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#5108 5 months ago

Picked up a PotC Standard from Little Shop of Games a little while ago. Excellent machine. Went with Standard because already way over budget for pins this year and gameplay still the same - though LE is definitely the better value if you have the scratch for it. I may consider exploring adding that spinning pop bumper + figure at some point because that was freaking cool.

Long-winded review already in place in the review section, though I am amazed that the Standard is rated SO MUCH LOWER - even in things like art, sound, and gameplay - because those features are the same as the LE.

Love the machine so far. First Jersey Jack I've ever owned. Hell, first JJP I've even PLAYED (though I played a little on Dialed In at Little Shop of Games after I tried PotC).

Probably will have questions for y'all as I go along.

20190221_114123 (resized).jpg
#5119 5 months ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Why are some of you wanting to buy a new playfield for a brand new machine? I understand production is gonna stop pretty soon. Are you guys concerned about the quality of the playfields? What’s the deal?

Sidebar question: why is production stopping so soon? How many of these games were/will be made, anyway?

#5133 5 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I can see why some people would want a replacement playfield in storage for down the road just incase something happens. Honestly though, in a home environment if you install Cliffys, keep the playfield cleaned / waxed, and change the balls every so often there will be minimal wear on the playfield even 20-30 years down the road.

I'm not worried about it. Besides, given the ratings this pin has received, I'm sure reproduction playfields will be a thing someday.

#5143 5 months ago

Little quirk/fix I found that might be useful to someone. Last night, the chest ball lock wasn't releasing the balls when it was supposed to. Game would go into ball search mode. The gate would open. Balls would not roll out. Thought they were magnetized, or something wasn't working...

...and then I realized I was stupid. Even though I had the back feet at exactly the same height, one of my floor tiles was raised high, and another pushed low (crappy tile job). Result was, the back of the machine was not level. I checked the front but didn't check the back. As a result there wasn't enough of an angle for the balls to roll out. Leveled the back of the machine, and all worked well after that. But worth noting that a few degrees off was enough for the pinballs to stick in the chest. If that happens to you, double check your levels.

#5159 5 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Arrr. Me mods come in.

Have some stuff I need to order from them too. Looks cool, man. Seems like they do quality work.

#5227 5 months ago

Notice a hairline crack running through the center of the plastic Black Pearl ramp. Opened up a support ticket with JJP.

Doesn't effect gameplay, crack doesn't go all the way through, it's not easy to see unless you have the glass off and are looking at it, and it still seems to be in one piece. But I wonder if I can get a backup ramp just in case the crack gets worse/doesn't hold up long term.

#5464 5 months ago
Quoted from NightTrain:

Yeah it just doesn’t make sense to buy a standard. You’re already $8.5k deep. What the hell is another grand for a ton more features and candy. I can’t wrap my brain around that one. I can imagine resale would take a hefty hit on the standard version.

LE is a better value than the SE, for sure. But if you're already stretching your spend on pins this year (me), the extra $1,000 is non-trivial. Also, obtaining an SE is much easier, now, than getting your hands on an LE. Resale not a big issue for me as I generally hold on to my pins for a VERY long time, but even there I'm not sure it'd make a large difference. Unlike Sterns, JJP standards have the same gameplay. You're missing some aesthetic features and doohickeys like the shaker motor and spinning bumper (which I really like and may mod back in at some point), but it's the same game. Not like Stern pro/premium differences.

All that being said, the LE is the superior value over both the SE and the CE, IMHO. Doesn't mean the latter two won't sell, though .

#5465 5 months ago

One other minor fix I had to attend to, and which might help somebody.

Sometimes, when the ball drained, the trough opto boards failed to recognize it, causing a ball search loop. When I went into the switch menu, the ball 5 opto was going crazy. Constant on/off. This occurred AFTER I installed Ninja Pinballs. Working theory: the Ninjas were slightly more reflective, and there was some leakage as a result. Either way, I pulled the ball trough boards and reseated them, just pushing it a little closer to the center of the pinballs in the trough. Just a hair.

That worked. Crazy on/off thing stopped. Ball 5 opto working properly now. This didn't happen with the original balls - so I can't really blame JJP for that. They tested with what they had, not the aftermarket stuff.

