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JJP POTC-CE Collector's Edition

By RichieWrench

2 years ago

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#916 1 year ago
Quoted from whitey:

My CE was shipped out today to CA Bay Area #91

Fellow Bay Area person here... Oh and FIRST POST... LOL While I don't know what number mine is yet, my CE is shipping from JJP in the next day or so...


1 week later
#932 1 year ago

Got my CE today #66... LOVE the game... HATE the topper... It's wayyyyyyy too freaking loud... Short of disconnecting the motor like I saw someone above talking about, any other suggestions to quite it down? It's louder than the freaking game... LOL


#936 1 year ago

I think there may be something wrong with either my black pearl, the cannon, something... From the videos I've seen when you load the cannon the ship is supposed to keep rocking back and forth so you can aim your shot but mine when I load the cannon the ship just stops rocking wherever I loaded the cannon... What's the correct gameplay behavior? Should the pearl keep rocking to aim or should I time loading the cannon to the correct tilt of the pearl to get the dauntless skill shot? Just not sure...


#938 1 year ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I had this exact problem. See my post in the owners club thread. Short answer is you need to adjust the metal bar behind the playfield so the black pearl stops topping out or bottoming out.
It is definitely supposed to rock up and down when aiming.

Your post in the other thread was super, super helpful in figuring out our issue. I can only get it to calibrate down to a 5 but the gameplay is back to "normal" and the ship now moves up and down properly when the cannon is loaded. I also lubed up the Dauntless hinge point and mechanism as sometimes it doesn't rock fully back when the cannon shot is missed. I may end up putting in a slightly stiffer spring but we'll see how the lubrication job works first.

I think I have it almost completely dialed in, my only remaining frustration is the "mystery" VUK could use an adjustment as 9/10 it shoots the ball back right between the flippers which is supper annoying but I can't find that VUK in the settings to tweak like I had to do with the Throne Room VUK on my Woz 75th machine. Such is life...


#941 1 year ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Oh and if the Dauntless isn’t returning to position, see if the top is catching. I had to bend mine up a bit for the Dauntless to swing freely.
You should consider a bit of wire loom for the wiring behind the Dauntless. Yelobird pointed out there is a risk for wire being cut there.
I used 1/4 inch loom from Fry’s.

Funny enough, I already took care of that based on the other post where the user had his wire sheered off. Fixed that while I was lubing the hinge point. The top seems to be in a reasonable position to not catch but I'll be keeping an eye on that either way for sure.

I'll take a look at the scoop this evening and see what I see. I noticed the map scoop isn't very well position and I already have a smidge of wear on the edge of the play field as a result so I'll look at both at the same time. Game is freaking amazing though... JJP really outdid themselves on this one...


#947 1 year ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Go to settings coils, the mystery vuk is called “ bumper vuk” so adjust to taste

Thanks! I ended up finding it's name via the binder that came with the game... RTFM... Go figure...


#956 1 year ago

Retraction spring broke on the left flipper last night during gameplay... I simply extended the spring slightly to recoil it around the opening, is that an okay fix or should I complain to JJP to get a completely new spring? Never had one break before but I suppose it's inevitable although you'd think on a brand new game it'd hold up longer than that... Also started having trouble with the treasure chest ball fork not wanting to retract as well but before I contact JJP about that, I'm going to test it a bit more. The problem is the little coil that hits against the plate to retract the fork coil isn't hitting the plate hard enough to get it to "pop" back...

Game is still super fun but I'm a little disappointed with all of the little issues I've had to deal with on such an expensive game... Such is life I suppose...


#959 1 year ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Oh boo hoo hoo your spring broke

Wow... Was that really necessary? What kind of deep seeded issues do you suffer from that would compel you to be such an asshole?


#960 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

It's just a .10 cent spring. Your fix should be fine as long as you stretched it slightly to compensate for the reduced length strength. This minor issue is not special to JJP its a very common thing that can happen with ANY pinball machine. Make sure the hole the spring goes through doesn't have a burr and put a new one in some day when you order from PinballLife.

Perfect, thank you!


#969 1 year ago
Quoted from Genjuro:

Funny thing is that my right spring broke as well. I had one on hand, and no big deal. That being said my 6 other games that have been in place for some time have had zero spring issues. So..just have some extras on hand for the future.

JJP is sending me some extras and my in place fix is holding up fine as well. Very happy with the JJP response to everything including here on Pinside with the chest fork issues I was having (now corrected).


10 months later
#1104 3 months ago
Quoted from Reznnate:

Has anyone replaced their topper motor with something better?

You finally unboxed it?


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