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2 years ago

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#3157 8 months ago

Anyone in the Richmond, VA area have one of these?

If so PM please.


#3207 8 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

I've only had this game for three weeks, but I'm a bit overwhelmed with the difficulty still, so is my wife. I'm hoping time will bring the enjoyment back.
She keeps drifting back to Dialed In and I keep drifting back to Iron Maiden. :/

And hence my concern with getting one. Neither of us is great players but we love the pirates theme and love the toys/features on this game. I am positive that in the home environment this would last a very long time due to the sheer amount of things to do in the game and many variations of how the game can be played. One of our favorite games is STTNG which is hard itself but we usually set that for 5 ball to aid with the difficulty.

Just worried we have a 9k game that is too hard for us and we end up not playing it. FYI the only other game we have is MB (lack of space) and a VPIN for lots of other options but only the one real pin.

Anyone care to comment on how this is for weaker players?

#3218 8 months ago

Cool thanks guys. We have fair number of guests over to play throughout the year and none of them are pin players but they enjoy playing. They love MB as its a fun game and well its pretty straightforward on what to do. We really enjoyed Stern's POTC when we had it and this is miles beyond better IMHO. Just don't want a 9k sitting there unplayed because its too hard or no one knows what to do. Appreciate all the feedback - hoping to join the club!

#3232 8 months ago

what a nightmare to install why couldn't they have done this at the factory, uggh

#3371 8 months ago

Nice I'm super jealous now. Paired up with a Black Rose - so where's Hook and Stern's POTC to complete the collection?

#3408 8 months ago

Joining the club, just put my deposit down for an LE. Won't have for a few months as I am going to pick it up at Pinfest but still pretty excited about getting it.

#3449 8 months ago

what are the best mods to add to POTC? Definitely considering the kraken and cannon mods - what else does everyone like

Also considering the topper from tilttoppers but many that bad boy is pricey

#3466 8 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

lol. So its not wrong. Does that mean I don't have to wear the lipstick for the end of game photo?? lol

All personal preference - what you do in your own home is up to you, no one to judge you

#3506 8 months ago

I really like the tilt toppers one just trying to decide if I want to cough up even more cash for this thing

#3550 8 months ago

Disappointing to hear guess I am glad I got my deposit in this week.

Although I would sure prefer an LE at a cheaper price.

#3572 8 months ago

Just confirming something please ... purchasing a used JJP POTC there is no warranty is that correct?

Nevermind found my own answer

#3658 8 months ago

Dumb question on the manual - can it be downloaded and printed or only viewed online unless you spend $100 for a copy?

#3660 8 months ago
Quoted from dnaman:

This is from the same PDF that is available for everyone and available right in the game's setup menu for quick access. I would never spend $100 USD on it. The JJP PDF manuals are a thing of beauty. Thanks to Butch Peel!

Ok but can it be downloaded in printed out?

#3663 8 months ago

Thank you.

Is that downloadable once you register your game online? I don't have my game yet (hopefully next week) but thought it would be nice to start going through the manual.

#3666 8 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

jerseyjackpinball.com - Support - Downloads.
LTG : )

Thank you guess my eyes are deceiving me as I did not see that before. My apologies.

#3688 8 months ago

Does anyone have the POTC topper from tilt toppers? Just curious to see how it looks with this game since the coloring is geared more towards the Stern POTC than this one.

#3690 8 months ago
Quoted from arcadem:

I have one and I think it is great, much better than the 'piece of plastic' that comes with the LE. Toppers is one area where JJP really falls short. For $9500 it could and should have been a whole lot better. My original topper is now sitting comfortably stored in the base of the game cabinet.

Yeah I agree. I think the one on the CE is pretty awesome but not for an extra 3k. This game is already expensive enough. Rather keep that 3k and put it towards another game.

Any chance you could share a pic of your game with the topper on it, love to see how it looks.



#3704 8 months ago
Quoted from arcadem:

Here are a couple of pictures. I think the color of the topper goes well with the apron and map colors.
[quoted image][quoted image]


It does look good. Coloring is off a little bit but not as much as I was expecting. That topper is also a lot bigger than I thought it was, I still love it though!

I caved and ordered, uggh this game was already expensive enough LOL.

#3743 8 months ago

Well I just sent my payment into to Joe today so it will be about a week or 2 before I have mine but I don't think it will be leaving the house unless we hit some sort of massive financial crunch. Can't wait for it to arrive.

#3761 8 months ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Screw it, you only live once. I just paid in full for an LE, so it looks like I'll be joining the club. Oh boy!

peer pressure is a wonderful thing, isn't it

#3790 8 months ago

Well I ordered Cliffy's for mine and will install once they arrive just to be safe.

