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#747 3 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Pinguy app is the title.
It’s been accurate with the Stern bubble level for pitch. I cross check with a level for side to side.

I'm thinking PinGuy is an ios app. I can only find Pinball Leveler on Android.

#762 3 years ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

After pushing the mech/magnet towards the lever, it is now catching every time. Then the lever would not release the ball because it didn’t move far enough back when the magnet was on. Further adjusted the whole mech by pulling it and the lever away from the chest and now it seems to work every time.
Did 3 multiball tests and many random balls into the chest and currently engaging with magnet and releasing every time. Thanks LTG.
Now if I can address the flipper, game will be back to 99% minus the led strip on the topper which doesn’t work.

Do you have the Collector's version? I noticed you mentioned a topper. If so, that makes me sad that so many issues could occur on a table that expensive, yet alone the cheaper models, which aren't exactly cheap....

3 months later
#3871 2 years ago
Quoted from erak:

My friend just bought a JJP POTC.
All I can say is "WOW!".
I honestly believe this is the best modern day game released at the moment.
And possibly a #1 title. Definately in the top 5.

I was just watching the stream! What stands out to you most? Does it hold up in single player?

#3884 2 years ago
Quoted from dnaman:

Which above everything else would be beyond bizarre if JJP was just simply going to stop making these. It isn't logical.

Wasn't the Hobbit on the line multiple times? I can't imagine POTC not being again with a new edition when stock dries up, WOZ is done again, and it might move to the second line as a new pin moves to the first line.

#3972 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I just used a cheap medium duty iron from Fry’s. I stripped the end of the broken wire, tinned it with a bit of solder, and then held it down with the iron over the previous solder blob until it melted.
I have a lot of experience soldering from my previous hobby restoring and fixing arcade games. If you have never soldered before I strongly advise finding a junk board and practicing a lot before you attempt to do it on your game. Put down a cloth so solder “drips” will not ruin your artwork.
As for the cord, I generally like cordless irons but this one was corded. We plugged it into the service outlet inside the game cabinet so the length of the cord was not much of an issue.

There's an outlet inside the game itself???

#4068 2 years ago
Quoted from skyrex:

I have that exact situation too....decided to ignore it for now. Glad to know I am not the only one.
I really like the look of those art blades but there is no chance I could get that done with my skill set. lol

We're discussing the actual side rails? They're somewhat jostling loose? I never knew they were attached with double sided tape....

#4268 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

LE vs CE. It’s a completely different monitor (controls on the back are different.)
I’m hoping to tweak mine to look as good.
[quoted image][quoted image]

I've noticed that on the LE's I've played. Figured the owners didn't tweak the settings...

Would a higher grade replacement be difficult to install at all? 27" monitor with a great refresh rate would be super cheap.

#4345 2 years ago

Wouldn't something like this be an "easy" improvement, versus buying the CE for possibly a better display?


#4449 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

How frequently should I change balls to minimize playfield wear?
And which ones are recommended? I know Silverjets are top notch for games that don’t have magnets, but this one does.
I got a couple tubes of these but wondering if there’s a better option.

Over in the Houdini thread there was a good amount of discussion recently, maybe a few pages back from the last. Consensus on time frame seems to be 400-600 games. There some links for balls sales as well over there.

#4513 2 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

For me 1 - 2 were the best, followed by 5, with 3 and 4 as the worst. I actually found 5 to be somewhat entertaining. I finally watched 5 recently and really had not planned to until I purchased this game. You just have to go into these films with no plans to take them seriously.

Is 5 the one that opens with the safe robbery?

#4571 2 years ago

My favorite LTG video!

#4590 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Folks, I am going in on a POTC later this year. I have now had 3 separate people tell me that JJP is going to stop producing these games.
What is the basis for that? Nobody’s been able to point to anything concrete. This game knocks my socks off so I’m definitely in!

I think at the very least, not buying an entire set of new parts. Seems parts buying can be a multi-million dollar process. I remember watching the Buffalo Pinball tour at JJP, and Jack stated how expensive parts allocated there cost.

And from what others on here have stated, not getting the license renewed. Which I'd wonder if they were supposed to produce games from March 2017 to March 2019?

#4674 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Yep! This made tapping the video screen for my twitch stream pretty easy.

Oooh, see I said to my friend how the JJP feeds must be direct feed somehow, as their streams, and subsequently your own, are so vibrant compared to the native screen.... unfortunately.

I was meaning to ask you, I had some issues watching your stream on my phone yesterday. Most likely the building and signal I get at work. You haven't happened to have uploaded your prior streams to YouTube, have you?

#4675 2 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Thanks for the heads-up! When I get my JJPOTC this weekend I'll be sure to put a temporary piece of mylar in this area until my Cliffys come in.....

Is there a place to get mylar either online or offline that's convenient? I'd imagine brick and mortar would be a no go. Is Marco's the easiest or are there other outlets?

#4698 2 years ago
Quoted from DerGoetz:

That why I said ~some~ Stern
I have seen Star Wars LEs that dimple like your POTC, hardly at all, I have seen Star Wars Pros that dimple, within days, to something that looks like Jabba the Huts ass..
With Stern it is a roll of the dice, with JJP you get top shelve, always.
I own 3 Stern LEs and 2 Pros, rest premiums, know first hand unfortunately

Definitely gives a new viewpoint for playing Star Wars the next time I do! I just hope the plunger doesn't resemble Salicious B. Crumb's Schwanz.

Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Festivities have now been put on indefinite hold. FedEx Freight just called me and informed me that not only are they not delivering my game today as arranged, my POTC never actually arrived in WA State on Monday as I was informed. It is now officially "lost" in their system and they need to manually locate it wherever it is between here and Indiana!
These guys officially win "WORST PINBALL SHIPPER" I have dealt with in shipping and receiving over 70 games in the past 10+ years! Hopefully, it's not damaged too.

Oh. Fuck no, that's horrible.

#4704 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

You can earn it via the pirate lanes or sometimes in the disk award. I Love the animation when you get that shot! Priceless.

Ok if that is real Please send me info on where to get it. Way cool thanks for sharing!

I've seen it at our State Stores in PA. It is real indeed, and pretty cheap for rum!

#4808 2 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Pinballlife, Marco, Titan, and others all carry mylar. Pinballlife & Titan have precut 1" square mylar pieces that are perfect for spot protection placement.

Quoted from zaphX:

The goodie bag includes lots of spare Mylar as well.

Thanks to you both for the recommendations and info!

I've read applying wax will help mylar not pull paint too much. Does that happen often with or without wax being there? Is mylar effective for covering a chip so it doesn't expand during play?

#4880 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Streaming POTC from my Texas game room now! http://twitch.tv/nspinball


#4896 2 years ago

After watching the third movie last night, and falling sleep during it, like I did when I saw it and the first two in theaters, I'm really glad they didn't get more licensed material to work with, as man these movies have editing issues.

Starts out so oddly quickly paced, then jumps about to obtuse scenes that just languish and never really construct much of a compelling direction or characters I felt invested in or excited about.

I think losing inane clips and call-outs, only improved the overall GUI, and sound design. Even if not intentional, this is so much better than it could have been. The AV package compliments such a phenomenal overall game design and shooting package, whereas in a game like the Hobbit, it bolsters a somewhat lackluster and lethargic gameplay style.

#4950 2 years ago

I'm not sure if anyone listened to the Kaneda review of Pirates that he put out yesterday, but I definitely have issues with the way he's approached the game.

I think the market exists for two current purposes, home ownership, and onsite play. Stern takes the approach of immediate accessibility. Within five minutes of walking up to many Stern games, there's a sense of direction, and an understanding of goals and gratification to some degree. Whereas with JJP I've walked away from many of their games, and after five minutes have found just an elementary sense of flow and rule structure.

I feel that's where he's missing the mark here. Accessibility isn't the targetted market for JJP. And sans a more fleshed out license, @hoggbogg couldn't approach the table in the same way the Hobbit was created. The Hobbit has a definite story structure, but does that make it a better game for it or more beholden to the license?

Pirates is an impeccable game for creating layers of modes, game objectives, and multi-ball that feels frenetic in a way I haven't experienced before in a pin.

When I was lucky enough to have played the game at JJP in Jersey last summer, I walked away in awe at the whole upper ship playfield, the expansiveness of character selection, and it's elegant wide body form. I also walked away scratching my head, and having little clue what I was playing.

Months later of playing the game on-site, as well as watching multiple JJP streams and the Deadflip one, I'm now in awe not just of it's aesthetics, but of the layered synergies and dynamic gameplay this game brings to the market, and brings it in an exciting and nuanced way I haven't experienced in ages. It's a technical game, it's a dense game, and that combination most of all makes it....a FUN game!

Not every game needs the same adherence to design, narrative structure, or playfield layout.
Even if a game doesn't click with me within that initial five minute mark, I'd much more prefer it did at the fifty minute mark. That proves it has legs past the initial low bar accessibility that I often see in older games of the classic era or in some modern Sterns, and for that I am not disappointed, but gleeful.

