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JJP POTC-CE Collector's Edition

By RichieWrench

3 years ago

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#666 2 years ago

Just got my CE yesterday, number 100. I assume someone cancelled as I put my order in last week with Joe and got instant delivery with R+L. Still sitting my garage till I get my Hobbit delivered tomorrow and the mover can take both up stairs for me. No way I can move a 350lb beast myself. So far the bad of it is that the unit took an impact and punched a hole in the box. That impact but a 1in divot in the back of the head unit. I didn’t realize that the head unit houses the controller boards so we will see if there is any damage when it’s setup tomorrow. So far though Joe has been all over the insurance for the shipment and is working to make things right. It’s a small bit of damage to the back of the unit but at 12.5k it’s going to start off perfect. Pics to follow if the impact point and damage so far. I’m hoping nothing further as this is a family gift.

5BCAA81F-1862-402B-94DB-FF8C952E1521 (resized).jpeg6FD054A7-461C-4FE1-A548-174BDB7DFF4A (resized).jpegC9650D32-4918-470F-B920-26387A56F759 (resized).jpeg
#669 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

That's a shame. Why did you accept delivery with a hole punched into the box? Or did you do that yourself?

This is a Christmas gift. If the game is screwed up once it’s fully delivered, I will send it all back with an insurance claim. It’s more important to not screw up Christmas for the family than it is to squabble over what appears to be a repairable minor cosmetic issue. Joe has already lined up a new head unit with JJ and set the insurance claim in motion. I also like my number at 100, so I’d rather repair with new parts than shift to a different number than isn’t so even. Though, my tune may shift if I find more issues with my unit.

#671 2 years ago
Quoted from pickleric:

Does the insurance cover an authorized jjp tech to install the new backbox? The warranty is written fairly strict in that it states that the warranty is voided unless repairs are done by an authorized jjp technician. I don’t even know how that is economically reasonable for most people especially ones that live in less populated areas. Not sure if they actually hold anyone to that as written though.

Those are all things that will have to be figured out through insurance. I’m based in Orlando and have a tech locally that’s got a great rep. Not sure if he is a JJP certified tech though. Worst case this game is on site for a month and a replacement comes in later, but Christmas isn’t screwed up by not having the game here. The way insurance works is it covers replacement to the insured value. So they will try and go the cheap route first and repair it. Then realize that it can’t be repaired and replace it. They take the old unit and sell it as salvage for around 7k and replacement cost now only costs them 5-7k even with the attempted repairs value accounted for. I do insurance for a living so it’s not a bad process to navigate, just slow.

#732 2 years ago

I just got my game setup after a painful journey up a double flight of stairs with a U turn landing. I had some sort of impact during shipping with a hole in the box and damage to the lower back of the head unit, that’s being handled via insurance. Let me list the current issues with the game as it sits and hopefully get some advise on quick fix issues. For reference, I bought two machines for Christmas. JJ THLE and JJ POTCCE. THLE was from a local seller and I had a pinball guy check I out prior to delivery and it works great. The POTC has these issues
1. center button: if the bar lock is applied fully to the right the button locks down as well. The button didn’t reach the switch at all and I had read on here that the screw will fix the length that the switch works from and that seems to work. However the lock still cannot be fully engaged without preventing function of this button.
2. The shooter rod cannot launch the ball at all. I have to slap the back of the launcher quite hard to get the ball to launch. Might be an issue with level. I need to get a better digital measurement. My phone app isn’t good and my analog dial isn’t accurate to more than 2 degrees.
3. Test game launches the ball into the pearl and the ball can not leave the ship through the drain out due to the ship being set lower than the exit ramp. It’s almost a 1/4 in drop. The ship rocks during game play but it seems less than videos I have seen. I have looked around with a flash light and seen no more packing material or loose materials that may have caused an issue.
4. 27in monitor is clearly shifted and not seated properly. Main set of keys didn’t work to open the top. I think the are on the inside of the door but didn’t see them due to family commitments them this evening.
5. What’s an easy to find or best way to measure 6.5 degrees on a Playfield. Best was to measure level across left to right on a Playfield ? What’s the best spot to hit the level bubble at on the side( I recall bubble at the start of the second line?)
Thank you in advance!
I am super glad I have read all of the posts here with details about your issues. I will be reading them all again looking for possible solutions to my issues. I had not planned to set these games up on my own as I am a newbie and had hired a pinball mover to handle all of the setup and stair movement. However he dropped the game off in my foyer and ghosted without a word. Left me in a huge lurch trying to find people to assist me with moving two 350lb games up stairs on zero notice while the family was out. Damn near ruined Christmas. Got a text a bit later saying family emergency and that I would never get the games up my stairs, it was impossible which is what I really think was the issue. It made for a very rough day, but Christmas was saved at the cost of my back. I’m not a stressed out type but today I hit panic mode.

#740 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:On my game, I held the switch arm down and a tiny bit past the point where the knob goes into the switch body, bent the arm up. A blob of hot glue on the end of the button makes a wider surface to engage the switch arm and not stick on it.

Assuming the playfield hangers aren't bent and playfield is in the right position, check between the shooter knob and shooter housing, any fat washers, remove some so the shooter rod is closer to the ball.

