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Post #11892 Clear concise video on removing the black pearl Posted by rlslick (60 days ago)

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#3878 8 months ago

Good Evening everyone,
Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a NOOB and received my CE POT #249 last week. To say it's an awesome game is an understatement! I'm glad I found this site and look forward to reading thru all the posts. Did have several problems with some stuck switches but have them all resolved! A special thanks to ModCouple for all the incredible mods. I think I've managed to squeeze all of them in, just waiting for the Kraken

#3993 8 months ago

Agreed, you are killing it with these mods! I’m still waiting for the kraken and now just ordered the barrels. Man I hope I get home before my wife sees them! I was wondering, do you think a figurehead would fit on the bow of the dauntless?

#4171 8 months ago

So here is the Noobiest if noobie questions:
On the spotlights, do they just pull straight out? I ordered new ones and don’t want to find out later that you had to unscrew something first!
After a bunch of games....still trying to figure out Hurry Up mode
Lastly for the lame questions, trying to figure out the constellations. Anyone mapped them out? I keep looking and still don’t see the patterns!

#4179 8 months ago

Much thanks everyone!

#4362 7 months ago

Hi everyone,
Anyone have the post# for fixing the ball getting stuck on top of the ramp to the upper playfield? I think I remember someone using picks on which screws to tighten/loosen

#4367 7 months ago

Thats perfect! Thanks much!

#4507 7 months ago

Anyone get the upper deck pearl mod from menzelmods? Are you happy with the way it looks?

#4535 7 months ago

forgive me if it's been asked. In Liars Dice, what is betting souls all about (besides from the movie)!

#4581 7 months ago

I dont know what’s wrong with me but I cannot for the life of me figure out the constellations. Has anyone tried dumbing them down? Anyone know some good settings for the star field that will help?

#4947 7 months ago

Hi everyone,
Does anyone have a link to new flipper rubbers. I can't believe I've gone thru mine already!

#5145 7 months ago

$999 from JJ. You can find them in the store

#5165 7 months ago

Does anyone know the post# for yelobirds tutorial on making a new replacement for tortuga tom? Im looking for something to do this weekend other than all the things on the wifes honey-do list! The list has builted up ever since I got this game

#5422 7 months ago

So I had no idea how addicting adding mods can be to this game. I think I'm tapped out. The only thing I'm waiting for is my DJ coming in the mail to replace Tom. Unless of course Yelobird has something else up their sleeves and is going to keep me coming back for more!

#5571 7 months ago

So I'm curious. It seems that when I fire the cannon, the shot goes wide of the hole on the dauntless, not above or below. Is anyone else seeing that or am I just the crapiest marksman ever?!

#5590 7 months ago

So I spent the night loading the cannon and firing it, the shots are hitting the right side of the hole and not going in. Want does everyone think? Is it the pearl that’s out of alignment of the dauntless?

#5623 7 months ago

There is. 6" ON STRANGER TIDES SERIES. $10 on ebay

#5682 7 months ago

That looks like a great idea villathrills! Going to give it a shot (pun intended) tomorrow.

#5720 7 months ago

I'm in the same boat as ramjet. can't get the cannon over after loosening it. Any pics Ramjet of the cannon and how you taped the sheet metal?

#5889 7 months ago

First I want to give a shout-out to yelobird for the modcouple's great mods, to Lermod for the amazing lighting, and tonyc for the perfect coin shooter rod. I just installed the last mod and I have to say my LE looks amazing. I have managed to squeeze in every mod out there and even did the Friday night Tutorial from yelobird and swapped out Tortuga Jack for Davy Jones.

So what I'm wondering is if anyone out there has any new ideas on what mod we could add and where? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

#6032 7 months ago

So here is a random, very noobie question. I'm at work and not near my machine, but how do you pull the pinballs out to replace them? I apologize for the lame question!

#6035 7 months ago

Perfect and thanks!

#6068 6 months ago

Im getting a right flipper EOS switch stuck message. Which switch is that?

#6083 6 months ago

So for the life of me, I can't figure out which is the right switch EOS that is stuck open! Can anyone point it out for me?

#6085 6 months ago

Thanks @zaphx ,
Still not sure where I'm looking. Is it the leaf switch that is hit buy the flipper button on the side? Sorry, I'm really new to this.


