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#246 1 year ago

Hi guys I’m new. Been reading for awhile but really wanted to join. I’ve been waiting to get a Pirates of the Caribbean Limited addition for some time and just learned that they removed the triple spinning disc. I’m so terribly disappointed since it was such a cool feature. I’m still leaning towards getting one but it is a factor in my decision. How does everybody that has a POTC now feel about it without the disc? What does the single spinning disk do now I can’t really find out does it have any function other than marginally affecting ball movement?

Also I watched Kevin play on several videos and it seems that the electronic map lands almost always on plunder opponents character and doesn’t seem all that random. Not sure they got the code right for that.

#259 1 year ago

Thanks for the answers everybody! Kevin that makes sense. I saw it hit plunder opponents character three times in a row and looked like nothing else ever came up. Reassuring it was just a glitch. Character is the last thing I’d want to plunder. Also good to know you can adjust the setting.

#301 1 year ago

Kevin you are awesome!

#355 1 year ago

So I drove an hour and a half yesterday to play the standard version POTC with my 9 year old son. We both loved it generally and it was a lot of fun, but there were a couple of unexpected issues:

1). The ball got stuck constantly under the right ball rail by the second pop bumper. We played about 20 games, ball must have gotten stuck 30 times. Every single time in the same spot. There seems to be an automated feature that moves the play field slightly and released the ball after about one minute, yet not consistently every time. We tilted three times just trying to nudge the ball lose. We were not able to play as many games as we wanted because we lost so much time getting the ball lose.

2). The game registers points and hits when you push the flipper button anytime the ball is still live, even if in the ball is waiting to be launched. As long as you keep hitting the button, you keep getting points 30 at a time. Weird error on a Jersey Jack machine. Would never have expected that.

3) the new disc works better than I thought and looks much bigger in person than online of course. It almost looks too big but Austin (my son) and I really liked the effect it had on the ball sometimes. The trade off they made to put the map rewards only on the screen now seems to have been a smart choice. We really liked how it worked. He plundered all my points on his first reward. He loved that.

4) trying to pay attention to the screen and the playfield at the same time is probably the toughest challenge with this particular pin, and we missed collecting gold multiple times because we couldn’t get it and keep the ball in play or just missed it. We both drained a few times trying to collect gold. We missed collecting a bunch.

We would have kept playing for hours longer if we could have, but we had to leave. Definitely want this pin. I’m on the order list for an LE.

Has anyone else experienced these issues 1 and 2 above? I assume the false point registering is an easy code fix but I have not read of these problems yet. The game is very well designed otherwise and plays fun throughout. I like that it does not repeat the same video clips or call outs over and over like some machines do.

#357 1 year ago

Vdrums did you experience ghost point registering?

#361 1 year ago

Thanks I figured probably an easy fix. Good to know not a code issue. Shows how much I know about how these things work lol

#363 1 year ago
Quoted from Hogbog:

Both sound like adjustment issues. Spotlight bent too low in the pops, and likely the switch in the Chapter Start area gapped too tight. Let me knew where you played it, and I'll reach out to the operator.

Bit Bar in Salem, Massachusetts.

2 weeks later
#563 1 year ago

I know my pin is coming soon. I am still really excited and I’ve played it so I know it’s a lot of fun, but I am worried about hearing all the adjustments that are needed on many of these. I am pretty new to pinball other than playing a bit as a kid, and am worried I don’t have the skill or knowledge to make these adjustments. I’m a total fan of pinball now and will be putting two in my game room, I just want to make sure I can keep them working. I’d value the opinion of some more experienced pinsiders on this.

So far, I just have a Deadpool LE and no issues so far needing to fix, except one loose wire on the start button that was an easy fix. POTC sounds much more maintenance intensive.

#565 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

I would only say do Not be scared off by a few posts and fine tune adjustments. This game is Absolutely incredible and know that we (most of us here) are simply anal pickey pinball folks that love to hunt for perfection. While you may be new with this forum, JJP, and most importantly #LTG you will not find yourself lost or without help should you have questions. When you release a masterpiece many will wish to dial it to perfection and some simply like to see what makes it tick. (A childhood thing ). We (my wife and I) are still blown away by the play, animation, and depth of this game. Trust that NO title is ever released without a few tinkerers that need perfection. When/if you need that there will Aleays be help to guide you. Dare I say best purchase we made in 2018 considering 9 other titles this year. PM if you ever need help.

Thank you! I know that many of the members of this site are very helpful and I have great confidence that you all will help me! I have less confidence in my implementation lol. However, I have been reading here for awhile before joining and I love the community and you all are a big reason why I bought one in the first place.

#636 1 year ago

I just talked to Jen at JJ. They are going to build all the CE’s next and then go back to LE and SE production. My original estimate was my LE would ship in December. Now she tells me probably February. They are still shipping first month orders now.

