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#8614 6 months ago

Adjusted the 3rd flipper to stop a lot of the SDTMs but still get every 10th or so star map drain through the flippers. Would be great as a previous poster suggested for there to be an optional 2 second ball save after release. Just seems a bit of a cheap drain.

#8616 6 months ago

Thanks, yes on 0.98 and the magnet does yank it, but every now and then it goes sdtm. Maybe 1 in 10. But considering how many chapters you need to do.... play field is levelled (I use a digital level). Maybe it’s just pinball! But it would be nice to have a ball save option that’s configurable in the settings.

#8617 6 months ago

Similar to AFM after Strobe Multiball finishes.

#8662 6 months ago

pinball_keefer would it be possible to have a configurable ball save after star map post goes down after chapter select. I know the magnet is meant to address sdtm drains but it still happens on occasion. Great game btw!

#8673 6 months ago

With the star map, I cannot adjust anything. I watch the ball jump around and enjoy watching the clip. I am distracted by the theatre but I enjoy it. It tells a story. It is the one break I have in this fast paced game. I quickly look at the characters I have to shoot, plan my shots. Get back to being ready, post goes down, magnet throws ball... and then drains sdtm. Unlike other shots there is nothing I can do. Does not happen a lot but when it does it sort of cheapens the whole chapter mechanic. I do not believe this star map was ever meant to be a risk and reward target like the saucer in AFM.

A short 2 second ball save would solve it.

#8687 6 months ago

This may be a really stupid question.... but I’ll ask it anyway:

If you start a chapter, but don’t complete it, does it still count towards wizard modes? Or do you successfully have to complete 5 chapters? If so, when a chapter is failed does that mean you can’t do the wizard for that movie? In TSPP you only have to start a mode to have it count towards Alien Invasion. Just starting to hyperventilate. Worrying that a crap player like me will never see wizards. I tried to search for the answer, the rule sheet just seems to say you need to start 5 chapters. Please someone put me out of my misery.

#8689 6 months ago

Phew! Thanks Pin Monk. And thank you for your troubleshooting topic. Really helped me out.

#8756 6 months ago

On the subject of SDTM after chapter select, I reported this to JJ via their support form and received an immediate reply from Steve that he would pass this to the programming team. Also my game came with a cracked sling plastic and they are sending a new pair since I did not want to start replacing with spares on day 1. I asked them for some washers under posts and they are sending me those as well. Their support has been exemplary.

#8848 6 months ago

My slings were down to 18 before update. Still getting glass hit after will try 16. Was wondering whether this was due to different power in Oz. Sorry if this has been answered before, but why are the flippers different power? My pitch is a bit higher than 6.5 but I’m struggling during Multiballs to get the balls away from the flippers so may take back to 6.5. Really love the outlanes how the game tries to coach you into nudging. Nice.

#8851 6 months ago

Ok. Had this less than a week. Loaded new release yesterday and a mate came round to play. He owns TZ SS AND IJ. he is blown away. Can’t stop talking about pirates. Anyway he was about to go, started last game and drained the first ball. I restarted and told him you can’t leave on that. He protested but then got the grand champion. Damn. That night I’m preparing dinner ( my wife works, I’m her bitch) and I cut my finger badly. Blood everywhere. My first thought “crap, I can’t beat his score tonight” - it was my pinball finger. No bandaids had to use tape and a bit of tissue. Tried to beat it after dinner, had not healed properly, blood all down the side of the machine. Half an hour later after blood loss and frustration set in. I gave up. Had another go today posted 480k which I’m happy with and now grand champ. Not anywhere close to you guys but I’m happy. Keep being amazed by this machine. I mean even the pop bumpers do something I have never seen before. I will say this though - during my highest scoring game, it drained sdtm after star map. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. Please oh please fix. But I’m happy. ARRRRRRRR! Btw, no parrots or patches yet, though I did pose with one of our pussy cats. I love this game.

#9053 6 months ago

So with the posts, I’m really confused. Support is sending me the small washers used on some of the machines (the newer ones?). I have had no cracking but I may have a slight ripple, need to check. I have to remove the slings to put new plastics on (one sling plastic was cracked), and I was going to insert the washer supplied by JJ underneath the posts. Now I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to do. Are there people out there who have put thousands of games on without chipping around the sling posts? Have people got the small washers supplied by JJ and had no problems?

#9103 6 months ago

Ok. So I have the new washers from JJ. Thinking of doing the following:
1. Inspect for ripples with Magnification and lightly touch around posts to see if tacky.
2. Carefully remove posts.
3. Inspect and take photos of uncovered play field
4. Try to create Mylar rings around posts, try to find some big circular hole punches.
5. Inspect posts and use wet and dry to sand any sharp bits and/or use a small nail file.
6. Clean play field with isotopyl alcohol mix I use for invisiglass
7. Install Mylar, new washers, sanded posts, new nylon washer under sling plastic to protect it, plastics and the nuts. Don’t over tighten.

Edit: damage caused by original posts will not allow Mylar to sit correctly. Will use star posts with Mylar underneath.

Harry, will add this to your sling post thread. Will let you know how I go.

#9105 6 months ago

Ok. These posts appear to have rippling around them:

7F487453-BB51-4822-A676-45CEA33D74D7 (resized).jpegB20664BC-A8E5-4FCE-BEB0-A67B87D2BCAF (resized).jpeg
#9106 6 months ago

This post seems to have just cut through the clear coat

4B1ECDB0-60E5-4F4E-8963-5C1D461173E3 (resized).jpeg
#9107 6 months ago

Also, what about the other posts on the field. Check out the star post under the BP ramp.

F98E1096-B450-4186-886D-8EFB9AE26E39 (resized).jpeg
#9111 6 months ago

Thanks zaphX. Funny I used nifty to clean my WCS when I restored it. I have the Novus products. Can use those. I thought maybe a medical swab would clean better. And not be too much liquid. Here is a photo of the JJ washers. They are about 1mm thick and are hard.

D4E207D2-08E6-4FED-80B2-5E1FD6012ECC (resized).jpeg
#9120 6 months ago

Having a go at cutting Mylar circles. I used:

Old star post
Post bolt and nut
Piece of wood drilled with 3.5mm
Mylar cut into 22.5mm squares
Sharp hobby knife
3.5mm hole punch

It’s not perfect. Otherwise buy a 20mm or greater hole punch from a craft store. This does give you a hole in the exact centre of the circle.

FD83FA79-6A8B-4EBA-BFD6-B0ABCB6EFB48 (resized).jpegFE7E1E4B-5378-404D-8069-7C9065205F86 (resized).jpeg1814DE42-B029-4343-B433-46D7C32F314E (resized).jpegC74C0A26-4E8C-4625-A506-84FCD1C03411 (resized).jpeg5CCDE6D3-3A5C-4C21-8A3A-F5FBBB0BF9E2 (resized).jpeg45612D8E-1B02-4235-9E18-821BFECFC632 (resized).jpeg2361A57D-2B3E-42DD-B7CB-E20B549006F5 (resized).jpeg
#9123 6 months ago

I’m using these with the original posts thus why I’m using star posts

Btw, how did you cut yours so nice?

#9129 6 months ago

Ok so went with the original posts with a 16mm Mylar cut out. Didn’t work. My posts were gouged down into the Playfield, one of them has been driven down 2mm into the Playfield. So the Mylar is depressed in the centre by the posts and it is not sticking. So I think I need more like 7mm clearance around the post so will go with a 25mm punch now.

And taking the post off revealed a chip.

I really don’t know whether to continue with the original posts or go with star posts with even bigger Mylar circles. I think I need about 30mm.

#9164 6 months ago

Put my sling posts in. Had a few games, then this happened:

F4957536-9A31-45D9-BE7E-F713675ACA1D (resized).jpeg537A8BB0-4C0B-4499-B4B9-0F69B1A06F63 (resized).jpeg
#9165 6 months ago

Bloody awesome pinball. nuff said.

