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JJP Pirates of the Caribbean Official Owners and Fan Club!

By goren1818

3 years ago

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#11852 1 year ago

Hello All. Murphy Peoples here. I'll be picking up my POTC this coming weekend, and have read every post on the first 21 pages.
Only 217 pages to go! I understand the challenges of POTC ownership, but being mechanically inclined... I'm up for it. POTC has been
my grail for a while. Look forward to continued reading. Any "hot topics" you'd like to point out regarding the game is appreciated. I plan on updating the
star posts immediately.

#11928 1 year ago

Officially became an "owner" today. Picked up my NIB POTC LE #227 and brought her home late this evening. Looking forward
to setting her up and playing a game soon. : )

#11934 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Where are these LEs coming from? Are they bought and paid for ones that are finally being delivered?

I bought my from a collector who ordered, but never opened the game. Very happy with it so far. : )

#11937 1 year ago

Two questions? So my New POTC is playing great except for two small issues.
1. At initial start up it told me to check the lower right slingshot switch...saying it was stuck closed. Sure enough, it was, and I fixed it. But now every time I boot up the game, it tells me the same issue. But I've checked and the switch is working. Should I have "cleared" the report somehow after fixing?
2. "Sometimes" during a game, when the ball drains, the game will not detect the ball draining. It will go through a ball hunt process, and take a long while to find it. Usually shaking the pin to the point of "Tilt" helps it find the ball.

Anything I can do to fix these two small issues? Awesome game. As dts just mentioned today, the game is ALOT to process. It's just incredible.

#11940 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

1. There are two switches on each sling. Are both clear?
2. A> Is your game leveled left to right? Good pitch front to back?
B> Check the ball for magnetism with a steel paperclip. If the balls get magnetized, they can "stick" to the trough.

Yes, both switches work great. I've been rebuilding EM's for around 15 years. : )

I'll check the side to side Level for sure and magnetism too. Thank you for your response!

#11941 1 year ago

Was anyone else's LE topper bar bolted to the head about 1" to the left of center? At first I wasn't going to put the topper on, but then I couldn't stop looking at the bar, and decided.."might as well go ahead and put the topper on". When I went to install it, you couldn't help but notice the topper sat too far to one side. Crazy funny. So I just did a "Topper Bar Delete" removing the whole enchilada and put everything in the topper box. problem solved.

#11945 1 year ago

So this afternoon I set my best score of just over 300K. Still trying to load and shoot the cannon and sink the ship. (Man that's hard).
Anyhow while the ball was screaming around the pop bumpers it hit the lower switch on the slingshot under the Black Pearl ramp. The top of the switch"stuck" itself under the ramp, making the slingshot repeat engage over and over. Cut the game off, and plucked it out. I'll be trimming the top of that switch down after my Cliffy's come in. Pic attached of the culprit.
IMG_3795 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#11972 1 year ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

Just sent deposit in to join this club. Decision to purchase was 100% based on Pinside positive reaction to this game.
Very exciting.

Welcome! Never a dull moment owning a POTC.

#11974 1 year ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

Because of fun or the tweaks needed? Maybe both?

Definitely both.

#12031 1 year ago

Need some help this morning please. I'm putting back the Black Pearl ramp after installing Cliffy's into the MAP hole.
Getting the ramp back on properly is being a pain. The wiring at the bottom of the ramp at the Gold Targets seems like it would get hit
by balls? Can anyone show me a pic of this area of theirs? Any guidance on reinstallation would be appreciatd.

It seems like I have to push down (flex the metal end tab) on the ramp a great deal to deal the wood screws at the bottom in place?
Do you bottom out these wood screws? Sorry for the questions. This was over 24 hours ago and a thousand steps back when I took it off, and I failed
to take pics of this area.
Thanks in advance! - Murphy

IMG_3888 (resized).jpg
#12033 1 year ago
Quoted from MurphyPeoples:

Need some help this morning please. I'm putting back the Black Pearl ramp after installing Cliffy's into the MAP hole.
Getting the ramp back on properly is being a pain. The wiring at the bottom of the ramp at the Gold Targets seems like it would get hit
by balls? Can anyone show me a pic of this area of theirs? Any guidance on reinstallation would be appreciatd.
It seems like I have to push down (flex the metal end tab) on the ramp a great deal to deal the wood screws at the bottom in place?
Do you bottom out these wood screws? Sorry for the questions. This was over 24 hours ago and a thousand steps back when I took it off, and I failed
to take pics of this area.
Thanks in advance! - Murphy

Got them tucked in as best I could and the ramp locked down and "tuned" to ball the ball down the left side without hanging up. Let me know if this is pretty much how yours is? Thanks!

