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JJP Pirates of the Caribbean Official Owners and Fan Club!

By goren1818

3 years ago

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#67 2 years ago

Arrrrr GOLD! We are proud to introduce our First JJP Pirates custom GOLD mod. The CE models got barnacle the standard and LE owners deserve Gold! A very simple yet highly detailed add on to dress up the lock down bar and highlight to remind you to collect yer treasures! Each piece airbrush detailed for an authentic look worthy of such a fine machine. The mod kit also includes a single pirate coin translucent decal to perfectly detail the center illuminated button! Mod is simple to add and does Not effect play or originality should you wish to reverse later. Plunder this mod and be ready for when they start shipping!!! Arrrrrrr. Available now via our New website store. www.TheModCouplePinball.com Thank all you scurvy Pirates for liking our products!!!

The Mod Couple

IMG_0097 (resized).jpgIMG_0101 (resized).jpgIMG_0106 (resized).jpgIMG_0109 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#70 2 years ago

Dead men tell no tales! We are proud to introduce our newest JJP Pirates custom Deadmen sign mod. A very simple yet highly detailed add on to dress up the devils triangle entrance! Each piece airbrush detailed for an authentic look worthy of such a fine machine. Mod is simple to install and does Not effect play or originality should you wish to reverse later. While shown in the preferred location above the devils triangle entrance you could install it to your personal taste also! Plunder this mod and be ready for when they start shipping!!! Fits ALL JJP versions! Enter at yer own risk, available Now along with many other unique custom Mods via our new online store. www.TheModCouplePinball.com
The Mod Couple

DeadMen_EDITED (resized).pngDeadmen2 (resized).pngDeadmen5 (resized).png
#71 2 years ago

Escape the Hangman ye be warned! We are proud to introduce our newest JJP Pirates custom Hangman Gallows mod. A very simple yet highly detailed add on to dress up the Escape the hangman out-lane! Each piece airbrush detailed for an authentic look worthy of such a fine machine and even includes an Ever so cute perfectly details parrot. You can't have pirates without a parrot!! Mod is simple to install and does Not effect play or originality should you wish to reverse later. Plunder this mod and be ready for when they start shipping!!! Don't get caught by the hangman, Available today from our store and www.TheModCouplePinball.com

Thanks for checking it out,
The Mod Couple

IMG_0249 (resized).jpgIMG_0250 (resized).jpgIMG_0258 (resized).jpgPOTC_Gallow_Photoshop (resized).png
2 months later
#176 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

This is not what I was told by my distributor.
That shipment was like 4 weeks ago for the overseas people.

Its Possible your distributor is just telling you what you want to hear as he has no other answers to continue giving you.... When these begin to roll I am certain we will all know about it in short order. I think at times we forget that Nobody wants these to ship more than the OEM.

#178 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I haven't talked to my distro in almost 2 weeks. I heard this second hand from other distro.

Ok? You did state "what I was told by My distributor" regardless, the overseas statement as well as anything else we come up with is simply a Rumor at this point. The only fact will be when games are shown arriving which as I said Nobody wants to happen more the JJP and team. If they want to make it perfect I see no issue with that or any reason to complain. I'm paid in full and when this amazing machine is done I will slide it in and enjoy it then.

#180 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Dude - not sure what the attitude is about but I had that conversation back in August and has nothing to do with the question asked.
Am I missing something here? I didn't ask anything about where the games are.

ok I think your taking it a bit to serious. You made the statement 7 Hours ago so I simply replied to it. Nuff said. We ALL want our games and I am certain they will be here. Just trying to answer your questions about MFG issues (30 minutes ago). We are all in the same waiting line just passing the time nothing personal.......

1 week later
#237 2 years ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

Still looking to film an unboxing vid for this game...

Still waiting to see a left handed pliers and butter knife Speed unboxing of this pin while whistling a pirate song in a pirate outfit. Bonus points if your sloggered in rum!

1 week later
#284 2 years ago
Quoted from jcoble:

Got the word Friday that mine is ready and will ship Monday! Going to be a great flipping week!

Congrats thats awesome!!

#324 2 years ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

I bet this ends up being a rare game in the future due to low production numbers. Unfortunately, this pin has had a really bumpy start.

Heck no. A slow and cautious start but this game (in just My opinion) will hit massive numbers and they will be making it for Many years to come. As close to a art/code/shot masterpiece as you can get.

1 week later
#394 2 years ago
Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

Tonight we talk with hogbog of Jersey Jack Pinball about all things Pirates of the Caribbean! Reply with your questions or email talkpinball@gmail.com and we'll answer them on the show. Live at 8 p.m. Eastern: http://www.twitch.tv/buffalopinball[quoted image]

Looking forward to it. Question for Eric: Did you start the mechanical design after collaboration with the software teams code vision or did they write the “code story” as they seen the mechanical direction unfold. Also, did you have involvement in some of the software code direction. Amazing Pin!!

#397 2 years ago
Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

I'll ask so your game gets bumped back another spot. I've got your back!

Or he will take a crap in Zach's Maelstrom hole before it ships. lol

#413 2 years ago
Quoted from sirlonzelot:

Looks nice. Where did you get the artblades and the background for the topper ?

Those are both custom aftermarket and do not come with the LE. The game comes with a topper but it is Very basic.

#416 2 years ago
Quoted from heni1977:

Just wondering where ya'll are setting your bubbles? Mine is set at the second line with top of bubble just touching it.

I rarely trust a bubble as it’s just a guess. Use the PinGuy app (or equivalent) to level for a bit more accuracy. I’m at 7 degrees and feels good to me.

#418 2 years ago

Finally broke 2 million yesterday dam I stink at pinball. This game is an Addictive cinematic marvel. From art to animation they hit a home run. A few Minor ball stuck area adjustments but otherwise perfect. Haven’t had this much fun with a new pin in some time.

#470 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Great don’t have that tool set.
Love what 10k buys me!

It’s not the end of the world it’s a 2$ bracket. One of mine had a burr on the tread also. Simple fix to try. Remove leg, install bolt from Inside of cabinet going out. Often this will push the small thread burr out and simply reinstall the leg as normal. Will work just take your time.

#476 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

On another note while I have it all opened up.
Should the spinner disc be perfectly level to PF? Mine seems ever so slightly raised.

Try not to over analyze the game just enjoy it. I understand it’s expensive but these minor things do happen bouncing in a truck for hundreds of miles. The disk is a very simple adjustment of a large plastic jamb nut and turn center post down. Trust that most every game will need these adjustments but I Promise once you play this Amazing machine you will soon forget the effort. Yes little screw is for coin mech. Mine did the same. Consider the adjustments “ getting to know your game more intimately!” Lol

#484 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Finally got the errors to clear and play a game.
Right mini pf flipper needs to be adjusted, after the first flip it got stuck in up position. Is this adjustable without removing the ship? Just needs to be tightened.
Also, Was able to lower the center disc to be flush with pf however there seems to be some up and down slop when pf is lifted causing the spinner to be slightly above pf but when pf is lowered gravity puts it back in place. Does the center screw do anything to tighten this up? Doesn’t seem to tighten or loosen when I turn it.
Thanks for all the help, beautiful game and don’t want to mess it up!

Don’t remove the ship Not necessary. On the Back of the Playfield behind the ship is a flat arm plate, nylon washer, and 2 socket head screws. Loosen the screws as the plate is Slotted and adjust ship tilt. As for the disk. Yes there is slop up and down just adjust level and only play with the Playfield Down lol. I had mine out to adjust gear mess noise very easy.

20B05056-687A-4332-AFFB-8BA13CB63077 (resized).jpeg
#485 2 years ago

And Yes the foam should be removed. Lol

#488 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

When you say adjust ship tilt, I’m assuming this will allow me to tilt it left to get to the bottom of right flipper?
Then level ship and retighten the 2 screws?
As for the disc, does that center screw do anything? I turned it left and right thinking it would reduce the up and down play and it doesn’t seem to do anything from what I can tell.
How did you reduce disc noise?

You don’t have to worry about the disk up down as long as it’s level. Gravity will do the rest. As for the mesh adjust. Mine was a tad noisy as the gears were not meshing proper so simply loosening and adjusting the motor position via 2 screws made it better. Not major.

860653E8-8FF4-4AFF-9047-A4E38890C186 (resized).jpeg
#490 2 years ago
Quoted from jhoward1082:

How much did this help yours? My disc motor seems pretty loud as well although I'm not sure if that's normal. I took the mech out and tried messing around with the motor position but once back in the machine it didn't really seem to make any difference.

It’s still going to make noise as you have fresh plastic gears. After several games it will wear in a bit and quiet down. Mine the gears were barely touching so it sounded like a coffee grinder. Lol. Seems like the fine spot it close mesh but Not completely seated to the root of the gear. It is much quieter now and I suspect will get better in time and wear in. I may (but not suggesting to others) apply a silicone grease for plastic gears to fine tune but that is just a preference.

#493 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Any idea what that center screw does on bottom side?
Part list calls it a serrated screw. I turned it a few times thinking I had to loosen it to adjust disc height.

The center screw simply keeps the shaft from coming out of the bushing. No need to mess with that.

#495 2 years ago

We are So loving the plunder feature of this game software. I set it to the highest setting (bedlam I think?) and playing with friends and guests it really puts a spin on friendly competition. A little less serious and always a good laugh. At the end of our last game my wife Was winning till I pillaged virtually every point/gold she had. Lol we both had a good laugh playing like this. A new spin on pinball and loving it as it Should be Fun.

#496 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I already did and it didn’t seem to move even though I turned in both directions.
I thought this was odd. This is where you can see the up down play with spinner as there is a small space between this screw and next component on shaft.

