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#9810 7 months ago

I'm very interested in getting one of these and just wanted the consensus regarding what's the best version to track down... I imagine the LE or the CE are the most likely contenders,but is there much of any significance extra in the CE, or is it just eye candy?

#9902 7 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Not sure about your part of the world, but in the US at least the only edition available is the SE. If you can, get the LE and if you want to spend get the CE.

I'm in the Europe part of the world, and from the website of a local distributor he still has CEs in stock, but no LEs... at a very high price tag (about $16k)... was just wondering if the differences between the LE and the CE affect the game of if it's just eye candy... I could either jump on the CE or wait 'till an LE shows itself on the market... so is the CE a pure visual improvement on the LE or is there more to it than that?

#9904 7 months ago

I tried to convert 14k euro, was guessing at the exchange rate... just checked back at their site and I see that now only have the SE left... all CEs now also gone!! So now the big question is, what do you miss out on with the SE? I could look at the comparison charts, but I prefer to ask owners because they are the best at plucking out the relevant info...

#9912 7 months ago

Although the LE has s lot of stuff over the SE, justifying the 1k extra, from a gameplay point it seems like they're all the same... is the code the same and the rules/depth of play? I guess the RGB GI isn't affecting the way the game plays... is it? That's colour changing GI I take it...?

#9914 7 months ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

Aside from that the game plays exactly the same

How did I miss that

#9917 7 months ago

What would you experienced players of this game say is the best part of this game (from a gameplay viewpoint as opposed to aesthetics)?

#9920 7 months ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Its great vibe. Lots of shots, strategy options and cool features all contribute to that.

Do you find any of the shots are so difficult that it's annoying? My eyes are getting worse with age, and incredibly tight shots are starting to become a case of luck more than skill

#9930 7 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Only two shots that I find to be a real bitch are the tortuga shot and the extra ball shot through the pops.

Apart from giving an extra ball, do those shots have a lot of importance in the gameplay? I appreciate the question sounds a bit dumb, but sometimes certain shots aren't needed too much to progress the game... stupid example: the secret passage in WH2O...

#9964 7 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Do you wear glasses? I find now I have to have 2 types of glasses. One for reading books and a longer distance one which will allow me to focus easily on 50cm to about 1.5m.

For reading, definitely. Will probably have to get some lower strength ones for pinball... getting old sucks!

#9975 7 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

You need them, it's such a relief to see the play field again!!

They are definitely on my 'to get' list! Hopefully it will help improve my playing skills... seeing the playfield is probably a big help!

4 months later
#12794 77 days ago

I'm considering taking the plunge on this game... generally, how is It? What are the positives and negatives in a nutshell? I've heard the code feels incomplete... would be very curious what the issue is there...

The game looks awesome! But does it play as good as it looks?

Thanks to all who can help me decide!

#12798 76 days ago

Thanks guys! Yeah, it was the missing wizard mode that I think I picked up on! So the spinning disks are reliable? I heard that spare parts were possibly going to be an issue? Is there much humour in the game? I get that it's deep... but does that mean there is much strategy with it? Are there shot avoidance tactics involved, like in MM for example where you have to avoid Merlins hole to avoid staring a weak multiball? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm trying to get a feel for the game to see how much I should be trying to track one down. The tasteful mods are a tick in the plus box, many things are! Doesn't that rocking mini playfield make you feel a bit sea-sick after a while?

#12801 76 days ago

Thanks again guys! I'd love to find one of these!

#12810 76 days ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

well at least they incorporated the spinning disc on the screen....not as good as on playfield, but they probably saw some issues with dependability down the road.

Not sure how to read this... are you saying that the spinning disks on the playfield were unreliable so they cancelled that idea (stopped them spinning in a code update perhaps) and replaced them with an animated version in the screen?

#12812 76 days ago

Ok... last question... re the versions that were made... is there any version that is stripped down from an interactive toys/anything else front, or are the differences between versions just eye candy?


#12821 76 days ago

I found one for sale in Europe, CE NIB... works out at $16.2k delivered... seems a bit pricy to me... but it IS a CE NIB!! Any idea how many CEs were made?