#6087 6 months ago

Thanks everyone for being patient! It was the third wire on the left side that runs to the right flipper that broke off. Will solder it tomorrow AM. You all are awesome!

#6160 6 months ago

Need some more help. The post that pops up in the left orbit under the dauntless seems to be getting stuck half the time. I think I recall some posts talking about that with a bolt being lose. Does anyone know which post it was or input.

Thanks again!

#6184 6 months ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

Make sure the adjustment screw on the bottom of the post bracket is in place and that the post is flush to the playfield when down. Make sure the plunger slides smoothly through the hole and isn’t knocked off center or dragging or rubbing going through.

It's pretty inconsistent. Some times my shot bounces back then the post goes down, other times it stays stuck until it does a ball search. Does anyone have a pic of the screw on the post bracket?

#6201 6 months ago
Quoted from Heater:

It's pretty inconsistent. Some times my shot bounces back then the post goes down, other times it stays stuck until it does a ball search. Does anyone have a pic of the screw on the post bracket?

So I found a brass bolt inside the cabinet but I couldn't tell if it goes to the pop-up. Does anyone have a picture of the pop-up?

#6222 6 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Machine screw ?
Check the bottom of post assemblies, etc. It is what you turn up or down to adjust heights level with playfield. A bolt on it is tightened when adjusted so it doesn't move.
LTG : )

Here is a pic of the pop up. Looks like the screw is on good and tight. Not sure where this bolt came from

30BECA3C-2E65-4552-8C9A-FAAF9092A2B3 (resized).jpegCFD39860-1D30-4CA2-80FA-58D84662B5C6 (resized).jpeg
#6225 6 months ago
Quoted from thc666:

brass screw, check the pop up posts. one in map area, 2 in black pearl orbit(one behind boat). did u find it at back of cabinet or the front? right side or left?

thats the strange thing. i found it under that same orbit pop up in the back on the left side

#6227 6 months ago
Quoted from Moomert1:

You're in my way, boy.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Looks great!

#6314 6 months ago
Quoted from arzoo:

I actually wish I could push my Dauntless back a bit because in the normal forward position the bowsprit touches the back of the chest coil mech when the ship rocks to the left. Also, in the forward position the lower part of the hull does not seem to line up with the upper deck part, so it looks wrong to me. But unfortunately the canon shot misses if I push the ship back. And fyi, I googled what the pointy part of the bow (prow?) is called - the bowsprit, lol.

So I started asking about this awhile ago. My shots were always hitting to the left of the hole. I tried loosening and the fighting the ship after moving it as much as I could. Still didn’t fix it. I took a thin piece of metal and used 3m tape and stuck it on the left side of the cannon and bent the end out a little so it was making the ball hit the hole every time. I even had to bend the metal back some because the shot was now hitting the other side of the hole. Works perfect now. With @yellowbirds cannon mod, can’t see it at all

#6320 6 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Ahoy pirate skallywags and rum lovers. A minor public announcement for those ailing from Dauntless aiming issues. This repair tip came from pirates wiser then I but works perfectly if your issue persists. Very simple to do and permanent. The Dauntless as shown is mounted with 2 standard 8x32 x1 1/2” standoffs. Replacing this 2 standoffs with 1 1/4” standoffs brings the ship to port in perfect firing alignment. I will provide a link to McMaster though I am Certain these can be found at Pinball Life, Marco and even Ace hardware last I checked. Took 5 minutes to swap and we be sinking that bloody ship every time now!
Hex stand off McMaster:
Pinball life has them in 1 1/8” which would work fine possibly needing a washer:
https://www.pinballlife.com/metal-hex-spacers-1-18-to-3-116-8-32-thread-femalefemale.html[quoted image]

That looks like a much better way to do it! What was the easiest way to get the top off the dauntless?

2 weeks later
#7383 6 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

As I was stating working on a mod for the playfield which will cover the star map.
Here is a video sample... let me know what you think.

That is amazing! Can't wait to get one!!

#7420 6 months ago

Just curious if anyone has had their game reboot in the middle of game. I was playing (for once having a great score) when everything went blank and it rebooted. I've played it a few more times(not so great scores) and all seems well. Is this simply a computer being a computer?

2 weeks later
#8412 5 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

I just got a shipment of a couple LE replacement parts that were held up waiting for restock, so the last LEs are likely being built now.

Which parts did you order?