As I have tried to say, do not worry about the up and down it is taken care of with gravity. Yes, there is about 1/16” of clearance there but it doesn’t matter the disk will never levitate out of the Playfield. Just adjust Large silver bushing to set height and lock plastic jamb nut and done.

#499 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Can someone post a picture of how the topper sits in the channel up top and what hardware was used to install?

Don’t have a picture but I can try words. Topper sits in channel. Screws go through large holes in front, through acrylic topper, and thread into rail. Install all screws and put provided plastic caps in front large holes in rail. 5 minute install.

#501 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Here is the hardware they gave me. Screws not long enough to reach threaded hole in channel and no idea what these plastic anchors are for.
Called JJP this am about the leg bolt issue and asked about the topper, possible wrong hardware sent.[quoted image]

No idea or need for the white standoffs. Should be 4-5 screws and black caps. Install as mentioned previously not really difficult

#509 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Thanks for the help, it worked!

Glad you finally figured it out. Have you played the game yet or are you still fine tuning since you got it??!

#514 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

On a different note, got her all dialed in finally and played a few games. Managed a hit on the ship, how do you know if it was the big hit or just partial?
Also, my inner left ship lantern is only illuminating the very bottom of the lantern. Could this be a loose bulb? I tested and all colors work, just doesn’t look the same as other 3 as far as lighting the lantern all the way to the top.

Lamps is normal just the LED angle. Full ship hit goes Into the side hole partial doesn’t. Did you watch any of the many JJP twitch videos?

#519 2 years ago
Quoted from heni1977:

Switch stack on UP bonus x target
[quoted image]

That stinks looks like you have to do some soldering. Easy fix you’ll be back to catching pirates in no time.

#530 2 years ago

Same on mine. Don’t really notice it though as I am mostly playing the game.

#562 2 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

Here is a list of items I have had problems with since unboxing(had the game about 2 weeks), hopefully things to keep an eye out for others on theirs, some were just obvious and easy solutions others still pending:
- Autoplunge hits the rubber on left 50% or more of the time - Only solution I have found is removing the rubber
- Far left lantern light on my ship does not light up the same way as the others - Haven't seen solution or cause and just noticed it when brought up by user above. I obviously didn't notice it before until brought up
- On unboxing the "jack barrel" that spins on far right pops was floating in the playfield, not attached. Luckily didn't seem to cause damage to anything I could see on the playfield but damaged the part itself, pops right back on but I don't think spins quite correctly, part may have been faulty or got damaged.
- The forks underneath the chest that pop up, the coil magnet that releases the mech a screw had fallen out or wasn't put in correctly on shipping - Replaced the screw that held the small coil in and worked great.
- The ball release for the chest locks wasn't working originally - Fidgeted with some stuff up that controls that mech and seems to work now - I think it might have been a wire was getting in the way of the coil working properly, after fidgeting with it all for 15 minutes, seems to work.
- Opto mech above the top left flipper keeps popping out if the ramp plastic holder and causing opto to fail(which only really makes it so diverter for whirlpool doesn't work). I kept just pushing it back into place and it would pop out again after few games. I just used a little sticky tack to help hold it in place and seems to do the trick.
- Haven't pursued or gotten a response yet but my spinning disc is REALLY loud, seen other make the same comment so maybe it just is. But also my wheel is definitely off center doesn't rotate evenly and when you view it you can see the lopsided way it spins/sits(picture attached). Not sure if this is a simple adjustment possibly or potentially a faulty part or disc. Opened a ticket with no response a week ago, have to pursue again.
Again a lot of more or less little things and possibly just some poor QC but otherwise game is great and love it!
[quoted image]

Just trying to assist as I had the disk assembly off several times to adjust the gear mesh to quiet things down. Regarding position alignment. If it’s wobbling side to side it’s probably the moulded disk. If it’s simply off center have you tried loosening the (8) mounting screws that retain the disk mount. I believe ( not positive) the holes are larger and would allow you to reposition the disk slightly to center. Not telling you to do this but IF the mount was assembled IE screws the other option you could do is simply drill the (8) holes in the metal bracket just Slightly larger to say 3/16” which would give you ample adjustment side to side. As you never move the disk again this would be a permanent solution your call.

#564 2 years ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

I know my pin is coming soon. I am still really excited and I’ve played it so I know it’s a lot of fun, but I am worried about hearing all the adjustments that are needed on many of these. I am pretty new to pinball other than playing a bit as a kid, and am worried I don’t have the skill or knowledge to make these adjustments. I’m a total fan of pinball now and will be putting two in my game room, I just want to make sure I can keep them working. I’d value the opinion of some more experienced pinsiders on this.
So far, I just have a Deadpool LE and no issues so far needing to fix, except one loose wire on the start button that was an easy fix. POTC sounds much more maintenance intensive.

I would only say do Not be scared off by a few posts and fine tune adjustments. This game is Absolutely incredible and know that we (most of us here) are simply anal pickey pinball folks that love to hunt for perfection. While you may be new with this forum, JJP, and most importantly #LTG you will not find yourself lost or without help should you have questions. When you release a masterpiece many will wish to dial it to perfection and some simply like to see what makes it tick. (A childhood thing ). We (my wife and I) are still blown away by the play, animation, and depth of this game. Trust that NO title is ever released without a few tinkerers that need perfection. When/if you need that there will Aleays be help to guide you. Dare I say best purchase we made in 2018 considering 9 other titles this year. PM if you ever need help.

#566 2 years ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

Thank you! I know that many of the members of this site are very helpful and I have great confidence that you all will help me! I have less confidence in my implementation lol. However, I have been reading here for awhile before joining and I love the community and you all are a big reason why I bought one in the first place.

Well as long as you don’t judge us by Everything you read in this community lol. Pinside can be brutally honest, overwhelmingly helpful, or down right crazy. Depends on what you read. All that aside for Me JJP as an OEM has never let me down. Hope your game arrives soon I suspect you will be amazed. And yes I too own a DP LE but they are completely different.

#589 2 years ago
Quoted from tonycip:

Is there a downloadable manual yet? I cant seem to find it.
my ship is barley rocking.. I went into test mode and here's my results . can someone check this against there's.it doesn't look right..
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

IF settings don’t work do confirm the mechanical connection and screws behind the Playfield. Could be loose in the slots?

#597 2 years ago
Quoted from Rbviessman:

Up and running! The back box monitor was unplugged. Got that fixed. I think I’m good to go! (For now)
[quoted image]

Curious, what is that on the glass in the upper left? Looks like a plaque?

#705 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Anyone use the pinguy app to level this machine in particular?

Yes. And same as leveling any other game.

#928 2 years ago
Quoted from sirlonzelot:

Is that normal ? I can lift up the disc. Space between screw and washer. Or is there something to adjust ? Seems that the disc is a little bit too high.
Also the Disc is very loud... should I use some grease?
[quoted image]

Yes that is normal. As gravity will hold it down there is no issue. If your disk is slightly to high simply loosen the white large jamb nut and rotate the knurled hub to correct height. Then lock the jamb nut back in place. If noisy you may need to remove the entire assembly (8 screws) and make sure the motor gear is meshing correctly with the disk. Simply loosen the 2 screws holding the motor and gear and adjust closer to the disk gear. Photos are in this thread. Just don't make it mesh to tightly or it will be louder. Good luck very simple adjustments.

#986 2 years ago

Dead men tell no tales! There be No stainless cannons on me pirate ship! We are proud to introduce our newest JJP Pirates custom Pirate Cannon mod. A very simple yet highly detailed add on to dress up the Black Pearl for battle! Each piece airbrush detailed for an authentic look worthy of such a fine ship. Mod is simple to install and does Not effect play or originality should you wish to reverse later. Plunder this mod Shipping NOW!!! Fire the cannons at those Scurvy dogs!! Available now from our website store www.TheModCouplePinball.com

Thanks for your interest and support!!!
The Mod Couple

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg3 (resized).jpg4 (resized).jpg
#1004 2 years ago
Quoted from Energyspike:

Yes, it varies depending on how it rests on the white post, left or right side, once it is ready to release I'm nudging most every time, more when it's on the left side.

This must be a setting issue?? Long ago they fixed this with software where after the ball rests on the post before the post lowers it pulses the ball up several times so it doesn't just roll to outlane drain. Rather clever fix I must say. I have not had an issue with this.

#1007 2 years ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

After receiving your last two mods for POTC (thank you!), my buddy and I were talking about this exact mod. Haha. We said it needed to be made and here it is! Can I give 1 point of criticism? The cannon is sticking out way way too far. IMO, if the cannon stopped where the metal stopped, that would be more realistic and long enough. You could cut back the wood cannon cover back a bit too. Anyways, I may wait to see if there is an update to that mod, it is definitely a must have mod, but I feel like some tweaking would make it even better.

I do appreciate the feedback. We did try a shorter version but it really didn't fit the scale of the ship or player view. It should be noted that all of the photos shown are at an extreme side angle to show the detail of the product. From the players position it barely sticks out and you can see the effect much clearer. Technically the stainless tray that sticks out goes clear under the ship so you could slide is back but I am fairly certain most will like the scale we used. Thanks for the feedback!!

The Mod Couple

IMG_1466 (resized).jpg
#1021 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I spoke with distributor on Thursday and apparently he has a couple people with this issue. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten a response from JJP to address this issue yet and I find it very disappointing.
Yes it’s a minor issue and doesn’t have any impact on gameplay but when everybody who plays the game comments about it looking burned out it just bothers the shit out of me. Hey man...looks like you got a bulb out right there. I expect just a little more from JJP when we as customers are buying these expensive machines. I’m a first time buyer and likely last time unless they address this.
Rant over, love the game other wise!