#9167 6 months ago

I meant the machine was awesome. I got lucky. I’m finding chapters score the most for me. It is great that you can play the chapters or just do Multiball. Had it for less than 2 weeks. Just such a great machine.

#9169 6 months ago

Yep. Life lesson on how to piss off your wife on Mother’s Day. She had the shits.

Anyway, we’re talking again now. We love plundering, it just depends who gets plundered!

It is a great mechanic, nice revenge option and lots of fun when more than 2 playing.

#9174 6 months ago

Hey. Stupid question What does the Left Turnaround Loop Diverter Assembly do ? Does this put the ball in the depths rather than coming out the Devil’s Triangle? I think I’ve seen it move after hitting a bullseye? Sorry if this has been discussed. I did search.

#9203 6 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Hey. Stupid question What does the Left Turnaround Loop Diverter Assembly do ? Does this put the ball in the depths rather than coming out the Devil’s Triangle? I think I’ve seen it move after hitting a bullseye? Sorry if this has been discussed. I did search.


#9230 6 months ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

Yes, I think you're correct that the diverter has the ball come out the depths instead of back out the Devil's Triangle opening. I think it diverts into the same hole as the Maelstrom funnel.

Thanks EaglePin! I feel a bit embarrassed I posted this. I went back to the manual and you can indeed see it can divert from the Devil’s Triangle half loop to the depths, and yes that scoop is bigger under the maelstrom to accomodate. I asked because I saw it move after I got a bullseye. And I thought “what’s that moving for”. Too much going on and I’m lazy. It is such a cool game. It’s like when I walk up to it I think “what will I try for now?”. And other times you can just follow the flow of the game. So good.

#9231 6 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Has anyone noticed (I mentioned this before) a ball with a good amount of speed going around the left orbit getting air and coming over the starmap? I think a related situation that others may have noticed (and I did as well) is the right loop or right orbit shot sometimes getting pushed into the BP when there isn't a reason for it to. I believe the issue are the cutouts in the ball guides for the optos. Does that make sense? It sure looks like the ball could easily make contact with them and they seem large enough that the "footprint" of the ball on the guide could make contact with the hole and redirect the ball.
Anyone care to comment?

I don’t have this happen, but it has jumped the maelstrom over towards the map hole. Last time I got a hole in 1!!! Gave me an award just to cap it off.

#9233 6 months ago

What settings do you have for them?

#9241 6 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Default values are in green.

Thanks, I saw that when I was adjusting slings.

Thanks Harry on advice about flippers. I was hesitating to dial them down because of misses to the star map and the chest. I took them both down by 3 and I can still make every shot. A lot less air balls. Could have saved myself a lot of dimpling if I’d turned it down sooner!

Had a look under the chest and realised it funnels in, anything but a perfect shot can rattle around in there. Also was getting quite a lot of balls into star map without quite hitting the stand up targets. Was confused because I thought it detected the ball was in there since the magnet moved it around but no gate goes up. I realise I have to hit the targets for the gate to trap it, but it seems the magnet is always active??

#9277 6 months ago

Hey Keith, any chance of considering the configurable 2 second ball save after chapter select. Just had it drain twice yesterday sdtm. Can go days without it happening because of the random magnet action. And then it can hit multiple times in one game. Happened once in my highest scoring game to date.

#9302 6 months ago

Few things I have noticed:

1) The Marty target (and the other spinner), need to be hit a couple of times before they register as being collected in a chapter
2) The gate next to the "I" in the pirate lanes has stopped the ball coming out of the "P" lane and rolled down to the trough. Almost feel like taking this gate out. I guess it's there to make nudging harder out of the "I" lane
3) Had to adjust Tortuga hole deflector as it was hitting on the very tip of the left flipper. Now it ejects onto the bottom quarter of the left flipper.
4) Pirate targets do not stack, grab them before you light a new set.

#9304 6 months ago

Yesterday did not drain from star map select. Today happened 10 times out of 30 games. Seems to be on left of post. No wear on rubber. Magnet just throws the ball straight up lethargically. Really irritating. Here are my levels. Keefer, please oh please change. I know I’m going on about that 2 second ball save, but today happened so many times.

1ED9473B-DC0B-4FDF-96FD-E9F9BB42AFB7 (resized).jpeg77F2CF1C-B568-4182-807B-CB8A32E43FFE (resized).jpeg7CC4F05C-CF61-46BC-A1EB-9472983678E9 (resized).jpeg
#9352 6 months ago

You’re spot on. None of my other pins are getting any play. So much fun. And I have not even seen a wizard mode yet.

Addition: I wanted a pin to add to my collection that would be our “last’ pin. Nearly got divorced over spending this money. I wanted the depth of LOTR but accessibility and multiplayer fun. I think they have nailed it. And I agree that it should be number 1.

Just got my first super jackpot in curse of the black pearl. So hard! Very rewarding !

#9425 5 months ago

Has anybody moved the starmap down. I’ve noticed from my playing position I cannot see the top of the starmap. So the “T” constellation looks like an “I”. I can get used to it. Just curious as it looks like it could be shifter down 10mm.

#9427 5 months ago


Just had this idea about how to resolve sling problems and table damage and a new mod to make things even more piratey

Let yelobird know what you think!

#9471 5 months ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

Loop logic is getting reworked a little in 1.0, should be more accurate for center loops (inner loop enter gets missed sometimes, not sure why). As far as starting OST, you can cancel the animation immediately and still cash in skill shot. This behavior is unlikely to change.

Does this happen in the Pearl as well? Sometimes Marty is not collected until the third time I hit the left ship opto. Always travels correctly for starting the curse of the black pearl Multiball. Just collecting Marty is a problem sometimes.

#9562 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Since we are kicking summer off let’s discuss pirate drinks.
Only one drink other than straight rum neat should be had while playing this fine game and that is a Dark N’ Stormy!
What’s all your go to Pirate beverages, arghhhh!

Speak for yourselves!!!

Different down here.....

3zwzjw9198421 (resized).png
#9569 5 months ago
Quoted from Time4akshun:

Just got my machine! Given you guys have been at this for a bit is there a top 5 adjustments or fixes to consider in this game? All is great so far. Only one chapter leaf switch needed adjusting. Thanks in advance!![quoted image]

Turn down the coils for the slings (16) and Black pearl VUK (20). Check whether a full launch drains SDTM - if it does adjust the top flipper so that it directs the ball to the right lower flipper. Check whether Tortuga hole kicks out SDTM, if it does there are instructions in the troubleshooting thread to adjust deflector. You may have to put star posts under your slings. And make sure its levelled!

That's it from me!

#9579 5 months ago

Asked this before, do people find the constellation map a bit high, like you have to duck down to look at it? It looks like it could be shifted a bit down and to the right?

#9592 5 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Asked this before, do people find the constellation map a bit high, like you have to duck down to look at it? It looks like it could be shifted a bit down and to the right?


#9663 5 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Yeah, it gets pretty crazy as the game goes on. Might be nice to have a "calm pearl" mystery award show up every now and again...

Especially during COTBP Multiball.

#9745 5 months ago

Do people find the dog and barrel flasher covers dim the affect of the flashers? I really love the dog, it brings backs nostalgic memories of the ride. I guess if you have the dog, you need the barrel. But I’m torn, cos I really love the light show too!!! Decisions! Will definitely get the cannon, kraken and the wife wants the monkey. Thought she would be satisfied of just having one around the house.

Also would love a half wheel with decking to represent the helm on top of the black pearl spinners. Seems to be enough room with the rocking. As long as enough room to pull playfield up and out.

