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#780 1 year ago

I am about to buy a CE and after reading about these issues I am absolutely a bit more concerned about how things are going to go.

Yes, nothing is perfect, but functional issues that leave buyers with a non working product and no means of correction are something the industry needs to fix. If my new car had major issues and the dealer told me they would provide parts, but I had to do the work.... i honestly cant think of any other product where the buyer is expected to do the work to a brand new product.

#783 1 year ago

I get what you are saying LTG...and yes my manufacturer does if my car cant make it to the dealership... and they provide a loaner car.

Tesla, Ford, and Chevy all provide this service via direct (tesla), and via warranty reimbursement to the dealer (Chevy and Ford).

#784 1 year ago

...and not a single car dealer/manufacturer asks me to repair my own car while under warranty.

#785 1 year ago

And please dont see my tone as negative here, I want JJP to continue making great games, and I am really excited about my CE. If no one urged improvements then any company would think that everything is fine and never improve. I speak as a friend in this situation, and am willing to do the work, but so many others are not going to tolerate this and simply pass on purchasing. That will hurt us all and we will quickly be back to 2002 where it was a very difficult time for the industry.

#795 1 year ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

Totally disagree, I’ve had Sterns nib with way more work. X-men was over two months after I opened it to play first game. Iron Maiden was missing parts out of the box too.
But then again GOT was insert balls and ready to play, WozRR same.Honestly it’s kind of luck of the draw.
Want to increase your odds for a problem free games? Wait for a further down the production line game or buy a HUO game.
As well as buy from a local good distributor so someone can come help you in person.

Fair point. My counter is; did you pay $9500 for X-men? *grin*

I'm getting ready to lock down on $12.5k for the CE and if I have to deal with broken wires, mechs not working, etc.. I'm going to be really disappointed.

Granted, I am going to go to JJP and pick up the game myself with the hope that my game will be sitting there, legs on where I can play it for a bit and go over every inch of the game before driving back to a distributor free location.

#803 1 year ago

All good points, and agreed concerning JJPs offerings being top notch, LTG always being on standby here at pinside, and yes pinball machines do break. It happens, and will continue to happen as is the nature of the game and anything else with moving parts. Could you imagine being a helicopter mechanic? That would be a nightmare in my opinion. Way too many moving parts. As my grandfather has always said, never ride in a helicopter... and he flew airplanes for 65 years, half of his time in models that didn't have engines!

I know JJP is listening, and likely making constant adjustments to improve QC, I just hope that it continues to improve and feedback is critical, but not criticism.

#807 1 year ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

Tbl was 8500 without shipping and had more tweaks needed than all my JJPs and Spookys games combined.
It’s not so much the cost as it is every game could need to tweaked. BM66 SLE have had issues too.
Sure I’d love to see games all arrive perfect, but till that happens i will manage my expectations and stand by companies that support their products.
Which both JJP and Stern do.

Yes, thats agreed. The point is the fact that owners are at times required provide their own service for a product that is brand new and the request is that some system be implemented in the field or at the exit point of the factory to address the issues that are complex for people that want to enjoy pinball but have a limited skill set for repairs.

Otherwise the industry is self limiting to customers that are mechanically inclined, and I cant see how this keeps the industry in growth mode.

Can we agree on that?

#815 1 year ago
Quoted from Hogbog:

PM me exactly whats going on. I'll help you personally.

And this just made me confident in every penny I am going to spend on my CE. Awesome!

3 weeks later
#1438 11 months ago
Quoted from Hogbog:

If I read what you're asking correctly, the skull icon under the open cannon port indicates the currently selected chapter from that movie that you have qualified. I'm pretty sure it has the Chapter title displayed somewhere there, but I'm not currently in front of a game(I'm at a bar a mile from the factory, actually. I've been in Lakewood NJ getting the CEs off the line). If you shoot that movie's shot again, the skull will move one position to the right, indicating that you have changed that movie's qualified chapter to the next one. Each movie has 5 chapters pulled from it's pool of 25ish at the beginning of the game, and the skull indicates which one from that movie you currently have as the contender to start if you shoot Chapter Start. If you only have one movie lit, obviously the Chapter that skull is indicating is what you will start. If you have multiple movies lit, then it will be a toss up between whichever chapter the skulls are currently referencing from the different movie's.... Hope that cleared it up! But I've had a couple 9% IPAs and am typing on my phone...sooooooo.....

