Dont get to the end of line again. Doh

Funny man Mike! lol This time I'm in the CGC line for ANYTHING they build so long as its not Monster Bash with muppets replacing the character mechs to make them reliable!

#270 3 years ago
Quoted from Cserold:

It was not easy to hit “send” this morning because I love the people at JJP and what they are doing but I cancelled POTCE #69. Got DICE and love it but already didn’t like the theme (never seen one second of any Potc movie) and the latest news just made it feel like the right thing to do... especially with Maiden LE. It’s strange but I was most worried/nervous about disappointing Jack/Jen and hurting their bottom line.
My bet is also that they turn the tide of public opinion back to being positive with something in the near future. They are too good and want “it” bad enough IMO. I bet it still ends up being a very popular game.

That does sting I canceled the CE myself though I did keep my position on an LE to hedge my bet. For myself, I just can't justify the 3k bump with the changes plus I fear this title will long have a bit of stigma attached in some way. Still an Amazing title and game, just going to use the 3K savings to get All of the rails powder coated Coin door included and make my own barnacle! I do hope they come up with a decent compromise solution though to keep the features.

#276 3 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:


Unfortunately there is no pizza in Chicago. There is a good Chinese place they can take you to! lol

#311 3 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

You are right. 200 POTC CE's.
I thought this thread had drifted into a Dialed In discussion. Sorry.
LTG : )

Lets not let that happen again! Next you'll be telling us you don't Really know what and when the next CGC game is coming! umphhh

2 months later
#351 3 years ago

Dead men tell no tales! We are proud to introduce our newest JJP Pirates custom Deadmen sign mod. A very simple yet highly detailed add on to dress up the devils triangle entrance! Each piece airbrush detailed for an authentic look worthy of such a fine machine. Mod is simple to install and does Not effect play or originality should you wish to reverse later. While shown in the preferred location above the devils triangle entrance you could install it to your personal taste also! Plunder this mod and be ready for when your CE's start shipping!!! Fits ALL JJP versions! Enter at yer own risk, available Now along with many other unique custom Mods via our new online store. www.TheModCouplePinball.com
The Mod Couple

Deadmen2 (resized).pngDeadMen_EDITED (resized).pngDeadmen5 (resized).png
#355 3 years ago

Escape the Hangman ye be warned! We are proud to introduce our newest JJP Pirates custom Hangman Gallows mod. A very simple yet highly detailed add on to dress up the Escape the hangman out-lane! Each piece airbrush detailed for an authentic look worthy of such a fine machine and even includes an Ever so cute perfectly details parrot. You can't have pirates without a parrot!! Mod is simple to install and does Not effect play or originality should you wish to reverse later. Plunder this mod and be ready for when they start shipping!!! Don't get caught by the hangman, Available today from our store and www.TheModCouplePinball.com
Thanks for checking it out,
The Mod Couple

IMG_0249 (resized).jpgIMG_0250 (resized).jpgIMG_0258 (resized).jpgPOTC_Gallow_Photoshop (resized).png
3 weeks later
#378 3 years ago

"It be to late to alter coarse now matie!" Introducing the Pirates "Maelstrom Battle" mod! A custom design and fit mod to highlight the famous pirate battle scene in the Maelstrom. Simple yet highly detail mod to complete the ramps look with a theme set look. Polished and each hand painted to blend perfectly down to the black sails of the Black Pearl. 5 minute installation with everything included and reversible. Translucent design beautifully carries the games amazing light show throughout. Get yours before Calypso takes them all! Available and shipping Now via our website store. www.TheModCouplePinball.com

Thanks to All for your continued support and interest!!!!

The Mod Couple

MT1 (resized).jpgMT2 (resized).jpgMT3 (resized).jpgMT4 (resized).jpgMT5 (resized).jpg
#381 3 years ago
Quoted from thewool:

The mod looks nice, but with it added would you still clearly see the ball whirlpool down the hole? That to me is the coolest thing about making that shot.

Good observation and comment. Yes it was designed and elevated so the ramp hole feature is not obstructed. Also adjustable so you could raise it higher if you prefer. Plus the process was done in a through transplant design to view and carry the games lighting effects.

The Mod Couple

#382 3 years ago
Quoted from tacshose:

Sorry, not to be personal, but JJP does not pay you for providing tech support to their customers?

Yes but trust that the only boss LTG answers to are his support callers. And women. Lol

1 week later
#389 3 years ago
Quoted from Raknitz:

i dont know, playfield populated with the new disk ? to see how it is well or not integrated color wise ?
if there is some other changes, like an apron not as bright as on the CE LE ?

They covered every one of these changes in their weekly blog videos. And yes all changes are the same for all models as #Kingpingames pointed out.

#391 3 years ago
Quoted from screaminr:

So they showed pictures of the side rails and legs totally covered in barnacles like they said they were going to do, and the backing behind the ship in a bottle topper. ( which I think should be stormy Seas at night with lightning clouds)

Don’t know I was simply answering his question about apron art and Playfield changes to the CE. I do like your ideas on the rails though and hope they come up with something interesting.

1 week later
#393 2 years ago

With the POTC finally into production its time to Raise a flag with the "Pirates Ahoy Flag" Mod!! A ship with black sails pirated by the dead needs to show her colors. This simple yet perfectly scaled flag lets you know pirates be near. Flag double printed in fabric to sway with the rocking motion of the ship. Authentic wood pole with deck wood grain finish mounting base for simple installation without permanent modification. Raise the flag and be warned that pirates is almost hear! Availability and additional info check out www.TheModCouplePinball.com

The Mod Couple

POTC_1 (resized).jpgPOTC_2 (resized).pngPOTC_3 (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#398 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

I had to dust off the cobwebs to this site -- Is everything the same as before?
Does anyone know when the CE will start -- It is later this year or early next year??

I heard from a reliable source that Joe at PinballStar will have absolute answers tonight around 3am! Be the first caller to beat the rush!!

1 month later
#420 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Do I get a Dinner if I Buy a JJPPOTCCE?

I'll get you some pizza but you have to come to Chicago to get it!