#9747 5 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Yes. I was considering opening up the holes a bit more or creating new ones in the barrel. I would be nice actually if the barrel was thin so it lit up with the flasher. Probably opposite of what you want to do when designing something to last.
I also want that "wheel" or something to fill the gap, no one seems interested in making it.

I know right! Seems essential to finish the Black Pearl off. I bet yelobird’s ears are burning right now!

#9767 5 months ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

I get the impression he doesn't like to take the time to learn code that has some complexity to it. Maybe in a home environment he will learn to like the game.

So have you decided to get a pirates over a stern then?

#9773 5 months ago
Quoted from Breger1:

I felt the same way, but added a lot of mods and just as happy as an LE owner, considering I have one and am playing it whenever I want. So if you can’t get your favorite pizza you never going to eat pizza again? Order from classic game rooms. $199 shipping, mine arrived in 6 days. But get on them if they haven’t shipped in 48 hours

$199 for pizza and it comes in 6 days????? Must be great pizza!

#9817 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Finally scored a Jack Sparrow figure for $29 shipped!
Can’t wait to give Tom the boot.
Am I going to need to drill the factory bumper cap or are there existing holes to use where Tom was mounted?

Why so much hate for Tom?

#9818 5 months ago
Quoted from Agima2000:

I use skulls for the flashers.
They shine perfectly.
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3393818[quoted image]

Had not seen those. Pretty cool!

#9819 5 months ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

I've decided pirates is the game I'd rather get over any stern right now. I haven't ordered one yet, still feeling like I missed out on getting an LE. They took out so much with the SE it almost seems like it should be a little less expensive than it is.

You should update your thread and give your conclusion.

#9884 5 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

So I still can't see these patterns in the star map. Can someone who uses this thing frequently take a pic when it's a pattern or elaborate further? I still have trouble... Prob the only thing I don't follow with this game.
Also what lane rewards strategies do people use? For mb I always select add a ball which is available only during mb

Most of the times it is showing a number of x’s to represent the bonus x posts. It also shows the pirate letters a lot. There is a symbol for the ship, chest and maelstrom. These are pretty easy to work out. Once you realise most of the time it is showing letters or x’s it’s not that hard.

#9885 5 months ago

Tempted to move the post in the “I” lane..... anybody moved it?

#9887 5 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Yeah so kaneda is definitely getting this game. Heard the podcast and you guys are right - hilarious.
He knows what's up and guess what..... He'll be gushing about it shortly. Impossible for someone who likes Pinball not to enjoy this game.

Funny how everyone wants this guys approval. I actually watched all of SDTM reveal and review of this game. Was entranced and it was a huge factor in me getting this game. I believed from their videos that this was the best pinball had to offer. Then a few episodes later they brush Pirates aside as being too complicated with its code. This was a few weeks after they praised how great it was. So go figure. Reviewers opinions change so quickly. They must be writing it down on water.

#9894 5 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

What do the number of X's tell me though? Does the pirate letter tie to lane roll over and if so why? Jjp should release a faq on the starmap haha

Sorry I rushed my explanation. The x’s represent the bonus x posts in front of the ramps. So if you see one x down the bottom right and another x, then that’s telling you to shoot the 2x switch to the left of the bp ramp. The pirate letters match the pirate lanes as you guessed. I will let you work out the others. But I find 70% of the time it is the x bonus targets and the pirate lanes. I actually find the constellation map pretty cool. Not a deal breaker for SE owners though.

#9941 5 months ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

Do you find any of the shots are so difficult that it's annoying? My eyes are getting worse with age, and incredibly tight shots are starting to become a case of luck more than skill

Do you wear glasses? I find now I have to have 2 types of glasses. One for reading books and a longer distance one which will allow me to focus easily on 50cm to about 1.5m. Cannot play pinball without these longer distance ones. It's a bitch and makes me feel old, but what can I do. Wear the glasses!

Don't use multi-focals for play.

#9955 5 months ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

We have never backed off our praise of POTC, not sure where you heard us brush it off weeks later. You must be thinking of someone else. I continue to own the game and thinks its one of the best out there. Got to a mini-wizard two nights ago and felt like I climbed Everest. haha

To each their own, but you do own a Star Wars Prem/LE which I continue to praise for being one of stern's best ever made, as well as a few others in your collection that we love.

Apologies Zach...... I have looked through heaps of footage trying to find it. I seemed to remember you and Greg discussing code of JJP machines, and I thought I remembered a bit where you both said the code in Pirates is just a bit too complex. I cannot now find it now so HUGE Apologies!!! Maybe I dreamt it. I have also been confused over whether Greg loves TSPP or not. Sometimes he says yes sometimes not so much....

I do enjoy your show. Nice that you actually got back to me.... I feel a bit special now..... I'll also have to watch what I say on Pinside. Just wanted to point out that reviewers are just people with opinions, people should not get too caught up on what others think (I guess we all do a bit though).

Enjoy your Pirates!!

#9956 5 months ago
Quoted from locksmith:

I moved it.Its a real drain monster.Its ruined some good games.

Quoted from steigerpijp:

Yeah just move it, and even then its amazing how easilly balls drain there

Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

I moved mine early on and have no regrets as it has cut down on cheap drains, but I still get enough to feel no shame. Lately, I seem to have had balls draining left and right there regardless.

Thanks everyone!! I might just move it!

#9962 5 months ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

This is by far the most addictive game I've ever owned. Just so many ways to approach it and I'm still learning the rules. My other games are getting ignored. My sons son's friend came over last week and played it, then came back the next day saying he was dreaming about it all night. He then played it for a couple of hours while my kid played Xbox (my kids not really a pinball fan).
This is just a fantastic game. My one gripe is the cheap drains out of the star map after starting a mode. Totally needs a short ball save there. I love escaping the locker on right outlane drains. I also finally played liars dice yesterday and lost all my gold lol. Now if I can just get to one of the mini wizard modes.

I used to get the sdtm heaps after star map.... now not so much lately. It would be good to have the ball save as an option. I remember being very frustrated when it happened.

#9963 5 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

I've said it before, if I could not find a used LE I would have bought an SE in a second. Personally, I like modding but even still the missing items are far from a deal breaker.

Dangit... now I might have to do this too. I try to not make my games any easier since I figure that's what most people have but the I and E drains are giving my wife and I fits. "FUCKING I!" is what I hear her yell from the other room.

We can always move it back... wink wink!

I moved it and it still drains on the "I". Also, there's enough going through the flippers from missed chest shots, or hitting the pirate bonus (that's always rewarding), or just coming back out of the devils triangle, or a missed maelstrom shot, or hitting those 2x or 3x stand ups OR when Tortuga decides to do a weak kick out (I know this is one of your favourites Harry!)

At least your wife plays it. Mine still prefers AFM. She does play it but says she prefers the older ones. I'm working on bringing her around.

Please tell me you moved the rubber in the "E" lane!? That's just being cruel to yourself if you haven't!!

#9966 5 months ago
Quoted from dts:

Yeah, from reading this thread, I can see how people think they are missing out on the LE, but I’m pretty excited to get one of the best games ever made for $8500, in stainless rather than bumpy powder coat, with most of the things missing easy to add. It’s really not like the difference between an ST Pro and an STLE, for example. If I were doing it again, of course, I’d go ahead with the LE, but it’s exactly the same game to play, and should look awesome next to my TZ!

Think of Aussies that have to pay $15k for an LE like I did. My wife hates me! $20k for a Wonka CE, near 20k for a YBR. You guys still have cheaper petrol for your dollar than we do. Clothes are cheaper, food is cheaper. We spend the Aussie dollar the same way you guys spend a dollar in the US. 2 Litres of milk is $2.20. A Big Mac in Australia costs $5.85. In the US it's $3.99. $8500 is fantastic.

Then again we do have a public health system......

#9967 5 months ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

For reading, definitely. Will probably have to get some lower strength ones for pinball... getting old sucks!

