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By goren1818

2 years ago

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#1093 1 year ago

Had yesterday a great Game.

This Pin is so much fun to play.

Had 3 Wizard Modes started but did not finished them.

Extra Balls set at 200k,400k and 800k

Thx to the whole Team at JJP for this wonderful Pin.

IMG_20181120_210901022 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#1262 1 year ago

installed the last days Side mirrors and they are a must have mod in my opinion

B588656E-7966-483D-9519-52556FE36CB3 (resized).jpegBC93A667-2AF1-47DA-BF49-A3367B173F38 (resized).jpegE3881AAE-A6E0-4E00-B24D-77CBB0BC3B38 (resized).jpeg4A5A58EA-B858-466A-8798-C150DE75F309 (resized).jpeg
#1297 1 year ago


Quoted from AdamTheHutt:

Damn son. Where did you buy those mirror blades?

Bought it in Germany from Freddys Pinball Shop.


#1353 1 year ago

My Ramp is a little bit to high and the Ball get stucked often at the Mini PF.

How can i set the Ramp lower?

IMG_20181202_193507298 (resized).jpgIMG_20181202_193519260 (resized).jpgIMG_20181202_193534715 (resized).jpg
#1354 1 year ago

Forgot the Pic with the ball

IMG_20181202_195103510 (resized).jpg
#1359 1 year ago

Thx LTG.

Will try it tomorrow.

2 weeks later
#1847 11 months ago
Quoted from tonycip:

Wow thanks Mod couple, we really appreciate your mod's and pirate problem solving, like the ship lights and such. and your reasonable prices .
so on that note let me share a shooter rod mod on the cheap. here's how I made mine below you can too for under 15$ or if you don't have the time I can whip up some for 35$ shipped not 98$ + shipping. like some others.. I'm not in the mod business just want to help out on this easy to make cheap mod. pinball is expensive enough. Pm me if your interested.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Great Job.

Any chance shipping it to Germany?

#1949 11 months ago

Had the best Game since i have this Pin.

It was so amazing and intensive to play.

6666666 Multiball with Multiplier is the Key to very nice Points

I love this Pin.


BE81EE85-33B4-4880-862B-13A104892CB3 (resized).jpeg
#1952 11 months ago

Today received the Mod Couple Mods and they are great and worth their money, thx.

0C59D105-0FCB-4DD6-838D-2B4FEDBC87C5 (resized).jpeg163C7901-43A6-4264-8386-93D5C899005F (resized).jpeg1B8E8439-9AAF-4E10-8D0E-68AD0147ACA3 (resized).jpeg1EF562B1-716D-418A-84C7-C7298554DC40 (resized).jpeg5296C73D-C667-43CD-944D-5BCE06227DB9 (resized).jpeg8019CC77-625C-4194-9719-9BDE08E6D474 (resized).jpeg9707467D-EDAB-4109-B6FA-214BC2CB8435 (resized).jpegBE9E33D8-6F11-4A63-B86F-B6BB54585DB7 (resized).jpegF4856742-3C46-4032-AC59-335D257927F6 (resized).jpeg
#1953 11 months ago

Also added some toys near the Pin

3A9B21A8-CC5D-4ABE-8081-AE45D39F344B (resized).jpeg9DCA04C7-209E-40F5-890E-74E87806F26E (resized).jpegB792D2C0-5055-476C-AAD5-B584E836A57F (resized).jpeg
#1968 11 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Wow with some lighting that ship would make an awesome topper!! Thanks for sharing looks great.

Thinking about to do it and also to add lightning to the PF.

#2149 11 months ago

On the right side of the Monitor you can activate the menu for changeing things like Contrast.

#2325 11 months ago
Quoted from ellips6:

Thanks for the tips, it is much appreciated. I am an experienced player but newbie at owning a game.
I just lifted the playfield, and all 3 wires are connected properly to the left flipper. However, I have noticed that the coil moves a bit up/down and right/left when I touch it. It is not fixed solid like the right coil. Could this be the cause, and do I have to find a way to fix the coil without any possible movement up/down/right/left?

The Coilstop must be fixed.

This is very important.

When the Coilstop do not hold the coil properly such a behaviour as you describe happens.

#2433 11 months ago

Had another very funny Game and ended #1 with an high ARRR! Frenzy score (stacked Multiball with 5x Playfield and then started Frenzy).

Not so easy anymore to get in the High Score List.

This Game is so much fun

2A5E0B10-1131-4B2E-89BC-A71A6CE7CAA5 (resized).jpeg2B17C4A0-90D5-4732-9648-6CE67AE4D1A1 (resized).jpeg97B3691B-2CBA-415F-A7F1-13DB900C2EEB (resized).jpeg

#2435 11 months ago

started badly with Salazar but the last two Balls were great.

Had a real Gold Rush with shooting the Loop mutiple times before hitting the gold Targets (saw first time the 50 Gold Chest on the Screen).

It is so great that you can change your strategy during gameplay and focus on something completely different.

3D938AC8-D01C-45B5-9426-EF15A236C989 (resized).jpegB9FA1CE8-BE28-401E-BE4F-2CC999A8AF73 (resized).jpeg
#2452 11 months ago
Quoted from delt31:Get the F out of here. For those posting scores please confirm how many balls per play. I know the Europeans love their fine ball

I play my pins always with the factory standard Settings (3 Ball).
Extra Balls are at 150.000, 400.000 and 800.000 and other Feature settings are also standard.

#2524 11 months ago

I would love to have the coin door Mod from the Mod Couple but the european version is different.

IMG_20190101_110538474 (resized).jpg
#2536 11 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Get the American door.
LTG : )

Where to buy? Which shop is the best source for this?

4 months later
#8766 7 months ago

Update installed and after 4 weeks i did not played this Pin i am thrilled now to press the Start Button

2 months later
#11493 4 months ago

They should reduce the sounds of the Bumpers.

It is way too loud during gameplay compared to the other Sounds.

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