1 month later
#443 2 years ago

Dead men tell no tales! There be No stainless cannons on me pirate ship! We are proud to introduce our newest JJP Pirates custom Pirate Cannon mod. A very simple yet highly detailed add on to dress up the Black Pearl for battle! Each piece airbrush detailed for an authentic look worthy of such a fine ship. Mod is simple to install and does Not effect play or originality should you wish to reverse later. Plunder this mod Shipping NOW!!! Fire the cannons at those Scurvy dogs!! Available now from our website store www.TheModCouplePinball.com

Thanks for your interest and support!!!
The Mod Couple

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg3 (resized).jpg4 (resized).jpg
#446 2 years ago

The pride of the British Royal Navy and scourge of piracy in the Caribbean deserves the a Royal dress up! Introducing the HMS Dauntless dress up kit. Complete the look and pride of the HMS Dauntless with this Custom railing kit. Detailed down to the wood grain and air brushed for an authentic color and weathered look. Robust design to protect against scurvy pirate cannon shot misses. Upgrade your Dauntless today and head out to the open seas!! Arghhhhh. Available and shipping NOW from our website store:


Thanks to ALL for your support and interest. Happy Holidays Arghhhhh!

The Mod Couple

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg3 (resized).jpg4 (resized).jpg
#447 2 years ago

Enough turkey Back to Pirates Arrrr! Time to dress up the ship with some fine detail to head out on your voyage of Fun! All New barrel pop bumper caps to complete the remaining plastics on the LE/CE or all 4 on the standard. No pirate left behind! All barrel caps highly detailed and air brushed to perfection. Options include:
1 "Wheres the RUM!" custom pop bumper barrel which includes an illuminated Rum bottle, a dirty pirate hat, and of coarse Captain Barbossa's juicy green apple! Bottle changes color with game and really ties the room together! This cap was designed to fit in the Front right for clearance.
2 "Davy Jones Heart" custom barrel pop bumper cap with illuminated Beating red heart on a pile of sand, detailed telescope for spotting scaly wags, and the Key to Davy Jones heart! Rather eerie seeing the heart beat and a cool effect!
3 "East India Trading Co" raised letter custom pop bumper barrel. Designed to complete the look for JJP Standard buyers with the additional stationary pops. Very fine detail and a big improvement over the plastic.
ALL barrel pops available NOW to ship next day from our website store. Ye be warned, you will love this mod! lol Fits ALL models.


Thanks for viewing!
The Mod Couple

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg3 (resized).jpg4 (resized).jpg5 (resized).jpg6 (resized).jpg
#449 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Your mods Dave continue to amaze me!!
These are really nice! The cannon, railing also look very good.

Thanks for the kind words Eric. If you can't tell we REALLY love this game! lol So much fun working on a game of this caliber.

#454 2 years ago

Well thanks everyone for the support!! Love to support Richie like everyone on this Awesome game. My guess is this CE thread will be hopping if rumor is correct that they are racing down the line. Can't wait to see those toppers. Granted they won't match the black coin door......lol

1 week later
#471 2 years ago
Quoted from Ilushka85:

Why does it look like a 7 year old cut out the graphics here?
[quoted image]

OK?? Not sure what your referring to but that is a 3D sculpted coral scape not a decal. Similar to what they have shown on the CE for a year now granted a slightly different color scheme. I think Back Alley custom created every accent piece and from what I have seen he does amazing work. Might want to judge the final product.

#473 2 years ago
Quoted from Ilushka85:

I’m not talking about that piece. I’m talking about the apron decal look at left corner by screen compared to right corner.

My apologies I thought you were referring to the lock bar jewelry. OK, I guess I see what your looking at but that is a fairly small detail to imply a 7 year old did it?? You have higher expectations then I. lol Not a bad thing.

#489 2 years ago

A single cell phone picture of the lock down bar/sticker and the game is being thrashed. I have no idea why they wouldn’t keep posting build images of the game prior to release....lol. In typical JJP fashion I suspect this model and every detail as a complete package will be Awesome! There is no doubt any/all changes will not be loved by all but this will be a special game for certain.

#494 2 years ago
Quoted from Mike_J:

Thrashed? Your pension for hyperbole is noted.

Ok maybe thrashed was a bit much but we really do get judgemental based on very little content. Lol. Just saying this game (CE) will be an ultimate masterpiece so consider giving them the benefit of doubt that they want it perfect also. We have had our LE for a month now and in Person the colors and quality are simply brilliant. I suspect the CE will be every bit as special.

#506 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:


I think you should share this calming technique with Joe tonight. Say around 3am. What are friends for!

#513 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:


Must be one hell of a clogged drain emergency! lol

Quoted from screaminr:

I'm sure they will be great I have to learn not to go off just one picture just like the front apron it looks so much better in real life than the initial pictures and like jjp said from the very beginning the original barnacles were never going to be the finished artwork . But it has been good seeing this thread come back to life

Granted my statement was taken as critical but that was my only point. JJP promised a masterpiece on especially on the CE and my guess is this will be amazing. Granted they opted not to do the coin door because of RichieWrench but thats ok. From what I heard he has a special surprise coming.....lol

#521 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

SURPRISE.......what surprise????

Sorry I was sworn to secrecy. But lets just say you deserve it! lol

#526 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

R u referring to the coin door that I got at the DICE dinner...that was a cool thing that Joe and JJP surprise me with at the dinner.

Yeah sorry didn't want to spoil the surprise if it was a POTC deal. Thought it was pretty cool of Joe to get that done just to make a customer smile. Looked pretty funny.

#532 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

Hey...Found out that my #12 is shipping today. Wonder how long it will take to get.to illinois?

Don’t want to give you false hope but my game (LE) shipped from JJP via FedEx and arrived in 2 days. My guess is you’ll have it by Monday. Just a guess! Congrats.

#534 2 years ago

Its official I sold my POTC LE!!! I'm Out!! And called Christoper at King Pin Game and bought a CE!! Dam you Eric this game is to Awesome I had to have it!!!!! Plus I wanted to be in the cool club with RichieWrench. Technically ordered a few CE's from Kingpin but I bet he can get a few more. Awesome buying experience and a Great guy! I am officially BACK in the club.

#536 2 years ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

Cool topper...by far the best one JJP has ever made....not even close to the best...have u seen CGC's AFMRLE?

Sorry, Batman 66 LE topper won this trophy long ago. Integrated with bat signal projector, Priceless!!!

#545 2 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Hey I’m happy to benefit in a round about way from your sale and get a POTC LE for myself! While I’m not getting yours, you indirectly helped me get mine and I’m truly grateful!

Yep I knew you were the buyer and you will not be disappointed. I helped set that game up and it’s Perfect without an issue! This game is tough to explain it’s simply brilliant.