IMG_3889 (resized).JPG
#12070 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Just got my cliffys as well. Are you removing Mylar even if it is still perfect and laying flat?

No. If your Mylar is flat you will get a good seal against the playfield with the protector. Just did mine this past weekend and the Cliffy's went in great.

#12123 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

any reason why a cliffy wasn’t made for the bayou hole?

There is! Cliff has a "new extended set" for the PTOC. A protector over the raw wood on the BP at the ramp, and a Carbon Fiber protector that looks like snake skin for the Bayou.

#12126 1 year ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Link/pics? I'm gonna need this stuff.

Contact Cliff. These are brand new and I do not think on his website yet, but he is making them. : )

bayou-cf-002 (resized).jpgpotc-mpf-edge-001 (resized).jpg
#12127 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Is this new since early May? That was when I ordered the set but wasn’t included.

Yes sir, I believe these are new as of August. These two install in seconds. Very easy. : )

#12149 1 year ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

Well ... to get the t-nut out, it looked like a significant level of part removal from underneath the playfield.

With the playfield in the upright position I hand filed the t nut down which took all of 5 minutes. All the filings stayed in the bottom of the trough. Vacuumed out and then wiped out well too. It's a 10 minute fix at best.

#12151 1 year ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

Next time I get the ship out ...
Thank you

NP! I though taking the BP out and putting back in was a cinch with LTG's post notes, and vids on Youtube. I had to due to installing the Cliffs into the MAP hole.

#12160 1 year ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Did you remove the subway?

No need to. Everything collects in one corner the way the playfield slopes to the back of the trough.

#12182 1 year ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Oh, I believe it. Hence the group buy. I also have a color printer that duplexes so...

I'm in. I've already printed the POTC Game Play Flow Chart in LARGE format and had it laminated. Kinko's/FedEx wouldn't do it due to the Disney logo.
So my local small town printer did it gladly. : )

#12183 1 year ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

i believe i have some printed pirates manuals, but i will have to check. give me a couple hours. they would be the same costs as the other JJP manuals. $100 plus shipping.

My hand is raised. Count me in if you have some to sell.

#12212 1 year ago

Just a shout out to say how much I Enjoy this game! I just finished tweaking my Chest Mod Open/Close and everything on the PF is working flawlessly.
When this game is hitting on all cylinders and everything is dialed in - it is the greatest Pinball of this century IMHO. Lovin' on my Pirates today!

#12213 1 year ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Thanks both EaglePin and Scott, you guys rock! I’ll settle down and take things step by step. I put the wire form back on for now and was able to get the VUK and BP out! I used foam blocks to prop the BP to avoid any damage to it

Just a word of warning. I've seen too many people "accidentally" break a solder connection by sitting the BP down like you have. I would reccomend standing it up on the BACK exposed wood on top of a towel (I leaned mine into the back of a plush chair). There's nothing on the backside to come undone. When someone sat her on the front exposed wood they broke off a lantern. Just trying to help. Be patient. Don't get flustered. If I can remove the BP and put her back on without incident - ANYONE can. LOL - Murphy

#12221 1 year ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Could someone do me a favor and take a pic straight down at the gap between your BP and the ramp?

It's an. 1/8" straight across the entire gap on mine.

#12231 1 year ago
Quoted from bgwilly31:

My gap is double as big as the pics you guys are posting.

Have you every had your Black Pearl Out? If so, you need to readjust the position. Simply loosen the 1/8" allen nut in the back on the BP shaft... pull the BP as far forward as it will go... .then tighten the allen nut on the shaft. Should be good to go.

Many people forget you're supposed to pull the BP forward before tightening that allen nut back down.

#12242 1 year ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

okay, i (finally) responded to the massive amounts of requests for the printed manuals. I will get shipping quotes and let everyone know as soon as i can.

Thank you for reaching out to me via PM. I wanted to say that for me personally, with retinal problems and having a tough time viewing a computer screen, having a printed manual is a godsend. My PayPal is happily sent. : )

#12255 1 year ago
Quoted from V4Vendetta:

Just got the call from the delivery guy, my LE should be here in 15 mins!! fcking STOKED!!!