#4962 2 years ago
Quoted from Crile1:

He (Kaneda) is predisposed to not like the game. He has gone to great lengths to show he hates the license and the films. He only like Franchi art (his head is way up his...). He rants forever about the delay in production. He hated the JJP Standard, LE, CE system because it is not the same as Stern. He has made it clear he does not like Keefer's deep rules (funny, because he touts LOTR as the greatest Stern ever). No matter what, he will never love this game. Which is ridiculous given the 3 things he professes to believe:
1) pinball needs to be a world under glass, which JJPOTC is in spades
2) people should not judge too soon and should be allowed to change their minds (this only seems to apply to people whom he has offended)
3) value is in the BOM, quality, and mechs not "fun = value"
He won't admit his own failure in lack of objectivity. I will never like Iron Maiden because I just can't stand their music or their style. I would never be a fan of the game regardless of the layout or gameplay. But I can appreciate it for being unique and interesting. I can appreciate that for a lot of folks it is fun and their favorite game. Because of that, I dont feel the need to crap on the game whenever possible. That is the problem with Kaneda. He professes and talks a lot, but then does the opposite. Most recently doing a podcast titled, "LE buyers are wimps." Well, you own a Super LE, Mr. Kaneda, that makes you a super wimp. Pull the plank out of your own eye and respect people who paid their hard earned money for the best darn world under glass out there with a unique new layout and code. And to quote the next future great release, "I said, good day sir!"

My biggest issue with his viewpoint is exactly in concert with what you've expressed here. He had a predisposed idea from however long he played prior, then hypes up this idea for weeks, weeks mind you, that he was going to be shown the game by someone who knew and adored it in spades, yet upon meeting him, he simply echoes the same issues he had prior to going to play. So.....what was the point? He didn't care for it, and seemingly wasn't open to shifting his viewpoints? I egged him on in a drunken voicemail, to stick to his views, (jokingly so, feeling he might consider the game upon seeing different aspects with a proper pin tutor) and man...he actually DID stick entirely to his script.

Pirates is the antithesis of the Munsters, and for what they both seek to achieve, that's okay! Pirates is not at all easily comprehensible in five minutes, and the Munsters sadly, somewhat can be. That doesn't negate either game's value, it simply lends itself to different gaming palettes, which should ideally strike the tone of his review. This isn't his style of game, and that's fine, but I can in no way fathom Batman 66' being as dense as Pirates, also while being as accessible and fun. Batman has many accessible avenues to take, but that doesn't make it's dense and layered. It simply means it has options, and options that when I've played it, seem scattered and detached. That said, I could definitely use a Batman Pin Tutor!

When I first approached this game, man was I iffy on it. Then playing it time and time again, I was still not seeing what it brought to the literal and figurative table. It was only WHEN I watched the JJP Pin Masters play it, that I observed the layers of insane fun that could be tapped into, with enough patience and diligence, and most of all.... open mindedness. And wasn't that..exactly..the take Kaneda was supposed to take upon this POTC Guided Tour this weekend???

Quoted from Yelobird:

So many words, “We be but humble Pirates” the game is just bat shit awesome FUN! Argggghhh!

Exactly! It's immediate fun if you're open to it! The Black Pearl alone, with loading and firing the cannon, is executed in a way that never ceases to be exciting!

Quoted from iceman44:

Who cares what Kman thinks about a game
He is in the overwhelming minority on Potc.
It’s too complicated for him to understand

I care because he seems passionate, articulate, and able to create a good flow of words, ideas, and do with a sense of pizazz and showmanship that I haven't heard in other pinball podcast avenues. He has a necessary sense of style and "voice".

I don't need to agree with him entirely all the time, to see value in his or anyone's constructive viewpoints.....but I do feel he was predisposed and not open to seeing the game at all in any new perceivable way. I shift my views, as I try to after any impression I get, whether it's a first play of pinball, meeting someone for the first time, or taking in any new information. First impressions are invaluable, but the ability to be flexible and allow those impressions to be maleable down the road with more exposure, all the more so.

#4987 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Lol. Do it! Selling my POTC LE after 3 weeks was the hardest thing I ever did Until my CE arrived. Just beautiful is the only way to describe it.....

As someone interested in an LE, do you feel the increase in price has merit?

Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

I can allow Kaneda's view that POTC isn't a"Greatest of all time" game as some have proclaimed it to be. That is a subjective ranking opinion and he's entitled to it. However, to pronounce it a loser because it doesn't meet his narrow definition of a winning pinball game (must tell a story and be approachable) is simply absurd. Additionally, stating that it doesn't take advantage of its widebody playfield, has no toys of value, and the center spinner has absolutely no effect on the ball, all make me wonder what the hell he was looking at while playing the POTC at Sunshine Laundromat and/or how their game has been set up!
I also wonder how well he could hear the game at Sunshine as the audio on POTC is not only amazingly good, it REALLY enhances the gameplay and significantly aids a player's understanding of its various features.
One only needs to watch a portion of Karl DeAngelo's latest fantastic POTC stream from this very afternoon to see what a wonderful game it is!

His ideas on story enabling a better game experience are a bit misplaced, disingenuous even. How many pinball games have notable story based experiences at this point? (Maybe something DeepRoot wants to explore more supposedly..). Does killing Smaug in the Hobbit or saving the Princess in TOTAN really create atmosphere and value outside of the first few times a player accomplishes that? Most pins have barely any narrative structure, yet so many are incredibly revered, and on a higher level of nuance and less scrutiny than POTC?

#4990 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Every player, buyer, and collector has there own personal interest. For me I wouldn't have done it if I didn't see the value and long term enjoyment of the game. ALL models are great just depends on what You think is important. I am very happy with my decision!

What pushed you over the edge? It seems more unique than the Dialed-In CE.

Quoted from philsublime:

I like Kanedas Podcast. It's just his opinion... For me it doesn't change anything about my enjoyment of my POTC.

Oh, I do too, but at this point it feels more like stirring the pot more to be contrary than anything else, and most likely to garner discussion on here indirectly/directly for sure. He has a fantastic ability to stretch time, detail a story, and do lead-in's in ways most podcasters don't, somewhat akin to radio dj's of yore.

#4991 2 years ago

To go off on a very quick tangent, pinball is at it's core, metal meeting wood and plastic. We've even seen P3 involve glass, and the loss of tactile feedback alters pinball in a way where it's no longer pinball. Down that road, to heavily weigh plot structure or narrative advancement would need to be facilitated via moving, interchangable pieces on the playfield itself, and outside of glass, that's impossible. So to do so now, has to be done via an LCD screen somehow. LCD's definitely remove a viewer from the main component of pinball again, the tactile feedback.

Unless 3 to 4 dedicated years were spent engineering entirely new game advancements and engineering feats, which in turn would sink any company wishing to profit, there won't ever be narrative journeys more substantial than jumbled video and audio clips mashed oddly together, ala the Hobbit or Batman 66. The limit isn't necessarily the creators, it's the medium, and again, pinball being pinball, with elaborate nuances at best, and that is more than fine by me.

#5161 2 years ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Just get a new tip. Super easy to replace. I would actually recommend getting a Titan silicone one and pick up some red silicone flipper bands while you are at it.

These will work?


#5183 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

He was referring to JJP renewing the WOZ license, Pirates is likely done for good this month based on all the rumors. After Pirates is done this month it sounds like JJP will be moving onto the 250 Yellow Brick Road WOZ's and then to game #5.

Yes, that's what he was referring to. Going back to the original posts shows that.

I'd imagine they were on track to build this starting March 2017, and ending March 2019.

#5196 2 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

LE #78 (Build date 2/4/19) is now setup in my house, picked it up yesterday from zmeny from Flip N Out Pinball, even got hollywoodbone to help us load it:
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
Went thru everything with a fine tooth comb, some fixes were already installed from the factory, which shows they do listen to Pinside:
[quoted image]
Also added Titan Silicone rings on the Black Pearl and Flippers, tonycip's Medallion Shooter, as well as MezelMods clear plastic protectors. Hopefully the ordered Cliffys will come in sometime soon.....
I've only problems with two issues, one is the Black Pearl wasn't quite centered in its rocking action, which was easily addressed adjusting the screws on back.
The other issue is a PITA that I've yet to been able to fix: Upon setting up the pin I discovered that the display itself not latched in place correctly during shipping on the right side. Luckily it did not damage the backglass. Once I moved the wooden shipping blocks and latched the display into place the right is sagging almost 3/8-1/2" too low. I tried everyday possible to adjustment to the display and mounting arm possible short of total disassembly of the mount with no improvement, the silver frame of the display is still visible and showing on the left. My temporary solution for now is inserting a wooden block as wedge to push up the right side, it's not visible while the backglass is on but its not right. I'm contacting Zach & JJP tomorrow to see if they have any suggestions. I tried most tricks in this thread with no avail.
Besides that she is a best to play. Be looking for an order in the next couple of days yelobird ! Hoping to keep her in the lineup for a long time:
[quoted image]

Did you find any other plastic protectors domestically for sale?