#3825 8 months ago
Quoted from iloveplywood:

Strongly considering this pin which is crazy as I don't have access to one to play. I thought I throw out a few random questions to about the machine here. Are the shots smooth or clunky? Does the upper playing field get tedious. How is the sound? For me sound is kind of important as it is what pulls me into the game. It's what made me consider getting a hobbit because the sound was so awesome.
Or should I just wait for Wonka?
Anyway, glad everyone here seems to be enjoying their game!

If you have 2 hours I suggest watching parts 1 and 2 of the SDTM in depth review of the game. They get into tons of detail about it and interview the designers really a good show and very informative.

#3906 8 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Can you or Someone Please make these in Smoked acrylic plastic. For me, I just don't see the florescent orange or green in this dark pirate theme. Batman or a comic theme yes but the dark pirate seas not so much. Could you offer these non florescent?

I would love them in clear. I always like to use plastic protectors but want clear. Any chance of that?

#3909 8 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Smoked translucent for me as well!

I guess I could live with that so put me in line for a set if they get made!

On a side note my POTC LE will be available to pick up next week. Friend is getting it for me and we will meet up next weekend.

I laughingly but proudly will say I am member of the club with POTC LE #69

#3912 8 months ago
Quoted from Nostaw:

Does anyone here have any of the Pin Stadium products on their JJP POTC? I'm very curious how it looks and user feedback if it enhances any light shows. I tried to search for POTC Pin Stadium, but thought I would ask here and see what opinion/experience people have with the light mod.

Find a post from VillaThrilla or something like that he posted pics of his. Don't recall if it was in this thread or the pinstadium one but it is here somewhere as I saw it.

#4011 7 months ago

I don’t even have my game and already order a bunch of stuff from them. I am beginning to feel like I should stop looking at this thread entirely

#4031 7 months ago

I would do POTC (I did and should have it in a week or so) but I have been an MB owner for 14 years.

#4045 7 months ago

Just curious what color flipper rubber is everyone going with on this game? Obviously clear titan silicon everywhere else.

#4087 7 months ago

Well I like how the pinstadiums look. I can tell you that I often see the PS pics and go they look good but too bright so for me I think the brightness on many peoples PS setups should be turned down. Just my opinion guess I will get to find out when I get my game and my PS which I did order.

Hope I like them.

#4137 7 months ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

All depends on how many people were in front of you with your distributor. Did you ask them where you were on thier list?

Seems odd to me, I just bought and paid for one last week and my friend picked it up today.

#4142 7 months ago

Agreed, not sure where you are but got mine from Joe at pinballstar and my friend picked it up at JJP factory.

#4182 7 months ago

So my friend picked up my POTC LE #69 (yep that's mine folks) and has it up and running ran into the following issues out of the box so far (only posting for posterity sake).

Problem ... 3 connectors were pulled out when they put the head down to ship the game - fixed now
Problem ... the autolaunch is not working consistently so many balls fed during multiball don't reach the playfield and you have to manual plunge to get them in play. Plunger forks had to be realigned and appears to be fixed now
Problem ... the lockbar will not catch he has adjusted the 2 brass screws on top but you have to hold the moving part inside to get to catch the bar - basically still working on getting this fixed
Problem ... Spinning disc was too high had to adjust its height and make it level with PF - all fixed here
Problem .... Target Ship Bullseye switch is still stuck closed - working on this one
Problem .... rubber plunger tip was broken - new one installed - fixed
POTC 1 (resized).pngPOTC 2 (resized).jpgPOTC 3 (resized).jpg

#4184 7 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Just asking to assess if this is a NIB concern. As I know who originally bought this game can I assume you bought this used? Or did he never open it.

Nope this is NIB picked up from JJP factory yesterday. If you can prove to me this was someone else's lmk as I will be pretty ticked since I paid NIB full price.

#4186 7 months ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

Target ship bullseye work if you drop a ball into the ship hole?

I believe my friend Paul is still working on it. I was unable to go to JJP to pick it up during the week when they are available so he lives in NJ and grabbed it for me. He is in the business so working on the game is not a problem for him, not only that but he is a good solid dude.

He was just sending me a list of the issues out of the box and where he was with things today. Will update as I know more. Hoping to get my game from him in a week or so just have to work out our schedules in the meantime he is putting in some games on it for me.

#4191 7 months ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

Ah okay. I know Paul well myself. He’s a good dude. We played in league together years ago and we talked the other day as he was working on a Hobbit. He told me he was getting a game at the factory for someone on Tuesday. Good choice by you. Small world.

