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#675 1 year ago

I got my potcle tonight. I have 4 different issues and a question. 1. When engaging left flipper in a game (upper or lower) it makes a clang or metal on metal sound compared to when the right flipper is used (which sounds like a normal flipper in any other pinball game. 2. My topper does not light up. Traced the wires back and it’s plugged in and reseated. Still nothing. 3. Sometimes release for the balls in the chest. It will leave 1 ball in and then not be able to find it even with ball search. The chest ball release is not always releasing it, even in testing, but the mech seems all put together fine. 4. After 10 games of 3 players, my left flipper on the ship will not move. It is stuck in the resting or down position.

Any help with these would be greatly appreciated. Last, a question. Where are the back legs suppose to be according to JJP? I have fronts all the way down and now backs all the way up. (Steepest)

#695 1 year ago
Quoted from BrianBannon:

On my game, the left flipper on the ship would bind up, too. Flipper bat was installed too tight with no play between the flipper crank and bushing so I loosened it up and adjusted the flipper bat so it had some up/down play in it.

Did you have to remove the upper playfield to do this? If so, all the way? Or just the pin?

#718 1 year ago

Approximately where are your back legs set to put the game where JJP recommends? My game currently has the front legs all the way down and back ALLLLLL the way up so that no bolt is showing. Is the proper height approx 3/4 down? 1/2 down? 1/3 down? etc. would love to see a photo of the games back leg bolts set up at the correct height according to JJP where the bubble just touches the second line. mine is currently halfway past the 4th line or so. heh. Game plays very fast.

#725 1 year ago
Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

The new JJP games (Dialed In and newer) are designed so the game sits at 6.5 degrees with the leg levelers all the way in on all four legs (so, flat to the ground). This is what the game is intended to be at. You can adjust from there for level and to your preference, but if you crank the back legs up it's going to be way too steep.

It may be way too steep, but it plays like a freaking standard body dream at that height. I have had no actual game issues at this tilt. I was just curious what the standard "bubble right at 2nd line" height was.

#728 1 year ago
Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

Surprised you aren't having issues hitting the ramps with it that steep, seems like the ramp up to the ship would be really tough with it cranked up that high!

Haven’t been having any issues oddly enough. I moved the left flipper up 1 and right flipper up 2 from current code standard. But from what I have read on here. It seems most people are moving the right flipper up even at regular leg height.

#735 1 year ago

I started with WOZ, which I guess wasn’t at 6.5 when the legs were all flat and so since then I have put my dialed in, and now potc with front legs all the way down and backs all the way up. Boosting the left flipper up 1 and right up 2 on potc makes the ramps very makeable on potc. On woz, I only needed to adjust the upper left flipper up 2 to make it into the castle doors. It doesn’t cause any of games issues to do this. I don’t think that this minor adjustment is a negative compared to the huge positive of how fast and smooth it plays at this level of tilt imo. I recommend it to all of you. just a small FYI, and something that some of you may wanna try out, or not.

Pinside user Skyemont can attest to have fast and smooth it plays like this. I believe everyone enjoyed playing it. Definitely does not feel like a typical slow widebody.

#737 1 year ago
Quoted from tonycip:

I have one as well, I'm thinking not just a loose led...but maybe the way its driven power issue? waiting to hear what they tell you..

I hope fix is an easy adjustment. I have 1 lamp that is not like the others.

#741 1 year ago
Quoted from homebrood:

We really need powered self adjusting leg levelers that you can adjust from an app.
So we can bitch about trying to fix the darn things! LOL never mind!

Self adjusting leg levelers that use a phone app that you place on the PF, which you could then set to any degree angle WOULD BE A FANTASTIC INVENTION.

#743 1 year ago
Quoted from DylanFan71:

I took kevinbuffalo advice and bought a digital level. You need an extra person but once PoTC was level and at a 6.5 angle, it plays so smooth.

Plays really smooth at 9+ as well lol. It will play that way again once I fix the stupid flipper. Grrr flipper binding!

#745 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Hi, im Skyemont.. Yes, even w/ the leg levels all the way up in the back the game played very well. Hit the ramp shots w/ no problem. We even lost the ball several times due to speed and trying to collect gold.

The darned gold collecting helped up drain on MORE than one occasion! lol.

