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#5275 7 months ago

Just joined the club with an SE. I agree with the earlier weight comments. Both my Hobbit and POTC will be sold along with the house because I know I am not moving them again .

First impressions were tainted a little by several nits that had to be fixed out of the box. Nothing major but I was surprised considering the quality of the entire build. I am really impressed with the stainless steel armour package. Not your typical, more of a brushed stainless. In person I like it better then the package on the LE. Nice touch! The bumper plastics look cheap to me , but are easily replaceable. I am not a big mod guy , but this game will get a few mods starting with the bumper plastics.

Does any one know if the speakers are the same in the SE versus the LE/CE. I have not gotten up to look at the back box but the cabinet speaker looks like a lower quality then the one in my Hobbit LE? Has anyone upgraded the speakers?

As far as play, so far I am very impressed with the shot geometry and the sheer number of quality shots in this game. The upper flipper is used very well. The code depth is obvious from the start. The basic rules listed in one of the Pinside threads helps dramatically to understand the first layers of this game. The choreography is solid. If it was at the level of the Hobbits's this could be my number one game of all time. Excellent upper play field. The ramp shots are very satisfying. Overall, easily a top ten or better pin for me. Nice job JJP.

I will need to go thru this entire thread to find any other "opportunities" but after resolving the out of the box issues, I am impressed.

#5354 7 months ago
Quoted from Coz:

I’ve yet to officially order my POTC, I had to sell a couple of pins first- selling 2 tomorrow. I’ve seen a lot of you mention issues right out of the box, and that makes me a little nervous. Does anyone regret their purchase?

No not at all.Not sure where Kieth will take this game code/choreography wise, but right now it is really good (( not at Hobbit leve) . So far the only problem besides the out of box was a stuck gold switch that took 2 minutes to resolve. As some one mentioned earlier this is about as non Linear a game as you can get ( I too like SW and need to get a perm/LE some day to replace my pro), there is so much packed into the play field. It shoots great. In my opinion, not as smooth as DI but damn well. I found DI to be too linear so it has left the collection.

#5410 7 months ago
Quoted from NightTrain:

Yeah it just doesn’t make sense to buy a standard. You’re already $8.5k deep. What the hell is another grand for a ton more features and candy. I can’t wrap my brain around that one. I can imagine resale would take a hefty hit on the standard version.

Well, I got mine as a result of a trade so I guess my options were limited . Shhh do not tell any one , but mine game came with invi glass. I must complain to JJP about quality control. NOT! ( I have no problem with the three things I had to fix out of box, we are even . ). I believe I can get a shaker for the game and not a real big topper guy. I would not mind the star field, but, I can live with out. That being said, the Brushed Stainless is a big upgrade over powder coat in my book. It is that nice.

I think resale depreciation on JJP's Hobbit and Dialed in LE's are about 15 percent so I would expect no different, The SE's in those models seem to depreciate about the same,but, I knew that at the time I got the game. I am wondering what re sale will be on the LE and SE model of this table due to the actual limited run of the game. I am actually pretty glad I am sitting on any version of this great game at this point.

#5478 7 months ago
Quoted from djxealot:

LE is a better value than the SE, for sure. But if you're already stretching your spend on pins this year (me), the extra $1,000 is non-trivial. Also, obtaining an SE is much easier, now, than getting your hands on an LE. Resale not a big issue for me as I generally hold on to my pins for a VERY long time, but even there I'm not sure it'd make a large difference. Unlike Sterns, JJP standards have the same gameplay. You're missing some aesthetic features and doohickeys like the shaker motor and spinning bumper (which I really like and may mod back in at some point), but it's the same game. Not like Stern pro/premium differences.
All that being said, the LE is the superior value over both the SE and the CE, IMHO. Doesn't mean the latter two won't sell, though .

Let me give you another way to think SE versus LE. How many games do you buy and put 1000 dollars worth of mods in? The real difference SE to LE IS mods. Invi glass, shaker, topper, starlight panel, and powder coat. Any other game that you load this type of stuff in ,every buyer, provides minimal value at resale. I have owned a bunch of games , never bought invi glass, bought a total of one topper ( at resale it was a nice throw in, added little value) have bought a few shakers (but no value for them at resale), never powder coated the trim of a game (I think the brushed stainless is much nicer then the powder anyway ) . I like the starlight panel. Maybe I would buy that if priced right. So bottom line, as after market on this game if the SE was the only offering from Jjp, would I pay an extra 1K for a discounted mod package of the 5 items. Nah!

I might buy a shaker and if I could a starlight panel. So after thinking it over. The real value is the SE .

1 week later
#5971 7 months ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Happened to look at my sling posts last night and have some concerns. Nothing major yet, but there is some early signs of wear. I will probably put silicone washers to protect. Looks similar to the TNA issue. Maybe a result from modern day clearcoat process?

Where can you get Silicon washers?

#6028 7 months ago
Quoted from brucipher:

If there is demand, I can't see why they wouldn't build more... Unless there is little profit margin (which I hope at $9500 there is a healthy margin). This "almost out of parts" thing doesn't make sense to me... I'm guessing they had to order more parts for all the runs of WoZ.
I personally think this "POTC is/may be done" stuff was to create a fear of shortage to drive sales.
POTC is a great game, and people are realizing that. My prediction... We'll see at least one more build between new games or on the second line.
FYI - I didn't watch the presentation, so I'm taking what was said by Jack from what others have posted.

I think they are struggling to make a profit. The reason maybe they are not making more POTC's, is because they cannot cover costs. JJp puts out a hi end game. Keeping costs under control and maintaining high quality is very difficult in any manufacturing business. The recent price jump with less mechanisms in WOZ may be indicative of a cost control issue.

1 week later
#6447 6 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

I've noticed there is a sound effect that plays that sounds like a "uggghh" - anyone know what that relates to? I can't figure it out and it doesn't happen all the time

are you referring to the Arg mode triggered by the Pirate inlanes?

Similar to the Duh mode in TSPP

#6889 6 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Thanks. The video aspect we're making custom CGI FX for it... its going to be like no mod you've ever seen before. We have created CGI FX for Marvel comics including Spider-Man dark ride and Incredible Hulk. So doing this is not that hard... we want to make the video part look like .

As an SE owner, I am definitely interested. Would be cool if it could simulate LE/CE original star map as well.

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