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2 years ago

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#89 1 year ago

pinballj... it’s been 2hrs so what are your initial thoughts? We need details!

#90 1 year ago

This pic is making me realize I need to order some mirror blades

AD4AADA6-E0DF-4AAD-96CA-A848948CCCC2 (resized).png
#121 1 year ago

That’s the ultimate lineup - very nice!

#128 1 year ago
Quoted from lordloss:

I'd argue this game out does DI and HOBBIT for sure. WOZ seems simple in front of this guy, but its hard to compete with WOZ from my point of view.
I played the game again today it really is the best use of space while at the same time packign in a ton. I love that loop shot, I don't know how to get the ball to drain down the middle of the left ramp, and the rocking ship is a fun challenge.

I agree - I hope I end up liking pirates more than WOZ but as of now I find that hard to believe. We shall see

1 week later
#196 1 year ago

That’s all I’ve paid so far.... balance due when the game hits the line.

2 months later
#1317 1 year ago
Quoted from DerGoetz:

Thousands released vs dozens.
What are you talking about.
I own both IMDNLE and FullTLE. i am an owner of both, are you?

But this is the jjpotc owner and fan club... you don’t sound like either

#1337 1 year ago

That seems weird - I’ve never had a issue with the woz trough but have replaced the balls at least 2 or 3 times since it was new. I’ve had Dialed In a few weeks and that game has the craziest magnet action I can remember, but the trough seems fine for now. Is there more magnet action with pirates than DI? Maybe I will grab a few shims also just in case.

#1495 1 year ago

That was food coloring

2 months later
#3748 10 months ago

I took the family to play Munsters last weekend hoping they would like the easy shots and rules, and hoped maybe the wife would say let’s get it. After a handful of games of Munsters pro and premium, the girls bounced around to various other pins, as I tried to get them excited about something there. My daughter and I ended up on Pirates and it was very cool watching her play. She’s 16 now but has played pinball since she was very young, and kicks my butt most of the time. What was different and awesome was that she wanted to keep playing pirates, and kept saying “Daddy let’s get this”, then Wifeypoo said “we’re gonna have to sell something to get Pirates” as she watched us play. I guess I get her point... maybe I’ll sell our arcade game haha

3 months later
#9216 6 months ago

I got the call today also! My last house had a wide sidewalk you could back the truck right up to the front door and slide a pin right in... now we have 6 concrete steps to deal with - I hate this friggen house!

1 week later
#9429 6 months ago

POTCLE delivered this morning at 7:30!

E4856BF3-A8B7-4DA2-A0D7-903933510C25 (resized).jpeg
#9432 6 months ago

No joke - I’ve got two helpers and a decent dolly to get it up 6 steps after work - wish I wouldn’t of waited on ordering the Cliffys. I guess I’ll have to slather it with Mylar till they arrive.

#9457 6 months ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

Loop logic is getting reworked a little in 1.0, should be more accurate for center loops (inner loop enter gets missed sometimes, not sure why). As far as starting OST, you can cancel the animation immediately and still cash in skill shot. This behavior is unlikely to change.

Hi Keith - my game was delivered today because of you(and Eric)! Keep up your awesome work - it’s truly appreciated!

#9484 6 months ago

I’m debating ordering the Kraken mod from The Mod Couple as it looks pretty cool from the pics - how do you owners like it?

#9508 6 months ago
Quoted from tonycip:

I wasn't sure about it eather.but I got it and its nicely made looks great . And turns out to be a must have, like so many of there mod's.

Quoted from indypinhead:

I bought almost all of the mods that the mod couple sell for this title. Out of all of them, I like the Kraken the best.

Quoted from harryhoudini:

I love it. Obviously for things which add nothing to gameplay it's hard to justify, but the piece is quality and looks stock.

Quoted from vireland:

Probably the best single jjPotC mod since it looks completely factory - like it should have been there from the start.

Thanks Fellas - no time to reply earlier but appreciate the feedback. Ordering now

#9510 6 months ago

Got the Kraken and pirate cannon in the cart.... I been thinking I could find a cheap cannon online and make one myself but for $28 it’s a no brainer. Now I’m looking at the disc silencer - yea or nea?

#9532 6 months ago

At first glance I like the idea of that ladder mod, but not sure it goes that well with the ramp sticker. I wonder how it would look if the rope was a little longer to maybe cover the ramp guards and gate bracket... just a thought

#9539 6 months ago
Quoted from GnarLee:

Can someone post a pic of their main flippers. Over 1200 games or so mine slowly drifted a smidge I think. trying to find that sweet spot again like when it was new. Wonder why there is not flipper guides anymore. My other 3 flippers are still fine pretty sure it just my right flipper noved a bit and made a couple shots almost impossible. also a pic with them up would be great as its easier to see where they are in relation to the multiball lights.

