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#6611 3 years ago

Hi everyone. Took delivery for my PotC LE #192 today. Very exciting but think Im having a couple of the issues that have been described in the thread and some that I don't believe have. First and foremost the machine is an absolute blast. Second I'm fairly new to pin ownership. Long story short I acquired a F-14 tomcat a couple months ago for $100. The parents immediately wanted to trade it (they wanted to play now not later) for a new machine I told them I would enjoy repairing the F-14 and it could take a while. The deal became you fix the old one and maybe we can get a new one. Fast forward 2 months and some blood sweat and tears the F-14 plays amazing. So Took mom to TPF and she decided that PotC needed to be in the house. Oh and most important thanks for any and all help

Ok so for the current issues I know of (plan on contacting dist tomorrow)

1. Have 1 lightboard that is DOA. upon inspection the cat5 cable running to it was waaay to tight. Replaced it with one that was longer to test but still did not work.
2. Left spinner by depths light does not light. When running through the test it does turn on but display says its on a unused circuit (one of the ones close to the end)
3. Ball shooter tip looks like a cat used it as a chew toy for a couple hours before it was put on.
4. Couple targets on upper playfield are too close together causing both to go off when one is hit. Easy fix adjust switch
5. Playfield is super tight in cabinet. When reinserting playfield aside from it being tight there seems to be more resistance the last bit then there should be. I made sure the harness on the right was not getting pinched and the harness on the left nothing to pinch on. What am I doing wrong?
6. Playfield is not hanging from the hangers correctly. Right side sits in slot left side sits just a smidge above lockdown bar. May have something to do with issue 5
7. There are bumps and divots on the spinner not sure if they are supposed to be there. does not seem like bubbles though so idk. Oh and spinner seems loud as [email protected]#$. Might look into the silencing kit but personally feel like it should be quieter from factory
8. Think I might be having the chest lock issue. dont know the rules yet though so maybe I'm doing it wrong. When lock is available to me it seems like I have to hit it super hard in there to get the ball to make a U-turn. Had one instance where ball wasnt released form chest at end of game. then following game machine got confused and released both balls after locking the first.
9. You should not be able to light fuse until doing the spinners and hitting load cannon correct? had a couple times where ball when past the gate and just fell to playfield. Dont think this is correct.
10. Noticed in the software there was 1 bulb that did not test and when I looked where software show me bulb is there is a spotlight and not a gi.

I'm sure there's more but super tired. Thanks again for any help ( a couple of the issues I know are in the Zaphx guide)

#6640 3 years ago
Quoted from heni1977:

#5 issue- Is the shipping block removed from back of PF?
When I put my PF back in it is a little tight and rubs the corrugated tubing. So I gently rock it as I go down using the apron under the lcd as a hand hold. That helps me any way.

I figured it out. I did have the shipping block removed. The left wire loom was hitting back of dauntless bracket. Did not think anything of it when I first pulled playfield as loom was nicely tucked in corner. Evidently there is not enough clearence there and loom needed to be pushed towards the middle. Now playfield slides in nice, but still not sitting right on hanger (right side sits properly left side there is a 1mm gap)

#6650 3 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

1. Contact distro on this one, I guess DOA light board. Unfortunate.
2. What do you mean by does not light? Do you mean when you are in the switch tests and you spin it, it doesn't light? If you start a game and fling a ball through the spinner by hand, does it advance the far right "ship" on the LCD towards devil's triangle?
5. Did you remove the foam shipping block from the back of the PF? It's held in place with a bolt.
7. Do you mean the spinning disc? Might be some bubbles since it's just a decal. And yes they are loud, the silencing kit from the mod couple is a must have. It's unfortunate JJP never did any fixes for the disc noise.
8. Your chest forks may be loose.

#2 when I go through the light tests I get to left spinner and it does not light. during gameplay it does not light. I did find a "unused" port in the matrix that made it light. I'm assuming its just plugged into the wrong connector on light board
#5 was addressed in earlier post. Turns out the back bracket for dauntless was hitting the loom. I believe it is supposed to be tucked in the far left corner but there is not enough clearence. I moved the loom from far left to middle and now playfield slides in correctly I still however have the 1mm gap on the hanger. Thinking the last part is a level issue. Going to recheck the levelers bet I have one that is too high/low.
#7 Dont think its bubbles. If it was bubbles I should be able to depress them and get them to stick for a split second. To me feels like their is debris under the sticker. Ill search the pics to look at others and how they look.
#8 on the list to check today

Fixing to do a full runthrough and test game........not looking foward to finding all the non obvious stuuf if there is this much obvious stuff....

#6651 3 years ago
Quoted from wesman:

I had the same issue for nearly two hours Saturday night. I tried to look at photos to see where those wire looms had been, but really couldn't tell which way would help. I'll note and try this next time. Thank you for your input!
Is it making it in the slots at least?

Yes makes it to slots fine now

#6668 3 years ago

Ok just spent a good couple hours properly going over the machine. have not got to switches yet might be a lengthy post, I'm a attn to detail guy and a little ocd at times here goes wish me luck.

#084 "not used" Lights left spinner
#090 "GI left flipper guide high" No light. do not see a place for light. there is a spotlight there
#119 "upper sling low" No light
#121 "right orbit jackpot" No light
#122 "Top POP Mystery" No light
#123 "Top Sling Mystery" No Light
#124 "mid POP Mystery" No light
#125 "Right Pop Mystery" No Light
#126 "Carina" No Light
#127 "Norrington" No light
#128 "Phillip" No Light
#140 "Upper playfield right spinner" green produces yellow and white produces pink
#164 "Jack" No green white is pink
#168 "Left lane spinner light" Not working Light up under #084
#181 "Chest Right" No light
#195 "Right pop inside" No Light
#197 " Lower pop inside" No Light

#021 Can hear it fire but seems like it takes 4-5 seconds for it to reset. Is probly nothing but worth noting
#041 "Barrel spinning pop bumper" not spinning hitting wire form
#047 and #048 seem like they do nothing during test "Mini PF Rocking motion and Relay" during gameplay ship is rocking do not think it is going through the full motion. full right pf is level mid is slightly left and left is way left.
#072 "Black Pearl cannon door lock" does not fire. door does not open during test game.

Other Issues out of box
Few spots with targets too close together
Wire loom binded from factory
ball shooter tip broke within 10 games
ball shooter inconsistent often rattles around wireform even with a almost full plunge
found a thumbscrew in bottom of cabinet and a plastic piece that I very loosly think is a piece of one of the optos (I do not know what the optos look like but there is writing on it that say opto
Nothing happens during fork test
monitor is sagging on right side
and just because I'm picky and on a rampage. Where in the hell is the attract music. The Jersey Jack rock music every 10 minutes or so isn't fun (well it is but there needs to be something else)
bumps and divots on map spinner. pretty sure it should be flat.

Needless to say I'm a teed off at this point dont even know where to start and cant really play until I figure out some of these issues. Shouldnt have these many issues out of the box.

#6671 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

$3700, and I'll pay to have it picked up.

I guess when its time to look for mods ill just skip over your website

#6674 3 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Is this a newer or early build game? Either way that number of issues is not acceptable. With the amount of lights you have out there has to be a loose connection somewhere on the wiring harness I would think.
The targets can be spaced out more evenly if desired, for the inconsistent shooter issue check to make sure that the shooter is hitting the ball in the middle / center and not off to the side (can adjust shooter holder on cabinet if that's the case). You can order shooter tips off Pinball Life for cheap or call JJP and ask them to send you a couple for free (can also discuss issues). Fork test may be another loose connection it's not working at all (does it work during the game?), for the monitor sagging make sure its latched properly on the right hand side.

Bulid date 2-11-19 Fork works during game and can activate it in coil test. Just when I do the specific test for the forks in menu nothing happens. Ill look at the shooter replaced the tip with the one off the F-14 and its better but still rattles around way more than it should. Target issue is easy fix but getting complaints from the household about the issues and having to remove the mini playfield (for multiple issues) less than 24 hours after it was delivered.

#6677 3 years ago
Quoted from rs812:

Wanna talk about QC, opened my NIB yesterday and here are the issues I had right out of the box
1. No tilt bob
2. No CD manual
3. Flipper coils on upper playfield were installed reversed, that is to say the left flipper button fired the right upper playfield flipper and vice versa
4. Left flipper roll pin was barely in and left flipper quit working after about 5 games.
These are not shipping issues. These are sloppy assembly issues.
There is no way anyone is testing these things before they leave the factory. If this was tested, there is no way it coukd have left the factory epwith such an obvious mistake as number 3 above.

Tilt bob and cd werent in the coin box?

#6693 3 years ago
Quoted from rs812:

Wyseguy makes a good point. I was able to fix this stuff. Most normal folks couldn’t. If I had no knowledge of pins and bought this machine, I would never buy another. The flipper issue was not a subtle thing to fix.

Ya thats where I'm at. Mom is pissed feels like she wasted a bunch of money right now. sure the sis is dissappointed as she took a long weekend to play. And I'm just trying to be the damage control. If this was a system 11 (ive become quite familiar with them rebuilding a F-14) issues would be solved by now. Right now im at a in between I know how most of the stuff is supposed to work but the wiring is quite different and not like I can just pull out a mmeter and trace lines to figure it out. So yes I can fix it but will take me longer than it probly should and should not have had most of the issues to start with. Its a real kick in the balls when the first thing you have to do is remove the mini playfield

#6700 3 years ago

Closest dist I found was like 1000 miles away. I planned on calling them today but ran out of time going to call first thing in the morning. Fixing to go balls deep in this manual and figure some of this shit out

#6704 3 years ago

No the problem with the diagrams in the manual is they dont match up. Just learned a lesson on the board that has the 8 cat5 connectors. It doenst matter where anything is plugged in as long as its plugged in. So spent 30 min tracing the cat5 cables to find 2 were plugged in the wrong socket so maybe thats my issue. Nope doesnt matter where I plug them the one board always registers the right lights and the other board is dead. Why have a wiring diagram if your not going to follow it. To top it all off the board that is dead has a green light on it

#6707 3 years ago

Ok got the cannon load door problem resolved and the targets on mini pf too close together. Didnt realize i could fairly easily take off the top decking. Upon inspection the load door was binding on the right side of the. The coil bracket and coil have a fair amount of play from side to side. Adjusted it a smidge and now door works. Targets i just bent about the distance of a cat hair and now both work independant. will adjust tehm to be spaced better when I'm finally allowed to pull the pearl. On to trying to adjust the pearl so it rocks both left and right and not left and more left

#6748 3 years ago

Update. I got the black pearl in working condition. Still feel like it should lean to the right a bit more but its at the top of the range so as far as it goes. Next time one of you guys has the glass off if you have a digital level can you check what your degrees are for left mid and right. Thinking that maybe it was just designed to go more to the left than the right. At least its not center left left still. Worked the temporary plunger tip a bit (was pulling in one direction the littlest bit) got it even and now I can fairly consistantly hit the skill shots. Got about half the lights figured out. 2 lights were not plugged in. 1 looked like it was never plugged in at factory as I found the plug buried in the harness behind a zip tie. Other was so tight it prolly unplugged during shipping. Spinner light was plugged into wrong socket on wrong board (why it came up in test as not used). Still have a few rgb that are either missing colors or wrong color. Also still nothing on the one lightboard. took a second look at it and the green led comes up on board like it should be working but no lights. Also there is 2 sockets on the same board that say something something pop bumper and have nothing connected. Going to call dist first thing and hopefully get them to send me a new one. other than the light issues I think everything is in working order.