Just reach out if you need any help. : )

1 week later
#12416 1 year ago
Quoted from LesManley:

I'm absolutely ecstatic to say that I joined the club this weekend. Put my old Wrestlemania Pro towards it as partial trade and drove just under 4 hours each way with my kids yesterday to complete the deal. Came with an unused brand new plastic set and extra ship motor too. I loved JJP Pirates from the first time I played it, but I never thought I would be picking up one of these anytime soon. Super excited to have it in the lineup, it will keep me entertained for a long time to come.[quoted image]

Congrats. It's an all time keeper. Never selling mine.

#12464 1 year ago

It's like everyone looking for a new code because it's been 5 months (or whatever) since the last - has no idea that Keith had a Heart Attack after the last update.

#12531 1 year ago
Quoted from liorillusion:

i have a question for you guys. im looking to get another jjp machine. and a lot of people told me to get potc. i have woz and di and i dont want to get hobbit. so my question is what do you think about potc? from all of my collection i like woz! awesome game. but also i hear from a lot of people the potc have so many problems and also jjp stop support this game with parts. i can get LE NIB for 10k$ from jjp distributor. my woz and di comes with tons of problems and im still waiting for answers and parts from jjp but no luck (almost 2 months)

Where are you located? "tons" of problems? My POTC has played brilliantly since the day I purchased it save for a couple of small easy to fix issues. WOZ and POTC are equally incredible games - but for different reasons. Plundering alone in POTC is great fun. Shooting a cannon from a Pirate ship to sink another ship? Very fun. If you can get a NIB LE for $10K you better jump on it. That is like near MSRP - which is a deal.

#12586 1 year ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

Got my Jack pop bumper cover from The Pinball Mod Company installed over the weekend. Love it! Great detail. Beats the hell out of Tortuga Tom.[quoted image]

Does the arm with rum clear the wireworm to the right?

#12615 1 year ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

When you compare JJP code support on Wonka to the support on POTC it seems like it’s not an issue of them not having had enough time on POTC. I think their Wonka code support shows they can do it when it’s a priority. They just haven’t chosen to do it for POTC.
I hope they shift priorities a bit to get what I think is now an overdue (1 year past shipping) Pirates 1.0 done. I’m just analyzing the development history of #JJPOTC and how it intersects with JJP’s other recent work. I think their last 6 months of work speaks for itself with regard to their priorities. And yes, laying that out may seem like a downer. I wish the facts were different and I didn’t feel the way I do about their support for Pirates code. But I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say the game should be rules complete by now and that getting the code there hasn’t been a priority for them. The issue lies solely with their (lack of) delivering updates on Pirates.

Again... everyone seems to forget the guy in charge of the POTC code had a heart attack and surgery just a few months ago. You don't bounce back so quickly from that. It will come.

#12647 1 year ago
Quoted from Zora:

Wasn‘t there a JJP seminar at Expo yesterday evening? Any news? I have not seen any comment on that.

The news was Wonka and pins moving forward would have Bluetooth capability. Pirates was mentioned as "There will be 1 last code update and it's coming".
I read in the Official Expo thread that it was said "no more Pirates will be made, unless very large pre-paid preorders were made by distributors, and they didn't think that was going to happen. Pirates was a slow burn seller, where interest in it grew only at the end of the run, and after it was sold out".

#12650 1 year ago

Here's a humorous story. I dreaded making the 0.99 POTC update. I'm mechanically inclined, but not so much digitally inclined (So great news with the Wifi code updates on JJP future machines for me!) but anyhow I went through the task of loading my 16g thumb drive to update to 0.99. I had just last night played an exceptional game, and as usually when I get a high score... I stop on a high note. So I plug in my USB this morning, and let the game update. Nervously watching it, it seems everything is going fine. The update installs and I restart the game.

When the pin boots back up I hit the start button, and the game goes into "Ball Find". It can't find balls. Oh Crap! I'm going to have to bug Lloyd the Great. Dang it. I count the ball and I see five in the trough. I shut the game off and restart. Same thing. It can't find balls. So I manually eject all the balls. And I have only FOUR! I spy through the playfield for a few minutes, raise it up, lower it, and finally I see the culprit trapped inside the lower right sling! Remove it and all is well. Update complete. Game plays great.

The unfortunate part is that last 0.98 game would have been even better had I not "lost the ball"! LOL

Didn't matter though. My high scores didn't roll over into 0.99. Silly me. Thought you guys might find it funny.