#12825 76 days ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

No idea, but they limited the run to 200 units (see chart above) ... considering they were $12.5K + shipping in the states .... $16K doesn't sound completely out of whack

Ah yeah, I wasn't paying attention, as usual need to give it some serious thought! Also there would be import tax to pay, on top of shipping...

#12853 75 days ago

So, I've now also found an SE for sale... about $6k cheaper than the CE!! The question I'd like to ask you knowledgeable and helpful people is, what do I really lose out on for that 6k? Sure, I can see the comparison list, but do those things mean that much to the overall enjoyment of the game? Things like invisiglass can be bought of course, but how much of the other missing stuff can be got elsewhere? And are the cool mods available applicable to the SE? If you had the SE, what would you miss the most compared to the CE? My only other option seems to be a CE... Thanks for all the help guys, I feel I'm one step closer to owning one of these!!

#12857 75 days ago

I've now got access to 2 SEs and 3 CEs my side of the pond so the cool mods are applicable to both the SE and the CEs? Has any of the missing stuff been produced by the modders to add to SE games? (or possibly even for sale through JJP). I missed any discussions on this, so please forgive me if I'm asking questions that have already been discussed... reading back through 257 pages is a daunting task...

#12883 75 days ago

Well, 2 days after my initial post I've managed to snag a CE with mods and just over 40 games on it for what translates to $12.9k!! That's basically the USA price but without tax to the UK!! The seller is a pure collector of top games and doesn't mind taking a hit when needing to find space for the next title!! A great guy to know!! Don't know exactly what mods it has... I saw in the pics an octopus on the left (maelstrom?) ramp if that's a mod... can't believe it!! Hope he doesn't change his mind before I make payment!

#12921 72 days ago

24" long!! That's massive! Would make an excellent topper!! Wonder if it would fit in one of those fish bowls aka WH2O/FT so you wouldn't need to dust it

1 week later
#12954 66 days ago

I just set up the CE I recently had shipped, what a stunning game in all respects! When I started my 1st game I could hear a whirring sound that I assumed was the motor trying to make the upper deck sway, but it wasn't swaying... it was leaning a lot to the left... started playing anyway thinking that it might start to sway when I got a ball up there, but it didn't... it actually got stuck under the left flipper... turned the game off and lifted the playfield expecting to find a disconnected linkage, but it was all OK... moved the motor by hand and saw the deck tilting... put playfield back down and now it works... but I noticed that when the ball drains I hear the whirring sound still, but the deck stops swaying again... next ball out and it's swaying again... any tips on what the heck's going on there?

2nd thing... played next game and had no idea what I was doing... at one point the playfield insert lights went out and the flippers stopped working, the ball drained and then the inserts came back on and it tried to kick 3 balls into the plunger lane... the 3rd one couldn't get there because the 2nd one was blocking the ball exit, so I nudged the balls forwards and the 3rd came out, and then it stopped ejecting balls, and the game sat with 3 balls in the plunger lane... I plunged them all into play and the game played like everything was OK, in multiball... seemed to get multiple multiballs after that, at world's end being one of them... is this normal? It says the version is 00.99--CE...

Thanks for help guys!!

#12957 65 days ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

but #2 sounds like what happens when a switch is broken or needs adjustment.

So I guess the playfield insert lights going out and the flippers stopping working so the ball drains is not a feature of some part of the game?

Usually, if the trough optos are playing up, and too many balls get to the shooter lane, and you plunge them all, then as soon as you lose one, the game will think you lost the only ball in play and will do the bonus count... unless I started a MB and it was therefore expecting more balls in play...

Am I running the latest code with the version 00.99--CE?

Will do a switch test with an empty trough an put balls in slowly... and also test the plunger lane switch...

If the game starts playing up in strange ways that are hard to diagnose, do JJP offer support by analysing game play data that might be captured to a USB stick? I know American Pinball do this, just wondering if JJP do also...

#12958 65 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

All shipping blocks removed ? Not catching of wires going to the backbox ? Then check the flat metal piece that hooks the motor to the black pearl, two screws on it to adjust so it isn't too tight.