#6774 3 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

A note regarding issues with balls becoming magnetized.

I found a new topper

amazon.com link »

#6782 3 years ago

I just went though the ship leveling process. Do the full range test and make sure its not hitting the slot anywhere. Stop Motion Move Home and see where its at. If its leaning left and not pretty close to level it still needs adjusting. once you get home close to level do the move left and move right and make sure they look good as well (leaning a bit left on move left and a smidge right on move right) Then check full motion again. After that I did the force recalibration and everythign has been good since

#6826 3 years ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

--/ General Inquiry--/ (not necessarily related to POTC)
I assume this is a "hard no", but does "everyone" actually spend the time to go through all the diagnostics.
I honestly just think it's pretty cool and would be interesting to do.
The ship calibration device test or w/e was especially cool.

Well I did and found issues that if I did not do diagnostics probly would have never known. I have an LE and more than one led is displaying the wrong color (or rather 1 color is missing so half of the colors are wrong). Would have never known without doing to led tests and checking all the colors. Would have also never noticed the 4-5 lights that were not plugged in or plugged in the wrong place. We cant forget that on paper we only have like 30 days to find most issues and 1 year on lights pcb screen ect. So if you dont thouroghly go through machine and in 32 days you figure out your diverter isnt working and has a bad coil well you out of warranty. Not saying this is how it would be handled but on paper that is how it is written. The most delicate part (leds and boards) do have the 1 year so thats good.

#6835 3 years ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

I have started and I said it once already, I'm absolutely BLOWN AWAY with the Owner's manual that comes with the CE. I honestly think it's worth the price of admission if you don't have it.

Ya the manual is nice. Saw it at TPF and ordered one when I ordered the machine. Although I do enjoy marking the manual all up on the Ipad to keep notes on adjustments issues ect....

#6861 3 years ago

Im finally figuring out the rules a bit myself. Completed a chapter today like I knew what I was doing

#6862 3 years ago

Scratch that just hit a 4 multi balls going. All balls on table. So fun only 400k points

#6870 3 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Hmmm, don't see anything there. Stuck on top of the plastics or actually within the wiring harness under it?
Update: yup it was there lol, thank you

I think someone mentioned putting a piece of loom over the wires there to fix that problem

#6872 3 years ago

That makes sense.

#6904 3 years ago

Spent about an hour on the phone with JJP today. Was very helpful. Should have 2 replacement boards in the mail and a couple leds. Hopefully this will get me to 95% and I can concentrate on tweaking and dialing in.

#6908 3 years ago
Quoted from wesman:

Maybe a daft question here, has anyone installed the Cliffy's for the Depths? Do you just pull the flipper forward and snap it in or remove screws?

your thingking of bayou hole under flipper. No cliffy there looks like there is factory protection for that one depths hole is far left that feed p in pirate

#6944 3 years ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

Okay I feel dumb I think ..
Here's what I'm talking about...
Well...I'm not actively in a game and know for a fact that I registered a hit on the target ship..
Thanks for listening and reconfirming in advance!
[quoted image]

go one menu father and push the dauntless ship to the left. Will clear first error. Drop ball in hole on ship to clear second error. You just haven't hit the ship in a certain number of games I bet.

#6958 3 years ago
Quoted from wesman:

Do you shift your looms towards the center, around the rear "blade" edges of the two ships? I have a feeling that was my issue resting the playfield back in. I kind of wish they had set channels or brackets to be held within, to some degree.

yes I moved mine to the center as well. I had the same issue getting playfield back in moving loom to center solved problem

#6959 3 years ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

Interesting and great advice.
I got the Curse of the Black Pearl MB last game despite not loading the cannon? At least I don't think I did? Maybe I had to in order to get this mode. Looks my left spinner on my BP is a bit stuck .. haha
Any advise to keep these spinners spinning? haha
Thanks ..
Broke 100k for the first time!! 113k to be exact w/ the dude that always lights one female character (not sure of his name atm)

Im starting to learn the rules a bit. to get to black pearl multiball you have to do the spinners. Then hit one of the 2 green targets then send to shoot. Every boarding skill shot you get advances this as well. So if you did spinners and hit green target if you get the skill shot on your next plunge you qualify for multiball. Then all you have to do is hit left inner loop to start. I do think there is another way to advance it that I have not figured out yet.

#6962 3 years ago

I just saw the part about the spinner. You might check the plate/coil that raises up the gate to shoot cannon. Mine was not set properly and wasnt letting the gate open and close. If it went the other way I could see it messing with the spinner. 3 nuts to remove deck if I remember right and you can check it. 1st service position is fine.

#7008 3 years ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

What exactly does a Cliffy "set" entail?

Protectors for tortuga hole, map hole and depths kickout. Also now includes 2 protectors for switch where ball drops to outlane. $85
for the set emailed him a couple days ago. Switch protectors not in pic


#7038 3 years ago

Out of curiosity what do you guys have your flippers set at. Chest shot seemed inconsistant, like you had to hit it perfect to get a lock. Pulled assembly and checked screws and 1 was loose but didnt seem like it would affect anything (tightened up). Checked my flipper settings and moved right flipper up a few notches and now it feels way better. Can lock 7 out of 10 instead of 3.

#7065 3 years ago

Had a pretty good game going today. Was set to break 1 mil and possibly get to a wizard mode. Got to 5th chapter and decided to let it run out. Bad idea didnt get credit for playing it . I decide ill for dead mans chest multiball as I was qualified for it but the forks did not come up. As soon as I drained and stared a new ball forks came up. Any reason the forks would stay down even though I was qualified for the 3rd lock?

#7086 3 years ago

So the sticky button issue I fixed with this stuff. Had some laying around from back when I did 1/8 scale nitro rc racing. Evidently it is used for bike chains as well. The rc version isnt made anymore. Couple drops into button, actuate it couple hundred times and wipe any liquid that may it all the way though. Have not had one sticky button since. The wax also works very well for squeeky door hinges.


#7110 3 years ago

Did you move the loom from the left of the machine towards the middle. Once I did that my playfield went in much easier and the not sitting properly on hanger went away.

#7132 3 years ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

Don't I feel stupid ...
Yea so I DEFINITELY wasn't expecting anything to be screwed as far as packing goes.
Still a newbie.
[quoted image]

You need to move the loom on the left side to the middle. will help with you dauntless issues as well. If dauntless error does not clear after moving loom you might have a bad opto or lose opto.

#7159 3 years ago
Quoted from D_N_G:

Hi Guys, Joined the club today with LE 197 thanks to some peer pressure from kevinbuffalo
This is my first home pinball, have been an arcade guy in the past, so have some experience with wiring, pcbs, etc.
Having a couple of issues, and have a call in to the distributor, but figured Pinside might have some ideas?
1.) Have a Fork Malfunction/Device Broken error and balls wont lock in the chest
- Checked the suggested 2 screws to make sure they were tight
- Checked wiring under the play field for the fork mechanism and everything seems ok
- Individual coil tests will raise and lower the fork successfully
- The specific fork test itself will not work
- No balls will physically enter or lock in the chest, but screen animations show ball locks when hit through the middle chest shot
Anything else to check?
2.) Have a stuck closed switch #50 on the right high slingshot. It wont activate when depressed manually.
-Checked under playfield wiring and seems ok from a glance (no broken wires)
Read through every post in this thread in preparation. So far have done these checks/minor fixes:
- Cut some zip ties to give slack to the Black Pearl
- Subway post was there from the factory - Manufacture date was 1/21/2019
- Protected cabling behind dauntless
- Leveled to 6.5
[quoted image][quoted image]

I thought I had the same problem. When you do the test make sure your coin door is closed if not the test wont work. Yoiu can also manually depress the coin door switch and do test. If that does not work there is something else going on.

#7168 3 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Yoiu can also pull the knob of the switch out to lock it on for testing.
LTG : )

Blew my mind also. But ive only owned pins a couple months

#7195 3 years ago

Im in Tuna. Im a newbie on the pinball ownership, but strategy discussion is good. If you can reliably hit the inner loop and the map hole Will Turner can rack easy points with no negatives. I cant hit a lot of the shots yet so norrington helps a bunch, got to my first wizard mode with him today but his scores for chapters and wizard are pretty low (only hit 2 shots in wiz mode before drain). Really like the collect all gold guy as I can routinely put 50-100 gold on the screen. But ya for points I go for Will Turner try to hit the loop 2-3 times then map for 75-100k and if I miss map good chance you will hit gold and have tortuga multiball ready 10 seconds into game. From there I try to stack my multiballs and complete chapters. Ideally get at least 2-3 lit plus tortuga then start them (preferably start with BP multiball and go into the others)

#7251 3 years ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

Oh Wow...
So I used Will Turner (Random select)
I hit the 3rd skill shot to get a spin of the map and to my surprise I was awarded 25,000 on ball 1.
That's a neat trick!

Yep now practice hitting a couple loops before you do that shot for a quick 75-100k

#7343 3 years ago

Is it bad that there is no audio for me on the clip but I immediately know what he is saying......................

#7348 3 years ago
Quoted from roddog:

Does anybody know if it is possible to buy a black pearl ramp? I cracked mine by fastening it in to tight I guess. A screw on the slingshot below was touching the ramp and it made a small crack in it. So don't do that!

I had this same problem. From the factory the screws for the ramp at the bottom were way too tight. I took a turn or so out of each to give the switch proper clearence. Can also try loosening the screw at top of ramp, but for me it was more effective to loosen the bottom 2, the other option I considered was trimming the top of the switch down.

#7366 3 years ago

Ya BP multiball jackpot can be a [email protected]#$. If I get to multiball I try to plunge a skillshot to pearl before autolauncher gets it. let ball in depths drain and ball save. Then I try to get at least one of the balls in the hole. From there if I can get a good cradle ill try to send a ball up there and use only 1 flipper. Gotta time the rocking though to pull it off.