#5470 5 months ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Second innings.. fork worked itself loose again.
Loctite failed this time but hoping that added lock-nuts will do the trick for the long haul.
Derek, Maybe you can add it to your allready comprehensive problem/fix list , good work![quoted image]

Is this why the chest lock tends to get harder over time? I.e. the ball appears to have enough momentum to get up the forks, but doesn't?

Or do I just suck (lol)?

#5483 5 months ago
Quoted from sulli10:

Let me give you another way to think SE versus LE. How many games do you buy and put 1000 dollars worth of mods in? The real difference SE to LE IS mods. Invi glass, shaker, topper, starlight panel, and powder coat. Any other game that you load this type of stuff in ,every buyer, provides minimal value at resale. I have owned a bunch of games , never bought invi glass, bought a total of one topper ( at resale it was a nice throw in, added little value) have bought a few shakers (but no value for them at resale), never powder coated the trim of a game (I think the brushed stainless is much nicer then the powder anyway ) . I like the starlight panel. Maybe I would buy that if priced right. So bottom line, as after market on this game if the SE was the only offering from Jjp, would I pay an extra 1K for a discounted mod package of the 5 items. Nah!
I might buy a shaker and if I could a starlight panel. So after thinking it over. The real value is the SE .

There are two other differences. LE provides RBG GI - SE only has white GI. I don't mind that, because the white provides better visibility IMHO. But that is not easily added as a mod; I did look into it out of curiosity. JJP uses tiny printed circuit boards with LEDs for the GI, and for the RGB ones, there are 4 wires (power + RGB signal) from the node boards, per LED. For the white, only two (power only). To add RGB GI you would need the PCBs for them - JJP doesn't sell them presently, AFAIK - and you would need to wire the extra two wires per light to the node boards. No interest in doing that.

The other, of course, is the motorized spinning bumper. This is the one feature from the LE that I want on my SE, and I am currently investigating how to do this. I ordered a Jack Sparrow series 1 figure ($20 ebay score) and a pop bumper cap ($20) from The Mod Couple (picked up the monkey and a second cap too), which I will make into the barrel cover top. I machined a small bracket to hold the figure on the barrel cover. But I need to find a cheap hobby motor I can piggyback off the pop bumper - since JJP doesn't sell this motor either. It will take some time to find, but if I do it I will document it for other SE owners. If I can do it for less than $75 altogether, it will be worth it.

Agree that the topper for the LE is "meh" (CE topper is great, but waaaaay too pricey). Don't care about invisiglass - some will disagree with me on this. Black powder coat vs. brushed stainless - I really don't care. Either is fine. My Sterns have all been powder coat, my Williams all stainless - don't care. Shaker motor is nice, but can do without. Starfield is "meh".

When I say LE is better value, I mean that you can tally up all the stuff JJP gives LE owners and it really adds up to that price difference - and then some. This is very different from Stern, where sometimes it's hard to see where the money for the Premium/LEs went. If you don't want that stuff, then SE is for you.

#5492 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Of ANY game I have seen with Pirates the RGB in my opinion is actually the Biggest value and requirement. Most games that is just for pretty color change fluff but on Pirates the use of RGB changing the GI to match the current mode and shot requirement is spot on perfect. Wish every game used the GI like this was coded. I have said it before but I'll say it again, the code team Really used Every toy, part, asset of this game to it's fullest. Brilliant these guys!!

Perhaps so. However, the inserts and flashers are still all RGB on the SE, and given how bright they are... you still get a nice effect from that. Though this is the reason I did not order your dog holding the keys mod. Did not want to reduce brightness from the flashers even a little, since SE doesn't have colored GI, the flashers give you a lot of the effect. If I had an LE, I probably would've picked that one up too.

I'll have to document recreating the spinning bumper in part with one of your barrel tops. Other SE owners may find it interesting.

