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#4012 6 months ago

This is a great video that shows off the rules and what the game has to offer. I won’t lie playing it a few times at first I was confused but once it starts to click you see it’s not that complicated and it all makes sense. So many good shots. Really makes me want to find a LE, I’ve only played the standard on location. Going back to play tomorrow.

#4026 6 months ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

I’ve never watched a single movie from POTC. Will I still enjoy this pin? Undecided between POTC or MBr

I saw the first one when it came out and mostly hated it. Never saw another one, no interest for me. Went to the arcade twice last week to play this game and want to go tomorrow or Tuesday again, can’t get enough of this game. I’m actually in the same spot as you, this or the MBr. Wish I could afford both! Perfect combo I think.

1 week later
#4430 6 months ago

Edited: explained below thanks

#4434 6 months ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

I’m guessing he means the one-way gate on the left flipper inlane that sometimes stays up and lets the ball get thru in the wrong direction...

Sorry, yes this. But it didn’t get through in the wrong direction, the back hit the gate in the right direction going slow and just bounced down to drain. What would be a fix to get the gate moving smoothly?

#4607 5 months ago

Fingers crossed pirates sails up the Detroit river tomorrow. That’s how fedex gets here right?

#4760 5 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Numbers are not sequential, yours likely is newer. The build date is in the back, what did you get?
Kinks to look for: http://tinyurl.com/potcfixes

Not on here, ball stuck in chest. First ball shot in there, stuck close to the entrance not in the first ball lock position. Also vuk to the upper play field constantly firing and not moving the ball at all.

Anyone else find it almost impossible to get the play field back in position with the lock down brackets in? The tightest I’ve ever seen by far. Do people cut the zip ties for the cables bunches in the back to give a little more room?

#4807 5 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

What all did you have to tweak/fix, and what was your build date?

My issues posted have caused me to not play a full game yet so there may be other issues but the build date was 2/12. Will look into it this weekend and hope they are minor fixes. Didn’t have much time but on first glance the screen will need some setting switched as well, but that’s just like getting a new TV I suppose. I’ll just keep dreaming of that six multiball stack.

#4882 5 months ago

Does anyone have a list of how many balls each multiball is/starts out at?

Also photos of the map spinner? Mine feels flat and flush with the playfield but there is a much bigger gap on the left side and I’m curious how others look. I’ll take a photo tomorrow.

Found my chest issue was a piece of foam in the chest. Whoops! Didn’t see that in there, maybe that foam should be white to stand out? Also having trouble with the upper playfield vuk and the ball through, lots of time balls hanging on the edge about to go into the shooter lane. Bringing up the coil test hitting start they don’t fire? The test menu is daunting and I wish it was more clear when there’s an issue/where it is and what to do.

Edit: I guess some of his could be balls magnetizing but I am using the stock balls so I didn’t think that would happen. I’ll change them out soon

#4890 5 months ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Does anyone have a list of how many balls each multiball is/starts out at?
Also photos of the map spinner? Mine feels flat and flush with the playfield but there is a much bigger gap on the left side and I’m curious how others look. I’ll take a photo tomorrow.
Found my chest issue was a piece of foam in the chest. Whoops! Didn’t see that in there, maybe that foam should be white to stand out? Also having trouble with the upper playfield vuk and the ball through, lots of time balls hanging on the edge about to go into the shooter lane. Bringing up the coil test hitting start they don’t fire? The test menu is daunting and I wish it was more clear when there’s an issue/where it is and what to do.
Edit: I guess some of his could be balls magnetizing but I am using the stock balls so I didn’t think that would happen. I’ll change them out soon

Working through some fixes and trying to figure out the menu. Just to be sure when I’m in coil test and I press the start button (when it on manual) the coils should fire right? I’ve also had it run through then all and while it scrolls through each coil on the screen nothing is happening on the playfield.

I asked what number of balls for each multiball as I’ve only got two for each one. Starting to think a ball through sensor could be the issue

#4908 5 months ago
Quoted from SheriffBarclay:

Turned on the ol' NIB LE today and Switches 9,10, and 12 are stuck open and don't respond/activate when you press the targets manually. These are the BONUS, X, and LOAD targets on the Pearl.
Also, there is no foam behind the BONUS and X targets on the Pearl.
Any ideas?[quoted image]

No foam behind mine either.