Right side of the ramp/ship, below the spotlight is a screw through the metal ramp into a rubber grommet into a hex post. Screw that screw in more squeezing the rubber grommet so the ramp leans to the right.

The ships rocks a lot more the farther into a game you progress.

Main keys are for coin door. Backbox lock key is hanging inside the coin door on a hook.

I use an inclinometer or - http://www.pinballnews.com/learn/level/index.html
LTG : )

Took all that information to heart and slowly started working on the issues this morning. The ship reseated and came up quite a bit, but still had sticking issues. See pic. Used the screw hex post and things look better. It still catches a bit but the flippers will knock it loose. Playable but not finished.

The Playfield leveling issue is still a bit present. I used an inclinometer app and it set the lower Playfield at 6.5 but the upper area reads 7.0. I’m not sure if there is an issue with the Playfield at this point. I included some pics of the wire bundle on the right side and the two different ways it can seat inside the main box when resetting the Playfield. I thought there may be an issue as the lock latches below the lock bar do not seat into their slots without minor leverage. Resetting the Playfield multiple times to test wire bundling as a possible reason for the possible warping and now the flippers don’t work and the coin door reads as always open. So it’s officially unplayable.

Found the keys for the back glass and checked the glass for damage. No glass damage but there is a small section where the tape ripped out the void black on the top just below squidface. Appears to be a manufacturing defect. This machine did take a box impact during shipment. The screen is shifted on the right side lower than the viable area. Checked the installation instructions and verified that the shipping blocks are rotated up. The swing arms appear to not be set right. The left peg catch hooks in just fine and the right peg does not catch at all. In addition I looked behind and saw where the screen and wiring had connected and a black burn is present with exposed wiring. This likely happened upon turning the game on the first time. The wiring and screen contact area is directly in line with the impact on the exterior of the head unit, about 3inches away.

Topper unit is installed. Found the screwed taped inside the box and well hidden. However there were no pilot holes per the included directions. Easy enough fix. Looks great, noisy as all hell. I would love to leave it on as an attract more item but it’s simply to loud.

Not happy with the state of my new purchase. I am happy with the level of customer care I have gotten so far just through the forum. Not only did JTP respond quickly, but I had a PM from Jack himself. I plan on calling him shortly to see if the experts can assist while I still have the kids out of the house for a few more hours.

0157C929-C2FE-4A03-9816-C43F36B57464 (resized).jpegBF7867CB-14A0-47F9-BE52-D312172E03F9 (resized).jpeg449ACD28-38D5-4302-BB05-D6BE2EA7D798 (resized).jpeg78EB46F3-9D60-4BF5-A6FD-F611895071A5 (resized).jpeg3DF65CD0-1A9F-493E-BD4F-5FC55CF18CDF (resized).jpegF2D32CA5-7A34-4324-B6E4-0A1D6BAF9167 (resized).jpegA22E2749-7D4D-4FBB-A348-62C726E9E10D (resized).jpeg8580DF38-866F-4841-9DBB-AF64DAED8E37 (resized).jpeg51344D2C-FAA7-472C-9B7F-72A4E5229C10 (resized).jpeg0F07D660-FFC5-4E80-95E5-E5372535FEA2 (resized).jpeg7CF8A5B9-317D-4151-89DD-8499FE466457 (resized).jpeg3366F0FC-5380-4C92-A608-DDC7BAD67513 (resized).jpegB041818B-1713-4CAD-9FA7-F8D0B72FBDC4 (resized).jpeg833AE22D-D981-4325-8C7A-1A5AB6F19AE1 (resized).png18CAED15-8979-447F-9CEC-EFFF05A2F1B6 (resized).jpeg
#758 2 years ago

Ok, does anyone have any idea what could be causing this issue. The Coin door is reading as open and it’s clearly not. (See pic 1) I am looking for something causing this issue around the coin door and see nothing out of place. Checked the wiring here and see no issues. I have seen a double set of connectors on the main board that are not connected. (See pic 2) Not sure what they go to or if they should be attached. I do have a burnt wire from a short related to shippping impact but that wire doesn’t go to the coin door, it’s orange with black stripe. (See pic 3) If anyone is decently good at trouble shooting and you have a few minutes, pm me for my phone number. Trying to at least get the game playable for Christmas.

37BD5FD2-828F-4A55-848B-E819853DB561 (resized).jpeg76ABAC3C-9DAA-4664-9989-659FDD12A189 (resized).jpeg1C0348AF-AA10-4269-8492-D1512762B860 (resized).jpeg
#761 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Those plugs should Definitely be plugged in. I did see your original issues post (sorry for the bad luck...) and noticed the burnt and clearly broken wire. I personally would mend that wire (with the power OFF) as it is clearly blown and can't be good. Tough break on such a great machine especially before the holidays.

Thank you! I plugged them in and the door error went away. I had followed the door wires from the schematic above carefully and they did nothing. I have become well acquainted with the machine though at this point. The game is playable at this point but with several issues. Good enough for tomorrow’s unveiling. The rest can be fixed with time and someone skilled in this.

Lowered the topper to 4 and it looks and sounds great.

Pearl still catches balls at the off load.
Chest catches balls at the blue target loading area.
Launcher still sucks even with the 2 large washers removed. I bound the right flipper to the auto launch function so that my kids can still play.

Thank you all for the sound advice! Christmas is saved.

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