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JJP Pirates of the Caribbean Official Owners and Fan Club!

By goren1818

3 years ago

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#12616 1 year ago

Hello, I just joined the club and purchased an LE. Want to know where to purchase a manual for the machine. I have the CD, but want a hard copy. Can I get a manual from JJP or do you take the CD to a print shop?

#12623 1 year ago
Quoted from JohnnyPinball007:

Their pinside name is KingPinGames
Send them a pm and see if they have anymore. It is a very big book.

Okay thanks I will.

2 weeks later
#12884 1 year ago

I recently installed mirror blades in my LE. Looks great, what do you think?

20191015_163605 (resized).jpg20191015_163622 (resized).jpg20191015_163716 (resized).jpg
#12887 1 year ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

They look great....I'm shocked there was enough room to install them. Mine could barely fit game blades. Hope they don't get all scratched up raising and lowering the play field.

Yes, it was a tight fit, but did get them installed. Had to mod them a bit to fit, used ones for a Bally/Williams machines. Hopefully I won't end up with scratches from raising and lowering the playfield, but as of now none present.

#12893 1 year ago
Quoted from MarZ_78:

nice! are they the smoke Black mirror blades or standard? Did you pull the back box hinge bolts to install them? How tough was that?

They are the standard chrome and yes I had to pull the hinge bolts to install. Had to cut a small section at the back top and in large the bolt holes a bit to fit. You don't see the cut at the top and the larger hole is covered by the hinge bolts.

2 weeks later
#13044 1 year ago

Want your opinions. The left ramp (or left side) is very dark, no GI lighting. I have been a custom to moding my machines out with lighting. Mainly have owned in the past Bally/Williams 90s machines. I know that from talking with Coin Taker that I could do a 10 for 1 replacement on the GI lighting on those machines.

So first question, do you all think blue/white, a mix of both, GI lighting would look good under this ramp? Or would it take away from the colored lighting in the game already? I would not do too many, just want to light it up some.
If so, would I power from the GI spot lighting? That's where I think of doing this from and if so would it over power that circuit?
Your thoughts.

#13045 1 year ago

Picture of ramp in mind.

20191121_104901 (resized).jpg
#13085 1 year ago

Just asking, has anyone got their replacement playfield? Was promised weeks ago it should be here, but no where in sight as of yet.

#13094 1 year ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

In JJP's defense I did get my playfield, and a refund for the playfield cost I initially had to pay

How long ago did you order and when did you receive the playfield?

3 weeks later
#13319 1 year ago

Just found this and thought I would share. I am working on adding lights under the Maelstrom ramp (will share later on the lights when I finish) and noticed the outer coil wires are touching a metal guide along the Devil's Triangle and is pushed down by a playfield plastic. See pictures. This wiring appears will short at some point. I chose to get my dremel out and cut small holes for the wire runs in the plastic and added a small strip of electrical tape over the metal guide. May want to check your machines POTC friends.

20191223_141846 (resized).jpg20191223_142012 (resized).jpg20191223_142714 (resized).jpg20191223_142908 (resized).jpg
#13407 1 year ago

Well decided to LED my POTC a bit. Used a separate power source then the main system due to GI lighting is 12V and choices are limited on individual LED bulbs and I already had 6V bulbs on hand. LED the Maelstrom ramp with some small blue light strips and individual bulbs around the whirlpool. Ramp whirlpool looks evenly lighted in real life then the pictures posted. LED The Depths kick out (color changing), Bayou (green), Tortuga hole (color changing) and bottom of Maelstrom whirlpool (purple, but hard to see). The Maelstrom ramp is a bit bright, but does look good under operation of all lighting, hard to see with individual pictures. Let me know what you all think.

20191225_132112 (resized).jpg20191227_100458 (resized).jpg20191227_100510 (resized).jpg20191227_100514 (resized).jpg20191227_100517 (resized).jpg20191227_100535 (resized).jpg20191227_100535 (resized).jpg20191227_100556 (resized).jpg20191227_100601 (resized).jpg
#13449 1 year ago
Quoted from SuperMas77:

I'm having an issue with my upper left black pearl flipper getting stuck in the hold position and won't release. I rebuilt the flipper with new coil stop, plunger, coil sleeve, spring, etc. but that hasn't done anything. I'm thinking it's something electrical but don't know where to start the troubleshooting process on that. Coil gets really hot to the touch. The flipper will release when power is turned off or coin door is opened. Pictures are attached. Any help would be greatly appreciated.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I would say it's the transistor as I just had this same issue happen to mine. It was the hold transistor for the coil and was shorted out. Bought new transistor from Great Plains Electronics. I bought 10 as they are very reasonably priced and you never know when you might need another one.

#13459 1 year ago
Quoted from SuperMas77:

Q407 is the BP Left Flipper hold, was that the same one that shorted on yours? Anyone in the Boone, NC area that can make a house call to replace a transistor? If not, any recommendations on who to send the board to?
LTG is this something that would be covered by JJP under warranty? I'm the first and only owner and less than a year since purchase.