I have something going on behind/under the upper playfield, balls get stuck there and running coil tests doesn’t bring up anything. Can’t see where the ball is getting stuck or hung up.

#4941 5 months ago

Wow my game must have got banged up in shipping or left the factory with a very loose screw. The metal rails that should go under and to the side of the shooter lane where above it, the screw that kept them down was out and in the cab. There was also a rusty little screw in the slit for the shooter lane switch. Didn’t even notice it until I had all the lights on in the basement. Can’t seem to find where it would go and it is rusty and gnarly looking, I don’t believe it was “new” on 2/12/19 when the game was made. I’ll post a pic soon.

For the ball trap under the pearl posted above I haven’t got that yet. I have got what must be the ball not triggering the pearl vuk but I’m not sure how or where it is. Ball search doesn’t find it but if you lift the game up a foot and a half or so it’ll pop up the pearl vuk in a second. The game is leveled around 6.5 but I’ll mess with different settings. If the ball is stuck there firing the coil in test doesn’t launch it either. I just can’t see where the ball is while it’s stuck. I’d have to take off the upper playfield to see under why’s going on but it’s gotta be a trap around the vuk.

#4963 5 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I've removed those screws before on games to install shooter lane Cliffys and they are always very tight. How one of those types of screws could be loose is beyond me. Either the screw was never put in all the way or the screw hole was stripped. If the screw was properly installed there's no way it would come lose during shipping. This is the type of item that QC should and needs to be catching.

My first thought was the screw hole was stripped but it went in no problem.

Is the piece of foam in the chest supposed to be removed or should it be stuck above the ball sensors?

#4975 5 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I've removed those screws before on games to install shooter lane Cliffys and they are always very tight. How one of those types of screws could be loose is beyond me. Either the screw was never put in all the way or the screw hole was stripped. If the screw was properly installed there's no way it would come lose during shipping. This is the type of item that QC should and needs to be catching.

I should also note the plunger tip was ripped/bent. Looks like it go smashed up against something and the plastic tip already ripped off. Not damage to the box but looks like that side of the cab/game took a beating it was barley assembled before it left JJP. Again this was a game built two weeks ago.

#5007 5 months ago
Quoted from phoenixpin:

Hey all,
I'd like to give some context to Kaneda and POTC... I was the one that went with him to Sunshine Laundromat to play it on location and show him why in my opinion it is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, pinball machines out there. I have a perfectly set up game at home. I was visiting NYC for work and figured I could seamlessly transition to playing with him at this location game. I was dead wrong.
The game was so poorly set up and was such a different experience than I am used to at home. Here are a list of the issues it had on location:
- flippers were ridiculously weak so shots just could not be made. Almost all ramp shots would go halfway up the ramp and come back STDM.
- set up as steep as possible, with the bubble on the highest mark, so that the balls could not make it up either ramp
- 90% of shots to the chest were rejected, partly due to the weak flippers and also due to a problem with the fork mechanism
- could not hear any music/call outs, and the external volume button was turned off on the settings.
- multiballs were two balls instead of three (I couldn't figure this out because I don't even think this is a setting)
- when the ball rolled down the left orbit over the left flipper, it did not roll along the guide and instead was already off the wall. Whereas I can normally loop 5 shots at home through the Fountain of Youth shot, here we could barely make one loop. It also meant it was hard to hit the MAP hole, and so there was only a single time we were able to plunder.
- the action button did not work, such that I could not change the Pirate inlane awards nor collect gold. Big part of the game was missed here. No arrr frenzy. No strategy on setting up playfield multipliers etc. No tortuga multiball.
- at home, when the ball comes out of the depths scoop, I usually hold up the left flipper and it hops to the right flipper, which has a great visceral feel to it. Here that didn't work either and would instead go into the right sling.
- plunger was offset, and maximal plunge would make it at most to the ship skill shot, rather than to the left upper flipper. Literally not one plunge would get there.
- cannon shot rejected, I believe because the target ship was stuck against the left side of the game and possible due to the steep angle of the game
- spinning disk did not much change the ball trajectory, not sure why. At home it is a fun randomizer. Here it really did feel just ornamental.
- no ball saver, so the combination of all the above problems led to many quick ball drains
I'm a pretty decent player and regularly score a million points at home, start most of the multiballs, and make it to at least one mini-wizard mode every 5-6 games, but on this POTC neither of us could get above 70,000. Friends come over my house and love the game. It just wasn't possible to make the shots and progress through the game at Sunshine. We played about 20 times, and only could start a multiball twice: once as a mystery award and the other because of repeated skill shots to the ship. I know these rules inside and out at this point but could only talk about them rather than demonstrate them in action, let alone work through the dynamic layers of strategy that come alive when you progress through the game normally.
To Kaneda's credit, he tried to come in with an open mind and give the game a chance. If I was being intellectually honest I would say that if my main experience with POTC was that particularly machine I would also think 'this is no fun'. It was honestly an eye opening lesson for me that to most pinball fans, our impression of a game is inevitably dependent on how well the particular machine is set up, particularly our view of the shots and code and mechs. I've honestly never seen such a poorly set up new game on location, and I must admit that the other Stern games there were working pretty darn well. I'm not sure if that is unfortunate coincidence, or just the reality of Stern building their games to play well on location. It is possible that POTC is just a difficult game to have on location, and is best appreciated in the home setting.