Yep I have known Paul for quite a few years now. I swear I cannot remember how we ran across one another now guessing he had a game I wanted or something and we did I don't know how many deals. He even stayed at my house a few times when he delivered a game and stuck around for some extra work and some pizza and pinball. Great guy and has helped me a lot in the past.

#4201 7 months ago

That one above I think is perfect for the CE but the LE should dare I say it be Depp which based on other people's info is very hard to find

#4205 7 months ago

You know I’m not actually a mirror blade fan those look damn good. Where did they come from?

The label pure genius lol!

#4225 7 months ago

Considering adding some Britebuttons LED flipper buttons to my LE - anyone have any input on what color would go best with this model. If it was the CE I would go green for sure for the LE no clue - blue maybe, yellow perhaps or what about the blacklight version which is a deep looking purple.

#4232 7 months ago
Quoted from heni1977:

[quoted image]

LED hippie, LOL!

Blue it is then, that was my initial thought as well.

#4256 7 months ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

No brainer IMO. You definitely get $1,000 worth of extras.
Now the jump from LE to CE, I can't justify that price increase. Love the CE topper but not for 3 Grand

Total agreement here

#4296 7 months ago

First one has a more greenish tint, second more red.

#4308 7 months ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

Apparently the newest machines off the line have different monitors than previous machines. For example, my LE with the build date 1/15/19 has the same monitor as Zaphx's friend's new CE (both have DVI connections and both look great). I'm assuming the switch was made on all models from HDMI to DVI since ZaphX's LE has HDMI.

Well that will suck for those of us who just got our games if the quality isn't there.

#4342 7 months ago

Joe at pinballstar is good as well. And don’t forget Zach at flip n out

#4494 7 months ago
Quoted from Pinzzz:

Works like a champ, perfect fit and result...I tried this last nite.
Today I placed my order for an extra button via Pinball Life!

So is the solution for sticking gold buttons?

If so I may just grab one as a preventative measure.

#4498 7 months ago

Excellent to hear I may grab one and swap out so I never have to worry price is cheap enough for sure.


#4516 7 months ago

4 was ok not good not terrible but 3 was hands down the biggest waste of time ever horrifyingly bad.

#4526 7 months ago
Quoted from heni1977:

I am interested to know what other folks shooter lanes look like?
Mine has that cool, darkened wood look!

So basically what you are saying is you've shown us yours now you want us to show you ours?

#4563 7 months ago
Quoted from joeraptor2003:

HI all
In case anyone was interested..we just realsed our new PinBlade design for this amazing game.
You can see more here.
[quoted image]

Aww man and I just ordered and received the other ones you sell. Now to decide which I like better.

#4587 7 months ago
Quoted from dannunz:

Joe only sells this blade design. The other design was from his competitor.

Well don't I look silly now

#4609 7 months ago

Mine should dock next Wednesday thanks to a helpful pinsider

Can’t wait

#4654 7 months ago

External subwoofer peeps - do you guys just clip on to the speaker terminal at the bottom of the cabinet or is their a special hook up needed?

Just going to be using a PSW10 for both POTC and MBR when they arrive and will get another for my Houdini since the PSW10 only has 2 hookups

#4660 7 months ago
Quoted from heni1977:

I used quick disconnect connectors. [quoted image]

So you just clipped on to the subwoofer in the cabinet and ran the wire out the back somehow to the sub right?

#4662 7 months ago

Thanks everyone sounds like an easy hook up, thought so.

#4679 7 months ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

I've posted about this before. JJP's are just computers. You can easily connect a headphone cable y splitter off of the audio out port on the motherboard. And then just run that to an RCA adapter on the line in on your subwoofer. This is the cleanest way to go. You have no modification to your game. No soldering. And it's the proper way to send signal to a subwoofer. Easy peasy

Cool I like this method for sure. Wish that was the case for hooking up other games too.

Anyone else use the pinnovators kit as I am going to have 3 games in total once my MBRLE shows up and it might be nice to have all 3 hooked up to one sub and their PINsub Multisystem kit seems to do the job. Just have to hack some wires to go from the cab to the 3.5mm jacks on the kit.

#4730 7 months ago
Quoted from KingBW:

Catching up on this thread. Lots of posts today. For the Pinnovators sub mixer, they recommend sending the sound down both the right and left channel for best results. For this pin I did something different. I tapped off of the speaker tabs, but feed both channels of the 3.5mm Pinnovators wire using a gadget from Amazon. Working great, solid connection.
[quoted image]

Do you have a link to the connector from Amazon?