#7367 3 years ago
Quoted from DerGoetz:

I got most of the game figured out by now.... But what are skulls, their values and their bonuses?

Skulls let you know you have qualified a chapter. Every shot associated with a skull you hit before starting chapter will add value to the skull. When you start a chapter the shots will award you whatever your skull value was. So if your skull value on dead mans chest is 2k and the chapter has 5 shots each of those 5 shots is worth 2k points. Probably a legitimate strategy somewhere to build that value high then do chapters.

#7413 3 years ago

Ya Wonka looks underwhelming to me as well. Has some cool features but not that WOW factor ive got when I saw WoZ or PotC for the first time. With that said looking forward to eventually playing it. First thing I thought of when they explained the Wonkinator or whatever its called was why cant our dead mans chest work like that. 2 player game player 1 locks 2 balls and drains....second player now only has to do 1 to start multiball, would add another layer to multiperson games.

#7416 3 years ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

Thanks for the feedback guys.
I don't know honestly...
I'm not sure what the return spring is but I'm guessing it's not the same as the thin springs for the flippers themselves.
Again, I loosened the right BP flipper to the point where I could move the flipper as freely as I wanted to. I made sure it was resting in the "downward" position or against the metal and proceeded to tighten. When completed, I had no additional height or pitch or upward movement (Whatever you wanna use there, lol)
I actually just finished watching the removal of the BP. Pretty informative.
Maybe I just have a loose wire or something as opposed to removing it and learning I have a broken wire at which point I have to both acquire and learn how to solder.
Umm... I'm at peace with it for the night. Inevitably these things were going to happen either sooner or later. Unfortunately, it looks sooner. But maybe it's not unfortunate. At least I'm learning a ton and trying to be independent outside of posting on here of course.
I can't stress enough how much I sincerely appreciate every single one of your responses as I continue to work through these growing pains initially.
I think I'll be better for it.
And I look forward to the payoff when this game is running perfectly!
Have a good night all..

In no time you will be an expert. 2 months ago I picked up my first pinball machine not working. Took me a good couple weeks just to figure out what the switch/light matrix was. Little by little I started figuring things out to the point where I'm comfortable diagnosing problems (and when I'm not there are a ton of good people on this forum) and changing things around if/when I want to. The return spring attaches to the flipper pawl (the rod that goes into coil). When you manually push the flipper up the spring should be trying to pull the flipper back. The coil is only sucking the rod (thats what she said) in the spring is returning it to start position when not energized. Just about every coil is going to have some type of return spring on it.

#7435 3 years ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

I've been getting way too many SDTM's from the chapter select. We even just got three in a row. It sucks to STDM from something you can't control. Is there a fix for this?

Ya personally I feel like there should be a ball save at chapter select...been punished way to many times from the off chance ball hits nothing on way down.

#7449 3 years ago

Ya magnet does pull ball back into select before releasing but 1 out of 10 times it will hit nothing on the way down and go sdtm. Most of the time it will bump on its way out or hit the gold targets but if it doesnt sdtm. I have tried nudging upon release but that really does nothing . And yes I have been thinking of moving that post. I dont mind the drains there I mind the drains that come off the right slingshot that there is nothing you can do about. I think moving post will help with those.

#7452 3 years ago

Oh and on a side note any tips on hitting the devels triangle. Im getting fairly decent at most of the other main shots but cannot hit devils triangle for the life of me.

#7462 3 years ago

Page c-12 of the manual has a couple views of what the flipper assembly looks like. Adjusting it just means making sure they are even and tight enough not to become loose. 2g is the nut that releases flipper from assembly. Loosen it enough to where you can move it but not easily. Get them adjusted how you want then tighten the nut back. have to remember there is a bit of force when flipping so make sure it is pretty tight. Monitor it over a few games and if you see your flippers changing positions that nut wasnt tight enough. After you tighten a little bit of play up and down is needed. They make a spacer for this but most people use a credit card to space it. The return spring is #6 on the chart

#7470 3 years ago

Speaking of plunger issues, and I have not investigated yet, but with the ball to be plunged it does not reach tip of plunger (maybe a 2mm gap). Im pretty sure this is causing my inconsistent plunge issues.

#7475 3 years ago

Ok you keep going back to travel distance. The travel distance will not change only where your starting and ending points are. The flippers on the BP have the metal guide to go by. In the pic to me it looks more like your left flipper is way to high, but cant look at my machine right now.

#7476 3 years ago

actually now that I think of it I know you said you watched the sir tuna BP removal video. At the end I believe he checks his flippers and if I remember right they both went to about the third wooden plank. Like how your right one is.

#7487 3 years ago

I agree sometimes it feels like multiballs happen way too often.. Easy fix go into software and make multiballs a bit harder to get. Ive already thought about changing dead mans chest and stranger tides multiball to make them a bit more harder the first time around. BP multiball is hard enough to get to. and the others feel somewhat good maybe a few less spins on devils triangle for the first one. I think doing this games wont be who can multiball longer or stack more of them and force a bit more strategy.

#7494 3 years ago

I think they have sold more than you think. Just because it wasnt sold out in 2 days doesnt mean it wasnt a success. I think alot of the reason there are still machines available is because at their price point LE is the way to go. $1000 difference between SE and LE is a no brainer just the glass and shaker motor were worth that. So most people are looking for LE not SE and the LE are sold out for the most part (still a few here and there). The CE are still available because a good portion of people cant afford to spend that cash. 1 JJP CE vs 2.5 Stern Pro or 1 JJP vs a semester or 2 of college for your kid. Machine is plenty popular and wont be long before you will not be able to find them NIB.

#7503 3 years ago

Well considering I bought and paid for one 2 weeks ago and received it 1 week ago cant really say they are sold out. And you are also contradicting yourself when you said that

Quoted from cheshirefilms:

With the high cost of materials in POTC and it's poor sales record, as in, maybe 800-1000 games sold across all editions, like the most recent movie, I think it's fair to say the game is done and Jersey Jack won't come back. I mean, what could they strip out to make it more profitable to return, AND hope it doesn't belly flop a second time? No ships= no game.

So are you saying that only 800-1000 games have been sold and there will never be another run? My comment was not incorrect from what you had initially said. LE are hard to find CE are more available and SE you can still get pretty easily. Not sure how I was incorrect.

#7511 3 years ago

Ya I’ve been trying to get to everything on machine. Have had 5 of 6 multi balls running and then drained. Best Arthur frenzy I’ve had was about 100k 4x Playfield going. And stacking points for chapters is definetly a strategy. Not sure how I accomplished it but last night had a game where chapter shots were worth we’ll over 5k (wanna say when I drained it was at 7k) by itself that makes some of the bigger chapters worth quite a bit of points. Get a multiplier going and get a ton of points for not a lot of work

#7530 3 years ago

No on mine it yanks the ball up before releasing post in star map area. It is on rare occasions it will not hit anything on the way down and go SDTM. Seems like it happens more when it rests on right side of post before release

#7543 3 years ago

So decided to look into my inconsistent plunger issue today. Tried to determan what the difference was between the good plunges and the bad ones. Good ones auto plunger didn’t move bad ones it did. But why was it 50/50? Upon closer inspection the play left and right on the auto plunger mech was causing the issue. If the mech was towards the right the you would hit auto plunger and the ball was roughly 2mm farther up the shooter lane. If I moved mech towards the left plunger would not hit the auto and ball was 2mm closer to shooter tip. I added 2 1/4” nylon washers to get rid of that play and keep mech to the left position. On diagram washers go between green and purple. Black arrrows all point to the same spot. Prolly 200 plus plunges since fix with only 1 bad plunge (assuming ball was still moving when I tried to plunge that one)
76413DDD-4EC9-47CB-9848-86B574379E40 (resized).png

#7575 3 years ago

Yep game is amazing. Have had mine for approx 2 weeks now and family has put ~1000 plays on it. Im the best "player" and I finally got all the multiballs rolling for the first time today. Still have not got to treasure hoard always 1 or 2 treasures short and every time I bet for them in Liars dice I lose. Have only seen 2 of the 5 wizard modes. Cant see this game getting old anytime soon. Got my deep rules PotC (and if were being honest rules arnt really deep just a lot of them). Got my fast brutal but simple rules F-14 tomcat. Now just need chicago gaming to remake wh2o to round out the pinball corner. On a side note moved the post by the left outlane. Game feels waay better still get cheap drains but nowhere near as many.

#7602 3 years ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

1,000!?? in 2 weeks!??
Oh my good gracious...
I would love to know:
1) What modifications you have made to the game. Added Mylar, etc...
2) How much maintenance has been performed in this period?
3) How the game is holding up and looking after this.
Thanks much!

No mods yet. Have some bulk mylar on order going to cut a piece to fit in map area. Debating putting the pieces on for slingshots. Looking at adding the kraken mod and gold coin shooter I think before too long. Also going to look at the one to prevent ball from kicking back from dauntless and getting stuck under BP (had it happen first time yesterday)
Maintenance has just been to wipe playfield with novus 1 to get rid of the ball streaks. Also have wax on order with the plays family is putting on it going to start keeping it waxed. Playfield still looks good no chipping anywhere that I can tell some very minor scratches that should buff out no problem. Lots of dimples but those will eventually even out. Have pulled forks a couple times to make sure screws are still tight. Fixed my inconsistant ball shooter with a couple nylon washers. Balls still seem good will probably swap them at some point. but no after getting the initial issue taken care of machine has been pretty solid. Have my replacement light boards coming in tomorrow and machine should be 100%

#7604 3 years ago

hes talking about just the rubbers. And I forgot I just ordered a full replacement rubber set. 1000 plays and my flipper rubbers definetly needed replacing and wanted replacements on hand for anything that wears or gets broken. Going to try some silicone flipper rubbers and see how they feel and hold up.

#7606 3 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

I have over 1000 plays on mine, for what it's worth I've only replaced balls, waxed the PF, and had to replace the main flippers and sling bumper rubbers. I used titan rings for the replacements since they hold up longer.

Im trying the perfect play ones myself. Had some other pinball things on the list to order so went with those. Next rubber order I'm going to do Titan and see what the differences are.

#7609 3 years ago

no the fork lock for chest. First time was to check OOB if they were loose (1 was not affecting anythign though) 2nd time was mom said it was hard to lock balls (not really) so I checked just because.

