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#43 4 years ago
Quoted from zucot:

Anyone know more about the modes? What are they like? Hoping they dont feel like hobbit's modes...

The modes are very liking going to play like modes from the Hobbit meaning objective based modes that work the playfield in interesting ways....just 3x as many which is insane considering The Hobbit has 30+ modes, lol.

Keith is a master at objective based rulesets and I think this will he his best yet. Both Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit have a multiball for each film that have multiple stages to them. The same will apply to POTC with a multiball for each of the 5 films plus I think a mini wizard for each.

Overall if you are a fan of deep objective based rulesets then this will be the ultimate game for you. This game will not have an ACDC style ruleset that focuses more on points and hitting the same shot over and over again.

11 months later
#132 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Not even close when comparing to DI. I would have agreed with Hobbit until I bought one. I actually think pirates is a downgrade in quality after now playing a production version 30 times or so. In fact the presentation especially is off and things like the nice powder for LE seems to be gone. I'm disappointed right now but early impressions can change as the layout is amazing. Don't mean to be Debbie Downer but that's where I am right now with this title. Just came back from playing after thinking about buying one

Yeah, The Hobbit has probably the nicest factor powder coat ever created for a pinball machine, followed by WOZ in my opinion. The factory powder coat for Dialed In LE is average and is a downgrade from both WOZECLE and Hobbit LE. The powder coat on Dialed In LE is just a flat color and doesn't have no where near as nice of finish as the powder coat on WOZ ECLE and Hobbit LE. The powder coat on POTC LE is designed to feel like the finish of a canon and I think it does a pretty good of doing that. I wish that the LE model came with some type of metal plate around the lockdown bar button similar to Stern Star Trek and ACDC.

On another note WOZ ECLE has a mirrored backglass, Hobbit artwork is printed on the backglass I believe (but not mirrored) but both Dialed In LE and POTC LE have translites. On Dialed In you have to spend $12.5K for the CE to get a mirrored backglass and the higher quality metallic finish powder coat...ugh. I don't like that JJP stopped putting mirrored backglasses on their LE games yet prices have gone up with each model.

#137 3 years ago
Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

I just had the backglass out of my JJPOTC LE and it's definitely printed glass, not a translite.
Dialed In is the same way. The translites you see around they just make for promotional use and wall hangings and stuff.

I may have been mistaken which is bad considering I have WOZ, Hobbit and DI, lol. So it sounds like Hobbit, Dialed In, and Pirates have their backglass artwork printed on the glass but they are just not mirrored.

2 weeks later
#254 3 years ago

Shaker motor affects would be a start along with explosion sound affects, I'm not sure if either of these are already there as I haven't played the game in a few months.

Another cool thing to see would be an animation or animated affect applied to the LCD when a hit is made. For example if a canon shot is successful it would be cool to see a wood buckling / cracking affect with a sound affect applied to the entire LCD. Once the ship is destroyed have the entire LCD give off a greater buckling / cracking affect with water powering out of it. Stuff like that.

#256 3 years ago
Quoted from daudioguy:

There are two outcomes to firing the cannon. A hit, or a bullseye. Not too long ago JP added videos for each outcome. There are big and huge audio outcomes for each. These are the LOUDEST sounds in the game. All of the JJP streams only incidentally capture game audio from the mike so the real experience obtained by standing in front of a pin after blowing up the ship is not available.
The explosions are big, the orchestra goes nuts and it is very rewarding. It used not to be, it is now.
This event happens when the ball is wild and it is as big as it can be without nerfing your ability to continue playing.
There is considerable low frequency content in these fanfares and those with subs attached will notice it.

That's great to hear David. If I end up getting a Pirates I think I'll be hooking up a 10" external subwoofer to it

#272 3 years ago

Hey Thunderbird. I don't own a POTC (considering buying one) but do have a Dialed In and have watched a ton of the JJP live stream videos. I would say get whatever game you like the best, play both and get a good number of games in on each before pulling the trigger. As NIB games continue to become higher in price I would expect to take a greater hit on the secondary market. There's only so many pinball dollars to go around and I've found that selling newer higher end games takes longer then selling higher end Bally / Williams titles or Stern pro games. What drew me to Dialed In is how rich everything is in the game in terms of the animations, rules, sounds, music, etc.

Dialed In has a ton of toys with 5 magnets, the drones, theater toy, moving mechanic, large physical ball lock, moving QED toy, etc. Pirates has a lot of toys as well and I would have given it the edge over Dialed In in that department if the original 3 disk toy and moving chest was still in the game. After the production changes to Pirates I would give Dialed In the edge in toys. Dialed In offers a greater variety of toys and mechanical features then Pirates in my opinion.

I prefer games with deep objective based rulesets and both Dialed In and Pirates offer that. Pirates has way more modes then Dialed In but I don't find them to be as unique or as rich compared to Dialed In's disaster modes as all 125 chapter modes in Pirates play the same as there's no licensed actor audio / video from the films feature in any of them (other then a quick 2 second clip at the beginning). Same goes for each movie multiball in Pirates. There's a multiball for each movie but I don't feel like I'm playing through an event in 1 of the 5 films as there's no licensed actor audio / video. However, the 5 wizard modes in Pirates come across as very unique and remind be of the multi stage WOZ, Hobbit, and LOTR type mid wizard modes that I enjoy. Also, the pick of pirate feature in Pirates is super cool and combined with the map awards feature opens up a ton of strategy options. I can see the pirate character feature being a big draw at home for family, friend, pinball league nights, and tournaments. With the pick a pirate feature the lack of licensed actor audio / video in the game kinda fades away as you are then trying to maximize how modes are played in regards to scoring and getting through them quickly to get to wizard modes.

#282 3 years ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Wow, you guys are great helping me out and your answers are well thought out. Really enjoy reading your advice, since I’m fairly new to this hobby. Any more ideas on how the toys stack up against each other on POTC versus DI?

Here's what I can think of in terms of items that interact with the ball and features the player interacts with. Both games have a lot of cool toys and features.


Pirate ship mini playfield with lockdown bar button integration
Mini LCD on apron
Spinning disk
1 magnet (chapter area)
Constellation map
Subway for moving balls around playfield
Spinning pirate
Treasure chest physical ball lock
Maelstrom ramp with diverter and drop hole
Stationary ship toy (upper left corner)

Dialed In

LCD phone
QED moving target
5 magnets
3 mini drones
Subway for moving balls around playfield
Trap door
Quantum theater
Station 3 physical ball lock
Moving mechanic arm

Added over 3 years ago:

Dialed In additions!

+ Camera, used in modes and high scores
+ Bluetooth, used to control game from cell phone

#297 3 years ago
Quoted from dnaman:

DI - also has Bluetooth phone support for remote flipping. Like it or not, it is a feature

Absolutely! Camera and bluetooth notes added.

#350 3 years ago
Quoted from screaminr:

I sold a rrwoz and getaway .I am loving the hobbit ,to me its the complete pin, it's so immersive and fun to play and keeps getting better with all the updates. TH has set a very high bar for pirates.

Oh yeah. As far as movie based pins go I think The Hobbit, with its latest code, is now the best of all time in my opinion due to excellent use of licensed assets being integrated throughout the game. The amount of work that went into that games rules, animations, music, and audio is astounding.

#353 3 years ago
Quoted from screaminr:

I know it's mental, I should be buying a new car but with restored IJ and MM going for around 16K I thought stuff it and went for it .

Look at it this way, the pinball machine will have better resale value then a new car, you don't have to pay for insurance / registration, there's no gas to put into it, and maintenance is much cheaper, lol. I was thinking the other day of getting a new car and then said to myself "screw it, I rather drive my old hybrid with 150k miles on it for two more years and buy another pinball machine instead", haha.

1 week later
#423 3 years ago

It's great seeing more and more games arriving at customers homes, congrats guys! Game looks awesome.

1 week later
#625 3 years ago
Quoted from Ramjet:

Wow, there seems to be a lot of problems right out of the box. I had my check ready to mail out to my distributor yesterday but I didn't. Unfortunately I'm going to wait until they get a handle on all these issues on the assembly line.

I think that's a good idea. I've now decided to wait at least 6 months from initial production before ordering any new pin regardless of manufacturer. There's so much on JJP playfields, and under, that there's always some minor hardware tweaks that are found in the first few batches of games. I waited a while to buy a new Dialed In and glad I did as by the time I did get the game it had all of the latest hardware fixes. I'll be doing the same with POTC if I end up getting one.