#754 1 year ago

Okay! So I had my best game tonight followed by continued issues

1. My upper Playfield left flipper works totally fine for about half a game when I first turn on the machine then it stop working in the down position. I have looked at the mech and it all appears normal and has up and down play in the mech so it’s not binding. I’m stumped. Once it stops flipping it won’t start again until I turn off the machine, give it a while and then play again.

2. The chest mechanism is also intermittently working. Meaning I can put three balls in and it will release into the MB and or sometimes not. Then randomly it seems, it stops releasing the ball. In coil testing it doesn’t release. You can hear it fire, you see it trying but the magnet isn’t pulling the release. Also stumped :sigh:

I’m a new owner and I don’t know how to work on all this stuff... this is really frustrating.

51493FD1-0617-4BEB-B6B9-253E45976F5A (resized).jpeg
#756 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

Check if the relay is loose behind the chest.
LTG : )

I can see the mech, what does that relay look like?

Any ideas on the flipper?

#758 1 year ago

When I push in the flipper button slowly one goes green and then the next goes green. When I just turned it back on all 3 left Flippers work perfectly fine. then I keep hitting the button and the upper left flipper on upper playfield stops working and the other two left Flippers keep working upper and lower. The screen shows that the upper playfield left eos D05 stops turning green when it doesn’t flip properly.

What am I looking for regarding the relay? Like should I be trying to move it around to see if it turns or something?

#759 1 year ago
A57EA552-1AF7-449C-93A1-6BE48C31F0D4 (resized).jpeg
#760 1 year ago
555D414A-BD78-43AB-BD93-E1F226DE8A0E (resized).jpeg
#761 1 year ago

After pushing the mech/magnet towards the lever, it is now catching every time. Then the lever would not release the ball because it didn’t move far enough back when the magnet was on. Further adjusted the whole mech by pulling it and the lever away from the chest and now it seems to work every time.

Did 3 multiball tests and many random balls into the chest and currently engaging with magnet and releasing every time. Thanks LTG.

Now if I can address the flipper, game will be back to 99% minus the led strip on the topper which doesn’t work.

#767 1 year ago
Quoted from Charliew65:

on my upper playfield my right flipper stopped working and when I looked under the mini playfield a wire was hanging down and binding up the flipper, just had to move the wire over and all works good now. Could you check for that?

There was a bundle of wire hanging in he way before, I have already moved it but it didn’t fix my issue. Apparently it’s whatever adjustment is associated with the upper pf left flipper EOS light in the testing. It’s intermittent. I guess I will remove the playfield.

#771 1 year ago

Update: The treasure chest is working perfectly now. So there is that.

Onto the more persistent issue. The upper left flipper on the upper playfield. The flipper continues to work perfectly, intermittently. Once it stops working, it stops. The tests show its the EOS light that doesn’t come on when it isn’t working right but comes on when it does. I took the clip and the Allen screw out and tilted the ship as much as I could. The leaf switch seems to be adjusted properly, but I messed with it a bit to no avail. Same working and then not working.

Then I tried to remove the ship. That was a nightmare. It may only be that rod and clip holding it in but under the pf the cables are separated and placed into a bunch of different bundles. It would have been nice if it was just the cat5 cable and then 1 huge bundle you could just unsnap and slid it out. Instead, 2 different sets of wires are extremely difficult to follow to the origin and al together you would have to cut open multiple zip ties to release all the cables that go to the ship. I am not confident enough to do all of that. So I am stuck.

I also am wondering could it be a poor solder or a cold solder? Which would be why the leaf switch looks okay and it has play in the flipper (up and down) but still only works sometimes? Either way, I can’t remove that upper playfield so I am still stuck it’s basically impossible to load the cannon as the game sits now. Does JJP send out techs? I am in Richmond VA.

#782 1 year ago

Actually, mine (Tesla) does. But other car manufacturers have dealerships in nearly every major city and most minor cities. Heck, most have multiple in one city, making repair via bringing in the car, possible and convenient to the customer. Most car manufacturers also have contracts with these dealers to provide service and fix the vehicles under warranty.