Sounds like you should’ve told him all this and to not base his review on that terribly set up game/wait to play a game set up decent to review.
I’ve also heard their Primus is set so the playfield is almost flat.

Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Zach from SDTM "this is one of the greatest pinball machines of all time". Mic drop.
Still my favorite pinball review of all time.
Part 1

Part 2

Really surprised they reviewed the preproduction machine and didn’t do a new review when the finished game came out.

#5075 5 months ago
Quoted from dnaman:

I'm surprised that there has been so much air time given to this Kaneda, within this thread in the last couple of days.
I know nothing of him but read that he's only played a poorly setup/operated instance of this pin in a loud bar environment, having done zero homework on the title, knowing nothing of the rules and is firm on his position that it's a 'MEH' pin.
When I read that he said that there were no toys and didn't know that the MBs were stackable, I realized that I couldn't read anymore as he simply sounds ignorant.
The questions that come to mind are;
'Why do so many of you care what he thinks?' and
'Why is there interest in trying to convince him otherwise?'
Like an ignorant journalist, what's the point? Just change the channel. And with JJP' POTC sounding like it's a one and done title, this can just be our 'little' gem.

I’m surprised he even reviewed that game if his friend who owned the game told him how poorly it was set up/played. I haven’t listened to the review but this is the guy that spent 25k on a magic girl and just likes to stir the pot/insert himself into news/drama/whatever so who cares what he thinks? Anyways enough time and posts on this dork.

What is everyone’s game set up as? 6.5? All feet flat?

#5240 5 months ago

Looks like I need to repitch the back of my machine. I’ll be honest I always level from the front of the pf and do left and right and set to 6.5-7 there but have never leveled the back of a machine before. Hasn’t been an issue before but it would be nice if that solved my issues.
Where are y’all measuring for the back of the game?

#5280 5 months ago
Quoted from tonycip:

You probably checked this already but worth mentioning. There's a small screw that positions the plunger in the coil, if it loosens up the coil cant grab it and may keep trying which would overheat the coil. Just a thought...

Do you have a picture of the screw or where the screw is? Is it black?

#5335 5 months ago
Quoted from mtp78:

Trying to dial in my game. Are you guys turning down the power on the main slings and flippers ? Both seem really strong

The flippers have different power levels right?

#5352 5 months ago

Something else I noticed and haven’t been able to remember on locations games I’ve played, the left out lane/inland spotlights. They don’t seem to be pointing up but since they’re facing the back of the game I get huge glare on the backbox screen. I angled them down a bit more but still crazy glare, not sure the solution.

#5365 5 months ago
Quoted from DerGoetz:

Only one solution due to the geometry here, pull all spots and install Pinstadium.

I hope not. Did you do this?

Quoted from gliebig:

Debating whether I should remove that extra right outlane save rubber. It makes it very easy to save drains, but is also making the game enjoyable.
I put it on game 1 so I haven't tried it yet without it. May do that today to see how much harder it will be to save a drain.

Which rubber did you put on? I’ve played games with the rubber on the right most post and with no runners on, but never with one on the left post. I think that left post would make it pretty easy to nudge a ball back into the shooter lane with a rubber on it.