#4734 7 months ago
Quoted from KingBW:

Nearly impossible to copy a link from the Amazon phone app. Anyway … here ya go:
amazon.com link »


#5019 7 months ago

I definitely thing the LE has 1k of value in it over the standard. I finally got to see invisiglass first hand this weekend (my POTC arrives Wed thanks Denethor) and it is amazing. If anyone says they don't see a difference, well you need glasses. Is that worth 1k obviously not but add that with the shaker, the RGB lighting, the starfield (which I think is very cool) etc and its worth the 1k. Love the art and topper on the CE but just cannot justify that expense. The extra for the LE is totally worth it IMHO which is why I got that model.

I should add that I agree with everyone else that for $9500 the LE should come with the printed manual.

#5039 7 months ago
Quoted from Coz:

Well, unfortunately I’m selling two pins to buy the POTC. I think it will be a great pin for the home.

I think you have chosen wisely, sir.

#5089 7 months ago

I would think that parts would be available for at least a year from the time the last unit rolls off the line for warranty purposes.

#5135 7 months ago

My LE #69 is being delivered today. It's making its journey from NJ to VA thanks to Denethor. Looking forward to setting it up and playing it after we let it warm up to room temp overnight. 26 degrees in RVA today and we have no heat in our house . Heat pump went out on us and new one is being installed today. 2019 has been an expensive couple of months that's for sure.

#5149 7 months ago
Quoted from Latinfantom:

A big shout out to Joe at PinballStar Amusements. My local distributor was out of PoTC LEs but Joe was glad to help me out. Shipping was super fast and it thankfully arrived safe and sound. I received LE# 64 last Wednesday and overall it plays like an absolute dream. Born on date is 2/11/19 so it's clear they worked out most of the links by now. I do have two tiny issues which I'll address in a moment but first I have to say a big Thank You to JJP for this machine.
This game is a masterpiece guys. Not even crazy about the franchise but JJP NAILED IT on this one!
Simply incredible. If you are on the fence about PoTC JJP - don't be. This will likely be long remembered as a new bwncark in pin design. Get it and thank us later!
My only two current issues are:
The chest is having issues releasing the balls. I wanna say switch error 48? It will release balls but only after multiple attempts. First 10-15 games this was a non issue but now it is. Any suggestions?
The other issue is very minor but still... Looks like my plunger rubber tip fell off. First 25 games or so it was fine but noticed a loud clicking sound when I plunged the ball after that and that's when I discovered it
broke off. Should I glue it back on or is it better to have JJP send me a new one? Thanks all

You and I are "brothers per se" same born date (2/11), same distro (Joe who rocks btw), and I am LE #69. My game was picked up about 2 weeks ago at the plant and is on its way to me today.

I would say get a new plunger tip for sure. You should order a couple of spares as it never hurts to have a few things like that around, also some spare balls since everything points to the balls in this game getting magnetized fairly easily and thus a swap out will be needed.

FYI on my LE same born date as yours my plunger tip was completely torn off and had to be replaced right out of the box.

#5150 7 months ago

BTW has anyone rerubbered their POTC in Titans? Did you do it right away?

#5153 7 months ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Main playfield is already done in Titan(?) translucent silicone that seems to act consistently with other Titanized pins I have, so those aren't needed. However, the flipper rubbers (red main, black upper) and the Black Pearl upper playfield is still done in black rubber rings. I immediately swapped the flipper rubbers and upper playfield black rings with Titan equivalents of the same color.

Thanks for the info, sounds like a good idea to me.

#5171 7 months ago

How many POTC owners have pinstadiums for this game? I know Villathrilla does I think, anyone else?

#5174 7 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

I do - I like them b/c I play mostly in the dark but I keep them relatively low compared to my other machines simply b/c I don't want to drown out the nice coloring during modes.


If I put them on I am sure I would be doing the same. I want more light on games for sure but all the photos/vids all seem too bright almost washing out the art & color. Now on WOZ they look fantastic as that game just seems way too dark. And older game w/o LEDs just screams for pinstadiums IMHO. I just wouldn't want to over do it is all.

#5177 7 months ago

Thank you.

I like what I see and I think the game needs the extra lighting but the complaint I have (like I have see from others) the dot effect you get from wireform reflections. And of course with POTC those wireforms are right next to the lights so that dotting is even more exaggerated. Tough call.

What setting do you have yours on?

#5179 7 months ago

And which flasher did you go with for the UV connection

#5182 7 months ago

Interesting never would have thought to link it there.

#5239 7 months ago

Mine is #69 and built 2/11. I have one problem that is nagging and consistent but 100% fixable I just need time to deal with it.

They have bound the wiring so tight that any movement of my PF (in or out) knocks off the 3 connections on the far right hand board in the head. Its freaking maddening! I have clipped wire ties, loosened up the bundle in multiple spots and still have the issue. I am going to have to "mount" the wire loom up inside the base cabinet enough to leave slack up to the head so that when the weight of the bundle hits those connectors they don't come off.