Ok as this lamp is really effecting peoples opinions and apparently visiting friendships I thought I would take a look and see if I could contribute. Yes my lamp as others is slightly dimmer though it didn't really bother me. Wrote it off as pirates didn't have OSHA lighting inspections back then nor were all oil lamps the same. So while some may be upset to fix this I simply wanted to show how simple it really is if it bothers you. You only need a nut driver to remove the (2) nuts on the top of the left ship plastic which the lamps are attached to and a hot glue gun. No removing anything else! Lift off threaded studs to show back side of lamps. As you can see they are simple LED bulbs hot glued to the back of the molded ship. I simply used a screw driver and the old hot glue pulled right off. Here you will see the minor issue. In assembly the bulb was not fully installed into the base of the lamp prior to glue assembly. Pick out all the old glue and IF you need (which I did but NOT telling you what to do!!) I carefully used a 3/16" drill (same diameter as LED bulb) to Slowly and Carefully remove the old glue in the hole. Do hold the lamp and plastic and ream Slowly!!! You are just removing the old glue. Re-install the bulb and Hot glue the bulb into position as well as the wire harness as removed. All in all this took me 10 minutes With taking pictures and I never even turned the game off. No OSHA at my house. Yes I could bitch about it and do hope JJP can make changes for future owners on the line but for .05 cents of hot glue and a few minutes of my time I am back to enjoying the BEST game ever Made! Hope this helps some hate to see anger over minor details....

Disclaimer: I do not work for nor represent JJP so they are not liable for my suggestions or advice. Lol

The Mod Couple

IMG_1490 (resized).jpgIMG_1488 (resized).jpgIMG_1485 (resized).jpgIMG_1483 (resized).jpgIMG_1480 (resized).jpgIMG_1478 (resized).jpgIMG_1491 (resized).jpg

#1022 2 years ago

Sorry pictures are out of order but my guess is everyone will figure it out. If not, do not attempt to repair lol.

#1024 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Thanks for digging into that. I’ll be getting on this ASAP!
My gripe wasn’t to knock the game because it is absolutely fantastic but I can’t understand why after almost 4 weeks of a service ticket being opened, a discussion with JJP directly over phone and a distributor going to bat for a few of his customers who are experiencing this issue...zero response.
It sure is a good thing we have this community to help each other out!

No worries. What I have learned having worked for an OEM for many years in management is no matter how simple the answer is it must be evaluated, documented, tested, assess liabilities, and implemented before telling individuals what to do for liability. lol Basically lots of red tape but JJP has a lot riding on this title and Many anxious customers. They have never let me down and as a back up you can alway call Lloyd. Let me know if you have issues and just take your time. Really not an adventurous repair consider it "getting to know your awesome machine" a bit better....

#1026 2 years ago
Quoted from tonycip:

sweet, thanks I'll get on that as well I didn't know how to access the bulbs. thanks for sharing that.. a little more training at the light install station.. : )
P.S. Mod couple.. you need to get working overtime on the mod's all the Pirate mods are out of stock... : )
great mod's!

Always here to try and help or contribute. ALL mods are In stock and shipping next day for all games from our website store especially POTC Awesomeness which has keep us busy but happy to be a part of these amazing games.

#1053 2 years ago
Quoted from dnaman:

Picked it up yesterday!
I will share my findings on out of box adjustments and issues in a new post but they are mostly what others have already experienced and shared themselves. Very pleased that I have been following this closely as I immediately had a shortlist of things to look for even before putting the legs on. (See ground braid threading issue
Even with my climber, this is one heavy pin but I can already tell that it's worth it's weight in gold Arr!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

First off Congrats!! I have to say the picture of your eclectic collection made me smile. POTC LE Game of the Decade masterpiece or code and art next to a $50 "The Fonze" !! Lol I bought the same for my grandson but hide it when players come over so I'm not harassed. Enjoy that game and let us know if you need any help. Advise, it's not as Easy as the JJP team showed in the video! My high score to date is still sadly just under 2m.

#1072 2 years ago
Quoted from heni1977:

A drop of air tool oil I would think would work as well.
Would like to see a stiffer spring in the action button though. It seems weak, I have installed the lighted flipper mod from PBL bright mods and they are awesome. [quoted image]

As I would guess they buy that lock button I would assume there are no custom options for the spring. I am going to try and pull it apart and lightly stretch the spring and add oil. Will report back though a minor issue to overcome.

#1079 2 years ago

Time for another Macgyver (Pirate addition) how to "Get the GOLD" button adjustment! lol Yet a minor repair and my suggestion method is based on MY solution not an endorsement from JJP or even LTG the master! In pulling the button out you will quickly see and Hear that there is a clear rubbing (squeak) when you push the button. While a drop of oil would more then likely aid in helping the burr wear in over time I want to play NOW! lol My solution was to simply (carefully) install the screw end of the button into a hand drill. (as shown) Apply a Single drop of 3 in 1 oil to the edge of the button to aid in the wear in and keep it from heating up. Hold the button and run the drill at a decent throttle while pulling the button down in the compressed state. Only 15-20 seconds. Then reverse the drill and do the same in reverse. This process Expedites the smoothing and wear in process of the button bottom burr and the oil gets distributed evenly. Testing by hand now you will no longer hear the squeak (bind). Re-install and BAM we are getting the GOLD again!! Worked perfect for me and only took maybe 5 minutes tops to complete. Good luck ya scurvy dogs!!

IMG_1495 (resized).jpgIMG_1496 (resized).jpg
#1083 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

No shit, That is some macguyver stuff for real!
What would we all do without you. Lol!

You would be Playing Pinball! lol Minor tweaks but honestly these are 100 year old pirate ships they are going to need little bits of fine tuning. Now I need someone to tell me how to become a better Player!

#1104 2 years ago

The pride of the British Royal Navy and scourge of piracy in the Caribbean deserves the a Royal dress up! Introducing the HMS Dauntless dress up kit. Complete the look and pride of the HMS Dauntless with this Custom railing kit. Detailed down to the wood grain and air brushed for an authentic color and weathered look. Robust design to protect against scurvy pirate cannon shot misses. Upgrade your Dauntless today and head out to the open seas!! Arghhhhh. Available and shipping NOW from our website store:


Thanks to ALL for your support and interest. Happy Holidays Arghhhhh!

The Mod Couple

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg3 (resized).jpg4 (resized).jpg
#1107 2 years ago
Quoted from WolfManCat:

Needs to up production so it isn't sold out upon posting it. Just glad I was able to get my hands on the cannon mod before it sold out.
Keep em coming Mod Couple!

Nothing is sold out for any mod or system at this time. As noted for now these are only available via our Website store www.TheModCouplePinball.com
This lets us catch up and stay ahead without watching multiple stores so no one is delayed. All shipping next day. Thanks!

The Mod Couple

#1111 2 years ago
Quoted from WolfManCat:

Thanks! Good to know. Just ordered mine. Looking forward to these mods.

We thank you WolfmanCat! This is an Incredible game and we are Honored to be a small part of your collection.

The Mod Couple

#1117 2 years ago
Quoted from heni1977:

Back up and running.
The cannon is a cool little mod!
Definitely spices up that little area!
[quoted image]

Looks awesome I was just going to get a picture from you but I couldn't tear my wife off the game. Good kind of problem I guess. Glad you got it fixed and your back to the battle!!

#1177 2 years ago
Quoted from FightNightFZ:

I’m having a problem where every time I turn on the pin, more and more switches are having issues. It started with the “chapter select right rubber” (which I’ve tried to fix many times). It’s like a cancer spreading. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?
Also the left Malestrom entrance switch keeps falling out of the hole, it’s seems like it was just pushed in there and not glued or anything. Any fixes for that?
[quoted image]

Sounds like one or several of the board plugs in the back box are loose or not properly seated? I would shut it down and reseat everything back there.

#1192 2 years ago

Enough turkey Back to Pirates Arrrr! Time to dress up the ship with some fine detail to head out on your voyage of Fun! All New barrel pop bumper caps to complete the remaining plastics on the LE/CE or all 4 on the standard. No pirate left behind! All barrel caps highly detailed and air brushed to perfection. Options include:

1 "Wheres the RUM!" custom pop bumper barrel which includes an illuminated Rum bottle, a dirty pirate hat, and of coarse Captain Barbossa's juicy green apple! Bottle changes color with game and really ties the room together! This cap was designed to fit in the Front right for clearance.
2 "Davy Jones Heart" custom barrel pop bumper cap with illuminated Beating red heart on a pile of sand, detailed telescope for spotting scaly wags, and the Key to Davy Jones heart! Rather eerie seeing the heart beat and a cool effect!
3 "East India Trading Co" raised letter custom pop bumper barrel. Designed to complete the look for JJP Standard buyers with the additional stationary pops. Very fine detail and a big improvement over the plastic.

ALL barrel pops available NOW to ship next day from our website store. Ye be warned, you will love this mod! lol Fits ALL models

Thanks for viewing!
The Mod Couple

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg3 (resized).jpg4 (resized).jpg5 (resized).jpg6 (resized).jpg

#1196 2 years ago
Quoted from heni1977:

I'm in!!!!!!
[quoted image]

Lol. I would have to see how mama Mod Couple feels about making that mod.

#1202 2 years ago
Quoted from AdamTheHutt:

I got my game today, the mini LCD on the apron was upside down out of the box. we fixed
that easily.
Question for any owners when the game takes your picture is there a way to see it later on? When I view the high scores from the day or previous days it just shows our names how do I see the picture again? Or is it only at the time of entering your initials?

OR, maybe the compass was pointing to the thing you want most! Who were you playing with? lol Glad you got it fixed. Odd the mistakes that can happen doing the same thing each day.