#5494 5 months ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

Known basically.
Wiring issue first - bundled wires from head to cab were so tight that moving the PF disconnected the connectors in the head. Seems to be fixed now by clipping some of the wire ties and getting those connectors loose/extra slack then wire tying them together at the base of the head (on the bottom) so they don't move when the PF is moved.
Plunger issue - washer did the trick just hate that I had to go that route
Lost ball in the game somewhere - truthfully never found it added a ball back and game plays correctly
Game stuck on tilt all the time - seems a wire came loose next to the tilt bob, snagged it and jammed the hanger up against the ring. Dumb thing but took me some time to find it
Super loud wheel - didn't start that way but it sounds terrible now so started working on mod couples replacement - didn't realize I needed grease so game is sitting apart til I can get some at the store
Ball hanging up on the right side apron near shooter lane (metal guide attached to apron) - screw had come loose and thus the metal frame was resting on the PF stopping the ball when it drained there
Monitor - right side lock is super tight and almost impossible to get unlocked due to monitor slightly out of alignment. Fiddled with everything and is better but lock is still a little difficult to deal with at times
Essentially nothing more than NIB issues, some QC related IMHO but nothing earth shattering. Mostly just things that pop up as you play, then you fix and then something else pops up, so you fix then the same issue from before comes back so you fix again but better ... rinse and repeat. At some point it tame down I'm sure. It's all good, annoying but good.

Having both a new Stern and a new JJP -at the same time-, I can say that there are definitely differences in the build quality and quality control.

JJP has superior build quality but inferior QC. Better, heavier components. Plywood cabinet bottoms. Solid electronics - faster, better platform (PC vs custom ARM). Everything is a notch or two more robust on a JJP. HOWEVER, the JJP has a lot more minor/smallish issues. Little things. More adjustments needed. Little quirks that need to be fixed/addressed/etc... Been under the hood a lot more often with my Pirates than my Deadpool. But never anything I'd call a big deal.

Stern has inferior build quality but superior QC. I feel like the components in the Sterns I've had are less robust. The MDF cabinet bottoms - I don't like that. Things like the Deadpool bobble head being two pieces instead of one - prone to breakage. Even the playfield acquires ball dimples MUCH faster than my JJP. The quality of everything is a notch lower... but everything worked basically 100% out of the box. No small adjustments/quirks/fixes needed (except for one errant screw).

Spitballing it, I'd say Stern just has a long history and institutional checks in place to catch small crap, but suffers a little from cost-cutting mentality (they've gotten a little better lately). JJP is the opposite. Haven't worked out all the QC and testing bugs... but they are building solid, high quality stuff that will last... once you get everything dialed in and worked out, anyway.

#5496 5 months ago
Quoted from Coz:

The LE I ordered was only $700 more over the standard, so I think it was well worth the extra.

It's worth noting that my local distributor only had SEs and a CE (sold out of LEs) - and I got the last SE. Nobody else local even had a Pirates at all. So cost difference to me would have been greater than $1000, because would have had to have it shipped freight/delivered/whatever. Local distributor also arranged a good trade for my Avatar Pro - obviating the need for me to sell it on Pinside or Ebay/CL/whatever. Gave fair value for that. So LE would have been more like an extra $1200-$1400 AND I would've had to deal with shipping my Avatar to somebody. No thanks.

The rapid sell-out on this machine makes JJP's decision to end production a real head-scratcher. This thing is flying off the shelves.

#5500 5 months ago
Quoted from Coz:

Yes much less, with no shipping or tax either

You got a great deal, then.

#5518 5 months ago

Installed some mods. A couple of basic ones from The Mod Couple (rum bottle barrel topper, monkey - pictured)... then this one:

The Standard Edition has no Tortuga Tom (nor does any pop bumper spin). I haven't yet found a motor that will work for me, but I have got Jack Sparrow on the Tortuga pop bumper, using the barrel cap from The Mod Couple and a Neca Series 1 Jack Sparrow.

1. I cut him in half with a hacksaw (though The Mod Couple used a nutcracker to do the same thing with Davy Jones). Then I used a razor blade to cut the coat and scarf. I pulled the sword scabbard off. I left the compass and extra belt length, as they didn't seem to interfere with any area the ball would touch.

2. I drilled a tiny hole - about half the diameter of the screw I am using - inside the void (this step is important). I filled the void with hot glue, and drilled a small hole in the barrel cap from The Mod Couple with the same bit, lined up with the hole in Jack Sparrow. NOTE: make sure you have the right orientation on Jack vs. the location of the screw holes in the bumper cap. Once you glue Jack down, moving him will probably suck.