So glad to hear you are at the factory! My CE is on the line! I plan on coming to pick my game up in person and hope to meet you and play the game before departing with it.

#1440 11 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Your expecting a Test Drive on your game before they box it? Thats an interesting request...

Fixing issues at the factory would be cheaper than dealing with shipping parts. Not sure what is so interesting about this to be honest.

..and they dont have to box it for me.

#1441 11 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Your expecting a Test Drive on your game before they box it? Thats an interesting request...

Why so?

#1444 11 months ago
Quoted from Outlanes:

Because yours is already boxed most likely. I was there picking mine up the other day.
They have a ton of machines all ready for shipping

Mine isnt built yet from what i have been told. Regardless it would be nice to have a factory delivery program in place ala car manufacturers... but if not, oh well.

#1446 11 months ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

If you are expecting this, you should call and tell them at the factory that is your wish before it's put in a box and ready for your pickup.

Already done... but whatever happens it will be enjoyable to see the factory.

I am obviously spoiled by my experiences with BMW where I would go to the factory in SC and a tech or two would be there to fix anything on your car for free during their homecoming weekends. Certainly was an amazing customer experience.

#1449 11 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Nothing personal just as noted never heard that request before nothing more. I am sure they wouldn't mind sparing a line worker for the afternoon to watch you play and help you adjust your game... If any Pin company would it would be JJP. My guess is Jack would do it himself.

Do i detect a bit of sarcasm there? *grin* It's not going to happen, but one can always hope. That being said, hope isnt a strategy. I am worried about issues posted here of course, and fixing there would be better. The best thing about pickup is that you take the non vested shipper out of the equation.

Everything else is a bonus.

2 weeks later
#2055 11 months ago

Anyone else have the switches in the chapter select mode stuck closed because the rubber is forcing it closed? Not a big deal to fix.. just curious.

Also, someone please tell me the menu item to adjust the chapter select magnet strength... if the ball ends up on the left side of the pop up post...it's usually STDM.

#2064 11 months ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

Ok...wanted to get some honest feedback. I have never put any type of undercabinet lighting on a game but I am toying around with some ideas. I will get rid of the stock topper and go with some sort of Black Pearl model so envision a ship up on top. Was contemplating some type of water projection instead of any type of under cabinet lighting. The video for some reason came out more purple in the center, it is all completely blue. Cool or just too much? Under cabinet or topper as shown? Trying to capture the world under glass concept but may just be a complete fail.

Love it, going to copy that for sure. Did you use one of those projectors one can get on amazon for this effect?

#2161 11 months ago
Quoted from seenev:

Now that Depp has been kicked from the series, could we see a version of this game without a huge picture of him in the middle of the playfield? That picture made me think this game looked terrible even though it's supposed to be a great game.

Why I purchased the CE. I didn't want him visible from every angle.

#2221 11 months ago

Couple of issues on my new machine, looking for assistance.

Switch 24 i think is stuck closed, this is the ship on the left... looks like i need to take the ship apart to get to it?

Also, the right most spotlight on the left sling is out..but will flash a moment when a flipper button is pushed.

Got tired, so I'll need to lift the playfield tomorrow morning... just wanted to see if anyone had the same issue in advance. Thanks.