#1205 2 years ago
Quoted from evh347:

Hey Yelobird, what is the deal with the hangman mod?
I tried mounting on the screw above the right slingshot like your site says, but if you notice...its just slightly different. And because of that, it rubs against the glass so I had to angle it at about 30 degrees just so the glass would clear it. Am I doing something wrong?[quoted image][quoted image]

Very sorry I forgot to update that image. Yes, we made a change early on from feedback that it covers the Escape exit to much so we made it taller and it correctly mounts to the screw just above that one towards the top of the exit lane. Will clear fine from there and does not effect site of escape. Will update pics. Game look awesome Congrats!! PM me if you have Any issues!

IMG_1195 (resized).jpg
#1208 2 years ago
Quoted from evh347:

Ok thanks! That makes sense now.

No thank you for the reminder and feedback. We still make mistakes and your feedback helps us correct them for others. Site image is updated now with a note thanks to you. Enjoy your Awesome game there is So very much to like!!! A few minor tweeks but worth every minute.

#1220 2 years ago
Quoted from evh347:

Eric’s team has been asked about those Disney assets before and the answer was always the same. I guess they offered Disney ‘the moon’ but Disney said no. The movies are literred with rum and sword fighting, yet this game only has some rum bottles breaking, some inserts with rum graphics, pop bumpers that look like rum kegs, and a plastic pirate with his sword sheathed that spins. The first thing I imagined when I saw this game revealed was a ‘drunken pirate’ mode. Thank you Eric (and Devs) for what you did squeeze in there!
Sorry to disagree with you those of you on the music and movie clips. I have to say ‘THANK GOD’ they didn’t put the movie clips in there. If I wanted to watch the movie, I’d watch the movie. My biggest gripe of GOTG is the looping movie clips. And to see those over and over would drive me crazy.
I love the Hans Zimmer, Klause Badelt, and Geoff Zanelli theme music so much that I bought all of the soundtracks on iTunes. But the fact that the devs went above and beyond at getting their composer, David Theil to create as much music as he did, all the variations paired with the different events being played out in-game...is one of my biggest appreciations of this game. The music sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a sixth movie (if they ever did one).
I will agree it might have been nice to hear the classic Disney ‘pirates life for me’ theme, curious why that wasn’t included since the lyrics are on the outline plastics.

Sooo agree with your post. For me clip art and video clip pasting just seems like the easy solution and more a movie promotion then a Pinball creation. I absolutely love and appreciate the animations and sound tracks JJP (David Theil) created for this pin. Outstanding really. To say "but this is the theme song I was expecting" to me would make it boring and predictable. To compose, create, and implement something of this quality must have been a major feat. To copy and paste would not be as impressive. I (like everyone) knew what I was getting and quite frankly they blew away my expectations in every way. Some crazy talent on that team.

#1223 2 years ago
Quoted from heni1977:

Could the East India Trad co logo be clear so the light can shine through. If so I would like two please!!
[quoted image]

That is Great feedback and a fairly simple request to create another solution. I will make another option Today that has the lettering removed so the illumination glows the letters and symbol. We still like and will continue to offer the hand paint detailed option for this but your suggestion will add a more personal touch. Thank you!


The Mod Couple

#1228 2 years ago
Quoted from heni1977:

Could the East India Trad co logo be clear so the light can shine through. If so I would like two please!!
[quoted image]

Took a few hours but your recommendation is done. Option 4 is now available with Through cut letters/sign with gel lense defuser applied. Lights nicely granted hard to photograph with the lights off. lol Available now from our store at no additional cost. Thanks again for the feedback and Thanks to all for your interest and support!!

The Mod Couple

IMG_1560 (resized).jpgIMG_1562 (resized).jpgIMG_1563 (resized).jpg
#1234 2 years ago
Quoted from tonycip:

WOW that was fast... now a... how we coming on tortuga tina?

Lol Yeah I presented that to Mrs Mod Couple and just got that Looook. So my guess is Tina won't be happening. We are however Considering a Jack (ish) looking figure (she was fine with that??) for our Standard JJP buyers.

#1243 2 years ago
Quoted from dnaman:

TMC, is it possible to get this extruded and clear or white as opposed to cut out? That is what I envisioned by the suggestion, just like you rum bottle (white or clear)

Clear would really take away from the goal of matching the correct barrel theme. Not sure they had many clear barrels in piratey days. lol For now those selections are what we are going with and possibly a Jack type replacement character barrel in time. The Beating heart and Rum barrels are selling as fast as we can make them for that we thank everyone!

#1249 2 years ago
Quoted from dnaman:

Yes, clear letters (and/or embossed/raised, like I mentioned). I wasn't thinking 'authentic' or a fully clear barrel, if this is what you thought Yelobird. I was just thinking of seeing the logo lit up and instead of a Silver raised logo, a clear or milky white raised logo that would glow beautifully. (I don't know if you use a clear or translucent material so this is why I am asking)
When I saw the cut out logo, it doesn't seem like you can make it out while playing and in that instance, I'm not sure that would be authentic either. Regardless, it seemed like a logic suggestion.
More importantly, can the top right pop bumper plastic area fit the heart topped barrel for instance?

Yes, the Beating heart barrel can fit in any position. Only the Rum barrel cap is to tall for the rear right position. Thanks.

#1258 2 years ago
Quoted from JordanB:

I know others have had problems with their LE toppers, just thought I'm post a video of what I was experiencing.
- When it's working, it flickers a lot when it fades in and out; definitely not smooth. I think this is unfortunately the expected behavior?
- It either had a flaky connection or was shorting out
Shortly after I stopped the video, the wire just came off in my hand, so I'll take off the topper and solder it back together. But I'll wait for the expected JJ service bulletin on this to come out first.

[quoted image]

Seems like it was doing what it was designed to do prior to pulling on the wire harness? Its suppose to flicker and fade.

#1341 2 years ago
Quoted from evh347:

Are both upper flippers supposed to be even when triggered at the flippers? (both are being held at the time of this pic)
[quoted image]

Huh, thats not right! My Guess is the shaft on the right flipper loosened up. Probably looks correct in the down position as its resting on a wire rail. Time to get more close and personal with your pirate ship... lol

#1362 2 years ago
Quoted from evh347:

Well you guys were correct. I didn't know which screw you were referencing, but I figured out its this one (see pic).
That's looking upward, underneath the upper right flipper on the ship. The nut was actually tight, but maybe not tight enough. I loosened it, allowed the flipper to spring backwards against the rubber stop and then tightened the nut again with a nut driver. The fix was really simple...but...
I pulled the ship out all the ways anyways. I didn't disconnect all of the wiring harnesses underneath because I was able to swivel the ship (VERY CAREFULLY) out of the way. I wouldn't say removing the upper playfield ship is as easy as Eric says it is. Yes, it's just the hex screw behind the ship and the cotter pin from the arm behind the playfield...but, then there's the wiring harnesses underneath that are inconveniently zipped-tied very compactly...and its a challenge to find anywhere to safely place the playfield w/o resting it on some fragile plastics.
Question: In test now, my ship rocks full -right and -left, but it seems limited in rocking movement to the full-right position during play. Is that normal? Is the rocking motion/envelope dependent on character or mode?
[quoted image]

What LTG said and yes certain characters (not sure which as I am not that good at the code yet) do effect the speed of the ship as well as certain mods of the game. Hopefully you put the wire harness back as it was so it doesn't create a bind. Good Luck!

#1407 2 years ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

If someone tells you on here you will still have to read it.

Lol too funny. My wife thinks I'm nutty and laughs if she sees me watching Papa pinball play/tournament videos online. If she caught me listening to the "JJP audible manual on tapes" she would kick me out. lol Kind of reminds me of The Dude Lebowski listening to bowling playoff tapes.

#1439 2 years ago
Quoted from Genjuro:

So glad to hear you are at the factory! My CE is on the line! I plan on coming to pick my game up in person and hope to meet you and play the game before departing with it.

Your expecting a Test Drive on your game before they box it? Thats an interesting request...

#1448 2 years ago

Nothing personal just as noted never heard that request before nothing more. I am sure they wouldn't mind sparing a line worker for the afternoon to watch you play and help you adjust your game... If any Pin company would it would be JJP. My guess is Jack would do it himself.

#1457 2 years ago
Quoted from darkryder:

Does anyone sell shooter lane and scoop protectors for this game or are they even necessary? After 25 or so plays, I'm already seeing dimples all over the playfield, but that's expected. Also, that mystery/tortuga scoop above the upper right flipper is ejecting the ball SDTM at least 50% of the time. I assume it's just a matter of loosening and adjusting the metal scoop?

What do you want to protect in the shooter lane?? Erics clever design to run the rails all the way to the bottom mean the ball never even touches wood? As for the right VUK, I think this was already covered in this thread. I believe you simply adjust that coils kick out power to your liking and all fixed.

#1559 2 years ago
Quoted from PBMAN:

Question. Anyone else’s game have a block of styrofoam taped behind the play field backboard. Mine fell off but it was attached with double sided tape. I assume it stays on for dampening effect.

That was in place for transportation. Take it out.

#1595 2 years ago

Update... I love this dam game! End of update. Lol

#1602 2 years ago
Quoted from Energyspike:

Interested in changes also, how do others get early access? Thanks...

You have to know the secret pirate hand shake. Or buy Eric some pale ale! lol JK.

#1647 2 years ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

Ahhhh....much better.
Move over Tortuga Tom, Captain Jack Sparrow is coming aboard!
I love this mod!!!
SDTM Zach’s Bad Ass Jack Sparrow Replacement Mod for JJP POTC LE/CE
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Thanks for the creation and sharing Zach! I ordered one for our game and looks like a simple add on. While yes we can make one for this price, detail, and Not being sued by Disney this is a very simple add on with great detail. Should have it next week and Tom will guard the coin box there after. lol Thanks.