Congrats, by the way!

#5258 2 years ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

Haha isn't that the truth. I moved my Houdini into the house a few weeks ago and felt that was pretty heavy too. Then moved my MBRLE in on Sunday and was like ehh this isn't too bad actually. Then last night POTC sat up and said bring it on you can't move me you old man! And she was right, thanks to Denethor and his muscle and my wife's we got her up my measly 4 front steps and in the house. Then I had to lift the PF about 100 times and I said well damn if I want a workout I just come bench POTC PF a few times and day. And yep you read that right my 3 pin lineup is JJ POTC, MBRLE, and Houdini. We have room for 1 more just have no idea what to get - probably grabbing a Spidey, STTNG or even a MM. I kinda want a DI but man I just don't know if I can get past the theme.
I will say I think the game is well built and has quality parts but QC definitely needs some more attention to detail. My wire issue is stupid and easily avoided/fixed at the factory - don't bundle the sh*t so tight folks and it won't pull connectors out.
Oh and zaph my LCD is DVI with the controls on the back MFR 2/11 for your reference

What did you move it with, just a basic dolly? I moved Houdini in with a ratty dolly with wheels that depleted air immediately.... For this, I'm getting a decent appliance dolly with hard wheels. I hope it's a night and day difference! Hope!

#5261 2 years ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

I use a big appliance dolly with a locking strap. The dolly adds a fair bit of weight on its own but does a great job moving games and getting up steps. I'm just a wuss. Seems my late 40's haven't been as kind to me as I think . But it is a heavy damn game.

Hah I said that last night after we got the game in the house ... "well I guess this game isn't going anywhere, ever"

It's amazing what a good dolly can do! With flat tires, Houdini felt like it had lead chains on and was stuck to the watery floor!

Did you get one of the Harbor Freight hydraulic lifts for moving it and raising it around the house?

#5290 2 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Only so much you can do with 29 minutes worth of video from 5 films.....
....but agreed, looking forward to all the black bonus countdown screens being replaced!

That's what JJP got the rights to?

#5395 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Kaneda’s an entertainer (and I do find his show very entertaining.). Strong controversial opinions make for entertaining discussions.
The fact he doesn’t like the game does not change or diminish our own experiences with it in any way.
I have to admit that some of his points about approachability and discoverability are probably valid. I had a friend roll up to the pin and give his impressions without any prompting from me. It was a fascinating usability study. The game did open up for him once I hit him with my short tutorial, but I held back at first as I was genuinely curious what the “cold” read would be.
The game makes perfect sense to me, and I feel it’s easy to understand, but I forgot that I’ve been watching JJP streams about it for months.
I knew and was excited about what the game had to offer before I ever touched one. That has an effect.
Most modern pins have a learning curve, especially ones designed with depth and longevity for home use.
He did make a good point though, that this thread has been more of a troubleshooting thread than one about playing the game.
I have two theories on this.
1. People who aren’t having problems are happily playing rather than posting.
2. People who are_ having problems want to get back to playing ASAP! (I’m in this category.)
I did cringe a bit when I heard my heated coil issue on the air (which again was my own self-induced problem, and is now fixed 100%.)
I know I play every day, and so does my wife. This hasn’t improved my skills any, but I keep working at it because it’s so damn fun.
I’ve also found that because POTC is more nudge-centric than other pins, it has improved my game on other pins. Heaving a 330lb monster back and forth makes tossing around a little bitty Stern so easy by comparison!

Just watching that stream of yours now.

It's like any pin within the past 25-30 years, not much more complex. Playing TOTAN or Cirqus Voltaire for the first time uninitiated will have someone scratching their head as well.

#5406 2 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

Good news I picked up my LE today from Automated Services and it was working 100% no issues except the sagging screen which I put a wedge under. He picked up his last batch last week and no more are available from JJP. He has 12 LE, 12 standard and 6 CE left. That's it. So get yours while you still can.

Glad to hear you got yours in and in excellent shape!

Mike was nice enough to give me a heads-up once inquiring, he said they were selling them really quickly. Got my LE order in on Thursday pronto, so hopefully one of those good condition badboys is mine!

Any of you install Cliffy's yet? Were they tough or laborious? After doing a scoop and side rail install on a Houdini, I'm hoping for far less stress....

#5431 2 years ago
Quoted from PsychoPsonic:

Got all but the MAP ones in yesterday, not too bad. Thanks to thread all-star evh347 we have these fine instructions for those:

Oh, excellent work for the repost and the original post from @evh347. Somewhat piddled me pantaloons surveying this installation, but as with all pinball repairs/mods and such, patience, photos and asking questions always get you set sailing in the right direction! Though not even having the game yet, and visualizing this, is a bit intimidating and fun dampening....

Did you need to detach much wiring or anything for the Cliffy's you did do yesterday?

Quoted from dannunz:

I think one of the main issues my game had no problems was Mike picks up all his games from JJP and makes a direct trip to his facility. Than I picked it up there and it goes through minimal transport. I was surprised to see my game was LE #36. I was happy to get a low number with such a late build.

Those numbers seem to be somewhat random from what folks on here say. What was your build/birth date? Mike seems like a straightforward and honest dude. Good vibes!

#5443 2 years ago
Quoted from evh347:

Special thanks to my friend @TimBoch and his daughter for their help today installing the MAP hole Cliffy on my JJPOTC today.
There isn't yet a video showing how to take the Black Pearl ship off the game, so I took pics along the way. I'm sure the pics won't appear in the exact intended order, but it should give the general idea well enough.
Hopefully this helps anyone who may need to take the Black Pearl completely off. My suggestion, is to get at least two pairs of hands. I carefully snipped just one zip tie off holding the cluster of wires underneath the playfield. Ensure you don't accidentally cut thru anything important.!
In short, there are SEVEN connectors under the playfield that first need to be disconnected and they need to be carefully passed thru the plastic underneath where the Black Pearl was mounted. I've circled their locations in the pictures. I eventually took a black sharpie and wrote on #'s on them to help me remember what goes where, but they are keyed fairly obviously so not much chance to screw that up. The three little Molex connecters are color coded on the board they connect to. I temporarily disconnected the small black Molex just to give me better access to the other plugs. In putting everything back, my left ship spinner initially wasn't registering in test, but that was resolved just by going back and re-seating those plugs.
To remove the ship, you need an Allen key to extract the Allen pin behind the ship, pull the cotter pin on the arm (behind the playfield), collect the white spacer, and then ensure the upper playfield pin that was secured with the cotter pin is manually retracted thru the back of the playfield. Once that's done, pull backwards on the ship towards the back of the playfield, and carefully lift it up and out. It's possible to carefully guide it out from under the VUK guide w/o removing the VUK guide, just take your time. When handling the upper playfield, its a good idea to be mindful about where exactly you're handling it due to the sensitive components underneath, so make sure you're not putting pressure on something fragile. What I do is keep my hands on the wood sides until I can be assured I'm not handling it from something that could break. Do NOT get lazy at this point and be mindful about what/where you go setting this thing because its heavy enough to break whatever you rest it on. You really need two people to do this. I had help guiding the cables up and thru from underneath as I extracted everything together to set aside.
After you get the ship off, there are 5 nylon nuts that need to be removed in order to lift up on the plastic on top of the MAP targets. Then you just remove the two posts and the one screw holding the MAP hole ball guide. We didn't need to completely take the plastic off as there was enough flexibility to get the Cliffy placed.
Clean the MAP hole area with the supplied alcohol wipe, place the Cliffy, and re-install everything. Note: In removing two of the posts under the plastic, one of the chapter select sling rubbers was released. No big deal, just re-install the sling rubber after you install the Cliffy and then get the posts back where they belong.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

This might seem like a daft question, I don't yet own a POTC or have one in front of me, but for the Cliffy Map 1/2 installation, can the ship just be held or placed on it's left side? Or is the map plastic underneath or in the way of the Pearl?

Quoted from zaphX:

So I’m on a flight back to Los Gatos and I’m bored. Let’s talk POTC gameplay, yeah?
Are you currently targeting chapters, multiballs, acheivement-based scores, or all of the above?
Who is your favorite character right now and why?
What are your favorite things about playing it?
I’ll start - I have been heavily multiball focused (trying to perfect the 666666) but I think I’ve been leaving a lot of points on the table by not working the chapters as hard as I should. I also go through the scoreboards, look for low hanging fruit on a character or task, and try to work that.
I play Pintel quite a bit right now, as he gets me to Arrr Frenzy fastest. I also like going random (hold left, hit right 5x quickly) and playing the game based on the character I end up with. Swann sucks! What a bore, his only buff/debuff is no plundering/can’t plunder.
My favorite moments are “rescuing” multiple multiballs at the last second, getting several good solid rips on the upper loop, and good hard spinner rips (especially during Arrr Frenzy).

Somehow you need to get a third POTC airborne for exclusive Pinball Party Flights back and forth between your two games! Boredom and POTC separation anxiety...solved!!

