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By goren1818

2 years ago

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#1504 11 months ago

Thinking about buying the game. Already have a woz and DI. My woz was a mess with little issues out of the box. How is this measuring up . Has JJP Done a good job testing and tweaking before shipped ?

1 month later
#3038 9 months ago

Currently have a woz and Di. No matter i love woz thinking about trading plus cash for a new potc le. Just wondering if anyone has both and could chime in if potc is as fun as woz... ....cant afford all three. So i have to make a choice

1 week later
#3182 9 months ago

Why the hell they just cant install cliffy's at the factory or at least some factory mylar? Seems ridiculous for a machine almost costing 10k.

1 week later
#3478 9 months ago

Is there going to be a new code for the jack danger stream on the 14 th ?

#3626 9 months ago

How would you guys rate the reliability of this game and out of box issues..?. thinking about buying one. Both my woz and di had a bunch of issues and i find it a little annoying when you take them out of the box and things dont work or are damaged

#3856 9 months ago
Quoted from Spankey:

Trade WOZ for pirates? HMMMMMMMMMM

That's exactly what i am doing

#3992 9 months ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

I know it’s pinball but I certainly wouldn’t expect this from a brand spanking new game right out of the box. I understand the very same thing happened to other owners. Glad you were able to fix the issue but not cool you had to do all that work right out of the box.

I agree..alot of issues with the ships wires. Is it caused b/c JJP employees temp workers on the line and they are not properly trained ?...i am buying le nexr week...hope not to have to remove the ship on a brand new game

#4022 8 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I have given up on Pinwiki ever giving me an account, so I have consolidated my POTC troubleshooting guide here:
If you have suggestions and additional content to add let me know. I will try and update this with pictures also.

Thats a awesome guide...you would hope by now JJP reconized and addressed some of this issues on the line as time has passed...

#4128 8 months ago

Just ordered my LE, My dist has to pick one up at JJP . Hoping for one with no issues out of the box. Should have that and the afm le I ordered next week.

#4398 8 months ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

Started to have some opto issues on the ball trough.
**EDIT** OK, figured out the ball actually isn’t rolling down all the way in the trough...not an opto issue. Going to try cleaning first. Any other recommendations?
[quoted image]

Balls sometimes can get magnetized...and will not totally roll down the trough. Changing the balls fixed my dialed in with same issue

#4596 8 months ago

Just joined the club #220. Few questions..does the start button have a light ? Mine is not lighting. Wires are connected.

When does the map spin? Played a few fast games never saw it spin once.

Vuk in front of pops ejected ball so hard it hit the glass.. you guys turning down the power ? It happen on once but caught my attention.

Lastly un boxing 4 loose t nuts fell out of the box..i looked under the game and none are missing...i have no idea were they came from

Game looks,sounds awesome...i have no idea what i am doing but it seems fun....lol. feb 19 build date on game. Thanks

20190226_190304 (resized).jpg
#4709 8 months ago

My game out of the box last nite is still not fixed. Working with jjp now...very frustrating to deal with alot of out of the box issues. Jjp has been great like usual and eventually i am sure it will work correctly. Map disc not working, chest wont eject balls so game goes in ball search,no start button light and some other small stuff. I am keeping the faith and hoping jjp qc improves

#4719 8 months ago
Quoted from adamross:

How long does it take for JJP to respond to your support request?
I was praying I wouldn't be one of the many with unplayable machines out of the box but alas there's work to be done!

Frank has always been my go to at JJP. Helped with my woz and di. Frank is out on a medical leave and i wish him the best. So Butch called me today and gave me some things to check. And i later talked to Loyd. I need to talk to Butch to order parts. So hopefully we can chat tomorrow .It just sucks looking at a game and not enjoying it

#4725 8 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Great troubleshooting!

Appreciate the help...i talked to JJP abouy this. Topper and starlight are working. I know they are on the same fuse. Possible bad map motor. Will diagnose further tomorrow

#4853 8 months ago

I swear my game is haunted. After talking to Butch from jjp on the phone...he emailed me a bunch of things to check on my new game...turns out almost all the connectors on the bottom of power board behind monitor were off or half off...so I connected and reseated all of them...then I try and put the playfield down and the two big harness going to the back box wont let me put the playfield all the way back so the tabs can seat on lock bar bracket...after 10 mins I had to force it back..so I think its fixed then I notice lower gi on out lanes are out...cant win

#4854 8 months ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Whoever is in charge of QC needs to get axed and they need to get someone in there that takes a little pride in their work. There is no excuse to get a new 10k game and have a list of shit that needs to be fixed before its playable. One small thing, sure, but not a list.
There should be a comprehensive checklist that's gone through for each game before its boxed up. I'll have to admit that I'm a bit concerned about getting mine.

I totally agree..stuff happens in shipping...but there QC sucks. Got my game on Tuesday still not working totally....I discussed with JJP seems like they acknowledge the issue but things dont change...this is my third JJP and all have had alot of issues out of the box ....my potc is the worse so far and it was built two weeks ago..working with the team is great but I am annoyed this time around

#4858 8 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Connectors half connected/loose sounds like a shipping thing.

Shipping maybe,the real reason is they had the main harness wire tied way to tight. There was no room for any flex. I had to remove some wire ties just so the harness would stop pulling on the connectors....Quality Control issue !

1 week later
#5309 8 months ago

Trying to dial in my game. Are you guys turning down the power on the main slings and flippers ? Both seem really strong

#5428 8 months ago

Had to lengthening why ships main drive arm. When cannon was loaded ship would stop rocking. So I got it working now after playing with the adjustment and did a force calibration. My question...I notes the ship will move at all different speeds during gameplay..is this normal ?

#5560 8 months ago

Having an issue my ship wont rock back and forth when the cannon is loaded...so jjp had me adjust the rod going to the motor. So it worked for a day or two. I played it tonight. Soon as a loaded a ball in the cannon it stopped moving like before. Anyone have this issue ?

Also I noticed my ship is just rocking center to left. Not rocking right....normal ? After I adjusted the rod and did the calibration it was working fine a few days ago ....now its not

1 month later
#7582 7 months ago

Without looking thru all these posts...Any simple way to follow the rules...I understand shooting the ship strategy and lilting the fuse to shoot the cannon . What's the best thing to shoot for when you start a game... are you seeing how many chapters to start ? and do you have to finsh one chapter before you go to another? There is a lot gong on with this game

2 weeks later
#8693 6 months ago

Anyone watch stream last nite? Anything new with code ?

#8804 6 months ago

Trouble updating my game. Same 16gig stick I used on my Di seems not to be working. I first formatted stick and follow JJP instructions . Soon as I try and update the machine. I get a no directory message on the lcd.....what am I doing wrong ? I tried it multiple times ...no good

#8812 6 months ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

mtp78 it's a full install so you need to boot with the stick already in the game when you turn it on.

Did not try that. Thanks will try it that way

#8816 6 months ago
Quoted from mtp78:

Did not try that. Thanks will try it that way

Worked perfectly , thanks Keefer

#8817 6 months ago

Anyone turning down the power on their main flips and slings ?. Get some crazy air balls especially on multiballs. And slings are really strong.I am on all default settings

1 week later
#9246 6 months ago

Getting ready to install the cliffy's, Any pics around of the correct install for the outlane switches? And pics of the other installed protectors are helpful.


5 months later
#12876 9 days ago

I am getting a ship bulls eye target fault, I went into the switch matrix test. when I drop a ball into the hole nothing highlights on the matrix. Anyone run into this? Thx

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