#797 3 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

That is a good analogy of JJP games-they are jam packed. Some people think that adds value and makes them superior, but I think it adds congestion and makes their games clunky. (I do really like Dialed In/ POTC is growing on me) but for $8000 plus I do feel like owners should not have to become MacGyver and fix their own games. Stern messed up big time with GOT Premium/LE orbit diverter-lack of testing and then trying to have home owner's take apart upper playfield-are you kidding me? My point is, companies need to emphasize more on quality control before releasing titles. One thing I have learned as an observer of JJP games is it may be better to wait and purchase later runs after all the 'kinks' are worked out. If I was buying a WOZ-I would only consider a newer 2.0 version. My .02

Toys, features, and code support are what helps justify the high end prices and personally I think JJP is leading the industry in all 3. I'm not going to pay $8k-$10k for a game with 2 ramps and little else on the playfield, flow is overrated at those prices. Bring on the congestion, the toys, the interactive features and deep code support Stern just isn't doing that but is instead charging JJP level prices for their levels and offering half as much.

In regards to early WOZ's having light board issues that was on their first very game. The issue has been fixed for 5 years. Also, WOZ is easily the most ambitious first game a new pinball company has ever put out. JJP with their very first game leaped far ahead of Stern, a 25 + year well estlabished company, in terms of technology, features and code. Doing that came with some growing pains and JJP supported early WOZ games well after they were out of warranty. Also, a majority of games with 7.5v light boards have never had any issues. The light board issue was wide spread on 5v games made from May of 2013 (initial release) to around August / September of 2013.

I hear ya on QC. All pinball companies need to get better. If Stern and JJP want to charge record NIB prices then they need to offer top quality control. I'm sure some of the issues presented in the thread could have been resolved had more play testing been done at the factory.

#870 3 years ago

I can't tell if that marble look on the cabinet decals is an issue or not, have never heard of something like that. It doesn't look like a ton of mini air bubbles but can't really tell. I wonder if all cabinet decals simply look like that under the right light?

Does the cabinet feel smooth?

#874 3 years ago
Quoted from heni1977:

Oh that’s not good! That’s a shame. Big time QC miss! :naughty:Those ripples are either two things imo.
1 poor install of decal
2 heavy paint causing a ripple effect through the decal.
Either can be fixed but totally sucks!!!
It is fixable though and if you get the rad cals that would be great but still need to be installed.
I would suggest if you can’t handle it to have it done and have the charge back to JJP or dealer.
Little fixes like soldering or putting bolts back into coin door are forgivable. But this is a large task and requires time and patience.
I am truly sorry to hear this esp as far away as you are!!!

I don't think it's an issue at all. From what I can tell all decaled machines will have that look at the right angle and light.

#881 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Thats crap, I just played POTC and its was boring as hell compared to IrMaiden. Jam packed doesn't equal greatness. Oh yeah

This is a POTC owners and fan club thread, not a place to crap on POTC. There's plenty of other threads to discuss Iron Maiden and its two ramps.

#888 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

I could see that and ur right to each is own. What I hate is when JJP fanboys bash Stern, not going to get away with it while I'm around.

If JJP fans want to bash Stern in a JJP game specific owners thread that's totally cool, same goes for Stern fans bashing JJP in a Stern game specific owners thread. However, coming into a JJP game owners thread, or vice versa for Stern, to bash that game isn't cool...that's trolling.

#944 3 years ago

I really hope that JJP is making adjustments at the factory for Pirates based on the issues being reported by owners of the first batch of games. The early issues being reported are not easy for most owners to fix. Broken wires, and major ship and disk adjustments issues are not acceptable and should have been caught at the factory. As prices have continued to go up so have expectations that quality control will remain high.

I had a couple minor issues on my Dialed In LE that I purchased this past May. Nothing major but the issues should have been caught at the factory. I honestly think my Hobbit and WOZ had less issues out of the box and both came with a superior powder coat then what JJP is using today on Dialed In LE and Pirates LE.

Here's hoping that these issues do not represent a trend downward in JJP build quality and that things get tightened up with the latest production games.

#946 3 years ago
Quoted from Hogbog:

I was on the production floor in NJ last week. Every issue that I've seen on here has been accounted for and corrected on games now going out the door. No more leg bolt issues, topper issues, or broken wires on the pearl. Other tweaks on the production floor should have the game arriving as close to perfection as any pinball possibly can. And if it doesn't, you know where to find me.

That's great to hear Eric Awesome news, thank you.

2 weeks later
#1414 3 years ago
Quoted from lordloss:

Those are just multiballs, the wizard modes are different. Not sure it would be possible to stack all of those.

The 5 wizard modes are not stackable and are individual modes played on there own.

#1426 3 years ago
Quoted from darkryder:

Wow, so I only had 5 multiballs stacked and there’s a LOT more to see in this game. What a masterpiece, we can’t stop playing this pin![quoted image]

Oh yeah. Its cool being able to stack the chapter modes and multiballs but then have the movie wizard modes as these big individual set piece modes.

#1501 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Yeah that chipping is terrible
GL putting a Cliffy around that hole. I would use thin self adhesive felt that you can cut to protect. The mylar they put down is doing nothing.

Yeah. Cliffy sells a similar protector for the WOZ wizard kickout, hopefully he comes out with one for the POTC kickout. Still, a metal protector should have been installed from the factory at this point.

1 week later
#1991 3 years ago
Quoted from darkryder:

The LE and CE toppers are nice, but they can't compete with the awesome Laseriffic or other aftermarket toppers out there. I'm hoping someone makes a more realistic and interactive pirate ship in a bottle topper for POTC at some point to replace the factory acrylic topper. I never used to like toppers, but now I have to put one on every pin. People always comment on the toppers as soon as they see the games. I think my favorites are BSD and Aerosmith and the Stern Aces High topper is coming for the Maiden LE.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Honestly I think the CE topper blows every other topper out of the water as its very interactive. A majority toppers just reproduce an image that's already on the backglass or playfield which I think comes across as excessive.

1 month later
#3032 3 years ago
Quoted from sirlonzelot:

Got today my Cliffys for testing and they fits perfect and look great. There are 3 protectors in the set. Notice that these are beta and maybe get some minor changes.
Cliff has them already listed on his webpage
So if you want one,send him
Mail [quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Those look great!

For the price of the game JJP should be including these from the factory as they do with the latest Dialed In games.

3 weeks later
#3788 2 years ago
Quoted from evh347:

Played an LE on location at Tilt Pinball Arcade today...glad I installed Cliffy's.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Ouch. I was really hoping that JJP would install Cliffy's from the factory just like they do with Dialed In but with production ramping down (not sure if there will be another run?) it may not happen.

#4055 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

The movies suck, the last 4 anyhow. MBr is what it is. And its freaking gorgeous one of the best of all time pins.
If you want deep, go with POTC. Fun? I don't know, MBr is awesome.

Well, that's like your opinion man.

#4078 2 years ago
Quoted from arzoo:

Hi, I've noticed that the side rails on my potc are not sticking to the side of the cabinet. There is a small gap between the rail and the cab and if I press I can feel the double-stick tape take hold for a second but then the rail pulls away. Same on both sides. Is this normal? Have others noticed this?

I have had the same issue with the right rail on my NIB Dialed In LE that I purchased last year. The right rail feels slightly loose. This is not acceptable at these prices and is a QC issue.

#4166 2 years ago

Has anyone heard rumors about the next code update? On the POTC Dead Flip stream I heard Keith mention they are getting closer to 1.0. I wonder if that means the Break the Curse super wizard mode will be coming soon as well?

Also, is there a progress map on the game similar to WOZ or TH that shows what tasks are completed?

#4290 2 years ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Last night I played Fountain of Youth wizard. Hit all the colored shots ("killing" the people on the screen), then it was just over. Did it time out...or was there something else I was supposed to be doing? If not, it was a huge disappointment. I thought there may be stages to get through. I really didn't get that many points (even less points then previous attempts at it). I also wish there was a bit of a pause to look at the instructions on the screen before the mode starts.

Hopefully there's more to come for the mode. Doesn't sound complete as of now.

Do the other wizard modes have multiple stages similar to the multiple stages of the Arkentone modes in Hobbit?

#4295 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

The LE has a black box on the back of the panel which reads "MICRO PLAY." The CE does not have this.
Here is before/after on the monitor settings. Click and you can arrow between the two.
[quoted image][quoted image]

After looks much better, nice. What settings did you modify?

#4323 2 years ago

I'm going to guess the next code update will drop at TPF. Seems like a good place for 1.x to make its debut.