#704 1 year ago

Eric your machine is amazing! Bravo! I can’t wait to get mine. I’m comfortable now that I can tweak it with help from Pinsiders and get it running smooth. It is a very complex machine so it’s understandable there are a few more glitches than some other pins. Sounds like most are easy fixes if you know what you are doing.

Playing the machine sold me though, even though I had a few issues. The bigggest thing for me was when the disc was changed, but I like it now.

#749 1 year ago

Tell me about it that was my biggest issue when I played the machine the first time!

Quoted from VividPsychosis:

The darned gold collecting helped up drain on MORE than one occasion! lol.

2 months later
#2979 1 year ago

Both Zach and Greg on SDTM said they loved the game also.

#2980 1 year ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

Both Zach and Greg on SDTM said they loved the game also.

I’m sorry guys I posted this in the wrong thread

1 month later
#4250 11 months ago
Quoted from heni1977:

[quoted image]

How did you do those leg lights heni they are cool?! I went to pbl but didn’t see anything but small lights.

3 weeks later
#5655 10 months ago
Quoted from angus:

Really would like to get an LE. Don't seem to be any available. Let me know if anyone knows of some.

Yes Pinballs.com/automated services has LE’s in stock and available

#5683 10 months ago

After waiting forever I should be getting my POTC LE in about two weeks! Hope no major issues out of the box. Definitely concerned about that but hoping for the best.

6 months later
#12217 4 months ago

Greetings fellow POTC owners. I received my LE #683 on July 29. I was so worried about all the technical problems I made an arrangement with my distributor to have the chief tech at JJ himself dial in my entire machine. I paid $400 extra for this but I feel it was worth it. I’ve had no major problems at all except my ball gets stuck at the top of the Black Pearl ramp. I’ve tried all the fixes no solution yet. Working with JJ tech support to fix.

My playfield did have bubbling under the sling posts and on some other posts but not terrible. I installed the repair kit they provided but didn’t like the washers and used the neoprene ones from Lowe’s people have posted about. The good news is that I totally love this pin as my favorite of all time. I want to keep her working and lasting in as good as shape as possible.

So I installed Cliffy’s with all the parts Cliff had already developed, the Map Hole (2 pieces), the mystery hole, the Depths and the shooter lane. However he did not have any protectors developed for the Bayou hole or the edge of the Black Pearl where the ball goes rocketing up. So I felt we needed protectors there. I worked with Cliff (what an awesome guy) and we developed new protectors for the ship and the Bayou hole. The Bayou hole protector is made of the carbon fiber so it is expensive. He says he will not make any more of those unless he gets enough orders, but the Black Pearl protector is ready for ordering. I posted some photos of the new pieces. They work great. At first I didn’t like the look of the carbon, but now I like it. Want to protect the playfield as best I can. Installing the Map Hole is a PITA. You have to remove the ramp and the ship. I didn’t realize the T nut issue so didn’t file that down while I had all the parts off. Now I have to deal with that. Loving the game and glad I joined this club!
6912C593-1F4E-479E-B945-19BF1F86ECC7 (resized).jpegDC5218F7-72E3-49C3-8418-FE9D909590BA (resized).jpegE10A127A-9157-4760-87A3-37A9D30FDE0C (resized).jpeg351415CD-68E4-4A02-8942-B8217785F843 (resized).jpeg507E2A3F-5370-4332-9895-AAE50685E37D (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#12281 4 months ago
Quoted from koops:

Finished the ramp support.
It took quite a few revisions
Check for collisions with the pearl tilted as far right as it can go.

Check it actually works and the ball can't get stuck

Thingiverse download link : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3872733
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

That’s great. Are you selling it? That ramp design is horrible. How they couldn’t figure out the ball would get stuck there is beyond me. I’ve struggled to get it to work. Only thing so far that works is a thick yellow post rubber under the ramp over the sling protector. Looks terrible though. Would love a more elegant solution

#12284 4 months ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Can you post a pic?

Do you mean of the rubber post sleeve? I actually have a second one which I’m going to paint brown so you don’t see it as much but until I find a better solution this is my solution I’ve tried multiple other things nothing works including all of the advice in this thread.

#12285 4 months ago

BTW Frank Becker quit Jersey Jack during Labor Day. So now it’s just Steve by himself until they replace him. So I’m sure they’re overwhelmed right now.

#12289 4 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Frank WELKER? The voice actor?

Oh man my stupid autocorrect did that. I didn’t even notice it. Frank Becker. Lmao sorry I’ll correct original post.

#12290 4 months ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

I meant a pic where it’s supporting the ramp.

Yes I thought that’s what you meant. I figured a photo of it in place. Yes later today I’ll take the glass off and get some closeups. I used the head of the screw on the top part of the sling protector to hold the sleeve from sliding back. All other attempts always failed because whatever I wedged in there would slide back until there was no pressure and the ball would still get stuck. This was the only thing I ever found that was perfect size to catch the head of that screw so that it would hold in place properly and not slide back and fail after 20 minutes. Super annoying. Had to take the glass of 40-50 times to get a stuck ball that even shaking the pin wouldn’t get to come off that ramp.