#2242 11 months ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

Switch 24 has nothing to do with the ship on the left. I’m going to take a chance that possibly you mean switch 48 target ship hit is giving an error as stuck closed? No taking apart anything about it if that’s the case. The switch itself is a micro switch and it’s located down below on the back panel in the left hand corner. So you would pull the playfield forward a bit to the second set of feet and then walk up to the left side of the game so you could look down in there. There’s a long bar with a spring that pushes the switch closed when the ship is hit by the ball fired out of the cannon. But before you even pull the playfield forward, just do this: slide off the glass, move the dauntless ship from left to right with your hand. It doesn’t move that far. If you bring up either the test report showing the error or the matrixed switch test and then move the ship and trigger the switch and the switch actually works, the error will go away. Perhaps the ship was hit and moved left and got stuck and failed to return to its normal rest position and is thus holding the switch closed. Moving it back will open the switch again. See if the game recognizes the switch when you move it from left to right and back again.
The other switch I’m thinking you may mean that is associated with the ship on the left is target ship bullseye which is switch 79. This is an opto and is then normally closed. If that’s giving an error as stuck closed, perhaps it just hasn’t been hit in awhile. Remember that the game thinks it’s in a bar or bowling alley or commercial location where it is getting heavy play. If the software doesn’t see a particular switch hit for a period of balls played, it flags the switch as potentially stuck or broken to alert the operator to check it out. In the case of target ship bullseye, that switch is hit only when the cannon shot goes into the hole in the side of the target ship. So if you have younger kids, inexperienced players or worst of all, say, ME playing the game, many games could go by with no one successfully hitting that opto and the game then diligently reports it as needing to be checked. What you can do is slide the playfield glass off, start a game and when the ball is served to the plunger, open the door and go into test mode to the error report or switch test, leave the door open and physically pick up the pinball and toss it into the hole as if you had made the cannon shot perfectly. That will hit the opto and if it works correctly, the error will clear itself. If when you go into matrixed switch test that box 79 is red, breaking the opto beam with the ball will take the red away assuming the switch actually works. I’d do that before taking things apart.
Hope that helps.

Thanks! Working through the tweeks this morning so its ready for Christmas day! And yes, you are correct. Switch 48.

20181223_114024 (resized).jpg
#2272 11 months ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

You need to setup a subscription service that just automatically ships your items when they come out. Or bunch them up so I can combine shipping! Lol. Order being placed now right when I just received the bumper caps and silencer kit.

Lol, this! ...and I cant imagine this will be the last shipment you and I are receiving for pirates.

#2279 11 months ago

I initially had a preorder on this game, then decided to wait and play first.
As soon as I played it I knew I made a mistake and had to own it.
It really is that good.

Same here.... but glad I did since it ultimately led me to get my CE.

Of note, anyone know if this block should be removed?

20181223_224800 (resized).jpg
#2281 11 months ago
Quoted from Hogbog:

It's a shipping block that should be removed and stored in the game . It will make your playfield harder than necessary to put back in the cabinet if left in.
Reinstall if you ever move your game folded on its back.

Thank, and thank you for this game!

Oh, and if you are still lurking, could you tell me if there is a way to adjust the magnet in the starmap/chapter select area? 50% of the time when the ball rests on the left side of the up post, it ends up going stdm and makes me a sad pirate.

#2288 11 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

I think I found a possible bug? If I disable codex tips, my bonus screens will often be black with just the bonus points shown. If I enable codex tips again, the bonus screen will always have an image/video clip in the background. Anyone else seen this behavior?

Yes, I have the same behavior on my CE as this. I wanted to turn off the codex tips, but in doing so lost the video clip in the background on bonus.

#2375 10 months ago

Is there any definitive fix for the button on the lock down bar? I am 8 days into ownership and the button is already sticking and behaving badly.

#2379 10 months ago

Thanks guys, ill give this a try. Of note, my button also pops up and halfway out of the shell (not sure what the outside of the button/plunger is called).

#2414 10 months ago

Well, CE owners, especially yelobird have you found a way to remove the button without damaging the way the button is integrated into the coral rock on the lock down bar? I am concerned about breaking it if I attempt to remove it. It looks like epoxy was used to seal the gap around the button.

#2418 10 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Well I just pulled the lock bar and the button is completely free so you should have no issue mending or replacing it. It simply goes through the barnacle piece. Good Luck!