Not sure there were any shipping blocks, this is a 2nd hand game... but will check... so I take it after the ball drains the Black Pearl should continue to rock...? Not stop rocking and start again as mine does? When it's rocking it does seem 100% OK... just odd that it stops rocking while it's doing the bonus count between balls, yet with the sound of the motor wirring, and starts again when the ball comes to the plunger lane... doesn't seem like an accidentally caused issue... but maybe it is??

#12962 65 days ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

My board was bad and sometimes the lights would not come on at startup and twice everything just went dark.

And did your flippers die at the same time?

Quoted from arzoo:

Not sure about any motor whirring noise but the BP does stop rocking between balls. Maybe the sound you're hearing is the spinning disk?

This whirring is more like a cyclic sound, like a washing machine slowly churning the washing... very regular, at the same frequency as the BP rocking... basically it sounds like the BP is still rocking but it stops... the disc doesn't turn when this is happening... is there not some kind of actuation pin/clamp/clutch that fixes or detaches the BP to the cyclic movement of the actuating arm? Sounds crazy when you can just stop the motor, but I'm struggling to understand how else I can get what I'm experiencing... So when the BP stops rocking between balls, you don't get any cycling whirring sound? My volume is turned low, so if you have your game turned up this sound might be blocked out by the music during the bonus count?

#12966 65 days ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

The topper ship will always be somewhat mechanical in sound. From the factory the cycle speed is turned up Way to high (like a speedboat) for testing. I dialed mine back to 6 in settings and it’s hardly noticeable.

Ahhh... so the topper ship should be always moving?? Maybe the sound is coming from that then, but I didn't notice it moving... but then again, when the game starts, I was normally looking at the playfield, it being so mesmerising!! So I guess the topper only moves when the game plays, and not while in attract mode... Will pay more attention tonight... and remove the speedboat effect if the previous owner hasn't fiddled with that already.

Quoted from arzoo:

I turned my sound all the way down, and between balls the ship does not rock and the pin is basically silent except for a very slight hum from the transformer. You can run a Black Pearl test to make sure it's rocking at all speeds, but sounds like yours is fine. Or maybe turn on the pin with the playfield pulled forward and see if you can identify where the sound is coming from.

Thanks for checking your game! Will definitely put it in test mode tonight... even if it's the topper that's making the sound, I'd still like to try and understand why it didn't work when I first powered the game up.

#12967 65 days ago

One more question... when I watched some online vids of the game before taking the plunge I saw 3 concentric disks in the playfield spinning in opposite directions, with insert lights in them... but in my game there's just one central spinning disk with no lights... when I saw my single spinning disk I though I was going mad and only imagined the concentric disks when I saw the videos, my imagination fuelled by the corresponding screen graphic, but checking now again I see I'm not going mad, and there really are 3 concentric disks!! Wtf?? Why does my CE have just one disk with no light inserts?? Is this usual for the CEs, or have I got a rare prototype??

Just looked at the JJP website, and strangely you can now only view the details of the CE... which says about the disk: "mechanical spinning disk map with 216 animated award combinations". The flyer for the LE, however, says "concentric spinning map disks with 216 useable combinations"... so I think I've answered the question... I had no idea the CE stripped out the concentric spinning disks... usually the CE just adds stuff... I have to admit, I feel a bit bummed about that... those concentric disks look cool, especially with the insert lights...

#12969 65 days ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

They changed to a single disc on all production games.

Aaaah... so only prototypes of any of the variations have the concentric disks?? This has probably been discussed to death of course... so sorry for my newb questions... don't feel so bad that I'm missing something in that case... crazy how most gameplay vids use the prototype... at least the ones I stumbled across!

#12970 65 days ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

The topper ship will always be somewhat mechanical in sound. From the factory the cycle speed is turned up Way to high (like a speedboat) for testing. I dialed mine back to 6 in settings and it’s hardly noticeable.

This explains the whirring sound... all I had to do was look up

#12977 65 days ago
Quoted from arzoo:

The original prototype also had the Chest cover open and close based on when a ball could be locked, but all production units have the chest cover fixed in the open position. Cool thing is there's now a mod you can purchase to make the cover open and close like it was intended! Probably one of the coolest mods you can add imo. Not trivial to install but worth it.