#12292 4 months ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Can you post a pic?

Here ya go. Was actually able to get decent photos with the glass on so let me know if this isn’t good enough. You can see the base of the sleeve resting against the top of the screw head holding the plate on top of the sling under the ramp.

Here’s the link to the actual rubber post:

7909C70D-E7A7-46F4-BB4C-C48D5EFC9567 (resized).jpegE850D211-3A88-46F4-B986-A76B2891FBB1 (resized).jpegD1AE8EE0-FCC4-48AC-A37D-0557B76C9281 (resized).jpeg

#12294 4 months ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Whatever works! Thank you!

I know right! It kind of stinks we have to improvise but yeah at least it works. The sleeve is very thick and sturdy so there’s no way it will ever crush and fail so as long as it stays in place it you should be good to go. Also you will need to adjust the screws at the base of the ramp to get the right pitch and you may have to adjust the rubber crush washer holding up the right of the ramp. My crush washer is actually removed, however I removed it before I tried this option and it was just too much of a bitch to try to put back on without removing the whole ramp which I didn’t want to do.

#12295 4 months ago

They only make the sleeve in yellow so I’ll paint mine brown. I found it surprising how few different posts and sleeves were actually available online at least as I could find.

#12297 4 months ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

You could also file down the front part at an angle (See pic) so the post is flush with the ramp. That may even provide better support. Just an idea....
[quoted image]

Yes I actually thought of that and of having a custom rubber piece made with an angled top that I could superglue down but right now this works and I’m finally happy I can play without taking off my darn glass.

#12298 4 months ago

However it is that front edge that is supporting the ramp it’s at just the right height and angle. So if you were to cut that particular sleeve I don’t think it would work

#12301 4 months ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Good job Koops!
Can someone tell me which one goes first? The ball guide, map cliffy 2 or the scoop ball stop?
[quoted image]

The Map Hole Cliffy protector goes on first then you put the smaller metal deflector on second and the ball deflector guide last

#12303 4 months ago

Make sure you have the ball deflector (part that goes above the hole) lined up correctly or it will kick balls out of the Map Hole. Point it slightly left of center.

#12310 4 months ago
Quoted from Thot:

Wow guy so many works for this ramp ^^ you just have to bend a little the wired form who retein balls lol

How? Please explain. Haven’t figured out how to bend anything but if that works might try that. JJ could’ve avoided all of this fiasco with the ramp if they had just made that gate at the top of the ramp a little bit more raised on the left side. Literally a half inch higher screw hole on the ramp would’ve taken care of everything.

#12311 4 months ago

Koops thanks for the great work and sharing!

#12313 4 months ago
Quoted from RTS:

I think the placement of the left screw holes on the ramp was a manufacturing error.

Or probably a design error. It’s such an easy fix too they can re-engineer that gate piece which is separate from the ramp and literally probably cost about four cents in parts and send a new gate to everyone all you remove is a couple screws and install simple.

#12315 4 months ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

I’m lost. What’s wrong with that gate? Sorry, I’ve only played a handful of games....

The gate isn’t high enough on the left-hand side to force the ball to roll off to the right and allows the ball to sit on the gate they could fix that by moving the screws where the gate attaches up a half inch on the left side causing the ball to roll off even if the ramp is not level

#12322 4 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

I'm printing them both right now and my ramp isn't installed so should be able to test soon.

You da Man. Man.

#12329 4 months ago

I found a small wingnut on the bottom of my cabinet near the coin box last night and this afternoon I found a ball bearing also in the front of the cabinet. Does anybody have any idea where these came from? I’m wondering if the ball bearing came from the spinning disk assembly but I’m not sure and I’m worried about where these go.
42BCC5BA-236F-405F-81EA-96168079CE89 (resized).jpeg

#12336 4 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Wing nut holds plumb bob on rod for your plumb bob tilt.
LTG : )

Quoted from LTG:

I'd hang onto it. I can't recall anything like it in the game. Which means it may not belong in the game. Or it's from an obscure place you may discover some day.
LTG : )

Quoted from koops:

There isn't any bearings in the disk (took it apart a couple of days ago).

Great you guys make me feel so much better! I’m surprised I didn’t realize the wing nut was from the tilt bob. I’m so glad to hear there aren’t any ball bearings in the disc mech and since LTG you aren’t aware of any bearings in the game I feel just awesome to hear this. I’ve got this baby totally dialed in everything works perfect so that freaked me. Back to playing. This is what Pinside is for. You guys rock.

#12342 4 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

I thought someone said cliffy wasn't going to make them?
I think it looks weird only being a partial piece. Figured the protection would be nice, finishing the edge, blending in with a color other than stainless, etc.