#553 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

Again, I like to thank Joe for the excellent service and my 3 AM text messages....Going to enjoy it for a out a week and then going to ship that freakin coin door to Matt at Back Alley to get that done and get all the other mods on order and make this machine that much more special.

Joe just called and said its now 1/18/21. "Pay back is a B#$ch"! JK Richie

#564 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

this was the door that he is talking about.....
[quoted image]

Yep. A rather funny and fitting gesture I thought. They do have a great sense of humor.

#569 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

IT'S 1:00 AM -- NO CALL YET.....

Come on be reasonable. At least give Joe a 2am text to give him a chance to start calling to the shipper. Then give him the worried 3am calls!

#571 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

Hmmmmmm .... I dont know - I think I might be pushing it with 2 AM -- But Maybe just a small text -- Let me think about it.
I am doing some billing and paperwork -- I might give just a small one @ 2 AM

Be nice, start with something casual like "I see you, your home alone I see!" Then make your delay observation inquiry.

#574 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

I sent at text @ 2 AM, Now I started off nice -- I just mention that its an exciting day and the game is coming today.
See....Simple and nice to start.

Good Start nice and calm. Consider some casual small talk -- Hows the weather by you, any thoughts on getting these coin doors painted? What color do you think would best accentuate the game thats arriving Today?

#577 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

I did it....Now that was 2:21 AM.
I started off nice about the weather and then slip in about how I was waiting about the call from R&L to have the game delivered today and that I am up and ready for it to come in early today. Still no call.....

Very smooth, no way that would upset him! Maybe throw in a supportive statement like "If you could send me over the truck ID and tracking number I could start monitoring the status as I'm sure your going to have a busy morning". Helping a friend so to speak.

#589 2 years ago

As a group led by Joe we should All call Richie Wrench plumbing with emergency plumbing calls today to keep him out of the office. Lol

#593 2 years ago

Richie, I need you to come out Today and give me an estimate on removing a Barbie from my turd bowl. The doll is somewhere between my toilet and the Chicago waste management facility. My daughter really wants it back so please hurry!! By the way we have continued to use the toilet for 7 days so there May be some obstacles in your search. Come quick I can't imagine this will take more that 20 hours. You have to wait until Joe gets out of the bathroom though he wanted to help you out.

#602 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

Nope...it was missed..lol....But I tell u this....
Steve @ JJP cant believed that it was missed...but we looked everywhere and it was missed...but the part is on its way to me tommorrow.
GREAT SERVICE AT JJP....They were all over it and apologized.

Sure its not lodged under the ship? Seems like that would be hard to miss all the way through inspection. Several have reported that and or Tom have popped off in transit. At the very least make sure its not wedged in there or your have other issues. Or should I say Joe will.....

#603 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

Should it not be like this one
[quoted image]

Never noticed the outlane (Pirate) letters border art is also different on the CE. Me Likey nice!

#608 2 years ago

Looks Awesome with exception for that coin door..... Congrats a long time worth the wait! Can't tell for sure but it looks like no barnacle treatment on the legs then? No worries.

#610 2 years ago

As promised, the JJP Pirates "Disk Silencer kit" is now listed and available from our website store to ship next day. As soon as Kingpin gets my CE POTC replacement (Praying in the next week...) I will finalize the hardened neoprene replacement drive gear. For most I suspect the Silencer kit will be enough to satisfy but I am committed to finding the complete solution for the few that want a more stealthy pirate ship lol. The drive gear will take some time as I want to test it well and play with different tooth pitch configurations to determine the best option for sound and long term wear. Fairly simple install with instructions. Thanks to all for your support and feedback.

The Mod Couple

IMG_1614 (resized).jpg
#613 2 years ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

Hoping for deliveries this week. As soon as I hear from jjp you will know

I knew you were on it. Your always on it no matter what your brother says!

#621 2 years ago

Awesome thanks for sharing and feel free to tease us More! Question, did the full printed manual show up with the game or is that a later arrival type of accessory for the CE?

#624 2 years ago

Come on share those pics we need inspiration!

#629 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

FOUND IT!!!!!!!!
Now this is what I sent Jack.......
Joe sent me another text that someone else was missing theirs and found it under the ship ....I am like what are the odds -- Maybe we are just missing something here and find it hard that this was be miss during QA...But I said -- I would take another look.....
FOUND IT -- in the very back and ........
it is also the reason why the ball was getting stuck...LMAO
Thanks again -- I will get that back to you to keep for someone else down the road
Thanks for everything Jack...Your company is awesome and the service is great as well.
On as side note --- Coin door really should have been done for this -- I think out of 200 CE Owners -- I might get a majority on this one saying that the doors being powder coated would have been better -- LOL. Just my view.
Also can you tell me the next three titles and release dates for each one -- Would help me in planning my budget..
Thanks again
Richard Folks
Vice- President
D&R Plumbing, Heating & Air, Inc.
Phone (309) 451-1290
Fax (309) 454-4114
WAITING ON REPLY ......From Jack .....

Are you sure you were talking to Jack or were you just reading my post #602 where I basically said the same thing? Lol. Glad you got it perfect. I do believe only Joe has Earned the right to see your skivey pics.

#646 2 years ago
Quoted from Cserold:

I know this has been discussed a lot on Dialed In! But havent seen much discussion among CE buyers on POTC.
Couple questions:
Do you think JJP will release a newly themed/skinned version of POTC (like a Black Pearl Edition)?
If so, would it upset you if it was priced at LE levels but was limited to say 500 games? What if it was priced as a CE and included same topper with a run of 200?
I’m a capitalist to an extreme so I’m not pissed or worried about this possibility but it does intrigue me as an interesting business decision for JJP and curious to see what folks think.

My opinion on this is JJP is a business and company first and foremost. While I would not like (and they would not do) a second run of CE games the same as the original 200 who am I to tell JJP or buyers that wish to own a game what they should do or what you can't have. While a collectable at the end of the day its a toy to bring fun and joy so why would I have a say in who can share that. Now with that said.......IF any new version came out with that misplaced 3 disk spinner That would make me a sad camper. lol

#648 2 years ago
Quoted from seenev:

Am I the only person that hates the tiered sales model? You can spend $9000 on a game and not even get all of the features. No one wants to spend that much money and only get some of the features, so we end up upgrading to the higher cost models, the additional features rarely seeming to correspond to the additional cost. This strategy must work for the companies, but as a consumer I hate being told I need to pay an extra $1000 or $2000 (or more) for maybe a few hundred dollars worth of add ons.