Thanks for the link!! They just sold another one! Has anyone come up with a mod to replace the concentric spinning disks with lighted inserts?

#12979 65 days ago
Quoted from arzoo:

That's not likely to happen. The hole in the playfield and the artwork was altered for the smaller single disk.

Definitely, if someone made that mod they'd have to provide a complete new playfield!

On a different topic, I'm trying to get to the bottom of a game breaking problem regarding the ball through optos... basically, in switch test, I'll drop a ball in the empty trough, and normally the switch closures will scroll down (on-off) till "trough #1" stays green... but, occasionally, trough numbers 2 and 3 will also stay green... with just one ball in the trough... and then, by just waiting, the two phantom closures will clear simultaniously... I even grabbed a video of that happening... but can't seem to attach that here... I can't imagine it's the optos themselves or they wouldn't clear simultaneously... I saw this twice... I've tried wiggling connectors under the playfield, no change... this is no doubt why the game occasionally kicks out 3 balls to the shooter lane... which it did again today...

#12980 65 days ago

The video says "last switch edge ball trough 1" and when the switches for positions 2 and 3 magically change colour, that changes to "last switch edge ball trough 2"... I.e. 2 being the last one to change, in this case from green to mustard...

Managed to change the video into a low res gif to try and get it up here... which doesn't appear to play!!!
GIF-191114_223447 (resized).png

#12988 64 days ago

I feel I'm getting closer to fixing the 3 balls in the shooter lane problem... below is the opto emitter board and the 2 culprit trough locations #2 and #3 are LED 3 & 4... these are both fed from the small black sweetly R2... so my guess is that R2 is bad... the question is, what is R2 and where can I get a replacement? Or maybe it's best to just buy a new emitter board...?

20191115_190558 (resized).jpg
#12989 64 days ago

Just re-soldered the joints on optos 3 and 4 and now I always get switches showing balls in those locations... I've killed it! Someone warned me that the JJP trough opto emitters are very fragile... he didn't use that word exactly... the opto positions look very similar to the Bally/Williams opto positions... anyone know if a B/W opto emitter board is compatible with this game? If they are, it could be a more robust solution... Thanks for any tips...

#12992 64 days ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

Also, to make sure the problem is with the LED emitter and to confirm there is not a problem with the opto receiver on the receiving board, you can hold a working LED on the emitter board up to each ball slot to trigger the switch in the switch test screen. That way you’re testing both the emitters and receivers to verify where any problem is.

Did exactly this and the recievers a are all good!

Quoted from EaglePin:

Well done!!!

Thanks... if anyone else wants me to kill their opto boards, just send 'em to me!!

#12993 63 days ago

I got some art blades from Tilt Graphics with the game, yet to be installed... but looking at them they appear to have suffered some severe sun-fade on the edge of one of the decals... This is not how they're supposed to look I take it...?
20191116_140814 (resized).jpg

#12995 63 days ago
Quoted from MurphyPeoples:

No that's normal. Mine has the same. We used a piece of one of the backings, and made a template first. I'd recommend doing this, as you might find that the hole in the graphic isn't going to line up well probably. Our holes had to be adjusted about 1.5 inches from original center. The single template will work for both sides. You'll also find you'll be cutting off a great deal of material at the shorter end.

Thanks for the tip! That yellow is bizarre if it's supposed to be there... I imagined them hanging in a shop window for months to get like that... can't figure out how the yellow is connected with the artwork though... the sun on the horizon perhaps!? Would be very interested to see how yours look in the game after your trimming job!

#12998 63 days ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

How long have you had your pin? They might send you a new board. Did you try calling JJ first?

I've had it less than a week, but I bought it 2nd hand... I'm actually sorting it out through the seller who's using his pulling power with the distro he regularly buys new pins from to send me a new opto board... I'm assuming the opto board on a Bally/Williams game will use the same voltage and the position of the optos and drilled holes looks the same as the JJP board, so maybe I can fix it with a B/W emitter board... I'm itching to play this thing again, so I could fix it today by stealing an emitter board from something like JD, which I've got easy access to... and then put the JJP board in when it arrives... any wise person know if I'm gonna fry something by doing that?

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