Thanks! I am so anxious about screwing up the beautiful artwork of the machine I don't want to screw with it. Lol

#2523 10 months ago

NYE action button while I wait for the replacement.

20181231_202833 (resized).jpg
#2537 10 months ago
Quoted from moTiv8:

Where to buy? Which shop is the best source for this?

I have an extra new coin door for sale. I replaced mine from my ce with one powder coated to match, so the version you are looking for, I can get to you.

#2597 10 months ago


I would really like you to detail your support experience here if you have a moment.

#2606 10 months ago

yelobird Thanks for posting this! Gotta check mine out as soon as I get home!

#2687 10 months ago
Quoted from Mindcrime:

Is anybody else having an issue with the VUK up to the black pearl? I will hear the callout “Welcome aboard” and hear the VUK engage but then the ball rolls out from under the black pearl into the pops. Happens about half the time.

I have this problem often.

#2690 10 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Thats an Odd issue?? Basically the ball gets stopped by the magnet, lets it roll down into the hole, drop into the trough and then it rolls to the VUK. Once its in the VUK it can only go up with the design configuration. The only thing I can think of is that you didn't use the factory balls and they are magnetized. Therefore stuck on the magnet and when it finally releases continues toward the pops? The Only ship VUK issue I have seen and repaired (not my game) is the game was set to 8.3 degrees and the ball would not roll down the trough to the VUK. turns out the clear flap on the subway plastic was slightly bent up. Put some heat to it and lowered it further so it would roll to the VUK correctly.

Factory balls, 6.5 degree setup...balls kicks up, but then rolls out from the ship. Haven't really investigated yet, but it happens.

1 week later
#2911 10 months ago

Anyone have any idea where these parts go? Found the plastic bits on the cabinet floor, and the two aluminum spacers sitting on a circuit board after removing the chest fork to tighten the two fork screws.

20190114_192744 (resized).jpg20190114_194410 (resized).jpg20190114_194747 (resized).jpg
#2913 10 months ago
Quoted from rgzpinx:

The pieces are the slide guides on the chest fork assembly. Compare the 2 sides from bottom and you'll see it. Mine did the same thing.

Oh crap, so they dropped out when i removed the mech?

#2915 10 months ago
Quoted from rgzpinx:

They should stay on when you remove the assembly. I think both screws on the one side of mine just came loose. Put them back together and it works good. You should have 2 of each of those parts for that side though.

Thanks for the help, found the diagram in the manual. Part 27 and etc... basically means i need to find the other parts that are somewhere.

Screenshot_20190114-204703_Drive (resized).jpg
#2920 10 months ago
Quoted from SheriffBarclay:

And now my pearl has stopped all motion.
Freaking love this game but I'm not the only one that's had a host of issues, I disagree with the posters that keep saying majority of buyers have had zero issues.
They really rushed my LE out. For my first pin purchase (and 10k to boot), having so many game breaking issues on a NIB HUO is disappointing.

I have to agree that there are issues that feel like a lack of quality control. Simple things, like the fact that i had stuck switches, a cabinet rail stop block that is just missing, action button that needed replacement, decor falling off, holes not drilled for the topper, playfields chipping, etc...

While nothing is drastic in my case, it just feels like a lack of love from the people actually turning the screws. Granted in low unemployment its probably difficult to find an assembly line staffed with people that love and play pinball. That being said, someone should make sure that with a premium price comes a premium review before the unit goes out the door.

In short, there is room for process improvement on a game that was already delayed... a game that really is fun to play and deserves to reach buyers that arent just pinball geeks that can fix these issues.

#2947 10 months ago

Anyone know if I can tear apart the action button switch assembly? Mine isnt registering all of the time. I have tested it by hand in test.

#2951 10 months ago

Thanks guys, but this isnt the problem. The switch itself, no matter how hard I have manually pressed it is flaking out. I know the point where the switch mechanism is triggered and via my finger testing, its absolutely having an issue with the internals.
Note: The action button with screw is adjusted and etc.