Pinball distributors do not have that kind of spread throughout the country, whether it be in location or quantity. This makes it impractical to expect delivery of a game to the distributor for repair any time the game screws up. Additionally, these distributors don’t have contracts to do free repairs to get games working under warranty. Furthermore, it doesn’t cost someone 400 dollars in shipping to bring their car in for a check engine light or oil change, in most situations it takes under 30 minutes. To expect the masses of people who enjoy pinball to have the abilities to take apart a new games playfield and inspect/repair engineering mechanisms right out of the box is not the best practice and it makes the underlying reasoning behind your response invalid.

A more practical and useful practice may be having a network of technicians that can be sent out to work on warrantied games under a contract with the pinball manufacturer.

Either way, he has the right to be concerned. The game is great. But paying 9500 for a game and having to basically disassemble and troubleshoot a brand new product is not fun, nor is it good for business, nor does it leave a good memory in the mind of the purchaser. Lastly, it can hurt pinball from spreading in popularity because the level of knowledge required for basic repair right out of the box can be extremely high.

Me, I just want to get my game working fully as the title has been a lot of fun, even without the use of that flipper. I don’t think the expectation should be that I might need to ship back a new game to Nebraska.

At the end of the day, this is my 4th JJP title. Overall, I am happy to be a customer and enjoy the machines. Please do not see this as an attack, only a dialogue. I have not had major issues with previous titles, only minor tweaks that require the bending of a part or tightening bolts/screws. I hope that you can understand how frustrating it must be on this end of the sale when a new game arrives that passed QC yet requires repairs that are outside of those low level requirements.

#788 1 year ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

Totally disagree, I’ve had Sterns nib with way more work. X-men was over two months after I opened it to play first game. Iron Maiden was missing parts out of the box too.
But then again GOT was insert balls and ready to play, WozRR same.Honestly it’s kind of luck of the draw.
Want to increase your odds for a problem free games? Wait for a further down the production line game or buy a HUO game.
As well as buy from a local good distributor so someone can come help you in person.

Well. This is sorta what we were getting at. Aren’t you tired of it being the luck of the draw? For the price we pay. We deserve better than that. If everyone’s game was delayed 1 full day and put through additional intensive QC. I’m betting things would change for a net positive in pinball. Also the distributor advice you gave was good but sometimes there isnt a truly local distributor or perhaps only sells Sterns.The fact your best best for a perfectly working pinball machine comes from buying a used game HUO and letting that individual deal with the issues from the factory or getting one from the end of the assembly line is just a sad fact of pinball at this moment. It’s true, and that sucks.

I want to see Pinball reach new heights and spread all over the world and be in home everywhere. I think that the repair aspect without local warranty support is a big hurdle to this movement. The pinball game has changed dramatically over the last 30 years. The hobby has moved from basically only bars and arcades to more in home collections. This expectation by pinball companies that home users should have their own pinball tech while a new game is under warranty is an artifact of a past generation of pinball sales. This isnt JJP's fault, lets be clear on that, but the hobby would be better served if this service issue was alleviated somehow. Then I think pinball could truly see a massive increase in popularity, more so than it already has. More sales for everyone and happier customers. A win win really.

#791 1 year ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Well adding to the cargument, when you spend $30,000+ you kind of expect the car to be inspected properly and tested properly, so you do not have any issues at all. Same goes for when you spend $8000+ on a pinball machine.
Being a Stern fanboy I always am defending Stern games for manufacturer defects, but reading these JJP threads has me thinking maybe Stern's QC is not as bad as people portray. JJP seems to have same problems with QC and when people say they are built like tanks-well that is great once you fix all the issues from factory first. Watching all the WOZ owners with failing light boards was a true testament to lack of testing. Not trying to bash JJP, but it is clear to me that they have same issues as other manufacturers and are not 'special'.

To be fair to JJP, they push the envelope well beyond anything stern does. However, because of this level of jam packed goodness and innovation that their games provide, QC of the final product is even more important.

#794 1 year ago
Quoted from Bud:

I’ve had issues from NIB pins from both manufacturers. JJP has ALWAYS went beyond expectations for support and they are easy to talk to. People get wrapped around the axle on these new release titles. I don’t know of a single product out there that is perfect from the start, they all receive improvements. Customer service from manufacturer and distributor is key and what keeps people coming back IMO.