I’m the one that tested the black pearl and bayou cliffy protectors for Cliff. We couldn’t make the black pearl protector any wider because there are lips underneath the BP playfield that come in and would block it. However that piece fully covers the areas where the ball travels and I love that I added that to my machine I strongly recommend it to everyone since that’s a purely exposed piece of the playfield which is guaranteed to get damaged over time

#12365 4 months ago

I’ve got stuck switch number 30 Turnaround. Haven’t seen that one have an issue before. Where exactly is the switch? Almost looks from the diagnostics that’s the maelstrom opto

#12375 4 months ago
Quoted from GnarLee:

Turnaround is the rollover for devils triangle. Hard to get to but is somwhat reachable by pulling playfield up. There is a spot from side you can see switch. I had to adjust my rollover out of box might be something simple.

Quoted from LTG:

Page C-112 and C-113 in the manual.
LTG : )

Thanks guys, that manual is huge! A little intimidating. I’ll look it up next time lol. It cleared after I played a game.

#12377 4 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

After using it a few times you'll get used to it. The nice thing with the PDFs is the index/thumbnails and searching. Lloyd used to point me to pages, I used to email Shannan asking about parts without numbers... now I can find most everything in the manual. They are definitely works of art.

I bought a printed manual actually. Thing is thicker than all five of my other manuals combined lol. I’ll get it. Very comfortable working under the hood now. I’ll get there. Will never be Lloyd the Great though

#12383 4 months ago
Quoted from KingBW:

They use to respond quite often, but I'm purely guessing that JJP doesn't want them to get into defensive arguments on Pinside about the JJP product line and make statements about future games (obviously), play fields, hardware, software fixes, etc. Steve and LTG are on here quite a bit to help out with known fixes to problems. Keith will sometimes chime in on rules clarifications/questions that no one else knows. He also did tell us of future JJPOTC character changes (advantages/disadvantages) that he has implemented in future code, but not released yet - somewhere back in the key posts. The future update has been worked on, but it's probably not totally completed and/or tested. The code on this game with all of the weighting and multipliers is probably the most complex that JJP has put out. I look forward to the next update.
I'm sure JJP will make a statement about the code update at Expo, if it has not been released by then. If not, someone should ask at the JJP Expo Saturday evening presentation. I have to leave a couple of hours prior to that (bummer), otherwise I would ask. If I see Keith there while I'm there, I'll ask and see if he can make a statement on it and report back.

I was told by someone at JJ who shall remain nameless that the new official policy is for employees not to go on Pinside anymore because there is so much bashing. So whereas we used to have access to the people actually working on these machines, because of all the incredible hostility, the manufacturers aren’t going to come on here anymore. That’s a shame. I can’t say I blame them.

#12387 4 months ago
Quoted from KingBW:

I kind of figured a decree something like that was made. We use to get some valuable information on the game and code from Keith, Ted, and Eric. That dried up months ago. They don't even do the JJP Live thing anymore. That takes a little bit away from the pin owner experience. It was always great to get "insider" information on the game, tweaks, tips, "why" they did things a certain way, etc.
I think they still occasionally lurk around here to see what we are complaining about now, or see some feedback on recent code released (on other JJP games currently). If not, that's even worse.

Oh they definitely watch, was told so directly. But the site has become unfriendly to them so the top made a business decision it was not in their best interest to have them keep coming on and getting attacked or cornered about things.

#12388 4 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Seems self-inflicted. Like having a private google group as your only real means of communication. Getting out ahead of bad press would probably do wonders for the hostility. Even some announcement posts that weren't monitored would probably give a lot of credit. Heck, the playfield situation should have been announced and would have gotten fan fair but since it wasn't the benefit of that PR is lost. JJP seems to have a void when it comes to PR. And to really cut off communication with one of the largest online communities of your very specific customer base seems hella short sighted. Take the lumps, if you aren't doing shit wrong then you have nothing to worry about. Customers would come to your defense if there was defendable action.

I would say it’s probably a bit of both. Only a few bad apples can make the whole bushel unappealing. That’s kind of what happened I think. Plus right now they don’t have answers for everything. They are still working on it.

#12399 4 months ago

Hi guys. I just got my POTC LE all fully moded and it’s just the greatest pin ever to me. Some of the mods are not well known so I wanted to let those of you who don’t know about them see some of them. HarryHoudini’s company makes the coolest stickers to put on many targets and they really add to the theme. For example, I couldn’t stand the mirror diamond reflectors on the three spinners. He makes stickers that fit the theme and really add to the completeness look of your playfield.