3. I hot glued Jack Sparrow to the barrel cap with the holes lined up. I was very generous with the hot glue - I needed to fill above the EITC logo a bit extra.

4. Used a 1 1/2" wood screw with a washer between the screw and the bottom of the bumper cap. This went into the holes in the cap and Jack - the washer gives it a little extra strength.

5. I super-glued the bottle, and hot-glued the gun to each hand. This figure has movable arms, so it was easy to move them out of the way of the ball path.

He doesn't spin (yet - I machined a bracket I will connect to this setup later when I can find an appropriate motor) but he looks nice. Rum bottle and monkey are good too. Thanks to The Mod Couple for doing what they do. This wouldn't have worked without the barrel cap.

snip (resized).jpgfill (resized).jpgscrew (resized).jpgjack (resized).jpgjack2 (resized).jpgmonkey (resized).jpgrum (resized).jpg

#5525 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Nice work and kind job sharing your write up for others. Seems like a small motor from any small toy car would work in this application just need to sacrifice a low cost toy. Good job!

Thanks! The trouble with the motor is that I need one with the proper voltage (I will remove the embedded LED and use that wire run to drive the motor), the proper size to fit within the pop bumper body, one that I can weld the bracket to (no plastic driveshaft - must be metal) and one that will turn at roughly the desired RPM with the weight of the figure. It also must be reliable enough for long-term operation. It's non-trivial to find one that will fit all those specs. However, one surely exists - obviously, since JJP did it.

#5529 5 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

If the warranty means they will come to you to perform fixes, I’d say do it being new to pin ownership. I would get confirmation that they will do this as often as required, they will come to you, and that service calls will be handled within a reasonable time.
Ultimately you’re going to want to learn to work on things yourself, but I would say $500 is worth it for this one as your first.

I will go ahead and respectfully disagree on this one. $500 is a lot of scratch for not a whole lot, IMHO, and I bought a disaster area of a Demolition Man (in atrocious shape when I bought it) as my first pin. All the broken stuff I had to fix, and work I had to perform on it taught me a lot about pins in a short amount of time. JJPs aren't likely to have huge breakdowns - they are quality builds - though they seem to have lots of little problems, and JJP support & documentation is excellent. You learn a lot working/adjusting on that first pin.

But as I always say, your mileage may vary. I'm also ridiculously cheap by natural inclination, so I may not be the best example to follow.

Side note: as another poster mentioned, however, getting an LE right now is HARD. So you may not have much of a choice anyhow.

#5532 5 months ago

Thinking of installing art blades or mirror blades... but read some horror stories about the playfield being too close to the cabinet and ripping them up.


#5540 5 months ago
Quoted from arcadem:

Definitely. I ruined a set without them. The replacement set installed easily (with my wife's help, a 2 person job for sure makes it even easier). Also, use some soapy water to make sliding the new pinblades into position, a great suggestion offered by other pinsiders. Many types of pinblades to choose from but here are my new pinblades from TILT GRAPHICS:[quoted image][quoted image]

Quoted from imagamejunky:

Read my post from yesterday #5488. You definitely will want these plastic art protectors

Didn't even know those protectors were a thing. Thanks! Looking at the Kraken/stormy ocean pinblades.

#5555 5 months ago
Quoted from Burley9043:

Wow delt31! Just finished listening to Kaneda’s Pinball Podcast on the commute home and you were awesome. You gave the rebuttal (in explaining what makes POTC so great) to Kaneda’s last podcast that I would have liked to give if I had the communication skills. (No Kaneda, I don't think you were fair and balanced on the last podcast.) I agree with everything you said about Pirates, though you could have talked longer about the Star Map, which I thought would be a fantastic toy but something I cannot figure out. (Still hoping on that one.) What was most impressive was your broad discussion and insights into the pinball hobby. Then you dropped the Alien above Pirates comment . . . interesting. I never played the game, probably never will have the opportunity, but an interesting take on the machine. I hope Kaneda has you on again.

I don't even know who this Kaneda guy is that folks are talking about. But apparently he doesn't like the game. *shrug* Nothing on this Earth gets a 100% approval rating.

I mean, some people don't like beer. Crazy, I know! But true!