That it does. I cannot even read my iphone without glasses now. For pinball it's not so much a different strength of glasses, it's a different focal length than your reading glasses. You need them, it's such a relief to see the play field again!!

#9969 5 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

$2.50 in the common spring/summer 2 for $5 promotion.

Damn you guys have it good!

#9995 5 months ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

$8500 US is $13,990 AUD inc conversion shipping and GST so same price here and that is Fantastic

Sorry Mr Pinball. Not saying you are pocketing heaps of dough!!! Very happy with your pricing and service.

Just saying how things are cheaper in the US. Just the conversion rate tanks and the cost of getting it here adds up. Which ever way you look at it, living in the US is the cheapest way to acquire pinballs.

#10003 5 months ago
Quoted from PsychoPsonic:

Thanks to JJP and all of you!

Congrats!!! Mr 10,000

Well played!

#10007 5 months ago
Quoted from mountaingamer:

I’m putting on some fender washers under the slingshot plastics and found these small translucent washers there - were these on all the machines? I remember seeing here where the 3rd post would scratch the underside of the plastics and the fix was to add washers or mylar. Was the washers I’m seeing a fix for that, or just the original design, or are these washers supposed to be under the posts instead???[quoted image][quoted image]

I had nothing. I also had a cracked sling plastic. I guess they just put it there to stop scratching the underside of the plastic. Would still put Mylar above the third post and put fender washers on the 2 others. That does look like the small hard washers which were meant to go under the posts to protect against hard edges.

#10008 5 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Big fan of this upgrade in the back left from mezel. Just installed.
This game is so loaded it's crazy
[quoted image]


I just ordered the same mods!

#10017 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

We had a rough time breaking the 1 Mil point for a while but as soon as you figure out the rules and shot map you’ll find 1 million your base in no time. How some of these guys rip through into wizard modes daily is beyond me though. Plus I suck at pinball so that doesn’t help.

Games started 650

Games played 150

I need to stop trying to get those high scores. Only cracked 1mill once. 450 is where I’m usually at. For me chapters seem to score more than multiballs.

Only got to kraken wizard by using Tiadalma. I think she is the easiest way to get to wizards. Without her I’ll be thinking “ok just shoot maelstrom only and then star map”. But then on a ball launch I’ll have already done the inner loop. And I love the left orbit. And the chest shot..... so I’m not regimented enough to keep to one target. Would be better if some of the shots are crap. I mean how satisfying is it when you shoot the right ramp and the ball goes all the way through the spinners on the Pearl. I was scared the game would be too stop and go. Besides the map target and the star map, it never lets up.

#10027 5 months ago

Man if I stuff up first 2 balls it’s restart!!!

The slow option works great.

Great thing with this option is you can do it at anytime. Accidentally add another captain for your wife to play in character select and she’s not in the mood (quite often for me), no probs you can restart! Most pins you have to wait until on 2nd ball. Not pirates, it’s awesome. Bad habit I know.

#10029 5 months ago

This thing drains so quickly on Multiball. Had 4 going at once and kept it up for a few minutes and the all started to go. Just got the super jackpot out of tiadalma on the dying seconds and then 2 seconds later went straight down “I” lane. With so much open real estate in the centre and usually 4-5 balls making it hard to cradle, it is hard to keep the balls in play compared to other games such as TSPP. I have no regrets. I’m not a champion.

#10030 5 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

It's funny, your wife is usually in the mood for me.

As long as you stay away from
my mum.

#10036 5 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Who gets all giddy when a chapter you never saw before is selected? A surprise every time.
Also, did you notice that the screen shakes when the chapters are being selected (and cannons are firing)? Love that touch.

Yeah, I noticed that after I had just realigned the monitor and though "what the fuck!!" Ive just knocked it loose again. It is very cool. Well done to the animations guy.

We need that plus shaker for sinking ships

#10038 5 months ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

Have you given Norrington a try? I used to only play Tia Dalma but have switched more to Norrington on advice from a post some time back. Completing chapters is faster with him and I find that helps me complete a movie to get to wizard modes. It doesn't seem like it should work out that way but I'm not a great shot and I seem to do better when I'm not trying to be a sniper to start a particular movie chapter and instead just go more with the flow of the shots. When I play Norrington I get more into that mindset of not trying to be too perfect with the order of my shots so it seems to work out for me. The combination of all the different shots & characters in this game really is amazing.

I should try him, just seems like such a punce (although I did like him in the UK series Ultraviolet). I keep coming back to Scrum. He's such a rogue!! I know what you mean about chapters though, the maelstrom is one I have to aim for.

#10041 5 months ago
Quoted from Schabs81:

All though with bugs on code .99 I about to go back to .98

What bugs? Seems great to me!

#10071 5 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

The little touches like that really put the game "overboard".

Do you guys take advantage of overboard to collect open sea characters?

#10082 5 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

AND VUK bash protection, two in one!

looks great Harry. How was dinner?

Make sure it works with the mezel mods upper deck please!

#10100 5 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

I promise I won't double post in each thread but I'm really getting excited. Template is under way. It's gonna look so much better.[quoted image]

So many ideas you’re having Harry. I was going to say that’s a bit large for the black pearl opto protector!!! Whatever it takes!!!

#10102 5 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Side effect, or blessed benefit Either way my opto isn't getting hit again!

Gotta protect your back man!!!

#10151 5 months ago
Quoted from Blackzarak:

What pitch is the best to set potc? Just got mine in today SE model.... yup yup.. I'm finally in the club I'm excited[quoted image][quoted image]

The pitch you have in the 2nd photo is a bit steep.....

#10160 5 months ago

I like it Harry. Should they be a bit reflective though. Would be good if this could be a semi transparent to go over the original decals, so it still has the flash?

Actually being dumb!!! If you leave the other side as is they will still flash when hit and the contrast between the sides will probably create more of a spinning effect.

It does look better though IMO. the spinners currently are too silvery and detract from the aesthetics.

#10162 5 months ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

Mostly I lost the genetic lottery in terms of family heart disease history and being type 1 diabetic for 32 years which led to a heart attack.[quoted image]

Really sorry to hear that Keith. Good to hear you are on the mend. Doesn’t help with dickheads like me hassling you all the time. Well done on this magnificent game. And I love my TSPP as well. Pirates has me thinking about it through the day when I should be being more productive. A real gem! Take it easy and thanks again.

#10166 5 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

So I knew I had to hit the 3x target. I cradled and stared at that star map for a while. I never could see anything that looked like an X or a 3. I just can't get it.

There is usually an x in the bottom right corner. Once you recognise the one x, check whether there are other x shapes flashing. I think it’s a cluster of 3x3 for each x. Count the number of x patterns. That’s the switch to hit.

#10172 5 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Well happy birthday to me![quoted image]

Happy birthday ya big lug!!

#10176 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

I believe they are designed to be sails not sure how doors fit the theme objective? Then again not sure how to make them look like sails either...

Wow! Never noticed there’s a sail just sitting there at the entrance of the Devil’s Triangle!!

#10179 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

I believe they are designed to be sails not sure how doors fit the theme objective? Then again not sure how to make them look like sails either...

Just looked through the rules nothing mentioning sails. It just says to hit the spinners to search for a ship. I think Eric did say hit them to raise the sails in the SDTM episode, but they don’t look like sails as you pointed out. And as I said in my very witty barb, the same spinner is used in the Devil’s Triangle.

It could be taken as you are kicking the crew out of their quarters and it shows activity in rushing out on to the deck. There you go! There’s a bullshit explanation that will make doors work. Full steam ahead Harry!

#10187 5 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I don't think sails are still a thing.
I think that was in pre-production, where the released game uses the spinners to catch up to the ship. You can see the animation where the two ships close in on each other.

That’s right pirate ships were paddle steamers!!!