#7611 3 years ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

As opposed to Titan or are they Titan?
I like the Glow rubbers specifically, but that's largely because I have a CE and I think with the green it's a good luck. I heard translucent is also a good look. I could see that.
I agree...the red isn't very nice looking. lol

I ordered perfect play rubbers from pinball life. They are also silicone like titan is. Had some things to fix on the F-14 and wanted to do 1 order not 2. next rubber order I will get titan and compare

#7619 3 years ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

Oh wow.
I didn’t know you hadn’t played at all.

In all honesty if your having problems wiith the flipper pawl roll pin I would call JJP and have them send you a new assembly. If you can fix the first one have it as a backup. That whole assembly will eventually wear out. at first you will jsut need to put new sleeves in but after a while you will start seeing more and more play. once there is enough play that your flippers start to feel sloppy and new sleeves dont fix the issue you replace the assembly that has the plunger rollpins and pawl.

#7632 3 years ago

Im with you. I can be a little ocd at times bought this toolbox for all my pinball stuff


coils switches wire rubber and electrical stuff goes in the drawers. Tools and cleaners in the top. Working on making parts drawers to fit in the bottom of the box to organize bulbs and screws ect...love having a 3d printer 2nd coolest toy ive bought in a while...bet you can guess the best toy....

#7641 3 years ago
Quoted from heni1977:

But being a service technician (mechanic) I have a lot of tools any way. I did just build this little rotisserie.
[quoted image][quoted image]

No way. I just rebuilt one of those guys....how a PotC ended up in the house. Over the course of a month I learned a F-14 front to back rebuilt and fixed it up. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/williams-f-14-tomcat-2

If you ever have any questions I've got a shitton of knowledge on that guy.

#7643 3 years ago

Only place I really want to mylar is the chapter select area. Everything else its home use so dont feel like it needs it

#7681 3 years ago

Yep ill have One Grand Blitz Wax on Saturday. Whats recommended on the playfield maintence thread over and over

#7682 3 years ago

Oh and on a side note my replacement parts came in today. Got both light boards put in and I'm happy to say my main playfield light issues are resolved. Now to remove the BP to fix the one last RGB thats not working properly.

#7723 3 years ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

I like those ships that you're using for toppers. Where did you get them?

Yes and Yes. Iv'e been looking for something exactly like that. Well I was looking for one big ship but that looks awesome.

#7725 3 years ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

The scale fits good w/ the existing JJP topper.

Yep.. It looks like it was supposed t be there all along.

#7740 3 years ago
Quoted from Goody64:

The brown one my wife got for my office when she was in St Augustine, probably at a tourist trap. The black one I just picked up at Hobby Lobby last week.
I do have a question that hasn't seemed to have been covered. Is there a way to turn up the mid and bass tones on the speakers. When I had the standard edition, the bass would be so loud that it almost felt like it had a shaker. The LE version that I have seems to sound like there is to much high end and not enough mids or lows. I asked JJP about this and they had me unplug the cord from the back box that goes to the headphone jack. It did sound better, but not as good as the standard edition that I had. I checked the setting and moved them a little but it didn't help. Is there something Im missing in a setting. Or could I just need a different sub?

Haha I have one from st augustine from about 30 years ago. Believe it was a santa marina replica. Would have to dig it out of storage

#7864 3 years ago

Ya the ramp really is a piss poor design. Have to adjust the bottom screws and the singular top one. All 3 screws will mess with how the ramp sits. There should have been spacers at the bottom (im thinking of making some) to keep the ramp consistant with the top one for adjusting. No matter how I adjust the BP ramp the wireform coming off of it will not sit right.

#7916 3 years ago

Ok so not sure if this was addressed anywhere. WTF are souls????? I just won 22 of them dam things in liars dice (when I wanted points it gave me sould and tilts) and no idea what it did

#8151 3 years ago

Ya tia Dalma is my goto for trying for wiz modes. Choosing chapter is op for that. Downside is I’m not scoring a lot in the wiz modes I make it to (have not come close to completeing one yet). Norrington makes chapter go by like nothing. Can easily do 2-3 chapters during a multi all without realizing it. I like scrims hidden always hold bonus x. On a good game can get upwards of 150-200k per ball with 6x. Angelica is reserved for mom but I’d imagine she is pretty good with chapters always lit. And if you get good at loops and map hole will turner for the 5x skill shot bonus. Nothing like starting a game with 4 loops and a map hole and get 100k for the skill shot then the chance for more points from map reward.

#8230 3 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Yes I do. I haven't worried about it much as I have spares in the goody bag. I touched them up with a sharpie for now. If I put clean plastics on, I will want to find some way to pad that area. Maybe a cabinet bumper, maybe mylar.

you can add a nylon washer or 2 under the plastic (for each post) to raise it up 1-2mm. What I did on my other machine that had that problem

#8283 3 years ago

Ya Im not a fan of the plunder character. If you got to keep your first character it would be good but you don't. Ill take balls and points all day

1 week later
#8569 3 years ago

Getting all 6 running at once can be a bit tricky. I have only managed to do it 2 times but both times were pretty similar. Start stacking gold get close to 50. Lock 2 balls in chest go for pearl skill shots. Get a few shots up in devils triangle. By this time at worlds end it most likely qualified. Then its all about hitting the perfect storm. I try to start with bp multiball or devils triangle (2 hardest ones to start for me) as soon as game starts feeding balls I try to go loop crazy while ball save is on and get stranger tides going. More often than not if I got the gold something will hit tortuga scoop during multiball and get that rolling. Quick shot to the chest and malestrom and all 6 going. Both times I got there that is how it happened (well second time got BP multiball off of tortuga)

#8573 3 years ago

I am with you on the not understanding treasure hoard. Making combos would make sense to increase value. To cash it out I know I hit tortuga hole and got a bunch of points. So maybe get to treasure hoard. Try and hit as many combos as you can then cash out @ Tortuga. Sounds good

#8668 3 years ago

The list of changes I would like to see. Some of these can be changed manually but feel like they need a bit of tuning

Flippers to be off during character select
Easier way to do random select of character
Option for ball save on chapter select (and tortuga I guess)
Better mechanics for loading cannon (door should open when ramp opto is triggered and when vuk is triggered)
Devils triangle multiball feels like it takes a lot to get to considering its only a 2 ball multiball. Maybe tune a few less spins to get there the first time
Dead Mans Chest and At Worlds End multiballs feel like they are to easy to get to the second time around.
Preset difficulties currently dont work
Some form of music for attract mode

#8670 3 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Just fix the alignment on the Tortuga scoop and you'll never want a ball save there. When properly configured, it fires very reliably into the left flipper.

Where I agree with you I do occasionally get a weak vuk from tortuga and ball goes down middle. Seems like it only happens when I got 3-4 balls going and there is a lot going on ( Hit tortuga 3 times in a row once and every time it kicked out it got weaker 3rd time sdtm)

#8690 3 years ago

Nope you can do 5 chapters from 1 movie and not collect a single character. Do multiball and qualify for a wizard mode your points wont be that high though. More chapters you complete/character collected the higher scores you get in wizard modes.

#8726 3 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I strongly believe Tortuga does not need a ball save. With the correct scoop and coil adjustments, it fires very reliably into the left flipper.
I don't think the star map is an issue either, but it could be wear on the rubber up there that I don't yet see.

I find it hard to believe you never get a SDTM from starting chapters. Once again its fairly rare when it happens but if you have a killer game going and you have started 10-15 chapters good chance one of those drained on you. Starting a chapter is a core part of the game and you should never be punished for hitting it. This is the only place I feel this way. Cheap drains from 2x-6x targets fine I knew what I was getting into when I went for the shot. Cheap drain from inner loop should have hit it with flipper. Literally everything else there are things to do to prevent the drain not from chapter select area. I agree tortuga does not need a ball save. Chapter select does.

#8836 3 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Anyone gotten parrot or eye patch or any of the new added stuff to wanted posters in .99? We have yet to see anything like that. Looks the same as .98.

I have on the first 2 pictures after update Hat and eyepatch both times. Have not seen parrot. And I need to start taking pics of good games. Third game in or first good game after update hit 1.5 mil and some change. Had 2 wiz modes qualified and completed 15 of 17 chapters. There were lots of other high scores but dont remember which ones.

#8837 3 years ago

Oh and while were on coils this is what I changed. Flippers stock at 22 and 25. bump down the left and right slings a couple notches (gets rid of most of the airballs from slings) and chest release timer from 3 to 2. Have considered bumping the pop bumpers down, but kinda like it when ball goes crazy up there. I also put on extra ball for points (at first its a little ridiculous getting a extra ball at 75k but it goes up quickly was up to 700k on .98 ) and a 3 second ball save off plunge.

#8890 3 years ago

So I’ll chime in on the se vs le debate. I personally feel like the se is a fine machine. The things you are losing I believe can be added if you really wanted to. Invisiglass and shaker motor are easy. There is only 1 software version so all of the features are there in some shape or form. Really missing that rgb? I bet you could buy the rgb boards and swap them out to get rgb. Really like the spinning pops. Buy the motor assembly and install it. I know I’ll het some shit for saying this but I do believe people with se could add a couple of the more wanted features. If I had a se close enough I would pull one of my rgb gi lights to test the theory.

#8924 3 years ago
Quoted from pickleric:

My game awards the mystery and map awards instantly before the on screen animations complete. Anyone else notice this? Love the eye patch, I haven’t got one yet! Arrrrrrrrrrgh

Im hoping its something they fix but ya if your quick you can figure out what the map award is before it shows you and calls it out. Some of the rewards even have callouts that will happen as soon as map comes up.

#8931 3 years ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

There's no plot justification for that, unlike pretty much every other power in the game.
He's getting changed, don't worry...

Oh lord keefer now you got me thinking movie plots. Im pretty sure there is something good from the first movie with him but cant think of it off the top of my head.

#8956 3 years ago

Guys with auto ball launch issue. Make sure your ball is not hitting any of the wireform as it’s travelling up the ramp. I ended up haveing 2 issues there. First was the auto launch had a bit of play in it. To one side ball sat fine in shooter lane on other side ball would only touch one side of the ball. A couple shims on auto launch assembly fixed 90% of my problems there but still had some random weird launches. I found that if I pushed the ball up the ramp I could feel it hit the wireform which was absorbing all the velocity on launch. I have a replacement on the way. If the new wireform has the same issue I’m going to dremel down the spots where it hits and prolly go get it powder coated.

#9016 3 years ago

Just attach the stick to the side of your machine. We will call it a live action mod.

#9114 3 years ago

So havnt played a ton of games on .99 but have noticed a weird issue starting multiballs. On occasion the game is kicking a ball out but not auto launching it. Literally watched it kick 3 balls out and the launcher not go off once. After 3 balls were there it started trying to get all the balls out. Have noticed during several games since update I have had multiple ball pushed/stuck in shooter lane. I still have not done any troubleshooting on it as I have order from jjp coming wednsday that is going to require me to remove BP. Going to all maintenance when that comes in including waxing and installing mylar at chapter select area.

