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JJP POTC-CE Collector's Edition

By RichieWrench

2 years ago

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#24 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

I am in for #12 Collector's Edition. Who is in for this game?
Let the comments begin and Maybe...Just Maybe...I might get a powder coated coin door.

Sweet Jesus - another year of torture from my favorite customer - Richie Wrench ! I just delivered his DI CE and started getting some sleep... now here we go again !

'Joe the barnacle on the right rail is pink, can mine be blue'
'Joe why doesn't Jack have little pirates on the ship in the bottle, that's BS man, somebody's got to steer'
Oh the Richie entertainment is coming, I don't know in what form, I just know it's coming !

Oh boy - I'd miss you Richie Wrench if you weren't a CE buyer !

Give us a shout to order - Standard, LE, or CE !

Joe Newhart

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#37 2 years ago

Kill me now

1638D8A6-996E-4B5F-890B-D379981C495B (resized).jpeg

ED3AED2B-F82E-438F-A1A3-311B455DA367 (resized).jpeg

#38 2 years ago

Rich I heard your shower is not working in your room you can come spruce up in my room bud, I drew you a bath....

07A9CCFA-FF81-47B2-B5E4-855475004C40 (resized).jpeg

#58 2 years ago

I will love him forever....

Maybe one day I’ll reciprocate... lmao !!!

16891E61-6A6A-4407-AC6E-DCCE6C672256 (resized).jpeg

#59 2 years ago

PinballSTAR is working hard all weekend taking orders and answering questions... We are one of the largest JJP distributors and tend to take care of all our pre-order customers early due to the volume we buy... Every single one of our DI customers (close to 100) will have their pre-orders fulfilled by this week already ! We welcome new customers to take care of and we don't disappear after the sale - we have the reputation we have for a reason... We also support the hobby - do shows, charity work, have parties, sponsor tournaments and are very active in supporting the hobby.

Have questions or interested in ordering POTC ? Email us - we'll get right back to you day, nights, weekends...

Joe Newhart
PinballSTAR Amusements


#60 2 years ago
Quoted from BladeFury:

I'm In again CE #21

Thanks Eric - can't wait to get you another CE ! Thanks for your confidence !

#77 2 years ago
Quoted from fxdwg:

didn't think I wanted in on this one at first, but now seeing the videos from buffalo and the SDTM guys now im thinking of sending joe more of my hard earned money!! but dang, 12,500.00 ... im thinking if I wait long enough they will be sold out of the CE's then it wont matter... LOL
im really not a wide body fan, but the reviews are saying it really doesn't play like a widebody!!!
grrrrrr....... what to do , what to do... Mr. Jersey Jack, you are KILLING me...

Troy here sent me the best email ever... No explanation just said Dammit then called me a F&%(er and I'm like Troy, what's wrong, being a customer and friend I was concerned... And next email he says 'you guys keep making me spend money' and paypal'd me a $ 1000 for a CE... I pissed my pants and took his money... Just so everyone knows if you order a game you are welcome to call me whatever you want. It's cool...

#78 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

Is this Joe??? Where is the gray hair??? - This must be from 20 years ago

Ok Chris - yes I used to be in slightly better shape - I actually played ice hockey, ran 1/2 marathons, and was a boxer not too long ago, then I started PinballSTAR and well, you know... Stop bobble shaming me...

Richie - ya I've got grey - FROM YOU, YOU BASTARD ! : )

2 weeks later
#98 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:


I'm gonna pay Matt to powder coat your wiener soon... : )

#99 2 years ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

It was nice to meet you as well - I made alot of new friends this year. If anyone wants to be put on the list for 2am text messages.....Let me know --- What is weird is that only JOE is on that list.

Please everyone - text Richie spread the love around - one man alone can't shoulder this burden... I do a lot for this hobby guys - come on help a brother in need out...

#100 2 years ago
Quoted from Mike_J:

Did you receive your Houdini?

No you know Houdini's haven't shipped just yet... He was referring to my wonderful disposition when I'm accepting money, that part went smooth as silk - it was incredibly easy and painless, no tech support needed at all. : )~

I'm as wonderful during and after the sale too though !