#5453 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Speaking of flying - I’m coming back to Frisco TX in 2 weeks for Texas Pinball Festival. If you’re going, hit me up.

Man, wish I was! Seems there's so many good haunts for eats and gaming down there. Though I read how you felt the POTC at that one arcade was a bit ratty.... Hopefully next year, and maybe Chicago too! Is this your first time at TPF? What are you looking forward to most at the show?

Thanks for the invite Derek. You seem like a pretty stand-up dude, and your enthusiasm and helpfulness on this forum is truly appreciated!

#5458 2 years ago
Quoted from Our_Man_in_Oz:

Man after feeling like POTC has been kicking my arse solidly since I got in December and knowing the ridiculous STDM off launch or round the top orbit had to be the main culprit, I finally found a post from a little while back talking about the upper flipper position. Sure enough 5 mins to correct it and second game after, I'm up over 550K finally, for the first time. Now I can start having some real games instead of <2m . Next step the subway post fix which then finally became noticeable now that I actually can get to a few multballs finally!

Did you crank the flipper from underneath to tighten it? Nice work!

#5474 2 years ago
Quoted from RPZ:

So which cliffys are people installing? Ramp ball drop ones? Even though ball drops on the end?

I've yet to get my game or do any, but the map seems essential, and challenging.

#5498 2 years ago
Quoted from Coz:

The LE I ordered was only $700 more over the standard, so I think it was well worth the extra. I do like the stainless better, I wish that was an option for LE

Did you pay less than $9500?

#5509 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

But I do have a cool drunken pirate yo ho song out.
LTG : )

Second verse!

Same as the first...?

#5517 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Never got to a second verse. Tequila interrupted that.
LTG : )

More tequila, and then a second video to boot!!! C'mon matey!

#5566 2 years ago
Quoted from Lazar:

Thanks for the feedback. The distributor is 3 hours away and the next closest is 5. I’m not excited about tacking on another 5%, and sounds like the value is to sleep easy. Regardless, I’m excited to be apart of the POTC team.

If you pay by check, versus credit card, they ideally should knock maybe $200-250 off for you.

#5570 2 years ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

Try Joe at pinballstar I think he had 1 left (maybe)
And try Flip N Out as well
I think someone yesterday said automated had LEs in stock as well but I could be wrong

Quoted from lordloss:

So which distributers still have POTC LE?

lordloss As of yesterday, Automated Inc does. Yup!

Talk to Mike, he's a good guy!


#5633 2 years ago
Quoted from angus:

Really would like to get an LE. Don't seem to be any available. Let me know if anyone knows of some.

Try these guys.


#5636 2 years ago

People discuss reasons for the lack of asset usage in this game, but it's odd this entire messy, public battle hasn't ever been mentioned as a possible factor. It often seems scapegoated on whomever got let go, but this started to blow up in early 2017. I wouldn't be surprised if Disney wanted to edge away a bit from this entire Depp centric version of Pirates, as there's not even a domestic box set release for blu-ray. The only versions seem to be overseas releases.

Just thinking out loud...


#5728 2 years ago
Quoted from dnaman:

And the fix is now shipping on new POTC from factory.

New, as in within the past month of being manufactured?

#5840 2 years ago

I was saying to a friend last night, how well this game blends it's A/V package with the gameplay. That to me, on top of the excellent shot and rule design, make it a must own among modern pins.

Compare this game to the Munster's use of A/V in complimenting gameplay. In that game, there are incessantly several different voices, that for me feel more distracting than immersive. In this example the simplified license aids POTC, rather than having so many varied and frenzied call-outs, there's one comprehensive and incredibly professional one in the form of Gibbs/Kevin McNally.

Regarding the display, when a mode is initiated, the frenzy on the table is momentarily halted, while the ball ricochets back and forth, locked into a gameplay mechanic. In that moment, no concern for a ball drain exists, which allows the player to pause completely amidst the action, see a clip that plays more like an ambient visual clue than one featuring an actor where attention is fully engaged, and table immersion divided between the screen and the playfield. Compared to the Munster's, and many modern games, there's an abrasive set of audio and visuals that ultimately feel more jarring than complimentary towards what's occuring below. A random clip of Herman doesn't often feel tied to gameplay, whereas in Pirates, the quick video clip sets a mood, enhancing atmosphere, more than breaking it.

I feel like Pirates is the first modern game that uses the LCD screen in an entirely complimentary way, more so than distracting. It's a balance that the Hobbit, WOZ or Iron Maiden haven't accomplished. It's more cue based, feeling based, mood based, then "stare at the screen and watch the same clip over, and over, again". The brevity makes those clips more cues than attention holding, and allows just a quick break from the game, to breathe, check goals, and then revert attention downwards again.

For me, the shots and layout are so damn amazing, but the audio cues, use of the LCD screen are even more so. Pirate represents the best blend of stellar classic gameplay meets modern enhanced functionality. Congrats to all owners of this excellent pin, and most of all it's Hogbog creators!

Edit: Oops, sorry Eric for the doubling up of consonants in your username. Only happened because the game is doubly awesome..!

#5914 2 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

jjPotC arrived and is getting set up to go out on the route next week. I need to wire up the topper so the eyes flash in sync with the machine and add cliffies to prevent the nasty chipping I've seen on other unfortunate machines already. I have NO IDEA why JJP didn't continue with cliffies after he solved their Dialed In problems. These mantis-style protectors jjPotC is using are not up to the task of protecting the playfield surface at the holes.
[quoted image]

Are Mantis style usually inside versus Cliffy's being outside and over?

#5980 2 years ago
Quoted from locksmith:

Posts diameter is small causing more pressure on smaller footprint.Larger thin clear washer is what I would put on first.

Do they just go on at the base on the playfield?

#5985 2 years ago
Quoted from arzoo:

I use these as plastic protectors but they might work below the post also. Just not sure if 3/4" is too large? https://www.pinballlife.com/clear-petg-fender-washers.html

These should be available at hardware stores also.

#5995 2 years ago
Quoted from darkryder:

Nice. I will go ahead and replace the four posts with standard clear posts which will prevent future playfield damage and cover up the existing chipping.

You or anyone wouldn't happen to have a link for clear posts that would function here? I'll be getting my game soon, and might as well replace them immediately.

#6014 2 years ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

Yep, look good and fit just fine. Have not had any issues with the ball getting stuck or anything.
From same post...[quoted image]

So these replace the existing posts, and they help because they're splayed out a bit more than standard posts?

If the game ships with metal washers, should I keep them in place and also add these?

Thanks everyone for your additional comments and suggestions and links!

#6046 2 years ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

Correct. For me it covered up any chipping that had happened. The original thin posts had an edge on it that dig into the playfield artwork and eventually chipped the playfield. I put nail polish on those spots to stop any further and this post over top. The color matches pretty well at least on the bottom posts but that is personal preference.

So if I'm getting a table in new, would you just remove the washers and replace all six posts while I'm at it? Or leave the washers and replace the posts also?

I just figure being anal is better than messing things up.

Have you had this occur with other tables? Do you think it's more them over tightening these posts or the posts and force of the slings themselves?

Thanks again for all the tips!

#6125 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Agreed but we (and JJP) should recognize technically POTC only accumulated votes for roughly 30 days (and probably as many owners) in 2018 vs the other titles which had the luxury of being out for Several months with Many followers support. Not in Any way to take away from the winners but POTC fell prey to an end of year release giving it little traction. Very happy for Eric and his dream team that won many deserved awards for this masterpiece. Personally, I don’t need a TWIPY to Know this game is on a level all its own and will Never leave my hands.

I saw you mention this prior, the late launch. When did these start shipping initially, amd then en masse? I think the first I saw was in late August at Helicon Brewing, but he gets his games super early. So shipping didn't really rev up till a few months later?

Crazy that this game had so little time to shine. I'm at the point where when I look at or play other games, I make design comparisons to Pirates. This game is definitely in a different league than any other release last year, and it's a genuine shame it didn't win game of the year on Saturday. But...hopefully next year, we might see another game by Eric challenge for that spot!

Quoted from PinMonk:

You had to have an installation problem with the map hole cliffy. I just finished this installation yesterday and map hole is just as shootable as it was before the install. My guess is you over-tightened the post or the screw on the back side and it caused the metal to raise up a little OR you didn't get the orientation of the ball deflector right when you put it back on. There's some play in it and you have to hold the angle while you tighten the screw on the left, then the post on the right.
Do you have a picture of the install? That might help to see what the problem is.

How does the "Map 2" Cliffy fit into this area? Did you find any of the installations overly challenging?

Quoted from fossmin:

Where is the best players guide? I am trying to figure out how to play this game.

I've been watching this a lot over the past few days. Straight from the horse's mouth, and each shot is detailed at length. Really a fantastic video by Zach, Eric and Keith!