#4387 2 years ago

Getting ready to make a decision on buying an LE and just wondering if the latest games off the line have less issues overall? Has anyone with a recently built game have few or no issues out of the box? I understand some tweaks are usually needed for most pins but at $9500 I would like to avoid the headaches.


#4392 2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated!

#4439 2 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

The canon shot is so exciting/ satisfying to hit. Should be worth more points.

It is really cool. Besides qualifying for the first movies MB and scoring jackpots during it does the ship come into play anywhere else? Is it used during one of the games wizard modes?

#4445 2 years ago

Leaning towards ordering a Pirates LE this week but have some code related questions.

Do the 5 movie wizard modes in Pirates play like those in other Keith Johnson games such as LOTR, WOZ, and TH in the sense of them being two ball multiballs that work the entire playfield in interesting ways? Do some or all of the wizard modes have multiple stages? Sounds like none of them have a big set piece moment currently when they are completed? By set piece moment I mean the machine going nuts, flippers killed, etc when a wizard mode is completed. Hopefully that is added in a future code update.

Also, can the games multiballs be beat or do you just keep hitting jackpot shots until one ball remains?

I know there's gameplay videos out there of the wizard modes being played but I want to avoid seeing and reading details about them.

#4460 2 years ago
Quoted from cbdarden:

The fork for my chest stopped working. I look inside and find an assortment of parts. I can see what it’s supposed to do, but so far I’m missing the little metal tube that goes in the plastic tube that fits inside the washer (which is also missing).
Really questioning how some of these mechs are built. I still have shooter rod problems, even with adjustment, the top of the rubber clips the auto plunger fork. And the auto plunger seems to barely be able to get the ball around cleanly. Guess I’ll keep working on it instead of playing.[quoted image]

Below is the section for the fork ramp assembly from the manual, page C-30. Looks like the entire mech should drop out with 5 screws. Part, 17, 27, and 28 appear to those you found. There's 4 sets total for the mech, the others or any missing part could still be attached or laying somewhere on the assembly.

Capture (resized).JPG

#4461 2 years ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

Ok, so this little screw that holds the lever arm to the plate on the chest eject fell off last night (of course while I have guests again). I can't find the screw, I'm hoping it's under the chest as I can't find it anywhere else. It seems I won't be able to screw this back in without removing the chest. How do I go about this? This looks like it's going to be a royal pain for a tiny little screw.
[quoted image]

Looks like the entire chest mech can be removed with 2 screws? 1 on top and another under the playfield, can't tell for sure. From page C-60 of manual. Based on the manual picture screw 21 came lose and fell off, it's likely somewhere under the chest like you mentioned if it hasn't fallen into the cabinet. Those tiny screws can also get caught up in the wire hardness as well. With the mech removed I would remove both and thread back with some blue Loctite.

Capture (resized).JPG

#4463 2 years ago
Quoted from cbdarden:

Yep, already fixed. I appreciate the help though. Just annoying. Hoping for no issues for awhile.

Cool. I'm considering purchasing a Pirates so figured I might as well see if some of these reported issues are major pains to fix lol. A lot of these issues seem quality control related. JJP should really be using blue Locktite on some of the screws for assemblies that are getting beat with a pinball. Thankfully JJP does an incredible job with their manuals.

#4475 2 years ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

I asked this question before and nobody responded. I was kind of hoping that Eric would comment since he's on this thread sometimes.
This game is a blast and I'm not saying that it isn't. However I think it's too easy to get multi balls. And I think I would enjoy the game more if it was more difficult to get multi balls. Is there a way to turn off stacking? I know I'm probably going to get flak for this and that's ok. I don't want to have a game with three four or five multiballs all going at once so frequently. How about a setting that allows you to play one chapter and stack one multiball?
Also I can't tell that installing a difficulty preset is making any difference in the settings. Are these presets even functioning on this game in the current code?

I was thinking about that too but I think the ruleset is designed to allow just about everything to stack. The multiball modes in Pirates all have their own unique shot(s) to score jackpots. When a second, third, etc multiball is stacked shots for jackpots do not overlap which is pretty cool due to each multiball having their own unique shots. Still, giving players the option to turn multiball stacking off would be nice.

#4502 2 years ago

Decided to place an order for an LE this week! Game will be replacing a Star Wars LE that I sold over the weekend.

Thanks everyone for the feedback about code, troubleshooting, etc. Pirates comes across as a pin that has everything to offer, an accumulation of the best of pinball in a way. The high number of shots, pirate character feature, code depth, and variety of different strategies have sold me on the game.

#4562 2 years ago

Not sure if anyone from JJP will read this but I was thinking how cool it would be if a "Pirate Hunter" mode was implemented into the game.

Basically this mode would be ongoing during normal play and award a bounty for knocking out the grand champion and / or 1st - 3rd high scores. Maybe the current high score champions picture would appear using the high score player wanted pirate posters already in the game. Knock a high score out and a bounty is then placed on you for someone else to beat!

Maybe even give players the option to contribute gold and or points to the bounty to increase it. Another option would be to allow the bounty to grow with the more time has passed.

#4601 2 years ago

Can anyone describe the texture / quality of the black LE armour powder coat? Is it similar to Stern pro / premium standard armour or higher quality? I've only had a chance to play an LE prototype and more recently a standard production version of the game.

#4623 2 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Is everyone installing cliffy's?

I ordered them before I placed my order for the game this week lol. I'll be installing them before I play the first game.

Is a shooter eject protector such as the one from Pinball Life necessary on Pirates with the two rails going all the way into the shooter lane?

#4659 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

I must be the outside odd duck on this subject. I personally Love the Original sound track JJP created and how its integrated. Building suspense where it needs to be and whimsical in places that are fun. Absolutely brilliant in my opinion. To listen to a sound track Over and Over would drive me batty. Kind of the Only thing I dislike about Munsters at the moment. To me, creating something New is appreciated and creative. To copy and paste a repeating track not so much. But then again I am odd that way.....lol

Same here. All of the music in Pirates fits the theme perfectly and has a pinball vibe to it. If given the option to have the official Pirates theme or the main theme David Thiel did I would take David's version. Same goes for more licensed music versus what David created, much rather have the custom music.

The official main theme would be cool to hear though in the games Break the Curse super wizard mode. If I ever get that far I'll crank it up in the background lol.

#4673 2 years ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

amazon.com link »
A great deal. It's not 4K, but it looks like only the last two were released in 4k anyway.

May need to order that and a grab a bottle of Captain Morgans Private Stock for the first weekend I have the game!

#4745 2 years ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

well is like the older stern legs from a few years ago the same as the siderails and lockdown bar on a current stern
but sterns legs color don't match the rest as they are from Taiwan

Thanks. It's a bummer JJP got away from the high end powder coats on WOZ ECLE and Hobbit. I wonder how gold powder coated armor with a metallic finish would have looked like on Pirates? The black finish does fit the LE well though.

#4790 2 years ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

Any info on when the next code update is getting released?

Haven't heard a date yet. On the Dead Flip live stream I heard Keith say they are getting closer to a 1.0 release. Did anyone else hear any other future code comments during the stream? I wonder if they will wait until Texas Pinball Festival at the end of next month to release the next update.

#4846 2 years ago
Quoted from WolfManCat:

Lately I have been using it quite a bit. I initially thought the mini lcd was pointless, but turns out its a rather useful.

Yeah. Also very critical for setting up Pirate lane awards which adds another strategy layer to the game.

#4852 2 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Whoever is in charge of QC needs to get axed and they need to get someone in there that takes a little pride in their work. There is no excuse to get a new 10k game and have a list of shit that needs to be fixed before its playable. One small thing, sure, but not a list.
There should be a comprehensive checklist that's gone through for each game before its boxed up. I'll have to admit that I'm a bit concerned about getting mine.

Exactly, well said. Multiple issues out of the box are unacceptable at these prices. I've asked my distributor to send me one of the latest Pirates built off the line but there still seems to be reports of games with issues on February built games.

#4855 2 years ago
Quoted from mtp78:

I swear my game is haunted. After talking to Butch from jjp on the phone...he emailed me a bunch of things to check on my new game...turns out almost all the connectors on the bottom of power board behind monitor were off or half off...so I connected and reseated all of them...then I try and put the playfield down and the two big harness going to the back box wont let me put the playfield all the way back so the tabs can seat on lock bar bracket...after 10 mins I had to force it back..so I think its fixed then I notice lower gi on out lanes are out...cant win

Sorry to hear that. I don't how these games are getting past QC with connectors not plugged in or half off. I thought the games go through a burn in period and are briefly play tested? Like others have said there should be a list of items that need to be checked before a game is packed up. The old "it's pinball, there's always stuff to fix" argument no longer flies with these all time record NIB prices. Again unacceptable JJP at these prices. I love your guys games but QC needs to improve and ASAP.