Here are some pics of his mods. I also have the chest open and close mod which works perfect. Th illuminated window hides mechs on the BP and looks great. The galaxy star map replaces the stock star map plastic insert on the backboard with a no screw insert that covers the whole backboard. There is also a lighting mod to put behind it to add a star effect to the rest of the backboard. HarryH keep up the good work!
0DA96D9A-A490-41F8-900B-F89E97B93A5C (resized).jpeg2B598837-E3C6-4428-A826-49E41A62BAE3 (resized).jpeg8F07E64C-2300-43DA-A468-52DD4B00D769 (resized).jpegD65B26FA-D8D1-4E0B-B9E4-62EE92CA25C6 (resized).jpeg

#12401 4 months ago
Quoted from Thot:

Problem with spinners, they are here like sails not like doors!

Lol I really had no idea what they were meant to signify. But I definitely like this look better.

#12403 4 months ago
Quoted from luckymoey:

What mod do you have on the deck of the Dauntless? Kinda looks like the Mezel Mods one but nicer.

If you mean the top deck above the spinners it is from Mezelmods. It looks perfect. I also combined the ModCouple’s Dauntless railing with the inside parts of Mezelmods Dauntless kit (just didn’t use their railing). I think they look great together. Plus Harry has new pop bumper covers coming out soon. I’m getting a Jack, he has Davey Jones.

Here’s a pic of the railings.
AEF37C8E-5321-4F29-911F-FCD4CFE79D90 (resized).jpeg

#12405 4 months ago
Quoted from luckymoey:

Thanks. Looks like you also did a great job painting everything to blend together.

Welcome. Actually I didn’t have to paint anything. All stock.

#12419 4 months ago
Quoted from LesManley:

The ship wasn't moving as well as as expected.
They got the issue fixed via text support but by the time that happened Jersey Jack had already sent out a replacement motor to him.

They have wanted every replaced part they sent to me returned within 30 days or they charge you full price. How was he able to keep it?

#12421 4 months ago
Quoted from LesManley:

Not sure, maybe this was a long time ago or the story I was told wasn't how it actually happened.

Okay thanks. I’d love to hold onto extra parts for this pin. Good find. Welcome to the club I waited forever to get mine.

#12424 3 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Can’t you just buy some?

I called already to order the spare parts I was worried about, they were out of stock on everything. Disconcerting. I hope they stock parts to keep the pins in the field working for a long time. Would totally suck if something went on it and the machine could not be repaired.

#12426 3 months ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Did they say they were restocking these parts?

I was only told to check back in three weeks. My question on whether they were going to keep stocking parts was not actually answered.

1 week later
#12517 3 months ago
Quoted from jrawlinson_2000:

Ahoy there landlubbers, me Pirates LE #682 has made port (well the Pinball Shed), and she's a beaut!
I do have a question though and that is regarding sound, as I have 4 JJP machines now the Pirates is the weakest when it comes to bass, am I missing something or is this fair to say?
I did check the cabinet speaker/woofer and sound is coming out of it so its connected, I also checked connectors in the back-box all look fine.
Now the sound is not awful but is lacking in bass and all mid/top end sounding.
Can I just drop in a better 8" sub in the cabinet? Not that one should have to do this on a £10k machine![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

That’s cool. I have number 683. Wild, I wonder how many US models were sold then after mine?

#12576 3 months ago

Got my Jack pop bumper cover from The Pinball Mod Company installed over the weekend. Love it! Great detail. Beats the hell out of Tortuga Tom.

9A1C9D29-ACB7-4773-9683-CF88CC55A1C7 (resized).jpeg
#12584 3 months ago
Quoted from heni1977:

[quoted image]

I like those led lights behind your front legs. What did you use there? Never seen that before. And the shooter rod plate? Thanks looks cool.

#12587 3 months ago
Quoted from MurphyPeoples:

Does the arm with rum clear the wireworm to the right?

Yes lol. It is a little heavier than the original so spins just a little slower but it is balanced and nothing hits. It needs to be fully seated to clear the glass.

#12604 3 months ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

If someone does ask about it I’d imagine they’ll just give a standard non-response and say yes they’re working on it and it will be out soon without giving any timeframe.
There’s no indication they’re putting any effort into #JJPOTC. In hindsight I think it’s clear now that when you see only 2 code updates ever issued on the game and none since the end of April plus zero communication on any new updates it’s not a big leap to figure work on Pirates was put on the shelf earlier this year to develop Wonka. Wonka has already had many times the number of updates in far less time since its initial shipping. I’m sure they’re also now working on whatever their next title is, so between that and Wonka their attention is likely far away from Pirates. Just because JJP has supported code on the other games they’ve made doesn’t mean they’ll support Pirates the same way. That shouldn’t be the case, but JJP seems to operate pretty inconsistently in general so I don’t think it’s a stretch to give it a pretty high probability of actually being the case.
I don’t think it’s a stretch to envision them leaving Pirates code hanging for awhile longer. I hope they prove me wrong, but they haven’t so far and they’ve had plenty of time to do so.