Going to try and relevel the back of the game this weekend, still not sure the best spot to measure but I’ll post if I find anything helpful.

#5430 5 months ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

Anyone know how difficult it is to take the subway apart?
Was playing the game last night and the ball was supposed to pop up to the pearl and didn't. Game went into constant ball search mode and lifting the playfield or shaking the game didn't rattle the ball loose from wherever it is so I am guessing I have major dismantling to do in order to find the ball.
In addition the game is now in constant tilt mode (no bob installed at the moment either) i.e. when you hit start it searches for a ball then lets you play but the ball launches and immediately goes into tilt.

Try lifting the game from the front (grab below the coin door) about 6-12” and see if the ball rattles into the pearl vuk.

#5440 5 months ago

How jealous I am of those with walk in basements/games on the first floor. For the first 6-7 years of owning pins I kept my games on the first floor, five steps up the porch straight shot no problem. Newer place I have them in the basement. Game goes in the garage door on a dolly then is rotated 180 degrees on the landing and down six steps. It’s a pain but after moving so many machines my friend and I have it down. Haven’t had to move a game out of the basement yet, that’ll be something else.
Is pirates heavier than WOZ or Hobbit? Haven’t moved or lifted either of those before.

#5697 5 months ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

No, not a bad idea, I’d still do a little more checking first:
1) pin is leveled and pitched correctly
2) verify that the chest mounting screws are tight
3) is the hinge at the chest entrance working correctly
4) is the blue bumper plug mounted correctly
If you can confirm those, then yes, a little trimming may due the trick.

Following what happens here.

With my chest when I turn on the game the chest release fires 10-15 times, no idea why. Locks ball one and two fine but doesn’t register ball three and in multiball balls just stay in the chest when hit, they are not released. So when all balls on PF in multiball drain you have to wait for ball search. The foam piece in the chest blocks balls from moving to the left/sitting where they should. I removed my piece of foam as I thought it was placed there for shipping.
I know there is a flyer that says remove shipping foam but they don’t point out how many pieces of foam there are. And the fact that there’s a black piece of foam screwed to the back of the game you have to remove, that isn’t mentioned in the flyer with the game. Guess it’s a null point now that they’re done being made but JJP should list all foam that should be removed in the future. So people here have that foam in the chest and it works? Could you post close up photos?

#5698 5 months ago
Quoted from VZSpyder:

There is indeed a foam strip along the rear of the chest, separate from the shipping foam. I'd say you should verify game leveling before attempting to trim it.
Also, about your screen blackout- you are now the third or fourth person (including me!) To experience a single non-repeating instance of this. For me it was after my second game, still has never happened again. Weird!
[quoted image]

Your chest registers balls with that foam piece? I put mine in multiplaces and tried to get it as high in there as possible, still wouldn’t register any balls. I will relevel as I need to level my back of the game too, what level are you at?

#5705 5 months ago
Quoted from VZSpyder:

Yes, and I haven't touched the foam at all. Chest worked great out of the box. I'm at 6.5 degrees.

I'm guessing the foam is as high as possible in there? The piece in this game was just sitting in the chest, not stuck to anything but sticky on the back.

#5924 5 months ago

I didn’t know JJP sold Radcals aftermarket, thought they were just put on at the factory.
They look nice but they’re pretty expensive and for most people who line their games up never see the difference.

#5965 5 months ago
Quoted from darkryder:

I finally fixed my treasure chest issue tonight for good. All you guys with locked balls in the treasure chest not releasing during multi ball, here’s your fix. Basically, the chest is too level and not angled to the left enough for the balls to roll out. The black foam inside the chest is intended to be there and is NOT the issue. The fix is to remove the nut holding down the right side of the chest. Then install a second identical nut on the threads first and tighten it down. Position the chest bracket back over the bolt and install the other nut to secure the chest. You’ve effectively added more left angle to the chest and now the balls will roll out of the chest much easier.
I had slightly magnetized Ninja balls and replaced them with new ones which made no difference, but raising the right side of the chest fixed this issue for good. So nice to lock three balls in the chest multiple times in a game and have them release like they should now. You may have to bend the release arm slightly towards the closed position if the balls are rolling out of the chest and overpowering the hold arm as they will have more weight and momentum. I also turned the left and right lower flipper power settings up to 30 to make treasure chest shots more consistent.
Now I need to figure out how to fix the loose slingshot posts from tearing into the playfield art and chipping it. Maybe replace those thin posts with regular star posts to protect and also cover the existing damage? The screen in the backbox is also won’t stay level and locked in the latches. I’ve tried messing with it over and over and as soon as I install the backglass, it pops out of the latches and sags on one or both sides. Looks like crap and I want this fixed.
This thread is really great with everyone co tributing with mods and fixes. It’s an amazing game when everything works!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Thank you for this! I won’t be able to try this for two more weeks but I’m hoping this will solve my problem, as it sounds extremely similar. Hopefully this gets added to the POTC fix page.