#5583 5 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

@imagamejunky noticed my gold button was riding up too high. On examination I found that the rim that keeps it in place was worn, and only the screw was holding it in place.
It wasn’t a game breaker, but it added extra “throw” to the button and looked kinda wrong.
Tonight I replaced it with this part from pinball life:
It’s a perfect drop-in replacement. It needed no sanding, no lubrication, it just worked. It feels slightly different than the old one (it has a bit of a divot in the middle) but looks the same.

I did what everyone said not to do and put a tiny bit of wd40 on it. No problem since. Don't repeat. It was dumb and I didn't know better until reading here. Lucky it worked.

#5599 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Not sure about the cut them in half. The one I did "Series 1" articulate from the waist so you simply snap him in half with your hands and it splits perfectly. No saw required.

The one I had could articulate from the waist as well, but it could not be snapped in half by hand. The ball in the ball joint was far too large. I had to hacksaw it. That being said, it could easily be glued back together if I were ever so inclined. I had to hide the toy from my 4 year old (he loves pirates AND pinball so much), because if he saw that I split him in half, he'd have freaked out - he just recently watched Toy Story, so he'd think I was being like that kid who cuts up toys or whatever. As opposed to him just seeing Jack magically show up on the playfield.

Btw... he LOVES this machine. I have a stool nearby for him to play my pins when he wants to, and my other two pins may as well not even exist, now. It's pirates, pirates, pirates... all the time.

#5600 5 months ago

Just a shout out to JJP in general: they will be sending out a new ramp to replace the one with the crack in it, as soon as they get a new batch in. I know there are some QC issues they are still working out, but their support people are very friendly and responsive. There wasn't even a hesitation on obtaining a replacement/spare ramp in case the crack expands/goes all the way through.

#5606 5 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I don't see them running it again if the rumored plans are to build Yellow Brick Road WOZ's and then move onto to Wonka and game #6.
It will be interesting to see if JJP shifts to building slightly scaled back games, in terms of physical features, to compete with Stern at a lower price point.

We have a nice market bifurcation and competition thing going right now. JJP and Stern complement each other nicely. If you want a NIB pin at a tighter price point, Stern pros have that covered. If you want more fancy, JJP has you covered with LEs/CEs. JJP offers standards, and Stern offers premiums/LEs that compete a bit in the middle.

It's done good for both companies. JJP started using LCD displays, and poof... Stern had to do the same. I'm glad they did, this was an innovation that was a long time coming. I'm a fan of both companies, TBH. Competition is great. More options, action, and pinball excitement lately... it's great!

#5656 5 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

Also, the assets acquisition was so bad they fired a guy. Yeah, I think this is going to be a short run rare game.

By assets acquisition, do you mean the license assets? Or physical assets?

#5657 5 months ago

I wonder what the total production run will be, between all variants? Anybody have a ballpark idea?

#5665 5 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

According to the podcasts I've listened to, a guy was let go for the a horribly bad deal on license acquisitions for the game.

It sure is an odd license tier. No scenes from the film with the actors' faces, nor the main PotC theme song.

That being said, JJP did an amazing job given those two limitations. I find I am actually glad that they did not use the PotC movie theme song. That has tendency to get stuck in my head. Although, it is too bad they couldn't use "A Pirates Life for Me". That one song would have made all the difference in making the theme stick, I think.

The lack of actors in the backbox video is a bit of a let down, but has the side effect of making this pin attractive to those who like a more generic pirate theme - and aren't fans of the movies. So again, not all bad.

What you say makes sense, though. The license was just odd. I think everyone was wondering about that while, also (like me) appreciating how much they did within the license limitations. I get the sense that they pushed that boundary to the absolute limit.

The theme still wound up being a big plus for me on this pin, overall. It's just, they could have made this a GOAT pin, I think, with just a little bit more theme integration. As it is... still #4! Not bad.

#5671 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

The rumor I heard (and am spreading) is that Christopher at #KingPinGames and his brother Eric didn't want to share this amazing marvel with anyone and hoarded ALL of them into a cave in WI! Last I heard they were building a pirate fort with the boxes and created their own pirate codex to live by in hiding. Its the internet so it Must be true!!!
[quoted image]


#5784 5 months ago

You know, the more I play this game, the more I think my rating of 9.3 is too low. There is so much replayability here - it's the ultimate home use pin. I don't know if folks who route them or put them in bars/whatever have the same thought - because this game does have a non-trivial learning curve. But for HUO... I don't think a better pin exists. If one does, I've never played it.