While I do agree with your assessment I would dissagree that it applies to JJP? Yes, I to dislike say a Stern DP or SW that you need to pay a premium penalty to have the fun factor of ramps and specific mode shots but I do not see this in the JJP tiered model. ALL game versions offer All buyers the same shot map and value across the board. It is the buyers choice if they see a value in art exclusivity or a few add on toys but None subtract from the playability or capability. With JJP Pirates as an example I would consider all models equal in value and without compromise. Not a bash on Stern, just prefer the equal offering approach JJP has.

#659 2 years ago
Quoted from Ilushka85:

Too hard to pick them up like this all for a temporary solution. And my topper screws were also missing.

Doubt it would help you much but I could give you a set to get your Pirate sailing. Not to far from me. PM if I could help.

#663 2 years ago
Quoted from Ilushka85:

Just pm’d you thank you !

Replied. Just let me know when and how you want to get them. Just want to see you enjoy that Pirates over the holidays. No sense being upset over a minor mistake. Keep the ones they sent as a spare just in case this ever happens again. Lol.

#687 2 years ago

Curiously question for CE receivers. Did Jack or Eric Autograph the back of the game? Minor thing but they are celebrities now after all. Lol

#696 2 years ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

I dont believe so, but I can sign both of their names directly on your playfield glass with a rock if you want. How do you spell Eric's last name?

Too funny. I have a better idea, please sign the back with your name, ss# and bank account number wise ass. lol And you said Eric was the wise guy....

#702 2 years ago
Quoted from PsychoPsonic:

[quoted image]

Very cool #200 landed! Congrats!!!

#704 2 years ago

SO excited. As if Christmas wasn't already great having my daughter and granddaughter visit the Man Christopher at KingPin came through as promised. Our games arrived as he predicted and will be home for the holidays!!! Just fricken Awesome!!! Thanks again Chris and especially to your family for sharing your holiday time from them to bring us this wonderful gift. You rock!!!! There be Pirates coming......ARghhhhhhhhh

IMG_1650 (resized).JPG
#706 2 years ago
Quoted from Cserold:

Whoa! Those are all yours? All POTC?

No that would be crazy!! Only 3 of them are. lol A group buy with some local pinball fans of Pirates and Erics masterpiece.

#725 2 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

yelobird has a CE coming, so you're in luck, they might come up with something if they find it too loud. They created the spinning disc silencer kit which everyone has raved about so far! (mine is coming today I think)

It honestly looks like a very simply fix which we will look at Sunday when KingPinGames delivers the CE magic. I suspect a simple application of lubricant is all that will be needed. Worst case a simple band of rubber over the cam to lesson the contact noise. IF a solution is needed I suspect it won't be difficult and minimal concern for such an Awesome topper!!

#727 2 years ago

Not to make fun as you said you weren't an engineer but your design sketch makes no sense? It's a continuous single direction spinning motor. From what you drew you want the ship to spin around like a Ferris wheel? A dual cam as they used is the best choice. My guess is slightly slowing it down would be the best option though I don't know if that is an option till we get ours.

#730 2 years ago
Quoted from Captchaos:

Since I dont have my pin yet I dont know where the noise is coming from. Thats why I had the motor moved into the backbox. My design works the same way as the current design but removes motor and gear to gear noise. I think!

But there is no gear to gear noise as there are no gears. It's a roller cam to roller. Looking at the video (as my game is coming tomorrow also) it appears (assumed)

All assumed....
1 The spring need more tension to keep the roller in constant contact with the cam. It is clearly clacking as it snaps back.
2 Slow down the motor action to keep the roller in contact
3 Possibly lubricate the surfaces or add a rubber face to the contact roller.

Moving the electric motor to the inside of a computer cabinet with high res monitor would Not be a good idea. By Sunday there will be suggestions based on product in hand or someone will chime in. Best to not diagnose or assume a problem till you actually have one...

#738 2 years ago
Quoted from Genjuro:

Oh and....
[quoted image]

Looks great! Matt work this magic or did you do it locally?

#744 2 years ago

Twas the night before Christmas (eve), not a creature was stirring not even a monkey. Mods were hung by the chimney with care in Hopes that St JJP Pirates would soon be there. Then out from the lawn there rose such a clatter, it appears some elves had arose from a van. Not just ordinary elves but a Special surprise from the East Pole. As the elves turned our jaws dropped with surprise, as the elves were non other than the famous Pirate brothers themselves! Eric and Christopher (KingPinGames) WOW! Not here to plunder but rather to share some holiday cheer. Such a wonderful and Appreciated surprise! After the shock a smooth delivery, a gracious personalized autograph, and for good measure Eric decided to take Grand Champion score for me to stare at for likely years to come lol. The game worked Perfectly and Eric also took some time to share some additional details on setup so I could share them with the CE group as he travels. An absolutely memorable day and a machine that will long define pinball at its best. Thank you to Eric and Christopher (and their families) for sharing some of their holiday time to make my families holiday special!

SPECIAL NOTE! Christopher mentioned he still had 1 or 2 CE machines left in his slay so if your looking for a Magical Piratey Christmas he can still make it happen!!! KingPinGames!!

IMG_1659 (resized).jpgIMG_1660 (resized).jpgIMG_1662 (resized).jpgIMG_1663 (resized).jpgIMG_1682 (resized).jpg

#745 2 years ago

CE topper feedback. So as you can see we had a Magical delivery but Eric Was kind enough to share his support on the Topper for us to convey to others. Eric pointed out as I suspected that when they released the software the topper was set to Ballistic speed (ok I made that up lol). He mentioned the code (settings) were developed prior to the final ship and was not implemented at release. He showed under General settings if you reduce the Incorrect "Topper Motor Speed" setting from 12 down to 4-5 it works as designed. He was Absolutely correct!!! At setting 12 it was more like a Speed Boat (lol) ripping across a pond. At 4 it rocks across the slow moving waves perfectly and with Very minimal noise. Even if your game volume is low (we like quiet play) you will Not hear it. Yes, some of the videos Appear very loud but do note they are in Test mode with the game Not playing and the speaker directly on top of the unit! Thats not very real! The topper only moves during game play and unless you have the sound muted you will Not hear the topper with the corrected settings. Do let me know if anyone has questions though as I suspected this was being Assumed as an issue before it was ever viewed in most cases. Love this game and the topper is Absolutely amazing!!!