#9363 3 years ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

I get it!
I stacked a couple multi-balls. Like two chapter multi-balls and then started rolling Tortuga multi-ball and there was so much going on ... I couldn't even.
Curious how you guys are doing the Extra Ball exactly? Like, there are 4 settings and then you can choose the rewards. The first reward by default is 30k and then 75k ..
EDIT: I see now. It's the Replay Award. I just did the defaults so like 10 percent and 68k starting and all that. Pretty cool.

Ya that’s how I have mine set up. Replay award set to auto with extra ball as reward. Have to watch out for big scoring games though. Starts at 40k to get the extra ball. Put up a million point game and it will jump to 5-6-700k. Mine was up to 1.5 million last weekend. Didn’t play today and it’s still at like 760k

#9393 3 years ago

I was fixing to say mine wasnt wrapped like that

#9459 3 years ago

Yep thats how I get my skill shots still while doing OST. To get the post down as soon as you see the animation maybe even a bit before you just hit both flippers and it will lower post. You can do the same on chapter select. I find that I end up cancelling most of the longer animations now. Comes in handy when you start multiple things in a row and your sitting there for 30 seconds for it to call your map award then your tortuga award then starting another multiball then it finally will start kicking out balls. get all that going hit your flippers and you can skip half of the callouts and get back to kickin ass.

Edit* On a side note (I know this has came up) gold timer still goes while map award plays. So I finished a chapter with the map award of spot 1 character and when map stopped spinning the gold timer was up (my fault I normally collect while map is spinning). Im pretty sure the timers pause during animations maybe im wrong and am just a lot better at game now and dont notice the timers as much.

#9464 3 years ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Cutler Beckett's advantage is that he makes grabbing gold easier, but you ONLY get 1/2 the gold's value.
As such, I would not choose him to maximize gold collection.

yes but your also very rarely missing gold....too many times I let gold expire because I cant get the ball safe and I know as soon as I move a hand ball will go there. Also do 8-10 loops and collect all the gold before ball drains little mini game withing itself. Cutler fixes all that

#9536 3 years ago

Can someone post a pic of their main flippers. Over 1200 games or so mine slowly drifted a smidge I think. trying to find that sweet spot again like when it was new. Wonder why there is not flipper guides anymore. My other 3 flippers are still fine pretty sure it just my right flipper noved a bit and made a couple shots almost impossible. also a pic with them up would be great as its easier to see where they are in relation to the multiball lights.

#9581 3 years ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

Still trying to understand these skulls ...
So it looks like a skull can appear in any movie and take up any chapter slot. Can you have more than one skull per movie? Also, since the skull takes the place of one of the chapters does that just mean one less chapter to qualify for that movie?

Oh .. and trying to figure out the Constellations is a game within a game .. haha .. I still virtually have NO clue what's going on there...but I am paying attention to it more so that's something I guess.
This game is RIDICULOUS!!

The skull that is color of chapter means you are qualified for that movie and if you hit chapter select that is one of the possibilities you will get. If you hit a ball into the depths you will get a skull hold. A skull hold is slightly different as it is just holding the point score for you if you drain. A skull hold looks like a silver border around where you get the check marks x and skulls with a silver skull. You can have more than 1 skull hold going just like you can have multiple chapter qualified. Game seems to hold your highest point chapter but not sure.

#9584 3 years ago

Ok lets try again then.. You have the 5 cannon doors at the top of your screen ....when they open you have that specific chapter qualified. The skull that is below the cannon is also showing you you have that chapter qualified. X's and check marks in that same area signify chapters that you have already played checks for completed the chapter x's for uncompleted chapters. Im assuming you know about thed 5 main shots to qualify chapters. Like inner loop is stranger tides. the more you hit the loop the more points will show up under the stranger tides cannon door. Sometimes you will hit tortuga and get add ???? to blue skull. This is just making it so if you play the chapter you get more points for each correct shot hit. If you hit the far left shot (the depths) you will get a skull hold. This holds one of your chapter point values if you drain. Lets say you hit the inner loop 100 times and you get your OST shots up to 50k (prolly not realistic) if you play the chapter or drain your ball the value will reset to something like 1k. If you get a skull hold on it before that happens the value carries over. To see if you have a skull hold on a chapter there will be a silver border around the point value on screen with a little silver skull. hope that makes a bit more sense. Might also help ya if you pop the glass of for a game and just do a little test game. Manually trigger one of the chapters a few times and watch your point value go up. then drop a ball in the depths and watch the skull hold come up and drain/play chapter see what happens.

#9587 3 years ago

Yep the colored skull is really only showing you which of the 5 chapters for the movie is qualified. So hitting the chest shot will get you a green skull and qualify that movie to start a chapter. That green skull is the chapter you would start. Maelstrom gets you red skull. Inner loop blue skull. Left loop yellow and Devil’s Triangle purple.

#9593 3 years ago

Yes I find it a bit high but I'm also 6'4". Cannot see the top during normal play but if I have a good game going I will cradle and look. Most of the constellations I can reconize without seeing the top.

#9813 3 years ago

New favorite shot. Hit a nice good fast inner loop shot let it hit into the 3rd flipper. If the speed is right it will hit the top gold target and plinko over to the extra ball. If you manage to not trigger a pop bumper (speed has to be right) and it gets to target bam extra ball.

#9843 3 years ago

Well that’s one of those mods that prolly makes it harder to read the star map. But dam that twinkle looks sexy

#9953 3 years ago
Quoted from dts:

That’s really cool that you have figured it out! I thought it looked like reading tea leaves when I played one. It’s really fun to have additional things to figure out in a game. Oh well, I’ll just enjoy my SE, and maybe they will do another run in a year, if they haven’t finished the entire LE run.

Don’t worry it took me a month and a half to figure out the star map then one night it just clicked. Biggest advice I have is make sure it’s qualified and there is actually something to read. From there cradle ball and look at it. Most are easy to read once you have seen the pattern a couple of times. A couple of the main shots come to mind on hard to read but once you have seen them and correlate shot they are easy also. If anyone needs help send me a pic and I can see if it’s one of the ones I know

#10057 3 years ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

Have you given Norrington a try? I used to only play Tia Dalma but have switched more to Norrington on advice from a post some time back. Completing chapters is faster with him and I find that helps me complete a movie to get to wizard modes. It doesn't seem like it should work out that way but I'm not a great shot and I seem to do better when I'm not trying to be a sniper to start a particular movie chapter and instead just go more with the flow of the shots. When I play Norrington I get more into that mindset of not trying to be too perfect with the order of my shots so it seems to work out for me. The combination of all the different shots & characters in this game really is amazing.

Norrington is my goto as you can complete chapters insanely fast. Norrington with 1 multiball I can fairly often complete 3-4 chapters. Best game I've had with him I had 2 wiz modes qualified with 1 almost qualified (17 or 18 completed chapters). Tia Dalma is where I go if I want to increase my chance to get to wiz mode as I can blow things up then select what chapter I want to play. Not too hard to do 5 chapters in one game with her, although 2 months in I still have not seen the last wizard mode DMTNT. Past couple days ive been focusing on it gettign pretty good at the devils triangle shot just a matter of putitng everything together now

#10092 3 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Dimly flickering lit frosted windows would look cool

Should be pretty easy to do. Tap into the lanterns they are dim and flicker . I dont know the logistics but I would imagine adding 1 led off of an exsisting one should be fine.

#10169 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

I can confirm that Norrington blows up your scores and drops you in wizard modes faster. Just did a "quick" test on the route machine and got almost 2 million and two wizard modes without even really playing.
Having seen 4 of the 5 wizard modes now, I wish there was more of an audible guidance about what the heck you're supposed to be doing instead of just shooting at the lit shots and hoping it progresses the mode.

Yep just finally saw the 5th wiz mode today DMTNT. And I agree All the wizard modes need some explanation to them. It already stops the ball should give us a good briefing on what to do. With tha t said all the wizard modes ive figured out on the second or 3rd go. Sure there is some stuff i still dont understand

#10173 3 years ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

Most noticeable differences in terms of game play with 0.99 code?

Not really much that was changed that I really noticed a big difference on. I did notice carina now always has 3 chapters like she is supposed to. The occasional pirate hat or eyepatch on pictures. Some "assets" were moved around IE they changed the points values on some things. My scores overall have went down but i almost always play a couple of characters (trying to change that). There is a changelog on the jjp website right next to the update

#10203 3 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Y'all are wrong.
Hitting the spinners represents grabbing as much of One-Eyed Willy's treasure before the Fratelli's arrive.

Lol nice name drop

#10228 3 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

See, I disagree. I don't think it's FOMO driving demand.
It is the fact you need to spend a little time playing this game for it to truly put its hooks in you.
Once people play it, they want it.

Yep took the parents to TPF. Mom spent half the day playing just pirates over and over. She ordered one the next day! Great game lots to do. Easy to play hard to master. Next machine I would really be intrested from jjp in would be Harry Potter, Jaws (although stern allegidly has this one) or a jjp style star wars. Oh and goonies would be awesome.

#10344 3 years ago
Quoted from Blackzarak:

Congrats bud, must be nice to own 2 of them ..
Question: does anyone know when I pick Ragetti the one eye pirate I put the ball in the black pearl and I dont get the extra ball what am I doing wrong? I got it the very first time but after that I tried it again but It wont activate anymore is there something I'm not doing right?

you can only get the bonus once per ball. also you must hit a switch on the black pearl ( spinner load cannon bonus x gold) before you can activate his ability. He is also I believe the only character to be able to have multiball during wizrad mode

#10361 3 years ago

So just had a pretty decent game and realized something. We need to be complaining about double disadvantages on norrington. his character collects are cut in half and helper shots only score 1/4. This is fine. He however also gets his total multiplier cut in half as well. So if you qualify 5 chapters your only gettign a 1.5 multiplier instead of 3. This effectivly means if Im going for points (by qualifying multiple chapters) my chapter shots are scoring 1/4 and 1/8. No other character is like this. If this is how Norrington is supposed to behave I think that characters like elizabeth turner and barbossa should have the same mechanics applied.