I have one question, before you did this fix when you powered on the game would the chest release arm fire 10-20 times even if there was no ball in there?

#6052 5 months ago
Quoted from Michigan1837:

I apologize if this isn't the place to post this, but it seemed like a good place to start - are there any JJP PoTC Pinballs in Southeast Michigan that can be played by the public? I don't want to spend $8.5k just to try this thing, but I'm curious if it's fun or not.

There is a standard at Marvin’s, as far as I know it is the only JJP Pirates on location in Michigan. I went there a bunch and put in a lot of quarters before I made the call.

#6053 5 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

There's one location an hour away from you in Hamburg that has in May at the Ann Arbor show:
Vintage Flipper World
Spicer Rd, Brighton, MI 48116, USA
More immediately, three pinsiders have it in your area and might invite you to try it if asked nicely, too.

I think this show is already sold out unfortunately. Also unfortunately my game isn’t playing 100% and I’m out of the country for a bit or I’d invite you over.

FYI for y’all traveling internationally make sure to get some Havana Club at duty free on the way home. Can’t get it in the states and I’m hoping a bottle will help me fix my chest when I’m home.

#6104 5 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Played with Tia Dalma yesterday and just focussed on one movie each game. Played three games and got to a different wiz mode each time.
I admit, when this game first came out, I was thinking choosing between all these characters was too much, but I have to say now....it's awesome.
When you plunder an opponents character, I guess you take theirs/lose yours and then they have to choose another?

Yes, on your opponent’s next ball they will select a new character and the character you had before you plundered their character will be unselectable for the rest of the game.

#6130 5 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

It's a hilarious multiplayer pin with the plundering other player's gold, treasures, and even CHARACTER in the game. That aspect hasn't been talked about that much but cracks me up. Brutal.

It really makes multiplayer games stand out. I haven’t had a four player match yet but I can only imagine how nuts it’ll be. Hopefully no friendships are lost.

#6285 4 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Yeah box size looks the same as their past games. The way these latest games are being packed seem much better with more protection / padding. Also noticed that the legs and leg bolts are attached now to a piece of cardboard on top of the game when you open the box.
[quoted image]

Must be new packaging, my game was delivered a month ago and didn’t have the wrap around the whole game or the legs on top. I’m 0 for 2 on having Jack sign my games, guess I pick bad days to buy lol.

#6297 4 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

I kinda thought he signed all of these off the line, like newborns.

I heard if Jack is walking by the line he’ll sign whatever is there. I’ve bought two new JJP LE pins and neither had it. I also guess it’s on the back so you never see it but I suppose it’s kinda cool to have.

#6323 4 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

Oh awesome, thank you! So I'm guessing your game came with them too? Is this a JJP addition or does Stern do them too? I didn't have one with Houdini.

I think this is a JJP thing. I have two JJP games and both came with them. I believe it’s on all models as well, not just LEs.

#6504 4 months ago

I emailed JJP about plastic and decal restocks for Pirates, they didn’t give me a date but said they will be restocked soon. I’ll post in here when I see them back in stock.

#6617 4 months ago
Quoted from screaminr:

I wish I knew about that my Hobbit Le Lockdown bar used to move and scratched off some of the powder coating . Got it adjusted so it doesn't move anymore but now the lock down lever is super hard to open and close , whereas my fish tales Lockdown bar doesn't move a millimetre and the handle opens and closes smooth as silk .
[quoted image]

Pretty sure my DI doesn’t have the Mylar and this happened to my game as well. I’ll double check but I have those same scratches, and yeah all JJP lockdown bars are a pain and never feel like they’ll fit.

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