#4869 2 years ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

Playing tonight and noticed a couple of issues. When I lock ball two in the chest it still says it's only ball one.
Also having ball release issues. It goes into a ball search but does not release long enough to allow the ball to go out. Goes into a ball search and then game over.
I've also had game over after ball 2 is locked. Having a bunch of people over tomorrow night would appreciate any tips

Are you using chrome or carbon core pinballs? If chrome balls could be magnetized and may be sticking together in chest.

#4942 2 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Wow my game must have got banged up in shipping or left the factory with a very loose screw. The metal rails that should go under and to the side of the shooter lane where above it, the screw that kept them down was out and in the cab. There was also a rusty little screw in the slit for the shooter lane switch. Didn’t even notice it until I had all the lights on in the basement. Can’t seem to find where it would go and it is rusty and gnarly looking, I don’t believe it was “new” on 2/12/19 when the game was made. I’ll post a pic soon.
For the ball trap under the pearl posted above I haven’t got that yet. I have got what must be the ball not triggering the pearl vuk but I’m not sure how or where it is. Ball search doesn’t find it but if you lift the game up a foot and a half or so it’ll pop up the pearl vuk in a second. The game is leveled around 6.5 but I’ll mess with different settings. If the ball is stuck there firing the coil in test doesn’t launch it either. I just can’t see where the ball is while it’s stuck. I’d have to take off the upper playfield to see under why’s going on but it’s gotta be a trap around the vuk.

I've removed those screws before on games to install shooter lane Cliffys and they are always very tight. How one of those types of screws could be loose is beyond me. Either the screw was never put in all the way or the screw hole was stripped. If the screw was properly installed there's no way it would come lose during shipping. This is the type of item that QC should and needs to be catching.

#4949 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Changed and covered here on Pinside. A lot.
Changed to a single spinning disc, which grabs the ball better. The three discs are onw in video on the big screen in the backbox.
There should be some screws to fasten topper to the trac on the top of the backbox.
LTG : )

It was surprising how little effect the triple disks had on the ball on the prototype can I played. They were really cool to look at but the loudness of the mech, reliability, and the lack of an effect on the balls makes the new single disk with the animated awards much better.

#4971 2 years ago

Here's what I love about Kanedas review, he addressed POTC being referred to as the GOAT as so many people are considering it just that

When it comes to dropping $8k+ on a pin it needs to have legs. Many of Sterns pins are approachable yet most don't have legs in terms of unique and deep code. As Zach from SDTM said in his POTC review "this is a masterpiece code" and I agree. The ruleset of POTC is very approachable yet has a ton of depth, variety, and strategy to it. That is what I want in an $8k+ pin, that's a big reason why I bought an LE, and that's why I continue to buy JJP pins.

#5003 2 years ago

Zach from SDTM "this is one of the greatest pinball machines of all time". Mic drop.

Still my favorite pinball review of all time.

Part 1

Part 2

#5050 2 years ago

Does anyone know what the best option would be for a gold / brass looking shooter rod? I prefer one like the style below from Pinball Decals. Not sure if this one would fit a JJP pin.

Screenshot_20190304-171535_Chrome (resized).jpg
#5077 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

The JJP folks definitely read this thread and they are really great. I am glad to hear some of the fixes are being done proactively!
It sounds like you had a great unboxing! I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do!

That's great to hear JJP is reading and implementing fixes listed in this thread from the factory. I just recieved word from my distributor that my LE build date is 2/11/19 so it sounds like it will have some or all the latest fixes listed here? I'm thinking of going forward with this one versus waiting any longer.

#5083 2 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

LE #78 (Build date 2/4/19) is now setup in my house, picked it up yesterday from zmeny from Flip N Out Pinball, even got hollywoodbone to help us load it:
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
Went thru everything with a fine tooth comb, some fixes were already installed from the factory, which shows they do listen to Pinside:
[quoted image]
Also added Titan Silicone rings on the Black Pearl and Flippers, tonycip's Medallion Shooter, as well as MezelMods clear plastic protectors. Hopefully the ordered Cliffys will come in sometime soon.....
I've only problems with two issues, one is the Black Pearl wasn't quite centered in its rocking action, which was easily addressed adjusting the screws on back.
The other issue is a PITA that I've yet to been able to fix: Upon setting up the pin I discovered that the display itself not latched in place correctly during shipping on the right side. Luckily it did not damage the backglass. Once I moved the wooden shipping blocks and latched the display into place the right is sagging almost 3/8-1/2" too low. I tried everyday possible to adjustment to the display and mounting arm possible short of total disassembly of the mount with no improvement, the silver frame of the display is still visible and showing on the left. My temporary solution for now is inserting a wooden block as wedge to push up the right side, it's not visible while the backglass is on but its not right. I'm contacting Zach & JJP tomorrow to see if they have any suggestions. I tried most tricks in this thread with no avail.
Besides that she is a best to play. Be looking for an order in the next couple of days yelobird ! Hoping to keep her in the lineup for a long time:
[quoted image]

Congrats on the new game! Do you know which fixes are being implemented from the factory and which ones still need to be done at home? The build date of the game I'm set to have delivered soon is 2/11.

#5094 2 years ago
Quoted from Crile1:

I'm not sure why folks are getting nervous about parts. It's not like JJP is going away. Just stopping production on Pirates (for the time being). I can still get parts for my F-14 Tomcat. Plus, with home use only care, things should be okay. My parents still have their HUO 2003 Stern Monopoly and all parts on that are good.

Production sounds to be stopping for good. Hearing rumors that JJP didn't renew the license and others have said that Pirates has simply been too expensive to build.

As JJP starts to make more and more pins they likely can only spend X amount at a time on licensing and parts which is why I think Pirates production is stopping so future titles can be made.

#5130 2 years ago

I can see why some people would want a replacement playfield in storage for down the road just incase something happens. Honestly though, in a home environment if you install Cliffys, keep the playfield cleaned / waxed, and change the balls every so often there will be minimal wear on the playfield even 20-30 years down the road.

#5180 2 years ago
Quoted from Axl:

If this is a fact, and I am sure it regarding your ties to the company, and since Eric is your brother, this needs to be shouted out loud in this tread.
In my opinion, they are gearing up for the next release. JJP will be doing the game on the small line. Skip the freaking out.

He was referring to JJP renewing the WOZ license, Pirates is likely done for good this month based on all the rumors. After Pirates is done this month it sounds like JJP will be moving onto the 250 Yellow Brick Road WOZ's and then to game #5.

#5199 2 years ago
Quoted from Coindropper:

Good to know. I’m more worried about the wood separating. Again, hard to tell from the pics. Is the second ring where the Mylar is a separate piece that you know of? I can’t tell with the mech in place from the underside.

Quoted from Coindropper:

Never mind, looks like part of the Playfield. No bueno.
[quoted image]

I would definitely call your distributor / JJP. That is unacceptable if it's not mylar lifting but rather clear coat.

Does anyone know if there's a piece of mylar around the spinning disk to prevent the edge from chipping? In the picture it looks like JJP doesn't put mylar around the exposed edge around the spinning disk.

#5207 2 years ago
Quoted from Coindropper:

The Mylar doesn’t bother me, the fact that the wood is curling with the Mylar is the issue. It literally looks/feels like a speed bump. Game is 6 days old and I’ve played maybe 25 games on it.

Is the disk flush with the playfield? I don't see how the wood could be damaged unless the disk sits lower then the playfield. Based on the pictures it looks like just the mylar is coming off. It may be hard to tell what if any damage occurred to the wood until the mylar is removed. As others have said best to contact distributor / JJP first.

#5210 2 years ago
Quoted from Coindropper:

It is flush, the gap is from me holding the mech to try getting a good pic. If you roll a ball across, it doesn't jump or anything. It feels flush if you run your and across it as well (except where it's raised from the splitting of the wood). I wish I would have noticed it immediately so it didn't get to this point but I have been playing with the lights off to enjoy the GI lighting.

Ah ok. In one of the pictures it seems like the mylar isn't correctly centered around the disk. It looks like there may be a small gap between the edge of the wood and mylar and towards the right side the mylar seems to be hanging over the edge a bit. The exposed edge though does seem to have any damage which is good.

#5224 2 years ago
Quoted from cbdarden:

Interesting! I have a really recent build, I’ll have to see if this is already in there.