Mine don’t look perfect but here ya go

0CD9AEED-D52A-4E02-9988-D0486DC0509E (resized).jpeg3B5ABB44-877A-4A4A-991C-1DD2A6F50BF3 (resized).jpeg89BE74F1-26AA-4BA0-9E95-90C76668A37D (resized).jpeg
#9541 6 months ago

What do you guys think - WOZ and Hobbit both have very nice graphics on the playfield backboards. Although allot of Pirates backboard is hidden by the 2 ships and starmap, it feels like it’s incomplete back there without a decal. Has anyone made one? I’m thinking maybe graphics of the ships continuing into the background blended with the starmap or something. The starmap screws also need to be painted as they pop too much.

2B0FDB87-27D5-4CD9-8F07-E5D052FC17E8 (resized).jpegD30DB2EA-CDA8-4B54-B3F6-6E99A70EC4AE (resized).jpeg90D7FAB4-597F-4A2C-87D5-7E26618637D2 (resized).jpeg
#9542 6 months ago
Quoted from Coindropper:

I think the color of the dauntless mod from mezel mods looks good from playing angle.[quoted image]

I like it allot but they are out of stock currently

#9549 6 months ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

So don’t ask about other games in an owner’s thread to see if others have similar interests...
Thanks guys!

It’s all good Joseph - just the wrong forum.... kick back and relax and enjoy the Pirates goodness!

07E82204-DD60-4793-9E9D-0ADA4503F71D (resized).jpeg
#9551 6 months ago

Love your idea Harry - might have to cut or route out the backboard to have the starmap lights sit flush and then one sheet covers the entire back - there’s gotta be a way!

Here’s my pirates swill PSW

BA4B3BFC-8E26-4AA5-9BED-0931D4EA5116 (resized).jpeg
#9582 6 months ago

Here’s today’s project - first mod of many - I got a nice show discount on the flipper caps and these things are thick! Regarding the sling Mylar - I don’t think you get the downward force from slings like you do with the pops, but the ball can strike and change direction from the slings so why not.

AFB5E57E-7C57-4684-B0C8-CDE5C37F97B8 (resized).jpeg
#9760 6 months ago

Modding this pin is so addictive! I just got the Kraken, cannon, and silencer from the mod couple and these are truly must haves. Tonight was the first time I really looked around the playfield and man this game is just gorgeous. Now I wish I would have also ordered both flasher mods and the gold lock button darnit. Beautiful work yelobird and shipped fast!

#9782 6 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Finally scored a Jack Sparrow figure for $29 shipped!
Can’t wait to give Tom the boot.
Am I going to need to drill the factory bumper cap or are there existing holes to use where Tom was mounted?

Did you get the Neca series 1? I’m hunting for a nice Elizabeth Swan but they are all meh looking. The nicest female is Hot Toys Angelica but she is around $200

55341FA4-0178-44DA-BCFA-6AC6061A7268 (resized).jpeg
#9825 6 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Why so much hate for Tom?

Quoted from zaphX:

Right? I love Tom.

Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Me too. Another vote for Tortuga Tom!

Tell me you guys wouldn’t rather see her spinning around...

7D269946-3A49-412D-B31D-A2DF2EF13959 (resized).jpeg
#9828 6 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

On a pole maybe....

Make her for me please!

#9832 6 months ago
Quoted from vex:

Is JJP going to produce any LE and SE machines in the future?

Jack says they could as they have the license for a while, but no one knows if they will but JJP

#9916 6 months ago

There’s gotta be some slight code differences like “shoot she starmap for more time”

#9924 6 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Only two shots that I find to be a real bitch are the tortuga shot and the extra ball shot through the pops. You just need to have control of the ball and not flip like a wild man on the fly.

Yes to the extra ball shot - I’ve only hit it once so far.

#9961 6 months ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

I've been feeling kind of let down and irritated today. I've finally landed on a pin that I want... Pirates LE. Seems like a cruel joke now that it can't be purchased. Yes, it took me awhile to decide I really wanted this pin but in all fairness it was only on the line for a blink of an eye. They made so few of them and in my mind this is their most fun pin to play. I hesitated at first because of the theme but after playing it at MGC I was sold. I'm picky with what I buy and I always have very few pins so this kind of hurts. I have zero interest in Wonka after playing it.

The good thing is it’s only pinball and not like you missed a chance to buy into Apple pre-ipo. Don’t blame JJP for doing what’s in their best interest, if anything the talk like “what’s the rush, there’s so much coming out soon just wait”, and people calling people idiots because they say they will regret canceling their orders .... you just never know, but if you had a crystal ball, you’d be a millionaire overnight. The pin is not unobtanium, just will cost a little more if you want it bad enough. Heck - many of us took hits dumping stuff to make room - I know I did.