2 weeks later
#12800 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

Thanks guys! Yeah, it was the missing wizard mode that I think I picked up on! So the spinning disks are reliable? I heard that spare parts were possibly going to be an issue? Is there much humour in the game? I get that it's deep... but does that mean there is much strategy with it? Are there shot avoidance tactics involved, like in MM for example where you have to avoid Merlins hole to avoid staring a weak multiball? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm trying to get a feel for the game to see how much I should be trying to track one down. The tasteful mods are a tick in the plus box, many things are! Doesn't that rocking mini playfield make you feel a bit sea-sick after a while?

Just watch this video starting at the 18 minute mark. This is the best example I've ever seen recorded of all the play insanity of POTC. Being able to set "plundering" to cut-throat is brilliant. And once you understanding what that is, you'll understand why it's the best pin ever made.

#12822 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

I found one for sale in Europe, CE NIB... works out at $16.2k delivered... seems a bit pricy to me... but it IS a CE NIB!! Any idea how many CEs were made?

Believe it or not, the Standard Version is the rarest of all. Fewer of those made than any other.

#12856 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

So, I've now also found an SE for sale... about $6k cheaper than the CE!! The question I'd like to ask you knowledgeable and helpful people is, what do I really lose out on for that 6k? Sure, I can see the comparison list, but do those things mean that much to the overall enjoyment of the game? Things like invisiglass can be bought of course, but how much of the other missing stuff can be got elsewhere? And are the cool mods available applicable to the SE? If you had the SE, what would you miss the most compared to the CE? My only other option seems to be a CE... Thanks for all the help guys, I feel I'm one step closer to owning one of these!!

I think the two main items you miss out on in the Standard is the Starfield (which I personally don't use in my LE), and the small LCD Screen near the action button which imitates Captain Jack Sparrow's mysterious compass (which I do use slightly). Other than that - everything else on the playfield is the same (I think). So I do not believe you'll suffer any lack of game play with a standard. I'd jump on it at that price, because as I mentioned before - the Standard Run was the lowest and rarest run of the 3 designs. ; )

1 week later
#12994 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

I got some art blades from Tilt Graphics with the game, yet to be installed... but looking at them they appear to have suffered some severe sun-fade on the edge of one of the decals... This is not how they're supposed to look I take it...?
[quoted image]

No that's normal. Mine has the same. We used a piece of one of the backings, and made a template first. I'd recommend doing this, as you might find that the hole in the graphic isn't going to line up well probably. Our holes had to be adjusted about 1.5 inches from original center. The single template will work for both sides. You'll also find you'll be cutting off a great deal of material at the shorter end. Good luck! If you plan it well, it goes in easily. ; )

#13004 1 year ago
Quoted from MarZ_78:

Once you trigger a switch on the Black Pearl, the software will indicate Add a Ball is ready when Ragetti's Eyeball starts rolling around the mini display (It's kinda cool). Like GnarLee said: press the action button on the lock down bar.
While the additional ball is in play, your play-field scoring is reduced 50%! So try to get your purple pirates lane award for Super X to even it out. Remember its not a "muli-ball" so no real Jackpots are available.

Where is "Super X" lit, once the Pirates lanes have all been lit? It's always so crazy at that moment I never can find it. ; )

#13007 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

there's a target up near the Chest that you have to hit to collect whatever is lit on the small screen on the apron

So I don't see anything marked "Super X" near the chest on the playfield. This is very frustrating, as I hear "Super X is lit" all the time, yet cannot find it. : (

#13011 1 year ago
Quoted from arzoo:

Each time you complete the six pirate lanes, the selected reward can be activated by hitting the Pirate stand-up which is between the left orbit and the chest. The insert for the Pirate stand-up will light with the color of the reward you completed. So for Super X, the light will be purple. If you were to complete all six pirate lanes again before hitting the Pirate target, then the insert will flash both colors and the target will give two awards (you can't lose a pirate award, they stack, at least for the current ball in play).
For Super X, after you hit the (purple) Pirate stand-up it will light one (or more) of the six multiplier stand-ups, also colored purple. For example, hit the 2X stand-up and you'll start 2-times playfield values.
Basically there's no target labeled "Super X". The pirate lanes, pirate target, and multiplier targets all serve multiple modes and you have to go by the color.