#6167 2 years ago
Quoted from Crile1:

I take back my concerns regarding the stock posts and clear chipping. Went to put washers under them last night (found fiber ones at Home Depot) and saw that only one had any issue. Looks like clear bunched up just to one side, probably from over tightened post at factory. No chipping or paint

I take back my concerns regarding the stock posts and clear chipping. Went to put washers under them last night (found fiber ones at Home Depot) and saw that only one had any issue. Looks like clear bunched up just to one side, probably from over tightened post at factory. No chipping or paint damage. All others look fine. Not enough for me to put star posts on. Both my WOZ and Hobbit have same posts and no chipping. My washers ended up being too small (#8 screws are used, not #6), so going to leave it stock. Obviously put star posts on if you want. But I think all the cliffy's and star posts may be overkill if it is just going to be HUO.

They're fairly cheap and an easy install right?

I saw a game out in the wild today, and definitely noticed chipping at those posts.

Quoted from darkryder:

I swapped out the skinny sling posts for standard clear starposts and covered up the chipping playfield damage caused by the loose lower left post. I used blue loctite when reinstalling the larger posts and then played about 10 games straight. My LE is finally dialed in perfectly after fixing one issue after another for months. This is one fun and very challenging game when everything is working properly. I could only muster 1.4M tonight, not even close to my GC 2.4M score. The game plays perfectly with the regular star posts, no concerns with swapping them out if you so desire. Time to order some more Mod Couple mods
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Did you put washers back down after replacing these or just the star posts?

#6286 2 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Must be new packaging, my game was delivered a month ago and didn’t have the wrap around the whole game or the legs on top. I’m 0 for 2 on having Jack sign my games, guess I pick bad days to buy lol.

I kinda thought he signed all of these off the line, like newborns.

#6316 2 years ago

I've got what might seem like a daft question.

I'd watched an unboxing video of POTC a few weeks back, and saw some thin gray foam that this one guy placed between the legs and cabinet when he bolted them in. I figured it was just there for packing, but he used it. It was shaped in the form of the top of the leg bracket.

I've never seen those in any other unboxing video of any game prior. Anyone have any info on this...?

#6321 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Those are felt protectors to go between the legs and cabinet.

Oh awesome, thank you! So I'm guessing your game came with them too? Is this a JJP addition or does Stern do them too? I didn't have one with Houdini.

#6365 2 years ago

I think you can also get these at hardware stores too. They look like nylon washers. Good tips!

Man, moving pinball tables is always frightening stuff. They can be so unwieldy on a dolly, and wheel size seems to be integral for higher level steps too.

I think this is not my Pirate Ghost typing this from either the grave....or the hospital. Yet!

#6393 2 years ago
Quoted from Raptor:

I don't have a photo of the issue.
The monitor sits lower on the right side causing part of the grey monitor frame to be seen at the top right of the clear window in the backglass.
Here is my solution, the yellow blocks between the monitor and bottom of the backbox prop the monitor up and hold it level.
The one on the left isn't strictly necessary, but assures the monitor is sitting level.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Mine came in today, and is a 1/21/19 build. Definite monitor sag on the right.

#6396 2 years ago
Quoted from Axl:

Regarding the monitor sag
I would definitely go with the mod couple descriptions. Skip the wood blocks and do it right. Adjust the places where you are supposed to adjust.
Just my 2 cents.

Quoted from zaphX:

I second that. I’ll also add, I had an initial sag and it went right away just by seating the monitor in the latches well.

Thanks guys! Yeah, I read Yelobird's suggestion earlier today, and had a post bookmarked by another user nearly a month ago that echoed the same notion.

I'll check tomorrow, I'm on fumes tonight after about 2-3 hours sleep, waiting on this sucker being delivered today, and getting it in and set up. I'll give it a solid onesover tomorrow, past the external ooh and aww. Today kicked my arse in, small dolly wheels had me knocked on my ass going up maybe foot high steps, and pinned by this monster pin. Thought my right lower leg was near snapping in the process...

Full night's rest, more oohing and awing tomorrow. These things are beasts, but damn so pretty.

#6421 2 years ago

Anyone have an issue with the playfield not quite meeting the hooks on the apron? I'm maybe a cm off, and I've tried adjust cables in the back too.

15540192697714961631428236040717 (resized).jpg
#6423 2 years ago
Quoted from FryDaddy:

Did you remove the foam block from the back of the cabinet.

Yes.... The one with the screw, and all other foam too.

My friend and I even checked the back box to make sure no wires were obstructing.

15540201348546163412464098832146 (resized).jpg

20190331_043834 (resized).jpg
#6425 2 years ago
Quoted from screaminr:

Was it hooked in properly before you lifted the Playfield or has it always been like that

Yes it was.

20190331_023944 (resized).jpg
#6428 2 years ago

Now that I think of it, when I pulled it up initially at the apron, the joints connected in the apron seemed really snug into the brackets.

#6429 2 years ago

Lifted the playfield again, finally got them set again.

Anyone know why these might be so snug???

#6432 2 years ago

The one on the right is fine, left is super snug.

20190331_051156 (resized).jpg
#6434 2 years ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Adjust the receiver


Anyone ever have a misaligned or bent lockdown bar? I removed the sticky foam even, and can only lock one side down. The metal tabs seem bent? The one on the right isn't flush/parallel with the one on the left. And I have the glass as far up as I can go.

Even turning the coin box key takes a firm turn upward to lock.

I have no.visible cabinet or box damage. Not sure why there are these front end, very basic mechanical issues...

Thanks everyone for your advice. I'm off to bed for now.

20190331_055326 (resized).jpg
#6450 2 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Did you try adjusting the screws circled in the pic?
[quoted image]

Quoted from zaphX:

wesman both my playfields are snug - I press forward on it at the LCD area to drop it in.
For the lockbar the brass screws are the fix - I’d reapply that foam if you kept it, myself.

I just loosened them up quite a bit, and the left bar keeps hitting the glass. Am I supposed to jiggle anything underneath to adjust after loosening the screws?

20190331_112913 (resized).jpg20190331_112849 (resized).jpg
#6454 2 years ago

I really wonder if this lockdown bar has vent tabs. I can get one side in or the other hits the glass. The screws are basically out..

And I also have wood flaking on the right side of the cabinet near there too. I wonder if something was jammed hard at some point?

Very vexing, and I have to head out for work.

20190331_113813 (resized).jpg20190331_113809 (resized).jpg20190331_114229 (resized).jpg
#6455 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Whoa, holy crap, screw those back down! THey aren’t supposed to be raised like that. They adjust the tightness of the lockbar on each side, and if one is different you can get a bit of a wobble from the bar. It’s a little bit tweaky and requires back and forth adjustment.
When I say adjustment I mean a turn or two, not spin the screw all the way out of the rig

Oh they...were...screwed all the way down. Still wasn't working.

#6456 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

First of all you need to slide the glass ALL the way up into the top channel of the playfield. Sometimes you need to Gently push down on the top center of the glass to slide it in on most games. Second, those brass screws are way to far out in my opinion. They simply apply drag to the sliding lock bar so it locks securely. Sometimes you simply need to push down on the lock bar when locking to compress the beer seal (foam rubber).

This is as far as it goes up...

15540474201001339580733228120580 (resized).jpg15540474440766488978091005568761 (resized).jpg
#6457 2 years ago

Okay, that FINALLY went down. But I've never had to spend nearly an hour, together last night and this AM, adjusting a lock down bar. And I had to remove the foam of both metal brackets. Could this be bent???

Thanks for all the tips everyone!

#6458 2 years ago

Scratch that. Now the yellow bar itself won't reset enough to allow the door to close. This is......... nuts. This is way too bent to get both brackets down.

#6460 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I’m guessing the brass screws are too tight which is not allowing the yellow lockbar full travel.

They're still a bit looser than they were at first.

Do those tabs on the lockdown bar look off to you? The actual one's that hook in. The smaller rectangular brackets that are supposed to hold the glass, don't seem to be able to seat themselves against the glass, it's either one side or the other, but both can't slide down to brace the glass.

#6462 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

They don't brace the glass, the glass simply rests against the edge of that angle. Take your time, don't get frustrated. This is the same lock mech used for Many years on thousands of games. I suspect you may have over adjusted stuff and now you need to bring it back to correct. You need to Slowly tighten the brass screws till you feel drag on the yellow handle lock then stop! Maybe back it off just a bit. Also make sure both screws are about equal in height. Finally, make sure you are pushing the glass Up while putting the bar on as it tends to slide down while installing due to gravity. Take your time grasshopper! Might be time for one of #LTG s illustration videos.

Oh yeah, I'm definitely pushing up, and trying to hold it there while placing the bar. Do those brackets look bent on the bar itself at all?

Thanks again.

Oh, and that's definitely the issue here, as in those smaller metal brackets aren't able to both slide down to be against the glass, one keeps hitting the glass, the other side isn't. That's why I wonder if anything is bent...

#6470 2 years ago
Quoted from anathematize:

in the same room as the bed?
on another note... how is the noise for your neighbors? i've always been hesitant to bring a machine into my condo because I don't want to be 'that guy.'

It's a rollout pinball table....with cushion!