#9990 6 months ago

Mezel mods Dauntless is back in stock

#9996 6 months ago

My plan to beat Harry to 10k! Haha

3290AB7D-904B-48C2-9331-4DD8D3AB3A21 (resized).jpeg
#10004 6 months ago

I’m putting on some fender washers under the slingshot plastics and found these small translucent washers there - were these on all the machines? I remember seeing here where the 3rd post would scratch the underside of the plastics and the fix was to add washers or mylar. Was the washers I’m seeing a fix for that, or just the original design, or are these washers supposed to be under the posts instead???

BF1AC494-FAE0-4C22-9527-0603D0DDC610 (resized).jpeg327BCDBE-9483-493B-8E03-0DFAD82AA404 (resized).jpeg
#10009 6 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

I had nothing. I also had a cracked sling plastic. I guess they just put it there to stop scratching the underside of the plastic. Would still put Mylar above the third post and put fender washers on the 2 others. That does look like the small hard washers which were meant to go under the posts to protect against hard edges.


#10013 6 months ago

Arrr... 4th game over 900,000 but still can’t crack 1 million.

9B353357-AA45-4A72-A18C-57B9B2B13016 (resized).jpeg
#10020 6 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I think that is the quick restart setting in the menu. If that is enabled you can hold start button in middle of game to restart.

That’s crazy - never knew what that meant lol

#10238 6 months ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

Mostly I lost the genetic lottery in terms of family heart disease history and being type 1 diabetic for 32 years which led to a heart attack.[quoted image]

Love your work Keffer! I already said get better now I’m saying your the man!

288BF02E-2CE2-4040-9DB2-D0F27A0271D3 (resized).jpeg
#10241 6 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

I'd paint it chocolate brown so it matches the ship's "wood."

That’s what I’ve been thinking also.
I wonder if someone like the modfather is eventually going to offer a bp painting option like he does with the ac/dc train?

#10319 6 months ago


#10338 6 months ago

Me too - series 1 Jack plus the Dauntless mod arrived from Mezel today Still deciding on mirror or art blades, wish I would of bought the barrel flashers and pop caps when I got the kraken and cannon from the Mod Couple so ordering those now, also ordering rubber, brightmod flipper buttons and maybe the cannon guard from pinballlife, Harry’s spinners, door and backboard, waiting on cliffys, and thinking about a Polk subwoofer. This is nuts!

D29A05A1-06F0-4B9F-8624-34A8F27994EE (resized).jpeg4C7A0765-EC5B-46CE-9FCC-7F952F851E43 (resized).jpeg
#10449 6 months ago
Quoted from Heater:

So I'm a little hung over from a lot of rum and pinball last night. During the night of debauchery, I started wondering about a mod using a "mooring line" rope running from the left rear side of the BP down to the screw on the Maelstrom ramp screw above the flipper next to the flasher. Make a scale sized skeleton figure appear to be sliding up the rope with a knife in its mouth like from the movie. It would have to be loose enough to allow for the rocking of the playfield but tight enough so as not to interfere with the ball on the playfield
What does everyone think? Or should I just go back to sleep and drink more rum?

I’d love to see it! I’m getting tired of the other pirates topic so I’ve been searching online for other mod ideas also. I ordered this 2” pendant for $12 - hoping to dremel off the hasp and fit it under the shooter rod.

86670DB8-C057-4A1D-943F-B6E9A574235D (resized).png
#10452 6 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Hey no offense but nobody is forcing you to read the other thread.

Let it go - I never said that anyways.

#10457 6 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Sorry for the sarcasm.

It’s all good man! I’m just in the honeymoon phase still

#10529 6 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Video, ball doesn't hit bracket anymore. The sound you hear (and I was investigating while filming) is the ball dropping off the magnet mylar. I made sure of it. https://photos.app.goo.gl/kL4BByhsvjtVctnk8[quoted image][quoted image]

Question is - once it’s back together are the loop shots now silky smooth?

#10762 5 months ago

I haven’t played since last week - waited on the post upgrade kit and a shooter mod to arrive - 1st game back was my best ever!

EF2CD841-D9FF-4160-873A-EE753ECB38DC (resized).jpeg7F989173-E80B-49D2-A402-BDAB188F36BF (resized).jpeg
#10811 5 months ago

Mezel, the Mod Couple, Yelo, Harry and whoever else - you all are killing it! Thanks for what you do to give us the bling our games deserve. In an attempt to protect my kids college funds, I thought I’d try the action button coin mod myself. The coins I ordered are bigger than I expected, and tougher to cut just right, but I have about 92 left to make more if this thing crumbles when it gets smacked.