I just got my game last night and pretty much didn't get to play due to this issue.

Basically I scrapped playing last night and just put my mods in place instead. Again this issue is 100% fixable I just need the time to get it done.

I can also say that Yelobird is 100% right this game has to be level and pitched right. Until I did this last night the ball would get stuck in multiple places. Afterwards rolling the ball over the PF through loops etc no problem.

#5251 7 months ago

I will add one more item that I know has been said already .. THIS MF'ER IS HEAVY AS HELL!

I mean really even the PF weighs a ton on its own. By far the heaviest pin that has ever been in my house.

#5254 7 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

It sure as hell is. I rented a “Power Mate” stair climbing hand truck to get it upstairs. It was still an absolute whipping!
My Stern Star Wars feels so tiny and light by comparison. I can toss that thing around like crazy now.

Haha isn't that the truth. I moved my Houdini into the house a few weeks ago and felt that was pretty heavy too. Then moved my MBRLE in on Sunday and was like ehh this isn't too bad actually. Then last night POTC sat up and said bring it on you can't move me you old man! And she was right, thanks to Denethor and his muscle and my wife's we got her up my measly 4 front steps and in the house. Then I had to lift the PF about 100 times and I said well damn if I want a workout I just come bench POTC PF a few times and day. And yep you read that right my 3 pin lineup is JJ POTC, MBRLE, and Houdini. We have room for 1 more just have no idea what to get - probably grabbing a Spidey, STTNG or even a MM. I kinda want a DI but man I just don't know if I can get past the theme.

I will say I think the game is well built and has quality parts but QC definitely needs some more attention to detail. My wire issue is stupid and easily avoided/fixed at the factory - don't bundle the sh*t so tight folks and it won't pull connectors out.

Oh and zaph my LCD is DVI with the controls on the back MFR 2/11 for your reference

#5256 7 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Damn! I had to buy an Escalera after buying more JJP pins. I wasn't going to risk my life having a 350lb Hobbit land on me lol.

Then you are all set. You will be happy to have that when your POTC arrives.

For me with 4 small steps not worth the expense but I can tell you I wouldn't have turned one down last night.

#5260 7 months ago

I use a big appliance dolly with a locking strap. The dolly adds a fair bit of weight on its own but does a great job moving games and getting up steps. I'm just a wuss. Seems my late 40's haven't been as kind to me as I think . But it is a heavy damn game.

Quoted from indybru:

There's a secret for getting JJP pins. First you buy new from a dealer that offers delivery.
Second JJP pins are so awesome you don't sell them.

Hah I said that last night after we got the game in the house ... "well I guess this game isn't going anywhere, ever"

#5298 7 months ago

Anyone have a suggestion for a good undercab light kit for this?

I love the lermods one on my MBR that changes when the speakers change. Its interactive but not overly done. The Rock ones are great but for me they are too interactive - flashing etc. Just like the subtle stuff. I know I can go basic where I "pick the color" that is displayed by remote but really don't want that or another remote to keep up with.

#5390 7 months ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

Rent an escalara.

100% correct

Either that or rent some friends with beer, pizza, and some pinball

#5401 7 months ago

While I agree with the standard vs the le thoughts I’m like the exact opposite on the le vs ce debate. I live the CE and lord knows if I could afford that kind of scratch I would have gotten it but there just isn’t enough extra in it to justify the 3k to me

That being said who cares as long as there are more happy pirate owners out there. The model picked makes no difference. And I say that with respect to every pin bought by anyone. Just keep the industry alive and well so we can get great games in the future.

Off my soapbox back to playing

#5413 7 months ago

Anyone know how difficult it is to take the subway apart?

Was playing the game last night and the ball was supposed to pop up to the pearl and didn't. Game went into constant ball search mode and lifting the playfield or shaking the game didn't rattle the ball loose from wherever it is so I am guessing I have major dismantling to do in order to find the ball.

In addition the game is now in constant tilt mode (no bob installed at the moment either) i.e. when you hit start it searches for a ball then lets you play but the ball launches and immediately goes into tilt.

#5447 7 months ago

Ok so I have a plunger issue that I don't think has been mentioned already and need some help on a fix.

So the auto plunger works fine and launches ball fine. However manual plunge is not making enough contact to launch the ball. Its hitting the back of the auto plunger. Basically if I stick my finger in from the top of the apron and move the auto plunger forward a small amount (1/8" maybe 1/4" inch max) then manual plunge works great.

I don't see any way to permanently move the auto plunge forward like I need to.

The ball does sit flat on both sides of the auto plunge when looking at it.

#5450 7 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I had this. I had to loosen the screws to the manual plunger assembly and move it down so it stopped contacting the autoplunger.