Don’t forget POTC was substantially delayed while they worked out the mechanical issues while they kept working on the code. Wonka has only been delayed after release due to the playfield issues. So they had longer to work on POTC code before release than they did on Wonka. And just because they have another machine on the line that doesn’t indicate that they aren’t working on the code for the other one. They can be working on both simultaneously - let’s see if anything comes out of Expo

#12621 3 months ago
Quoted from JohnnyPinball007:

I purchased a manual recently from KingPin for 100.00 + shipping.

You can also download the manual as an iBook and get it printed at a bunch of places online. I saw a post someone did that not sure who, maybe HarryHoudini?

#12640 3 months ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

Ok, so if you guys followed the early days of my posts, you would find that I have been trying to get our beloved POTC to perform on the audio side with external subwoofer and external amps and speakers. I knew the sound was there as you can hear it when you play through headphones.
Well I took the plunge on the PinWoofer setup. When I got it I almost backed out when I saw the install instructions. Be warned this is more invasive than some mods. But I was determined to get good sound out of this.
Let me just say, if you believe this game is the GOAT, you must do this mod. The bass from the upgraded woofer goes well beyond my external Polk. It provides such a great tactile feedback that you don’t get with the external sub. It was a seamless transition between the bass and the shaker. So much so I actually had to check if the shaker was still working.
Be warned, this isn’t for everyone but for those that are keeping this game forever, I highly recommend the upgrade. This and Pinballj/Harry’s trunk mod and you are set for what I believe is one of the greatest pinball experiences ever. I did make a makeshift cover for the amp just to protect it from falling screws. Otherwise the kit has everything you need.
So, how do I get this sound in the rest of my collection?

Could you post a video of your install?

#12659 3 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

What Play field pitch do you guys have your POTC at?

I have mine at the second bubble. That’s what they recommend and I like that pitch.

#12662 3 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

My spinning disc is quite noisy. Is this just normal or can you adjust it?

Normal. The Mod Couple makes a disc silencer. I have it and it helps a lot.

#12676 3 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

I know about the negative perks, but having just one of the characters you can choose be ALL negative as essentially a handicap choice so a much better player can play with casual or even bad players and have them all be more equal would be pretty cool. I don't think a handicapping option in pinball has even been done. Another JJP first if implemented.

I usually fake drain my ball if I’m playing too well against novices. I’m no pro though lol. And I never have to do that with my son he’s just as good at kicking my ass in pinball as he is at Xbox.

#12678 3 months ago
Quoted from JohnnyPinball007:

I am not that good but I will never just hand a win over. My gf gets pissed when at the last minute I am able to beat her grandson, but the way I see it is I am old school, and not into the participation trophies and all that mess that goes on today.
When I get beat is when I could never make my shots the whole game, and that is frequent enough that anyone even a novice can easily beat me 25% of the time or more anyway.
If I was really good, then yes I would let someone else win. But I can be beat easily enough anyway, so game on.
I am not great at pinball, but I enjoy the hell out of it.

Me too. My favorite hobby ever. Just pure fun. I have some weak-minded friends lol and if they are doing too badly they quit mid-game. I hate throwing a game but will do so if I have to.

#12680 3 months ago
Quoted from JohnnyPinball007:

That is messed up. They must do not get how damn fun pinball is. Even on my worst games when all I get is SDTM every ball I still enjoy the feel of the game even though what happened totally sucked. Then next game maybe a new high score!
As far as my friends, some are afraid to shake the game a little, I tell them shake the damn thing! Then one moves it 2 feet and I am like...not that much, shake a little easier.
Some friends are afraid to touch the games much I think.
Everyone is different and all is cool and life with pinball machines is awesome!

I know right! LOL. People just don’t want to nudge the machine. They seem afraid. I tell them it was made for that it’s part of pinball go ahead shake away ever heard of tilt lol? Yeah they’re not into it as much as me it’s really one of my best friends that’s like that but he’s got a short attention span for anything. Probably why he’s been single his virtual entire adult life...

1 week later
#12778 3 months ago
Quoted from VALIS666:

Picked this up a few days ago, thankfully only very minor issues, a tweak here and a bend there, and it's playing like a dream. Fast becoming one of my all-time favorites.
I assume you should be able to hit the chest from the lower left flipper? I just can't ever seem to get the upper left flipper out of the way in time to complete the shot. I suppose I might hold flippers an extra half second like a baseball or golf swing follow-through, but maybe I'm trying to make a shot that is pretty hard to make and should instead just transfer over to the right flipper when I need the chest. My wife says she can make it from the left flipper, but I've never actually SEEN her do it!

The flippers have two functions. Push half way in and only the main flippers move. Push all the way in and all flippers move. Experiment with how much force it takes to just move the bottom flippers. I had the same issue my upper left flipper was always in the way. It’s tricky to get the hang of but it is possible to master then the other flipper won’t ever be in your way.