Awesome Explanation! Thank you for taking the time to point that out. I hear "Super X is lit" and I'm looking for a Super X target. The "Pirate" target makes complete sense since I've lit up the Pirate lanes. I have a feeling this will help me step up my play. I feel fantastic when I hit 600K in points. I really want to break a million on a regular basis. : )

#13024 1 year ago
Quoted from MarZ_78:

If you don't collect a Pirate Lane Award at the Pirate Target before completely lighting the P-I-R-A-T-E Lanes for the next Pirate Lane Award, the first Pirate Lane Award will be canceled. Only one Pirate Lane Award will be lit at the Pirate Target at a time.
However, multiple Pirate Lane Awards (Playfield multiplier (Super X), Next Shot Multiplier (Shot X), Bonus Multiplier (Bonus X)) can be lit and ready to activate at the STANDUP TARGETS (2x-6X) after they are collected at the Pirate Target.
Some Awards are collected and activated by hitting the Pirate Target (ARRR frenzy, Add A Ball, Big Points, Add Time, Gold). Some are activated in other areas of the playfield (Lite extra Ball, Liars Dice).

Simply crazy how deep this thing is! I keep learning something new quite often. Multiple award choices for lane lighting completion. D E E P !

#13049 1 year ago
Quoted from Mikespinball:

Want your opinions. The left ramp (or left side) is very dark, no GI lighting. I have been a custom to moding my machines out with lighting. Mainly have owned in the past Bally/Williams 90s machines. I know that from talking with Coin Taker that I could do a 10 for 1 replacement on the GI lighting on those machines.
So first question, do you all think blue/white, a mix of both, GI lighting would look good under this ramp? Or would it take away from the colored lighting in the game already? I would not do too many, just want to light it up some.
If so, would I power from the GI spot lighting? That's where I think of doing this from and if so would it over power that circuit?
Your thoughts.

I've been saying this area needs Mod lighting badly. Very Dark around it.

1 week later
#13111 1 year ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

So, my LE finally arrived after almost 2 months of waiting.
Few issues I need help with
1. Some rod that looks like it is part of the ship mechanism behind the back of the Playfield is disconnected.
2. A thumb screw was sitting in the bottom of the cabinet. Not sure where it goes.
3. Couple bracket looking things loose in the coin box. Not sure what to do with them.
4. Funny enough I’m having a hard time getting the Playfield to slide back. Something seems to be in the way. Silly I know but any words of wisdom?[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

The instructions should tell you to remove the white foam block behind the PF. That is for shipping purposes only.

The black bolt in your second picture looks to be the bolt that holds the Black Pearl in place!! This goes on the inside of the PF right behind the black pearl. Do not operate the pin before everything is back together correctly!

#13114 1 year ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

So, my LE finally arrived after almost 2 months of waiting.
Few issues I need help with
1. Some rod that looks like it is part of the ship mechanism behind the back of the Playfield is disconnected.
2. A thumb screw was sitting in the bottom of the cabinet. Not sure where it goes.
3. Couple bracket looking things loose in the coin box. Not sure what to do with them.
4. Funny enough I’m having a hard time getting the Playfield to slide back. Something seems to be in the way. Silly I know but any words of wisdom?[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

VolunteerPin - make sure you read the links in the first post on this page below. It will be enormously helpful in solving all your problems.
The foam is the first chapter - and "Removing the Black Pearl" chapter will have pics of many of those parts you have pics of. Good Luck!


#13117 1 year ago
Quoted from Mikespinball:

How long ago did you order and when did you receive the playfield?

bump for answer?

#13128 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

Find a better dealer. Or buy direct from JJP.
LTG : )

I second this comment. My JJP has been bullet proof.

#13150 1 year ago
Quoted from Vitty:

Anyone have a feel for what a new in unopened box pirates CE would go for these days?

I'd guess $12,500

#13168 1 year ago
Quoted from arzoo:

Didn't know this was possible. Thanks.

And take a paper clip to make sure your balls aren't magnetized. Ball release on my chest was acting up, and it turned out my balls were magnets. Replaced them with Carbon Steel and everything went back to normal.

#13199 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

they even went as far as putting a hidden Mickey or two in the damn game.

Where? I'd love to know. ; )

#13203 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Let’s have a little fun with it, it’s hidden! Lol

I found both. And to prove it... it's the same one, but in two different places. So blatantly obvious on one... I'm kicking myself! LOL

#13206 1 year ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

Okay, I started scouring pictures in the topic gallery and found one. Another spot nearby could have one in there also but it would be tough to tell if anyone in that spot was intentional. Ugh. This was all so much easier at the park when I had the guide book on where to find them. Lol

LOL. The second one is the same.... just in a different place. You won't need a "map" to find it.