I’ve moved it as low as possible and still no good. Any other ideas

#5454 7 months ago

Washer idea worked but boy does it suck having to got with that to correct the issue. Really dumb

On a side note my wheel has become incredibly noisy so putting in mod couples wheel fix. Just an FYI on this fix you need a 1/16” Allen wrench and white lithium grease. Neither item is included with the kit and I didn’t know I needed them so I got stuck part way through and cannot finish til I get them. Yeah I know who doesn’t have an Allen wrench. Well I have one but can’t find the one I need but I definitely don’t have any grease

Just positing this so others wont end up like me ie game apart and unplayable due to being unprepared

#5456 7 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Curious, what did you use the 5/16" allen wrench for? Sorry you had issues.

Sorry its 1/16" (phone typo) Allen to remove screws to remove the gear then reuse them to attach the new gear.

#5473 7 months ago

What size lock nuts are you guys using?

Might as well do this while I have the hood up upgrading my wheel tonight. I have had some bounce offs fork wise just assumed my weak a$$ play caused me not to get it but if the fork is loose that would explain things.

#5485 7 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Just a heads up Warning doing this procedure. JJP uses a flared end pivot bolt so getting it out is a Complete pain in the butt! The end of the pivot tube is flared out on the outside of the cabinet so you need to hammer it out without splintering the crap out of the hole. Wish I still had a picture but Trust me its not as easy as it should be. I had to do this when installing mirror blades. If installing blade Art do yourself a favor and just cut the decal hole Larger and avoid taking that bolt out. Good Luck!

Well that is good to know as I will be attempting side art soon (already have it just haven't taken the leap yet) and I for sure would have been frustrated trying to get the nut out of the way to do the install.


#5489 7 months ago

Looks great. I have the same to install and am dreading it as my PF clearance looks tight as well. I have held off for now as I have been "under the hood" more than I have been playing the game dealing with nagging issues. Hoping to get things ironed out soon and get back to playing and then later put the decals on once I am not under it every 5 mins.

#5491 7 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

New issues? Or known stuff?

Known basically.

Wiring issue first - bundled wires from head to cab were so tight that moving the PF disconnected the connectors in the head. Seems to be fixed now by clipping some of the wire ties and getting those connectors loose/extra slack then wire tying them together at the base of the head (on the bottom) so they don't move when the PF is moved.

Plunger issue - washer did the trick just hate that I had to go that route

Lost ball in the game somewhere - truthfully never found it added a ball back and game plays correctly

Game stuck on tilt all the time - seems a wire came loose next to the tilt bob, snagged it and jammed the hanger up against the ring. Dumb thing but took me some time to find it

Super loud wheel - didn't start that way but it sounds terrible now so started working on mod couples replacement - didn't realize I needed grease so game is sitting apart til I can get some at the store

Ball hanging up on the right side apron near shooter lane (metal guide attached to apron) - screw had come loose and thus the metal frame was resting on the PF stopping the ball when it drained there

Monitor - right side lock is super tight and almost impossible to get unlocked due to monitor slightly out of alignment. Fiddled with everything and is better but lock is still a little difficult to deal with at times

Essentially nothing more than NIB issues, some QC related IMHO but nothing earth shattering. Mostly just things that pop up as you play, then you fix and then something else pops up, so you fix then the same issue from before comes back so you fix again but better ... rinse and repeat. At some point it tame down I'm sure. It's all good, annoying but good.

#5497 7 months ago
Quoted from djxealot:

Having both a new Stern and a new JJP -at the same time-, I can say that there are definitely differences in the build quality and quality control.
JJP has superior build quality but inferior QC. Better, heavier components. Plywood cabinet bottoms. Solid electronics - faster, better platform (PC vs custom ARM). Everything is a notch or two more robust on a JJP. HOWEVER, the JJP has a lot more minor/smallish issues. Little things. More adjustments needed. Little quirks that need to be fixed/addressed/etc... Been under the hood a lot more often with my Pirates than my Deadpool. But never anything I'd call a big deal.
Stern has inferior build quality but superior QC. I feel like the components in the Sterns I've had are less robust. The MDF cabinet bottoms - I don't like that. Things like the Deadpool bobble head being two pieces instead of one - prone to breakage. Even the playfield acquires ball dimples MUCH faster than my JJP. The quality of everything is a notch lower... but everything worked basically 100% out of the box. No small adjustments/quirks/fixes needed (except for one errant screw).
Spitballing it, I'd say Stern just has a long history and institutional checks in place to catch small crap, but suffers a little from cost-cutting mentality (they've gotten a little better lately). JJP is the opposite. Haven't worked out all the QC and testing bugs... but they are building solid, high quality stuff that will last... once you get everything dialed in and worked out, anyway.