#10244 5 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

I personally like the window/porthole idea and may play around with that for the LE we have.

I don’t think they had portholes on the old tall ships of that vintage. It was the diamond lead lined glass. And small square panes.

#10246 5 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

[quoted image]

Where’s the light? Plastic translucent behind the window? Painted? Stop wasting time Harry! Chop chop!

#10248 5 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

They didn't have zombie skeletons and all the other fantastical stuff in the movies, either, if we're being slavish to the movies.


Harry hasn’t gone the portholes. I think that was more a Jules Verne look.

#10259 5 months ago
Quoted from tonycip:

I have a couple more of these shooter rod's if interested shoot me a PM[quoted image]

Ahhaarrrrrrgh Gold!!!!

#10305 5 months ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

Can you elaborate on the lockdown bar position? I have never put one there. Thanks.

I put the square ones under the wire form drops. For the lockdown they are meant to go where it sits on top of the side rails. But you can put felt tape or some other tape.

#10424 5 months ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

I may the odd one but I kinda like the white gi better visibility

Wait until you do a chapter like Infiltration and the whole playfield goes red. The white would be fine but the RGB GIs do a great job at setting the mood during different stages in the game. Most important are the RGB inserts though.

#10426 5 months ago
Quoted from Trooper11040:

I’ll never get to experience this unfortunately lol. Damn it I wish he had made more LE’s!!! LoL

Sorry!! There is so much going on in this game, you will love it no matter what. It is also good to save a bit of money for the next one....

Just count yourself fortunate that you have a pirates game, it would be a real shame to miss out.

#10431 5 months ago

Just bought the other 4 pirates movies to familiarise myself with the chapters. Always loved the first one. A classic. Saw the 5th one recently and was not as bad as I expected. Anyway watched the 2nd. Not as good as the first, but not as bad as I remembered it to be. Bloody long though. Now just number 3 and 4. I remember one of them was a real slog. Funny how the family is pointing at bits in the 2nd. My daughter got excited when seeing the teacups in the rain at the start of the movie. She yelled out “that’s Wedding Day!”

#10467 5 months ago
Quoted from dts:

My game is missing the target boat hole by striking to the right of the hole. A little shim to the cannon launch ramp with metallic tape worked better—but is the better solution to take the boat apart and move the cannon ramp? Otherwise, flawless game with no other adjustments. I did increase the flipper and sling power, moved the post rubber to bounce into escape the locker better, and added a couple of tilt warnings.[quoted image]

Check the troubleshooting thread. I followed a post to put shorter hex posts on the dauntless, bringing it closer to the back of the playfield. I just used the thinner Marco ones.

#10469 5 months ago
Quoted from dts:

My game is missing the target boat hole by striking to the right of the hole. A little shim to the cannon launch ramp with metallic tape worked better—but is the better solution to take the boat apart and move the cannon ramp? Otherwise, flawless game with no other adjustments. I did increase the flipper and sling power, moved the post rubber to bounce into escape the locker better, and added a couple of tilt warnings.[quoted image]

Sorry it’s in this thread.


I think a few of us just used the thinner ones with the m-f.

Check out 02-4825-20 from Marco.

#10473 5 months ago

Why has no pinside staff rated this game? It looks like they rated the prototype only? Just can’t understand. The game has now been in the top 10 for months, yet nothing.

Just Saying!

#10528 5 months ago
Quoted from tgrinchy:

I may have missed - did you end up grinding down the edge of that bracket? I had noticed that bracket protruding into lane as well and thought about shaving it down a bit.

Thank you VERY much! I had not noticed that LED before. Maybe that’s the reason why they made the bumper blue as a diversion!

Excerpt from chest design meeting:

“How are we going to hide that LED circuit board?”

“Maybe we could make the rubber stop in the chest such an ugly distracting colour that people will not even notice the circuit board and wires”

“Brilliant! Problem solved people!”

Sigh, now that’s 2 things to bother me.....

#10532 5 months ago

What’s your favourite Multiball? Mine is:

1) OST
2) Tortuga
3) DMC
5) AWE

What order are you best at? I be:

1) AWE
2) Tortuga
3) OST
5) DMC

What’s your favourite to activate?
Mine is:

2) Tortuga
3) DMC
4) OST
6) AWE

at worlds end just seems to happen. Don’t consciously trigger it. Still a great Multiball.

Is a fun game. Let me know what order you find multiballs.

#10545 5 months ago
Quoted from Palmer:

My SE (build date of March)was delivered yesterday. Unfortunately I’ve only had time for a few games. In the meantime, can anyone sum up what I should address before I really start putting games on the machine? So far I have:
1. Cliffys (on order but long lead time)
2. Washer kit. Which is the best? Just go with JJP’s?
3. Cover or grind protruding t-bolt.
4. Center discs. Maybe install quiet kit.
5. Check to make sure screws are tight. Any common problem areas?
6. Lower sling power
Any other suggestions?

Check ball launch does not go SDTM. you may need to adjust top left flipper so that it feeds to right lower flipper.

#10547 5 months ago
Quoted from Palmer:

My SE (build date of March)was delivered yesterday. Unfortunately I’ve only had time for a few games. In the meantime, can anyone sum up what I should address before I really start putting games on the machine? So far I have:
1. Cliffys (on order but long lead time)
2. Washer kit. Which is the best? Just go with JJP’s?
3. Cover or grind protruding t-bolt.
4. Center discs. Maybe install quiet kit.
5. Check to make sure screws are tight. Any common problem areas?
6. Lower sling power
Any other suggestions?

I don’t think disc is that loud. My t nut hardly stuck out, also ball hits deflector above scoop first. Check black pearl or ship VUK power. Default is 32, turn it down to say 20. You want it at the lowest setting it needs to launch up to the pearl. JJP admit that it’s too strong and smashes the optos behind the pearls spinners. They have now produced a shield to protect against this. Have fun! Awesome game. Congrats.

#10596 5 months ago

Finished with all but last 2 mods - the mezel decks. Big thanks to Rey from Tilt excellent service. Kraken blades are soooo good. My game is turning into a little pirate haven under glass. Big thanks to yelobird for all his support as well. Helped me out with additional orders and installation. No probs except when the kraken is installed the ball will not travel cleanly under the diverter. The kraken pushes the diverter down a little from its maximum height meaning there is not enough clearance. Discussed it with yelobird who advised me there might be something wrong with my ramp as no other person has the issue. Anyway if your ball does not have enough clearance and nicks the bottom of the diverter as it goes around the maelstrom yelobird helped me devise a simple solution. Find an old bit of pinball plastic. Cut to fit underneath your kraken. Drill a hole in this plastic so you can bolt it down with existing bolt. Then stick kraken on. As you can see from before and after photos fixes the problem. Any issues contact yelobird, very helpful!!

0017449D-E5BC-4158-9739-C357237E3D24 (resized).jpeg37828725-82B2-44D3-BB3F-F76D16FF97A4 (resized).jpeg29449973-1978-4C3F-A843-975EE9012502 (resized).jpegBD3CB53B-4EFC-41BB-84B3-C6BC6D83C198 (resized).jpegC82C521E-A438-463C-9216-43388A8B2A54 (resized).jpeg
#10635 5 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

That's just raw filament. Needs to be sanded, painted and glass put in the window. And LED attached.
Did anyone notice the spinner decal?

Yes. It good.

#10643 5 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Mine seems to have the ball hit the diverter as well but when I was playing last night I paid attention and it didn't seem like it affected ball travel at all. I assume the ball has enough inertia to move the diverter out of the way that slight amount. Probably not good for ball sheen but the fix looks simple enough.