#13232 1 year ago
Quoted from Wanderers:

I spent an hour playing Solo, iam sure it will absolutely fine, before a bought it I read a lot of ratings/reports on it and found it hard to find any negative ones.

It will definitely grow on you. There are some great videos on YouTube. I’d recommend starting with “Dead Flip”s video with Jack Danger nd the JJP crew including designer Eric explaining and playing the game.

#13236 1 year ago
Quoted from zaphX:

It's easy if you break it down by specific goals. There are 6 multiballs and 5 movies to work through.
Focus on one at a time, then start to combine them which is where this pin starts to truly shine.
MB1 - Black Pearl: Hit the boat spinners, green lit targets, and then shoot the cannon into the Dauntless hole. Skill shot to the boat skips one step.
MB2 - Dead Man's Chest: Hit the targets next to the chest, then lock a ball in the chest. Do this 3x.
MB3 - At World's End: All the 9 major shots in the game have a large arrow, red once hit. Light them all, then make the Maelstrom shot.
MB4 - On Stranger Tides: Rip the upper playfield loop 5x non-consecutively.
MB5 - Dead Men Tell No Tales: Rip the Devil's Triangle spinner a lot.
MB6 - Tortuga: Collect 50 gold then shoot the Tortuga scoop.
Movie Chapters: These all work the same but with different shots.
- Shoot the movie's main shot (they have skulls on them.) This opens up the cannon door for that movie.
- Shoot the star map chapter select shot. If only one skull is lit, a chapter is chosen from that movie. If multiple, it is random. If Tia Dalma, you choose.
- In the chapter, character shots are lit on the playfield. Make them to complete the mode.
- Complete all 5 chapters in one movie to start its wizard mode.
That is the main gist of the game. There is more depth and nuance to learn, for example managing the inlane awards for maximum benefit, learning the star map to earn extra balls, etc.
Good luck matey!

Excellent write up. Now... why select “Shot X “ on the compass like Karl does, and where is that shot located when you do? Thanks!

#13283 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

That solidified to the up side once Jack recently reiterated that there will not be another run (which I'm still not buying, but I believe he believes there won't be - right now).

Victor, this is just speculation, but I'm not so sure a new run of POTC is a decision JJP can make? Disney controls the license, and right now they're distancing themselves
from Johnny Depp. Disney canceled the 6th film due to Depp's private life issues last year. Right now, they aren't licensing anything with Depp.

#13311 1 year ago
Quoted from benbethel:

Hey there everyone - I'm just about to receive my POTC CE from ASOA - should be shipping next week, and I've selected the following mods to be installed... but I'd like feedback on these and their pricing and whether they seem like great mods. Would also like feedback on what mods would be awesome for the pin? I ordered this and Wonka CE from ASOA, and have waited a bit longer than I'd like, but am hoping that it will all be worth it in the end. Here's a link to the mods I'm getting...
Much appreciated everyone... thank you! Now I just need to sell my Bride of Pinbot, Road Show, Woz 75th and Hobbit Smaug Gold Edition to help pay for these two pins!
Finally - on the 'drain topic' button, what does that exactly do.... does that catch me up on the topic? I wish the hover text was a bit more descriptive.
Thanks![quoted image]

These are just my opinions... The Actuated Pirate Chest just makes the game seem more complete. It's the one Mod I think that "makes" the game.
As for the others... what game isn't made better with the addition of the dog? too cute.

A Davey Jones spinning barrel mod is $335?? Sheesh! You can buy the figure off
eBay for $40.00 and make it yourself. I did my own Jack Sparrow. Finally adding him to the play field this holiday.

Like others have said... play it for a while first to see what else you might want to add. I like the Kraken addition as well and the ships fighting in the Maelstrom.

#13345 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Yep, very true. Not even a holiday message on the google forum.

He's been pretty active on Facebook. Especially on the JJP Fan Page. He posted pics of where he delivered a Wonka personally to a customer this month - partaking in a little holiday cheer, and posted a nice holiday message.

#13379 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballTilt:

Because if the criticism becomes rampant, the value of their game will suffer. That's my guess.

Really? Perhaps you feel jilted you sold yours too early and lost out on the rise in value? See that? Kind of the same statement you made which is a baseless insult.