IMG_1661 (resized).jpg
#749 2 years ago
Quoted from Genjuro:

Congrats on your very special delivery!
Of note, my videos were shot during bonus / ball ready between ball 1 and 2. I had turned down the factory ship speed to 8 from the default, but will reduce it to 4 since Eric suggested this.

I really think you will find it not only Much quieter but honestly looks more Ship appropriate. With the stock speed setting it was more like a cigarette speed boat clipping waves lol. IF this was still a concern to some we could (and may) offer a cover to go over the motor housing in the back which should for the most part at least make it look pretty. (if your into those kind of things.)

#751 2 years ago

Pirates isn't complete without the best character in the films. "Jack the Monkey"!! Of all the mods we have created this one is dare I say the Cutest thing we have ever made. This mischievous monkey know to haunt Jack Sparrow is up to his old tricks stealing the pinball (scaled of coarse...) from your fun! While there are several places you can install him he is like the movies at home on the Black Pearl railing keeping an eye out for trouble or looking for it!! Each mod meticulously hand painted to keep with the games beauty. We hope you love him as much as we did creating him. "We named the Monkey Jack!" Available NOW from our website store!


Thanks SO much for all the interest and support. We Love what we do and appreciate being part of your amazing collections!

The Mod Couple

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg3 (resized).jpg
#752 2 years ago

Pirates Ye Be Warned!!!! Custom shooter plate sign mod. Be warned you are plunging into a world of Fun with Pirates of the Caribbean. Ye Be warned it's an amazing ride. This simple yet highly detailed add on is a fitting theme piece to show off your fine pirate skills! Airbrushed and detailed, a fitting piece for the pirate lover in all of us! Arghhhhhhh! Available Now from our website store.


Thank you ALL for the support and interest!

The Mod Couple

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg3 (resized).jpg
#754 2 years ago
Quoted from Genjuro:

The ship speed at 5 or lower on my machine causes the ship to stop at times. 6 is the minimum speed at which it properly operates.
I plan on oiling the mech a bit, and investigating the motor gearbox. Might use some dry lube on it if I can get into it.

As its plastic I would suggest a light coating of White Lithium grease. Safe on plastic, less noticeable, and lasts a Long time!

#757 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

You did a great job on him !
LTG : )

Thank you So much #LTG your feedback is very kind and appreciated! With that said I need to offer a HUGE shout out to The Mod Father for making an absolutely AWESOME CE must have. While all the mods and accessories he makes are Always top notch his Custom POTC pingulp and shooter rod are a picture perfect fit for this machine!!! The detail, color choice, beautiful barnacle accents and pirate imagery are spot on amazing! I have very few external mods but I must say these are well worth it to complete the complete pirate theme. Thanks again to The Mod Father for raising the bar on a Really cool set!

Do check out his amazing collection and for POTC its a no brainer!

IMG_1679 (resized).jpgIMG_1680 (resized).jpgIMG_1681 (resized).jpg
#760 2 years ago
Quoted from Furio:

Ok, does anyone have any idea what could be causing this issue. The Coin door is reading as open and it’s clearly not. (See pic 1) I am looking for something causing this issue around the coin door and see nothing out of place. Checked the wiring here and see no issues. I have seen a double set of connectors on the main board that are not connected. (See pic 2) Not sure what they go to or if they should be attached. I do have a burnt wire from a short related to shippping impact but that wire doesn’t go to the coin door, it’s orange with black stripe. (See pic 3) If anyone is decently good at trouble shooting and you have a few minutes, pm me for my phone number. Trying to at least get the game playable for Christmas.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Those plugs should Definitely be plugged in. I did see your original issues post (sorry for the bad luck...) and noticed the burnt and clearly broken wire. I personally would mend that wire (with the power OFF) as it is clearly blown and can't be good. Tough break on such a great machine especially before the holidays.

#762 2 years ago
Quoted from Furio:

Thank you! I plugged them in and the door error went away. I had followed the door wires from the schematic above carefully and they did nothing. I have become well acquainted with the machine though at this point. The game is playable at this point but with several issues. Good enough for tomorrow’s unveiling. The rest can be fixed with time and someone skilled in this.
Lowered the topper to 4 and it looks and sounds great.
Pearl still catches balls at the off load.
Chest catches balls at the blue target loading area.
Launcher still sucks even with the 2 large washers removed. I bound the right flipper to the auto launch function so that my kids can still play.
Thank you all for the sound advice! Christmas is saved.

Enjoy that game with family and the remaining minor issues will soon be resolved. Congrats!

#767 2 years ago
Quoted from whitey:

I have a CE coming ! Please pm me if you have a new pirates and how much you like the game ,
Thanks Ken

PM. It’s awsome!

#769 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:


You also Richie and may your balls remain shiny for years to come! Happy holidays to All!!

#771 2 years ago

Ok The Mod Couple is testing some New waters from inspiration from this amazing game. We have seen/done modded playfields, cabinets, backboxes, heck we even modded the Player with our "NIB Cologne" but we wanted to take this game to a higher level of detail down to the Coin Door! We wanted to create a unique and Individual Custom piece for the owner Knowing it will truly be one of a kind like this game deserves! Still haven't figured out a product name but the creation is done! A molded theme coin door shadow box with custom serialized number and designation. Collectors Edition AND Limited Addition designs will be available. All 3D sculpted from ship to limited edition unique badge. Ship, wood sign, and lettering all individually airbrushed to meticulous detail with multilevel LED internal accent lighting for a proper display glow. Simple and reversible installation with polycarbonate protective lense to keep display free from poking fingers. When available we will require the user provide their #serial number and we anticipate less then one week turn around for the custom mod. While custom we will do all we can to keep the costs as low as possible though there are a Lot of pieces in this assembly. For now please PM for interest we Hope to have these available via our website store within the week.

The Mod Couple

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg3 (resized).jpg4 (resized).jpg
#773 2 years ago
Quoted from robotron:

so what would be a huo ce value after a year? 10,500? just curious.

Lets see based on them just being delivered a week ago, could be 100k? To early to tell but based on the interest, feedback and extremely Limited supply I imagine (guess) they will hold their value pretty well for some time.

#778 2 years ago
Quoted from screaminr:

Were there no pilot holes on any of them or were some just missed , either way there should have been 4 " T " nuts ready to go

Mine had all the pilot holes in place for a simple 4 screw install. Granted it would not take but a few minutes to add the holes if they were not there. Small world problem.