#8576 5 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

I really need to read up on liars dice (even though I've only stumbled on it once... And had no idea what I was doing). I freaking love that JJP games aren't just "hit the ramps and win" kind of games.

I have to give it to JJP on their version of Liars Dice. I've played this game as a kid with my family and very happy to see it here. The stupid AI is really hard to predict. It lies half the time, won't lie the other half and makes it very unpredictable.....as it should be! Love it

#8855 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Congrats to you Lloyd and congrats to JJP for providing us the Best and most valuable tech in the business! You are Always appreciated for all you do and hope you are doing it for Many years to come. I hope you and Prada have a Wonderful night!!

Congrats Lloyd! I can't thank you enough for all the help you have given me on this thread with my machine! Hope you have many more fun and satisfying years!!

#8983 5 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

So, just got done setting the game up. Seems to be playing perfect, everything working, but of course I don’t know what I’m doing yet. Two possible minor issues.
1. The lock bar is pretty tight to the glass. The lock bar lock mechanism is fine but it’s almost as if the glass should be 1/16-1/8 shorter.
2. Tough to push the play field down, the hangers likely need adjusting. There is a grey foam block in the back wall of the game, does that come out or stay there?
This is by far the heaviest game I have ever moved. It makes twilight zone feel like a feather. I thought the hobbit and woz were heavy, this is a beast of a game.

Congrats! It's an awesome game! Check along the track that holds the glass and see if there is anything in it near the top that is blocking the glass, ie staples or junk. That might be blocking the glass.

Yes the grey foam block is for shipping, remove it.

I need to take a fistful of Advil after playing the game due to trying to wrestle it during shots!


3 weeks later
#10015 4 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

We had a rough time breaking the 1 Mil point for a while but as soon as you figure out the rules and shot map you’ll find 1 million your base in no time. How some of these guys rip through into wizard modes daily is beyond me though. Plus I suck at pinball so that doesn’t help.

lol! Me too!

#10076 4 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

It will definitely have the same wood plank texture and color as the rest. The wheel might look a bit out of place, but here is one thought.[quoted image]

I love it. How about cabin doors of a ship?

#10079 4 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

The guy I'm talking with on the 3D has done several other mods for other games with cool lighting and transparent pieces. I'll suggest both of these. I just did flickering flame lights on my WOZ (in the state fair balloon) and it looks fantastic. I think that would work well here.

Count me in!

#10088 4 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Not sure about round windows. Take a look at a picture of the back side of the pearl or any pirate ship to get some styling ideas.

How about something like this?
1487597492_4907_FT0_img_6579 (resized).jpg

But smaller

#10091 4 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Wow would that be sweet if it fits
I like the horizontal planking and even that door with the top panels as windows would work if there wasn’t room to flank the door with windows.

Or something like this

1 week later
#10447 4 months ago

So I'm a little hung over from a lot of rum and pinball last night. During the night of debauchery, I started wondering about a mod using a "mooring line" rope running from the left rear side of the BP down to the screw on the Maelstrom ramp screw above the flipper next to the flasher. Make a scale sized skeleton figure appear to be sliding up the rope with a knife in its mouth like from the movie. It would have to be loose enough to allow for the rocking of the playfield but tight enough so as not to interfere with the ball on the playfield

What does everyone think? Or should I just go back to sleep and drink more rum?

1 month later
#11280 3 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

White looks better on the sidelights, IMO. Not sure about red on the top, I prefer an rgb fade effect, it’s more subtle.
[quoted image]

Agreed! We have an accord

#11319 3 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Alright! Put rubbers under all my posts. Everyone of the f$&@ers were chipped and rippled.
Anyway happy cos I fixed my star map!!!
First I mylared in there. It was dimpled and very dirty. Then I put a big FAT post sleeve on the left post of the star map. And dremmelled the left post sling groove so the sling sits a little bit in compared to the sleeve.
Result: ball no longer gets wedged at end of star map on left hand side and left sling will not get worn out in 4 weeks. Ball sits between fat post sleeve and retractable post. Oh and replaced titans with perfect plays.
Here’s the pic for proof:[quoted image]

do you have a link where you got the sleeve?