Just curious, what is your build date? Have an LE coming and wondering if I'll need to do this as well.

#5233 2 years ago

The build date of the LE that I'm set to have delivered is 2/11. Do you guys think that's ok to go with or I should wait for a later build date? Another owner with a build date of 2/4 noticed that the subway fix was already done to his game from the factory. Just wondering if there's anything else I should wait for? I'm not even sure if I can get a later build date at this point.

#5250 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I wouldn’t worry about shit like this. My games was built in early October and believe it or not have had zero issues with the subway and I have well over 1000 games played now.

Quoted from cbdarden:

Mine was built in early February. It has the fix, though doesn’t seem to be working. I wonder if I need to ramp the angle up more or do something else. Only two balls got stuck in there earlier, and my kickout is strong enough. It’s like they’re getting stuck and not getting into position correctly.

Thanks again guys for the feedback. Much appreciated I'm go for delivery.

#5255 2 years ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

I will add one more item that I know has been said already .. THIS MF'ER IS HEAVY AS HELL!
I mean really even the PF weighs a ton on its own. By far the heaviest pin that has ever been in my house.

Damn! I had to buy an Escalera after buying more JJP pins. I wasn't going to risk my life having a 350lb Hobbit land on me lol.

#5293 2 years ago

I hope more assets from the films are added as well in regards to what can used. Would always prefer more custom animation work though over snippets from the films. Sounds like some or all of the wizard modes could really benefit from a big set piece / fan fare moment when they are completed.

#5303 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Any word on 1.0 code?
Anything new expected to be added?

I don't think thing we will hear anything until closer to TPF. Last update dropped back in Dec so hoping for a good size update

#5305 2 years ago
Quoted from cbdarden:

The wizard modes need more polish, fanfare, explanation, etc. Make them a big deal! Give me those showstopping moments! Like Killing Smaug is on The Hobbit.

Really hoping this is added. Those types of moments are in Keith's other games so really hoping we see them with Pirates. Each wizard mode should have one of those moments as well as the super wizard mode once its added.

#5315 2 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Yes and it doesn't really have to have movie assets or complex coding to do this. Just as an example, after defeating the Kraken, you could have all the inserts go bright green and slowly dim away with an horrific sea monster-like sound to go along with it and the shaker that rumbles up then down with the lights.

Yes! That's a great idea. This is the type of stuff that I hope gets added.

#5358 2 years ago
Quoted from sulli10:

No not at all.Not sure where Kieth will take this game code/choreography wise, but right now it is really good (( not at Hobbit leve) . So far the only problem besides the out of box was a stuck gold switch that took 2 minutes to resolve. As some one mentioned earlier this is about as non Linear a game as you can get ( I too like SW and need to get a perm/LE some day to replace my pro), there is so much packed into the play field. It shoots great. In my opinion, not as smooth as DI but damn well. I found DI to be too linear so it has left the collection.

The flexibility with how Pirates can be played is so cool. Picking a character, setting up Pirate lanes and the map awards system adds a ton of strategy and depth to the gameplay experience.

If there's one thing I would like to see worked on with the code its additional choreography, light shows, etc for the games wizard modes.

#5369 2 years ago

I'll just say this about the Kaneda podcast. Jack agreed to come on the show a while back which was very nice and it's a great episode. To then title a podcast "POTC Review GOAT? GTFO!" is both disrespectful to JJP and unprofessional. If you want to guarantee that no one from JJP will come on the show again that's one way to do it.

#5371 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Totally disagree. Not sure about you but I've grown tired of kiss ass podcasts. No problem with a guy titling a show with how he feels. I actually applaud this.

Yeah I can see your point, a lot of podcasts are guilty of that as well. It's cool he's willing to give the game another chance. Playing games on location is always hit or miss.

#5377 2 years ago
Quoted from skyrex:

Not to get into a Star Wars rant on the pirates thread but while I grew to like the game I was underwhelmed from the start with my LE. I wanted to see them go all in like JJP has with pirates. I felt like they were happy with a stand up double instead of going for the grand slam......and it is a theme that deserves grand slam attention. I love that theme! The video integration and missions were fun but I was disappointed in the basic playfield. Blowing up the Death Star is way better in person than on video but the game was HARD unless you were a serious player.
I like games that appeal to nuts like us who are crazy for pinball and to my guests who come by to flip a few balls around and have fun. It got the least amount of guest play of any of the pins I have owned. People got excited to see it then played it and moved on. That doesn’t happen with pirates. To me it’s a solid game but not what I wanted to see and that disappointment was hard to get over. Never played the pro so maybe that might be a different/better experience.

I had a Star Wars LE for over a year and feel very similar. I actually just sold it to buy a Pirates LE. The mission structure in Star Wars is awesome but I was not a big fan of the rather empty layout. In terms of shots that pass through or drop into an area Star Wars premium / LE has 8 of them (7 on pro minus the fork ramp) where Pirates has 16 not including the extra ball shot which would make 17.

It's cool that Star Wars has all of the movie clips and actor audio / video. After a while though the layout just felt dull, the left outlane drove me nuts, and the mini LCD area felt wasted with uninspired skillshots. You can tell where JJP spent their money with Pirates and it was on the toys, features, and code. I've finally realized that at the end of the day all those items are more important to me then having movies clips.

#5403 2 years ago
Quoted from NightTrain:

Yeah it just doesn’t make sense to buy a standard. You’re already $8.5k deep. What the hell is another grand for a ton more features and candy. I can’t wrap my brain around that one. I can imagine resale would take a hefty hit on the standard version.

$8.5k is already big money to spend on a pin and the SE is still loaded with a ton of features. The stainless steel armor on the SE does look nice as well. Hell the SE is more loaded then competitors LE's! If there ends up not being a lot of these made as the rumors suggest the resale hit may not be bad at all.

Also, with that type of thinking one could end up saying "just spend $3k more for the CE" lol. I start having those conversations with myself and start thinking "you live only once, upgrade to the CE"! haha.

#5480 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Do you guys think JJP could retheme pirates into toy story? I don’t think it’s far fetched especially if the license is botched. The whole FGY/Shrek concept was jacks to begin with. Plus, I think people, for the most part, would relate to picking a toy story character at game’s start vs a POTC character.
They would obviously have to redesign some of the toys. But, all the characters and rules structure could stay in place. Now I believe there is only 4 toy story movies, but there was a mini film special they did a few years back called toy story of terror; they could use that as the 5th movie filler.
I dunno; I could be way off base, but the glove could fit.

I sure hope not and that each title has it's own unique design. Part of the $8.5k -$12k cost for these games is design and for those prices each game should be unique.

#5515 2 years ago

I need to stop with the mods, have ordered a bunch and I don't even have my game yet lol. I was on a flight last week and watched the SDTM video again where they go to JJP to talk with Eric and Keith, wife looked over and just shook her head with my obsession with this hobby haha. Pumped to get this game!

#5549 2 years ago

Starting to wonder if Cliffy's are even necessary on this game? I was looking back at post #4636 from f3honda4me and after 1k plays he doesn't have anywhere at the map or Tortuga areas. If there's one spot I can see a Cliffy being needed just incase its at the Tortuga area as that is a ball eject area. However, the map shot may not need a Cliffy protector as the ball only falls into that area versus being kicked out. Sounds like those areas have mylar applied from the factory. Still, I thought I read about a couple people that had damage in those areas after minimal play.

#5554 2 years ago

Ouch, well maybe I'll add them lol. I saw your post about installing Cliffys at the Tortuga area. How did you go about installing the Cliffys for the map shot area?


#5603 2 years ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Crazy to think the LE's are almost sold out. So glad I got one. This game is a blast. If it turns out to continue to be one of JJP's best, wonder if they will make another run in the future. If they had to re-up the license, any hope that they would try to get some more assets while they were at it?

I don't see them running it again if the rumored plans are to build Yellow Brick Road WOZ's and then move onto to Wonka and game #6.

It will be interesting to see if JJP shifts to building slightly scaled back games, in terms of physical features, to compete with Stern at a lower price point.

#5605 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I hope not! I’m willing to pay more for a richer experience.

Same here but I think JJP has limited their customer base by only offering games at a higher price point. I'm not sure if they will go the Stern pro / premium / LE route with future games. I honestly wouldn't be surprised.

JJP has kinda already started moving towards a pro, premium and LE model with Pirates. Pirates is the first JJP game to have an physical / coded gameplay feature, the star map toy on the LE, not featured on the standard.

#5732 2 years ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

For me balls were not rolling down completely in the trough. Dirty trough from waxing. Possible magnetized balls too.