#6478 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

As I would not be able to guess if its bent not being there I would have to question, the bar was On the machine when you set it up so unless it was dropped I would not mess with it. I suspect you are just missing something as when you take something apart then it won't go back together the issue is usually in the later. Adjusting screws or bending anything is not something I would start with personally.

Well, did some problem solving tonight after work! I was wary about the lockbar, but after trying again to press the glass further in, I decided to bend the tabs just a wee bit, and voila...it snapped in! I still needed to have both foam pads removed, but there's no issue without them!

I checked a bit further, wondering why the glass wasn't sliding further in, and found, and subsequently pulled, this Rogue Staple! There were no others prominent or visible like this, so I pulled it, though the glass wouldn't press further up even without it.

I then noticed some feint streaks, and saw these side cabinet corner wires peaking up and over the cabinet. I cleaned the glass, and the streaks they made aaaaaaall the way up both sides, were still there, seemingly scratches.

Then I was looking into why the playfield hangers might be super snug, and read up on a thread about Metallica playfields having that issue, and found some users stating proper levelling might be the issue. Voila again, I'm at 6.0 instead of 6.5, with the casters all the way down, on all legs.

So I went to adjust using my Harbor Freight lift cart, then saw these screws bored all the way through the bottom of the cabinet. Figured I'd ask if anyone else had these like this, before jacking it up and possibly driving them up in a negative way.

Oh well, that's all of my Pinballing for the night...

And I also seem to be missing my User's Manual CD, as well as the screws and covers for the topper.

Quoted from RPZ:

I had the same issue, right one would go down and left one would hit the glass every time, had to take foam out and bent left one back a little. Now it goes in every time without a problem. I didn’t touch the 2 brass screws at all.

Quoted from mrs_mezelmods:

Not yet- will probably take about 2 weeks minimum.

I'd be in for one for sure! I was looking the other night on that site, and noticed I couldn't import it, so I'd be very appreciative to buy one! Especially since I've yet to install my Cliffy's, which I figure would work quite well while installing this!

20190331_223035 (resized).jpg20190331_224408 (resized).jpg20190331_224416 (resized).jpg20190331_233434 (resized).jpg20190331_233416 (resized).jpg
#6483 2 years ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

Hey guys,
Great thread!
Honestly, there’s just almost too much to read here.
I should have my CE this week and just hoping I’m one of the fortunate ones in terms of issues as this is my FIRST pin and what a pin it is!
I did not know that they decided to do away with the 3-part spinning disc and I’m curious if mine will have it.
I assume so, but that’s based on the assumption that the CEs were manufactured first, but maybe that’s accurate.
I’m intrigued about replacing the rings and what not on the Black Pearl w/ the Titanium rubbers, but I’m so new to this I honestly don’t even know what I just said.
Also, when I looked at Cliffy’s, I didn’t see anything for this game so not sure if I just didn’t see it or it’s out of stock or what.
Anyways...thanks for listening!

4 down. Email him directly. . He's s great guy!


Nope. Just the one disk, on every version.

I'm on .98, haven't tried to update yet though. Seems that's the latest. 1.0 seems to be coming in the near future.


#6488 2 years ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

4 down?
Oh...it’s just the one disc “on all of them”?
I played a CE on location and I thought it was 3 independent discs.
Maybe I just don’t understand it.
Thanks for the lightning fast response!

Four games down, on Cliffy's page there. The first link.

Just one disc.

Quoted from Axl:

Did you slide out the glass with the brass screws all the way out? That would scratch the glass.

They are like that from the factory.

Oh no... Not the brass screws, it's the fiber metallic wire in the bottom corner of the cabinet. Oops. Forgot to post those in my deluge!

Well, at least those screws on the bottom of the cab are normal then! Thank you.

Here's the fuzzy wire and scrapes.

20190331_231407 (resized).jpg20190331_232402 (resized).jpg
#6491 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Thats just the games ground braid. And the line along the edge of the glass is from sliding inside of the channel. One comment from your previous post. This game is NOT Houdini. You will not have much fun nor do I think it will play well at 6 degrees. Needs to be more like 7 degrees. Finally, yes it is true leveling is important on these game and if not correct because they weigh a Ton especially the playfield the cabinet can rack a bit. With that said, they are referring to the Complete level of the game not just the pitch of the playfield. You also need to make sure left to right both top and bottom are Also level.

Ooooh! So you have this too? That's at least a relief!

I need to work on leveling and waxing maybe tomorrow, then give it a few tries before waiting on my Cliffy's.

I definitely love the acceleration of the game's multiballs, so a higher pitch sounds good for sure!

How much do you tighten the legs, with these felt liners it definitely feels different, a bit wobbly, compared to Houdini. Which it was fantastic raising this playfield with ease and grace... ironically only to not be able to close the thing up!

Thanks for the suggestions!

20190331_232410 (resized).jpg
#6539 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Eh, I used what was dirt-simple for me at the time. Honestly I wanted to put all this on pinwiki but they never “approved” my login to do so.
I’m moving this week and I will do something first-class with it after I get moved.

No need to push yourself while getting a move in! I'm sure many have said it here before, but you, and many in this thread, do an amazing job helping spread info and advice.

Quoted from PinMonk:

If you pull and release on the shooter with no ball, does the autoplunger bracket tick forward (it's being hit by the shooter rod)?

Mine might. Is that an issue if it does?

#6546 2 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

It retards the energy of the rod, so it can be an issue. Either your shooter rod was installed too high or the playfield hanger hooks are bending. Hogbog said this (hooks bending from the weight of the PF) is fixed (it was a real problem on Hobbit and Dialed In), but I'm not so sure, because I think the jjPotC here is starting to have the same issue.

Just plunged half a dozen times. No movement. Phew!

Glad to hear all that info from everyone though!

#6549 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

I was simply offering Wesman a simple answer to a simple question. No sense creating a possible worrisome issue that’s not really there. I felt bad watching the dozen posts dismantling the lock bar only to find a simple bad staple. I recall he went through some troubles with Houdini so I suspect he’s not a seasons pinball tech just yet. In time yes, for now it’s best to not over analize mechanics and make fun complicated. Just my thought hoping to see a Pirates owner simply enjoy the game not diagnos it.

No worries on either side. I'm at the point where I'm realizing pinball tables are organic beasts. I've bookmarked possible issues and solutions for the past month or more in this thread alone, all in preparation of receiving this game. It's a weird hobby where unless you're willing to let a game sit with issues and get dusty, or pay someone however many buckos an hour, you have to be ready to learn, and take some lumps.

Multiple times, I've had am issue arise, felt utterly defeated and like this renting a game for $1 was the better solution, but upon asking questions, researching, and being patient I've overcome most issues so far, and that frustration has melted and turned into a sense of pride I don't often have in my daily life.

And oddly, that staple wasn't affecting the glass, but bending the lockdown bar helped immediately. One never knows a solution until it's explored, and often understood through the eyes of someone more experienced. Which...folks like you both help exceedingly in that regard!

Quoted from PinMonk:

I understand the why, and I'm down with that in a PM direct to him, but as a general post other people will read it and have the wrong idea. Just trying to keep the information strictly true.

I appreciate everyone's help. I basically assume some issues might be present now or in the future, so listening and checking and learning is always a priority for me.

#6555 2 years ago

Is there a reason why the attract music would cut off after about 2-3 seconds of playing? I'll adjust the volume on the outside volume control, then it cuts off fairly quickly.

I also have a noticeable electric hum when play isn't active from the speakers in the head.

#6557 2 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Ground loop isolator is what you need to get rid of the hum. Dirt cheap, but I think JJP will send you one if you call tech support.

Oh excellent! That sounds familiar from this thread! I'm missing a manual cd, and topper plugs and screws also. Should I contact my distributor for all of these or JJP tech support?

Would this be causing the attract audio cut out also?

#6594 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Just a small heads up for owners. The inside corners of the lockdown bar does not have mylar applied which if you are not careful can lead to scratching of the powder coat on the side rails. JJP was applying mylar to the corners of lockdown bars on some or all of their past games, not sure why they stopped with Pirates. I cut a few pieces of mylar and applied it to my lockdown bar today.

Would you be able to take photos of where you applied mylar?

Quoted from gliebig:

Nevermind. Mine was on. But I do t recall hearing it do anything.

Yeah, I was just told up above there is no attract music. Weird.

#6599 2 years ago
Quoted from heni1977:

So my attract sound and music is on. I do get the Gibbs speech every now and then when you push a flipper. Still no music though.
I am still running the .96 code so I am guessing I need to update a little!!!
So then is the music come on when the JJP logo comes on?
Is it the same music the is in the sound check in test mode?

I'm at .98, and had the JJP logo kick on once, but not a second time.

#6603 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Here ya go, used another pic in this thread. Apply it to the inside corner or the lockdown bar up to the edge.
[quoted image]

Anyone know where the Ground Loop Isolator is located?

I'm guessing this is a DVI connector, versus the HDMI from initial models, correct?