I couldn't agree more with customer support. JJP has never had issues when it comes to attempting to help over the phone, or sending out parts. Their quality is high, innovations are top notch and the games are fully loaded. This is why I have owned every JJP game. Where the concerns come in at is the physical customer support when a home user cannot take apart a pinball machine with new innovations and tech and is then expected to have the knowledge to diagnose and fix it. The final QC of a fully working game and the possible immediate need for support beyond minor tweaks is a big deal/concern. If I go ask 20 of my friends to come over and "fix" my pinball machine. They will all laugh and say, yeah, good luck with that. You could pretty much guess that I would get the same response if I was to ask 20 random people to fix my broken down car, if they weren't mechanics. This causes a barrier and is a legitimate concern for current or potential home users.

I knew the risks, I bought the game anyways. I am just saying in the future I hope their is a better system put in place. I now have a game that doesn't function properly with no ability to fix said problem.The warranty is there but only as good as their ability to provide me support. Which in pinball, for all manufacturers, currently ends at "I hope you know how to fix it yourself, sorry."

#798 1 year ago

I will offer $100 bucks cash to anyone that has the knowledge and know how to come and fix my machine. From the looks of it, it will likely involve removal of the upper playfield, and anything concerning flipper repair/soldering. I live in Chester VA right outside of Richmond. I have from 7pm tonight to tuesday night off. The earlier the better. This also comes with as many free games you want on POTC after, or WOZRR or HOBBIT.

#812 1 year ago

Thank you.

#813 1 year ago
Quoted from Hogbog:

PM me exactly whats going on. I'll help you personally.

Just saw this message, will PM you now. Thank you.

#817 1 year ago
Quoted from konghusker:

You can't find any better service than this. Honestly vivid, I feel for you, but this should be a great learning opportunity for you to learn some basic repair skills. I've learned that if I'm going to own pinball machines, I better learn basic repair skills. It's scary at first, but it's really not bad after a few attempts. I applaud Eric and Lloyd for efforts in helping above and beyond.

Couldn’t agree more. It has been frustrating because I want to play this wonderful game and also because it’s an experience I’ve suffered before after owning a Alien with a major xenomech problem amongst other major hardware issues that I struggled to fix where there truly was no support.

This was never about a knock on JTP and certainly not Eric. This is my like 25th pin but only after like 2 years. So I know how to replace a entire rubber set, adjust leaf switches, change bulbs out to leds on an entire playfield etc. I am not comfortable with soldering, I am also not comfortable with cutting zip ties and messing with wiring on a brand new 9500 dollar game and removing a playfield that after my first attempt was not as straight forward as it appeared due to the wiring bundles being run with other wires that don’t go to the ship, etc etc.

Eric has spoken with me. We believe we have an idea as to what exactly is causing the issue and I will attempt the playfield removal and wire removal again with his guidance to then repair the issue in the flipper.

The customer support from JTP on pinside and any time I have called JJP has been top notch.

IMO, I honestly believe that in this newer home collector environment, There’s is a severe need for pinball techs around the entirety of the US. This is my fourth JJP and first one with an issue outside of minor tweak or adjustment. I will learn something new today and hopefully not make anything worse. If I can’t do it, I am sure Eric will help me further.

Thanks goes to both JTP and Eric. Let’s consider the issue of not being able to be fixed, solved. Issues out of the box are QC and from what I hear, changes are being done to things in a positive way so once again. Go JJP. Early adoption of a title is risky. Sometimes frustrating. This one got to me, I was just voicing an opinion and perhaps hoping to better pinball in the future. Either way. I digress and I hope to be shooting on the high seas by the end of the night.

I’m out.

#829 1 year ago

The house that Jack built. 2/3 games working perfectly and just need to work on the potc upper pf flipper tomorrow if I can get the wiring all straightened out and then I’ll be golden.

#833 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

I think Eric just wants the $100 bucks.

Haha! He would have to come for a visit to earn that c note. Phone sessions don’t count

#901 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

..... And you're missing their masterpiece

I’ve owned a dialed in, it’s a fun game, but it’s no masterpiece, it can be scratched off that list based on theme alone. POTC is way way way more fun.


POTC: best overall: most fast action high fun rate. Quite possibly the best repeatable loop in all of pinball. Stacking on stacking on stacking... multi-balls for days and gold button slamming for fun!

Dialed in: great smooth shot layout, most flow, poor theme.