Yeah, good points. I would recommend the plastic trough shim from Marco Specialities if there's trough magnetism issues. I put one in my Dialed In LE and use Ball Baron Ninja Chrome balls in it without issue (solved trough magnetism issue I was having). I'm planning to put a trough shim in Pirates LE and use Ninja Chromes as well.

#5743 2 years ago

I wonder if we will hear about new code next week with the Texas Pinball Festival being held next weekend? A month ago on a Dead Flip Pirates stream Keith mentioned they were getting closer to a 1.0 release.

#5753 2 years ago
Quoted from anathematize:

yea i have to think that TPF is where the next version of the code comes out. i can't recall anything from the Dead Flip stream that stood out as a major change in the code but its been awhile since i watched it.
i'm guessing we'll finally have the final wizard mode, some MB adjustments and likely some character balancing.

Yeah, I don't recall seeing any of the wizard modes reached during the stream and would have skipped ahead of them anyway as to not be spoiled. Right now I'm really just hoping for polish to the game and then the "Break the Curse" super wizard mode to be added. Additional choreography for the wizard modes (light shows, machine going nuts once beaten, etc) would be great see to help make them more of a big set piece moment.

#5765 2 years ago
Quoted from Ben41:

Hello to all pirates Owners,
did anybody play the final wizard mode yet ?
i played all 5 mini wizard modes after you played them you have to play all the multiballs again ... so far not a big deal ... except the CHEST MULITBALL
u cant activate the chest lock any more ... has anybody an idea ? JJP ? what says the code ? BUG ?
and is it ment to be that u can combine the yellow wizard mode with the Tortuga Multiball ? cause its possible ... did anybody else combine another wizard mode with the tortuge MB ?
and how is it possible to increase the SUPER X multiplicator in the lower left corner on the mainscreen ?
hope to get a few answers

I don't believe the super wizard mode "Break the Curse" is coded into the game yet. All 5 movie multiballs and Tortuga multiball can be played together. The 5 wizard modes though are each a standalone mode and are played separately from all other modes.

#5767 2 years ago

Now have the mods, all 5 movies, and even some rum (may need more, bottle is half empty) but no game haha. I'm hoping to have my LE delivered by the end of next week.

20190317_111228 (resized).jpg

#5795 2 years ago

The character negative traits really need to be shown on either the main LCD or mini LCD, ideally on the same screen would be nice. Theres far too many characters to remember their negative trait. I hope this is added in future code.

Regarding tournament settings I would agree with allowing any character to be picked by multiple players. At least have it as an option. Plundering I believe can be disabled but it should then result in a plundering map award not occurring (not sure if this occurs today or when it does it just doesn't plunder) and an alternate award appearing instead.

I would not have a tournament setting disable character powers as that's a huge part of the game and is critical to the games strategy. Allowing any character to be picked multiple times for a tournament setting would resolve any balancing issues.

#5797 2 years ago
Quoted from djxealot:

I suppose that'd be fine. Then again, tournament settings aren't high on my list anyway. I like the fact that, in casual settings, you can't pick the same character twice.

Yeah, same, for a non tournament setting not being able to pick the same character twice adds some fun to games.

#5864 2 years ago
Quoted from Coz:

Kaneda will be at TPF, rumor has it, Chris is the presenter for game of the year at the TWIPYs - which will be POTC.
-disclaimer-Of course that’s not true-

Decided to listen to the episode yesterday where he talked about The Big Lebowski news (that sounds like it unfortunately isn't true now). That was a mistake. At the end of the podcast he went after Pirates owners, the game, and how Lebowski is better. LOL

#5870 2 years ago
Quoted from djxealot:

I haven't listened to any of this guy's stuff. The only two pinball shows/whatever I watch/listen to with any frequency are SDTM and Buffalo Pinball. And even then, you have to make your own opinions about stuff. Deadpool, for instance, was not particularly highly rated by either show, but I enjoy it because it is loud, obnoxious, fast, has great art, and makes for a very different playing pin than my other two. I don't like it as much as Pirates, obviously, but still a lot more than the shows were suggesting.
OTOH, I tend to disagree with folks about Iron Maiden. Yeah, it shoots nice. It's a good pin. And the artwork (like Deadpool) was good Zombie Yeti stuff, for sure. But it wasn't a pin that I felt I wanted to own. And I've never much cared for the band. It was good. I'd play it on location if I saw it. But... not great, for me. Different strokes and all that. Reviews and ratings, on shows and on Pinside, only give you a general idea. And even then, some people aren't going to like an otherwise highly rated pin (like this guy and Pirates), and others will rate a low-rated pin very high (somebody gave Thunderbirds a 9 IIRC - ick). That's just how it goes.

Same here, I prefer both of those shows as well, especially SDTM. Head2Head podcast is also another good one from the few I've listened to.

#5875 2 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

I don't care for manufactured drama, so I'll pass.

Yup, just read this.


#5882 2 years ago

Only a few days until TPF! Can anyone from JJP share if new POTC code will be shown there and when it may be released to the public?

#5967 2 years ago

There was an issue posted by a couple owners 3-4 months back regarding playfield chipping caused by sling posts. I take it this has been resolved? Did anyone hear if it was an issue with the post design, posts being too tight and or an issue with some playfields?

#5969 2 years ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Happened to look at my sling posts last night and have some concerns. Nothing major yet, but there is some early signs of wear. I will probably put silicone washers to protect. Looks similar to the TNA issue. Maybe a result from modern day clearcoat process?

I'm not sure but theres no excuse for it with the prices of todays games. I'm not sure if JJP made some changes with the post design and or playfields over the past few months. If I may ask what is your build date? Are you seeing just an outline right now around the posts?

#5975 2 years ago
Quoted from heni1977:

I remember this as well. I think most of the issue regarding the posts, was over tightening. Someone had taken them off and sanded the edges removing the edge. Others had also used a plastic type of washer, and some used a star post.
I have looked at mine and can see a little heaping or bulging or the clear.
Was wondering what star post size would be. I would prob go with those.

Over tightening would sure do it. Just curious, what is the build date on your game? Wondering if JJP changed something at the factory on the latest games.

It's weird how some JJP pins use plastic cylinder posts, others are metal, and then some have star posts. Dialed In has a combination of metal posts and plastic star posts at the slings.

#5981 2 years ago
Quoted from locksmith:

Posts diameter is small causing more pressure on smaller footprint.Larger thin clear washer is what I would put on first.

These have been used though on a lot games over the years including ones from Stern without issue. Maybe they were just being over tightened?

#5986 2 years ago

Texas Pinball Festival starts today, here's hoping we hear something about new Pirates code!

#5988 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Speaking as a software developer...the last thing I would do is launch new code when I’m away at a conference.
Not saying they won’t, but I would wait until afterward. Just me!

Yeah. I don't expect them to release it until after the show but just hoping a new code revision is at the the show

#5990 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Now, that’s actually a good call. Announcing it and/or beta testing at the show while they can observe would be brilliant.

Maybe we will hear something at the TPF seminar tonight. Wish I was there. For anyone interested can watch it below at the link below starting at 8pm EST.


#6003 2 years ago
Quoted from SheriffBarclay:

At the JJP seminar at TPF. They just announced they have the Pirates license for 3 more years. Can we call out and hold those to account those posters that keep saying the license is done?

Yes Jack said they have the license for 3 more years but! He said they have X amount of parts for X amount of games and that's how many they can build. Jack said he can never say never about building it again but there was no definitive "yes". Sounds like it may done for good but Jack didn't want to say so.

#6006 2 years ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

Jack said: "there is no plans to build more at this time but that doesn't mean we won't build more, we have the license for another 3 years."

Yup, could mean yes could mean no. I'm thinking no.

#6008 2 years ago

Also, Eric said Keith was sick for two weeks which has pushed the next Pirates update back a bit. Keith has been working on the games super wizard mode, 1.0 update will hopefully be released soon.

#6012 2 years ago
Quoted from Amused_to_Death:

I'd be in on that one!

$11,500 and no rocking ship lol.

#6015 2 years ago
Quoted from BladeFury:

Glad I just went in on the LE because he sure didnt sound to confident on building more...

It was the least confident I've heard Jack speak about something since JJP started.

#6030 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I’ll say with about 99.99% certainty that the margin isn’t healthy and if this is true, they can have all the demand in the world and it would still make little sense to make more without a price hike to pad the margin.
It’s a shame because it’s a great game.
JJP really really needs to get over the hump to build 2 new games per year and it will mitigate this problem and Should slightly lower overall costs to the end user, as long as they don’t get greedy!