*edit Would also be cool to see some of these advantages disadvantages to be directly related to wizard modes. For example bootstrap bill turner could give you extra time to clear tentacles on dead mans chest wiz mode

#10365 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

You pretty much have to have him crippled like that since once you get into multiball and start stacking, the chapters really start flying. I did 1.6 Million with him without even trying. I think he's balanced fine, given the power he has. Plus, if you use him for nothing else but GETTING to wizard modes quickly so you can practice them, it's enough.

not true yes you can bust though modes but they are worth nothing. had a whopping score of 17k after completing 3 chapters. You can get to wizard modes just as easy with tia dalma and elizabeth turner. Barbossa gets full chapter points and you can run endless multiball with half the playfield scoring you super jackpots. here how about this perspective if i play 2 of the same chapters one with norrington and one with almost any other character. chapter is worht 10k points. norrington gets a max of 7.5k total points if he stacks 5 chapters. other guy is 30k max points. now lets say you can do that 10 times in one game. norrington gets a whopping 75k other guy is at 300k pushing a free ball. And this is not taking into account half of norringtons shot will end up being helper shots from nicking a standup when hitting a ramp. In reality Norrington is prolly only scoring a max of 5-6k in that chapter (being very generous) the other guy can score that by only hitting one or two of his characters in the chapter and not ever completing them. Also pretty sure all of this carries into the wiz mode (seems like if i wiz mode other characters I get way more points for hit shots even though I did not complete all the chapters like I did with norrington)

#10377 3 years ago

Ok ill eat my words. Did 2 test games one with Norrington and one with E Swan (glass off). Ran 25 chapters completing everything and running through the wizard modes. Norrington had to play a couple more multiballs getting there but care was taken to not collect characters during this time. Need to do further testing also though as I managed to miss writing down 3 chapters character count on E Swan. 2 for DMTNT and 1 for AWE. I still have 86 characters accounted for with her. Could be something with if your character shows up in chapter do you dont have to collect it it does not count.

Norrington final score 3.4 million
80 characters collected
COTBP 628k (25)
DMC 183k (10)
AWE 248k (19)
OST 424k (13)
DMTNT 255k (15)

E Swan Final score 3.4 million
86 characters collected
COTBP 421k (18)
DMC 221k (16)
AWE 258k (*19)
OST 582k (19)
DMTNT 305k (*14)

#10392 3 years ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Yes - along with the 3-ring spinning disk that was on the prototype shown at Expo 2017. These design modifications were BIG news at the time in 2018, but now seem inconsequential given how much fun this game is to play.

Just saying if you didnt know that was how it was originally designed you would never know that anything was changed. Chest opening is cool but adds nothing to gameplay. The spinning disc was a bit of a letdown as the 3 spinning disc was awesome however I can see how it would have had short and long term issues. With that being said the single spinning map works amazing often still surprised when it slings the ball from far left of map to far right of map and back or vise versa. Or when you have a nice cradle coming in and the map decides not today satan

#10476 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Anyone have a good idea of how to block the ball from getting off the pf after it drops from the ship? Doesn't happen often but the ball can actually bounce up and over and rest on the back right plastic.

Not sure I understand but I think I do. Do you mean after bailing off of the right of the bp the ball sometimes gets stuck between the man overboard and the shooter wireform. I added another rubber bumper to the man overboard area to make it more difficult for it to happen. Have not got one ball stuck there since. Oh and if it is man overboard we are talking about that is actually a metal plate with sticker on it not plastic.

#10583 3 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Does anyone listen to "Special When Lit" podcast?
The most recent episode they were talking about research someone did, comparing "I'm out" people when the mechs were pulled to owners/enthusiasts/fans now.
They did not name names, but I am definitely on that list. When the mechs were pulled I moved from "buy sight unseen" to "let me play it first." Once I did I ended up getting two.
Anyone else part of the "I'm out!" club that is now hella in?

When I first started looking at pins several years ago and JJP was new I gave the passing "these new jjp pins are awesome" but playing one in the local pin place it had some issues. I liked the pin a lot but could never afford such a machine. Over the years I would occasionally browse craigslist and such thinking that maybe one day I could find a Solid State cheap enough I could afford and fix up (never happened) fast forward to the beginning of the year and out of the blue mom says there is a guy 5 miles from the house (I live in the country 5 miles is hella close) with a non working pinball machine for $100 bucks. I immediatly say buy it and an hour later I'm driving home with a F-14 TOMCAT. Upon inspection (knowing nothing at the time) I put up my short list of things that needed to be fixed. 1 day later mom wanted to trade it in for something else that was working and her "budget" was stern pro. I told her Ive wanted to fix one up for years and if she wanted to purchase a new machine go ahead, but I still wanted to fix the F-14. I give her the rundown of what I know needs attention (knowing nothing) and it would prolly take me at least several months. 1 day later she informs me that she still would not mind having a new machine but the F-14 needs to be fixed first. Over the next 6 weeks I fully tore down the F-14. Rebuilt all the coils with new diodes and sleeves. Reset inserts installed playfield protector. New main board and rebuilt the power supply. Installed inkognito mod. Rebuilt connectors the whole shebang (no previous knowledge...) And 3-4 days before TPF she was done. During this 6 weeks mom was constantly looking at new machines constantly bringing up the new Munsters machine and if I really thought the mid version was worth it. She looked at JJP but ALWAYS said they were too expensive. So I finish the shop job and the F-14 plays silky smooth fast and brutal just how its supposed to be. I mention that my half of the deal was done and I was going to TPF for a day to play pinball instead of fix pinball (4-6 hours a day for 6 weeks minus time waiting for parts). In all honesty I saw some pics of people setting up and saw a pristine Wh2o that I had to play one of my favorite machines and the local one is pretty shitty (id buy it if it wasnt overpriced) and I still play the hell out of it (ranked 280ish in the world for pinball arcade score). Mom decides she is coming with me (funny how that works) and the Sister joins as well. We get to TPF and play a bunch of stuff. Put some games in on Munsters, Attack from Mars, Monster Bash (top 3 we were intrested in). For the first few hours mom kept bringing up that Munsters was fun but she thought she liked Monster Bash better (fair). And then about 3 hours in she found PotC. From that point forward that was where she was at no matter where I went mom was at PotC waiting in line. I had to remind her that it was a JJP and I still thought the LE was the way to go. I had to find her one to buy the next day (that could be shipped immediatly). So ya in a way we were in the "im out too expensive" but mom thought it was such a great game that it was worth the increased cost. Glad we ended up with a potc. And if we are being honest the code is deep enough that it would rival 2 of the other guys machines. Wow that was a long one

#10697 3 years ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Holy crap - Karl DeAngelo is a Pirates GOD!
21 MILLION point shot at 40:30ish on Twitch stream (at link above)!!!
Excellent stream so far! Arrrrr! Thanks Karl!

And I know what I'm watching and or following. Also for whomever put the rules sheet together (thanks) I just skimmed through it and learned a few things I did not know and I've played almost daily for a few months now. For example during multiballs I never specifically went for super jackpots ( I actually dont know what some of them are now that I think of it) and wondered why when I got to wizard modes my points were never that high. According to that sheet super jackpots are essentially your multiplier its corresponding wizard mode. Thats pretty huge when it comes to high scores. Now off to watch some twitch pinball

#10742 3 years ago

I like the rockwork you did. First thing that came to mind was 2 led strips added a red one for maelstrom ramp and purple for DT all hidden by the rockwork.

#10780 3 years ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

What angle on the bubble are you guys putting your machine at?
I can’t use a bubble level app on my phone cause iPhones camera protrudes on the back so doesn’t lay flat
[quoted image]

As long as you set a baseline phone not being level is ok. Just make sure you have the same 3 corners down when you calibrate and measure

#10781 3 years ago
Quoted from Crile1:

After all the shiny pictures posted recently, I decided to clean my game. I will second the use of Simple Green ( I dilute it down) because there was an oily film that I removed. Cleaned and waxed it up then had my new best game yet and broke the 3 million barrier. Reached 666666...boy how I love it when that happens. Such a fun game.

I’m waxing on friday . Almost got to 666 for the second time ever yesterday. Boy was it a let down when I realized I was qualified for lock 3 on DMC but the forks weren’t up

#10798 3 years ago

Ok let see if I remember all of this.

Curse of the black pearl wiz mode
Goal to retrieve 886 pieces of gold. Best way to collect the gold is via spinners and after 120~ gold you have to shoot a lt shot to change locations. Mode ends when all pieces are collected.

Dead mans chest wi mode.
Goal hit a bunch of inner loops while keeping “tentacles down”. If you can hit the loops fast enough you do not have to worry about fighting off the tentacles. After 18~ loops you get to kill the kraken. Do not remember but pretty sure it’s 18 loops then star map shot to finish

Devil’s Triangle wiz mode
Goal hit 5-6 lits shots before timer runs out. Also missing shots count against you on this one. Miss 3-5 shots and mode ends. This one is easy as all it is is hitting a few shots to end mode.

At worlds end wiz mode.
Goal is to try to get to the upside down. Starting mode half of play field is red half is blue. You are trying to get the ship to turn over. Blue shots progress this and red shots hinder this. Every correct shot you make the colors swap. So after hitting a blue shot all of the red shots become blue and the blue shots no one red. Hit the correct shot 5-6 times and the ship fully turns over. Can’t remember if there is 1 more shot after doing that to complete mode.

Last but not least. Fountain of youth wizard mode. This is the most in depth wiz mode currently in game. Mode starts with 5 lit shots. You must hit all 5 shots in like 30 seconds to advance. After hitting the 5 shots I think it was shoot a inner loop shot. After that was done you had to shoot stat map to end mode. I don’t remember the actual shots it asked for but when you do mode the first 5 shots are lit. Then the shots it asks for after first part are shown in the bottom right of screen.

Hopefully this helps

1 week later
#11014 3 years ago

but indeed you can go off of a picture if you do it right.

Step 1 take picture
Step 2 measure 2 points on machine
step 3 put picture in cad program and calibrate it to your 2 points.

I know this is possible in Autodesk Fusion 360. Its how I model broken parts for the 3d printer.

2 weeks later
#11334 2 years ago
Quoted from PinballTilt:

On a related topic, if the game coming to me hasn't been played since it was built and tested, this issue would be less likely to happen right? My thinking behind that is the clear coat should have hardened further in the few months since the thing was built so those posts haven't been getting hammered by a steel ball. I still plan to read up on the instructions here and add the washers under the worst posts.

In theory yes it could be better. It really depends on how long between clearcoat and assembly on how bad the issue will be. All things considered I would assume most potc have the issue somewhere. On a side note had a surprise package yesterday. My Cliffys finally came in. Got the outlane depths and tortuga ones installed. Pretty straightforward one thing I will mention and I know it has been mentioned before. Outlane cliffys should be installed in the N orientation. The U orientation the switch wire and the cliffy hit. Will work either way, but not sure how the wire and cliffy hitting long term would hold up (probably just fine).