#1654 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

I think I might be joining this crazy club......super excited if I do. Been playing this at a local bar and really starting to appreciate all the value it provides. Will need to review all of the fixes although the idea of cutting things has me a little worried!

#Delt31 Good choice and I am certain you will love it even more when you can really dive into it. Just an Opinion but I wouldn't read to much into fears of fixes and issues honestly. Yes a few out of the games needed some tweaks or repair but that can happen in most Any new production item. It is obvious (and appreciated) Eric, LTG, Keith, and JJP are monitoring these issues as fast as they hear them to implement change quickly. They want the game as perfect as we do. After all who Other than me wants to spend a Saturday talking to Lloyd! If you look at early issues/concerns you will notice they have for the most part gone away with the exception for a few that wish to mylar the entire machine for a nuclear fall out?? (Just Joking!!!) I have since helped 4 other friends receive and setup their games and not a Single issue. While not a JJP fanboy this game as a package is absolutely Brilliant! Eric is going to have a Tough time topping this creation but I do hope to see him try! Congrats on your new game!!!!

#1657 2 years ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

Like many figurines there is a joint at his waist. I just pulled it off and shaved down the middle portion that was originally attached to the waist (you can’t miss it). The rest of his waist is already a clean, flat cut.

Above or below the pirate jewels?

#1682 2 years ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

Look what just showed up from the Mod Couple. Made some alterations and took off the left side railing. We will see how it holds up.
[quoted image]

Looks awesome. Yes I was going to revise the website image to show with a simple snip you owner could remove the left rail if the preferred that look. Just wanted to make sure everyone’s tastes were covered. Thanks for posting and Thanks to everyone for your support and interest. Such an amazing game to work on and we have other concepts in the works we think most will like.

#1688 2 years ago
Quoted from evh347:

How about a 'Jack the monkey' mod? I've imagined him either rocking on the left side of the ship or maybe attached to one of those ramps (to the ship).

You sir are a mind reader. Jack the Monkey is in process. No game is complete without the monkey sidekick!! As long as he’s not handzie. Lol

#1733 2 years ago

Its official I sold my POTC LE!!! I'm Out!! And called Christoper at King Pin Games and bought a CE!! Dam you Eric this game is too Awesome I had to have it!!! Technically ordered a few CE's from Kingpin but I bet he can get a few more. Awesome buying experience and a Great guy! I am officially BACK in the club. What a Christmas.

#1766 2 years ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

This is my fix. So far so good
[quoted image]

Smart Man! I like low cost simple solutions thats for that easy tip! I may copy that only using black if I have some. Thanks!!!

#1770 2 years ago
Quoted from anathematize:

yikes. anybody else seeing this?

Nope can't say I was there but we believe you! JK. No but my bet is a simple communication cable is loose. I believe some time ago in this thread this was covered for someone.

#1778 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

where are you guys getting these figures to replace the popper guy?
Also this sdtm video contains such a great amount of info on this game that I haven't seen anywhere else.

It’s a standard POTC Series 1 figure. As it is out of production your best bet is EBay. I picked one up in box for $18. Not hard to find.

#1786 2 years ago
Quoted from PBMAN:

Now someone tell me how to silence that spinning disk. I am about to put the Dri Lube on. I used the Lithium grease and that didn't help. Sad thing on mine is its off center almost rubbing on one side. I know once it is installed all you can do is move it up or down. JJP Tech said to try and bend the gears closer together. I said I'll probably break it. He said when you buy a Ferrari you shouldn't have to mess with much and if you do and break it we'll replace it.
[quoted image]

Ok your timing is well placed. While not Horrible I do find the disk a Bit to loud for my liking so in typical Mod Couple fashion I decided to investigate a bit further to see if there could be a user friendly solution. This issue is actually a combination problem. The plastic to plastic gear mesh is both loose and the gear floats which creates the known loud grinding sound. Second, that sound is basically transmitted to what technically a plastic Drum! The large disk amplifies the sound like a speaker which makes it a bit more pronounced. While I would (and could) make a new drive gear or possibly a rubber drive roller I wanted to try something slightly less costly and easier to implement. Soooo, I created a precision waterjet insert kit similar to what is used in automotive to sound dampen noise issues. Second, a precision snap in shim was created to the plastic drum floats less and now can ride on a plastic (wear resistant) shim instead of the bronze bushing. This allows a light layer of Lithium grease between the two. At this time I am testing the kit on my machine and it is much quieter. NOT silent just improved! Rather simple install took me 15 minutes or so. In conjunction with some light Lithium grease it appears to be a low cost solution. Not looking to get rich on these just trying to help out with an annoying problem. I will have these on our website this weekend for my estimate around $10 (buy your own grease!). Again, this mechanism will Never be a Swiss watch just trying to make it a bit less annoying. lol Hope some find this useful let me know if you have any questions.

The Mod Couple

IMG_1613 (resized).jpgIMG_1616 (resized).jpgIMG_1619 (resized).jpg
#1795 2 years ago
Quoted from Procrastinator:

This is 100% the ideal solution. The stock gears are metal to metal, and no amount of lube, grease, dampening, etc will stop the noise. The only solution is a plastic gear like above. There really isn’t any weight or force on the wheel, so a plastic gear will absolutely be fine. Kudos to JJP for designing a part that is incredibly durable and near impossible to break, but this plastic gear is the perfect balance of durability and noise I would imagine. Great job!

Ok appreciate the kind words but possibly something was lost in translation. The gears JJP used Are plastic and that is the issue!! They are not metal or grease would have 100% been the solution. This kit reduces the noise though I want everyone to know I am also working on a Replacement drive gear that will have the same arbor core only the teeth will be neoprene. That Should 100% eliminate the drive train noise along with this sound dampening kit. As this is a low friction drive I believe this replacement will last a LONG time. I promise to do this but Know it is not on my plate today so no need to PM lol. I am Hoping to have this done over the holidays. We Will get these amazing ships sailing swiftly and Silently to the next adventure!!! aghhhhhh

The Mod Couple

#1796 2 years ago
Quoted from Raknitz:

Is it even possible to sprade apart the motor and the disc to create and install that kind of rubber, which would be the better choice to lower the noise i guess

Absolutely. In fact it’s a rather simple task. The drive gear is a simple set screw connection with an adjustable slotted positioner. As long as one of the gears can absorb the mesh sound the other will simply be a traveler. If we silence the drum effect, the mesh noise, and shim the disk to bushing most of the vibration should disappear. Plus, as the main Large disk gear is far from precision molded (it wobbles) the flexible gear will compensate for this error. Again, until I make a few and verify it Works I won’t start selling theory. Lol. Fingers crossed my LE left today and awesome KingPin is working his magic to get our CE in to continue our magical pirate journey!

#1814 2 years ago
Quoted from Procrastinator:

Damn, you’re def right. I just have never seen a plastic gear that loud, it literally whines like a metal straight gear. Why didn’t they use a helical or delrin gear? Plus the mod 1 pitch seems slightly overkill for the application, but I guess you don’t have too many gears making a Quick transitions like this does. Hopefully your mod helps with the noise because it’s my only real complaint about the pin, otherwise it’s pretty perfect.

I agree there are several other directions they could have gone with this drive but it is what it is so to speak. Game is just TO awesome not to try and make minor improvements. As I try not to judge a result solely on my impression I did install another kit on a friends machine and he was More than impressed. Again not Swiss watch silent but drastically improved were his comments. Just trying to make a minor contribution to fine tuning this masterpiece of a game. Sounds like we need to work on an automatic switch soldering mod....lol JK! With all of the technical toys and creativity they designed into this game a few minor improvements were to be expected.

#1815 2 years ago
Quoted from tonycip:

Wow thanks Mod couple, we really appreciate your mod's and pirate problem solving, like the ship lights and such. and your reasonable prices .
so on that note let me share a shooter rod mod on the cheap. here's how I made mine below you can too for under 15$ or if you don't have the time I can whip up some for 35$ shipped not 98$ + shipping. like some others.. I'm not in the mod business just want to help out on this easy to make cheap mod. pinball is expensive enough. Pm me if your interested.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

That shooter looks fricken awesome thanks for taking the time to share the detailed process! Looks like I'll be in the woodshop next week!

#1831 2 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

I get my POTC LE tomorrow and it feels like Christmas came early. So excited!
Going to pick out some mod couple mods next.
Are any of you using aftermarket pinballs such as Marco Silverjet premium?

Yes what BigD said. We tried a Shiny ball set in Pirates and almost Instantly the balls were magnitized and would not roll through the ball trough. Never seen that much myself but there are some serious awsome magents on POTC. Put the Barron or stock balls in the game and it functioned perfectly. Congrats on your awsome new game!! I helped wrap it. Lol. FYI it’s as heavy as a Tank!!

#1843 2 years ago

As promised, the JJP Pirates "Disk Silencer kit" is now listed and available from our website store to ship next day. As soon as Kingpin gets my CE POTC replacement (Praying in the next week...) I will finalize the hardened neoprene replacement drive gear. For most I suspect the Silencer kit will be enough to satisfy but I am committed to finding the complete solution for the few that want a more stealthy pirate ship lol. The drive gear will take some time as I want to test it well and play with different tooth pitch configurations to determine the best option for sound and long term wear. Fairly simple install with instructions. Thanks to all for your support and feedback.

The Mod Couple

IMG_1615 (resized).jpg
#1845 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Smoothest standard body meet another widebody.
I'm really getting into the code and things are making sense but sometimes I get in the upper pf and it's like I've already qualified the sails but didn't do anything
Best upper pf in the game. Period.
[quoted image]

Congrats awesome setup. I can't help but chuckle at the photo. I suspect the disclaimer on DI was not a warning about the guy that jumps out of the back of the machine to take your pictures. lol (Yes I know thats a mirror) Just imagined a poparazzi Mod where a guy jumps out of the game and takes your picture.

