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#3614 1 year ago

Is it "normal" for the right white LED spotlight that looks towards the map disk to "flicker" and come on and off with the movement of the map? All other spotlights are solid white LED all the time but this one behaves like the connection is loose or it's tied directly to the movement of the map disk.


#3698 1 year ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I’ve had a few of the spots go flaky like this. I found twisting them a bit would resolve it for a time but do not do this! The spots are spade connectors. Pull the spot directly out and smooth the two wires that make their contacts. They are kinda like Christmas lights. Once you get the contact wires sorted and push it back into the slot it should behave.

Yeah what I found was it was hot glued in place without being properly seated. While it was a chore getting the LED back out to reseat it with all of the hot glue applied, I think I got it now...


5 months later
#11389 8 months ago
Quoted from estrader:

Anyone able to make the action button more reliable? Mine seems to stick a lot.

I added just a very, very small amount of white lithium grease to the mechanism and it solved all of my sicking issues.


#11488 8 months ago

Silly question perhaps but on WoZ JJP added an option to have the captured balls drain immediately so while you're putting your name in for the high score the balls caught up in the castle or munchkin land are drained out. Does POTC have something in the menu settings I'm missing that does the same thing? Waiting for the chest balls to drain is annoying at times...


#11501 8 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Not in the game settings anymore.
JJP games should automatically do this at game over.
If yours don't, then where ever the balls are, the game isn't seeing them. Or the release isn't working right.
LTG : )

It's not that game doesn't do it, I have no problems with the captured balls being released. It's about timing. On my WoZ (and it originally worked like POTC does now), the moment the game is over the balls drain while you're putting in your high score name. It's a setting that was added at some point, not sure which code update added it, but WoZ used to drain only after you put your high score name in. I'd like POTC to do the same, release the captured balls while any post game animations/score entry are being done. Doesn't sound like that option exists in the POTC code. Perhaps it'll be added at some point. But to be clear, my POTC does absolutely drain any captured balls at the end of every game I'd just like it done sooner and in parallel with other post game things and not in series as it currently is.


5 months later
#13807 75 days ago
Quoted from wesman:

Haven't posted regarding my game for a good while.
I started following the POTC thread way back in fall 2018. I read about the fixes, made sure to know what I was getting into, then decided to jump in and purchase around February 2019.
I got my game in March, waited for my Cliffys to arrive, then started to read about playfield issues.
Over the course of the past year, I've waited to gather as many protective parts, Cliffys, starposts, mylar rings, etc, and finally went in last night to finish up with mods, protective star posts, and the updated Cliffys.
I have only 100 games played on my POTC.
Last night upon first inspection, I found dimples scattered around the lower third of the game, the kind I expected on a routed game, with 1000's of games played on it monthly.
When taking apart the sling under the Pearl, a giant ring was under the star post, two other smaller ones under the regular posts. Later I found large ripples under the washer for the guiderail, then even an indentation under the metal rail right next to the Pearl VUK.
I know this isn't new info, I prior replaced the sling posts, seeing rippling there, as well as had a tear near the shooter lane. But I guess for me, I felt I staved playing my game, for nearly a year now, and felt I was doing so to prolong my game for decades to come.
Last night felt pretty heart breaking frankly, to realize nothing I can do to protect my favorite game of the last three decades, will help alter the complete state of fuckdom that this playfield has placed this entire game into.
It's just disheartening, disgusting, and saddening. And it all comes back to this cursed playfield, that all of us Pirates owners have to deal with.
Nothing much else to do at this point. This entire time I could have been playing daily. Instead I chose to find as many bandaids as possible, to place on a gaping wound, across an entire bleeding body.
This fucking sucks.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Personally, and I totally want to stress this is MY opinion and you're absolutely more than welcome to disagree, I think you're way overreacting... You can't see any of the spots you're calling out while playing the game so I just don't see what the issue is. It's not affecting gameplay either. You're allowing it to balloon into something way more than it is and you just need to relax a bit. I know I'm going to take some heat for saying that but... Yeah...


1 month later
#14371 32 days ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

I'm quickly losing faith in JJP as so many others have.
I reached out to Shannan for another update on my replacement rail since I had not heard anything since January. I'm so impatient right? I get a returned e-mail that she is no longer with the company and another member will reach out to me. Yea, I'm sure.
I spent $13k for a toy and I can't get a simple replacement part. Absolutely ridiculous! My next $13k will be going to improve my already impressive media room... not another JJP machine.
That is all...

Took me almost 2 months to get some replacement stuff that was scratched during production. You'll get your part, just calm down. JJP has a lot going on right now and they aren't this mega corporation like Stern.


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