20190402_233533 (resized).jpg
#6605 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

The ground loop isolator is a square box along the right edge of the backbox.
Yes that’s a DVI connector, you have the best monitor!

I was just going to say, I thought this was an issue when I opened it, the cable is slightly disconnected.

Oh that's nice! I figured since this was late January it might be. Is there a way to adjust settings on the monitor while I'm back here?

Might be the best, but it's definitely saggy.

Nope, that was connected fine! Is there a specific spot to check to see if the soundcard is connected appropriately? I have a solid buzz while the game is active.
20190402_231711 (resized).jpg20190402_234158 (resized).jpg

#6607 2 years ago
Quoted from BC_Gambit:

This is a noob question; when picking up this game is there a side the cardboard box can lay on when transporting (other than the bottom ); or is that a no-no?
Basically, if you know where the bottom of the game is, can it ride like that in the box home, or will that somehow damage something? (e.g. due to the cab laying on packing materials, stuff sliding, I don't know...)

You'll see a side that says "truck this side only". You're good to lay that down on that side, and also use a dolly on that side.

#6610 2 years ago
Quoted from BC_Gambit:

Thank you both. Lloyd you are a legend for a reason!
And Wesman you are pretty good too

Lloyd is the man!!! Truly I am not worthy!

Feel free to PM me with any new user questions. I've been learning and listening for the past six months. Many people on here are often very courteous and willing, and much more informed, than myself.

tenor (2) (resized).png
#6643 2 years ago
Quoted from GnarLee:

I figured it out. I did have the shipping block removed. The left wire loom was hitting back of dauntless bracket. Did not think anything of it when I first pulled playfield as loom was nicely tucked in corner. Evidently there is not enough clearence there and loom needed to be pushed towards the middle. Now playfield slides in nice, but still not sitting right on hanger (right side sits properly left side there is a 1mm gap)

I had the same issue for nearly two hours Saturday night. I tried to look at photos to see where those wire looms had been, but really couldn't tell which way would help. I'll note and try this next time. Thank you for your input!

Is it making it in the slots at least?

#6820 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I’m about to try some that I bought from Amazon along with star posts from PBL. Links are in the fixes doc.

Let us know how that goes, and take a few photos too!

Do the posts just screw in and out with a nut driver? Haven't done mine yet.

Oh, and do the washers just need to fit the size of the star post base or over extend it also?

#6829 2 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

C-131 of the manual.......

These'll work for the 3 main?

Product Code: CS-FLIP-BK
Availability: In Stock

#6846 2 years ago
Quoted from arzoo:

I'm sure this has been mentioned in one of the six thousand eight hundred and forty three posts in this thread, but regarding cliffy protectors, along with the kit designed for POTC, I would also recommend the universal slot protectors for under the wire-form inlane drops. http://www.passionforpinball.com/switchslot.htm

From what I know, Cliffy is now adding slot protectors with his POTC set.

#6876 2 years ago

Which size did you choose?

Quoted from AUKraut:

Seriously, this is for all POTC owners or other JJP pin owners: if you have not looked thru the manual (CD, PDF, or print), you owe it to yourself to take a good look thru it. It is the standard all other pin manuals should be judged by, there is a HUGE wealth of information in it, down to the smallest details with some awesome diagrams and pictures.

I would but mine is missing in my LE.... Gotta call my distro!

Quoted from AUKraut:

Here is my JJPOTC Titan order to convert all the flipper rubbers and Black pearl rubbers to Titans. I always buy a spare of each, and I also picked up some cabinet protectors for the flipper buttons (not needed for CEs):
Product Name Model Quantity Price Total
Titan Competition Silicone Rings
- Ring Size: Flipper Ring - Standard
- Ring Color: Red CS-FLIP-RD 5 $1.45 $7.25
Titan Competition Silicone Rings
- Ring Size: 7/16 Inch ID
- Ring Color: Black CS-716ID-BK 3 $0.80 $2.40
Titan Competition Silicone Rings
- Ring Size: 1 1/2 Inch ID
- Ring Color: Black CS-112ID-BK 3 $1.17 $3.51
Titan Competition Silicone Rings
- Ring Size: 3/8 O.D.
- Ring Color: Black CS-3D-BK 3 $0.68 $2.04 (should say C S - 3 8 O D - B K....damn emoji!)
Titan Competition Silicone Rings
- Ring Size: Flipper Ring - Mini
- Ring Color: Black CS-FLIPMINI-BK 4 $1.12 $4.48
Clear Cabinet Flipper Button Protector - Pair Cab Button Protector-Pair 1 $4.38 $4.38

This includes backup's for the slings as well, I'm assuming?

Quoted from LTG:

Nut driver, or quarter drive deep well sockets.
LTG : )

Thank you Lloyd!

#6877 2 years ago
Quoted from PinPeet:

I removed the Pearl today to solve all the switch problems and found out that the wires
Were broken off. I soldered them on and gave the wirelooms some space by cutting the tie-rips(?). Everything was pulling on the movement of the ship so the wires had no chance.
It took me some time but with the help from the video I felt I could do it. Its not easy and I found the rearranging part at the end the most difficult. When everything was off I took the moment to attach the Cliffy’s! After I had the Pearl back on and realized I forgot about that, so I could take all the wires out and start over again
Thanks for the protectors Passion for Pinball!! Great fit!!
Other problem:
The right spinner on the pearl was not registering and I found out that the black opto holder was broken so the optos did not align. I had no spare so I cut of a swich blade and with some strong glue I managed to make it work and strong enough to be able to align.
I hope I can get an new one somewhere but I have never seen these before.
Anybody know where to get them?
So, attaching the Pearl was a bit harder because of the ramp. But at the end all switches are working!! Really happy about that!!
Game on!
Thanks for all the tips and guidelines!
[quoted image][quoted image]

Which tie-rips did you cut specifically?

#6882 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

You download the manual from the JJP website. I believe only the CE models came with a manual.

Quoted from Pinballomatic:

Correct - printed manuals for CE only on pirates

Oh, I know.... I mean the manual on CD isn't in my game.

I'll most likely print out the manual via Fedex Kinko's, and buy the JJP print copy later too, just for shits and giggles, along with extra plastics and stickers when they're available again.

#6905 2 years ago
Quoted from GnarLee:

Spent about an hour on the phone with JJP today. Was very helpful. Should have 2 replacement boards in the mail and a couple leds. Hopefully this will get me to 95% and I can concentrate on tweaking and dialing in.

Whom did you speak with? (Just curious in case I need to call for a couple of issues)

That sounds pretty effective for sure!

#6906 2 years ago

Maybe a daft question here, has anyone installed the Cliffy's for the Depths? Do you just pull the flipper forward and snap it in or remove screws?

#6910 2 years ago
Quoted from GnarLee:

your thingking of bayou hole under flipper. No cliffy there looks like there is factory protection for that one depths hole is far left that feed p in pirate

Oh you're right!

Okay, has anyone put a Cliffy on for the Depths?

#6922 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinzzz:

Yup, you can see it on the lip of “The Depths” hole. It’s under the Playfield protector...
[quoted image]

Oh, nice work! Did you have to loosen or uninstall much to get it in there?

How do you like your playfield protector? Was that a factory installation or your own?

#6931 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinzzz:

Just slide it in from the top. a little thin 3M double face tape on the inner Cliffy, would be a good idea.
JJP doesn’t install playfield protectors on POTC. so, you’ll have to do it yourself, or pay a tech to do it. I like the protection they give.

Best news I heard today, regarding that Cliffy! Other than Kaneda's and Joe's fun time at JJP today! Thank you!

#6949 2 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Your target ship is probably hanging on the wire loom behind the game. Unless you shift that over a smidge, you'll keep getting that error.

Do you shift your looms towards the center, around the rear "blade" edges of the two ships? I have a feeling that was my issue resting the playfield back in. I kind of wish they had set channels or brackets to be held within, to some degree.

#6951 2 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I think I pulled mine towards the center. It hasn't errored since.

Good advice! I figured the corners was where I should go, and I think the Dauntless was blocking safe passage. Bastards.....

#6967 2 years ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

Installed my Cliffys today. Thanks to all those who posted advise and pictures on how to do it. One thing I would add is when reinstalling the ship it was a real pain until I just took off the Black Pearl ramp. It's literally three screws and made it that much easier.
I would even say they do that first. It probably would make removal easier also

Congratulations! The Buffalo Pinball stream the other night recommended that as well, loosening the ramp.

Was Tortuga Tom fairly easy? Thankfully the Depths seems to snap in. Mine arrives Monday!

Did you have any chipping damage yet when you got in there and looked about?

#6970 2 years ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

Installing the Cliffy's around the tortuga hole. Underneath the bracket and the post looks like this. Almost like they cleared the play field with that stuff on it? Much like the slingshots were
[quoted image]

I guess it's just surrounded with mylar?