#1855 2 years ago
Quoted from roddog:

Hey folks,
The gate leading from the black pearl to the cannon does not seem to stay up when it should (after the fuse is lit). Has anybody else encountered this?
There are no alerts and the coil moves the gate a little bit in a switch test. However, the dang thing wont stay up. Thanks!

There are several posts on this and how to adjust it in this thread.

#1871 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Unhook the flat metal bar hooking the motor to ship. Remove the long allen head screw between ship and back wall of playfield. Turn spotlight. Pull ship playfield back and up and lean on side. Solder wires. Put stuff back.
LTG : )

Lloyd is working on a cinematic how to video illustrating the removal and maintenance of the upper playfield ship. My guess is he is finalizing the animations and his wardrobe to make sure it looks Perfect!

#1874 2 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

My POTC LE has found its home! [quoted image]

Awesome congrats looks like he is loving it! Going to be a fun holiday!

#1879 2 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Hey the kick out for the "mystery/tortuga" is very erratic. I'm thinking I'd like to turn down the strength of the kickout a bit to see if that prevents the bad habit it has of kicking SDTM sometimes, but can't find the setting for it in the menu under coil settings? Anyone else made any adjustment to that kickout to prevent the instant SDTM?

Yeah simply VUK adjustment. Lawnboy had that game set real steep so it worked well for his setup. At 7 degrees on my game I had to dial that kickout down or it was drain city every time. Fairly simple and all games need an install fine tuning. Good luck.

#1910 2 years ago
Quoted from pickleric:

Tricky part is if you want to attempt to center it, going to have to mangle the plastic caps that cover the screw holes to take the topper off. I’m already on my second set of screw hole covers replacing the LED strip.

I removed it twice you just cant go at it from the front like prying out a nail. Simply push the cap out from the back center and it pops out no issues. Plus the caps don't really do much so no real harm it you did ruin them.

#1911 2 years ago
Quoted from tonycip:

quick question. I had lie's dice ready to go then hit a multi ball . during multi ball I must of hit the lane target. when it was over no lie's dice .I never got it.
glitch? or just oh well?

I had this happen as well? Must get overridden by the mode start not sure.

#1954 2 years ago
Quoted from moTiv8:

Also added some toys near the Pin
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Wow with some lighting that ship would make an awesome topper!! Thanks for sharing looks great.

#1988 2 years ago
Quoted from pipes:

They certainly didn't have enough time to actually install a topper in the factory to see how it looks, lol.
I personally think the game looks better without it anyways since it's literally regurgitating exactly the same thing that's displayed 4 inches below it on the backglass.

Toppers are Defiantly a personal or acquired taste for sure. Some people hate all toppers, some can't own a game without one. While I would have loved a Wow over the top topper the one provided looks very nice and I like the torch flicker effect they added personally. Granted I did sell my LE to order a CE it was not because of the topper. Or was it......lol

#2015 2 years ago
Quoted from darkryder:

Anyone else experiencing balls getting stuck under the spotlight behind the Tortuga Tom pop bumper? I’ve had this happen a few times deep into a game and had to pull the glass. I’ve tried bending it up, but the wireform is right above it. Minor issue, but annoying nonetheless.

Minor adjustment. Simply rotate it away from the wire form, bend it up slightly, and rotate it back to touch the wire form. Had this happen on setup and fairly easy to adjust.

#2073 2 years ago
Quoted from JordanB:

Speaking of the starfield post... I get the ball slipping past the post on the left hand side about 1/2 of the time (not trapped like in the photo).
It didn't happen at all to begin with. Anyone else? As I type this, I'm wondering if it's bent, crooked, or loose under the playfield.
[quoted image]

Hard to tell from your picture but make sure the up post is as centered as possible. Make sure the left rubber ring is in position. And make sure the clear post holding the ring is snug and not upside down?

#2083 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Is the black “hair” around the chest insert part of the art? Or some kind of crack/issue?

No, the wireform is bent and is lifted from the shooter lane. You can see it move when I push it with my finger.
I don’t even see a way to remove the wireform to put a bend back into it to fix [quoted image]

The black line is an art feature no worries. Looking at your video it shows the ball launcher is offset throwing the ball off track into the rubber post. The wire track is supposed to be loose and only to keep the ball off the wood. I suspect if you use the plunger manually this is not happening. I would just adjust the auto plunger as others have show personally.

#2088 2 years ago
Quoted from Lawnboy:

Just put up a good score for me. Love this game.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Just couldn’t rest till you knocked my name off the leader board could you. Lol. I’ll practice up for our next competitive plunder round! I am so loving that bedlam option, really levels the playing field and adds some fun competetive laughs.

#2139 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

You seem to understand how the starmap works. Care to explain?

Regarding the star map it was actually well covered and illustrated by Eric, Joe, and Kieth in there JJP Pirates Documentary videos I thought we all watched while waiting for these amazing games to arrive. The star map is not an In Your Face map. Think of it as a secondary puzzle to solve trying to figure out the Hint the stars are trying to illustrate. IE, sometimes the stars will form an outline of a treasure chest, or an X etc. Again, NOT HD imagery meant to be Obvious but more of an added puzzle to solve. Kind of like the Compass in the apron that points to the thing you want most. Its just a Hint of what you would most benefit from and focus on. I think its an amazing addition though with my slap and pray pinball technique looking more than 3 inches from the flippers at this point is rough and non productive. I Strongly suggest reviewing some of the game play content the designers shared. Trust that they did these videos for Our benefit Not for an afternoon off playing pinball! lol Maybe they did...

#2140 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Would this character work as a replacement? I would like to put him on but not sure with that jacket...
ebay.com link » Pirates Of The Caribbean Davy Jones Dead Mans Chest Series 1 Figure Nip

Thats the one I am using for my game but I paid WAY less then that! As the Series 1 figures have long gone out of production you need to simply keep your eye out they do pop up cheap you just can't be in a hurry! Mine cost $18 and don't worry about the NIB variable as your going to throw away the box And over half of the figure anyway! lol

#2143 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

post a pic? Would like to see what it looks like

Will do but my CE arrives Sunday so unless you want to see it spinning on my finger it will take a few days. Lol

#2145 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

did you have to trim off the coat at all? Any info on how you did it would be appreciated.

You absolutely need to trim the coat or it will be sweeping the Playfield like a prom dress. It’s a removable soft rubber. A pair of scissors or a razor will cut it very easy.

#2159 2 years ago
Quoted from pickleric:

What is the best way to change the mini flipper rubbers on the ship?
Looks like this might be a little tricky?
If you take the nuts off the plastic pieces of the ship that are covering the rear of the flippers will that open that area up?
[quoted image]

Try not to over think it lol. Take nuts off change rubber like any game easy piesey.

#2172 2 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

I have the disc silencer kit coming from mod couple, has anyone posted pics or details on how to remove the spinning disc assembly? I assume I don't have to totally dismantle the entire thing but figured I'd ask. I found C-56 in the manual that has the full schematic, but figured I'd ask here if anyone did a step by step. If not I'm sure I'll figure it out, not my first pin!

I provided a More than detailed how to with pictures in the kit. I suspect you will do fine though you can reach out if you have questions.

#2173 2 years ago
Quoted from seenev:

I don't necessarily dislike the jack sparrow character. I'm just not a fan of layouts that just show a big picture of a character on the playfield with no real function other than to show the brand. It just seems cheesy. If they have to brand that area, I think the skull and crossbones from the ride/movie logo would have been better thematically.

Totally don't understand your point?? There are a Dozen characters on the playfield yet you only want Sparrow removed yet you have no issue with him??? Can you name many licensed themes or music themes where the actor/character is not displayed on the playfield? Any game. Totally understand if you have a grip with Johnny Dep but they did offer you an alternate playfield layout if your Phobia of him is so strong... lol

IF JJP is taking requests like this, please remove Keira Knightley from the playfield as I have a difficult time playing with an erection! Umph

#2177 2 years ago
Quoted from pickleric:

I'm not a huge fan of Depp there either, but you get over it once you play the game. Its great. I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you can afford the CE do that, otherwise just play the game and enjoy it. It is very good. The only function Depp really serves is decoration. He is also on the side of the game and is really big so you just have to get over it.

Actually Jack Sparrow (or Johnny Dep if you have a man crush) is the treasure shot on the game. lol Agreed, I don't get to personal about the art. They were the characters of a motion picture which we wanted to own. As Jack is the Key character for ALL of the movies it makes sense he would have a key position. Love it or hate it. Doesn't take anything away from this amazing game in my opinion.

#2185 2 years ago
Quoted from konghusker:

Owners thoughts so far? Curious about code in regards to the level of excitement, adrenaline rush this game has, and is it easy to understand.

I've said it before, this game is a Masterpiece. The only issue for JJP and especially Eric is Topping this game. Not going to be easy! For me, the biggest surprise and value of this pin is how immersive the audio and graphics are. With all the nay sayers early on demanding DVD rips I feared there would be gaps in the play to code animation. Far from it to me. Not to put this game on a pedestal but the animations and sound tracks created FAR exceed my expectations and I can't think of another game done this well. Add to that I suspect Keith/Joe and team are still not done as they seem like perfectionists. (good thing). As for easy to understand, I can see this being difficult to master on a route but in home use I feel the fact you can't really Master every aspect in one week is a great new spin for Pinball. A new adventure every time we play it.

