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2 years ago

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#9656 6 months ago

Question for owners... What are the adjustments in the software you can make on the rocking ship? Just wondering if the rocking motion can be shut off if it gets annoying. Or adjusted so that it only rocks if a ball is up there. Just curious.

#9658 6 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

There are optos that tell the game logic where it is, and the position/speed is determined by the software.
I could be mistaken but I don't think there is much if anything to adjust here.
Learn to enjoy the motion of the ocean!

When I watched a video it looked like the ship was rocking faster when a ball was up there and it slowed down when it wasn't. Just makes more sense to me that it doesn't rock at all when there is no ball up there. No big deal really but just wondering if there was a way.

#9763 6 months ago
Quoted from BladeFury:

I like his podcast even tho the funny thing I own the 2 machines he has bagged on the most! And absolutely love them..best 2 pin lineup I've owned! Hope he is getting one and anybody else that gets a chance!

I get the impression he doesn't like to take the time to learn code that has some complexity to it. Maybe in a home environment he will learn to like the game.

#9770 6 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

So have you decided to get a pirates over a stern then?

I've decided pirates is the game I'd rather get over any stern right now. I haven't ordered one yet, still feeling like I missed out on getting an LE. They took out so much with the SE it almost seems like it should be a little less expensive than it is.

#9907 6 months ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

I tried to convert 14k euro, was guessing at the exchange rate... just checked back at their site and I see that now only have the SE left... all CEs now also gone!! So now the big question is, what do you miss out on with the SE? I could look at the comparison charts, but I prefer to ask owners because they are the best at plucking out the relevant info...

I've been looking into this also. There is a lot missing on the SE. RGB GI lighting is gone. The spinning toy on the pops is gone. Star field gone. Shaker motor and invisiglass gone. Powder coated legs and rails gone. Headphone and volume Jack gone. Topper gone.

I feel like they either underpriced the LE or overpriced the SE with the amount of differences. I probably missed some but those are the major ones. At only a 1k difference in price I really feel I missed out on getting an LE, this will be the desired version in the future. Not sure yet if I will bother getting an SE, I might just move on and consider it a missed opportunity to get a great LE pin.

Kind of a weird situation here where they have a pin that everyone wants in the LE but are not going to make it anymore. I have zero interest in Wonka.

#9942 6 months ago

I've been feeling kind of let down and irritated today. I've finally landed on a pin that I want... Pirates LE. Seems like a cruel joke now that it can't be purchased. Yes, it took me awhile to decide I really wanted this pin but in all fairness it was only on the line for a blink of an eye. They made so few of them and in my mind this is their most fun pin to play. I hesitated at first because of the theme but after playing it at MGC I was sold. I'm picky with what I buy and I always have very few pins so this kind of hurts. I have zero interest in Wonka after playing it.

#9944 6 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Are the SEs all gone? Automated had a few last time someone posted.
I played Wonka at the NWPAS this weekend and enjoyed it as a game but not sure if I am going to grab one. So hard to tell with just a few plays and without being able to hear the audio (forgot my headphones).

Yes, they have a few SEs but the more I've thought it over the LE was really the way to go. There was so much value in the 1K and you can't add in all the missing features. Gameplay is the same on the SE as far as I've been told. I think the LE was the perfect package. Kind of makes me annoyed over JJPs business model, slow to get games out the door and they can't even properly meet demand for any given title. Too many Hobbits and too few Pirates. I still can't hate them, just disappointed with them.

Wonka, yea I guess it was fun overall. Just don't like the theme at all and thought Pirates was more fun to play by a large margin. Wonka will never be on my purchase list.

#9947 6 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

They were running for about 6 months. Hardly the blink of an eye. They started in October and finished in April, I think. The biggest problem is discgate messed up the demand and people cancelled preorders and wrote it off, at which point JJP cut projections and line estimates, shortening the amount of production. Then when people finally got a chance to PLAY the games and word started to spread that it was indeed awesome, the production was all sold and winding down and what distributors had was all there was. It was clear that supply was running out about a month or six weeks before you couldn't get an LE. It's not like it happened overnight.
Wonka is super-underwhelming, and I really think this is a Medieval Madness/Cirqus Voltaire situation where an ultimately very popular pin has production cut short for a "hotter" pin that underwhelms at release. I think JJP will circle back to Pirates, but who knows when that will be?

In comparison to Stern 6 months is a blink of an eye. Stern games are run for years then later some are vaulted after. Pirates was on the line far shorter than any other pin they've done and for me I wasnt paying that close attention so it's understandable that I'm irritated. What I'm worried about is that if they make more LEs they will give them the yellow WOZ treatment. I'm not going to overpay for a pirates LE. $9,500 is a hefty enough price.

#9950 6 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Beatles ran one time for one month. It will likely never be vaulted. Are you crying about that?

Nope, not really understandable. It was known, around here, anyway, for quite a while that the run was being cut short due to customer orders being cancelled and negative sentiment after discgate. There was no secret that this would not be a WoZ or Hobbot, or Dialed-In length run. Dithering on a purchase decision when the end is widely known to be close is a bad idea. Your indecision is the reason you have no Pirates LE. JJP was just reacting to the market forces that didn't swing around until it was too late and Wonka was scheduled in.
That said, you may get lucky in a year or eighteen months and JJP runs it again, but I bet the price will bump at least $500. Still, if the game holds up well for the people that have it now, $500 more may be a small price to pay for the awesome ride the game delivers.

It is understandable if you look at it through the lens of people that don't live, eat and breathe this hobby. I am super casual and very rarely buy pins. I don't keep up on every detail of things. Pirates wasn't even on my radar until after I played it at MGC and I didn't pay attention to all these details I'm now learning about. I just figured a very new pin would be easily available until I learned about all the details, hence why I'm feeling very disappointed and let down by JJP.

#9951 6 months ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

Just buy the SE you won’t be disappointed .... you will be when they’re all gone within a week

Yea, they'll all be gone this week for sure.

#10051 6 months ago

Does anyone know what playfield toys are missing on the SE?

#10232 6 months ago
Quoted from RTS:

But now the demand is because of the stoppage.

I would agree. I was interested in this pin then I learned they were done making it so fear of losing out kicked in. I waited too long for the LE.

#10277 6 months ago
Quoted from dts:

I've got a Standard NIB on the pallet delivered yesterday if anyone is interested. Regional would be best. I'm trading for a local LE. I'd sell it with the shaker and Devil's triangle, as well as the headphone jack assay at the amount I paid. I'd be perfectly happy with the Standard, but this came along, so why not. Low plays, basically new.

Good luck with the sale. Someone should snag this one right away as they probably won't make anymore and if they do it won't be for a really long time. I'd buy it if I were closer.

2 months later
#11930 3 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Where are these LEs coming from? Are they bought and paid for ones that are finally being delivered?

Yea, I thought these were all purchased through every distributor about a month ago. I wanted an LE and couldn't get one anywhere.

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