#2953 10 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Get a new switch. If wiring to it is good, and below the lockdown bar receiver.
LTG : )

Yep, just trying to get it asap for league night. Unfortunately getting anything but a voice mail is difficult at the moment. Thats the reason i was hoping i could work on the internals, or just order a part from marcos, pbl, etc... unsure if the switch is proprietary or readily available from somewhere. Do you know LTG?

#2954 10 months ago
Quoted from Genjuro:

Yep, just trying to get it asap for league night. Unfortunately getting anything but a voice mail is difficult at the moment. Thats the reason i was hoping i could work on the internals, or just order a part from marcos, pbl, etc... unsure if the switch is proprietary or readily available from somewhere. Do you know LTG?

Belay that... just got an email that they shipped me one!

#2961 10 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Is the switch sticking open, or closed?

Both, but mostly not registering closed. New one is on the way. I will take the one that is malfunctioning apart once the new one arrives just to see what is going on inside.

#2966 10 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I had a sticking microswitch that cured itself miraculously when I loosed a set screw on it. Not sure if we're talking a leaf or a micro here for your problem.

Yes, its the microswitch for the action button.

15477828447596407813366578804350 (resized).jpg
#2972 10 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Ah! So is the little red button under the blade sticking? If so, try slightly unscrewing the black screw closest to it.

The red portion doesn't stick, it just moves correctly, its the registration of the switch open closed state that is flaking out.

Check out the vid. BTW, it behaves the same if its my finger pushing the metal switch arm..i just took this video before I used my finger. You can hear the test screen in the audio.

#2983 10 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Ah bummer. I guess the switch is just a bad one. At least it won't be too bad to replace.

Yep, bad microswitch. Replacement fixed it immediately. Took a meter to the bad switch after it was off and confirmed that continuity was intermittent. The switch is sealed, so no real reason to try to investigate further. I will however get a number of these and keep them on hand. As many times as the action button is being used, I can invision a need for a future replacement.

Also, it was interesting to note that the switch connection is soldered, rather than a spade plug.

#3045 10 months ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

...other than wizard mode 2...

I spent quite awhile on that sunset.

Wait what? The kraken appears? Oh hell yeah.

1 week later
#3206 9 months ago

Did anyone ever make a set of acrylic protectors in the smoked gray that was requested?

#3209 9 months ago

The game really isnt hard in my opinion. All the shots are obtainable without much hassle.

A hard game is houdini, which I own.... it has very narrow shots and you really need to be able to aim for those shots.

#3211 9 months ago
Quoted from JayLar:

She thinks Dialed in is easy???

Agreed, I sold my DI for cash so I could get the POTC... the DI sim card shot is 90% impossible to actually sink intentionally in my opinion.

#3299 9 months ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

Well, got mine in and they are perfect. Does not rub the sides at all. But, I also have the Pinstadium magnets in there. They get scraped first and actually save the side art. I love the graphics. Exactly what I was looking for. Hard to get a good shot of them.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Those look as good as I thought they would! I was hesitant to install mine until i had an extra pair of hands to help.

I also have my pinstadium lights ready to install at the same time. Where did you hook up the UV glow flasher?

Any other notes that might be helpful?

#3311 9 months ago
Quoted from Captchaos:

Anyone having issue with the pinballs not being released from the chest after being locked? I checked the mech and it works, during multi ball I see it trying to release but the balls seem stuck. Thoughts?

Somewhere in this thread there was a note about adjusting the time that the mech used to release the ball. It's probably in the menu somewhere.

#3529 9 months ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

On a different note, I know we debate whether or not the top 100 really is worthwhile...but...I have not played Iron Maiden that much as I just can’t get past the theme. People really seem to like it. For those that do like it, do you think it really should be rated better than Pirates? Just curious. For me Pirates is still my #1 followed very close by The Hobbit. It just matches what I like in pinball.

I have a maiden LE and i will tell you that I was never really a maiden fan. That being said maiden is a great game, and i know the songs I like and the songs I hate. Pirates and maiden are my top two. The other games i own are missing my love.