2 weeks later
#11604 81 days ago
Quoted from TomN:

I’m sure a lot of discussion happened in the background that we will never completely be in the know about. I’m positive the bottom line was money without doubt. I agree also that the chest and spinning ring fiasco had some part in this. It’s a shame as I and a lot of other people would like an opportunity to own one. I wonder if there is a way to quantify how much money they (JJP) are leaving on the table due to this very short production run? There will be other pins that this Potc money will go towards. Maybe it will be Jersey maybe not.

What I'm curious about is why JJP is so quiet on this? There is the thread guessing if they would make more and why or why not POTC did great or tanked. With all this talk, why wouldn't JJP (Jack) just come out and give everyone a "state of the state of POTC". By giving us the reason why production was cut short, summary of why there were problems (more so than their other pins) a possible future for more productions or not a future for more productions, availability of replacement parts and finally a vision for future updates. I'm not a business person but this could only build a lot of goodwill and loyalty to JJP. I do agree this pinball machine is amazing and love it just the way it is. I just wish I could understand the thinking behind it straight from them, other than guessing and rumors.

#11648 78 days ago
Quoted from Trooper11040:

Chest mod complete! Now my SE is even better lol

Looks awesome! Can't wait to do surgery on mine!

1 week later
#11804 65 days ago
Quoted from ViperJelly:

Wonka now on 1.10. POTC is amazing but I am anxious to see what improvements they have made. I am not worried too much about the wizard mode because I think I have some time before I get there.

What a bummer. Sure feels like JJP has washed their hands on this game. Too bad since it's so much fun to play. Just want it to move up to it's full potential.

#11807 65 days ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Naah. They stood up on Hobbit 2 years after it was cooling down, and made it AMAZING. Huge turnaround. It may take a while because they have new games to support, but it’ll happen..

Quoted from EaglePin:

Still less than one year since the games rolled out the door and they had an update in May with another one a few months before that. If they hold a pattern of every 4-5 months for a release we’ll have 1.0 by October, which I think is right around when games shipped last year.

Positive thinking. I like it!

#11810 65 days ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

I’m not saying I’m confident it’ll happen. I’m just saying I think they’ve still got a bit of time until it’s time to get negative on that topic. There’s a subtle difference


Quoted from vireland:

jjPotC as it stands is WAY more complete and deep than any Stern release in the same timeframe since release. WAY. Another release is coming. Keith already showed some screens from it, so it's just a matter of when it's released.


1 week later
#11923 57 days ago

Frustrating. I guess there's no incentive to put it out anytime soon

#11949 54 days ago
Quoted from koops:

(If I am asking this in the wrong thread please let me know!)
I’ve been reading through all the old posts and saw the yelobird lantern fix.
I can’t remove the left side of the black pearl plastic due to the rear of the ship holding it down. Am I supposed to brute force it over the top?
[quoted image]

Unfortunately you are going to need to remove the BP. Once you do that you can easily remove the nuts that hold the plastic. While there you might as well do a good cleaning and check the mylar in the starmap. After you remove it a few times, it will be second nature and not a big deal.

#11950 54 days ago

All this time I've been playing my game with the volume loud and sub woofer turned way up (and my wife really loves me for that). This weekend I finally decided to try using headphones just to see what it was like. What a difference! I had no idea the small little background sounds and the quality of it! Just the complete sound of the cannons firing is incredible! And the best part is I can't hear my wife yelling at me to take the trash out!!! If you haven't done it yet, try it!!!!

2 weeks later
#12060 40 days ago

*sigh* Another Wonka upgrade......and no word on POTC....*sigh* Oh well.....Still love it!

sigh (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#12356 24 days ago

So what is everyone's guess. Will they release new code for pirates before their next game, after their next game or is RIP?

#12407 20 days ago

Block of wood!

1 week later
#12482 12 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

It just puts on the screen how many balls you get per game. On the jjPotC here we've (successfully) used an extra ball perk to bridge the gap to $1.50/play (or 4 for $5) so players don't feel it's too expensive. They get 4 balls per game instead of 3. It's worked out really well. jjPotC has earned 2x the next closest pin (which is usually Deadpool Premium) the whole time we've had it out - about 9 months. That's a REALLY good record.
Given the spiraling costs of Prem and LE machines, it's ALL going to $1.50/play sooner rather than later, and this is just one tool to help with that transition. Worked out really well in this case.

Just curious. How did the pin holdup when it was out on route? What were some of the things that didn't hold up?

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