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By goren1818

2 years ago

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Post #11892 Clear concise video on removing the black pearl Posted by rlslick (3 months ago)

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#804 1 year ago

Gos I hope so, mine is getting made this week or next ..

1 week later
#1069 12 months ago

Looks like they are shipping with leg bolts in now to make sure.

Nice to see jjp ensuring the issues are resolved!

20181120_184018 (resized).jpg
#1074 12 months ago

Has anyone had the action button led not work?

20181120_193301 (resized).jpg
#1078 12 months ago
Quoted from heni1977:

Also just a quick note, it only works in game play.


Man I'm stupid lol

#1084 12 months ago

I'm having some weird issues but I dont know if it's a design thing I never noticed?

After locking a ball, the fork diverter on mine stays up even if you dont qualify it a second time, is that the same for you guys?

Also has anyone else had any issues with the game not launching balls in multi ball? Opto maybe?

#1088 12 months ago
Quoted from FightNightFZ:

Just got my LE setup tonight and have two questions.
Anyone have issues with the chest not releasing balls and the game trying to locate balls?
Also, are the two left LEDs on the black pearl supposed to be less lit than the two right ones?

Mines doing a ball search sometimes and not launching in multi. Assume it's an opto but not positive.

Look a page or two back for lantern fix

#1096 12 months ago

Whelp, looks like I know why my forks are not retracting. Any ideas before I reach out to jjp? Its stuck up with no movement, cant even move by hand.

20181121_074852 (resized).jpg
#1101 12 months ago

So I took the mech out and reassembled and now it seems like its intermittent. It always works in test but it's almost like retract doesn't always have enough power in game or something.

You think bending the tab is best?

#1103 12 months ago

That's the weird thing. In test mode it fires just fine.

I guess bending the tab wont hurt so I'll give it a try.

#1134 12 months ago

I’ve had two moderate fork issues keeping it from retracting, some minor ones, too:
1) The actuator, a small white cylindrical plastic piece that hits the up position switch but also keeps the fork mech on its track, fell off, so it wouldn’t depress the switch when it was in the up position. Easy fix, but the actuator screw couldn’t get a good grip in the threads of the fork mech and I had to replace the whole thing. If it happens again I’ll modify it myself.
2) The fork release coil (technically a relay) was getting jammed with the magnet too far away from the plate it attracts. This also happened with the chest lock in my game above the pf. I had to bend the tab that allows for play in the relay to reduce the gap.
Smaller problems in the proto I had before this model had me bending the up position switch a few times.

Can you click me a photo of the piece you bent?

#1140 12 months ago

I hate to ask another silly question, but has anyone else had their fountain of youth almost always flashing red and blue? I'll also have another insert shot blinking red but faintly?


#1143 12 months ago
Quoted from Outlanes:

I hate to ask another silly question, but has anyone else had their fountain of youth almost always flashing red and blue? I'll also have another insert shot blinking red but faintly?

Watched some streams. Other people have this too, guess its intentional, at very least it's not just my machine.

#1172 12 months ago
Quoted from GrandFireball1:

A red insert means that you have collected one of the pieces for At World’s End multiball. The blue light indicates that the shot will advance On Stranger Tides multiball. So in the case of the inner loop, if you have already shot it once to make it red, it will alternate between blue and red as it should.
A faint red light indicates partial progres on collecting that shot for At world’s end (So after the first multiball).
Everything is color coordinated to match the movies. Alternate color blinking isn’t something special, it just means 2 things going on at once. Hope this helps!

That makes sense. But why only that shot? The purple shot doesnt blink in a similar manner? I must be missing something.

#1191 11 months ago

Was able to get the forks running perfect with the help of a friend.

Filed some burr's off of the mech that was making the plate catch and found a diode for the micro switch had not been soldered in.

Working great now.

#1261 11 months ago

Also, if you notice the characters arent random. They are the characters from the scene being referenced.

Thata cool and also means that your character selection has an added level, as the shot is spotted for the character you've picked.

So if you have a hard time with the orbit or a specific target you can rock that character and still complete scenes.

#1343 11 months ago

Mine is now running perfectly. Not only is it beautiful, it's my favorite game I've played.

I was super upset when the disc change occurred, but looking now this actually looks better and functionally diverts better I was wrong and the animations are nothing short of spectacular.

This game is amazing.

#1405 11 months ago
Quoted from darkryder:

That was a typo, yes 1.5 million. I had all 5 wizard modes stacked and my GF was watching. She was like "holy crap babe, you're in the zone!" I haven't reached the 666 mode yet, I hope to see that soon

It's awesome when you get it.

#1413 11 months ago
Quoted from tonycip:

Ok thanks for the page, now maybe I'm over thinking this. When you open the movie by hitting the shot on the playfield the door opens and the cannon is displayed letting you know you have qualified to start a chapter for that movie.
the skull now moves down to the line below to tell you the same thing? is it in different spots just to tell you what order you opened up the movies? what would be the significance of that?

One thing it does is show progress to wizard mode. You have to do 5 chapters in a movie and a movies multiball to start that movies wizard mode.

#1442 11 months ago

Because yours is already boxed most likely. I was there picking mine up the other day.

They have a ton of machines all ready for shipping

#1477 11 months ago
Quoted from Gusphan:

Skull value rules question:
-Is the skull value collected when you hit the skull shot, and if so, can you do so repeatedly?
-Does the skull value effect how much each shot in a mode is worth?
-Other than mystery, is there a way to increase skull value?

I only know the answer to your second question. The skull value affects the scores for chapters within that movie.

Also, if you shoot the scoop at the far left you get a lock that holds the skull value to the next ball

1 week later
#1740 11 months ago
Quoted from xo4all:

Hello! First time poster and just received my LE. My topper led strip is flickering...is this a creepy effect that's supposed to be there or an issue with the light?

Supposed to be there.

#1741 11 months ago

Have you guys checked the jjp Twitch?

#1743 11 months ago

Looks like they took them down. Try this.


#1746 11 months ago
Quoted from drewski28:

Sweet thanks! So far I've found their videos and Buffalo pinball to be so informative. Great resources

Check out buffalo pinball recents. They had early access and did a .98 code stream.

#1882 11 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

I am blind or something. I see nothing with tortuga in the name under coil settings.
[quoted image]

Probably bumpers VUK

#1900 11 months ago

It's the shot that collects the inlanes I believe. Left of chest shot.

#2155 11 months ago

With the star map also dont forget if you hit it in the chapter start area, the star map shot will briefly flash white on the playfield.

It's there so standards still get the functionality without the map itself.

8 months later
#12002 75 days ago

I also got a call from jack on his cell. Refunding me for the playfield as well.

Good on him. Great decision.

#12009 75 days ago

When he called me I asked him, are you cool with me talking about this publically?

He says, absolutely go ahead, so it's not a secret at all.

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