#11336 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Got my cliffys yesterday too! A batch must have gone out.
I am strangely hesitant to install them.

Meh they were super easy to install and I actually like the way they look. Now the Map hole one is a different story. Gonna bust that one out tomorrow.

#11344 2 years ago
Quoted from wesman:

Have you removed the BP yet?

Yes a couple times now

#11424 2 years ago

Yes the extra ball shot is fairly hard. I have had best luck doing it the legitimate way with a fair amount of ball speed off the tip of the left flipper. If i cant hit that you can try to cheat it by trying to plinko it down into the from the inner loop entrance and hope none of the pops go off. Also have had fairly good luck during multiball getting it.

#11504 2 years ago

I kinda like how it currently drains the balls. It gives you the oppertunity to start a game before they drop allowing the game to act more like when your in a multiplayer game (sometimes chest will drop a ball after lock sometimes youll be fed a ball)

#11509 2 years ago

WOWZA I just had one hell of a game. Norrington start with 5-6 loops and gold target for immediate tortuga. Hit tortuga get it rolling into At worlds end multiball. When that ends I have 3 completed greens a completed purp a yellow 2 blues and a red. Shortly after (still first ball) IO manage to get DT multiball and FoY going when those are drained I have like 4 greens 3 blues 2 red 2yellow and a purp. Start up a blue get 1 of 2 completed and drain. Go into second ball trying for blues and greens cause we are close. Finish up second ball with FoY wiz qualified DMC wiz qualified DTmultiball qualified and BPmultiball qualfied. Start 3rd ball with BP multiball and before that ends have gotten my 700k extra ball qualified the 10star map extra ball and got the star map xtra off of a map award. So we are back to 3 balls with 2 wiz modes qualified and 1 multiball qualified. Decide to start DMC wiz mode and get about half way done and timer expires (dam map hole is WIIIDE when you need loops) Finish mode and go Directly into Foy wiz mode hit 3-4 of the shots and drain. 2 Wiz modes down. Look where Im sitting at and we have 3 reds 1 purp and a few yellows. Bust out 2 yellow chapters and start CotBP wiz mode. Now at this point I have qualified tortuga a second time and mom walks by and "informs" me tortuga is ready when the animation for BPwiz was playing. I kindly inform her that you cant get multiballs during wizards mode and show her. Well I'll be dam if tortuga didnt start up during CotBP wiz mode. 630 some odd pieces of gold collected. Finish game with 23 chapters played. 22 chapters completed (would of had almost 200 charecters collected if I won liars dice. dam you liars dice) new high scores for all 3 wiz modes with 336k for the BP one. 13 pirate inlane collects ~250 gold collected. Ya it was a good one now if I can better at super jackpots to really boost the wiz mode scores.

#11512 2 years ago

It goes up and down depending on how well you score. I have mine set at 10% (I think)and I get 1 free ball at 700k-1m depending on how well I’m doing for the day. I’ve had it as high as 1.5 mil before.

#11515 2 years ago

No my grand champion score is 2.7m. And I really just traded special award for points extra ball ( I turn special award off)

#11520 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Wow seeing scores like this reminds me how bad I play lol. Did you get to a wizard mode with a score like that?

Yes that was my Norrington game with 3 wizard modes. all 3 wiz modes were only about 500k of the points though. oddly enough it was also my first game ever that I got to more than 1 of the wizard modes.

Quoted from anathematize:

i think my best game is still around ~5million and I didn't start a single wizard mode in that particular one. Really cool how the game has so many angles to attack it and still score well.

Yes there are. I really need to work on going for super jackpots in multiball as thats really where the points for your wizard mode come from. Score level seems to just be the amount of characters you collect for that movie and the super jackpots are the multiplier. so if you make it through the 5 chapters and collect 10 characters do the multiball and get 1 super jackpot you go into the wizard mode with a score level of 20 instead of 10.

Also after several months of ownership on my crazy game last night I realized there is still stuff I dont quite understand. Like what is the purpose of the pirate inlane big points and hurry up? Is there a way to make them valueable or are they just there for when you hit the button 1 too many times collecting gold. how in the hell do you get a fountain of youth super jackpot? I cant even get one with 5 multiballs rolling on barbossa. Very rarley see gold x and spot x targets do anything on the BP. Ive had games where I hit the gold targets a shit ton but I dont feel like I get more gold when I cash out. Spot x I have noticed it lighting 2x through 6x but have no idea what multiplier it is trying to give me. Would love a good explanation on some of these things.

Dam and now I gots the itch gonna go bust out a game or 3

#11522 2 years ago
Quoted from anathematize:

Not so sure if there is something that boosts the hurry-up award. It seems like sort of a throw away that might need some buffing.
However... the Big Points award is relatively trivial UNLESS you have 666666 rolling. Then I believe it awards a 'jackpot' of 666666 upon completion. I've only gotten it once and can't remember the exact value it gave. But it was massive.

ok so big points has SOMETHING going for it. and that would actually be cool to try to obtain. wonder if you could somehow stack it with shot x for a 4 million point big points shot. Is there someway other than that to increase big points or rather is there something that affects the base points value.

#11533 2 years ago

The OST super I have never got. You need to do the loop from all 3 approach angles. Straight on, chest and open sea. That will give you a jackpot, double and triple jackpot. Once all three types are collected, the ball is trapped behind the post to port royal. Hit that post and bounce the ball out and the super is yours. Needless to say it’s the only one I have not achieved.
Came so close to getting 666666. I thought that gave you the point bonus.
Mine is 1.7 maybe I should add the extra ball like in TSPP.

hmm ive definetly gotten triple jackpots from OST but i have never seen a ball captured. Ill admit that is a cool way to collect a super. Ill have to go through the motions and see if I can collect one.

#11538 2 years ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Triple are the easiest to get as a loop on ball launch is counted as an entry through the open sea outer orbit. Jackpot, double and triple don’t represent the number of times you loop just where the loop started from. Straight up and catch = jackpot, chest = double, right orbit or ball launch = triple. Once all three are done the ball locks. I’ve done all three, saw it waiting there, hit that bloody pirate target and drained. Such is life!
For anybody that has done it, congrats!

Ok now that makes alot of sense. Tomorrow that will be my goal.

#11549 2 years ago

Ok so put in some work on OST super jackpots today. Couple of issues I see. Managed to "qualify" for the super jackpot a few times. Every attempt did not go well, went something like this. First go serveral multiballs running hit chest get post to come up hit post no jackpot, post releases and 3 balls come out. Second go I tried to only have OST going got post up a couple of times and it timed out before I could hit post. Third go hit post but somehow there was not a ball up there (light were blinking for super). Personally feel like there needs to be a bit more time to hit the second shot or even rework the whole super for OST. I also have a suspicion this is the reason why my dead mans chest ball lock isnt working sometimes. For example if I have OST going get the free 2 jackpot triple jackpot only needing chest shot. If I now qualify for my 3rd lock I dont think the forks are coming up because game is looking for OST double and super to happen. Im probably going to pull the glass tomorrow and run a test to see if thats whats going on and or install final cliffy. It has been happening since the update (well noticed) and this kinda makes sense (always seems to happen when multiballs are going). Maybe this will be an actual bug I can report over to Keefer. Tests tomorrow though to make sure Im not talking out my ass

#11612 2 years ago

Yes it doubles your characters collected. It does not however increase you score level for wizard modes so it literally is only for the high score table. Any other option is probably better.

#11658 2 years ago
Quoted from Marcdaddy:

Guys quick question, my pop bumper led light on my SE ( the one that is a spinner on les/ce ) never flashes in the game like the other 3. It does work in the test mode and even changes colors in the test mode. Does it only flash at certain times?

I'm pretty sure mine (I have a LE so only 2) are the same color as the insert for the pop. It may be different on the SE though

1 week later
#11751 2 years ago

Ya arrows have 3 states. No shots made off. Completed a piece of 9 and it will turn on. After running through at worlds end multiball the second go through you have to get each piece of 9 2 times to complete the lane. So first time hit 9 shots and multiball 2nd time hit 9 shots but 2x for multiball. The dim flickering arrow is saying that you hit the shot at least 1 time but need to hit it more to complete the piece. Hope that made sense

#11753 2 years ago

24m shot also at its core is not hard to understand but can be tricky to pull off. First part to understand is the souls. Score level for all wiz modes starts at 20 (I think). Score level affect how many points your shots are worth during wizard mode. When you collect a character for a particular movie you score level will increase by 1. Super jackpots appear to be a multiplier. So if you have a score level of 22 and hit a super jackpot you score level goes to 44. Not too sure how the formula works but characters definitely give 1 score level and super jackpots multiply that number. First goal is to get a decent amount of characters and some super jackpots for that mode. Once your score level is in the 150-200 range you can try to get super x ready and leave you in lane shots 1 away from shot x. Start wizard mode hit super x, complete In lane and hit shot x. Now we have 2 multipliers going on a fat wizard mode (hitting a normal shot is 50-100k at least). Hit a proper shot next and Bam millions of points. Pretty hard to put it all together for the standard pin player but not impossible. I have gotten my score level up to 200 (1 time only) had super x ready and managed to drain after 1 shot trying to hit the super x. That 1 shot scored me 175k without any multipliers. Hope this helps and made sense

#11766 2 years ago
Quoted from Zora:

Thanks for the description, very helpful!
2 questions: first one, where can you see the score level in the wizard mod? Second one, wouldn‘t it be better to start the wizard mod, having super x ready, then make the missing lane shot for shot x, activate with shooting the pirates stand up, shooting the shot x target and shot x for shooting super x?

You can view score level by cradling a ball and going to the 3rd info screen (I think). Will show you how many characters you have collected per movie as well as super jackpots and score level. And yes you can stack shot x and super x before starting wiz mode. Your 2x-6x targets would be blinking. I think he got super ready and let shot x sit on pirate inlane collect. This way he can start wiz mode and if he bangs a x target he can still get the big shot. If you stack both of them and accidently hit the x target before wiz mode you lose the chance.

#11798 2 years ago

Arrows look normal to me. There is soo much with machine that the lights try to tell you multiple things. Map hole is flashing blue wanting you to go for skill shot off plunge same with inner loop. Left 2 I dont thin k come on until you hit the shot (although it would make sense if they rotated like the others). Chest I believe should flash in line with the others (yours was not). Was this a fresh game no balls plunged yet? Have you went through the menu tests and manually checked the light you are concerned about?

*edit NVM my chest also does not flash. So ya my stuff looks exactly like yours. Normal behavior. I now wonder though what those arrows are flickerflashing for. Maybe its just a programming bug and DT AWE and Chest should flickerflash like the others. Nothing particularly comes to mind that wouldnt use those 3.