Hobbit: best feeling of an epic journey, love the bash toys and the multi level wizard modes. Best integration of movie clips/music/ animations into any of the games. last code update makes the game feel the most polished.

WOZ: best playfield, most innovative when released, feels least likely out of all of them to complete the master wizard mode, although hobbit is neck and neck! Potc still remains to be seen on that front. This game is a classic because it was the first of its kind and one of the most beautiful pins in history.

#902 1 year ago


#903 1 year ago

Figures you gotta take in the rum first if you wanna put up your best score and be the ruler of the high seas!

#904 1 year ago


#918 1 year ago
Quoted from heni1977:

So you got it fixed? What was the issue?
Damn, that's a flipping awesome score!!!!

I took it apart and attempted a fix but couldnt get it to stop binding. The issue is with the 2 coil retaining brackets not holding the coil tight enough and it moving to much, and or the coil sleeve. So that score is actually without the upper left flipper on the ship lol.

Thanks for the compliment though! I love this game. It’s super good.

#1005 1 year ago
Quoted from Energyspike:

Yes, it varies depending on how it rests on the white post, left or right side, once it is ready to release I'm nudging most every time, more when it's on the left side.

I would love to see a code addition that adds a 1or 2 second ball save after the up-post releases for the mode shot to help avoid a cheap drain from starting modes. I havent really struggled with drains from this, but my friends who dont play as much as I do have had this happen on more than one occasion.

#1006 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Dead men tell no tales! There be No stainless cannons on me pirate ship! We are proud to introduce our newest JJP Pirates custom Pirate Cannon mod. A very simple yet highly detailed add on to dress up the Black Pearl for battle! Each piece airbrush detailed for an authentic look worthy of such a fine ship. Mod is simple to install and does Not effect play or originality should you wish to reverse later. Plunder this mod Shipping NOW!!! Fire the cannons at those Scurvy dogs!! Available now from our website store www.TheModCouplePinball.com
Thanks for your interest and support!!!
The Mod Couple
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

After receiving your last two mods for POTC (thank you!), my buddy and I were talking about this exact mod. Haha. We said it needed to be made and here it is! Can I give 1 point of criticism? The cannon is sticking out way way too far. IMO, if the cannon stopped where the metal stopped, that would be more realistic and long enough. You could cut back the wood cannon cover back a bit too. Anyways, I may wait to see if there is an update to that mod, it is definitely a must have mod, but I feel like some tweaking would make it even better.

#1044 1 year ago
Quoted from Hogbog:

Ha! Gold star for you, John, you found a bug. I've never done it by accident either. However, it's fixed in the next release so it won't happen anymore. Wizard modes on POTC are intended to be intense, single-ball experiences.

Is there an option for longer ballsave on wizard modes?

Also, for anyone having an issue with Tortuga kick out. I simply moved my power on the coil down one. Comes to the right flipper every time now. No more worries about sdtm.

#1067 1 year ago

So now that I received my replace led strip for the topper, can someone explain how the topper is suppose to be installed? My wozrr is simple and lights up great but this design is different. I guess my issue is, that even with the led strip in the groove it’s suppose to be in, once I tighten the topper to be back metal plate, it doesn’t sit right above the led strip or the groove, those bolts are so short that it holds it on the backside of the groove so the led strip isn’t shining through the bottom of the topper. The led just shines in front of it.

Second issue as appeared with my upper pf. Originally, I fixed the flipper binding issue with a zip tie as the retention brackets weren’t holding the coil tight enough vertically, only horizontally. The coil needed to be ziptied tightly to the coil bracket to work properly. Since then, no issues.

Now I have a second issue where my upper pf is no longer rocking. At first I saw that the bundle of wire under the pf has a zip tie that got in the way. So I turned that around and it started to work. I played a few games, and then it stopped again. There is no zip tie in the way, so I am at a loss for why it stopped rocking. I know that it is just the pin and rod connected to that motor. Any ideas?

3 weeks later
#1784 1 year ago

Well, pretty sure I screwed up. I didn’t read pinside and thought that since this was the first code update that I would only need the delta code for .98. Needless to say, I installed it just fine, said to restart and now my game is bricked. :/ any suggestions on how to get it back up and running? I have no video or anything upon restart.

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