#103 2 years ago

PinballSTAR's JJP Pirates of the Caribbean LAUNCH PARTY - at Pinball Gallery, Malvern PA - Sat December 9th - (12 - 4pm) !

PinballSTAR has arranged to have a POTC game available to our east coast pinball friends. Like our prior reveal parties we will be at the wonderful location owned by Bill Disney - Pinball Gallery in Malvern PA...

TO ATTEND : We do need an RSVP sent to Sales@PinballSTAR.com - please put 'PIRATES PARTY' in the subject line and give us names of each person who will be attending. Even if you can't make the party to get on the list for the latest Pirates info, pictures, and ordering details email Joe at Sales@PinballSTAR.com to get on our email newsletter list ! And we are currently taking orders on all Pirates models - Standard, Limited, and Collectors Editions.

Party features :
- JJP's new game Pirates of the Caribbean will be there to play !
- Several other JJP games such as WOZ, Hobbit, and Dialed In will be on site to play - depends on Pinball Gallery game lineup at that time !
- Jersey Jack Guarnieri will be in attendance signing autographs, shaking hands / kissing babies, and of course explaining the fantastic playfield layout and gameplay of Pirates !
- The entire Pinball Gallery arcade to play - OVER 65 pinballs and arcade machines ! Stay all day / night even after the party is over.
- Door prizes given throughout the party - possible prizes are : POTC Swag, POTC Flyers, Limited Edition PinballSTAR POTC Posters and Trading Cards, and more - all signed by Jack !
- Food - Light Snacks / Drinks

Door fee for the party is estimated to be $ 20 and you will have full use all day of Pinball Gallery.

Pinball Gallery
81 Lancaster Ave.
Great Valley Shopping Center, Store #20
Malvern, PA 19355
(484) 693-0693

Pinball Gallery is run by Bill Disney and is located outside Philadelphia (very close to King of Prussia).
Pinball Gallery Website - CHECK IT OUT ! Look at the VIDEO TOUR !!!

LIKE PinballSTAR's Facebook page for the latest info on the POTC game :

We hope to see everyone who can make it !!! Our parties are always at fun locations with tons of giveaways and great food !!!

TO ATTEND : We do need an RSVP sent to Sales@PinballSTAR.com - please put 'PIRATES PARTY' in heading and give us names of each person who will be attending.

Please also know we have many of the following games IN STOCK at this time that we sell - including JJP's Dialed In !

* Jersey Jack Pinball -
- Wizard of Oz - Standard, 75th Anniversary Ruby Red - IN STOCK
- The Hobbit - Standard, Limited, and Black Arrow - IN STOCK
- Dialed In - Standard, Limited, and Collector's - IN STOCK
- Pirates of the Caribbean - Standard, Limited, and Collector's - Pre-order

* Chicago Gaming Remakes -
- Medieval Madness Remake - Standard Edition - IN STOCK
- Attack From Mars Remake - Classic, Special, and Limited Editions - IN STOCK SOON !

* Spooky Pinball -
- Total Nuclear Annihilation - Pre-order (in production now)
- Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle (Pre-order coming soon - taking interested list names at this time)

* American Pinball -
- Houdini - Pre-order (production to start by end of the year)

* VP Cabs - Virtual Pinball
AS SEEN IN MAY ON ABC'S SHARK TANK ! They got a deal with Daymond John !
- Wizard - Full sized, powder coated machine with about 60 FX2 pinball tables and 100's of classic pinball tables available for download. IN STOCK
- Vertigo - Vertical upright cabinet with about 60 FX2 pinball tables and 60 classic video games - get both pinball and video games in one cabinet. Also you can upgrade the base model to get the ability to download all the classic tables too ! IN STOCK
- Vortex - Table top Vertigo model IN STOCK
Check out their website THEN CONTACT US FOR PINBALLSTAR CUSTOMER DISCOUNTED PRICING : http://www.vpcabs.com

* Chicago Gaming -
- Arcade Legends 3 - 130 classic video games including Golden Tee Golf in one cabinet http://www.arcadelegends.com/ - IN STOCK
- Ms Pac Man / Galaga video game http://www.chicago-gaming.com/pacman.php - IN STOCK
- Coffee Table Foosball - great quality, it's like a piece of furniture http://www.chicago-gaming.com/signature.php - IN STOCK

Joe Newhart
PinballSTAR Amusements

pinballgallery (resized).jpg
PS Logo (resized).jpg
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potc5 (resized).png

4 months later
#133 1 year ago

Ok Richie, I did say jokingly in another thread where your name came up that I have to watch because you were like Candyman and if you say your name 3 times I start getting texts at 3am and viola it happened !