#11825 2 years ago
Quoted from lhammer610:

It is at the start of a game. Nothing has happened other than I selected a character.
So "normal" game play is to have three arrows completely out, but the rest flicker? What is really silly is that the (I think it is called) inner loop mixes the colors when it flashes.
So from these comments, I am getting that my game is running just like all the other games? This tells me that mine is not a hardware malfunction, but likely a software bug?
Anyone else care to start a game, pick a character, then look at your arrows (do not shoot the ball).

Inner loop and map hole are trying to tell you there is a skill shot there by mixing red and blue light. Why the dt and maelstrom and chest don’t flash like the other 6 when you start a game who knows, but it is like that on all machines I can tell. Maybe there is nothing special about those 3 at start of game. Or how about this maybe they flash to show combos available. Off of a plunge there is no combo associated with those 3 but if you hit any of the others it’s a combo piece? There has to be a reason why those don’t flash we just havnt figured it out yet. I’ll investigate the combo thing later

#11827 2 years ago

Im just sayin not hard to pull the glass off and test things. Flickering/dimming is the same thing. The light flickers at a high rate to dim the led a tad. Long story short question has been answered several times now. Normal operation

#11828 2 years ago

Just tested to see if the large arrows that flash at start of new game had anything to do with combos. Does not appear so

#11848 2 years ago

the more plays you have on a machine things will inherantly not work as they did day 1. Flippers feel sloppy maybe its time for a good cleaning of flipper mech and some new sleeves. Personally im pushing 2k games on mine and my flippers dont feel as good as they did day 1 they are still perfectly fine. Think Im currently at 25 left 25 right, havnt messed with them in a good while though so not super sure of current settigns

#11854 2 years ago

Its not bad its just a lot of potential little things. If you got by with only a couple of them great some of us had to do every fix in the book. Every pin is going to need some tweaking so for me its whatever most of the time. Once she up to your liking though mine has been pretty bulletproof thus far "fingers crossed"

#11863 2 years ago

Maybe its taking so long because they are reworking the impossible fountain of youth super jackpot and adding an optional ball save on chapter select.

#11904 2 years ago

as a general rule (In gaming) A number before 1.0 would mean features are missing. 1.0 would be a full release (full featured) but might still have bugs. Code is at .99 because all the features are not in the game. 1.0 SHOULD include the final break the curse and hopefully a reset so once its done you cna play though chapters again. as it sits now no final wizard mode and nothing to do after playing 25 chapters. Code is .99 not 1.36 or whatever the other guy said

#11912 2 years ago

Haha someone just asked Eric on twitch any updates on PotC code. "In dev. No release date at this time"

#11919 2 years ago
Quoted from Skipnatty:

I didn't say you specifically were badgering them, but every time these guys step somewhere they hear the same question...just saying I know how I'd feel if that was me is all. No need to take it as a personal slight.

Maybe people would stop asking them when they decide to make “appearances” if they communicated info. Last I checked would not be hard to say “hey guys finishing up potc code. Found a few bugs we are working on and adding a couple features. We are hoping to have everything polished up sometime in October. Sorry it’s been taking so long”. Hell in the wonka stream last night they chimes in on stuff they were changing for wonka. Last code update was may 6 if I remember right. 4 months is a long time for the couple little changes they have told us. Let’s be real here preset difficulties and 5 ball (you can still manually set 5 ball) are still not in the game it’s not just a final wizard mode

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Just smashed my old high score. Barbossa 3.76 million no wizard modes

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I though about trimming that switch. I just loosened the screw on the bp ramp just a tad to give clearence. You could also probly pull the switch from underneath and add a spacer to bring the whole switch down a mm or 2

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Quoted from Thot:

don't have this issue.
have another : no choices in preinstall modes, like 3balls, 5 balls, or easy normal etc.., screen is blank...
And strange that is no official music theme of POTC no ?

Normal normal and normal. Music was supposedly too expensive or some shit. And presets are still not in the programming. Why when people start bitching about code updates I always mention the most basic thing (presets) are still not in game.

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It should be fine. Pretty much what I did. I’m with Zaphx though less than 100 bucks for a good lift table from harbor freight makes things so much easier.

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Ya that wire can be a pain. When I reinstalled mine I tucked it like you have in your picture. Only thing I had to worry about was the gold targets being stuck closed from pressure of wire. To test start a game and if you are getting gold every time you hit a flipper one of those switch’s is stuck closed (prolly from wire).

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Some advice please: My inner loop shot (the switch labelled "inner loop enter") is not registering every shot, especially fast shots are missed. What should I do? Obviously it is the switch beneath the black pearl. hurra Thanks

Pretty sure that was addressed somewhere and they are "working" on it. Can try to clean/align opto but not sure if it would help. Hopefully next code update will fix this and a couple other issues

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The foot wasn't the problem with mine. When I removed the nut from the (bent) post, the wire form twisted up even more. Bending the foot would just put even more stress on the post to bend it more (in my case at least). Twisting the wire form into shape (if possible without breaking the structure welds) would cause the wire form to interfere with the Tortuga scoop even more. I'm sure that it's "possible" to man handle the wire form enough to make it work, but what I was seeing is that the result would cause the ball to fall off of the wire form. It was a no win solution for me going that route. Even what I did with bending it at the BP connection is not ideal, but it works. It still is slightly bent at the bottom, but only I really notice it.

What I did (and advise you to do also just in case) is use the photo you have, take another one with the post attachment disconnected showing that it twists even more and that it is not the post connection that is causing it. A side by side photo showing the twisting comparison with and without it attached would be a good visual. Then take photos of the clearance or contact at the Tortuga scoop, and at the top pop bumper and BP connection. Send that to Steve at JJP and ask for advise on how to resolve the issue. If he suggests trying to man handle the wire form, go for it. But to keep the warranty valid in case you break it, have him direct you to do it first. Steve may just send you another wire form as a warranty issue if it is twisted as much as mine was. CC your distributor on all of the communication emails so that he can help to move things along if need be.

I know I’m a day behind. I had this same issue. Contacted jjp and they sent me a new wireform. New one was similar to the old one twisted left and was not parallel to outlane. New one also did not match up to the holes on the bp which led me to the conclusion that every single wireform can be slightly different. I was able to get mine adjusted by bending the the wireform where it goes into the bp ramp. Bending 1 up and 1 down just a hair straightened out my ramp considerably. The last mm I got by putting a plastic washer under the wireform at the outlane post. I did ever so slightly crack the buckle plating on wireform when I did this, but I also had discussed it with jjp and was sent a new one. At that point I felt more comfortable bending the old one to get it right. If playing chipping ever becomes noticeable I plan on getting the wireform powdercoated

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Rocking is based on boat boardings and how much you hit the spinners up there. It starts off fairly slow and ramps up. Pretty sure it resets after bp multiball but ramps up faster the second time. During bp multiball it seems to always run at full speed

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question : how to randomly select a caracter? seems to exist a flippers bouttons combinaison to this

Hold down left flipper and hit right flipper 3 times fast. Might be 5 times

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I am sure it will happen. Has anyone managed to complete all 5 wizard modes in a game yet, anyway?

Ive gotten 3 a couple times. Best game I think I had 22 chapters complete with 3 wiz modes done.

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Has anyone gotten loop champion of 7 or higher?
Im not sure if I keep failing, or if the code only goes to 6.

no you can go higher I think my best is 13

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Quoted from GamerRick:

I’ve got stuck switch number 30 Turnaround. Haven’t seen that one have an issue before. Where exactly is the switch? Almost looks from the diagnostics that’s the maelstrom opto

Turnaround is the rollover for devils triangle. Hard to get to but is somwhat reachable by pulling playfield up. There is a spot from side you can see switch. I had to adjust my rollover out of box might be something simple.

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Quoted from pascal-pinball:

Can someone tell me what’s missing in the software?
What must be done in the next update?

Well it should be some balancing. Preset difficulties and the final wizard mode but it’s been a ghost town on update info for several months now. Would not be surprised if we don’t hear anything until next year. Also can’t forget jjp supposedly was going to do 2 releases this year

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That’s just disappointing. When the author uses a word like apparently does not get the hopes up for anything soon

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Do you work for jjp? How would you know that it has been started other than a post from 4 months ago. Just because a post was made that outlined a few character changes does not mean that anything has been started other than a few words in a forum. Meanwhile since our last update every other jjp machine has had updates including bigger ones that changes scoring and overall feel of the game. These games were already feature complete and while they may of needed updates there should be 0 prioritization of older machines to get updates over incomplete machines. Meanwhile I have a 10k toy that does not even have basic features programmed into it yet. Like for example I would love set my machine to easy 5 ball for mom and sis so maybe they could get a legitimate high score (I’ll often put in their names on my games so every high score isn’t gnar) but this basic feature is missing. Once again if they would communicate what is going on this would not be an issue. Hell they could even push an update that changes small thing and the argument would be over. But at this point a small update would just piss people off cause it’s been what 6 months since the last update that changed minor things and added things that don’t even reliably work (yes I’m talking about eyepatch parrot thing)

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so rare that ive seen it a grand total of 2 times in 6 months.

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There are no exposed power routes on the PCB (they are completely covered by solder mask). Also, all kits ship with a fused power cable. We've got scores of these in the field and any risk is minimal if non-existent. The mounting location is not particularly relevant, just personal preference. Thanks for your concern

There is always a possibility of a electrical failure in any component. A screw falling on your board and shorting 2 components out is a fire risk does not matter if it is fused. What if it has a bad fuse? Houses burn down all the time due to a bad plug or breaker. All for trying to save 50 cents on a cover. No thank you

Edit* Didnt see Vireland said same thing.

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To each their own. Just dont want to hear about people burning their houses down because they were to ignorant to know electrical components go into boxes for a reason. I hear that if you take the shroud off of your power supply your pinball machine will run 10 degrees cooler, might catch on fire though

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Because typing is so hard.

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so the announcement was not needing a usb for updates (wifi) and bluetooth audio. Whether that will come to our older games who knows. No new game as far as I know (getting close to end of year for that 2nd game) and nothing mentioned about an update.......well Wonka is getting another update with features aka a whole new game mode. Meanwhile I still cant change the settings to hard/expert. It really is getting ridiculous that we have a half finished game that is getting 0 attention in regards to finishing up the code so it is a complete game. I have a message from keith from early may where he said that it was embarrassing that presets were still not in the game . Now we are 6 months later and still nothing new.

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Considering the game is not finished saying “one last update” is shit. Hopefully they don’t forget to put the basic features in this time. Wonder what bugs we will find in 1.0