#2191 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

OK - so here we go. I have to say, I doubt these pics will get this across but with the way I have them configured (not 100% full blast but 70 or so) - they are EXACTLY what I need for full dark play. Put a red/purple color with the whites - perfect for what I need.
Flasher integration using the Shaker motor to push off the uv is great too.
Btw there are red clouds on the star map.... Never even noticed that before haha
I will post these here but trust me, the way it looks in person is not as extreme. Very happy - only in FULL dark play would I need this but that's the way I play at night!
[quoted image][quoted image]

That second picture looks awesome! lol Sorry while I like that product, just didn't seem needed in this title. Its a dark pirate theme no need to night baseball the playfield in my opinion.

#2197 2 years ago
Quoted from kse001:

Just got my game set up recently and finally started trying to play it. Have had a couple minor issues with balls getting stuck.
One of them has been discussed here already: the gate at the top of the right ramp. I've tried tightening the right screw to lower the right side as suggested, but it was already pretty tight so I'm not sure it's going to make much difference. Will have to see.
The second one is the left orbit and it's happened multiple times. I had some thoughts about trying to bend the bracket or adding washers under it, but figured I'd post a couple pics and see if someone might be able to confirm or suggest some other action based on how mine looks compared to their own game.
Appreciate any help. Thanks,
[quoted image][quoted image]

Hard to tell which you are having an issue with so I will advise with caution. You don't want to man handle Bend the bracket. Similar to the WOZ ball lock I think you Slightly bend up the small metal finger on the diverter with a pair of needle nose. That finger is the limiter to set the height and throw of the diverter. Hope that makes sense. Remember, a Little goes a long way in adjusting!!

#2201 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Btw I did experience balls getting caught up in the subway during MB recently and I applied the fix noted earlier and haven't had one since
Great job pinside. I had two very minor issues and they are both resolved. Game plays 100%

HEY! Stop doing tech services or the LTG Union will be at your door! lol You trying to take his job!! JK as he is irreplaceable!

#2212 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

More like LTG Mafia.
You'll wake up with a castrated monkey head in your bed.
LTG : )

YIKES!!! You just frightened "Jack" before his big debut tomorrow! I'll never get this little guy to put the ball down and go to bed now!! You mean man you. lol

IMG_1654 (resized).jpg
#2213 2 years ago

Love that avatar Much better! Jack Likey!!

#2219 2 years ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

Love it...the monkey stole a ball. Really detailed for that small of a character. Looking forward to see where you place him.

No where near Lloyd apparently!! lol Yes I must say of all the mods we have created this one is (dare I say...) the cutest dam thing ever! lol I know Pinball shouldn't be cute but the amount of micro hand detail and his face are just priceless. After our new game arrives tomorrow he "Jack" hopes to make his debut along with another (we feel) really nice touch POTC piece. This game is just So easy to get inspired by, we Love it!

#2222 2 years ago
Quoted from Genjuro:

Couple of issues on my new machine, looking for assistance.
Switch 24 i think is stuck closed, this is the ship on the left... looks like i need to take the ship apart to get to it?
Also, the right most spotlight on the left sling is out..but will flash a moment when a flipper button is pushed.
Got tired, so I'll need to lift the playfield tomorrow morning... just wanted to see if anyone had the same issue in advance. Thanks.

Bulb is loose in spot lamp. Switch 24 has been covered a few times in this thread I believe.

#2257 2 years ago

Twas the night before Christmas (eve), not a creature was stirring not even a monkey. Mods were hung by the chimney with care in Hopes that St JJP Pirates would soon be there. Then out from the lawn there rose such a clatter, it appears some elves had arose from a van. Not just ordinary elves but a Special surprise from the East Pole. As the elves turned our jaws dropped with surprise, as the elves were non other than the famous Pirate brothers themselves! Eric and Christopher (KingPinGames) WOW! Not here to plunder but rather to share some holiday cheer. Such a wonderful and Appreciated surprise! After the shock a smooth delivery, a gracious personalized autograph, and for good measure Eric decided to take Grand Champion score for me to stare at for likely years to come lol. The game worked Perfectly and Eric also took some time to share some additional details on setup so I could share them with the CE group as he travels. An absolutely memorable day and a machine that will long define pinball at its best. Thank you to Eric and Christopher (and their families) for sharing some of their holiday time to make my families holiday special!
SPECIAL NOTE! Christopher mentioned he still had 1 or 2 CE machines left in his slay so if your looking for a Magical Piratey Christmas he can still make it happen!!! KingPinGames!!

IMG_1659 (resized).jpgIMG_1660 (resized).jpgIMG_1662 (resized).jpgIMG_1663 (resized).jpgIMG_1682 (resized).jpg
#2265 2 years ago

Pirates isn't complete without the best character in the films. "Jack the Monkey"!! Of all the mods we have created this one is dare I say the Cutest thing we have ever made. This mischievous monkey know to haunt Jack Sparrow is up to his old tricks stealing the pinball (scaled of coarse...) from your fun! While there are several places you can install him he is like the movies at home on the Black Pearl railing keeping an eye out for trouble or looking for it!! Each mod meticulously hand painted to keep with the games beauty. We hope you love him as much as we did creating him. "We named the Monkey Jack!" Available NOW from our website store!


Thanks SO much for all the interest and support. We Love what we do and appreciate being part of your amazing collections!

The Mod Couple

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg3 (resized).jpg
#2266 2 years ago

Pirates Ye Be Warned!!!! Custom shooter plate sign mod. Be warned you are plunging into a world of Fun with Pirates of the Caribbean. Ye Be warned it's an amazing ride. This simple yet highly detailed add on is a fitting theme piece to show off your fine pirate skills! Airbrushed and detailed, a fitting piece for the pirate lover in all of us! Arghhhhhhh! Available Now from our website store.


Thank you ALL for the support and interest!

The Mod Couple

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg3 (resized).jpg
#2274 2 years ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

Put the Mod Couples silencer kit in tonight. SOOOO much better. You can still tell that it is on, but it is not annoyingly loud any longer. As an extra bonus, my disk is not much more level with the playfield. Honestly if it were any quieter you wouldn’t realize it was moving. I will admit, it is not the easiest of mods to put in but anyone that has had experience with pinball machines should be able to easily do it.
This mod for me is mandatory. It truly just makes the game more enjoyable. Makes it feel even more like the high end quality machine it wants to be.
Now for Jack the monkey...hmm...can he fit on the lower stationary pop bumper?

Thank you So very much for the kind words and feedback. I give my wife credit for "Jack". While I can sculpt anything without the steady hand of art he is just a lifeless statue. Technically as long as he is sitting on the edge of something to allow his little feet to dangle you can put him most anywhere. In my opinion as the mascot of the Black Pearl he really should be on that ship but as you know the pirates code is "more of a Guidelines anyway!" lol

#2275 2 years ago

I need to offer a HUGE shout out to The Mod Father for making an absolutely AWESOME POTC must have. While all the mods and accessories he makes are Always top notch his Custom POTC pingulp and shooter rod are a picture perfect fit for this machine!!! The detail, color choice, beautiful barnacle accents and pirate imagery are spot on amazing! I have very few external mods but I must say these are well worth it to complete the complete pirate theme. Thanks again to The Mod Father for raising the bar on a Really cool set!

Do check out his amazing collection and for POTC its a no brainer!

IMG_1679 (resized).jpgIMG_1680 (resized).jpgIMG_1681 (resized).jpg

#2286 2 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

I think I found a possible bug? If I disable codex tips, my bonus screens will often be black with just the bonus points shown. If I enable codex tips again, the bonus screen will always have an image/video clip in the background. Anyone else seen this behavior?

Not sure if this would help at all as I’m not savvy on code but did you reboot after making the changes? Curious if the scene is written at start up?

#2289 2 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Yes I did try that and it exhibited the same behavior. Good troubleshooting tip though!

It was worth a try... Eric did mention for ALL POTC owners they are finalizing a software code update so I suspect many of these fine adjustments and some code wonderment will be added. The way I play I don't ever plan to See all the amazing code but we enjoy it all the same!!

#2300 2 years ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

Latest revision of the underwater light show. Different projector (actually is brighter since the floor was so dark), green and blue lights. Will need to modify the projector a bit if possible. More on that as I dig into it. At this point, I just want to see what is possible.

Looks Way cool. I ordered the same light for our machine and it arrived today for some holiday makeover! Thanks for sharing!

#2306 2 years ago
Quoted from Ilushka85:

Can you share what light this is ?

I opted for this unit for the low cost and the ability to power it off the USB. I will post the results no matter the outcome.

amazon.com link »

#2316 2 years ago
Quoted from Rbviessman:

@yelobird Here’s a mod to your disk silencer mod I purchased.
I added strips of window insulation strip between the spinner mounts and the board. A little more silencing AND it let me level the disk on all four sides by tightening screws more or less on each side of the mount! The insulation will squish like a washer, but more or less depending on how tight you screw in the screws. I had problems getting all the sides to level at once, not any more.
Now... heading to your site to order Jack!
[quoted image][quoted image]

Wow great tip Thanks for sharing that! Thats what makes this fun it creative people sharing solutions so all can fully enjoy. I to noticed my lower disk quadrant is a bit low I will definitely be adding your suggestion to our machine! Thanks.

#2321 2 years ago
Quoted from Wudchopper:

So im really new to this while "pinball to be ownership" lol. I have this machine ordered and coming at the end of January. Ive been following this thread for awhile now. And I've got to say I'm a little concerned about when i pull it out of the box im going to be working on the thing for days just to get to play it. I really dont believe a $10k pin should be that way. Am i over thinking this. Or maybe im reading this thread to much. But the last few pages have been all the things wrong... ugh. I hope im wrong, its alot of money and expect some quality.