The upper loop shot is one of the most satisfying repeat shots ever. The upper playfield is the best upper I've played. The music has REALLY grown on me - especially the drunken sailor mix for tortuga multiball (and the echoing, faded chorus when it's ready to start is an amazing touch). The game over music... perfect. Sounds and voiceovers... flawless. Backbox animations second only to Hobbit - and the extra ball animation is epic.

The cannon... my son is always so excited to watch when it loads and I sink the Dauntless. Whoever thought that up was a genius.

Character selection is a nice touch. And plundering... looooool love it.

This is the GOAT. At least for home use, I think. JJP set the bar really high on this.

#5794 5 months ago
Quoted from anathematize:

Played in a tournament yesterday and it was the first I've played with Pirates in the lineup and it ended up being played twice by the groups I was in.
Honestly it wasn't even really fair for the other people that I was playing against. The character selection just seems to be way too gamebreaking for an experienced player vs. somebody who isn't as familiar with the game. I can only compare it to something like the shot multipliers on Star Wars.
Picked Blackbeard both games and easily put up well over a million while other players were struggling to break 100,000k. And some of these players are vastly better pinball players that I am.
Does this game have a 'tournament setting' in the operators menu? If not, are there any plans to put something in with the 1.0 code? I know its possible to tweak everything to a persons liking but it would be nice to see an official setting from JJP/Eric.
A few simple things that would be nice to see for tournaments.
- Plundering needs to be gone - its easy enough to just skip it, but it ends up wasting a mystery reward
- The same character should be available for everybody to pick
- Character's negative traits should be shown on the character selection screen (some of the guys i was playing with didn't even realize that some of the characters have negative traits)
- Multiball starts and re-starts need to be made dramatically more difficult and possibly remove the ability to stack
Anyways. Just some random thoughts I had while playing yesterday.
Anybody else played Pirates in a tournament setting yet?

A tournament mode where character powers/attributes were disabled, and plundering was also disabled, would probably serve for this. I imagine that wouldn't be terribly hard to do (although I suppose that depends on how character powers are programmed).

I haven't played in a tournament setting, though, and I'm not sure I care to. I do play a lot of 2 - 4 player games with friends, and yes, knowing character powers gives me a huge leg up initially. But as my friends and family have become familiar with the machine, that advantage evaporates. My father, and my friend Mike have already figured this out, and have their favorite characters based on play style.

#5796 5 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

The character negative traits really need to be shown on either the main LCD or mini LCD, ideally on the same screen would be nice. Theres far too many characters to remember their negative trait. I hope this is added in future code.
Regarding tournament settings I would agree with allowing any character to be picked by multiple players. At least have it as an option. Plundering I believe can be disabled but it should then result in a plundering map award not occurring (not sure if this occurs today or when it does it just doesn't plunder) and an alternate award appearing instead.
I would not have a tournament setting disable character powers as that's a huge part of the game and is critical to the games strategy. Allowing any character to be picked multiple times for a tournament setting would resolve any balancing issues.

I suppose that'd be fine. Then again, tournament settings aren't high on my list anyway. I like the fact that, in casual settings, you can't pick the same character twice.

#5798 5 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Anyone else having issues with the target ship switch getting stuck a lot?

Two possible causes:

1. You haven't hit it in a while. Supposedly, if you don't hit it in X amount of games, it thinks there is a problem. Hit it a couple times in the switch test mode. All good. Also... play better (not trying to be rude at all - literally, you have to play better for the problem to go away permanently).

2. It's getting stuck a bit when you lower the playfield back in place. This happened to me a couple times. The wire sleeve behind the playfield sometimes pushes it into a slight angle, if you lower the playfield wrong. This can cause the ship to stick. Raising and lowering playfield more carefully (watch the wire sleeve!) will fix.