I think you nailed it and I would agree. I feel way more confident about the quality of this JJP POTC but damn a lot if not all of my issues (not just the ones above) should have been caught at the facility and would have been if they had taken 5 mins longer checking over the game. All minor complaints but complaints none the less (don't want Stern fanboys saying I am just trying to protect my purchase blah blah blah).

#5531 7 months ago
Quoted from Lazar:

In search of my first pin and landed at JJP POTC LE. Quick question to those with experience. The distributor I am going through adds on another $500 for delivery, setup, and one year warranty. I feel that I can handle transport and setup, but maybe you can tell me to not be so confident. If we don’t get the warranty the following occurs: we are 3 hours from the distributor and any service calls would require us to bring the pin to them if there is issue. Thoughts on whether I should pay the extra $500? Thanks in advance.

Not sure where you are located but there may be other distributors available to you that can give a better deal.

Not sure its worth the extra 500 especially since you would have pack up and take the game to them which with POTC is no easy task (hate saying that).

#5564 7 months ago
Quoted from cbdarden:

Love the game and continue to be incredibly disappointed with the QA. Who thought it a good idea to ship a pin out the door with the shooter rod hitting the automatic plunger. AND not being able to lower the plunger enough that it doesn’t hit it? I’ve tried double stacking washers to angle it down, guess I’ll do three. How was this not QA’d? It’s only essential to the game to get the ball into play.

One washer has fixed mine fine so far. I will tell you I placed it on the outside of the cab under the shooter cover on the bottom. You cannot see the washer unless you get on the ground and look up underneath. I assume you placed yours theirs as well but if you need more than 1 your shooter rod must be way off or worse, bent. Once I did this all my plunger issues were gone.

I do agree that this is terrible QC with respect to the plunger assembly.

One other suggestion and one that I saw when I had it all apart was to get a dremel and dremel out the bottom portion of the triangle cut out a little deeper that should allow you to move the entire assembly down some more and keep a factory look as it would be covered by the housing and inside plate. Shouldn't have to do this at all of course. Also I am not 100% positive as I did not take out a tape measure or anything but my cutout sure looked like it was crooked.

#5567 7 months ago
Quoted from cbdarden:

The rod isn’t bent, the whole thing is just drilled out way, way too high. A single manual plunge at the factory would’ve shown this issue immediately. Disappointing.


#5569 7 months ago
Quoted from lordloss:

So which distributers still have POTC LE?

Try Joe at pinballstar I think he had 1 left (maybe)

And try Flip N Out as well

I think someone yesterday said automated had LEs in stock as well but I could be wrong

#5662 7 months ago
Quoted from angus:

I can't help it if they tell me they don't when I call. Good help is hard to find apparently.

Joe at pinballstar posted this AM that he has LEs so get in touch with him if you want one

#5711 7 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

Can you post one with the red light? I'm picking up one at TPF anyway, but I really can't decide with only seeing the gold.

I have the red one and it is set to a slow flash. Kinda mimics a heartbeat. Looks really good and my son loves it.

#5713 7 months ago

I can also recommend the Depths & Bayou light mods they look good too. Particularly the depths the blue fits in very well there. Green on the bayou is good to but it kind shades the ramp a little green as well but still looks good.

#5719 7 months ago
Quoted from tonycip:

I would want it to be interactive so when a ball is ready to be locked the chests glows red..

Unfortunately not interactive its red all the time but it still looks good on the game IMHO.

Not as good as your shooter rod though

#5909 6 months ago
Quoted from Schabs81:

Also disable coils while picking characters. Just like how it is when you put name for high score.

This would be great. The issue here is since the ball kicks to the shooter launch once you press start the coils will be active. They would have to set it so that you press start, pick your character and then ball kicks to shooter lane (i.e. coils are active). They would also have to program it so that it did the same for the additional players. Not sure how feasible that would be - I'm not a programmer.

#5931 6 months ago

There is someone that removed the head to move theirs around. No idea about removal of the playfield but I don't see why you couldn't. Mark all connections and wires accordingly and take lots of pics before you take things apart.

Doing this would help with the weight for sure.

Otherwise leave it in the box and do the scoot down the steps method others in this thread have mentioned. Should work fine this way as well.

#5944 6 months ago
Quoted from Parzival:

Love this game. Thinking about selling my LE to a buddy and upgrading to a CE. Thoughts?
There must be a couple CE's still NIB floating around

There are, check with Joe at pinballstar, Zach at flip n out, and I believe there was a Kevin or Keith who follows this thread who said he still had 1 CE left as well.