#3657 9 months ago

So, fwiw i received my printed manual today that came with my CE... holy crap its nice. Full color spiral bound... screw holding my phone and fighting with it when this thing is massive.

20190211_195047 (resized).jpg
#3661 9 months ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

Ok but can it be downloaded in printed out?

Yes it can.

#3865 9 months ago
Quoted from arzoo:

Hey All, just took delivery of my first nib POTC. I have to say, I am VERY disappointing in the Jersey Jack QC. Thankfully the machine arrived physically undamaged. But at first boot-up there were multiple switch errors. And some were not trivial. For example, two of the star map standups were so misaligned that they overlapped. It took an hour to fix this - had to add washers under the screws to change the angle, not easy given the location behind the ship motor. The wire for the Chest opto was mis-routed and was literally wrapped around of one of the star map standups - would have easily been severed after a few good shots to the target. There was an opto that was not attached because the small plastic holder cover fell off (it had been held together with a piece of tape). Another leaf switch was always closed. The Chest lift mech reported a malfunction because it would not stay in the up position. Had to significantly bend the arm on the end-of-stroke cherry switch so the solenoid could travel further and engage the lock. The right flipper solenoid strength was different than the left and could not put the ball in the chest. Oh, and there were no screws for the topper. Four hours later and the pin was playing as it should. All I can say is for a $9500 pin, WTF!!
But love the game!

I am surprised that no one replied to this. I am going to say that I had the same type of issues on my CE. It was as if no one turned the machine on and read the self test, or if they did they simply decided to shrug.

Additionally my machine was picked up from the factory and placed inside my vehicle and had a nice smooth ride home.

Certainly there is some room for improvement when it comes to a QC review here.

#3866 9 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Hey cupcake, I spent an hour on a tech support call earlier with a man who is going to buy one of each of your Pirates mods. I had to find you for him on Pinside, your website, and go over each mod.
LTG : )

I just put the silencer mod on, and i am going to say that this is my favorite one because it is really well done. Of note i used the dry lube solution rather than the WLG.

Worth every penny and really easy to install. My spinner is now incredibly quiet and from my perspective is impossible to hear during gameplay.

#3913 9 months ago

Same goes for me.. The smoked acrylic would be ideal.

#4003 9 months ago

Seriously, i have been holding off on any more mods from TMC, but now....the cute dog? That is just a cheap shot. Ugg gonna need to place yet another order now. Lol

#4004 9 months ago
Quoted from Energyspike:

... and also purchased exact Gigabyte Motherboard to keep it up and running for years to come as I plan to never sell this game..

Got a link to this MB, perhaps on AMZN or Newegg?

#4215 9 months ago
Quoted from RPZ:

So is everyone agreeing that the disk is too loud?
Is the silencer a must?

Yes and YES!

I cant hear mine at all any more. Note: I used dry gear lubricant that I ordered from the EU from here:


Only WLG I used was at the one point where the shim was placed. If you order the kit, you will know where this spot is.

#4237 9 months ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Watch out little doggy, that Kraken's gonna get you!
[quoted image]

Man, I am thrilled about that side art. The entire process of working with them to design, and the awesome suggestion by @kingbw made these blades look so good!

It's a shame I haven't had a hand to get them installed. Last time I tried to install them, on a different machine, alone I screwed them up bigtime. Uggggg.

#4287 9 months ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Use the wet method. Takes all the pressure off.

What the heck is the wet method?

#4309 9 months ago
Quoted from Crile1:

2 drops of dawn dish soap mixed in a spray bottle of water. Spray on back of decals. This allows you to move them around. When they are at the proper position, smooth them down. You are only spraying a mist, so you don't have water running all over the place. Once you smooth them down, then grab a towel and wipe the excess water around the edges. The soapy water allows them to be repositioned and slid while you work before the adhesive sets in. Google it...there are a few youtube vids about it. It is how I've done all my art blades and even our custom decals on our boat.

Oh! Basically the window tint method. This I can do! ...and I already have the tools for window tint. Thanks.

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