#6983 2 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Just did this swap this morning, using the Hex Standoffs from McMaster the yelobird referenced, some 1/2" 8-32 screws, lock washers, and some blue locktite. The firing alignment is 100% perfect now, if you miss you either miss high or low, no longer missing to the back of the Dauntless.
Couple other items of note while back there:
- I would not use 1/4" diameter standoffs (which are easier to find) than the 5/16" diameter standoffs. I do not think they are thick enough to keep the ship straight, as the weight of the lower dauntless totally are on the standoffs.
- I added some additional felt tape behind the backboard on both of the aluminum channels behind the Dauntless. The wire from the Dauntless switch can rub against both of them back there and fray.

Are those the blades of metal that you have to adjust the wire looms around?

#6993 2 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Here is a pic of the pieces of metal behind the Dauntless I put felt on showing the wires that can rub:
[quoted image]
...and now that I look at the pic the hole thru the shaft for the wire could use a grommet as well!

Yeah that was a good idea! Did you place it on each side of the aluminum blade?

Does anyone know the format size of the manual? Is it legal size? I'm going to try and print it out for reference before delving in deeper.

#7029 2 years ago

You have to remove a good bit of the playfield parts to install that. Not something I'm up for personally, being fairly new to this. Cliffy's can be challenging enough.

Have you waxed things up so far?

Edit:. You said playfield but linked plastics, did you mean plastic protectors I'm guessing? If so, definitely doable for someone new.

This is the playfield protector.


#7054 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Can't recall what thread I read it in but someone said JJP pins are designed to have the leg casters all the way in as on a perfectly leveled surface that is 6.5 degrees? From there then adjust as needed. Haven't tried that yet but considering it.

The manual states that, and for me all level is at 6.0. So definitely check.

#7056 2 years ago
Quoted from heni1977:

Front legs all the way in
Back legs raised to meet second line
4 ft level across
And i am

How flush do these legs get with the felt? This is my first felty game, and I was really afraid of over tightening.

#7082 2 years ago

Well, I'm thinking my issues trying to get the playfield hooks into the apron has to do with the apron being offset itself and shifted, and one of the service rails being misaligned.

There is also the insulation wire running underneath the right side of the hanger assembly which is pressing the entire right side of the receiver away from being flush against the cabinet.

The apron has a gap against the playfield, and along with the gap from the wire being underneath the hanger assembly, everything is shifted askew and isn't allowing the playfield hangers to meet the assembly

Has anyone encountered anything like this at all? I've spent 2-3 hours total just trying to reseat the playfield twice. Now it's just sitting there open until my shift from work is done.

20190409_062426 (resized).jpg20190409_062521 (resized).jpg20190409_063959 (resized).jpg20190409_064337 (resized).jpg20190409_063008 (resized).jpg20190409_062958 (resized).jpg
#7092 2 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

This reminds me to mention that it turns out you can't shim the Pirates playfield to fix the shooter rod hitting the auto launch top piece and fix shooter issues because the hooks on pirates attach from the TOP. I went to fix the issues on the one we have here and realized that. So bending the hooks back down then the ends out slightly is the only option. Also, these bent pretty easily, so I don't think the bending problem from playfield weight is fixed. These are very slightly reinforced as compared to prior hooks, but the metal still seems too soft, and the reinforcement doesn't resist the bending much.

I wish "just" bending would fix my issue. I have alignment issues on multiple parts.

#7095 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I’m having an alignment issue myself with the shooter contacting the autoplunger. I tried moving the shooter down as far as it would go, but it still contacts unless I rotate it slightly right which is not acceptable to me. I will look at the hooks, perhaps a bit of padding such that the playfield lays down slightly higher will do the trick?
I’m planning to mess with it more when I get home this afternoon.

Feel free to post photos. I'd like to see how things lie/are supposed to lie. I wish I could see another table upfront to note differences.

I've seen several people discuss the shooter having alignment issues.

#7100 2 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

It's not really an alignment issue in most cases I've seen. It's essentially playfield sag, lowering the top of the auto launcher into the path of the shooter rod, robbing it of energy. Bent the hooks, problem solved, just like Hobbit and Dialed In.

I wish my issue was just brushing the shooter rod. I can't wedge the hooks back in at all, no matter how I adjust the angle, press backwards, or shift the wire looms. The apron itself, for me, looks misaligned/not flush at all.

#7104 2 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Your left hook looks like it's mis-mounted. It's WAY too far left. The gap on the left side of the left hook should be about the same as the right, but you have NO GAP, which is why you're probably having problems getting it to rest correctly. Unfortunately the hooks are t-nutted into the PF, so moving them is no simple task.

That's what I was figuring. The apron isn't flush against the shooter lane either. And even my right hook doesn't look flush with the playfield, it's sagging a bit. All of this would explain why I can't seat the playfield at all, yet alone with ease, and also having lockdown bar issues. I had to entirely remove the styrofoam braces just to let that sit against the glass.

Thank you for your thoughts.

#7108 2 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Styrofoam "braces"? You mean the foam shipping blocks? Those are supposed to be removed. Did you take ALL of them out? From the manual:[quoted image]

I meant foam, as in the sticky tape under the lockdown bar.

All of the packing foam is removed. I was installing the map Cliffy's last night. Those are all long gone.

#7124 2 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

The two pieces of foam that go on the "prongs" came off the second time I put the lockdown bar on, and I never put them back on. The long piece is beer seal to trap out liquids and should stay on as it's an important function.

I'm only referencing that to illustrate I've had a few issues. I'd like that foam on there for protection, but I can't even place it due to not having a proper gap for the bar's prongs.

I'd imagine whatever overall alignment issues I have are cumulative, and are affecting that entire region in a few ways.

I haven't even played a ball yet either...

#7131 2 years ago
Quoted from BC_Gambit:

Can you loosen the nuts and remove the screws from the lock down bar reciever and move it to the left slightly?
Did that to a friend's Woz and it took very little time and solved his lock down bar issue.
Tighten the nuts after and maybe reinstall the screws obviously . And make sure the lockdown bar still fits

I'm going to have to try that later tonight. Past that, and I don't think I have many options left.

I'm concerned that the wiring is pushing the right side out rather than being flush.

Quoted from GnarLee:

Did you move the loom from the left of the machine towards the middle. Once I did that my playfield went in much easier and the not sitting properly on hanger went away.

I did that quite a bit, after reading your suggestion, and someone else the other day. No luck unfortunately.... Thank you though!

PSX_20190409_175436 (resized).jpg
#7148 2 years ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

And I assume it would be easier with a nut driver set? Need to pick that up tonight.
Also, there's black tubing or w/e zip tied on the left side. I almost feel like when the playfield is down that maybe it's inteferring?
I can get the playfield down where the hooks are off a few inches and the switch will "sometimes" trigger .. when the playfield is fully seated, it is definitely 0% triggered.

A few more inches???

Get Klein magnetic nut drivers. Available quickly on amazon. Or any magnetic ones really.

#7151 2 years ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

Yea I just meant where the hooks aren't seated properly. Like the hooks are above the slots if that makes sense?
So "definitely" magnetic, yea?
The magnetism won't cause any ill effects on the table I take it.
Thanks for this!

A few inches or millimeters?

Klein Tools 647M Magnetic Nut Driver Set, 6-Inch Shafts, 7-Piece amazon.com link »

I cheaped out at first, got non magnetic ones, tried to magnetize them. Didn't work so well. Tried these last night for the first time, and they're awesome!

#7162 2 years ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Sure would be nice if there was a separate JJP POTC tech issues thread. This club thread seems to be dominated by repeated issues - many of them from owners new to the hobby.
Doesn't make for lively gameplay/strategy discussions and leaves others with the impression that JJP POTC is nothing but problems.
Just sayin'.

I understand and agree, but sadly the game does seem to have production issues here and there. I hoped I'd get "lucky" and wasn't so far...

Quoted from Yelobird:

I’m only Asking but wasn’t the Playfield in the game with lock bar and seal complete when you received the game? Prior to disassembly to install Cliffys etc? I always ask this as my go to service protocol is “what is the last thing you did” when troubleshooting odd issues.

I know you asked this before, and I'm not entirely sure about the lockbar. It was in plastic, and I assume so. I went back and looked at photos after you'd mentioned that, and couldn't see much sadly... I took CSI level crime scene numbers to help prevent such quandaries. I do remember the playfield being fairly stiff coming out the first time, that's about it...

Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Very nice! I want the 3" set to get into some smaller spaces yet they are $20-$25 more then the 6" set, what gives? lol

I wonder how much 1" sets would cost!?!

#7183 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Currently have the ship off to install the map Cliffy protectors, going well. With the mini playfield off I was wondering if it would be worth it to mylar the chapter select magnet area? Think its needed?

Good luck putting it back on. Those eyelets are real ballbusters, and something no one stated....which makes sense....but when you get the ship mounted again, and it's rocking well, as soon as you place the arm behind the back of the cabinet back on, it will lock up. I did that a few times thinking I did something wrong. Finally figured it was because the motor would be engaged by the arm at that point.

Oh, and lemme know how you get that bastard rear nut off the plastic behind the trunk. I used a wrench for like twenty minutes...