Yup, that's what I'm thinking it is. POTC may simply be too expensive for JJP to build. I wouldn't be surprised if a year from now at TPF 2020 we hear about a Black Pearl Limited Edition that costs $11,500.

#6066 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Anyone know if JJP will be keeping parts on hand for future repairs?

I would think they will. Biggest culprit I can see for future issues is the chest mech, everything else seems to be very reliable. Even the chest issues though just seem to require tweaking.

#6093 2 years ago
Quoted from dnaman:

My game is playing beautifully but I am going to have to call JJP about my sound issues which persist. I have tried the couple of suggestions way back in the thread with resetting audio connectors etc... but they have not resolved the issues.
Between the sound popping/clicks (no not the loud initial pop on power up) and the audio which seems to sort of cut out, it is enough to bother me. I've had a couple people notice it without me mentioning it.
I will go back and see if there were other suggestions.

You may need a group loop noise isolator. JJP included them with some of their past games but doesn't with their latest (not sure on Pirates). If you are having sound popping / crackling issues it can help. JJP may send you one for free as long as it's under warranty. If not they are fairly cheap on Amazon.

amazon.com link »

#6100 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

GLIs are installed in all Pirates games at the factory. They are usually mounted in the upper corner of the backbox.

That's great to hear, didn't want to deal with that issue again. Thanks.

#6126 2 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

My 7 year old daughter plays a lot, and then after she plays, she can be heard around the house randomly saying "Extra BAAAA HAA HAAAAALLLLLLL"
Blows my mind this game did not win TWIPY for best callouts. It has the best callouts of any 2018 game by a long shot. Gibbs was perfect to do the callouts for the game. How did deadpool win that? That game needed Ryan Reynolds to be doing the callouts. Without it, it's very off-putting and not enjoyable at all. The callouts were zzzzz.

Theres more Stern owners out there and fans so that's why I think Deadpool won best callouts and Iron Maiden won best rules (lol) and GOTY.

One issue with the TWIPYs is that it can become a popularity contest.

#6170 2 years ago

If anyone wants a cool cheap Pirates keychain for their game check out the link below. At checkout use code "PERFECT3" which will take $3 off, price will be $.61. Code expires today.

ebay.com link: Movie Pirates of the Caribbean Keychain Metal Key Rings For Gift Chaveiro chain


#6181 2 years ago
Quoted from DougPiranha:

I just got the game and was wondering what is the issue with the posts? chipping playfields?

Sounds like some earlier build games had the posts by the slingshots way over tightened which caused chipping on some games. Using starposts can cover it up and make sure that the damage doesn't spread. Not sure if its neccessary on later build games and theres been no reports of the issue with later builds.

#6198 2 years ago

Just got word my LE is on it's way to be delivered today. Decided to cancel it though and order Black Knight 3...jk lol. Couldn't imagine getting any other game right now, pumped.

It's time Pirates to join your JJP friends! 20190326_080311 (resized).jpg

#6217 2 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Yea that would seem odd to me too

They may not have received all of the parts they ordered. There's also likely been a number of warrantied games over the past 6 months and additional parts are needed to complete the remaining distributor orders. I'm sure they want a stock of parts to support existing games down the road as well, at least I hope they do.

#6237 2 years ago
Quoted from Axl:

Keefer has been sick for a few weeks. My guess is that they where going to launch it at Texas.
My next guest would be at MGC April 12th.

Yeah. Sounds like he is back in the office as of last week from what Eric said at TPF. Eric also mentioned at TPF that Keith had been working on the games super wizard mode and that its been coming together well. It sounds like a 1.0 release will represent all modes being coded into the game.

I hope Keith is given some more time to polish and add more choreography to the wizard modes. Ted Estes is likely the lead on the code for Wonka as he was for Dialed In. If GNR is in the fall then Keith is likely the lead on that game unless one of the other guys is.

#6246 2 years ago

Just unboxed the game. Looks like JJP is now wrapping the latest games with shrink wrap which is nice. Not sure if these are all coming like this. My Dialed In LE had the plastic around the head but no shrink wrap around the entire game.

20190327_104056 (resized).jpg
#6249 2 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Do any of you know the dimensions of your POTC shipping box by chance? I know a few people just got theirs, wondering what the dimensions are.

I think it's between 30 and 31 inches, can't recall the exact measurements. All I know is I can barely get the cabinet through my basement doorway with it out of the box. The back box on Dialed In and POTC seem slightly wider then others.

#6254 2 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

I can live with 31"x31". Just enough that I can cram the box into my SUV. It's actually for picking up my WOZ but I'd imagine the box size is the same as POTC.

Yeah box size looks the same as their past games. The way these latest games are being packed seem much better with more protection / padding. Also noticed that the legs and leg bolts are attached now to a piece of cardboard on top of the game when you open the box.

20190327_150032 (resized).jpg

#6283 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Maybe it’s a YBR WOZ! That’s how that one was wrapped. Here’s hoping it’s a Pirates! Congrats look forward to hearing your review. Learn a few of the code rules from the how to thread and the journey will seem endless. Congrats!
Looks like Jack signed your cool.

Lol, yeah. Thanks! I've got a bunch of cool mods from you guys to install on it. Cliffys just arrived today as well, may install those first thing.

#6293 2 years ago
Quoted from KingBW:

When did you order the cliffys? I ordered mine a month ago and didn't get them yet. He didn't respond to an email I sent a couple of days ago.

Probably a month ago as well, maybe a bit longer. Sounds like he's been really busy.

#6300 2 years ago

Just curious as I haven't setup my game yet and checked. Is the LE certificate orientated vertical or horizontal? I'm looking to get an 8x10 picture collage frame that I can put 4 JJP LE certificates in.

Update: nevermind, saw a picture of it!

#6317 2 years ago
Quoted from wesman:

I've got what might seem like a daft question.
I'd watched an unboxing video of POTC a few weeks back, and saw some thin gray foam that this one guy placed between the legs and cabinet when he bolted them in. I figured it was just there for packing, but he used it. It was shaped in the form of the top of the leg bracket.
I've never seen those in any other unboxing video of any game prior. Anyone have any info on this...?

Those are felt protectors to go between the legs and cabinet.

#6318 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Ahoy pirate skallywags and rum lovers. A minor public announcement for those ailing from Dauntless aiming issues. This repair tip came from pirates wiser then I but works perfectly if your issue persists. Very simple to do and permanent. The Dauntless as shown is mounted with 2 standard 8x32 x1 1/2” standoffs. Replacing this 2 standoffs with 1 1/4” standoffs brings the ship to port in perfect firing alignment. I will provide a link to McMaster though I am Certain these can be found at Pinball Life, Marco and even Ace hardware last I checked. Took 5 minutes to swap and we be sinking that bloody ship every time now!
Hex stand off McMaster:
Pinball life has them in 1 1/8” which would work fine possibly needing a washer:
https://www.pinballlife.com/metal-hex-spacers-1-18-to-3-116-8-32-thread-femalefemale.html[quoted image]

Is this a tweak required on all games or does it only affect certain build dates?

#6439 2 years ago

I wonder if we will need to wait at this point until MGC for the Pirates 1.x update? Hopefully that means Keith and the team have had more time to polish up the code versus releasing what they had completed at TPF.

#6508 2 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Hold left flip and tap right 5x as fast as you can.
I played this way yesterday, and I set a new GC score and had several other really good games.

Would be cool if there's an option added to the game to always enable random character select. This would be a fun setting to leave enabled when having friends and family over or for league nights.

#6511 2 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Correct, it's called blind character select:
Blind Character Select: specify whether to allow the player to select their character or have
the software randomly select the player's character (at the beginning of a game).
YES: randomly select player's character Default: NO
NO: allow player to select character

Sweet! Thank you. Glad to hear that option is already in the game.

Looking forward to seeing what has been added and changed with the next software update. It's coming up on 4 months since the last update, wonder if the team has been prepping a big update for the game before they move onto the next game.

#6519 2 years ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

I agree...
I can't get it to print at all

Quoted from PinMonk:

Thanks for that link, but annoying that's in iCloud pages. Why not just put it in a PDF? So much less hassle.

Quoted from zaphX:

Eh, I used what was dirt-simple for me at the time. Honestly I wanted to put all this on pinwiki but they never “approved” my login to do so.
I’m moving this week and I will do something first-class with it after I get moved.

There's an option to download a copy and save it PDF, click the wrench icon see the download option and from there the formats it can be saved as.

#6566 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I’m guessing the brass screws are too tight which is not allowing the yellow lockbar full travel.