#6059 6 months ago

The more we play ours the more we like it. My wife is always skeptical of games at first however she makes sure she plays for almost an hour every night. That’s how much she likes this game.

What she likes even more is the mods. Every mod I’ve added she has commented how awesome they are, that they belong, and more importantly she feels they should have been on there since the beginning. If only she knew how much this silly ass game has cost lol

My point is I am not as convinced this game is the GOAT as many others are but one thing is for sure this is the BEST home pin ever. Anyone that has not played this game at home has truly missed out on the whole experience. I can’t even imagine playing this on location. I am sure I would walk away after only a few games. Seriously you have to play this at home to see how good it is

#6110 6 months ago

You guys get a lot of airballs of the targets?

And which item is in the menu to adjust the kick out the tortuga hole? I looked but cannot seem to tell and I would like it to be slightly less to give us a shot at keeping the ball in play. Right now it tends to SDTM about 80% of the time.

#6244 6 months ago
Quoted from Skipnatty:

I see yelobird in this thread quite a bit so I have to say, thanks for the JJPOTC mods. I put the Kraken and Dauntless railing on recently and they really make those parts of the game pop. Now to just empty my wallet for a few more!
In general, very very glad to have such an amazing game in my home collection and appreciate all of the support from the owners community as I've been dialing the game in, specifically to zaphx and kevinbuffalo but there are so many others.
Hope everyone enjoys the streams if you've seen them, I'm trying to do my best to show off the scoring benefits to each character but at the rate I go for streaming and game play, that's gonna take a while Best part is, provided I don't get Weatherby in a random select 1P game, I feel like there's great options all around. Amazing work by Eric, Keith, Joe K, JP De Win, David Thiel, and the whole team.

I highly recommend the mezel mods decking for the black pearl and the lighting for the depths/bayou holes. They really make difference IMHO.

And yes modcouple has completely broken my wallet! My wife loves the dog and the monkey the best.

#6257 6 months ago

At least 2 people just put in a block of wood under the one corner, not sure about anyone else.

#6569 6 months ago

Maelstrom mod is off to a new owner.

#6898 6 months ago

By far some of the most impressive work I have seen from a mod standpoint. I would love to have one on my LE.

My concerns are the same as several of you.

If the game was a launch button it would be perfect so having it be gun seems odd since the game is not.

Skill shot??

Large obtrusive shooter sticking out of the cabinet gets in the way in tight spaces

All that being said its fantastic and I would still like one but the price is just too much for me. And another problem if I did buy I have no idea which to get as they all look amazing!

#6955 6 months ago

Been meaning to post this for sometime but mad props to tonycip for an awesome shooter rod for my game. Great work excellent product and fast service. Thanks Tony!

B1CC7F12-A384-4F94-B368-9CAE148EAA8C (resized).jpeg
#6957 6 months ago

Yep and priced right too!

#6975 6 months ago

What star posts is everyone changing out to? Putting a Marco order together so figured I might as well grab these while I'm at it.

#6980 6 months ago

Hate to say it but its longer than that 2 months at this point. I ordered several things back in early Feb still waiting.

Love Cliff, love his products but he needs some expert helpers.

#6988 6 months ago

375 maybe I dunno but it is the heaviest game I have ever moved into my house by far

1 week later
#7421 6 months ago

I asked before but never got a reply can anyone tell me what star posts to order for the slings please. thx.

#7690 5 months ago

If anyone is interested in the standard JJP plastic topper that came with the LE let me know.


I am using a different topper and don't need this big box sitting in my house.


#7830 5 months ago

I wouldn't mind the stainless at all but I would not want to give up RGB lighting. I cannot imagine this game w/o it.

I will say this about POTC - it is by a wide margin the best game we have in our home and have owned. Does that mean I cannot wait to play it all the time, no - does that mean I only play it vs the other games in my home - no but it is still the BEST game we have.

Sometimes I am looking for something fun and and basic to play - WCS and MB fit that mold to a T. When I want an ass kicking but superbly fun - WH20.

When I want EPIC game play and endless variation - POTC. Our family absolutely sucks at the game but we still love to play it. The wife has started stacking MBs and the score is finally starting to rise (and she is just a flipper - no tactics, no strategy etc).

In the home I can think of no better game to have especially for its legs. I cannot imagine playing this on location and enjoying it. Too much going on and too much to do and you need the visual and audible cues the game gives.

Happy to be an LE owner just wish it had been cheaper, lol.

#7836 5 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Do you play multiplayer games with the plundering? It's one of the best parts of the game IMO. FANTASTIC multiplayer due to the plundering feature.

Yep we love it.

Quoted from joseph5185:

Very proud to call this my first pin.
Eyeing a LE ATMr for the variety...

We love our MBRLE

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