#12789 88 days ago
Quoted from VALIS666:

Could've sworn I looked there, guess I missed it. Thanks.

Yes Mezelmods. Also checkout the pinball mod company if you haven’t already. He’s got cool stuff including the chest open and close add on

#12791 88 days ago
Quoted from LesManley:

I just got my lighted star field and chest opening mod in the mail today. I'm going to try installing them the weekend, although I have to admit I am a little intimidated with the prospect of installing the chest opening mod from all I have read.

The only hard part is the rod. Rest is easy. Scott’s great at helping if you need it. He helped me a lot.

#12803 86 days ago

I see one NIB LE available for sale but the price is ridiculous - $13,000.00.

#12805 86 days ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Depends on how bad you want one. There aren’t any more rolling off the lines, and those who own one aren’t giving them up any time soon. At least this one is NIB. I’m not saying -I’d- pay that much, but the game is now pretty rare, and is one of the top machines of all time. Ultra packed (but not too-dense) playfield, super fun rules, SUPER fun shots .. easy to start, hard to master... code update coming soon...

Yes I agree. If I absolutely had to have it and didn’t have one yet I would probably pay that, but it’s ridiculous to be so greedy like that. That’s Capitalism for you. You can almost always get something you want, you just might have to pay through the nose to get it. I still can’t for the life of me figure out why Jersey Jack stopped making arguably the best pinball machine ever made. I know they had line issues and they had some design problems, and they were behind schedule with Wonka, but they seem to have fixed all that and the pin once dialed in works great and is absolutely incredible. It is highly loved and well known, plus they’ve already put all their money into design and all they need to do is start up the line and make new parts. I can easily see them selling 5000 of these eventually. I think it’s a shame only 1000 are out in the world. I feel very lucky to have one. However that does virtually guarantee our resale value if we ever decide to sell. I can’t see me ever selling my POTC. It’s my flag ship pin.

#12818 86 days ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

I think its clearly evident that JJP didn't make any $ on POTC, which is why production stopped. The game is so loaded with features its not really a surprise. My theory is if JJP decided to make more they would be "special" versions and sell for much higher than the original LE's. Just like they did with WOZ YBR that they sold for almost $12K....with the stupid prices people are paying some of the Stern LE games I think the $13K isn't completely out of line.

But profit margins almost always go up with greater sales. If they stuck to it, I can’t see how they don’t make a profit. And if thier price estimates were off, just raise the price $500.00. It’s definitely worth it even at that price. It doesn’t really matter to me I already have one in fact mine is only going to be worth more if they don’t make anymore. I just wish there were more out there for people to buy some so many people want one.

#12828 86 days ago
Quoted from MurphyPeoples:

Believe it or not, the Standard Version is the rarest of all. Fewer of those made than any other.

The stats I saw were 1,000 overall, 200 CEs, about 680 LEs and less than 100 standards.

#12829 86 days ago
Quoted from luckymoey:

There is only so much demand for $9k-13k pinball machines in the world and sales of POTC where obviously much softer than expected. Combined with a high level of quality issues due to assembly mistakes and an unforgiving design, it's no surprise they cut bait and moved on to a simpler, less costly, more popular theme like Wonka. I wouldn't bet against them making more but give it 50/50 at best. There are more options then ever for the small number of collectors willing to spend over $10k, and I doubt a theme like POTC has strong, current appeal to the other man-cave and operator market segments. Maybe they could confidently plan on selling 100-200 more copies of a simplified version, i.e. no monkey mech strategy, priced at $12k delivered, but unlike WOZ that has never really been out of production, it would probably take a lot of effort to restart the POTC supply chain and production for relatively small total profits. This seems like a losing strategy for a company that has struggled to generate steady cash flow and profit streams.

I respect your opinion but disagree. The theme is hugely popular and I don’t think that popularity is going away anytime soon.

#12832 86 days ago
Quoted from luckymoey:

I certainly could be wrong and hopefully they will make more. Just skeptical given how weak it originally sold. Seems like the community has largely moved on, and JJP may be its own toughest competition if Eric hits another home run with GR.

We will have to see. Is it confirmed Eric is the designer for Guns ‘n’ Roses? It does seem like POTC is the most popular machine that none are available for.

#12846 86 days ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I'll let mine go for $30k. Comes with a free Supreme sticker.

Hilarious! I understand in theory why the Supreme label on anything sells but come on IMHO the barest, lamest, most boring pin design ever created. And they didn’t even do a new layout for $25,000.00 that’s just crazy to me. For that price you should get a unique playfield not a relabeled Spider-Man playfield.

#12850 86 days ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

I'm with ya...its a real concern...doesn't say much about JJP's future if they don't even stock spare parts. I wish them the best, but its a bad sign.

I was told they were going to keep stocking parts they had just run out of parts. I was initially worried about this as well but Shannon told me they were going to restock.