#13406 1 year ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Did I install the hex spacer correctly?[quoted image]

Yes, that tall Hex Spacer is spot on right. Make sure your Black Pearl is seated properly towards the back of the pin as well. This will also cause improper ramp wiggle room.
I would suggest "slightly" threading each screw and nut to where the ramp can wiggle a bit before tightening down anything. My threaded wood screws that hold the ramp in place at the bottom are also slightly off being straight up and down. Mine screw in at the tiniest angle- leaning towards the flippers.

#13455 1 year ago
Quoted from jrawlinson_2000:

My left sling shot is hitting the playfield nut only just, should I nove it back a tad?[quoted image]

I would certainly check to see if you had wiggle room to adjust it backwards. It might have even come slightly loose?

#13478 1 year ago

Disney isn’t marketing Depp right now.

1 week later
#13572 1 year ago
Quoted from heni1977:

Is it the ball catch for when you lift the PF?

My ball catch is chrome plated - but good guess. Its about the same size.

#13574 1 year ago
Quoted from FryDaddy:

Can someone tell me where this came from. Playing game and looked like it came from the pearl not sure stopped play and shut down.[quoted image]

For sure that looks like a hole for an Opto - and you can see an outline of where an opto might have been plugged in... but I've not see this part...And I've had the BP out.

#13581 1 year ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

You’re a pirate same as the rest of us and we’re all in it together to help, as evidenced by the great support and suggestions people have been providing on this issue for you.

Well said.

#13608 1 year ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I tried, and lowered it to the point that it struggled. I'll keep playing with it though.

I've watched loads of videos of Eric and Jack Danger playing the CE game. It looks like their VUK is set to default - like mine - where when it comes up from the depths, you keep the left flipper engaged so the ball travels to the right flipper for a catch. I wish I can help you more, but I haven't had this issue - and have to wonder if it's not just a factory hole for the I-Lane drain being 1/64 of an inch too high up the playfield? Also I get serious about my levels and use a digital gauge on my pins. I truly believe it makes a difference, as these modern pins are designed with a digital gauge as well. ; )

#13619 1 year ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

I just searched Pinside in general and it seems like scoop/VUK kickout consistency issues are somewhat common. I didn’t see a dedicated forum where this is discussed though. Maybe worth starting one to try to gather various solutions under one roof?

If you start a dedicated forum let us know. ; )

#13632 1 year ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

I just found this post from the Elvira club thread about VUK issues. Interesting solution to melt the tip of the plunger into a dish shape so it pushes the ball more evenly. It would be really nice to find a good solution to make the Depths kickout consistent.

Victor.......we are waiting ....; )

2 weeks later
#13855 11 months ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

It is likely that some bolts holding the metal pieces around the Tortuga hole have become loose. They are not hard to get to and tighten, but add some blue locktite to keep them that way. I had this problem, but it is semi-permanently fixed now. No problems after the fix.

This! ^^^

#13907 11 months ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

As others have started to post, I just got notice of my replacement playfield shipping.

Awesome. My fingers are still crossed.

#13957 11 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

d[quoted image]

The coin door leds run on a lower voltage, so I'm guessing the previous owner tapped into those for running some 9V item?

2 weeks later
#14199 11 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Maybe no one watched the video... here's a screenshot. See anything interesting?[quoted image]

I watched the entire video, but perhaps like most on this thread... I was wondering why you super imposed JD in post production as a SFX. LOL

#14235 10 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Check the fork mech that rises up below the trunk. Two plastic sleeves each side on the moving mech below the playfield. Missing one there ?
I'd check that first, though in the picture your piece looks too big for that mech.
LTG : )

Yep too big for the fork mech. ; )
been there... done that.

#14330 10 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

So I went to install side art (tiltgraphics - sea one.... Looks great) and it was a disaster. Never had an issue before
Long story short the pf caught onto the side art and got jammed ripping them both. Completely wasted.
For guys who have installed successfully is there a trick with pirates? Wet method had never failed me. 82 in the hole. Haha

We used a VERY thin but large head "no stick" spatula between the game and the decal. Like one you'd use to flip pancakes. Mostly in the middle of the cabinet where the tolerances are so darn tight- keeping the decal from sticking to the cabinet while lining up everything and laying it down permanently. Worked wonderfully!

1 week later
#14390 10 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

This to me is one of the Primary values of Pinside. Feedback pro or against a dealer from multiple users Helps others make valued buying decisions! One opinion is a topic but when Multiple people stand forward to refer great service most times that distributor stands out. Awesome.

