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JJP POTC-CE Collector's Edition

By RichieWrench

3 years ago

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#50 3 years ago

My deposit is down on my LE..and I've already got my eye on this topper.

5123133 (resized).jpg

1 year later
#543 1 year ago

Going to pick my CE up on monday unless someone wants $350 to pick it up for me tomorrow and drive it to Richmond, VA.

#630 1 year ago

richiewrench Did you have pilot holes in the top of your backbox for the topper, or did you just set the position and drill the screw into it?

Also, is your topper motor loud? Mine is rather loud.

#636 1 year ago

Thanks, so you have the same situation with the topper and the lack of spotting holes.

Going to move forward with drilling a set of pilot holes and investigating some way to silence the motor on the topper. As you mentioned its not noticeable for most gameplay, but on game start and ball drains when the volume drops it's extremely loud. Not sure what the solution is at the moment, be it new motor or reworking the cam...

#672 1 year ago
Quoted from pickleric:

The warranty is written fairly strict in that it states that the warranty is voided unless repairs are done by an authorized jjp technician.

Guess who jjp authorizes as the JJP technician..... find a mirror.

#710 1 year ago
Quoted from Captchaos:

I am expecting delivery of my CE with in the next week or so. Trying to get a concensus on the topper and how loud it really is. Its pretty obvious that the topper was a big selling point for the CE edition. For it to be loud,potentially unusable, would be a big disappointment. With that, I am trying to get an idea as to the mechanisms that are making it so loud. Is it the motor? Maybe eric will chime in. Thanks

During bonus it's all I hear....

#722 1 year ago

Hey, all good thoughts and ideas to fix the noise issue. I ran out to do some more holiday shopping and will get a video without the ship weight on the cam if someone doesnt get it first.

#726 1 year ago

Still not home... i hope you are right yelobird. Too me it reminds me of a stepper motor... or an old sewing machine.

#728 1 year ago

It makes sense to me... his drawing just removes the direct attachment of the motor shaft from the cam and adds the belt to absor any pressure on the drive shaft as it is designed now.

#733 1 year ago

Okay, so home now. Ive got to pull the carboy to get to the ship to see if that improves the sound.

#736 1 year ago

The tension from the ship is absolutely exasperating the noise that is present from the gearbox on the motor. Its hard to hear in the video, but when I release the tension from the ship spring, the gearbox noise is still there... albeit MUCH less and a different pitch.

My guess is that the tension is transfering to the gearbox and making those gears produce that sound.

#737 1 year ago

Oh and....

20181223_115225 (resized).jpg
#739 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Looks great! Matt work this magic or did you do it locally?

Matt is the magicman!

#748 1 year ago

Congrats on your very special delivery!

Of note, my videos were shot during bonus / ball ready between ball 1 and 2. I had turned down the factory ship speed to 8 from the default, but will reduce it to 4 since Eric suggested this.

#753 1 year ago

The ship speed at 5 or lower on my machine causes the ship to stop at times. 6 is the minimum speed at which it properly operates.

I plan on oiling the mech a bit, and investigating the motor gearbox. Might use some dry lube on it if I can get into it.

#756 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

As its plastic I would suggest a light coating of White Lithium grease. Safe on plastic, less noticeable, and lasts a Long time!

If you haven't used this stuff yet, give it a try. I have used it for a while in the RC space and its been great. WLG is the next best choice and is a lot cheaper!

#765 1 year ago
Quoted from Rhombus:

Got my JJP POTC-CE Friday. There are two things I noticed that I thought I would ask you guys about.
The first thing is that the map disk isn't level. Its going to wear like hell if i dont get it level with the hole and the ridge gets the ball stuck sometimes. I looked at the mechanism and it wasnt apparent to me that there were any adjustments for leveling.
The second issue is that the instructions to the topper dont compute. I cant find power connectors for both the back glass led strip and the topper. What am i missing here? Was there a y cable shipped with the topper that i didnt get or should I be routing it from somewhere else?
Thanks for any advice.

rhombus in the head, behind the backglass there should be a pair of wires that have the connectors you need to connect the topper. Mine were on the left side of the head near the speaker.

#781 1 year ago

Looking forward to the final version! I knew you were going to make something great!

#806 1 year ago

Omg... that work on davy is PERFECT!

#840 1 year ago
Quoted from Captchaos:

Received my POTC CE today and there are a few items that are small issues so far. I assume the barnacles are being held on by double sided 3M tape. I did receive it in NY cold weather so they weren't adhering as well as I would like. Lets see what happens in time. The disc is a bit off center and I will adjust that and install the recent mod. The only major issue is that the action button does not hit the switch on the lock down bar. I am guessing they installed the button on the LE and not the longer CE version. Any one have this issue?
Topper is not as noisy as everyone thought. In my opinion

I posted this on the other thread, but since you said something.....

20181231_202833 (resized).jpg
#843 1 year ago
Quoted from Captchaos:

Thats pretty funny! Did you contact JJP? Is it the wrong button?

Yeah, they sent me a used syringe as an action button... is that not correct?

#851 1 year ago
Quoted from Mike_J:

In all fairness, you guys are acting like you spent over 10K for these machines.
Wait, what? 12.5K? Never mind.

Lol, well the holidays make for slow shipping speeds and sometimes you just have to grab whatever works until replacement parts show up!

#855 1 year ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

No adjustment unfortunately. I added the Polk subwoofer and it is better. It is still missing quite a bit of the lower end of the midrange if you compare it to listening on headphones. Headphone track is phenomenal. Unfortunately the stock speakers are really squeezed in there so not a whole lot of room to swap them out. Trying an external solution but Amazon lost my amp in transit...grr. Will report back with anything I finalize on.

Which polk do u suggest? Hooking into the high level inputs at the sub terminals?

#856 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

They may be trying to have you shoot up before playing and get you “hooked” on luxury pins - JJP.

Mission accomplished!

#858 1 year ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

You can. I just picked up the new Polk PSW10 that everyone seems to like. The new one is better than the old one I had on my Hobbit but still just as inexpensive. Much cleaner bass.
There is also a 3.5mm cable coming out of main CPU over to the amp in the backbox. I just used a headphone splitter and connected in that way. But I also had the intent to add in an amp and new speaker system in the bottom of the cab so this made sense. This way I can control the treble and bass and crossover point.

Thats a great idea! Obviously this is a low level output primed for amplification?

1 week later
#888 1 year ago

Mine fell off as well.. glad it didnt break.

#925 1 year ago
Quoted from FryDaddy:

Debating whether to take the plastic wrap off and read it. When I think that you can find all that is in this via the pdf file.
[quoted image]

Guess i need to call them as well... now if I can just get someone to pick up the phone.

#934 1 year ago

Also, changing the spring will help. The factory spring is too aggressive and causes the gearbox to make noise.

#935 1 year ago

Side note: tilt graphics is releasing sideblades that are going to look really great with the CE. Check out his post in his vendor thread.

#946 1 year ago
Quoted from PsychoPsonic:

My main remaining issue is the sound, which is fine in headphones but through the speakers is intermittently popping and micro-cutting out. Reseating related connectors and swapping in a working filter box didn't help. Has anyone successfully addressed?

A buddy of mine said that he thinks it's some type of ground issue.

#964 1 year ago

Funny thing is that my right spring broke as well. I had one on hand, and no big deal. That being said my 6 other games that have been in place for some time have had zero spring issues. So..just have some extras on hand for the future.

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