#780 2 years ago
Quoted from screaminr:

Maybe , but I make medical equipment for a living and and everything has to be spot on . If I forgot to put in holes in a job and my boss came to me about it and I told him to tell the customer to mark and drill the holes themselves I could just imagine what he would say ( and it wouldn't be good ) Don't get me wrong I love the game the design and the code is excellent that's why I'm going to spend 20 k on it . I can understand tight wires and switches not working but to forget putting holes where needed and to have the le toppers off centre seems lacking in QC . If you don't mention these issues nothing will change .
PS have you got a price on your coin door mod it looks really good.

Wasn't doubting you and yes I suspect JJP wants this game to be as perfect as we do. Hard time comparing Medical equipment to a wooden box toy but I have different expectations of what is acceptable. We are very close on the coin door mod. Must say it Really turned out amazing we may consider offering something like this for other Special limited models per requests. We will have final pics and availability up soon. Thanks and Keep making those medical devices PERFECT!!!! lol

#784 2 years ago

Happy Friday ye scurvy Pirates!! The Mod Couple is Pleased to say the Complete pirate map silencer kit is now tested and might I say works Awesome!!! Kit now includes a solid keyed core with correct durometer rubber gear molded as one. Rigid yet flexible enough to silence the mesh noise along with some minor tooth pitch changes. Direct replacement you simply install the set screws from your gear into the threaded replacement easy-piesy. Thanks to #Rbviessman great suggestion we are Also including a set of self adhesive (1/8") foam rubber pads to the kit to isolate vibration to the playfield and a HUGE plus that now you can fine tune the disk level to the playfield! We will make a light version kit with only the rubber gear and pads for those that already bought the standard silencer kit. In test (2) separate machines the results were Incredibly good. Note not sneak up on a pirate silent but WAY better then stock and very easy to install! Yes my instructions can be daunting (lol) but keep in mind not Everyone is wrench savy, savy? Kits should be up today and know we did everything we could to keep costs down that gear was a B*&^h to make! I hope this can put a quiet rest to any disk concerns and back to pirating!!! Happy holidays to all and thank you so much for your support!

The Mod Couple

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg3 (resized).jpg4 (resized).jpg
#785 2 years ago

Kits are Now online and available from our Website store!! Thanks again and happy new year!


The Mod Couple

#787 2 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

I did not see the one with just the rubber gear and additional pads, since I already bought the original kit. Is it not available yet?

To those that bought the foam only kit please understand that we did say we were going to work on the Complete gear set over the holidays so we apologize if we missed the schedule. IF you ordered the foam only kit and wish to upgrade to the complete kit please just send me a PM and I can work out the upgrade minus the cost of the previous kit and reduced shipping. Hope that makes things a bit smoother we are working at the fastest pace we can... lol

The Mod Couple

#790 2 years ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

Stop playing your game and work more!!! You have now created a monster that can only satisfied once you outfit every jjp potc with mods....
.... good luck

Hey you be nice!! This game is a thing of beauty so inspiration is too easy in this world Eric invented. If we can make the game just a bit quieter or more loved we succeeded!

#799 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Good request. Instead, how about someone buy a handheld sound meter for $10 take a smattering of readings with sound volume off and from different spots - before and after installing the disk dampening mod. Then we could have proof of x% sound reduction and y vs x sound levels. Would help sell the mod and be a good source for describing improvement.
I remember buying a CFTBL green creature enhancer once. It turned a faded blue/green creature to all green. The effect was 51% greener and well worth the $40 cost.

Yes we could get technical with meters but the best way to describe the before and after (at least my game) is new it sounded like a blender with rocks in it, after the silencer kit it simply spins like a disk and is no longer distracting. lol Should be said we do not think the disk noise bothers everyone so not really a Must have but we wanted to offer a solution that works really well for the few like us that couldn't get past that noisy distraction.

#804 2 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

My wife, who is quite picky, said the disc was super annoying and distracting. After the mod, she doesn’t even notice the disc now. It truly is a must have. JJP should buy them from Yelobird and install at factory hah!

Ok I wouldn't let your wife see that picky comment but thanks very much for the kind words. Not to come off in any way as a pitch but with the silencer kit complete with new neoprene rubber tooth gear I must say its Much quieter. Funny thing is my wife (shhhh picky also) said she couldn't believe a game of this value and precision construction would sound so loud. So while I am pleased to create a solution for everyone I honestly Had to do it for our game or I would never hear the end of it. (My wife's grinding disc not the game. lol) I hope she doesn't read this later......

#805 2 years ago

Ok Buccaneers, how about a Friday How To tutorial on making your own Davy Jones! NOT for sale just a tutorial so please don't ask! lol Start with a not so easy to find but attainable if you keep an eye on Ebay Davy Jones Series 1 7" figure. Incredible detail and a perfect scale fit! Start with a simple nut cracker move and literally Crack him in half at the waist. While his mid section does have a plate of plastic it seemed a bit to thin for my long term liking so I added a printed solid plastic reenforcement plate and super glue. Center and match holes in removed barrel and Tom figure. Ok, this part is a bit more invasive but really Not that hard. As this figure does not have articulating elbows his arms would Not work in our spinning application with the ramps so he needed to be Persuaded to conform. Using a heat gun Slowly apply heat to his elbow. You'll know when you're there when you see a little smoke and they bend easy. To fare and you get fire. Bend both arms to 90 degrees and add rubber bands till they heat set to the correct shape. A few minutes. After mounting him its time to give that lovely cape a needed trim. I found just below the barrel top edge is perfect and still looks Flowey. (is that a word?) One detail that is IMPORTANT, after you dry fit him and make sure all spins perfect you Need to apply a small amount of super glue to All joints to lock them in place. He won't love it but he Can't move or raise his arms when spinning!! Also note how I arranged and glued his right hand tentacle to the barrel for a nice look. Spins great and other then some casual hobby time really not that hard to do. Plus on a CE this is simply Spot On! Hope this helps. Do let me know if there is anything I forgot to explain. Play on ye scurvy Pirates!!!!

IMG_1780 (resized).jpgIMG_1785 (resized).jpgIMG_1781 (resized).jpgIMG_1782 (resized).jpgIMG_1787 (resized).jpgIMG_1788 (resized).jpgIMG_1789 (resized).jpgIMG_1791 (resized).jpgIMG_1794 (resized).jpg
#807 2 years ago
Quoted from Genjuro:

Omg... that work on davy is PERFECT!