While there are never gaurentees I would point out that the primary forum poster would by nature be someone with an issue. Of the Hundreds of games already shipped I think you will agree the majority of issues/questions have been a small group/demographic of individuals. Few come on to say “wow my game was perfect “! (Granted mine was but didn’t wish to rub it in). Lol. I suggest looking at the forum thread as an acknowledgement that IF you have an issue there are many plans outlined to fix it and a strong showing of people/OEM willing to help. Unless your both new to pinball And limited on basic skills this game is really simple to diagnose. Hope all this makes some sense. Best game ever even if you had an issue. Good Luck.

#2328 2 years ago

Ok The Mod Couple is testing some New waters from inspiration from this amazing game. We have seen/done modded playfields, cabinets, backboxes, heck we even modded the Player with our "NIB Cologne" but we wanted to take this game to a higher level of detail down to the Coin Door! We wanted to create a unique and Individual Custom piece for the owner Knowing it will truly be one of a kind like this game deserves! Still haven't figured out a product name but the creation is done! A molded theme coin door shadow box with custom serialized number and designation. Collectors Edition AND Limited Addition designs will be available. All 3D sculpted from ship to limited edition unique badge. Ship, wood sign, and lettering all individually airbrushed to meticulous detail with multilevel LED internal accent lighting for a proper display glow. Simple and reversible installation with polycarbonate protective lense to keep display free from poking fingers. When available we will require the user provide their #serial number and we anticipate less then one week turn around for the custom mod. While custom we will do all we can to keep the costs as low as possible though there are a Lot of pieces in this assembly. For now please PM for interest we Hope to have these available via our website store within the week.

The Mod Couple

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg3 (resized).jpg4 (resized).jpg
#2330 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I’m starting to wonder if my Black Pearl aiming issue is a feature, not a bug.
Sometimes, it doesn’t move up and down when I load the cannon, and sometimes it does.
Are there gameplay rules that govern this behavior? Or is it always supposed to move up and down for aiming at the bullseye?

It is supposed to move throughout gameplay granted at different speeds depending on the character you select and mode you are in. While I suspect your optos are working I wonder if they are properly aligned? Hard to see from your photo if the bracket is slightly bent? Also, what level is your game set to and how did you verify it? I am betting its a simple issue.

#2333 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

The top of the bubble is at the second line from the bottom. The left/right leveling was verified by placing a level on the playfield while cranking the leg levelers.

OK long shot here but since Lawrence Welk that bubble is virtually useless. If you have an iPhone do download the PinGuy app to do a truer level front to back And side to side. I believe there is a similar app for Android though I'm not the guy to pitch that. Its very possible your game is just out of level side to side enough where the ball is not coming to rest cradled properly in the canon hence the reason it sometimes works. Once loaded the ship should continue cycling up and down IE why its a skill shot to get it Into the other ship. No rocking no objective. Before I would start pulling playfields or any creative fine tuning make Certain the basics (Leveling) are spot on correct! I leveled my game to 7 degrees and made sure front And back it is level side to side. No issues. Good Luck!!

#2347 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Argh - and not the good pirate kind. I now have a new problem: the Chapter Select post coil will not fire.
The soldering connection looks fine, and the post can be freely manipulated. It does not raise during gameplay and it does not raise when I fire the coil test.
PS - sorry to the thread, I’ve had so many little issues I feel like I am spamming it. Perhaps I should fork off into a tech support thread.[quoted image]

Minor observation from the image the jamb nut on the coil depth screw should be all the way down to keep the setting height correct.

#2349 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Thanks for that, will spin it down. I did notice the height appears sunken below the playfield by about a 1/4 inch.

Its Possible if you raise the plunger (turn screw in to set height and lock jamb nut) that the coil will be able to draw the plunger again. I suspect its just out of range. Simple adjustment but we are here if that doesn't work.

#2352 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Thank you very much!! Adjusting the position and tightening the nut was all it needed. The post now fires as it should.
Thank you for the tip!

No worries, LTG pays us in smiles and warm comments to be his helper elves! (monkeys) lol. Glad you got it working. The group is always around to help unless you want to know how to play better for that I'm at a loose.

#2354 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I expect it will be months and months before I’m able to successfully finish all chapters for 1 movie.

Yep can't help with that. Haven't figured out a mod to make me play better! I sadly resorted to watching the Wizard modes on YouTube as I may never see them otherwise. lol

#2357 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

It’s a really good balance IMO. Plenty of challenge and difficulty mastering the chapters/wizard modes, while it’s still pretty approachable to get multiballs, the cannon shot and other exciting events.
It seems equally interesting to newbies/casuals as well as hardcore pinheads.

Plus plundering all there points, gold, and balls always makes for some competitive laughs lol.

#2362 2 years ago
Quoted from heni1977:

Scratch that! New highest score!
[quoted image]

LOL I was going to say Ha got that beat then you posted again. Nice!

#2416 2 years ago
Quoted from Genjuro:

Well, CE owners, especially yelobird have you found a way to remove the button without damaging the way the button is integrated into the coral rock on the lock down bar? I am concerned about breaking it if I attempt to remove it. It looks like epoxy was used to seal the gap around the button.

Well I just pulled the lock bar and the button is completely free so you should have no issue mending or replacing it. It simply goes through the barnacle piece. Good Luck!

#2438 2 years ago

Happy Friday ye scurvy Pirates!! The Mod Couple is Pleased to say the Complete pirate map silencer kit is now tested and might I say works Awesome!!! Kit now includes a solid keyed core with correct durometer rubber gear molded as one. Rigid yet flexible enough to silence the mesh noise along with some minor tooth pitch changes. Direct replacement you simply install the set screws from your gear into the threaded replacement easy-piesy. Thanks to #Rbviessman great suggestion we are Also including a set of self adhesive (1/8") foam rubber pads to the kit to isolate vibration to the playfield and a HUGE plus that now you can fine tune the disk level to the playfield! We will make a light version kit with only the rubber gear and pads for those that already bought the standard silencer kit. In test (2) separate machines the results were Incredibly good. Note not sneak up on a pirate silent but WAY better then stock and very easy to install! Yes my instructions can be daunting (lol) but keep in mind not Everyone is wrench savy, savy? Kits should be up today and know we did everything we could to keep costs down that gear was a B*&^h to make! I hope this can put a quiet rest to any disk concerns and back to pirating!!! Happy holidays to all and thank you so much for your support!

The Mod Couple

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg3 (resized).jpg4 (resized).jpg
#2440 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Happy Friday ye scurvy Pirates!! The Mod Couple is Pleased to say the Complete pirate map silencer kit is now tested and might I say works Awesome!!! Kit now includes a solid keyed core with correct durometer rubber gear molded as one. Rigid yet flexible enough to silence the mesh noise along with some minor tooth pitch changes. Direct replacement you simply install the set screws from your gear into the threaded replacement easy-piesy. Thanks to #Rbviessman great suggestion we are Also including a set of self adhesive (1/8") foam rubber pads to the kit to isolate vibration to the playfield and a HUGE plus that now you can fine tune the disk level to the playfield! We will make a light version kit with only the rubber gear and pads for those that already bought the standard silencer kit. In test (2) separate machines the results were Incredibly good. Note not sneak up on a pirate silent but WAY better then stock and very easy to install! Yes my instructions can be daunting (lol) but keep in mind not Everyone is wrench savy, savy? Kits should be up today and know we did everything we could to keep costs down that gear was a B*&^h to make! I hope this can put a quiet rest to any disk concerns and back to pirating!!! Happy holidays to all and thank you so much for your support!
The Mod Couple
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Kits are Now online and available from our Website store!! Thanks again and happy new year!


#2444 2 years ago
Quoted from drewski28:

Haha I have the mod on order however earlier in the threat people were pulling the mechanism out and having to adjust the gears closer together if I remember correctly.

And when you get the kit (Granted the new one also includes the rubber gear and pads) you will adjust the gear at that time. No sense creating extra work for yourself!

To those that bought the foam only kit please understand that we did say we were going to work on the Complete gear set over the holidays so we apologize if we missed the schedule. IF you ordered the foam only kit and wish to upgrade to the complete kit please just send me a PM and I can work out the upgrade minus the cost of the previous kit and reduced shipping. Hope that makes things a bit smoother we are working at the fastest pace we can... lol

The Mod Couple

#2449 2 years ago
Quoted from Crile1:

This is my only hang up with this game...literally.
[quoted image]

On recent games JJP added one of those clear rubber nipple stick on things same as the top of the Tortuga scoop and the issue is solved. Hope this makes sense.

Not sure if this will help but here is a picture of the afore mentioned nipple. lol

IMG_1753 (resized).jpg
#2453 2 years ago
Quoted from Crile1:

The nipple is there. Maybe I need to stimulate it more. In all seriousness, it should be longer. I noticed the nipple/soft plastic cover right after. I took the picture.

Stimulation is key! lol If your game is not into that I suspect they installed your nipple just slightly to far back. I moved it towards the wire ramp just a nipples length and no more ball catches. So much nipple talk you would think we really Were pirates!

#2463 2 years ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

Bummer, even at high speeds I was able to do this! Lol. Guess I need to erase those high scores!

Couple of suggestions. Sounds like your Black Pearl is moving correctly only possibly not centering for proper target. I would calibrate first as thats a simple process. Second, know that the metal linkage with 2 screws (talked about several times for early owners myself included) is a slotted bracket. Its possible yours needs to be mechanically adjusted so it makes a full travel up. Sounds like yours is in the fully down slot position. Finally, just because one person can make the target shot from center doesn't mean your coil settings are the same. There is a setting for the cannon coil power, it's possible yours might be a bit low and needs to be slightly bumped up if you don't want to fire from the cannon up position. Basically making a jump shot instead of a volley. Good luck Im sure you will get it working perfectly.