Have to tinker with adjusting my lockdown bar screws as well as I've had to on all of my JJP pins. I wish JJP would switch to the latch style brackets used by Stern for their recent games. While it was likely designed to cut costs it also makes removing and installing the lockdown bar a much easier process.

Also, to anyone getting a new LE / CE be aware that the certificate for the game is now taped to the underside of the cardboard flap of the shipping box. Will be under the invisiglass cleaning instruction paperwork.

#6588 2 years ago

Just a small heads up for owners. The inside corners of the lockdown bar does not have mylar applied which if you are not careful can lead to scratching of the powder coat on the side rails. JJP was applying mylar to the corners of lockdown bars on some or all of their past games, not sure why they stopped with Pirates. I cut a few pieces of mylar and applied it to my lockdown bar today.

#6602 2 years ago
Quoted from wesman:

Would you be able to take photos of where you applied mylar?

Yeah, I was just told up above there is no attract music. Weird.

Here ya go, used another pic in this thread. Apply it to the inside corner or the lockdown bar up to the edge.

Capture (resized).JPG

#6619 2 years ago

Got my LE up and running yesterday. Put around 20 games on it and thankfully its playing perfectly so far. May have a minor issue with some Super Shiny pinballs getting slightly magnetized at the chest but will see.

Before playing it at home I had only played it on location. What a difference. I can finally hear all of the callouts and music. David Thiel did an incredible job with the games music and sound affects as did Kevin McNally for the games callouts. Even though theres no actor audio and actor video in the game I think it worked out extremely well for the game as otherwise the ruleset wouldn't have been designed the way it is. The ruleset for the game feels like a blend between LOTR and WOZ in my opinion.

#6647 2 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

This is exactly what I was hoping for!

Yeah, I think it's a good blend between both rulesets. LOTR is loaded with progressive based modes while WOZ has a few of those but has many switch points based modes (first 3 Munchkin modes, Crystal ball modes, Haunted modes).

The 125 chapter modes in Pirates are not progressive based but still feel like modes from LOTR in the sense that you have to hit specific shots on the playfield. I tend to prefer hit specific shots type modes versus random switch based modes (hit orbits, pops, all switches, etc) that become dull quickly in my opinion. Every chapter mode in Pirates has you working the playfield in a different way which is pretty cool. Theres also callouts for specific character shots as well as those remaining to help make up for the lack of actor audio / video a bit.

Multiball modes, besides Curse of the Black Pearl, feel a bit like switch based modes with the same shots being hit over and over for jackpots. Wizard modes take things back to LOTR and WOZ mini wizard mode design in the sense they are these separate events that occur in the game and are progressive based. Overall it's a pretty cool ruleset design.

#6673 2 years ago
Quoted from GnarLee:

Ok just spent a good couple hours properly going over the machine. have not got to switches yet might be a lengthy post, I'm a attn to detail guy and a little ocd at times here goes wish me luck.
#084 "not used" Lights left spinner
#090 "GI left flipper guide high" No light. do not see a place for light. there is a spotlight there
#119 "upper sling low" No light
#121 "right orbit jackpot" No light
#122 "Top POP Mystery" No light
#123 "Top Sling Mystery" No Light
#124 "mid POP Mystery" No light
#125 "Right Pop Mystery" No Light
#126 "Carina" No Light
#127 "Norrington" No light
#128 "Phillip" No Light
#140 "Upper playfield right spinner" green produces yellow and white produces pink
#164 "Jack" No green white is pink
#168 "Left lane spinner light" Not working Light up under #084
#181 "Chest Right" No light
#195 "Right pop inside" No Light
#197 " Lower pop inside" No Light
#021 Can hear it fire but seems like it takes 4-5 seconds for it to reset. Is probly nothing but worth noting
#041 "Barrel spinning pop bumper" not spinning hitting wire form
#047 and #048 seem like they do nothing during test "Mini PF Rocking motion and Relay" during gameplay ship is rocking do not think it is going through the full motion. full right pf is level mid is slightly left and left is way left.
#072 "Black Pearl cannon door lock" does not fire. door does not open during test game.
Other Issues out of box
Few spots with targets too close together
Wire loom binded from factory
ball shooter tip broke within 10 games
ball shooter inconsistent often rattles around wireform even with a almost full plunge
found a thumbscrew in bottom of cabinet and a plastic piece that I very loosly think is a piece of one of the optos (I do not know what the optos look like but there is writing on it that say opto
Nothing happens during fork test
monitor is sagging on right side
and just because I'm picky and on a rampage. Where in the hell is the attract music. The Jersey Jack rock music every 10 minutes or so isn't fun (well it is but there needs to be something else)
bumps and divots on map spinner. pretty sure it should be flat.
Needless to say I'm a teed off at this point dont even know where to start and cant really play until I figure out some of these issues. Shouldnt have these many issues out of the box.

Is this a newer or early build game? Either way that number of issues is not acceptable. With the amount of lights you have out there has to be a loose connection somewhere on the wiring harness I would think.

The targets can be spaced out more evenly if desired, for the inconsistent shooter issue check to make sure that the shooter is hitting the ball in the middle / center and not off to the side (can adjust shooter holder on cabinet if that's the case). You can order shooter tips off Pinball Life for cheap or call JJP and ask them to send you a couple for free (can also discuss issues). Fork test may be another loose connection it's not working at all (does it work during the game?), for the monitor sagging make sure its latched properly on the right hand side.

#6676 2 years ago
Quoted from GnarLee:

Bulid date 2-11-19 Fork works during game and can activate it in coil test. Just when I do the specific test for the forks in menu nothing happens. Ill look at the shooter replaced the tip with the one off the F-14 and its better but still rattles around way more than it should. Target issue is easy fix but getting complaints from the household about the issues and having to remove the mini playfield (for multiple issues) less than 24 hours after it was delivered.

For the fork test you may have to press the start button, close the door to allow it to activate, etc. May also be a bug, thankfully its working during gameplay. Is the shooter tip hitting the ball in the center / middle of the ball? If not that will cause issues.

#6679 2 years ago
Quoted from rs812:

Wanna talk about QC, opened my NIB yesterday and here are the issues I had right out of the box
1. No tilt bob
2. No CD manual
3. Flipper coils on upper playfield were installed reversed, that is to say the left flipper button fired the right upper playfield flipper and vice versa
4. Left flipper roll pin was barely in and left flipper quit working after about 5 games.
These are not shipping issues. These are sloppy assembly issues.
There is no way anyone is testing these things before they leave the factory. If this was tested, there is no way it coukd have left the factory epwith such an obvious mistake as number 3 above.

Absolutely sloppy assembly issues. There may be so many QC issues as some factory workers are following the build process better then others. Depending on the build date some games are being put together better then others. If that's the case it's up to the factory manager and or a supervisor to make sure games are regularly being put together properly. All games should be play tested as well.

Tilt bob and CD for manual should be in the plastic bag with the power cord, at least that how mine came.

#6772 2 years ago

A note regarding issues with balls becoming magnetized. The plastic trough shim will help prevent magnetism issues in the ball trough. However, the interior of the chest ball lock where the balls rest on is metal which can be prone to magnetism. I wonder if putting down some mylar in the chest would help?

I'm using Pinball Life Super Shiny balls and they are becoming magnetized in the chest lock. I need to check the level of the game as well as I'm sure if it's lower on the right back side that it will impact how easily balls drop out of the chest.

Other then that my 2/4 built game is playing perfectly (knock on wood). Once I got the game leveled I was amazed at well it plays. The spinning disk also grabs the ball a good amount and throws it around much better then the triple disk mech did on a prototype game I played.

#6790 2 years ago

Quick question. I see the ball hits the playfield rather hard when it comes out of the shooter rail. Is there a good amount of mylar put down at the factory to protector that area? Also, any concerns of damage on the playfield or plastic when the ball falls off the Pearl?

#6792 2 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Shooter drop area is mylar. Man overboard area is a sticker on top of metal over the wood rail, so ball falls onto a metal area.

Awesome, thanks! Still trying to get the cannon shot down on the Pearl, what a tough shot!

#6839 2 years ago

I have to ask. Does anyone else find the canon shot extremely hard to hit? Any tips for making that shot easier? Maybe I need to make an adjustment on my game.

#6843 2 years ago
Quoted from arzoo:

If the Pearl and Dauntless are correctly lined up the shot is not difficult. Once you know the timing you should hit it almost every time.

Oh, I just meant hitting the load cannon shot on the Pearl. I can't even make that yet lol.

#6867 2 years ago