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JJP POTC-CE Collector's Edition

By RichieWrench

3 years ago

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#411 2 years ago

Has anyone seen the body armor on the CE yet? Or the coloring on the playfield? I know that there have been a few pics floating around but that was quite some time ago. I just played a LE version and the color around the outlanes blends really well with the theme, blues/greens and orange. Was wondering if the green from squid lips did away with the blue in the outlanes? I am still slotted for a CE but need to see better pics or video before full commitment.

3 months later
#645 1 year ago

I too am a capitalist at heart but with hesitation. Loyalty is everything when it comes to business and branding. I know that JJP has done this with hobbit and WOZ to some degree. Reskin the games with the hope of revitalizing the pin and capturing new business. This would make sense if it didnt cause a previous purchase to lose value, specifically to a CE. Do I think they will release a black pearl version? My gut tells me they will! Will I be happy about it NO! The black pearl theme was what the CE should be. CE should be the most sought after version and the most unique. What is unique about the gameplay, the audio, callouts in the CE version vs LE? In my opinion, what would make the CE completely different is if we had access to specific CE software upgrades. Diff. Modes, callouts etc. i know this will ruffle feathers but stern did it with some success with batman 66. There are specific elements of the superLE that a LE owner will never have access to. Maybe I am more sensitive to this bc this is my first CE purchase and just entered the hobby. JJp should worry less about reskins and more about getting the next theme on the line. I feel JJp makes significantly better pins than anyone but just need to refocus on the separation between LE and CE models.

#675 1 year ago

From a value perspective of the purchaser, it makes sense for JJP to just release their initial designs of their games. Launch the three editions as they are currently doing and ditch the reskin. This will prevent any buyers remorse and allow JJP to concentrate on getting the next title underway. Since I am a consumer of JJP pins, I may not make a purchase now and wait for secondary market or for the reskin of the game. This is if I felt that JJP would continue to make different machines after the run of the three initial versions. As a business owner, I would want the revenue stream upon launch and bring in as many potential buyers as possible while the machine/title is "hot". Deferring the decision of a potential customer bc of the unknown has proven to decrease revenue. Then again I have no clue as to their top/bottom line and their focus or refocus as the pin hits the market. I love JJP games and just want to see them succeed. I still feel that there should be more, or continue to be more, ways to separate and distinguish a CE purchase vs. an LE/SE. Just my thoughts

#709 1 year ago

I am expecting delivery of my CE with in the next week or so. Trying to get a concensus on the topper and how loud it really is. Its pretty obvious that the topper was a big selling point for the CE edition. For it to be loud,potentially unusable, would be a big disappointment. With that, I am trying to get an idea as to the mechanisms that are making it so loud. Is it the motor? Maybe eric will chime in. Thanks

#711 1 year ago

Wow! Is the motor too small for the job and its whining? Are there any ball bearing? Has any CE owners tried to resolve the issue?

#712 1 year ago

If you lift the ship off of the ovoid “gear” does it still make that noise? I am wondering if its too much load and the mechanism would operate better buried in the backbox pushing up on the ship rather than rotating.

#714 1 year ago
D9A8893B-C77E-4B93-965C-76C58E258A8A (resized).jpeg
#715 1 year ago

Obviously not drawn to scale! But I would think the motor placed in the backbox potentially contained in another small box would remove most of the whine. Belt driven would also decrease the sound as well. Fyi I am not an engineer so I could be completely wrong!

#720 1 year ago

In my opinion the ship should only rock during multiball or when the ball is up on the pearl. Motor will probably burn out! Genjuro can you shoot a video of the topper running while lifting the ship off of the rotating mechanism?


#723 1 year ago

Great Thanks! I am still pumped to get the pin!

#729 1 year ago

Since I dont have my pin yet I dont know where the noise is coming from. Thats why I had the motor moved into the backbox. My design works the same way as the current design but removes motor and gear to gear noise. I think!

#731 1 year ago

I agree! Just trying to be part of the solution vs. the problem. My thoughts were purely speculation.

1 week later
#839 1 year ago

Received my POTC CE today and there are a few items that are small issues so far. I assume the barnacles are being held on by double sided 3M tape. I did receive it in NY cold weather so they weren't adhering as well as I would like. Lets see what happens in time. The disc is a bit off center and I will adjust that and install the recent mod. The only major issue is that the action button does not hit the switch on the lock down bar. I am guessing they installed the button on the LE and not the longer CE version. Any one have this issue?

Topper is not as noisy as everyone thought. In my opinion

#841 1 year ago

Thats pretty funny! Did you contact JJP? Is it the wrong button?

#845 1 year ago

Thanks Kingpin! Yup did that and it resolved the issue.

#850 1 year ago

Thanks! I wont be drilling any screw holes at this point. I will have to take a closer look! Does anyone know if there are any treble/bass adjustments in settings? The game is lacking bass and way too much treble. Subwoofer will solve that

#874 1 year ago

I received mine and it is #53. Game played 99% out of the box with some small adjustments. Last night the Bumper VUK wasn't retracting and starting to have some issues with the fork under the chest. I will look at all of this tonight. Prob need to tighten a few screws. Will report is fantastic

#881 1 year ago

Anyone else having issues with their bumper VUK? The VUK on my game doesn't seem to reset its self all of the time. I can see the black center plunger trying to drop back down but isn't always successful. Are there any adjustments that can be made? Tightened all of my screws on the fork for the chest and it works perfectly now.

#883 1 year ago

Hey eric! Yes initially there were some wires in the way. I relocated them and now the black plunger looks to be off center from the metal plate it moves through, if that makes sense

1 week later
#890 1 year ago

Nice Buddy! I need to get my coin door done as well!

#893 1 year ago

Agreed! I would like to be proactive about this as well! Has anyone contacted JJP about this issue and a possible resolution?

2 weeks later
#942 1 year ago

Looking for some suggestions! I love the game but the sound quality, in my opinion, is poor. I always play with headphones on bc the sound out of the speakers has no mids or low end, all treble. Does anyone know of a better speaker kit? Or an amplifier system with an EQ? Thanks


#949 1 year ago

If you compare the sound coming out of the hobbit vs. POTC it is like night and day. They obviously moved the motherboard from the cabinet to the backbox which took up a ton of room. Issue is that the speakers are shooting up rather than at you. Makes for a very poor sound reproduction. It has been my biggest issue with the pin. I really hope that they find a way to address it.

#951 1 year ago

Does anyone know if the speakers can be upgraded with better quality?

9 months later
#1098 1 year ago

Has anyone been able to get better sound quality out of their POTC? I also own a hobbit and the sound quality difference is incredible. I know they move a significant amount to the backbox causing the speakers to oriented in a upward fashion. I just want to make sure that this isn't specific to my game....sound quality is there through headphones but not through the built in speakers.

1 month later
#1103 11 months ago

Remove the spring that is at the end of the assembly. Amazed how much a difference this made in noice production of the topper.

2 weeks later
#1121 10 months ago

Thank you for this!!

1 month later
#1178 8 months ago

Yes! I removed the spring which decreased downward pressure on the motor. Much better!

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