0F9ACCBE-C1E7-41BE-8BDA-66B5BB4E4C35 (resized).jpegF68E1F8D-0364-49E2-8BE4-49062137B592 (resized).jpeg
#10821 5 months ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

Those look great...
Where did you get them?

A couple of sellers from China have them - either in packs of 10 or 100. With these ones you can do what I did with 8 coins. Eventually I will give the extras away here but it’s gonna be a few weeks.
ebay.com link

#10856 5 months ago

Hey fellas - somehow I let my wife talk me into making a few more action button coin mods - so I made 3 more to see if anyone wanted one. I will sell them for $29 shipped, which I feel is cheap, but will see how it goes. The deal is if it falls apart - you glue/epoxy it back together haha. Double sticky tape to install included. I have had mine for a few days and it’s held up fine. Pm if interested.
15A42D68-A6D5-413E-91AA-D4C0C54BC906 (resized).jpeg44D25713-C8DF-4855-BCAD-58A7774AD3B8 (resized).jpeg95E64589-2E7A-404D-8100-123C9F997BEA (resized).jpeg982A9DB7-7848-4FB4-B6FB-DC8C48AAE943 (resized).jpegA3FF5B84-F7BD-4595-BEAF-058A3D65EE1B (resized).jpeg

899465C0-1AD1-4232-A1D8-AAB0AC7B7CDE (resized).jpeg
#10858 5 months ago

Yep pretty yellow but not bad - I’m still deciding between the kraken ones or mirrorblades

#10860 5 months ago

Well my 1.9 million grand champion score lasted exactly 1 game. Next game my 17yr old daughter who has been playing pinball all her life, and whose sole purpose at pinball is to remove me from the leader boards put up this

32747154-3953-4429-BAF0-E40EF1E930D8 (resized).jpeg
#10867 5 months ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:See that little bubble on the right radcal ? It’s minor and needs a certain angle to see it I can push it in a little bit then it pops out must have been a manufacturing issue ?[quoted image]

I think replacing that side would be a pain. I wonder if you could needle prick it then hit it with a heat gun just to warm up and activate the adhesive and then use a roller to compress it back down - then put something up against it until it cools... I doubt you would ever see the needle hole, and not sure it would work but my guess is JJP just sends another radcal. That or just try the heat gun without the needle. Either way talk to JJP first

#10914 5 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Working on a model

Me too... it’s getting there. Way better than aquarium stuff

1 week later
#11201 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I’m sure he isn’t happy that the fine folks of pinside are able to get the chest working for a crummy $110.
They never should have taken that out of the game...period!

I don’t think the chest was what he was referring to. Jacks said before he likes the mod community and mentioned the winged monkey mod. I guess we will see over time if the mod without the servo holds up over time or causes issues.

#11212 5 months ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Love these larger Aztec gold coins around my game's action button! Thanks mountaingamer!
[quoted image]

Thank You Tuna - I’m so happy they have all arrived safe and so far the feedback has been wonderful. I’ve made some more and been charging $33.00 shipped stateside as shipping was a little more than I anticipated if others are still interested - feel free to pm me.

EC28B474-8200-48CC-914A-BA2B11D99C0B (resized).jpeg
#11228 5 months ago

yep - there’s the answer right there

1 week later
#11292 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Its an Awesome game in ANY model! Play it and enjoy!!!

Yep - truly one of the best pins ever in my book

#11294 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

A rather simple mod to make. Wanted to see if Backalley was going to make them as he was the creator and I dislike stealing other peoples creation. I could have this out in a week in a virtual copy of the original. Will keep you posted.

I figured back alley wouldn’t do it as JJP has said no to selling them other than to le/ce owners. I molded an original that’s similar but different to not infringe or blatantly copy.... Harry’s working on something also... SE owners should have options soon.

#11365 4 months ago

Alright darn it, long day at work, hit the gym and drank a beer. Cliffys came the other day and were having a party Saturday so I gotta get motivated and get em installed. What are we talking here - 2hrs and 2 more beers?

#11368 4 months ago

Hmm... black pearl wirings so clean underneath it seems like a shame to start cutting zip ties on that - she’s never been off - plus I have a slight t-nut edge to grind.... couple more sips and I’ll decide what to do.

#11370 4 months ago

I only have the starpost neoprene washers from the kit left.... think I’ll bag the map protector tonight and just do Tortuga and rollovers. The pop skirt covers the deflector screws pretty much, and I feel a head change. Dang - looks like spinning jacks gotta come off.

#11372 4 months ago

Done and done... no problemo. Actually the Tortuga hole and rollovers looked great but having the cliffys just feels better. No need to remove Tom, just wedge a Phillips under the pop skirt and the screws come out easy. Thanks guys

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