1 week later
#12959 76 days ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

So I guess the playfield insert lights going out and the flippers stopping working so the ball drains is not a feature of some part of the game?
Usually, if the trough optos are playing up, and too many balls get to the shooter lane, and you plunge them all, then as soon as you lose one, the game will think you lost the only ball in play and will do the bonus count... unless I started a MB and it was therefore expecting more balls in play...
Am I running the latest code with the version 00.99--CE?
Will do a switch test with an empty trough an put balls in slowly... and also test the plunger lane switch...
If the game starts playing up in strange ways that are hard to diagnose, do JJP offer support by analysing game play data that might be captured to a USB stick? I know American Pinball do this, just wondering if JJP do also...

There is a small board on the left rear of the playfield that controls all the lights. My board was bad and sometimes the lights would not come on at startup and twice everything just went dark. Check your RJ45 network cable connections under the playfield in that board and in the backboard. Also check the mini hdmi cable on the same board and in the backboard. Make sure it is seated properly and not pinched somewhere. One of these connections could be lose. My problem ended up being a bad board. Steve sent me a new replacement and I’ve had zero issues since. The board swap out is super easy if you need to do that.

#12965 75 days ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

And did your flippers die at the same time?

No my flippers never lost power, or the main power, just the lights.

#12982 75 days ago
Quoted from arzoo:

The original prototype also had the Chest cover open and close based on when a ball could be locked, but all production units have the chest cover fixed in the open position. Cool thing is there's now a mod you can purchase to make the cover open and close like it was intended! Probably one of the coolest mods you can add imo. Not trivial to install but worth it. https://pinballmods.co/pinball-mods/PinballJs-actuated-chest-mod-JJP-POTC

Agree with this 100 percent!

#12985 75 days ago

You guys have sold me on pinwoofer. I’m adding to POTC and if I like it enough I’ll put in all my pins. Is this most people’s favorite speaker/amp upgrade? I’ve seen lots of options and haven’t gotten one yet because I wasn’t sure what would work best.

#12996 73 days ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

Just re-soldered the joints on optos 3 and 4 and now I always get switches showing balls in those locations... I've killed it! Someone warned me that the JJP trough opto emitters are very fragile... he didn't use that word exactly... the opto positions look very similar to the Bally/Williams opto positions... anyone know if a B/W opto emitter board is compatible with this game? If they are, it could be a more robust solution... Thanks for any tips...

How long have you had your pin? They might send you a new board. Did you try calling JJ first?

#12997 73 days ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

Thanks for the tip! That yellow is bizarre if it's supposed to be there... I imagined them hanging in a shop window for months to get like that... can't figure out how the yellow is connected with the artwork though... the sun on the horizon perhaps!? Would be very interested to see how yours look in the game after your trimming job!

I thought it looked weird when I got mine too but it does seem to be sun rays shining down. Looks good once it’s on. In my opinion I think all LEs from all manufacturers should include side blades. Lame some don’t.

#12999 73 days ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

I've had it less than a week, but I bought it 2nd hand... I'm actually sorting it out through the seller who's using his pulling power with the distro he regularly buys new pins from to send me a new opto board... I'm assuming the opto board on a Bally/Williams game will use the same voltage and the position of the optos and drilled holes looks the same as the JJP board, so maybe I can fix it with a B/W emitter board... I'm itching to play this thing again, so I could fix it today by stealing an emitter board from something like JD, which I've got easy access to... and then put the JJP board in when it arrives... any wise person know if I'm gonna fry something by doing that?

If you have to buy a new board, automated Services has boards for 20 percent off right now.

1 week later
#13067 66 days ago
Quoted from Vpv1rgin:

Wanted to share a quick and easy solution for the plunger hitting the auto launch Mech. All I did was take some furnature/glass protectors and put them between the button of playfield and the auto fife assembly. They are rubber and super thin. Needed 2 to make it clear. Zero problems since and took all of a few seconds to install. Auto plunger works better than ever now and no more rubbing when using the plunger for skill shots.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

What a great solution this was! I’ve been tinkering with this for a while. My last solution was putting a felt furniture pad underneath the right play field support clip on the apron. However that made the playfield uneven and very hard to lock in the lockdown bar. It also only partially worked. I couldn’t figure out what this meant because I kept thinking it was on the top of the play field. However, you put the piece underneath the playfield. Thank you for the great idea and the help when I had to PM you because I can’t read and understand a photo LOL.

3 weeks later
#13225 45 days ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

I wish I had an LE as I did spend additional funds on the Invisiglass, shaker, etc. However, the option was not there and I am just glad I have one.
I believe that all models are going to be harder and harder to come by. I am not selling mine. POTCJJP is the best pin I have ever played and I can’t see anyone topping it in the near future.

I agree it’s the best pin ever made IMHO. I’m never selling mine. I’m even trying to accumulate some key parts so I can keep her working as long as possible.

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