I guess fast ball pushes the diverter up and the kraken is on the rubbery sticky things and can move up a couple of mm. It’s the soft shots that might be diverted by the kracken pushing down on the diverter. Anyway thanks for confirming my kraken is not the only one that sits low and pushes the diverter down. With the plastic underneath the kraken still sits properly and the diverter can raise unaffected by this mod. It’s good to see the ball travel smoothly around the maelstrom. The mod does look awesome. As do the kraken blades. Also the flipper covers are ok too.
5CF1E91F-B820-4443-83F1-BFAEAF73C84C (resized).jpeg

#10646 5 months ago
Quoted from jarozi:

My kraken pushed the diverter down quite a bit as well, after install had many more toilet flushes than before. I tilted mine up w/ rubber feet, not ideal, and the kraken still pushes down on the diverter a bit, but shots go around the maelstrom much more consistently now.
[quoted image]

yelobird tells me that hundreds have this and not a problem. So you must be in the minority with Harry and myself. Give yelobird a yell. He was very helpful with me.

#10652 5 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

It's one of those covers that you have to slide out of the way, keeps the gunk out of the mechanism.
Ahhh who cares, the chest doesn't close anyhow!

In the 2nd movie the lock and key is the whole plot line. So can’t hide the lock Harry!!

#10653 5 months ago
Quoted from KingBW:

I haven't installed mine yet. Going to do all the mods when I have the time to do the Cliffys also.

If it does bring the diverter down and affect your ball clearance, let yelobird know. He may be working on a fix kit with a piece of plastic to go underneath and new sticky pieces to reattach.

#10669 5 months ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

Quick rules question ... what happens when you plunder another player’s character? Do you get the benefits of both characters or do you just switch to that character? If the latter is the case, what is the real benefit?

Your old character goes to Davey Jones. Arrrrrrrrrrr.

You get the new character and the old one is scratched out. The other person has to select a new character. Use the steal when the other player took the character you wanted in player select. Or when you just want to piss them off.

#10686 5 months ago
Quoted from roddog:

Haven't posted in here in a while. Still loving this game after about a half year.
BUT I got a quick question that I couldn't find an answer to when searching this topic.
Anybody having issues with the Fountain of Youth opto not registering for like 30 percent of the shots? It can be pretty frustrating.
If so, what are the solutions?
Thanks all!

Keefer posted this a few weeks ago

“Loop logic is getting reworked a little in 1.0, should be more accurate for center loops (inner loop enter gets missed sometimes, not sure why). As far as starting OST, you can cancel the animation immediately and still cash in skill shot. This behavior is unlikely to change.”

#10710 5 months ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

Jack sparrow is officially attached to the barrel[quoted image]

Looks like the 2nd hand market for Tom is looking quite buoyant....

#10723 5 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I'm pretty happy with it![quoted image]

Can I have one of those!!!

Good alternative Harry. I know what you mean, but I will stick with the yellow. Your alternative will go nicely with the kraken blades. Have you contacted tilt with your idea? He does say he is happy to take on new artwork. Could be pretty cool to have a Kraken in your face.

#10729 5 months ago
Quoted from MarZ_78:

Had fun playing POTC with my daughters last night. My youngest got her personal best +150k. 100k from map skill shot after a couple inner loops using will Turner. That's a bigger skill shot than I've ever gotten![quoted image]

Is Daddy allowed to plunder? There are specific rules in our household!

#10768 4 months ago

All mods installed! Never bothered with them before this game. So addictive. Big thanks to Tilt, mezel mods and mod couple. So many great toys. Love the dauntless dress up, the kraken and the blades. All so good. Thank you guys for making my game look so piratey!!! ARRRRRRRRR!!

Now just awaiting on harryhoudini for his black pearl poop deck do over and pinballj for his opening chest.

2223520D-C54A-42FC-9DEC-AF5FDE3C55A5 (resized).jpeg
#10769 4 months ago

Had to make a slight adjustment to the black pearl upper deck mod. Currently it is installed with double tape, making it an install and never take off affair. I guess you can put new tape in....

Anyway, harryhoudini has his new cabin dress up under the poop deck coming which we’re all excited about. But couldn’t wait to install this upper deck. So what do I do, since I can’t get to the stuff around the pearl’s spinners once I put the upper deck on?

Decided to drill through this new mod so I have some screws at the top to remove and put back the upper deck as much as I want. Not quite as pretty as intended but you have to look for the screws to worry about it.

Anyway you will need

2x 25mm (1”) screws which are 2.5mm thick. Black is preferable
2 x 1/2” spacers
2.5mm drill bit
Some black tape to hide tops of screws when finished.

1) taken the poop deck rail off via the two nuts at back
2) unscrew the 2 middle screws holding metal bracket to plastic rail
3) screw the spacers into the plastic from the 2 holes you just removed the screws from
4) remove the double sided tape from the front of the deck mod
5) carefully mark the spots you want to drill through the new plastic deck mod. You can see the screws underneath from the front.
Make sure there is enough room at the front so there is still a bit of plastic left when you drill through.
6) attach it altogether. Hopefully your holes were drilled ok
7) unscrew it, attach the poop deck bracket back to the black pearl posts
screw the upper deck back on. If you had black screws great! If you didn’t just use a small bit of black tape to hide screws.
373418CA-B07D-451B-BCB7-5D025C679087 (resized).jpegC657ECCE-9C54-4549-98F5-433A090D360F (resized).jpeg12BB3580-3ABF-4FB8-B0C1-F5721DA94C2F (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpg
#10783 4 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Yay, products are now live and online for purchase. Starmap replacement plastic, various decals & black pearl standup filler window piece.
*Please bear with me, if there are any questions or issues feel free to PM so I can help figure them out. New store for me, new payment processing, etc.
*2-3 weeks to produce all the products, you'll get a notification when your order ships.
*Flat rate $1 shipping for all decals, otherwise please choose an appropriate shipping method


Thanks Harry.

You may want to stop the $1 delivery for international.

Can’t wait!!!

Glad I made the poop deck removable.

Btw, very reasonable pricing and delivery charges.

#10787 4 months ago
Quoted from arzoo:

It always bothered me that this mod was semi permanent, given that there's mechs below it. Your solution seems really good. Can you provide a link to the spacers and screws? Thanks!

Sorry had to go to bed!


2x 1/2 inch spacers


2x 25mm screws
Two choices go for longer 4-40 machine screws and put a nut on the end


Or go with wood screws like I did. You get a tiny sharp point down the bottom

I can’t find them on Marco but you would need 2x #3 screws 1 inch long. Get black if you can.

Quoted from Kerry_Richard:

What about a couple tabs of velcro... no holes; easy on easy off.

Very good point. Didn’t think of it. My boardies (Australian for swimming trunks) are always coming unstuck at the wrong times. Don’t know how stable it would be for the poop deck. The screws make it easy to take on and off, and there are nuts showing all over the top of the pearl anyway.

#10793 4 months ago
Quoted from roddog:

Tonight my buddy was over and he had over 120ish gold ready to be collected. Once he started wailing on the action button, the game reset. It was pretty funny but also a little concerning. Has anyone seen this happen?

I’ve had it happen once with the start button. Check your plug connection to the motherboard in the back box.

#10815 4 months ago
Quoted from Trooper11040:

I’m dying to find a Devil’s Triangle. Can’t get my hands on one for nothing

maybe you could ask steigerpijp ? He has made some awesome rock formations to continue around the maelstrom. His work is top notch, just check out his pistol!

#10826 4 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

[quoted image]

Did it fall through the carpet?!

#10827 4 months ago

Noticed something weird happen. I always thought the selection of chapters was mechanically random, selected by the magnet. I told everyone who comes and plays how cool that is.

Anyway this week the ball did that thing where it kicked off the chapter mechanic and then got trapped between post and left sling. No ball movement.

Guess what. Chapters still selected.....

Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not want it to be software selected, was so cool if the magnet did it. Please pinball_keefer put me out of my misery and tell me it always selects by magnet UNLESS the ball is stuck in which case it goes back to software randomisers!