I’ll see you in Texas - we can go coin door shopping together.

1 week later
#158 1 year ago

How long does it take to asphyxiate someone ? Asking for a friend...

FBA2D2FB-D471-4ED6-A181-8D8649D42FCA (resized).jpeg

#183 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Topper should be an option for LE buyers!

Won't happen... They are charging a lot for the CE and there is a recognition within the company that for that money these folks needs some exclusivity that many of them enjoy as part of the purchase, to take that away on a money grab would not have been cool. There was some initial discussion right after the reveal (My opinion was asked the Monday after Expo to be exact) about raising the number of CEs once they sold so well and the topper being for sale and yes, JJP could have raked in more money for sure, but they did the right thing and stuck to what they announced to their credit. On the other hand the topper is very cool, but it adds value to those folks paying a lot of money. I commend JJP for doing the right thing there.

1 week later
#213 1 year ago
Quoted from Zavadoza:

I can't believe you didn't powder coat your license plate door. Just sayin'

100 thumbs up on this one ! Hallelujah!!! Lmao. Suck it Richie ! Dammit that license plate area just looks so unfinished !!! And people are going to think the pinball habitrail is somebody’s colon and they are passing a kidney stone and blocking the toilet Richie Wrench gets called to fix.

Joking of course but it’s fun to bust your chops my friend - the van looks amazing !

#215 1 year ago
Quoted from Zavadoza:

Your his distributor? I can picture that email/text thread.
Good to finally meet you in person at TPF. -Adam

Hey Adam - Yup I'm the lucky guy : )~

Great meeting you too !


3 weeks later
#322 1 year ago

As an aside to the spinning disc talk : check this bizarro world shit out folks..

1. Richie get VP Cabs Veritgo custom made and lookie : NO POWDER COATED DOOR !!! Explain yourself Richard !

2. Joe gets a VP Cabs Wizard and hmmmm, HE gets the powder coated door !

The world has turned upside down !

8B60D604-6009-44B4-8D75-16AA9D0555F2 (resized).jpeg

2E4E3A34-34FE-4CE1-8A1B-04DE4A245638 (resized).jpeg

#329 1 year ago

58049F05-E6B2-4192-8A41-D78EB538E28E (resized).jpeg

5 months later
#437 1 year ago

PinballSTAR has a few CEs left to sell for those that asked... Won’t last long... Email Joe at Sales@PinbsllSTAR.com.

1 month later
#552 12 months ago
Quoted from KingBW:

Hey, it's a two way street. A few weeks ago I sent Joe a text about JJPOTC at about 10PM. He responded at 4:30AM. He must have just finished a conversation with richiewrench. Do these guys ever sleep?

I had to pee I think ! lol.. you guys are all nuts ! : )

#583 12 months ago

I forgot what day today was and Richie is off his meds !

975F266C-74C4-4A28-B740-461F4E4F7935 (resized).png
#584 12 months ago

Unfortunately Richie didn’t get good news...

1DF2F52C-6A57-4156-ADBC-0F339018A09E (resized).jpeg
#585 12 months ago
39CE4D7D-9CE0-4657-8013-F62FB99C3F34 (resized).jpeg
#586 12 months ago
B85EFB8B-0D50-490E-B8A9-20772805AB57 (resized).jpeg
#591 12 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

As a group led by Joe we should All call Richie Wrench plumbing with emergency plumbing calls today to keep him out of the office. Lol

That's hilarious... 100 Emergency Toilet calls - he'll be busy chasing ghosts until Christmas ! Paybacks are a bitch Ritchie ! lol

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