Agreed. This was an eye opener.
I'll chime in and say that Brooke with The Pinball Company was instrumental in assisting me with the playfield replacement for my POTC. Good folks there.

#14399 10 months ago
Quoted from konghusker:

I got the same response from Mike at automated with my hobbit issues. Just said to contact jjp. I bought a woz and hobbit from automated but won’t buy anymore from them. He told me my hobbit had all factory fixes and it did not. I verified a couple times and when it arrived it didn’t and then told me to contact jjp for the kit. Was not happy.

When my NIB POTC Playfield issues arose, I sent an e-mail to my distributor, Brooke at The Pinball Company. Who promptly (like an hour later) shot JJP an e-mail about the issue and copied me in on it. JJP replied "all" and confirmed after seeing the pics they would replace it - which they did. Brooke followed up with me a few times to check on everything. Can't say enough good things about TPC.

1 week later
#14449 10 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

I wouldn't, but if they want to sell say...another 500 games?
Thing is, Kaneda didn't state, and most likely doesn't know either way, what type of assets they might be. Would they most likely be more non actor based snippets?
I kinda figured we'd see one way or another at TPF, but now...... Unless these companies start making fully produced and edited game debut videos, I have no idea how things will be presented henceforth.

Could the "assets" be wireless dongle for new code? I bet the hardware will be common for all JJP.

#14486 10 months ago

Just pointing this out.... all of a sudden there are FIVE JJP POTC's for sale on Pinside. Five. Is the Pandemic having an effect? Crap.

#14489 10 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Valid point but also note that Each is being offered at a Crazy profit premium so not really a pandemic response.

It's not so much the pricing, which is legit right now, but the fact that so many people said this was their "Bolted to the floor" - "Never gonna sell" pin.
If you take the CE last week, and Zach's LE last week, plus these five - that's a lot of POTC for sale in 7 days time. Wow.

Quoted from delt31:

Stop the bullshit. Keep it on the other dumb virus topics. Guy just sold an alien in less than a day for 14k. Enough

Stop the BS? I just made an small observation - not related to the price of pins - but rare pins going up for sale. Alien at 14K is spot on. But when have you ever seen 7 POTC's for sale in a single week for the past year? I rarely say much on Pinside, and usually try to make upbeat comments. Your reply to me, I consider harsh compared to a tiny comment I made. Sheesh.

#14493 10 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

that's exactly it. I rather not let that drama spill into this thread too. Enough of it. Anyone who wants to sell their pins for cheap, PM me. Otherwise don't stir the pot and try to make something out of it. Let's keep it on target.

Understood. I should have left the word "pandemic" out of it and let Pinsiders ruminate on the possibilities of why 7 POTC's were up for sale in a single week. Apologies if I upset anyone.

#14507 10 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Hi - my name is the yellow brick edition of WoZ. I was recently released but no longer have the monkey mech. Don’t worry - I cost only $11,500.

Now that is funny!

2 weeks later
#14727 9 months ago
Quoted from jarozi:

I am terrible at this game (and pinball in general) but want to get better. To give you an idea my average score is around 100k and a good game for me is 300-400k, my all-time best is ~1.4 million.
Can someone give me a simple / repeatable strategy to follow to maximize score? Which character should I use for that strategy? I plan to practice a simple strategy and kind of build from there.
I'm also looking to get better at bumping, nudging, and flipper skills so if anyone has links to any videos or resources showing universal pinball skills I'd appreciate it. I've found a few out there from Googling but not a ton. Thanks!

Here's a good video explaining a couple of strategies for high scoring

#14773 9 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

I didn't want to show until we had a prototype, but we are skipping the spotlight all together. 1W RGB color selection LEDs on their own PCBs with a remote so you can set whatever color and brightness you want. We have these coming out for WOZ and POTC. Plug and play, quick install. POTC ones are modeled after the lamps found all over the POTC ride at Disneyland (and I presume are used in other parks but that's the only one I've been to and looked up). I am thinking we'll probably not do the cannons but we are testing an option with the lamps on a barrel (how they are used in the ride often) or crate. But you get the idea.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I would be in for the lamp as well.

#14800 9 months ago
Quoted from Meadowhawk:

You know there is something wrong when you can get 4 balls into your chest...[quoted image]

Check the opto's. Something definitely isn't reading right.

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