I live in hope.

#10830 4 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

It’s software selected.

What’s the point of the magnet???? Is it all for show?

It’s like Santa all over again......

I just need to be left alone for a while....

#10832 4 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

It’s software selected.

Thanks for letting me know. I wonder why they did not use magnet and switches? Guess the ball may not have hit anything. Still. Disappointing.

#10834 4 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Maybe it's a software fallback in the event no switches are hit by the magnet. I wouldn't despair.

I hope you’re right zaphX!
Would be great if Keefer could confirm or give us background.

#10837 4 months ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

I think I recall reading somewhere or seeing in a video where they said the original design did have the chapter selected by the ball hitting the targets as it was flung around by the magnet. The last target hit by the ball was the one selected to play. However they realized the way the mech was working caused the ball to be much more likely to hit some targets than others, so it wasn't going to be truly random selection (odds of the ball hitting some targets last were much greater than others). That led to creating the random choice by software.

Thanks for clarifying Mr Eagle.

I guess it still looks cool.

So the switches are there to register an initial hit only?

#10865 4 months ago

Yep. Definitely visible. That must piss you off.

And once you see it, it will be the first thing you notice every time!

I’m sure they can help you fix it. Good luck!!

#10866 4 months ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

See that little bubble on the right radcal ? It’s minor and needs a certain angle to see it I can push it in a little bit then it pops out must have been a manufacturing issue ?[quoted image]

Guess you don’t light many fires in the fire place any more? How many pins in your living room? Good to see an AFM in the background. Great combo! (And with the other 12, lucky man)

#10882 4 months ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

Guys, the modes are selected by the last target you hit (the color in front of the insert). You have to hit one of those targets to start a chapter. While it's bouncing around, the side rubbers rotate the lights. It's all based on physical action.
Note this generally means the last thing you qualified is more likely to start because of how it assigns the lights.

Thanks pinball_keefer. Awesome, was hoping it was mechanical. Nice touch with the slings rotating the lights. Did not realise.

I was really distraught when I thought it was software and not mechanical.

So what happened with me when the ball was stuck and it could not hit any targets? Did it then start a backup software randomiser?


#10884 4 months ago

Have had a couple of instances of ball getting stuck under black pearl ramp between star post and the roll over to the pops. I’m thinking of putting a large rubber washer under the star post. Maybe that will stop ball getting stuck there.

#10900 4 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Some folks asked for video/photos of the galaxy backboard plastic installed, etc. Here is a video of the starmap working. This method of install, which I am testing, means pretty much no modification to the game, about a 5 minute install and works with or without existing starmap. As well, I am testing a "twinkling light" version which can be a plug and play modification for those who have SE versions and want something cool back there. Still a 5-10 minute install.

That video and this picture is of the prototype. The final version will have less glare and will be a real, authentic pinball plastic (produced by CPR). Here it is installed with the starmap PCB behind it..you can barely see the bend in it from above and nothing from the front once the playfield is pushed back.
I am still working on a replacement backboard for those who want it, but it may not be necessary and I'll refund anyone who purchased one.
**Again, prototype install.. the finished piece will be much cleaner[quoted image]

Is it possible for photos and video of it pushed back with glass on. Just easier for me to visualise.

#10902 4 months ago

Besides Harry’s wave. I’ve been thinking of other mods to put on the maelstrom ramp switch. Nothing too big or it will block views of the chest or maelstrom.

Been searching for miniature

A) pirate ships
B) chests or small pile treasure
C) pirate skulls
D) seaweed or even rope and tackle sort of draping down

Problem is most stuff is made for aquariums and is huge.

Anyway. Ideas and solutions appreciated!

Edit: tempted to move Jack the monkey onto the black switch cover.

Double edit; the pirate ship should be a pirate wreck on a craggy bit of rock. Would make sense to show a wreck on the side of the maelstrom or what’s below.

#10906 4 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Sort of looks like The Depth's rocks.. wonder if any of these kinds of things would fit with a little modification.
amazon.com link »

That thing is huge! May help se owners though

#10913 4 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Somehow the "new" WOZ (probably 20 years newer than any other pin we'd owned), that was everyone's favorite/goto game, became the "game I hate" to my wife. Now when I have POTC apart there is definitely a bit of an "arrrrrrr!" attitude around here that only goes away once it's playable. Makes it hard to make stuff for it. I've been pissed off enough at PoTC lately so I've been getting pissed off at WOZ only for the time being. Both games make one's societal desire to be a proverbial "millionaire" more ingrained than ever.

Sounds like you need a date night Harry. With the wife I mean, not your pins. Happy wife......

#10918 4 months ago

Ok. I have 5 out of the 6 super jackpots. Most satisfying was DMC after all balls had drained except one. Great to get that last chance. I think all the supers are well thought out.

Looked up the rules cos I could not remember how to do OST.


I think that super will take me a while.

How many of you have done it?

#10921 4 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

I call this the JJPOTC "long termer" kit. Who knows when they won't have this stuff available anymore. So I'm stocking a set of plastics, a set of decals (even though I made most of my own now) and a playfield (waiting on that situation). Lots of unneeded plastics sadly... the pop bumpers (and clear center pieces), etc. I wish there were some individual plastics available, especially the slings, a bit waste of materials and shipping. There are a few I don't even know where they go.[quoted image]

Did you already get the playfield?

What about ramps? Maybe just buy another HUO Le and put that in the garage with a sheet over it?

#10925 4 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Playfields are OOS. Waiting for restocking.

Have you paid? Trying to get them to take my money.

#10934 4 months ago
Quoted from Schabs81:

That shooter is awsome I couldn't bring myself to spending that though. Looks great

But you bought pirates!!!!! I don’t think any of us can say we’re savvy, savvy?

Come on! If you love it, just do it!!!!


#10937 4 months ago

Just solved the maelstrom switch issue for me.

1) cut 7mm from black cover. Sticks out way too much. Circuitry is now touching rubber but I don’t think will burn it out (I actually cut about 8mm May be too much)
2) scavenge a barrel and box from your mezel mods dauntless dress up.
4D114086-BC5A-4338-A575-465CAAC7AE62 (resized).jpeg
I’m really happy with it. Fits the theme and apt with minimal fuss and does not block any view. Goes ok with mod couples excellent dog.
Here’s another shot with glass and game on

CEFE070B-0CA2-4C6B-A0BE-B9CC7FFACAFB (resized).jpeg
#10939 4 months ago

I actually think some flotsam and jetsam type thing, some Brocken decking underneath, a barrel or two and some model rope dangling down. For now this will do me. It’s a vast improvement.

#10965 4 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

It should be whatever award is lit when you complete the last lane letter is what will be on the target that awards it. Although, with the same button being used for gold collection, I often find I've changed awards without realizing it. There needs to be a rethink of this, IMO.

There is a period of grace after gold collection that does not change selection. Also the RGB inlane colour lets you know pretty quick if you change it as well as the call out. Yes I have drained while trying to change it back, but that’s part of the fun.

As you said once pirate lanes are collected, selection is locked in at pirate collect standup. I will add collect it before you do the next pirate lanes or it gets sent to Davey Jones.... Arrrrrrrr!

#10966 4 months ago
Quoted from arcadem:

This is a shout out to Geert. Great job! A work of art, very well crafted, rapidly shipped, and easy to install. If you like how it looks and have the $$, get one while you can. I don't think you will regret it.[quoted image]

Good to see the kids are playing your pirates

Does look awesome. Thanks for sharing.

#10970 4 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

I mean this respectfully, but I believe etiquette is that instead of posting in the club thread every time you create another mod to sell, you create a thread in the mods forum for the specific game and there you post all your mods. Occasional is one thing, but posts about every new thing feels like reading a for sale thread instead of club owners thread.