And you can do it to! Really straight forward and I must say on the CE it is Absolutely spot on for this game. Plus as I pointed out in the other thread, if you want to get technical there were no spinning pirates or pirates in a barrel in the movie but Davy Jones Was in both! Or it just looks dam cool! lol

1 (resized).jpg
#824 2 years ago

Ok The Mod Couple is testing some New waters with inspiration from this amazing game. We have seen/done modded playfields, cabinets, backboxes, heck we even modded the Player with our "NIB Cologne" but we wanted to take this game to a higher level of detail down to the Coin Door! We wanted to create a unique and Individual Custom piece for the owner Knowing it will truly be one of a kind like this game deserves! The Custom Coin Door Shadow Box Mod! A molded theme coin door shadow box with custom serialized number and designation. Collectors Edition AND Limited Addition designs will be available. All 3D sculpted from ship to limited edition unique badge. Ship, wood sign, and lettering all individually airbrushed to meticulous detail with multilevel blue LED internal accent lighting for a proper display glow. Simple and reversible installation with polycarbonate protective lense to keep display free from poking fingers. When ordering, we will require the user provide their serial number and model (LE or CE) We anticipate less then one week turn around for the custom mod creation. Simple and reversible installation with color instructions included. Image shows example of CE/LE gold lettering examples. Yours would match your individual game number. Available Now from our website store!

The Mod Couple

1a (resized).jpg2a (resized).jpg3a (resized).jpg4a (resized).jpg5a (resized).jpg
#827 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Greatest Pirates mod yet !
LTG : )

Thanks #LTG! And sincerely Thank you for the weekend support call on my failed fuse! (My fault) Rare to find support on any product over a late night weekend but you never fail to come through. I hope JJP appreciates you as much as the consumers do, you are as always stated invaluable.

#829 2 years ago
Quoted from seenev:

Cool concept. I feel like anything 3d printed with abs extrusion just doesn't look right next to a bunch of molded components. The texture always bothers me. Have you thought about having your products made by professional printing services? Maybe even molding them for better texture?

I've never had a complaint and I believe with the machines I have a Service will never make the quality we put into our products. We have more processes then printing to refine our quality which has never been an issue. Thanks.

#838 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

Matter of fact...Maybe we all should wish him a Happy New Year at 3AM

A self promotion but we have a really nice selection of mods for this Awesome POTC. Check it out if your interested.


#847 2 years ago
Quoted from Mike_J:

In all fairness, you guys are acting like you spent over 10K for these machines.
Wait, what? 12.5K? Never mind.

Yup, and worth every penny in my opinion!

#848 2 years ago
Quoted from Captchaos:

Received my POTC CE today and there are a few items that are small issues so far. I assume the barnacles are being held on by double sided 3M tape. I did receive it in NY cold weather so they weren't adhering as well as I would like. Lets see what happens in time. The disc is a bit off center and I will adjust that and install the recent mod. The only major issue is that the action button does not hit the switch on the lock down bar. I am guessing they installed the button on the LE and not the longer CE version. Any one have this issue?
Topper is not as noisy as everyone thought. In my opinion

The rails are taped but they are also screwed on if you look for the screws. Glad your button adjustment worked rather a simple tweak. As for the disk off center? I would make sure it’s not just the decal as it does make it appear that way. IF it is really off center there really isn’t much adjustment for that as the 8 screw mount is fairly fixed position. Just an alternate fix if it Really is off the 8 holes in the bracket are roughly .187 (3/16) diameter. If you drilled each of those holes to .250 (1/4) that would allow you about 1/32” adjustment with the screws still working as designed. Just don’t mess with the Playfield wood as there is no going back from there. Enjoy your awsome new game.

#852 2 years ago
Quoted from Mike_J:

Love guys like you. You’ve afforded me my lifestyle.

Ok I’ll bite. How so?

#871 2 years ago
Quoted from FryDaddy:

Ok I could be wrong about all have left but all should have been done. I saw a picture on here of #200 before Xmas and they usually built in order of number. Mine is number 71 and it left JJ 11/18/2018.

Definately not the case. Mine was built mid December and it is #31. I am sure they are all in process and making their way to tortuga homes around the world soon.

#884 2 years ago

With that solution investigated (cannon alignment) I came across what I am going to call a PPSA (Pirates Public Service Announcement!!!!). As my game is a Recent CE delivery I thought it would be best to let the CE group check also. Lloyd, Eric I do ask that this be recognized at the factory as I suspect this Will be an issue for some soon. In reviewing the Dauntless movement issue I looked over the wiring to the rear of the back board going to the Dauntless switches. In less then 50 plays my wire was already sheared off! (red wire in my case) This was caused by a Very tight wire harness with limited flexibility attached to a Moving arm with a razor sharp steel edge. These wires never had a chance!! While I am not proud of my solution (not pretty) I wanted to share a solution that most would have to at least repair or protect this from happening. As can be seen from the bottom of the playfield there is actually Plenty of wire available but in my machines case it is all bundled with no relief. You need to snip roughly (3) zip ties from the wire harness to give this wires a few inches of motion. Verify by swaying your Dauntless (sounds dirty again) back and forth to ensure there is no pull. From there I soldered my wires and added electrical tape to the entire wire bunch. I also added (and recommend) a strip of tape over the edge of the metal channel these feed to. That at least gives the wires a fighting chance should they come in contact again! I admit I Hate electrical tape repairs personally but I wanted everyone to have an available solution to at least fix if needed. All in all a Minor assembly learning curve on a new product and no harm done just hope this can be passed on and help others. I am Very curious if this MAY be some of the Dauntless switch issues people are having at times.... Let me know if there are Any questions.

image (resized).pngimage (resized).pngimage (resized).pngimage (resized).pngimage (resized).pngimage (resized).png
#885 2 years ago

Another DIYarrrrrr segment for those of us with older eyes or needing to see the flippers just a little bit better. This Very simple to install and low cost LED strip really adds just the right amount of light to both the flippers as well as the lower playfield area without any obtrusive lighting fixtures. With the small LCD encloser its like they designed this upgrade from the start. I used a simple ($2) LED strip (must be 12v!!) from CometPinball. They have it in several colors though I prefer the simply clear white for my view. Remove adhesive strip, center and it is completely hidden from the players view. Route the wire through the trough and connect to several 12v options below including the LCD itself which has a 12v power connector. Note in the CometPinball (Secret Stash) shelf on their website they offer a Longer 12v LED strip (as I used here) which can be cut to the correct length to add even more light though that costs ($5). Happy Pirating!