#5813 5 months ago

Disagree on Blackbeard. Yes, I do often play that character, but I find Ragetti is a very powerful choice as well - perhaps more so. On the first ball - maybe the first two or three, in a bad game - having an early extra ball in play to both provide a bit of insurance in case of a fast drain, and ramp up the required shots for chapters and multiballs is a pretty big deal. My scores with Ragetti are in the same league as with Blackbeard. I'm trying Tia Dalma now, to see if the chapter select thing can get me similar scores. Hasn't yet, but I just started trying it out. I do think more work for character balancing is probably needed, but I think Blackbeard is merely a good first choice when learning the game - other characters are potentially more powerful once you've invested fully in the rules.

When playing a 4 player game with plunder settings set to Buccaneer, Weatherby Swann is a good choice. Obviously a poor choice in any other scenario, though.

#5830 5 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Complaints about long ball times always puzzle me. Isn’t it fun to play? Why would you want a shorter experience if you’re having fun?

This one I kind of get. Some days I'm in a mood for a short, quick game. And on top of that, I have kids. Wife. Too much crap to do. Sometimes there isn't enough time to squeeze in a long game.

This is why I have my Deadpool Pro and Demolition Man sitting next to Pirates. Deadpool when I want a quick game (ball times are short in Deadpool). Demolition Man when I want a simple game that I don't have to think about much. I can play Demo Man on kinda-sorta autopilot, and it's still fun. Pirates, of course, when I want a long game that makes me think. Something with a lot of variety - you never know how it's gonna go. When you have a good, long PotC game, it's an experience.

But I'm still a big proponent of having more than one pin in your collection - and furthermore, making sure your pins are very different from one another.

#5869 5 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Decided to listen to the episode yesterday where he talked about The Big Lebowski news (that sounds like it unfortunately isn't true now). That was a mistake. At the end of the podcast he went after Pirates owners, the game, and how Lebowski is better. LOL

I haven't listened to any of this guy's stuff. The only two pinball shows/whatever I watch/listen to with any frequency are SDTM and Buffalo Pinball. And even then, you have to make your own opinions about stuff. Deadpool, for instance, was not particularly highly rated by either show, but I enjoy it because it is loud, obnoxious, fast, has great art, and makes for a very different playing pin than my other two. I don't like it as much as Pirates, obviously, but still a lot more than the shows were suggesting.

OTOH, I tend to disagree with folks about Iron Maiden. Yeah, it shoots nice. It's a good pin. And the artwork (like Deadpool) was good Zombie Yeti stuff, for sure. But it wasn't a pin that I felt I wanted to own. And I've never much cared for the band. It was good. I'd play it on location if I saw it. But... not great, for me. Different strokes and all that. Reviews and ratings, on shows and on Pinside, only give you a general idea. And even then, some people aren't going to like an otherwise highly rated pin (like this guy and Pirates), and others will rate a low-rated pin very high (somebody gave Thunderbirds a 9 IIRC - ick). That's just how it goes.

#5878 5 months ago

lolwut? That is some crazy high school level crap in that thread. How does a hobby like *pinball* have problems like that? Crazy. Hard pass on all of it and everybody involved. I'm extremely confused by all of it. Back to beer and pinball on my PotC.

#5892 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

In process Promise! Hate to do teasers on products that are not for sale just not how we like to do it. Thank you So much for the input and support!!!!

Definitely interested in seeing what's coming down the pipe.

1 week later
#6312 4 months ago
Quoted from anathematize:

Deadpool winning ANYTHING was a tragedy when IM and POTC were in the running. Pirates definitely should have won callouts with the amazing work that Gibbs did for the game... although I do wish there was a little more humor in some of his dialogue but chalk that up to bad writing.
The rest of the awards shook down pretty much as expected. When you get a game designed by one of the best pinball players of all time the rules and layout are going to be top tier.

Just read the award list the other day. I have some thoughts.

IMHO, the awards weren't THAT far off. A quick run down:

1. PotC should have won Game of the Year, yes. 100%. It's the GOAT pin overall, IMHO. But given the relative number of machines in the wild compared to IM and the later release date in 2018, it's not surprising that Iron Maiden won. IM is a good game. Not as good as PotC, but definitely good.

2. The awards PotC won were well deserved, especially toys and gimmicks. JJP is always excellent in this category. But Pirates was exceptional even for them.