If Harry did not do this, many people would miss out on the black pearl cabin mod. I think he has the balance right. You need to point from here to his other threads and that’s what he is doing. I think he loves the game and is trying to share what he is doing. Same with steigerpijp and yelobird.

I actually have posted 2 posts asking people what are there favourite multiballs and what they find the hardest, and also how many people have completed the OST super jackpot. No response, because everybody has to take a photo of their new machine and share and it kills talk about gameplay. I mean we see the same machines 50 times. That’s fine. Just the nature of forums I guess.

Please all modders continue to post at least once for each brand new mod in this forum. Just my wishes, I may be wrong.

#10983 4 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Yep good points. I deleted my post.

Onya Honda! There’s a lot of people on pinside that would not back down.

#10984 4 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Did anyone pick up the new mod for Mezel with barrels and crates and a mast ??? Adds to the game for sure which they would have painted it needs a bit more detail. But cool all the same. All the mods made for this game has just improved the game greatly. I say keep them coming. Still need someone to make a good captain jack and even a skeleton shark or how about some small pirates to put on the main ship.

I’m thinking of getting this and making some coils to put around the place, drape off the sides of things like the maelstrom switch etc.

ebay.com link
2DF948D0-1848-4C7D-AD7C-0B35A1351AC7 (resized).png

#10988 4 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

I want to know how people are "early" to the game. I mean, Wonka mods were finalized before the game was even shipping. You can't produce detailed mods without measurements. So.... what gives?
Even if I bought a Wonka fresh off the line it would be like a month from now before I could even ship a mod.
Really not in the mod business, I just want these things and the only way I can really produce them is more than one at a time so might as well share. I don't think I'll sell any of about 1/2 the stuff I am making. My wife keeps asking if I am actually making money, lol.

I also think you need to play it for a while and have it sitting in its place for a bit. Then you think “you know what would be cool.....”

What we have here is community driven mods. Pretty cool.

#10990 4 months ago

Here’s my next thought for the day. I f$&@ing hate trying. to get the lcd back in place. My game is in a corner and I only have 2 arms.

Anyway did this. You need 2 pieces of old plastic or window packers. Make them narrow about 1/2 inch. Drill holes in the bottom. Lift your latches and put the plastic hard up against with the hole down the bottom. These little beauties keep the latches up until I’m done. Makes putting the lcd back nice and easy.

I had to shave a little bit off them to get the glass back on.

273AF387-B22D-4E96-8C3D-8B36F9AB4299 (resized).jpeg29AC82E9-249B-431E-974F-1E64F593D2A7 (resized).jpegB40F6A45-E69F-4D44-8993-4BBB35AD73B4 (resized).jpegC07BBDD1-58FD-4001-99BA-3B1BB7E7D381 (resized).jpeg
#11005 4 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Since Robin doesn't have variable shipping tables for international, I use pinside's pinmonk store for domestic and the web address pinmonk.com shopify lite mostly for international orders since shopify allows shipping rates for each major international region or for countries in each region based on per piece OR item weight.

Ok. Now I think you guys should PM!!!

#11009 4 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

On a roll tonight with the design ideas so here's another since CPR is so awesome. Again, I probably don't expect many/any people to want this crap but I'm making one so I might as well make more if others are interested. Replacement lower plastic set with a better look. Working on art and tracing the plastics. Production time should be really quick now that I have all of the CPR specs.
Not to belabor my craziness, but I'm also working on another concept. No one steal this please. They are little "caps" that will work as plastic "nuts" or covers for hex headed screws that will dress up a game. They will be game specific or at least theme specific. For example, for CE there will be a little barnicle cap that can be used on slings or ramp protector screws, etc. I'm also making a generic "dome" sort of like a nylon nut but not made to look like a nut. This will be a more general option for sling post covers, for example, where you may just want the cover to blend in with the plastic art. I tried using colored anodized nylock nuts but they scratch really easy and they still look like nuts. So to bring that back around, I'm sort of designing these plastics to work with those concepts. I think they will be easier to put on and off, no tools involved and for anyone taking plastics on and off a lot this will be nice.
Really rough idea of what I wanted to do. Not going to happen soon, but you get the idea.[quoted image]

Might bring attention to your nuts more than anything else like a cod piece!!

Have to see the completed project on this one Harry. Maybe if it was tiny, say just a cover? But can you get the same from coloured bolts. Maybe tiny East India co, logos or the Incan gold coins. Not sure, I mean we don’t want to over do it.....

#11011 4 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

There has to be some stopping point, surely!

So our wives tell us.

#11058 4 months ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

1) Look at your game's settings (frequency is set there). Arrr Frenzy isn't offered until you've completed the PIRATE lanes so many times. And then, once you've played Arrr Frenzy, you can't play it a second time until you've completed the PIRATE lanes an additional number of times.
2) Assuming by "PF x", you mean a playfield multiplier, then yes - this is what Super X is.
3) See #2. To start Super X, you need to have it selected as your PIRATE lanes award when you complete them and then shoot the PIRATE award target (to left of the chest) to collect it before you complete the PIRATE lanes for another award. Once you've collected it at the PIRATE award target, you then need to shoot the multiplier target that sets what the multiplier value is and activate the multiplier (for 30 secs by default). The first time you collect it, only the 2X target is lit to activate it. The second time, 2X and 3X are both lit. The third time, 2X, 3X and 4X are lit. And so on ...
4) Yes. When you collect Shot X at the PIRATE award target, all five (2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, and 6X) multiplier targets are lit. Whichever one you hit determines the multiplier value applied to your very next shot. Theoretically, you can work your way up to a 6X Super X multiplier running and then activate a 6X Shot X for a total of 36X multiplier on your next shot. This takes real precision timing and accurate shooting though to pull off.
Watch this Karl DeAngelo video to see him score a 24X(?) shot for 21 MILLION points!

My shot X target is usually my worst shot, like the pops or lock chest target. So much pressure.

Also started to use the bonus x targets on the pearl. Like how if you already have 2x the next time you hit the targets it lights the 3x and so on. Playing Scrum I’m trying to set these up for the 6x on first ball and then I don’t have to worry.

Thanks big fish for the summary, had not thought of the stacking that makes shot X valuable. Always thought shot X was the poor cousin of super X.

#11093 4 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

How did you infer that?

So still waiting for your Wonka? Are you on the kerb waiting?

#11095 4 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

It happens today, a nice window of "12-6pm CST"


#11109 4 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Correct. Purple inlanes + pirate target lights 2x (and later, 3x/4x/5x/6x.) The PF/Super X does not begin until one of those multipliers are hit.
6x is possible, just risky because the target is likely to drain.

Funny. I find 2x the most dangerous bounce. And pirate stand up.

Also have to watch it coming back out of the depths. Think I have to try and do a last split second flip with the left flipper as it comes over it at an oblique angle towards the middle. Sometimes it hits the flipper, sometimes the top left of the left sling. Sometimes SDTM.

#11111 4 months ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Prior rules point ignorance confession (can't believe I somehow failed to notice this until now):
When "6X Bonus" is awarded via a Map Award, all the multiplier targets are lit and the bonus value actually awarded depends on which target you subsequently hit first.
Previously, I had been wondering why "6X" seemed to be the only bonus related Map Award consistently awarded. Now I realize why.
Just goes to show you how easily your attention can be distracted by the many things going on at once in this game. That's my excuse anyway!

I love it when they all light up!! Annoying In multiball when an errant ball actually hits the 2x first.

On another note the bonus x targets on the pearl are tricky to hit. I guess that’s by design. Find I am getting them by cradling the left flipper.

Oohhh! Lucky post number!!

#11123 4 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Guess what is going on here Mwahahaha[quoted image]

Trying to get hold of a stuck ball?

#11127 4 months ago