The Mod Couple

IMG_1836 (resized).jpgIMG_1837 (resized).jpgIMG_1838 (resized).jpgIMG_1839 (resized).jpg
#886 2 years ago

Not loving the black flipper, worry not! Walk the Planks and collect the gold with the New Mod Couple Gold Plank custom flipper bat kit! Set of (3) custom made and individually painted with the look of wooden planks and it not be a Pirate plank without some Gold!! Each gold coin oriented to face the player. Simple and reversible install. Complete the look and flip in style! Golden Flipper Planks me hearties!! Available Today from our website store!!


The Mod Couple

1 (resized).jpg1a (resized).jpg2a (resized).jpg3a (resized).jpg
#900 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I think that looks great with the black armor!

What black armor? Thats the custom CE powder coat he just had the coin door done to match. Which looks Awesome by the way!!!

#904 2 years ago
Quoted from madscientist101:

I just got my CE #77, Does the chest open and close?
My action button needed adjusting to hit switch now it sticks on me. Also topper is to loud, I tried to lower to 5 in settings yet not liking it. I just unplugged motor so only lights on topper works.

Chest is fixed in the open position and does not close. Make sure the roller is riding true on the cam (square). Look at it from the right side of the game. Along with slowing it to 5-6 in settings you can also remove some of the compression on the spring under the boat so the motor gear box doesn't have to work so hard. In game play its hard to even hear it. Good Luck and Congrats!!

#906 2 years ago
Quoted from madscientist101:

Thanks for the tips. Yea I got to tinker with the topper.

You could also consider a Light application of White Lithium grease on that cam to further reduce friction. After a few adjustments you are going to Love playing that game. Best game out there!!!!

#909 2 years ago
Quoted from whitey:

That would awsum ! I’m going to have it delivered to our shop, you can see some of our collection and a row of some beautiful pitch n bats
Are you familiar with Woz ? My
GI,s are out and the lights stop 3/4
Of the way down on the playfield?
That’s a mile away, Happy to pay ya !
Thanks Ken
I’m in Burlingame/ San Mateo
Shops right off broadway 101

Which version of WOZ do you have? May be a simple loose connection, may be a board issue depends on which model boardset you have.

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Quoted from ronlisa:

A huge THANK YOU to Pinsider FryDaddy for inviting me to his house over the weekend to play his POTC-CE #71 ! What a beautiful game and IMO is the best game yet from JJP. The playfield, cab, and artwork are all terrific. The layout of the playfield is unique and the rocking ship is a blast to play and adds a extra challenge to master, especially the cannon shot! Last year at the Texas Pinball Festival, I played the prototype that had the 3 spining disc and closing chest lid and I personal don't see where they added much to the game. Sure the 3 spinning disk were cool, but also looked like it could have been a nightmare in the future to keep working the way they were wobbling around on the prototype.
Overall , I was blown away. Eric really knocked this one out the park. The build quality and attention to detail really shows. Hope to add this game to my collection some day. Thanks again FryDaddy for the invite. I really enjoyed the game and also meeting a fellow Pinsider in the area.

Nothing like plundering friends!! lol My favorite part of the game. Pinball is all about friends and sharing your toys. Can't have them all, cool to share.

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Quoted from whitey:

I’m sure someone has posted this already
But what a great mod ! I wish they would
Make one for my Woz, DI, AFM, looks factory !
Thanks Mod couple great mods and quality
[quoted image]

Looks awesome Thank you so much for the kind feedback! Love this game and we are Honored to give it the custom look it deserves.

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Quoted from jeffro01:

Retraction spring broke on the left flipper last night during gameplay... I simply extended the spring slightly to recoil it around the opening, is that an okay fix or should I complain to JJP to get a completely new spring? Never had one break before but I suppose it's inevitable although you'd think on a brand new game it'd hold up longer than that... Also started having trouble with the treasure chest ball fork not wanting to retract as well but before I contact JJP about that, I'm going to test it a bit more. The problem is the little coil that hits against the plate to retract the fork coil isn't hitting the plate hard enough to get it to "pop" back...
Game is still super fun but I'm a little disappointed with all of the little issues I've had to deal with on such an expensive game... Such is life I suppose...

It's just a .10 cent spring. Your fix should be fine as long as you stretched it slightly to compensate for the reduced length strength. This minor issue is not special to JJP its a very common thing that can happen with ANY pinball machine. Make sure the hole the spring goes through doesn't have a burr and put a new one in some day when you order from PinballLife.

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My POTC CE is a month old now. Still in Love with this beautiful/fun game and everyday is a new adventure. Dam this game is great!!!!

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The Kraken needs some love.... Beware The Kraken!!! Choose your path wisely and hit that Maelstrom right or fear the Kraken. Introducing the Kraken Custom mod. Complete the look of the dangerous Pirate seas with The Kraken. While mechanisms are a necessity of pinball at times they can spoil the world under glass feel. The Kraken mod was layed out and designed to partially hide the mechanical components and further build the theme look. A simple yet reversible installation and works perfectly with the Maelstrom Mod perfectly! Beware The Kraken or be ready for Davy Jones locker!!! Available Now from our website store, Pirates Welcome!


The Mod Couple

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My wife is not going to be happy about the “Valentine’s Day plans” I’ve made for us...

Lol that is too funny!!!! I had the same thought.

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Quoted from zaphX:

For purposes of documenting the fix, what was the problem here? (I am assuming it was not tightening the 2 screws)

Broken pawl spring. He fixed it correctly and they are replacing them for future repair.

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Wow just received our POTC CE manual!! Absolutely over the top and thicker then a phone book. (if anyone remembers what those are...) Thanks again to the JJP team and Christopher at Kingpin Games for an over the top amazing game cover to cover and levelers to topper. This game is history in the making. Thanks!!!

The Mod Couple

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Quoted from PiperPinball:

Where can we get a manual? We just got an LE.

I contacted JJP to order one. While most manuals are really not needed for modern games with everything accessible online electronically this manual is more of a complete Story of the creation of POTC with Many really great images and information. Worth the buy if not included in your game in my opinion. They were standard with CE systems not certain on others but worth it in my view.