It was the right flipper on mine, but the same issue. I called Lloyd and confirmed that was correct. I know its scary to do this repair the first time and you should have soldering skills and a good soldering station before trying, but it is a simple repair overall. Make sure to take pictures of the board and mark the plugs before removing the board. I watched many videos on repairs and This Old Pinball tapes that really helped me out when I started in the hobby. If you are uncomfortable doing the repairs check with other local pinball collectors and they should be able to help. Good luck.

#13502 1 year ago

First picture, left side second is right, but as we discussed before, it appears to be the transistor. Again this was my issue also and the transistor was what failed. Call me if you want to discuss further and I can help you. Mike
541-514-7229 cell#

20191231_150520 (resized).jpg20191231_150527 (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#13682 1 year ago

Getting ready to start a restoration project on my Addams Family so the POTC acquired a new topper.

20200115_165440 (resized).jpg
#13684 1 year ago

Ha ha ha, that's great. No, just needed a place to put it for awhile as the LE topper won't fit on it right now due to head room and I thought why not. Looks pretty good.

#13703 12 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Nope, but heater is on the right track. Pirate skull with movement, ships, gold, lighting interaction with game. I am researching a few elements and how best to accomplish them.

Well count me in. I would be all over a great interactive topper. Thought of doing something myself, but would be just for looks through.

#13833 11 months ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Awesome job! Where did you find that monkey?

I think it comes in a figure Pirates of the Caribbean Barbossa & Monkey Jack 7 in Figure NECA NEW Series 1. You can find it here on EBay: ebay.com link » Pirates Of The Caribbean Barbossa Monkey Jack 7 In Figure Neca New Series 1

2 weeks later
#14091 11 months ago

Had the same problem on my BP and it ended up being a transistor on the I/O-driver board. Was an easy fix if you know how to check transistors with a meter and soldering skills for replacement.

#14092 11 months ago
Quoted from Mikespinball:

Had the same problem on my BP and it ended up being a transistor on the I/O-driver board. Was an easy fix if you know how to check transistors with a meter and soldering skills for replacement.

2 weeks later
#14334 10 months ago

Yes, B/W will fit with some modifications as that is what I used on mine. Had to enlarge the bolt hole(s) a bit so that the top would drop as if you don't the glass will ride on the mirror blades.

#14335 10 months ago

Also just remembered that I had to cut about 1/2" off the back drop cut to make it fit.

1 week later
#14418 10 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I was down in Florida for vacation and saw this Disney Tommy Bahama Pirates of the Caribbean Hawaiian shirt. It was pricey but had to have it. Will only play Pirates with it on lol.
[quoted image]

I wish PanzerFreak you would have not shown your new Tommy Bahama pirate shirt, but I am a real fan of Tommy Bahama clothing and own the machine too, so I also purchased the shirt. Arrr

20200309_160104 (resized).jpg
#14420 10 months ago
Quoted from KingBW:

Is this going to turn into something like the old lady Red Hat Club? If so, I gotta get a FL relative to pic up one for me at Disney.

It might happen, want to join??
Anyhow I cheated as I bought mine off EBay. Check out Tommy Bahama pirate and you will fine the shirt. Good luck.

7 months later
#15802 89 days ago

Here are RAD decals I just installed on a TZ.

20201006_170332 (resized).jpg20201006_170342 (resized).jpg
#15805 88 days ago

It's about an 1/8" plastic sheet that you aline, peel and stick. Never had done one until now, but was simple to do, but you have to make sure you aline properly as you don't get a second chance. You do have to trim out holes except for the coin door as it was already done.

1 month later
#16080 52 days ago
Quoted from arzoo:

Went to play my pirates today and the left flipper on the BP froze in the upper position. The flipper was not moving smoothly at all and after removing the BP and checking the mech, seems like the coil sleeve (and maybe the coil) are toast. Not sure why this happened when the pin was fine the last time we played. Anyway, I'm guessing I need to replace both the coil and sleeve. Does JJP sells these parts or some other site? Any suggestions? Thanks.

I had the same problem. Was not the coil or the sleeve, but a transistor on the driver board. Very inexpensive part to replace, but had to order the transistor as was different than the Bally/Williams parts I have.

1 month later
#16188 9 days ago
Quoted from arzoo:

Hoping someone with experience replacing coil transistors can help me out; As I posted earlier, my BP left flipper coil toasted the coil sleeve, so I replaced the coil and the fuse, but the flipper still immediately locks in the up position when the pin is powered on. So I ordered some new transistors (IRL540N TO-220AB 100V) which took about a month to get. I proceeded to solder on the new transistor, but the readings I'm getting between the new transistor and the inline diode on the pcb is open (should be .5 like the other transistors). Is it possible I fried the transistor when soldering it in? The inline diode on the board seems to read correctly (same as the other diodes), so I'm thinking that's ok. Not sure what to try next.

You could have fried the transistor and/or be a new defective one. Did you try turning on the machine after the transistor was replaced? I have had some issues with new transistors in the past and had to replace a new one that I just installed. Also some new ones act different and won't give you the .5 reading and shows open as you stated, but did work once installed in the machine. I had this same issue in my POTC and readings with the new transistor, but again did work fine once installed.
Hope this helps.....Mike

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