3. Maybe I'm a heretic here for saying this, but I actually agree with DP winning callouts. I have both DP and PotC, and they are both EXCELLENT in callouts. Two of the best callouts in pinball history, IMHO. I give DP a slight edge here, BUT PotC is still overall a better game than DP (again, IMHO) for shots/layout, among other things.

4. In terms of best theme, again... between DP and PotC... very competitive. Two excellent themes. Could go either way with that. They went with DP *shrug* that's okay.

5. I agree with IM getting best artwork. Zombie Yeti stuff is amazing.

6. Disagree with IM getting best music. IMHO, both DP and Pirates were superior in this regard - but admittedly, I'm not an Iron Maiden fan. So your mileage may vary. It's probably hard for a non-music pin to compete with a music pin in... ahem... music when it comes to popular voting.

7. Disagree with IM getting best layout. Pirates is FAR superior in this regard, IMHO. Not that IM was bad - it's not, I played it and liked it (and frankly, IM has a better layout than DP by a hefty margin - layout is not DP's strength). But Pirates is on a whole different level in terms of shots and layout. It's not even a fair comparison.

There were some complaints by folks a little miffed about Pirates, DP, and IM getting the most attention, but they were the best/most popular games of 2018. So we knew that'd probably be the case.

That's it for my $.02

3 weeks later
#7919 4 months ago
Quoted from iloveplywood:

Gracias! Yeah, the lighting is the only thing that really means squat to me. If the lighting really is that poor on the SE I guess it's a hard pass for me though. Probably for the best anyway -- even the SE is stretching what I want to spend on another machine so I'm glad I got talked out of it. Thanks again for all the info guys. Enjoy your great game!

The lighting on the SE is fine. Inserts are still RGB. And spots are white on both SE and LE/CE. Only something like a dozen or so bulbs are white GI. It's not a big deal.

It's also something you could probably mod if you wanted to in the future. Game code is the same across models, and the bulbs are tiny little PCBs. White GI has a connector with 2 wires. RGB inserts use 4 wires. Presumably, the additional 2 wires are for the RGB signal. The first two merely control brightness. The node boards still have spots for the additional two wires.

Long story short, if you bought the RGB LEDs and added two wires to each run, you'd have full RGB lighting if you wanted it. That being said, I kind of prefer the white GI. It's a bit brighter and easier to see.

#7920 4 months ago

Anyone have any idea when the next game code update will drop? I'm starting to get good enough to hit wizard modes somewhat frequently, and I'm curious what will come after.

#7921 4 months ago

And also, I've documented adding a figure on the tortuga pop bumper to the SE, using themodcouple's barrel cap and a Neca Jack Sparrow figure. I've been researching how to make it spin like the LE model. I have a good idea how I'm going to do it, now. When I've confirmed it works, I will document it for SE owners here. The spinning pop bumper was the one feature from the LE I really liked and wanted - but I wasn't willing to pay an extra $1000 for it.

1 month later
#9671 85 days ago

Good thing about the SE: it plays the same as the other models. So it's a purely cosmetic thing. I think folks get too caught up in model envy sometimes, here on Pinside. Most threads I frequent feature some of that action.

I only buy standard/pro editions - whether Stern, or JJP, or whatever. If I don't like a standard edition, I pass, whether or not the higher end models are better. Sometimes you get lucky. My Deadpool Pro is an awesome game with almost the same gameplay as the higher models. Pirates SE is the same game, just cosmetic differences. But anyway, that's just my personal philosophy about pin shopping. Pins are already absurdly expensive toys, so I hang around the low end of the cost scale. Other folks think differently about it, obviously. Some folks are probably loaded, and the cost difference is trivial. No worries.

Just be happy with what you've got! You have pinball machines. In your house. And if you have a Pirates - of any flavor - you have one of the GOAT pins. It's all good.

#9672 85 days ago
Quoted from Blackzarak:

I'm in the same boat interested in the standard but wondering is there such difference in gameplay and features worth waiting for a LE to pop up. I read theres no RGB on the playfield or star field.
I really dont care about the star field but does the RGB make a difference? Does RGB playfield mean all those changing colors on the arrow indicators will be just white?

SE still comes with RGB insert lighting, so arrows are full RGB. So is the strip underneath the pearl ramp. The white LEDs on the SE are for General Illumination only. Gameplay effect is zero.

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